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The roleplay takes place in an alternate universe slightly ahead in the future. The world is on the brink of collapse due to the sudden disappearance of a substance known as "chaos essence" (name pending), which keeps the fabric of reality held together. Without this essence, most of the already unstable world has become little more than an inhospitable wasteland, with environments varying wildly from scorching desert, blizzard covered tundras, and overgrown forests, complete with man-eating plants. Few are able to survive in these unforgiving environments, mostly feral beasts hideously and powerfully altered by the essence's disappearance, and groups of bandits who roam looking for easy prey in the lawless wastelands.

In light of this, one man has stood up and taken hold of the remaining chaos essence, keeping a large portion of the planet alive enough to be a 'safe' haven for survivors. Well, safe from bandits anyway. This man created advanced technology, such as short range teleporters, micro-dimensional storage devices, gauntlets that can give people pseudo-psychic powers, and a few other marvels. He's more than rich enough to afford the private army he has at his disposal, along with advanced technology powered by chaos essence, making him the de-facto man in charge of this haven.

The world is broken up into factions/regions, each of which located in the haven must adhere to certain rules. First, they must pay tribute to their benevolent savior; it's only fair. Second, any and all PPG (or Pseudo-Psychic Gauntlets) are forcibly recalled (as there is no need for them to have this technology in the haven). Other than that, these regions are allowed their own set of rules and regulations by their local governments.

The ones outside the haven are considered bandit factions, who have constantly caused trouble for the haven. Some of these bandit tribes consider themselves "rebels" who "fight to stop the tyrant", but this is pure propaganda against the hero of this world. Do not buy into this!


Save the world. Duh.


Standard Rules:

1) Follow ALL standard SFW rules. This includes no sexual content, be polite to other users, and censor foul language. (the mild swear words may remain uncensored). Also, despite the fact that foul language is allowed so long as it is censored, please don't over-use it. Violations of these rules will result in a certain amount of strikes, depending on the severity of the offense.

2) Absolutely no godmodding, metagaming, or autohitting/autododging. Each of these will result in a warning on the first offense, and a strike for each subsequent offense. Three strikes, and you're out of this adventure.

3) Do not take control of another user's character unless you have their permission.

4) Try to have fun. Actually, no. You WILL have fun.

5) It is Mandatory to have at least one explosion in every chapter (literal is greatly preferred, metaphorical or figurative explosions are tolerable. . .)

Roleplay Specific Rules:

1) This is a NON-CANON roleplay that takes place in an alternate universe, about 6 months in the future currently (so just add six months to your characters age or something :V)

2)Only join this Roleplay if you are 100% sure that you can make continual edits. Let's also try to avoid edit conflicts when possible. Wait for other users to make their comments unless one of your characters is in a direct conversation with another character. If for whatever reason you decide to drop out, expect your character to get either mauled, blown up, or un-alived.

3) This Roleplay is strictly story format. Also, please try to use proper grammar as best as you can. Any attempt to deviate from this will result in your house explodi-, er, will result in your edits being removed and given a strike.

4) I do NOT, under any circumstances, want to see anyone deviating from the main plot unless they talk to me about it first. In addition, I don't want to see anyone having their character just spontaneously or conveniently having a solution to every problem. Seriously.

5) To avoid overcrowding, you may only have 2 main characters at most. These are the characters who will be present throughout this roleplay. Other characters that only appear once or just periodically throughout the roleplay are not limited, but don't abuse this. Seriously, the Haven's becoming a bit overcrowded as it is. :V

6) I'm setting a limit for the number of users who can participate. This is to help avoid stalling from inactivity and hopefully deter edit-conflicts or being left behind.

7) In terms of the video game rating scale, this roleplay will likely be somewhere between rated T and M. Just a forewarning. There will probably be intense sequences of violence, blood, and gore in this roleplay. And explosions. Definitely explosions.



  • Max (accepted)

AVAILABILITY: List full. Sorry :(


Main Characters:

[This is a list of the main characters used in this roleplay. They are the characters that the story primarily revolves around. Each user may only use a maximum of two, unless giving permission otherwise. You're encouraged to leave a brief description of your character and how they are in current times.]

  • Myra the Mockingbird: (Frost)

A self-styled female mercenary and cunning leader who comes packed with guile, wit, an array of gadgets, a robot companion, and enough sass to belittle anyone standing in her way. She seeks revenge against the savior, who hired and then tried to kill her squad to avoid payment.

  • B34T-80X: (Frost)

Myra's robot companion, B34T-80X (or "Beatbox" for short) is a discontinued advanced utility bot that is as useful and versatile as it is annoying and talkative.

Formerly an Elite Assassin, decades of combat expertise help to set him apart from most other hired guns. Despite all of his skills, it is clear that age has slowly been wearing him down and the years spent in and out of cryosleep have taken their toll on his mental stability.

  • Kuroki the Fox (Doom)

Before the apocalypse, he was just some punk DJ living in city slums writing music and spewing the same tired rhetoric about the Military-Industrial Complex. With the world in shambles, he's gotten in with the factions outside the Haven rebelling against the only things left to be rebelled against.

A pair of orphan brothers just trying to survive in this crazy world. Calvin is the older brother, and is very protective of Micah.

This crazy blue and white-furred bandit had her abusive parents killed once the lack of chaos essence began, and she thinks it was for the better - now, with few morals, she runs around, ravaging materials from whoever she can find. She has a warped sense of humor, and seems to have a strange way of connecting with people, too.

Alban Jacques, this universe's counterpart of White the Rabbit, was simply a college student when it all began. Now, with a golf cart, a few golf clubs, a baseball bat and some barbed wire, he's just trying to survive in this harsh reality.

Timid and shy, Garnette is more of a follower than a leader. When her faction failed to pay tribute to the savior, she was forced to flee into the unknown. Her faction's leaders are constantly searching for her, and she tries to keep a low profile. As a relative to royalty, her head is valuable.

With fur as fiery as his temper, Leonidas has toughened up since the world he knew went to hell. He mostly focuses on transporting stolen tech from the haven to bandit country, along with a few adjustments from an acquaintance. He pays tribute to the savior, but is running low on funds until a certain bird flies his way.

An adolescent dog living in a bandit faction. He is a thief and looked upon as a common pest. He is hostile towards strangers, attacking them with a spiked baseball bat.

A former scientist, Lena is doing her best to survive.

  • Barry the Lynx (Time):

A perpetually unlucky guy, who really is just about as bad off as he was before the downfall of society and whatnot. He seems pretty incompetent; how has he survived on his own for so long?

  •  ??? (Time):

Barry keeps talking to his duffel bag, as if there's someone inside. Supposedly, it's giving him advice on what to do. But that would be ridiculous, right? What could possibly fit inside that little bag?

  • Obsidian Stone (Xoph):

A huge, black dragon who works as a bounty hunter to support a small community out in the badlands. But beneath his scaly, intimidating, vicious exterior is true compassion and care for the people he supports. He's a man guided by a strong belief in bringing justice to the new world, only taking bounties on those that deserve it in his eyes and dealing with them accordingly. Now, he is heavily against Viktor, seeing the "savior" for what he truly is and would do something if he weren't so well protected. But for the moment he prefers to keep his distance.

A mysterious traveler, wrapped in brown, tattered clothing that hides their true shape and wearing futuristic goggles that hide the colour of their eyes. They mostly stay away from the city and people in general, and a few have seen them roaming the outlands. They seem to have been here forever...yet no one on this world has been here more than a decade...

Rain is an anxiety-prone lemur who is very distrustful of others and has a habit of getting paranoid. Despite her distrustful nature, she is very easy to persuade and manipulate...

Supporting Characters:

[This is a list of the supporting characters used in this roleplay. They differ from the main characters in that the roleplay does not focus primarily on them. They can have one short appearance, or reappear throughout the roleplay. Just don't have them appear too often, otherwise they may as well be a main character :/  . Like with the main characters, you're encouraged to leave a brief description of the character and how they relate to the main character they are 'paired' with.]

Leonidas' former love and tech guru. She modifies the stolen haven tech to be more formidable in the face of an opponent. All love she used to have for him is gone, as well as any kindness to the 'savior' or his minions. She refuses to pay tribute at all, which has gotten her in trouble with her faction a few times.


So, you want to hear a story about a world in peril being saved by a group of unlikely protagonists and lots of explosions? If not, too bad, you're getting it anyway.

It all started about 10 years ago. Portals started appearing in various locations on Mobius that were rich in Chaos energy. When a few brave venturers went through these portals, they found a world much like their own, but completely untouched by sentient life; wild untamed land free for the taking. A New Mobius, as it would soon be named. It wasn't long before word of this parallel planet reached the ears of the rich, powerful, and ambitious. In the months that followed, many private companies, organizations and corporations wanting to strike it rich would begin venturing into New Mobius, a world somehow familiar, yet somehow completely alien.

One of the earliest discoveries was of something called "Chaos Essence". It was a semi-tangable form of chaos energy that appeared in various parts of the world, very similar to that generated by the Chaos Emeralds. However, this essence was far more maliable, yet just as powerful. In a matter of only a few weeks, it became a powerful, yet stable energy source that made nuclear energy look archaic in comparison.

But it's use as a source of energy was just the tip of the iceberg. It was Viktor, a humble scientist working for Hyper-Tech Industries, who soon discovered that this essence could alter reality, bringing new things into existance or changing already existing things. Granted it required a rather large amount and only worked on a small scale, but when you're given the power to change a small bit of reality to whatever you want, who can complain? It was as close to a free wish as one could get.

But this man saw much more potential in this. At first, he intended to use this for the greater good of his fellow Mobians, ushering everyone into the golden ages to end all golden ages. But as years of research and discovery passed, something in him changed. Using cunning, his advanced technology, and in some cases even violence, he began to formulate a plan for his own utopia.

Once again, technology advanced, skipping ahead centuries, maybe even milennia, all in less than a month's time.Technology that was thought to be pure science-fiction was now here. Digital constructs that could create nearly anything in a matter of seconds, multi-dimensional storage, teleporters, hover vehicles, enhanced rings that granted powers and abilities to the superpowered impaired, and much more.

Now ahead of the pack in development, this man acted quickly to get rid of his competition. Using cunning, advanced technology, bribery, and in some cases even violence, he either bought out or wiped out the other companies that had come to New Mobius seeking fortune, quickly gaining the monopoly on this "free real-estate". Workers and Mercenaries who pledged alliegance to this new leader were promised good compensation in the form of power and safety. Those who didn't were forced to flee.

About 3 months ago, on the tenth year aniversery of New Mobius' discovery, things on Old Mobius were starting to deteriorate all over the world. This ranged from anywhere between more frequent and violent weather, to strange anomolies such as the color being drained out of nature itself. One place even reported that gravity was alternating between weaker and stronger, causing all sorts of problems and damages. It wasn't until about this time that word of New Mobius became known to the public. As far as the world was concerned, it was now their best chance at a safe new haven from a crumbling world.

It wouldn't be long before people realized that they weren't actually reaching safety, but rather jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Although they were now safe from the threat of a dying world, and living in an technologically advanced city, they were now under the rule of a megalomaniacal dictator, who demanded to be refered to as their savior. With heavy handed laws harshly enforced everywhere, people were almost afraid just to walk the streets, let alone live their lives. Some people were even taken away for what appeared to be no reason, never to be seen again.

Those who did seek to rebel were forced to flee from the haven, making their own luck in the untamed parts of New Mobius. Many of these people banded together into different gangs and factions, most of which have ended up waging a very one-sided war against the dictator, and even with each other over territory, technology and, more importantly, chaos essence. But some of these groups truely wish to see an end to Viktor's tyranical reign and bring some order and peace to the new world. Nevertheless, all are bandits and outlaws in Viktor's eyes, and the leaders of these factions have bounties on their head.

G.U.N  was all but helpless to deal with this. Most of their efforts were put into trying to prevent the collaps of Old Mobius. When a lead suggested that Chaos Essence may have had a role in Mobius' deterioration, they sent some agents to New Mobius to investigate further. They soon lost contact with most agents, either assuming they were killed in action or captured by a faction or the Viktor's private army. Some were even suspected of desertion in hopes of making a better fortune.

Which brings us to today. In an attempt to find more chaos essence, Viktor has offered a ludicrous reward for any brave souls who would search the outlands of New Mobius for more Essence mining sites. With even more danger and uncertainty lying outside the haven's borders, some have accepted the challenge, hoping to make their own mark in the new world. . .

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