Prologue: Early Morning Broadcast

It was your average day in Astropolis. The Dream Co. Police Force were doing their usual patrol whilst the normal citizens went about their daily business. Despite the city looking peaceful, there was an obvious sense of fear among most of the people within the population. Every time a member of the Dream Co. Police Force would pass by a person, their poker face would spread along their face, hiding any hint of happiness or sadness. As soon as the police were out of sight they would go back to their previous expression, albeit a bit relieved that they were not being hassled in anyway by the corrupt law enforcement.

Suddenly, once the clock had struck 07:30am on the dot, over 60% of the population of Astropolis' radios tuned into one particular radio station, the only pirate radio station that didn't spew out Dream Co. propaganda all over the airwaves. This radio station's name was Smooth Groove Radio. 

"Yo yo yo yo, this is your host DJ D-Lion giving you your early morning dosage of revelations. Coming straight to you live from your favourite Station, Smooth Groove Radio!" The DJ said in his overly entertaining voice.

DJ D-Lion was a tall yellow lion with a wild brown mane. He wore light blue shades on his face and a white jacket on his torso. He also wore black pants. "Now as ya'll already know, it's been roughly 3 years since 'The Big Man' himself rolled up into town with his mega-enterprise Dream Co. and mysteriously gained the position of mayor in Astropolis." DJ explained.

"Ever since then, things have been spiraling out of control as his new regime took influence over the once fair city. This guy went mad I'm telling you! First he bought off the police force. Then, he went and bought the rights to all the media output in the whole city! Well, almost every source; I mean, I'm still around. Then he had the audacity to start extorting nearby businesses to submit to his will, even though he's already mayor and has enough power as it is?! What a egomaniac! Funny how they named themselves Dream Co. The only thing they're doing is selling out false dreams about their ideals for a 'successful economy'. If you ask me, they're full of crap and all they're after is profit."

"However, despite most of Astropolis being under his influence and the fact that he's stomping out our culture left and right, a small group of Mobians are still out there, fighting against the Dream Co. police by burying our city in Graffiti. Whether they like it or not, these Extreme Gear wielding dudes (whom we like to call Drifters) are probably our last hope against this crazy regime."

"Sadly, they're too busy wrapped up in their petty gang wars and territorial battles to actually do anything seriously effective. Yo! Drifters! Wake up and smell the damn coffee! The people of this city need some help!"

"Anyway, word on the street is that Dream Co. is working on a top secret project in order to deal with the "Extreme Gear problem" once and for all! Man! Stuff's about to get real out here in the streets! I haven't been this scared since like, my first kiss. I was so scared that time that I headbutted my date and she fell unconscious!"

"Well, that's enough of my sexy voice spreading the airwaves. Time to start the day off right with a fan favorite! Coming to you from SMOOOTH GROOVE RADIOOOOOOOO!" DJ D-Lion finished off with as the song started to play.

Episode Start!

The sky was a blazing orange in the Dawn Dockyard. Then again that wasn't particularly special, it was always a sunrise in the Dawn District. However, the day itself was pretty important. Every gang in Astropolis was out to claim this piece of turf and today was the day it would be decided. All of the gangs gave gathered today for a game of Tagger's Tag, the ultimate Drifter game that involved spraying each other to the point of being unconscious. Whichever team wins this competition owns the district.

The first team on the scene today however were a significantly prominent team in Astropolis, The OverGrindz. Two of their members were crouching on top of a nearby crate in the dockyard. In front of them was a large circular area that was created by a large ring of crates, the perfect place for a game of Tagger's Tag. The two members were birds, one was a grey hawk wearing blue jeans, a turquoise t-shirt and and orange Extreme Gear Goggles, the other was a green swallow who wore an orange bandana, an orange crop top with a yellow design on it and orange trousers with a yellow flame design at the bottom. The members were both wearing Skate-type Extreme Gear. The hawk was wearing a pair of blue Cover-S ZG Edition Skates while the swallow wore a pair of customized Advantage-F ZG Edition skates. The swallow's skates aren't on the market so she created her pair by combining the ZG Edition Hovercraft version and the old SR Edition Skates.

"Spotted anyone, Roxy?" the hawk asked while scanning the area.

"Not yet," the swallow, Roxy, replied. "Speaking of which. Where's the rest of our crew Nate?"

"No idea, they should've been here fifteen minutes ago," Nate responded.

They might see a black fox with a board, of course Moros was a civilian but that didn't mean he doesn't find these things cool.

"Does that guy look familiar?" Roxy said as she pointed out to the black fox.

"Nope, but he's gonna get himself hurt if he doesn't leave before the other gangs get here," Nate replied.

The fox looked around, if anything he looked unassuming and ordinary. But he didn't seem content on leaving.

Nate put two fingers in his beak and let off a loud whistle, signaling to the fox where the two were located.

The fox looked towards the sound of the whistle. '?'

Nate waved at the fox, gesturing for him to leave the area before a more violent gang approaches the area.

Nathan soon reached the dockyard on his cloud extreme gear. He then spotted Nate and Roxy before stopping, then going to them. "Hey guys. Sorry for being late."

"It's cool Nathan," Roxy replied. "At least you made it before any of the other gangs did."

A baby-blue weasel is spotted skating with Hoverblades (which are like rollerskates but they hover) worn, and is seen skating to the rest of the gang. He stops on his feet and walks to them. "Hey guys. What's going on?" The weasel spoke with an accent.

Moros shook his head no, he had things to do and if worst comes to worse, he could handle himself quite well if need be.

"Hey Flanger, what took you so long?" Roxy greeted. "Nate's been trying to get that fox over there to move before the event starts."

"I needed to prepare; tune my sounds~" The blue weasel named Flanger said. "I guess you can say I'm fashionably late!" He chuckled for a moment.

Nate was about to comment until he was interrupted by the sound of Extreme Gear. Suddenly a trio of hedgehogs, all dressed in black leather jackets and black jeans, burst into the circular arena on their gear. The trio hovered around the fox like a group of sharks circling their prey.

"Darn, it's The DarkSpinez!" Nate exclaimed lowering his voice to just over a whisper.

Moros glanced at the Trio with a look of casual indifference.

Nathan looked at the trio of hedgehogs hovering around the fox, not knowing what will they do. "What are they doing?"

"We'll have to see..." Nate responded.

The trio eventually stopped circling and stepped off of their boards. The leader of the group, Ashura, spoke first. 

"You don't look like you're in any gang I know," the green Demonhog said menacingly whilst brandishing a small knife.

"It's a bit dangerous the be a Loner around here," another one of the trio, a red hedgehog, replied.

A red and yellow hedgehog slowly walked behind the red hedgehog of the trio. "Dangerous, huh?" He said sarcastically, cracking his knuckles.

(Hey rapid, eazy decided not to implement powers in this rp JSYK. -Sar.)

Moros stared at them, an apathetic look in his eyes. He was holding on to something that looked like it may be valuable.

'Oh..? And just what do you hope to accomplish here..?' He mouthed.

The hedgehog looked at Moros and laughed to himself. He took a deep breath and shrugged.

"I hope to gain some turf, and a little interest," Ashura said whilst playing with his knife.

Moros sighed. 'Then why bother me.. I don't have any interests in these turf wars nor am I affiliated with a gang..'

The red and yellow hedgehog looked at Ashura's knife, taking interest in it. He then turned his focus to Moros. "I'm not bothering you, am I?" He said with a dark smile.

"You're certainly bothering me," the red hedgehog said whilst turning around. "Beat it kid, unless you're here to get your butt whupped too."

"Easy there Nitro-Blitz," the third member, a female pink hedgehog, chipped in. "He's just a Loner. We're not here for that trash."

Moros simply sighed, his time was being wasted. With a bored expression he attempted to continue on his way, keeping his guard up just incase of any surprise attacks.

Ashura looked at the fox and went to grab him the the shoulder. "Where do you think you're going?"

Moros stopped when Ashura grabbed his shoulder. 'Hmm... Can I help you..?' He mouthed after turning to face him.

"Yes you can," Ashura said mischievously. "You can start by telling us what you are doing here."

'Who knows, maybe I'm bored as all hell and I'm walking to cure it...'

Reens was in the vicinity purchasing a new screwdriver to fix up her hoverboard, but her ears picked up at the sound of the confrontation. "Hmph. They're at it again," she heard the store owner say. "Those darn gangs can't mind their own business. At least we're protected by Dream Co., right?" Reens had left a $20 on the counter and was walking in the opposite direction.

Flanger looked to Roxy. "Hey, Roxy... when will the other gangs arrive so we can start?"

"Pfft. Those guys with their pesky territory battles," Reens grumbled, tossing a can of spray paint up and down. "So glad I'm not in a group." She grinned and pulled out her hoverboard, which looked to be a souped-up version of the regular hoverboard. It was gold and navy with blue neon running through it and had hearts and her name carved on the sides. She hopped on and began riding to her hideout.

"We could probably go down there and ambush them now," Roxy replied.

"And save that fox kid, five one three has way better odds," Nate chipped in.

'Tell me.. You going to go deal with the other gangs here or what..?' Moros asked, he was bored and this was taking too long.

"There are gangs that are already here?" Ashura questioned with interest.

"Boss, I don't like this guys attitude," Nitro-Blitz growled. "Want me to teach him a les..."

"Can it, Nitro-Blitz!" Ashura shouted, annoyance flaring in his voice. He then let out a deep breath and turned back to the fox.

"What's your name, buddy?" He asked the fox.


"Well Moros I'll cut you a deal," Ashura said as a grin formed on his face. "If you can tell me where the other gang is located we'll let you go!"

"Don't do it," Nate whispered under his breath. "Guys, get your spray cans ready. This could get ugly."

Moros snickered. 'Yeah, I highly doubt you'd just let me go.. But hey, I don't care either way. You'll find them near the entrance of the dock yards..' He lied, staring them in the eye and without any hesitation.

"Good fox," Ashura said with a smile. He then turned to look at the pink hedgehog. "Sara, go and scout around the entrance to see if our little fox is telling the truth. If he's not, then he might not make it out of here in one piece."

"Got it boss," Sara said with a sly grin. She then jumped on her board, a pink version of the Wanted SFR Edition , and zoomed off towards the entrance to the Dawn Dockyards.

"And don't even think about running away," Nitro-Blitz said whilst cracking his knuckles.

Moros snickered. 'About how long does it take for one to get to the docks..?'

"Well, we're already in the docks, to get to the entrance shouldn't take too long," Ashura replied. "You better not be lying to me..."

Moros himself held a fully loaded snub revolver behind his back, having had a concealed carry permit and during times like this came in handy for dealing with pesky individuals who thought Moros would be defenseless.

'Those other guys better capitalize on the opportunity I provided them.' He thought to himself.

(Alphonse: I'm so confused now. Everything looks so out of order and thrown together.)

(Eezy: How?)

(Alphonse: I don't know; I just have no idea what's happening...)

(Sar- Really its just moros trapped in a pseudo hostage situation waiting to be rescued..)

Nate looked back at the rest of The OverGrindz. "So guys, any suggestions on what to do?"

Flanger shrugs. "No idea. How about continue the roleplay?"

Roxy gasped in mock horror. "Flanger, how dare you break the fourth wall?"

"Guys, less Deadpooling more decision making!" Nate said.

'Fun times.. Ah well, life is a bang~' Moros mouthed as he pulled the snubnose out and aimed at Ashura.

'Now... All of you could bull rush me, but I guarantee that as this range your leader would end up with a hole in his cranium...'

Nitro-Blitz chuckled as he reached behind his trousers and pulled out two Desert Eagles. "Who says we need to bull rush you?"

"Things are getting a bit serious," Nate said, slowly picking up his Metal Baseball Bat from the ground.

'Really...? Someone's been playing way too much call of duty...'

Reens reached her hideout and landed, dust softly billowing around her. To her, this junkyard was home, and the only way she made a living. She would fix junky Extreme Gear, no matter what kind, and sell it to the highest bidder or the one with the best offer. It was also the only way she gained spray paint, only owning about half a can.

"My oh my." Ashura said with no fear present in his voice. "It seems are young Moros has some backbone! I like that!"

Nate looked at Roxy. "Think we should go down there and save that fox?"

"Maybe," Roxy said slowly. She turned to Nathan. "What do you guys think?"

"I say we go for it," Nathan responded. "Plus, we can try out my new invention."

"You mean the Graffiti Bomb?" Nate asked.


(Question, we DID start the Tag, right?)

(It's about to start -Eezy)

"So how do we use it?" Nate inquired.

"Simple. First you twist the top of the can shit and then you shake it. Then you have a few seconds to throw it before it explodes into a spray of paint!" Nathan explained enthusiasticly

"Niiice," Nate said whilst taking out a spray can.

Nathan took out a spray can, also holding a Graffiti Bomb on his other hand.

(Thanks for controlling Nathan while i was out. -Zero )

(Any time bro -Eezy)

Ashura folded his arms. "So what are you gonna do? Shoot me?"

'Most likely.' Moros mouthed, Ashura could see that Moros' grip on the pistol was steady and firm, quite possibly a sign that he has no qualms about killing.

Ashura roared with laughter. "I like you! You've got guts. If we had met under different circumstances, I'd have let you join the team!"

"Thank God, this is different circumstances," Roxy said with a sigh.

Unbeknownest to The OverGrindz, the pink hedgehog from earlier, Sara, had snuck around behind them on her way back from checking Moros' info.

'I probably would have accepted the hypothetical offer under different circumstances..'

"And this is where we have to cut in," Nate said as he looked at his crew. "Ready?"

Roxy and Nathan looked at him and spoke in sync. "Ready!"

"Let's Ride!" Nate said has he jumped off of the large container.

Roxy followed behind Nate, throwing a couple of Graffiti Bombs and causing them to land between Moros and Ashura.

As Nathan was about to jump, Sara appeared from behind him with her chain. She lassoed Nathan while he was in the air and pulled him back, causing him to stay on top of the container.

Moros used this semi unexpected distraction to try and leave the area during the confusion.

"S*** , it's The OverGrindz!" Ashura shouted as he jumped back. He pulled out his spray can with his left hand and threw his knife at Nate.

Nate swing at the knife with his Metal Baseball bat, sending it flying into a wall.

"You're not getting away!" Nitro-Blitz shouted as he fired in the rough direction of where Moros would be. He was aiming for Moros' Extreme Gear.

If anything the recoil of the gun wouldn't exactly allow for any sense of accuracy with the way he was holding it, this is assuming Nitro-Blitz wasn't using both hands to hold the Desert Eagle he was firing at Moros. That and the fact that Moros wasn't using an extreme gear to make his getaway so the bullets would probably end up not hitting the fleeing fox.

"Damn it!" Nitro-Blitz shouted in frustration. He then hoped on his Board and decided to pursue, the fox.

Roxy noticed Nitro- Blitz out of the corner of her eye. "Where do you think you're going?" Roxy whispered under her breath as she skated after him, determined not to let him escape.

Nate closed in on Ashura, his bat ready to swing. Just as he swung, Ashura threw up his spray can, causing Nate to hit it and causing a cloud of green paint to surround the two.

Moros tried running through alley ways in order to lose Nitro-Blitz.

Nitro-Blitz easily caught up to Moros. He overtook the fox when they almost reached the exit to the Dockyard. "Where do you think you're going?" Nitro-Blitz said slyly as he pointed one of his Desert Eagles at Moros.

Moros pointed his snub revolver at Nitro-Blitz. 'So.. How's this gonna roll..?'

"With no one getting killed!" Roxy shouted as she somersaulted over Moros' head. She landed a kick on Nitro-Blitz's chest. As the kick landed, the Desert Eagle went off, firing a shot aimed at Moros' leg.

(Um... could you explain what is legal and not in Tag?)

(Read the first Paragraph below Episode Start! it explains the rules)

(Yeah okay, but I thought this was Tagger's Tag, not a gunfight.)

(To be fair, they are gangs, so a gunfight isn't too unrealistic.)

Moros wasn't expecting that, so he took a slug to the leg.

'!?' Moros dropped his weapon and tried to stop the bloodflow.

"Crap!" Roxy said as she landed. She skated around to the fox and attempted to help him up.

Meanwhile, Nathan was still wrapped by the chains on to of the container. "Ugh... You!" He said as he saw Sara.

Sara winked and smiled. "Aaaw, you remember me! I'm touched!" She then pulled out a spray can and shook it.

"Now hold still while I tag you," she said playfully.

Nathan tried to struggle out of the chains, but he couldn't break free. However, he still had a Graffiti Bomb on his hand. He tries to activate it, before rolling it near Sara. "I don't think so."

"Damn it!" she exclaimed as she jumped back. She pulled on the chain, unwrapping Nathan but also spinning him around in the process. The Graffiti Bomb explodes, briefly covering the scene in a dog of paint.

Nathan got a bit dizzy, but he got ok soon. He took his board-type gear, the Hovercraft, and tried to catch up with Nate and Roxy while Sara was distracted. "Sorry, but i have no time to play." He went as fast as he could to avoid being chased, but not too fast to keep control of it.

Sara coughed and wiped the paint from her eyes. She looked down from the container to see Nate and Ashura struggling. She then grabbed her board and jumped from the container, aiming the slam her board into Nate's back.

Nathan saw back, seeing Sara wanting to slam something. He stopped, only to turn back. Now he went at a somewhat higher speed. "Y'know what? I've changed my mind." He then tried to spray some paint on Sara.

Sara felt the spray of paint on her causing her to twist in the air. She slammed into the floor, slightly weak from the Graffiti Spray fumes. She also just fell short of Nate

Nate swung at Ashura with his bat while the latter ducked under it. Nate took another swing downwards however, this time Ashura dodged to the left and threw a punch. The punch slammed into Nate's beak and caused him to drop to the floor.

"Seems like you've lost your edge!" Ashura said with a snicker.

Reens patiently started spray-painting the outside of a car door, part of her territory. Though she wasn't taking part of the battles, she was still curious. "Hmph. Might as well check it out, though I hope nobody starts trying to kill me or spray my baby to bits." Jumping on her hoverboard, she zoomed off across the city.

Ashura slammed down his knife, aiming for Nate's face. The hawk rolled to his right, dodging the stab.

The hawk then swung his bat again and Ashura blocked it with his fist.

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