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Eggman has created a new robot called the Eggskam, a machine of extreme power. Two heroes are on hand to stop it: the space-fairing Vendeta the Hedgehog and the Chaos-manipulating Max Irvaron.


Vendeta the Hedgehog: Skyblade743

Max Irvaron: MaxIrvaron

Hercules Baker: MaxIrvaron

Act 1: Test Fire

In the streets of Trikon City, a Spanish human boy named Max Irvaron was skating without a care in the world. GUN had finally given him a break from watching and trying to copy more "experienced" agents' skills. Now, he had some free time, and he definitely wanted to enjoy it. What should I do first? Get some ice cream? Go to a skate park? Hm...

Meanwhile, Vendeta the Hedgehog flies through space, flying towards Earth at insane speeds. He'd heard of something having cropped up on his home planet, some kind of new project by an evil genius. It had been a while since he'd been home, and he wished he was going there under different circumstances.

Bursts of light were coming from a tall building, alerting Max. What the.... he thought and he put his skates to Jet Mode, boosting himself up. On it, he saw Eggman, a bunch of "lame" bots, and a box withe the Eggman emblem on it. Oh. It's just this fatty.

Eggman leaned his elbow on the box, which seemed to be metallic and slightly rusty. "Bots! Do you see this box? Inside, it holds a masterpiece, one of my greatest creations of all time! Anti-matter - Chaos Energy - human and hedgehog DNA.... all of these have gone into making this! This robot I officially call Eggskam will be the one to lead our way to victory!" Eggman took out a remote and pressed a button, causing the box to levitate and blast off into space.

That seems a little extreme, Max thought before taking a good look at this "Eggskam" creature. It had shaggy, white hair, but on it's back, it had three white quills that pointed in all directions. It also had a tail, along with some fur on its legs. Other than that, it looked like a normal short human, with purple eyes, a grey shirt, and purple shorts. Max flinched when he saw it. Uch, that thing's a freak of science!

Eggman pointed towards the sky. "Eggskam might look like a pretty weak creature at first, but trust me, he will tear our enemies apart! Eggskam, show these alpha creations why I made you!" In response, Eggskam lifted its arm, and it turned into a cannon. It sparked electricity before firing a laser into the sky.... coincidentally where Vendeta was.

Vendeta saw the laser coming and flew straight down, narrowly missing the bolt of energy. I've found my target. he thought to himself before he landed directly in front of Eggman, deactivating his flight suit as he touched down.

"Who might you be, exactly?" The hedgehog asked.

Eggman patted Eggskam on the head. "The genius who created this destructive work of art. A piece of art so amazing, it alerted you! However, unless you want to be the first to die, I suggest you either fall on your knees and swear loyalty to the Eggman Empire or scramble away in fear! If not.... I'll demonstrate Eggskam's power once more!"

"So your name is Eggman," Vendeta replied. He grabbed Eggskam with his psychokinesis and threw it up into the air. "I'd rather you didn't continue the demonstration. One is enough for me." Vendeta then flew into the air after the robot, preparing to punch it.

Skam quietly lifted a fist, blocking the punch. Then, he released some sort of invisible wave that would knock Vendeta back as soon as he touched it. Max, meanwhile, eyed Vendeta suspiciously. What is he doing? That thing shot a laser into who-knows-where! Max sighed. Welp, he looks like he knows what he's doing. I'll wait.

Vendeta landed on his feet and looks up at Eggskam. Well, guess this won't be as easy as I thought. He thought as he fired PsychDarts at the robot. Eggskam fired multiple blue projectiles at the PsychDarts, cancelling them out. His arm turned into a cannon, and he charged up a laser before a red lance runs through his arm. Max teleported in front of Vendeta.

"Hey, psycho, watch out! Now, scram! This thing's gonna kill you! It'll take someone like me to handle this."

"You sure about that, kid?" Vendeta replied "You don't look...experienced."

"I'm 14, that's experienced enough-" Skam sucked the red lance inside of itself, and, looking emotionless, fired a large laser and the ground behind the duo, causing that part of the building to fall off. Since Max couldn't fly, he fell on his back on the sidewalk, moaning. Vendeta managed to fly off the building before it fell, grabbing the rubble with his psychokinesis and throwing it back at Skam. Eggskam simply looked at the chunk, and it exploded. Egg Pawns and other robots behind Eggskam faced Vendeta and started firing weak bursts of energy at him. Vendeta sighs and blocks the energy with a Force Wall.

Max jumped beside Vendeta. "Can't you see taking them on head-first right now isn't the smartest option?"

"I can deal with this," Vendeta said "Just get out of here!"

"You need to get out of here!" Max said. "But, fine! I'll be watching, and if something goes wrong, I'm teleporting you out."

"Trust me, I'll survive," Vendeta said "I've been in worse. Much worse. You, however..."

Eggman nodded at Skam while the two argued, and Skam looked at the duo. Large cannons popped out of his sides and pointed at them, before firing multiple rockets at the two. Max didn't notice, saying "Hey, just because I'm a teenager doesn't mean I'm weak! I can handle a lot more than you think, bub!"

Vendeta stays focused and grabs the missiles with his psychokinesis and destroys them. "Really? You can't even stay focused on the people shooting missiles at you."

"That's because... argh, forget it!" Max suddenly had a yellow aura flare around him as he looked at Skam. "Let's beat this punk first."

Skam had flames come from his feet, and sent an invisible blast to Max and Vendeta. Max was hit by it, knocked into a wall before landing on his feet. Vendeta is knocked back a fair way as well, although he's still standing. Skam boosted towards them and sent a flurry of Chaos Spears at them, and Max used a Chaos Shield to block it. He rolled to the side and fired a Chaos Arrow (a green, stronger Chaos Spear) at Skam, but the robot swatted it to Vendeta. Vendeta created a Force Wall, but the number of Chaos Spears breaks it and blasts Vendeta off the building.

Max chuckled. "I told you so-" Skam flew over to Max and punched him in the cheek as his fist sizzled with electricity. Max tries punching the robot back, but Skam teleported behind him and released a burst of gravity knocking Max high into the air. Meanwhile, Vendeta crashes onto the ground bellow the building, creating a crater.

"Damn it," He said "Was that thing holding back?"

Vendeta saw Max in the air and flies back up, grabbing him.

"C'mon," the hedgehog told Max "We're getting out of here."

"You're getting out of here," Max said. "I need to destroy this thing it hurts anyone!"

"You've done nothing but endanger yourself. I'm going to drop you off at a safe place and then find a better way to fight that thing."

Max grumbled as he shook his head. "I'm a GUN agent for more than one reason, and one is that I can defend myself. Another is that I can protect others, and not to get all mushy on you, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I put some stranger, no matter how annoying, in danger. So, either we can keep arguing, or you can let me break that thing!"

Vendeta lands in an alleyway, letting Max stand up.

"I don't care about any of those things," Vendeta said "You're out of your league. You can help by staying out of my way, evacuating civilians or telling me how I can kill that thing."

Max, realizing this conversation was getting nowhere, looked at Skam and glared. Then, teleporting in front of him, he aimed a kick for Skam's face, but Skam blocked it with his wrist. Max, surprised, kept kicking, though Skam kept blocking. Vendeta watched from a distance and side: clearly this kid was too determined for his own good. Eventually, Skam retaliated, and released a burst of gravity, knocking Max back... but the human stayed in the air.

"What the... looks like I got a gyrokinetic," he said before firing a Chaos Arrow at the robot. Skam countered by absorbing the projectile and somehow blasting it back at Max, knocking him out of the air with ease. Vendeta teleport dashed up to Max, grabbing him and flying away.

"Stop trying to get yourself killed." The hedgehog said.

"Okay, if you're not gonna help, scram. If you think you're all that, you should use your fists more than your mouth and fight! If you can't do that, put your money where your mouth is," Max said to him, aggravated.

"I don't need to use my fists when I can use my brain," Vendeta said "If we can't fight it now, we find out it's weakness and exploit it later. What we don't do is go charging in head first against a foe we can't fight."

"Fine, then, genius!" Max said, throwing an explosive Chaos Spear at Skam. Though Skam tried to absorb it, it exploded before he could, giving Max and Vendeta some time to retreat. Max readjusted his skates before boosting off. Vendeta followed him.

”You know this world better than I do,” He said “Where should we go?”

"We could head to that Egghead's base right away... but that would mean facing any other dangerous robots that could really hurt us." Max's eyebrows raised. "Hey, have you ever head of an organization called GUN?"

"Military organisation who run the United Federation and probably do some shady stuff? Yeah, I know the one."

"Hey! I work for GUN, thank you very much! But anyway, we need to talk with them. Once the world knows about this thing, we'll have an anti-robot nuke all ready to blast him in the face!" said Max, pumping his fist. "Plus, I'm sure good ol' Abe wouldn't mind. C'mon!" Max burst forward to the left.

Maybe this world's GUN is better than mine. Vendeta thought and he flew off in pursuit of Max.

Later, the duo was nearing the GUN base, and Max skidded to a stop. "Here we are! I sure as hell didn't think we'd be here on my day off, though, but hey, action just seems to follow me everywhere." Max got out his ID and put it to a scanner as the door opened. "Anyway, let's go in. I'm pretty sure Towers will want to get this info as soon as possible."

Vendeta walked in after Max.

"At least you get a day off at all," Vendeta replied.

As they entered the building, the place was buzzing. As they walked through doors, Max looked around, smiling. The tough dark blue walls gave a slightly intimidating vibe. Soldiers and agents were everywhere, either ding training, talking about missions, or making phone calls to operatives. "These guys are the lucky ones. They get to do huge important stuff! I'm just the errand boy," Max said, rolling his eyes until the duo reached a silver cylinder.

Max put his ID to another scanner, and the cylinder opened, revealing a chute. They entered, and Max said "This part never gets old!" before they went straight down at extremely fast speeds. Eventually, they hit the bottom, and Max's hair was frizzy. "Ha, that was fun!"

"Quiet, boy!" said a voice that projected off the walls. They'd entered a silver chamber, and out of a door walked a tall human man with graying hair and an official-looking outfit. "If you weren't aware, there is important business going on here, and I don't need your bumbling idiocy to interrupt it."

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed-" Max was interrupted when the official looked at Vendeta.

"And just who are you, hedgehog?"

”Vendeta the Hedgehog,“ Vendeta replied “Pleasure to meet your acquaintance.”

"I've had enough of these damned animals," he grumbled. "Are you arriving in peace, 'Vendeta,' or has Mackenzie-"

"Don't call me that, please!" Max interjected, red in the face.

"-somehow managed to capture an anthropomorphic criminal on his day off?" continued the official, unfazed.

”If I was a criminal, then why am I not handcuffed?” Vendeta folded his arms. So G.U.N aren’t shady in this dimension. He thought. They’re clearly too stupid for that.

”Who are you anyway?” He asked the man.

"Well, we don't exactly plan hedgehogs to be aggressors here," he said. "My name is Abe Tower. I'm the Commander of GUN. What is your business here?"

"A fat man in a red lab coat got a robot to fire a laser beam. I tried to beat it up and this dude also tried to beat it up less successfully. We were forced to withdraw, and your errand boy recommended coming here."


Max was interrupted by Tower. "Eggman, ey? I had a feeling he was up to something big - radio silence ain't usual for him. His robots usually aren't too much trouble, though. What was so special about this one? Were you just not capable enough?"

"I couldn't properly judge his powers from my short fight with it," Vendeta continued, ignoring Max "But it seemed to be holding back for most of the fight and then took me out in short order."

"Hm..." Tower sighed. "Well, then, are you any good in combat? I could send you and Baker to check it out if you are."

"I would say I'm well versed in combat."

"Well, then, I'm going to have to call Baker. Excuse me for the moment." Tower went into another room, looking awfully unimpressed.

"I can't believe Tower's putting you with that Hercules," Max said with a sigh. "I could probably kick thrice more butt than him if I went with you! I'll like at that egghead's trashpiece and..." Mac spun and, doing a kick in the air (and a small crater was created in the wall he was facing). "YAH! That thingamajobber won't know what hit it!"

"If you could, you would have done it before," Vendeta replied.

"W-Well, now I'm determined to beat it, so there's no way I'd lose now! That abomination wouldn't stand a chance against me, it just got a few lucky hits in!"

Out of the cylinder, a brown and tan-furred bat with black wings arrived wearing a communicator on his left wrist and an earring on his right ear. He donned a black leather jacket, jeans, and cargo boots. "I came as soon as I heard. Max, d'you know where Tower is?"

Max grumbled, pointing to the door that he'd gone through. "He's there, Baker."

"Actually, I'm here," sad Tower, re-emerging. "Vendeta, this is Baker, one of our best agents and pilots. He'll help with transportation and intel." Baker looked proud. "Before we send you all off to Eggman's lair, is there anything else we need to know?"

”I can fly,” Vendeta replied “I don’t need a pilot. However, I’m assuming your planes have some kind of technology that would be helpful for the mission.”

"I bet our APCs will be more than useful," Baker said. "I'll meet you on the top." He then began to head to the cylinder, and Max followed, but Tower held out his hand.

"You're not going, Max. This is professional, and you've done enough to assist us," said Tower as Baker and he went into the cylinder. "I take it you'll be coming, Vendeta?"

”Of course,” Vendeta said as he got into the glorified slide.

Act 2: Fighting Yourself

On the top of the base, a camo plane was on the top. Tower had three more soldiers behind him. "Vendeta, the four of them will be flying you, though it sounds like you can fly yourself. Follow Baker, for he has the coordinates to Eggman's base." He then began to walk off. "Good luck."

Baker and his crew began to get into the plane, and the engines started. Baker yelled to Vendeta, "Ready for takeoff?"

Vendeta nodded. "Let's get this over with."

The plane started, and all of them took to the skies. It was a relatively calm ride at first - Baker and his crew told Vendeta when and where to turn, and surprisingly, there weren't any attacks... that is, until Baker noticed some smog in the air. "Looks like Robotnik's havin' a bit of a malfunction," he said, flying closer.

However, a few seconds after Baker said that, a large rock came out of practically nowhere, though it was fired from a downwards angle and it was covered in a strange, orange aura. One of the crew members yelped, slightly leaning out of the window with a bruised face and jaw. Vendeta looked at Baker.

"Where did that come from?" He asked.

"I-I think-" An orange laser was fired from directly in front of all of them, going through Baker's arm and causing the plan to go down due to Baker's loss of proper steering. Then, the plane glowed orange, and sent itself flying at Vendeta. Vendeta just managed to steady the plane with his psychokinesis, but he recognized all too well what they were facing: another psychokinetic like him. All Vendeta needed to do was find where they were.

"Look no further to your demise," said a robotic voice. It was a blue-colored, robotic Vendeta, with the whites of its eyes black and its irises red. It was also missing Vendeta's notable scar, instead having a red circle in the middle of its chest.

"I get no satisfaction seeing you nuisances try to get in my way!" Eggman's voice said, coming out of the robot.

"Oh, so this is your doing, then," Vendeta said "Gotta say, you managed to get enough data on me to make a robot copy very quickly."

As the two talk, the clouds start to get stormy, and light rain begins to fall.

"I am no mere copy," said the blue Vendeta copy. "I have far surpassed you based on the Doctor's calculations. Based on your performance on Project Eggskam, you seem incapable of basic combat. I was created to reverse that."

"Interesting. Well, if you only have battle data of me performing sub-par, this should be over quickly."

Vendeta teleport dashes behind the blue robot and tries to Force Palm him in the back of the head. The robot duplicate responded with a Force Palm of its own, cancelling it out.

"Oh, so you weren't going all out?" said Eggman's voice. "This'll be interesting."

"It'd be an insult for me to lose against my inferior organic self," said Vendeta Blue, creating an orange Force Wall and firing it at Vendeta. Vendeta is knocked back by it, but quickly spins around in the air and flies at Vendeta Blue, trying to kick him in the face. He blow lands, and before Vendeta Blue can respond, and round of turrets were shot into his side, not doing a large amount of damage but sending him downwards. The injured Baker gave Vendeta a thumbs-up...

...before the glass shattered in the plane, and Vendeta Blue threw Baker out of it. Vendeta caught Baker with psychokinesis and pulled him away from the robot before kicking the robot again. The storm clouds started to get thicker and rumbles of thunder could be heard. Vendeta Blue waited until Vendeta went to go fly to Baker, firing a PsychDart at his back. Vendeta winces as the darts hit his back, shielding Baker from the attack. He then teleport dashed up to Vendeta Blue and tried to uppercut him before comboing into a shower of his own PsychDarts.

Vendeta Blue is hit by a few of them, making a Force Wall to block the rest. "Your humanity is your biggest downfall. Why protect something so useless and insignificant?"

"Because it's my damn job," Vendeta replied through clenched teeth.

"Well then, you should consider another one, unless you take darts in the back full-time," replied Vendeta Blue, charging forward and trying to kick the back of Vendeta's head. Vendeta blocks it with his fist and throws a punch at Vendeta Blue. He lands the punch, but Vendeta Blue stays in place, trowing his own to Vendeta's stomach. Vendeta gets hit and coughs up blood before floating back slightly out of the robot’s range, wiping the blood from his mouth.

"See? Such limitations limit you chances of success," Vendeta Blue said. He then noticed Baker continuously firing at him, creating a Force Wall whilst being distracted. Vendeta teleport dashed up to the robot and tried to Force Palm him in the chest, hopefully sending him crashing into his own Force Wall. He succeeded, and slightly smoking, Vendeta Blue hit the ground, sending some dust into the air.

"This is what happens when the doctor sends out a mere prototype for an actual fight," Vendeta Blue said before getting slightly electrocuted by Eggman. "Considering I was mechanically engineered to be your superior, you're doing well. But it ends now." Vendeta Blue created a portal, using his psychokinesis to fight a concentrated ball of dirt and dust in it. Then, another portal opened Vendeta, and the dirt ball came out of it. Vendeta uses a force wall to block the dirt, breaking it apart, but still creating a smoke screen of sorts on the other side of the wall.

Vendeta Blue grunted. "You will not end the Doctor's plans here. If you thought Eggskam was overwhelming... you have yet to face the Boiled Series." Vendeta Blue turned around and tried to fly away, and Baker was getting patched up.

"Vendeta, I can fly you there! We'll penetrate his walls and then fly inside."

Vendeta nodded in response and he landed inside the ship. The ship began to take off, flying to the smoking base. The injured pilot shot rounds at its walls, and they seemed to break easily as the plane flew inside. "How about this for a dropoff?" asked Hercules.

"Sure," Vendeta replied. "Thanks for the lift." Hercules gave him a thumbs-up, and Eggman seemed to be sitting in some kind of chair, surrounded by computers and seemingly distracted. Vendeta raised an eyebrow at this.

"There's no way this isn't a trap," He muttered.

"Well, well, if it isn't the new-sance," Eggman said, and Vendeta would be able to see what was on the computers. On screen, it was a replay of Vendeta's battle with Baker, and on another, it was a replay of Vendeta vs Vendeta Blue. On the third, it was just a screen of Vendeta behind him. "You... I've known my fair share of hedgehogs, but you're new. What is your motive here? I was just dong a test run of my new creation."

"Your test run may be a threat to the universe," Vendeta replied "Congrats, your on my level. Now what's your motive?"

"Am I not allowed to simply test out my latest creation! In fact, I must thank you in actuality." Eggman twirled around in his seat, twisting his mustache all the while. "After all, I wasn't sure who I wanted my prototype Dupe to be based on, but of course, a new nuisance conveniently pops up for a test run. Based on my research, you have psychokinesis. Just who are you? Friend of Silver's?"

"Name's Vendeta, Guardian of the Chronosabre. Surprised it took us this long to introduce ourselves."

"...if you'd be kind enough to educate me," started Eggman, grinning but obviously trying to suppress his interest. "What is this 'Chronosabre' you speak of?"

”It’s a long way away,“ Vendeta said. And you’re the last person I’d let touch it. He thought.

"Well of course! You're an intergalactic 'hero,' are you not?" Eggman grabbed a pen near him and twirled out. "But I didn't ask where. *What* is it?"

”It’s a sword,” Vendeta responded calmly. Psychokinetic energy spun around his hand “I thought you were clever. Now, shall we get started? I’m not here to be quizzed all day.”

"Well, fine, then," Eggman said. "I was actually hoping to... cut a deal with you."

”Go on,” Vendeta said. He had no intention of accepting anything Eggman said, but he thought he should at least humour the Doctor.

"You see, that... blue prototype you fought, Model V3N-D3X? Yes, he was merely one of the few bots I'd planned before releasing Eggskam for... a public announcement you could say. However, before I can do that, I need to see if the Boiled Series is compatible with him. I was actually wondering if you'd assist me in testing them out."

"Nice try, but no thanks," Vendeta held Eggman aloft with his psychokinesis "You're coming with me."

As soon as Vendeta finished that sentence, a fireball came raining down on him from above. Vendeta narrowly dodged the blast and looked up to see where it came from. Descending slowly was a mostly-white roboticized tiger, with lines of red all over its body and black highlights on it edges. It had completely black eyes, save for white irises, and it wore no clothes besides white gloves and white shoes with a fiery red design.

Eggman gave a hearty laugh. "I see you're already getting to know the gang! This is the first of the Boiled Series, Project Kasai! I prepared to release him with Eggskam, but now I'm considering myself fortunate that I was a little slow in making him." Kasai was ejecting orange flames from his feet to slow his fall, and he landed next to Eggman. "So how about this. I'll give you three choices; leave me in peace, strike a deal with me about that Chronosabre, or-" Eggman's trademark grin widened on his face. "I give Kasai a test run."

Vendeta held out his glowing hand and gestured to Kasai.

"Bring it."

Act 3: Boiled Series

Kasai waited a few seconds, and then, generating out of flames, two sai appeared in his hands. His eyes were as cold as they were before as he lunged at Vendeta, stabbing forward. Vendeta dodged to the side and tried to kick Kasai in the head. Vendeta's kick landed, and Kasai immediately rolled into a Spin Dash and shot himself at Vendeta, catching fire. Vendeta was caught of guard and thrown through a nearby wall. He quickly stood up.

"Damn," Vendeta muttered "He's faster than I expected!"

"Well of course!" Eggman taunted, pressing a button on his chair and entering his flying vehicle. "He is one of my creations, after all!"

Kasai did a frontflip, sending a large wave of flames at Vendeta from his feet before beginning to levitate and blasting of at Vendeta. Vendeta creates a Force Wall to block the flames and curve them away from him. The flames shot off to the side, only to then sennd themselves at both of Vendeta's sides. Vendeta turned around just in time to be hit by the flames, knocking him through his own Force Wall and onto the ground again.

Kasai was still doing simple attacks, punching forward and shooting a burst of fire at Vendeta's grounded body. Vendeta teleport dashed through the flames and tried to uppercut Kasai. Kasai quickly surrounded himself with flames to defend himself, but with enough willpower, Vendeta could power through them. Vendeta decided to fall back and shoot at Kasai with PsychDarts: much safer than burning his hands.

Eggman was flying around them, taking various pictures, before Kasai jumped into the air, shooting beams of fire at Vendeta that'd expldoe into thirds and home in on him when they neared, dodging the PsychDarts.

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