When The 7 Elements: Light Dark, Earth, Water, Ice, Air, and Fire are in a clash to find out which warrior over all of the 7 groups will win?But one team isnt fighting just to fight. There is an evil plot and a ancient danger. Now some of the contestants have no Idea of this out comming


Apallo The Hedgehog and many people with special and unique elemental powers are drawn into an adventure and a tournament . But there is a Evil Team But Who Is It and What do they Want? The only Way to know is to find out. In battle


No Swaying Away From The Main Story.

You Can Make A Story For The Leader of your Team ( I will Choose)

No Killing


If I Some One trolls They will get a strike 3 strikes and i can make it so that one of your character will be injured heavily...... JUST KIDDING!

Just Teens Adults and Kids ONly

No Sexual Stuff

A fighter doesent have to use a element to be in a group

Fire (4 Fighters Only)


Leader: Apallo The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Kid Treniahk the Hades Halfxeno

Gorgon the Fire Fox(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Isaiah The Red Wolf (Also Lightning, ITH)


Missy The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Water (4 Fighters Only)


Leader: Higgins the Prinplup(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Peace Kittensburg(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Elie Bluemoon (Hikaru)

Naja (Hikaru)


Air/Lighting (4 Fighters Only)


Leader: Shock The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Cece the Hedgehog(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Hypno The Jaguar (ITH)

Flower "Karina" Prower (KayumitheWallaby4)


Princess Zlair

Earth (4 Fighters Only)


Leader: Terra The Cat (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Lydia the Maine Coon/Persian CatKaytlinfencethefox)

Terron "Quake" Subrock (ZeroPath)

Terra the Ferret (ZeroPath)


Ice (4 Fighters Only)


Xenivahx the Halfxeno (Darkest)

Leader: Frostless the Halfbreed(Darkest)

Gail the Hedgehog(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Snowflake the Arctic Wolf (Scroundernuts)


Light (4 Fighters Only)


Brighton The Wing (Bird) (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Leader: Dussal The Light ( Apallo The Hedgehog)

Necrio the Wolf (Darkest)

David the Light Echidna(Kaytlinfencethefox)


Princess Light (apallo the Hedgehog)

Darkness (4Fighters Only)


Leader: Death The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Raven The Crow (Apallo The hedgehog)

Xenorahk Halfxeno (Darkest)

Mysteria the Fox(Kaytlinfencethefox)


Princess Molly (Apallo the Hedgheog)

solomon the hedgehog (mr.sloan)

Other Characters And Non Inportant Teams

(Beside your user name please put which country they are from)

Sernia The Fox (Anouncer and reffere) (Apallo The Hedgehog) (Neon City)


Team Azeroth (Kael'Thas Sunstrider, Arthas Menethil, Illidan Stormrage, Guyviroth Dawnbreaker.)

Team Shishiza Clan (Brothers Saber, Onyx, and Diamant the Leo.)

Team Zero (NightShade,Rai,Aeon)

Why The Darkness and Light Teams Are Full

The Main Teams Are These Two Teams (Along with the leader being the big main characters) So Please do not complain because those RP is more story than Tourament Thank You

Intro (Leaders only)

Some Where In The World

???: Finally The Time Has Come! The Elemental Tourna Ment will start up soon and soon the greatest fighters of all seven elements will be in my grasp. And soon I will become the Master af all Seven! Muhahaahhahahaaha1 And Then I will Clean this world of all of it's people who are tainted and Re create the world in my own immage! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

Tokyo City, Pyra

Apallo: *running* The Sign Ups are almost over!

Neon City, Stormvania

Shock: Gotta hurry !

Blizdaria, Frozania

Frostless: Huh Necrio honey we have to leave get Chiahk

Blackk City, Nightmoon

Death: We have a mission to go and compete in the tournament and defeat all who stand in our way.

Cave Town, Stonevania

Terra: Good bye Mom And Dad!

Aquatic City, Tropi

Higgins:Bye Kellan,Kassad,and Tanya!

Brighton Castle Town, Heaven Terrence

Dussel: It's Time

*screen fade*

The Perlims

This is where all the teames and thier viewers all meet for the first time Central City- (all characters only)

Necrio: (Holding Chiahk)


Im sorry but this is what the prelims are for if you dont have 3 mire people before 6:00Am thenyou wont enter

00:00 Midnight- 6 Hours Left

Teen Apallo: Dammit *sees kid playing with yo-yo* to small *walks off*

Kid Treniahk: Uncle Apallo

Teen Apallo: Huh did you just call me uncle?

Kid Trenaihk: Sorry Cousin, Have you seen Violet, I wanted to have a play date, not in the pervy way

Teen Apallo: Oh it's you Trenaihk. *puts hand on his head* Listen i only have 6 Hours to find 3 more people for my team so why dont you thake these rings and go to the Tails-Mart and Buy 300 Cases of Vectorade. Ok.

Kid Treniahk: Daddy Signed me up and Mommy packed me some Vectorade

Teen Apallo: I hate your dad. Any Way do waht i said i got an idea

Kid Treniahk: Why do you hate my dad?

Teen Apallo: I didn tmean it like that kid. *anime sneeky eyes* say if you do what i tell you to ill give you someting that belongs to my girlfriend.

Kid Treniahk:(Goes to get some vectorade)

Female Rapist: Lello little boy im a doctor

Kid Trenaihk:(Runs and trips and has no escape)

Raven The Crow: Humph. Run along kid before you get hurt. Because I Like aa little boy like you. Ig you get what i mean

Kid Treniahk:(Frozen in fear, Heart pounding)

???: Raven! Enough!

Raven: D-Death!

Kid Treniahk:(Heart still pounding)

Death: Raven, Leave the runt alonea and come on we need to find soem people.

David:Hm.Looks like Team Light is Full.

Teen Apallo: Hey You.

Kid Treniahk:(Goes to but Vectorade)

Raven: Hahahahahahahah!

(Why are you deleting future Treniahk)

(reade the rules so he stays a kid)

Teen Apallo: I need to find some people. Hey ALL FIRE USERS GET YOU ASSES OUT HERE!

Kid Treniahk:(Appears next his cousin) Here

Teen Apallo: YOU WYOU DAD Is...... Hey How much do you have one you


Teen Apallo: Ih eh heheheheheh Uh how you doin

Xenivahx:Better treat my boy well

Kid Treniahk:I'll be fine daddy

Xenivahx: Ok

Teen Apallo: (I didnt say that when i did you las wife)

Xenivahx:(Growls and Grabs Apallo's arm and twists) I can read minds remember

Teen Apallo: And*counters* Your training as much as i hated it made me better than you

Xenivahx:(Claws Glow red)

Teen Apallo: Now if you excuse me i have to find one more person.

Isaiah: Don't look any further.

1:35 AM- 5 Hours and 25 Minuets Left

Near the Air/Thunder entrance- Central City- A District

Shock: Man, if only Cece were here.Then I'd have 2 more people to look for.

Kid Treniahk: I'll join your team

Shock: Sorry kid but I'm allowed to accept certin people.

Kid Treniahk:(Looking for Apallo)

Teen Apallo: Hey kid stick with me. I dont want you mom or dad go get on thier bad side with me.

Kid Treniahk:(Jumps to Apallo's Shoulders) I got the Vectorade Cousin

Teen Apallo: *eyes become halfopened with annoyance* I know Cuz. Now All we need to do is go to the spot where all the good fighters are at and then we'll give these out for free so then we can find a good guy or girl to join our group.

Kid Treniahk:(Frontflips off his cousin and Turns to his Xenomorph form)Ok I'll get it down but I just wanted to play with Violet

Violet: *from a distance* Oh Apalloooooooo.

Teen Apallo: Crap! *runs and hides*

Kid Treniahk:Violet

Violet: Oh hi Tenie *rubs his head* I thought i saw Apallo.

Cece:Hi Shock.

Shock: Finally! Where were you (oh and we need you in chaos quest)

Cece:With Zara and Mystreia.

Shock: Ok. *holds hand* Let's Sign in ok. They can join too.

Cece;The tourament or this group,Because Mystriea is Darkness and Zara is a Seedrian.

Shock: The tournament. Come on the Stadium is this way.

Cece:Don't we need nother Person with electricity.

Shock: Nope. Oh hey it's the water team i heard that htey were the first team to get four members.

Higgins:We don't even have a leader,let along 4 members.

Shock: Never mind but who is that cat over there she looks sad

Higgins:That's Peace,She's usually calm,and Dosen't get sad often.

solomon: *floats in air*

Terra: No He means me. I Have no friends back home and i came to join the tournament but.. I have no other people to join me

Cece:I not sure if Seedrians are Earth.But,I know a Maine Coon/Persian mix that Is earth.

solomon: *floats down and lands*

Cece:Well,We still better find at least a person or 2 to finish our team.

Teen Apallo: Hey I wonder if Gale is here yet.

Terra: *eats a rock* this is why i have no friends i eat rocks food only taste like Crap in my mouth.


Terra: Wat kind of picture od me do you want ? One me eating these rocks or one were i drink mud.

Lydia;Why would you it rocks and Drink mud.

Terra: It's a freak birth defect. And I also Poo out Bricks and pee well is regular pee but with dead insects and stuff in the mud.

Lydia:I here you have no Friends.I can be your friend.

Terra: You mean it? THANKYOU!

Darkness Team Walks in

Death: *walking with Mysteria's arm in his arm* My team has been asembeled

Good You May Enter the Luxary Room Now.

Death: Come.

Teen Apallo: *looks at death as he walks by*

Death: *Looks Back and smiles* Humph.

Teen Apallo: Come one kid let's find the rest of our team.

Teen Apallo: If only Isaiah were here we would dominate the whole thing.

Gorgon:Wait!I'm Fire!

Teen Apallo: Hey Gorgon i thought you stayed home to study.

Gorgon:I don't study.

Teen Apallo: Well i ran away from home because of my crazy ass parents. Yep.

Xenorahk: (Grabs Violet) Yo

(What was Apallo gonna give Treniahk of Violet?)

Teen Apallo: *runs off fast*

(Her Bra)

(Wrong man)

(just kidding some of her hair and a picture of her in a bikni)

Xenorahk:Whats a pretty girl like yourself doing out here so Alone?


Xenorahk:(Grabs Violet) You won't when I am done with you



  • a knockout punch hits Xenivahk*

Teen Apallo: She may creep me out but she's still my girl so back off you creepy Pedo Bastard!

Xenivahx:(Helps Violet up and Attacks Xenorahk)

Violet: APALLO!

Apallo: And on that note.... *speeds off*

Baby Treniahk: Violet Can we play (Not in a pervy way)?

Violet: No... you have to be with Apallo arent you in his team?


Apallo: Well speek of the friggin devil Isaiah come join my team

From the side of the room, four tall humanoids stands back straight against the wall. Three of them of elven descent, and the other of human, look towards the group almost is a pitiful manner.

Apallo:....... *chuckles* haahahahahahaha look at the elven people ahaahaha

Arthas, the human of the group, chuckled lightly. "A shame elves get such ridicule. But I never knew rodents could talk." Kael'Thas, the elf in the large, red robes, gritted his teeth. "Let's see how he fights when I turn his world upside down." Kael reached out a hand, but only for the other high elf in the huge armor to lower it by force. "Don't worry Kael, you'll have your time..."

Apallo: Rodents? Pumph...... Wella tleast we arent confused by santa's helpers

The four looked to eachother, confused. "Who's Santa?" Arthas asked openly. Kael'Thas shrugged his shoulders, while Illidan Stormrage, the fourth of the group, chuckled, before replying. "And why would we help him?" However, Arthas turned to the Night Elf. "You think he might be talking about Greatfather Winter? Why would helping him be an insult?"

Apallo: Well watever....

Guyviroth smirks before laughing, the other three turning to him wondering what was so humorous. "You enter the tournament without even a full team? It's almost as though you're overconfident... or you're asking for a death wish." Guyviroth waved his hand to his team mates, signalling to follow him as he headed towards the nearby common room. "Come, let's relax before the tournament's start."

Apallo: Ass..... Well we got 4 members

Kid Treniahk:(Teleports in)

Meanwhile in the common room, Team Azeroth sit within a tight circle around a table, relaxing against the soft velvet chairs around a fine oak table. Kael'Thas has a single hand on the tabletop, drumming his fingers in anticipation, while both Illidan and Arthas keep catching eachothers' eyes; in a past life they were bitter enemies. Guyviroth, however, has his elbows on the table and fingers locked together, resting his chin upon them and staring at Kael. However, in what could be mistaken for staring, Guyviroth was in a deep thought, almost in a daydream-like trance, but nothing filled his thoughts and his mind never bothered to think of anything for him to contemplate.

  • the screen comes on*

???: So..... what do you think about Apallo.

Illidan turned to the monitor, and shrugged. "Who? No idea what you're talking about."

???: The Hedgehog! THE ORANGE HEDGEHOG!

They were all rather surprised, apart from Guyviroth. The three of thm shared a moment of light laughter before Arthas spoke. "That was a hedgehog? Looked like something I'd carve in half before facing a real enemy." Kael'Thas smirked and joined the banter. "Looked like a trog you'd find scurrying in a cave like the whelp they are. All the more fun to burn them." Illidan, however, noticed Guyviroth in his trance. "Guyviroth, what's on your mind?" Guyviroth's eyes stayed focused forwards, but suddenly darted to Illidan. "Just thinking about my students..." Guyviroth muttered, hoping they were fine in his absence.

???: Well he is one of the only threats to the plan. If you want you end of the bargin then you will kill him in the arena. We need to clense the world of people like him! And if you want your student to survive you'll do what i say.

"Not interested," Guyviroth muttered, not bothering to look at the monitor. "I'm only here to find one person. If you're so great you can kill him yourself." Guyviroth stood tall from his seat and turned to the bar. "I think we can all do with a round of drinks. I just hope gold here is legal tender..." Even though gold wasn't worth much on Azeroth, on mobius a single gold coin could be worth hundreds, if not thousands.

???: Ok If you join me then i will grant your very wish!

"Okay, we've got a wish," Illidan said, turning to the monitor slightly. "We wish for you to stop pestering us before we put you in your place." Arthas and Kael smirked, but Guyviroth, returning from the bar with a tray of several tankards filled with strong ale, instead took his sword and impaled it through the monitor, ripping it from the wall and tossing it to the floor behind him. "Wish granted. Now drink up; I ain't waiting for the next Brewfest before I get smashed."

???: But i controll the tournament and he is planning to destroying your home

"He'll have fun with that," Arthas said, swigging his tankard quickly. "I died two years ago to a twenty-five man group, as did all of my leutenents and minions. Who'd of thought i'd see the light of day again?" Kael'Thas did the same, and chuckled. "Only in death does one see the light. My death to the same group has proven that the Legion was nothing... and I was blind to follow." Illidan however, grasped ther tankard before shattering its wooden bulk in his iron grasp. "Insanity goes a long way... losing to you, Arthas, made me want to watch everything burn. But now I only seek a place to bide my time against the Legion."

Guyviroth took a small sip of his ale, before speaking himself. "One rodent destroy our world? Twice the armies of the Burning Legion has tried, and they failed. The Old Gods and Deathwing haven't come much closer. Azeroth... is probably the greatest force I've seen."

(Just do it we need a team to be trickled because your team will return in the sequal)

(Hmmm, well first off, you don't dictate what others do; that's why it's called a role play, because people play the roles they want to play. Second, that would be grossly out of chaarcter for all four characters. Thirdly... I'll decide whether or not they return in a sequel. And lastly, perhaps you should be worrying about why no one else has replied to this roleplay.)

(yeah i guess... my bad...)

???:But This Hedgehog is the key to awake the god of all elemental gods...AVATORUS! The God Of All Elemental Gods and Controlers!

Karina: *leaning on the Air/Thunder Entrance, spinning her tail around* *moans*

Apallo: Helllllo!....... So what's you name toots

Kid Treniahk:???

(Soon a boy with light blue hair came in with a pink mobian snake girl)

Elie:Well,here's the tournament that we're invited to.Now to find our team.

Naja:Since we both have water elements,we need to find two other water users.

Sarina: Attenchion Teams You Have about 1 Hour and 25 minuets left!

At once, the earth began to tremble and shake. The ground itself parted as two feline figures emerged from the rubble. "Sorry for the 'rocky ride', brother." One spoke with a grisly voice, snickering shortly after his bad pun. "But you know how I get when I don't have my two feet on th' ground." He said as he flashed a toothy grin to the other leo. Onyx and Saber the Leo's. At a glance, you definitely wouldn't tell the two were related. However, their bond was unparalleled. Together, the duo braved great evils and accomplished impossible challenges. This tournament will only be another challenge for them overcome. "Looks like there are some pretty tough lookin' fighters already here." He raised his hand to fist-bump Saber. "We're just gonna have'ta rock'em that much harder!"

Leo retracted his steely claws to fist bump his brother as he replied, "Pretty tough, but not tough enough." He allowed the claws on his left hand to re-emerge as he flexed his right hand, mesmerized for a moment as he watched the sunlight reflect and shimmer off all the different joints and angles, and listened to the mechanical whirring as he willed his unnatural appendage to move. Given that he was master of his element, he could move his hand as easily as if he were born with it, and could even "feel" with it by sensing the vibrations as they passed through the mysterious alloy, the contents of which only Saber and his brother were sure of. However, while each modification to his body made him a stronger fighter, it also removed him further and further from his humanity. "Sometimes I wonder...if I've made the right choices" Saber muttered under his breath, so low that only he could hear it. No matter, he thought, this is not a time to question my humanity; this is a time to prove my skill. He lolled his neck from side to side, cracking it, then gazed around, observing his soon-to-be competition.

The earth shook asunder as the tiles and concrete that laid the foundations of the ground began to quake and tear from the tremors. From without the earth, another figure, a Leo, emerges from its rubble, arms folded and eyes closed as if dormant. However, within moments, the eyes opened to give off two black pitches of ebony with golden iris', while lines around his body glew a bright blue color in a blinding fashion. "Brothers..." The figure spoke grungily, stirring from his frozen form and lowering his arms to his sides slowly and taking a step forwards. "Whyyyy do you awakennnnn so sooooooooon?" Diamant was still trying to grasp where he was and why his two siblings were awakened so soon. "Too soon! You have awakened too soon!" Diamant stomped his foot on the ground, causing shards of crystals to pierce from the ground, not realizing that he put so much strength into that one small movement. "... I require... a beverage... Go fetch for me that yellow steaming liquid which mortals call "ale", brothers..." Diamant grogilly walked from his position and began to take a seat by one of the tables, each step leaving crystallized forms of carbon; diamonds, rubies, sapphires merged with the floor as he paced to his seat.

???: Rmember what you must do. to save everything!

The First Round!

Sarina: hello ther every one to the ELEMENTAL TOURNAMENT! In this comprtition, teams of 4 will go one on on untill the most members in a team WINS! And now for our Round One matchups.

First it's Team Blazk vs Team Water! Then, Team Apallo vs Team Azaroth

Death: Humph What Luck...

Elie:Well,we're up.

Sarnia: Would The Two Teams Please Enter the Stadium,

Naja:Let's go.(Enters with Elie)

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