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Roxy & Roscoe(a mobianised Zoroark and a Zorua) are selling tickets for a cruise liner called Everwhite.Mostly everyone buys tickets to board the liner,but once they're on everyone's money,weapons,and other objects get stolen and no one knows why.


No G-Modding

No Sexualization(Kissing,Hugging,Flirting,and Making Out are ok)

Censor Swears


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PuellaMagi Nudge Magica


Frozen Scorpio


Spike The Awesome Hedgehog


Involved Characters


Lustinia the Meowstic(Fox)

Sebastian the Meowstic(Fox)

Kansha the Shaymin(Fox)

Torch the Torchic(PokeT)


Kasari Blackbear(Fox)

Yu Pigeon(Fox)

Roxy the Zoroark(Fox)

Roscoe the Zorua(Fox)

Nudge the Lopunny (Nudge)

Angela the Lucario Hybrid (Nudge)

Jared (Frozen Scorpio)

Zircon the cat (Megaphantaze)

Fane The Garchomp (Spike The Awesome Hedgehog)

Nate (Eezy)



Part 1:Cruise

Roxy:Get your tickets for the new cruise liner!

Roscoe:Only $25 for tickets!

Nudge:*behind a pillar* Damn, thats expensive...... for $25..that seems weird...

Kansha:I'll buy a ticket*Gives $25 to Roscoe*

Roscoe:Thanks ma'am,here's your ticket!*Gives a ticket to Kansha*

Kansha:I can't wait to get on the cruise!

Nudge; Hmm.... maybe I can steal a ticket.

??????:Nudge! I'd always suspect you to steal something expensive like that!

Nudge:*gasps* Oh s**t!

Kasari:What?Were you afraid that I was the cops?

Nudge: Heh heh, I ain't scared o' nothin'!

Kasari:It's seems like you were for a second.

Nudge: Do you belive everything you see?

Kasari:Normally yes,but not all the time.


Yu:Kasari!I got the tickets!

Zircon: I only have Euros, but I hope this is enough as dollars *Hands 19 Euros, which is as dollars over 25 dollars*

Nudge:*steals Zircon's money* Thank you! 

Lustinia:*Sees Nudge stealing the money and chases after her*Dammit Nudge!

Zircon: *Takes 25 dollars from her pocket* Hehe, I expect that will happen. those coins wasn't even real *Hands 25 dollars*

Roxy:Here ya go sir,one ticket!*Hands him the ticket*

Nudge:*pouts* Grrrr......

Lustinia:If it makes you feel better,Nudge,I'll buy you a ticket...

Zircon: *Gives money for Roxy* And here's my money for the ticket

Nudge: Thanks, Lustinia!

Roxy:*To Zircon*Thank you,sir!

Lustinia:*Hands $75 to Roscoe*3 tickets please.

Roscoe:*Hands the tickets to Lustinia*Thanks ma'am!

Lustinia:I got you a ticket Nudge..*Gives Nudge a ticket*

Nudge:*takes the ticket* Thanks!

Zircon: *Takes the ticket* Thank you so much

Jared: (standing far away) I know this won't end well, but I might as well do it. (walks forward, to where the zoroark stands, holding enough money in his hands) I too would like to purchase a ticket.

Roxy:*Gives Jared a ticket*That'll be $25.

Jared: (hands Roxy the money)

Roxy:Thank you sir!

Jared: So, when does this ship depart?

Roxy:We're still working the times out sir,so not for awhile.

Jared: Okay then. (walks away)

Zircon: Then I'll spend my time well *walks to buy something for the cruise*

(A tough looking Garchomp wearing a blood red scarf around his forehead and carrying a bag of money walks to Roxy.)

Fane: "......."

Roxy:Hello sir,would you like to buy a ticket?

Fane: "Shut up and take my money!" *gives Roxy 25 dollars*

Roxy:*Gives Fane a ticket*

Fane: *goes in the cruise*

Kasari:What's with that guy?

Nudge: I don't know but it look like he was loaded!

Kasari:You aren't planning to steal that money are you?That guy seems pretty tough...

Fane: *is eating bacon* :T

Nudge: Huh, he don't look that tough.

Kasari:I still think you shouldn't steal from him.

Fane: *overhears* <_<

Nudge:*rolls her eyes* I've stolen from much worse.

Kasari:Nudge...I think he overheard us talking....

Fane: yup <_<

Nudge:.... Right.

Kasari:Welp Nudge....*Starts slowly walking away*It appears that  you have a problem that I can't fix...*Runs away*


Zircon: *Comes back from the shop* Well well, we have tiday lots of people to enter the cruise

Fane: *eyes turn red* òwó

Lustinia:Nudge!What have you gotten into?!

Fane: *slowly walks towards Nudge* òwó

Nudge:*leaps towards him and kicks him in the face*

Fane: *blocks the kick with his fin* "I'm not gonna kill you...unless you steal my stuff." <_<

Nudge: Well we'll just see about that!

Nate: *walks towards Roxy* So i hear you guys are selling tickets to a cruise?

Roxy:Yes,and only for $25!

Nate: Count me in! *hands over the $25*

Roxy:*Gives Nate a ticket*

Nate: *takes the ticket* Yes, i cruise is just what i need *walks onto the ship*

Kasari:Is the Garchomp gone?

Lustinia:Yeah,it's gone.

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