A virus has entered the Station Square Super Terminal (or S.S.S.T.) causing all subways, and other locations to go haywire. When the new G.U.N shut it down, they found out that there was a Digital World located in the Cyberspace Realm in where the Virus was located. They then sent in a crew to delete the Virus. 3 Days have passed, and no return from them. Now G.U.N has to put thier trust into the hands of a select few to travel to the Digital World and destroy the virus before the failsafe program that shut down all machines that the S.S.S.T. was connected to is deleted by the Virus and spreads throughout the sysems of the G.U.N. HQ., and then the world.



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Junior the Hedgehog (Apallo)

Robin Owsparr (Frost the Wolf)

Mimic the Mockingbird (Frost)

Rainbow the PegaCat (DashthePegaGirl)

Joey the echidna ( kwill )

Black Dynamite the Wolf (Black Dynamite)

Pit the AngelFox (Black Dynamite)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Crymson the Cat (CrymsonShokwave)

Lagoona Blue the SeaFox (Lagoona the SeaFox)

Fankie Stein the Enchenda Mix (Lagoona)

Isaiah The Irish Wolfhound (Mr.Zaya)

Occulus Rayz (Flametfh)

Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox (Flame)

Prototype no. 3: Moni (Frozen Scorpio)

James the Blue Jay (SS3K)

Carmen Prower (Will)

Zied the Cat (Zied_Alpha)


Virus X (Apallo) ((main villain))

Slenderhog (DashthePegaGirl)

Pittoo the Dark AngelFox (Black Dynamite)

Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)

Static Nega/Blitz (Frost)

Toralei the Cat (Lagoona)

Jared the Unknown (Frozen Scorpio)

Lith (Frozen Scorpio)

Xai the Hedgehog (Derpythesonicfan)


Rockman X4 OP - Makenai Ai ga Kitto Aru with Lyrics and translation HQ

Rockman X4 OP - Makenai Ai ga Kitto Aru with Lyrics and translation HQ

Themes For Chapter 1 - 4 of the RP

Megaman X8 - Wild Fang with lyrics and translation

Megaman X8 - Wild Fang with lyrics and translation

Themes Of Chapters 5-8 And Main Theme

Chapter 1: Events

The Chain of Events that have happened over the past 3 weeks......the Virus that has taken over the network, G.U.N going at it with the Machines it has Taken over.......well it all started back when Eggman was playing with a Computer Virus, a "trojen" Called "Chaos X" It was made out of data of Chaos 0 to create a systems break into the Tornado, well lets just say Eggy screwed up....... and he sent the virus to Station Square and installed an Artifical Intelegence into it so it can live and destroy........ Lets's see how the situation....unfolds.

Station Square: GUN HQ BASE 12:00PM

The GUN Commander has requested that heroes from all over take part on this adventure to save the world from the digital threat.~



Commander: I see.....Well Junior you have to find your teammates, and set up communications.

Junior: -sighs- Alright fine......So where is the portal?

Commander: (raises an eyebrow) I see you're eager to get started. However, you will need a squad to help you. Fortunately, I've sent some men to help "recruit" a few people that can help.

Junior: Oh Joy. Well, where are they? I need all the help I can get.

Two soldiers escort another character in. The newcomer walks toward the Commander and Junior. She is wearing a black hoodie with a white hood, white gloves, black pants, and a pair of black boots with a white stripe on each side. Her face is hidden behind the purple visor of her helmet. Only her eyes were clearly seen, because they were glowing a faint blue. Her beak was barely visible behind the visor. Her white hood covered the back, sides, and top part of her helmet.

???: Robin Owsparr, reporting for duty.

Commander: Junior, this is Robin Owsparr. She is the daughter of one of our most renowned scientists. Her exo-suit not only helps her survive, given her health disorder, but also helps her on and off the field. She is a very valuable ally.

Robin: Thank you, sir. (turns to Junior) Nice to meet you, Junior.

Junior: Hey. And where is the other one?

A cat soldier from the Air Force walks in. She is wearing a full Air Force uniform covering her cyan fur and has brown steel toed boots. Long, messy rainbow hair falls from under her Air Force cap and blue wings petrude from her back, and her shirt is decorated with all kinds of metals. Her violet-red eyes are hidden behind her tinted aviation sunglasses, and her four necklaces (A silver key one, a camo dog tag that read 'Name: Rainbow Dash, Rank: Mobian Air Force Captain, Intention: Search, Rescue, and Destroy', a moustashe shaped mood necklace, and the Element of Loyalty necklace) and braclet (A gold lightning bo'lt' that read 'Rainbow Dash: Official Wonderbolt') shone in the flouresent lighting.

???: *Salutes* Air Force Captain Rainbow Dash, at your service.

Junior: So we have me, the Bounty Hunter Demi-God Swordsman, a nerd and a Flying Cat. Swell...swell...

Robin: *somewhat angry* Did you just call me a nerd? (she aims the palm of her hand at him, a faint charging sound is heard as some unseen weapon is powering up. Suddenly, a ball of energy is seen forming in her palm. Even though no one can see through her neary-opaque visor, it is clear that she is not happy.)

Junior: *gulp* Uh, no. Sorry. (Edit as you see fit, Apallo)

Robin: *relaxes* Good. We wouldn't want our partnership to get off to a bad start. (she lowers her arm, the energy ball dying out.)

Rainbow: Its nice to meet you again too, Junior. And I'll have you know, this 'Flying Cat' has 24 different military metals, and is rooming with not one, but two godesses.

Junior: Meh. I fought several Demon-Spawn, a Demon Lord and a Giant Mecanical Menice

Rainbow: Oh yeah? I've defeated Nightmare Moon, Discord, a couple hundred Parasprites, Queen Crysilis and her Changelings, King Sombra... do I need to write stuff this down?

Robin: *sigh* Enough. We can compare achievements later.

Junior: Meh...let's get going.

Rainbow: Ya know, you say 'Meh' a lot. But whatever. Let's light this pop stand.

Station Square: Digi-Gate 3:00PM

Our Heroes arrive at the Digital Gate. And to the start of a tale between Mobian and A Digital Virus.

Rainbow: Huh. Bigger than I expected... *Fiddling with Wonderbolt braclet as her mood necklace color changes fom green to yellow*

Junior: Its nothing big.....come on, we got some friends to find.

Rainbow: What ever you say, oh Great and Powerful Junior *Sarcasm*

Junior: No Ladies first Rainbow CRASH -kicks her into the Gate (portal)- -sighs- Commander the other member of my team has alredy entered the gate.

Commander: I see that and I also wish you Godspeeed and for your safe return.

Junior: Roger!

Robin: (enters without giving Junior a second glance.)

Jack & Patricia: (arrives)

Jack: Hi there

Pit: *Flys in* Hai hai! :3

Patricia: How's it going guys?


Pit: Uh... Okaaaaaaaaay... *Enters the potal a little bit cautious*

Patricia: Okie dokie (Goes inside)

Jack: Ok ok. I'm going (goes inside)

Digital Square 3:30AM

Junior: -wakes up in a bed- Ugh.......where am I?\

Jack: More like, where are WE? (arrives with Patricia, next to Junior)

Junior: Jack...Patricia..where did you come from

Pit: We got a ride from St. Up Yours by a guy called Mike Rotch. :3 Ha, I'm just kiddin'. The Commander gave Palutena a call sayin' somthing 'bout a virus? *Shrugs* Lemme just tell ya now, Im not good with computers...

Robin: (enters) Then it's a good thing I am. (turns to Jack, Patricia, and Pit) I don't believe we met. I'm Robin Owsparr. (extends a hand)

Jack: Nice to meet you. (shakes her hand) [edit if you want, Spongebob100]

???: So, this is where you guys were. (Mimic enters)

Junior: How long was I out?

Robin: A full day. You passed out when you entered the portal. Fortunately, Rainbow found this place and we've been staying here for the time being. And these three just arrived only about a few hours ago (nods at Pit, Patricia, and Jack). Mimic (she looks at Mimic) just now arrived, apparently. Speaking of which, why are you here?

Mimic: Your commander sent some goons to get me. After a couple hours, they finally captured me and threw me into a portal of some sort. So, what exactly are we supposed to do? Something about a computer virus?

Junior: Ya. He did. There was a computer virus created by Eggman. But he added an Artifical Intelegence only to get betrayed. GUN managed to isolate it in the Main Terimal. The fire walls wont last for long so we have to destroy the virus. -gets up- Are there any people here?

Jack: (looks around) I'm not sure.

???: -walks into the room- Ah so you are the people sent here from Mobius.

Patricia: Yes.

Jack: Yes we are & who are you?

TOHM: My Name is TOHM. And Im a Digi-Mobian

Patricia: Nice to meet you

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog.

Patricia: And my name is Patricia the Skunk.

The Digital-Hog then helped everyone out of the House and there it was....a village of Mobians

Jack: Whao, what is this place?

???: (Falls from the sky) Ouch!! What a landing. (looks up) Oh look, company!!

Patricia: (to ???) Oh hello there. Who are you?

???: Oh, pardon my manners. (sits with legs crossed) My name is Crymson, I happened to have fallen from the portal as a direct order from the Commander, which was in the sky. Really, not a good place to set an exit. May I ask your name? (smiles)

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk

Crymson: (stands up) It's very nice to meet you both. (brushed dirt off her clothes) So, what have you been up to?

Jack: I'm not sure, but we've been asked to help Junior to stop this virus.

Patricia: Would you like to join us, Crymson?

Crymson: Hmm, stopping a virus is hard work. Sure, I'll join. (smiles wide)

Jack: Welcome aboard (shakes Crymson's Hand)

Crymson: (shakes Jack's hand) Thanks, so what's this Virus the Commander was talking about?

Patricia: I'm not sure what kind of virus this is.

Crymson: Hmm... (looks around)

Robin: (Walks up to Jack, Patricia, and Crymson.) I wonder if anyone around here may have seen anything that might help us. (she looks at Crymson) I don't believe we meet. I'm Robin Owsparr. Who are you?

Patricia: This is our new friend, Crymson.

Crymson: (turns to Robin) Nice to meet you Robin. You're here to stop a virus?

Tohm: Well Junior and friends we have a Hunter Base....and Some news....

Chapter 2: Wild Viruses

Hunter Base 7:00PM

Junior and friends all make HQ at the local Hunter Base, where they will find out that in major locations around the Digital World were infected and taken over by the Virus.

Junior: -is walking- Nice Place.

Jack: Yeah, nice place you got there.

Patricia: Yeah.

Tohm: This is my home the Hunter base.

Patricia: It's a very nice place to live.

Mimic: (shrugs indifferently) Eh. It's not bad.

Robin: It's very nice.

-the warning siren is going off-

Jack: What's going on?

Rainbow: I've heard enough sirens durring my time in the Mobius Air Force to know whatever it is, it's nothing good.

Mimic: (sarcastically) Really?

Patricia: It must be an emergency.

Pit: *Covers his ears* WELL MAKE IT STOP! (Black: Note; He's never heard a siren before)

Mari: The locations of the Big Viruses have been found, now putting them on the screen.

Then Seven locations are shown, a Forest Lab, A Bullet Train System, a City, An Air Fleet, A Ninja Fortress, a cave, a Snow Fortress and a Volcano.

Jack: Those viruses have got to be stopped.

Junior: I bet you one of the big guys is responcible.

Patricia: Shall we get going guys?

??? #1: *A fox walks in. She is blue and has blonde hair with blue streaks, gills, fins, and webbing between her fingers.* G'day, mates! *You notice she has an Australian accent*

??? #2: *A creature who looks mostly like an enchenda walks in behind the fox. She is green with black spines and a few white spines, patches, stitches, bolts, and various pats of other animals.* Um, h-hello! *Waves*

Jack: Oh hello there. We're here to stop these Viruses that caused some chaos in the digital world.

Patricia: Who are you?

???#1: Oh, sorry! I'm Lagoona Blue. The Commander sent for me during my vacation down under. Down under the sea, that is. *Chuckles at her own lame joke*

???#2: I'm F-f-frankie Stein! *Stutters shyly*

Jack: Anyways, It's nice to meet you. My name is Jack the Hedgehog.

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk, Jack's Best Friend.

Franki: N-n-nice to meet you, too. *Small smile*

Lagoona: Don't worry about her stutter. This is the first time she's ever left home.

Tohm: Well, we have a Virus Commander to wipe out.

Junior: Let's start at the bullet train system.

Tohm: Alright. But you will have to travel there by Teleportation Pad.

Frankie: T-teleportation pad-d? How d-does that w-w-work?

Junior: Is it this?

Crymson: (storms into the building) Sorry if I have to break the converstaions, but... (opens door wide) VIRUSES!!!!

[Digi-City, Park Area, 10:00 PM

The heroes make their way to the center of the disturbance in the city's park, but what they find is troubling. They find what looks like several copies of a virus resembling "Crashbug X" causing mischeif all over the place; which in turn causes several machines in the real world to start malfunctioning...]

Junior: (pulls out the Iris) Alright. Beginning mission.

Crymson: (looks at the Iris) What is that? (takes out a rod which extends into a staff)

Lagoona: *Puts on her water glove, Oasis* Okay, quick recap: the Viruses are taking over Digi-City, causing trouble in Mobius by default?

Frankie: *Shakely puts on her electronic glove, Testla* M-m-meanies!

Jack: Let's go kick their virus booties!

Crymson: Got a reading of how many viruses coming towards us.

Patricia: How many viruses are there, Crymson?

Crymson: An estimate of 20 viruses. They may be big in appearance, but they are incredibly slow. So, watch out for them.

Jack: Got it. Let's go!

Crymson: Hey, wait!! Where are the others?

Isaiah: *looks around*

Robin: (charges up some of the functions of her suit) I'm ready to go!

Mimic: (Adjusts his fedora) This isn't a fight. It's a playdate!

Junior: (slashes a couple of viruses) Come on! We gotta move now!

??: (walks up from behind them, scanning the viruses in the area) I believe that these may be a little too harsh for such new recruits such as you. I am Jared, a rank 7 soldier, and I think you should sit out on this infestation and work your way up through the ranks the CORRECT way and start with smaller warnings.

Mimic: Speak for yourself, Jaris.

Junior: Get out of the way! We were hired to do this!

Jack: These viruses are dangerous.

Tohm: Let Junior do this one. It's a level 5 virus.

Robin: Junior, if you need any help, let us know. We're in this as a team.

Jared: (grunts) Fine, but don't come crying to me when you have trouble containing it. (turnes to Mimic) And it's "Jared", idiot. (teleports away)

Crymson: (Three viruses encircle her) Hrahhhhh!!! (Twirls the staff and hits the upcoming viruses at a fast pace. Note that she went through imense training to get as good at the staff)

Mimic: Who was that guy? "Rank 7 soldier"? Please. (Shapeshifts into Jared and does a perfect impersonation of him) Look at me! My name is Jar-Head, and I'm a stuck up, self-rightous G.U.N soldier who thinks a couple of awsome guys like you can't handle the situation! (Shapeshifts back to his normal form) Pfft. As if. We can handle anything.

Robin: (Hits an attacking virus with an energy ray from her palm) Um, Mimic? A little less mocking and a little more helping?

Crymson: (looks at Robin, still hitting smaller viruses) Is Mimic always that mocking?

Robin: (looks at Crymson, her eyes glowing behind her visor, but her face completely hidden) Normally, yes. But he's still a good ally to have around, if you can handle his attitude. (a virus comes at her from behind)

Mimic: Robin! Look out! (He shapeshifts into Omega and punches the virus, sending it flying. He shapeshifts back to normal.) Come on! Who's next?!

Junior: (Finally wipes out the smaller forces)

Crymson: (looks at Junior with one eyebrow raised) Umm, thanks.

Jack: (uses Chaos Zap at the Smaller Viruses)

Patricia: (Uses her Skunk Scent at the Viruses)

Crymson: (Looks behind Jack and Patricia) Look out!!! (uses her staff to push herself up in the air and kicked the giant virus' head, which fell to the ground.)

Patricia: Thank you, Crymson.

Jack: Yeah, thanks.

Crymson: (Turns to smile and give thumbs up) No problem. Glad I can be of assistance.

Robin: Crymson! You have enemies behind you! (she uses her repulser ray to knock one away, which collides into the second. The third lunges for Crymson. Meanwhile, another virus lunges for Robin.)

???: Well now. You rouge hunters are giving me a good show. (The Virus is sitting in the shadows. She fires a small red beam at the virus attacking Robin, killing it.)

Junior: (notices the newcomer)

Virus: (points at Junior and walls of steel wires surround him) Get 'em. (She dissapears, but in her absance comes a winged pre-mobian wolf mech entering the steel cage)

Jack: Who is that?

Patricia: I have no idea, but let's stop the rest of the Viruses!

Jack: Right! (Uses Chaos Ninjago on the viruses)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the viruses)

Crymson: (fighting virus that lunged at her) Grrr...... this one packs a punch!! (throws two blue fireballs at the virus, killing it) You guys alright?!

Junior: (is slashing at the wolf mech virus)

Robin: I'm fine! A little shaken, but fine. Mimic?

Mimic: (Flips over a virus and kicks it in the back) Doin' fine! Like I said, this is a playdate! (Two viruses charge at him. He throws a smoke bomb at his feet, creating a thick smokescreen. He jumps out of the way as the two viruses try to tackle him. The viruses collide into each other and die from the force of the impact.) That was a little closer than I like. (looks at Junior, who is fighting against the wolf mech virus) Should we help what's his name?

Junior: (charges an energy slash in his sword and does a 5-chain attack on the wolf mech virus, causing it to explode)

Mimic: Nevermind. Looks like he's got it under control.

Jack: Nice one.

Crymson: (finished off attacking smalelr viruses) Darn, where are they coming from??

Patricia: I don't know, Crymson.

Jack: Me neither.

Robin: They might be coming from the main virus, the one we're supposed to destroy. Almost like an anti-virus softwear.

Mimic: So, the main virus thinks that we're the viruses?

Robin: Pretty much. (turns to Crymson) You handeled yourself very well against the viruses.

Jack: You did a very good job too, Crymson.

Patricia: Yeah, well done, Crymson. And to everyone else as well!

Crymson: Thanks! You all did well too. (looks at Robin's helmet) Um, if you don't mind me asking... What's with the helmet?

Jack: Yeah, Robin. What kind of helmet is that?

Junior: Hey! It's all cleared.

Robin: Actually, the helmet is part of my exo-suit. You see, I was born with multiple health disorders. In order to keep me alive, by father built this suit. The rest of the suit is hidden underneath my clothing, except for the front of my helmet and my tail feathers; which appear metalic because of my suit. Without my suit, I wouldn't even be alive.

Lagoona: Crikey. That's much worse than what happened to me. *She starts rubbing her left shoulder, and you notice that her hand doesn't come out of the left jacket sleeve, and that the sleeve itself hangs limply, like there's nothing in it* And what happened to me was pretty bad...

Frankie: *Hugs Lagoona* D-d-don't worry ab-bout it a-anymore, Lagoona. I-it's gonna b-be alr-right.

Lagoona: Thanks, mate. *After Frankie lets go, the left jacket shoulder slides off, revealing that her left arm is missing, cut off at the shoulder. She slides the jacket back on her shoulder*

???: Impressive. You flesh beings are more powerful than I thought.

Mimic: (Raises an eyebrow) And you are?

???: I am the Virus. The one you were sent here to delete. Sorry to say, but that won't happen. (She glides up and slowly desends downward) It is pleasing to see that there are some people who can actually fight.

Lagoona: Um, thanks, I guess.

Jack: No matter how many viruses we've taken down, they keep coming back for more.

Patricia: Yeah, but we did very good work.

Robin: Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you the one causing all the mayhem back in Station Square?

Virus: Yes. I am the one who sent the technology in your world astray.

Robin: Why?

Virus: Why do it? To take over the worlds, you inferior beings.

Crymson: Pfft, inferior beings? Pu-lease!! We are here to defeat the virus causing all this havoc; which happens to be you, eh? (takes out her staff)

Mimic: Come to think of it, Ms. Virus, weren't you created by an "inferior being"?

Jack & Patricia: (feeling sub-specious about Virus)

[Frost: Great news! I managed to restore most of our roleplay! Apallo, I recomend making a back up file for this or something...]

[Frost: Also, Crymson, you have an edit to do somewhere above (the quote where Crymson asks about Robin's helmet. Edit the quote I gave to your character as you see fit.)]

Virus: Yes but I became more sufficenct than that fat human.

Jack: Whao

Patricia: So your saying that your more smart than Eggman himself?

Virus: You fools. If it wern't for GUN's Firewalls, I could have taken over your world and the Digital Relm in a matter of seconds.

Jack: Wait a minute, so your the bad guy right?

Crymson: (looks at Jack) Well, if she is the bad guy, we need to dispose of her before she makes more havoc.

???: I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

(A gray cat with red eyes walks up to the group. He is wearing a black and red jacket, a matching pair of black and red shoes, and white gloves. He is also wearing a wrist communicator.)

Mimic: Static Nega? What are you doing here?

Static Nega: Making sure you don't destroy the virus.

Patricia: Not if we can help it.

Static Nega: We'll see. (though he keeps his voice and demeanor calm, a glint in his eyes make him look as though he would welcome the challenge.)

[Frost: Apallo, if you don't mind, I would like to introduce Static Nega as a secondary villain who is seemingly helping the Virus. Is that okay with you?]

Crymson: (thinking) Who the heck is this guy? He looks more like Static, but more....sinister. (gets into her stance to brace herself) Guh...

Static Nega: Save you energy. I'm not looking for a fight. I'm just here to make sure you don't destroy the virus.

Jack: We're not letting you & any other villain get away with this.

[Frost: Crymson, unless your character makes an appearance in the roleplay Emerald Island Academy part 2, I don't think Static and Crymson would have met yet. If you want in, you might need to ask Apallo.

Speaking of which; Apallo, when is the second part of Emerald Island Academy going to start?]

Crymson: (still on guard)

[CrySho: Alright, I'll go ask him if I can join.]

Mimic: (smirks) You seem to be outnumbered. It's all of us against you and the virus.

Crymson: (has a funny feeling) I don't know. Remember that viruses can mutiply if they want.

Jack: Guess your right, Viruses could multiply anytime they want.

Crymson: (ears went down and makes a glum face) I just said that.......

after that, a small sticky-grenade is launched from not-so far away, attaches to one of the virus', then explodes, causing all nearby virus' to lose pieces of themselves while ultimately vaporizing the virus it latched onto.

Crymson: (shocked) What was that!!!

Jack: Sorry Crymson

Patricia: I'm not sure, but whoever he or she is, that really helped us.

Static Nega: (looks at the direction of the blast) !?! (his arms become electrified with red electricity.)

Crymson: Something's odd over there. (runs to the explosion)

Immediatly afterwards, the loud sound of marching could be heard, and several dozens of explosives went up into to air, and landed around the virus', nearly destroying most of them...

Jack: Whao! Hit the deck!

Jack & Patricia: (ducks for cover & then checks to see, just in case the explosions had stop)

Patricia: Where did those Explosions came from?

Crymson: (on the floor) I don't know, but I'm glad I duck for cover.

Jack: Us too.

Patricia: Yeah. So how did these explosions happen?

Jack: I don't even know what just happened.

Carmen Prower: (Arrives in the digital world) Aughh.. My head is spinning... how did i get here? (sees the result of the explosion) How in the... Okay, What in the name of Studio Ghibli is happening here??

Static Nega: (raises an eyebrow) ... (turns to everyone else) Anyway, I cannot let you destroy the Virus. Those are my orders.

A black cat walks in front of the portal when sudenly a explosion goes off in one one of his gloves causing him to go through the portal landing in front of Carmen

Zied:*is unconsious*

Carmen Prower: MITA HITTOA!? are you okay?

Zied:*wakes up, stands up and shakes Carmen's hand* Hello im Zied the Cat and yes im ok

Carmen Prower: Oh, okay.. I'm carmen. i hail from a Japan/Finland family.

Zied:whats going on there*points to everyone else*

Carmen: That's just virus busters.

Xai: (sliding to a stop) Okay, two questions. Who are you, and WHERE AM I?!

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