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This roleplay is set in an alternate universe to the Sonic franchise. It's set in a city where the corrupt enterprise, known as Dream Co, has outlawed the ability to have freedom of speech, and the "highly controversial" leader of the city has bought off the police force to have as his own corrupt henchmen.

The only hope against this corrupt group are gangs of "Drifters", a term used to describe young Mobians that use various types of Extreme Gear to spray graffiti and generally cause hassle for the group. Who will win this gang war? Will they crush each other? Will Dream Co crush them?  


  • People are allowed to make their own team, but they can only own as much as half of a district at the start of the Roleplay. An opportunity to increase their territory will be presented later in the RP. Maximum of 6 members per team at the start!
  • No Godmodding.
  • No Power playing.
  • Killing is not really allowed (unless a user wants their character to be killed off)
  • Please use the standard story format for editing.
  • I guess the minimum character age is 10. Any age over is fine. 
  • Each character is equipped with a Gravity Band. These are just weaker version of the Arks of the Cosmos from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity which allow you to do Gravity Dive and Gravity Control
  • Each Gang owns a piece of one of the four districts (The Sunrise District, The Sunset District, The Dawn District and the Dusk District) The Fifth district (Eclipse Central) is owned specifically by the Dream Co Police.
  • Side stories are allowed as long as they don't majorly affect the plot. To be safe just ask me for permission.
  • Nobody has powers. Just your weapons and skills. Plus you're Gravity Bands.
  • Be realistic and sensible with the weapons you have! The only weapon that Drifters definitely have to have are spray cans. Everything else is optional.
  • Enjoy yourself!


  • YoungEezy27
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • Alphonse Uprising
  • Zero1000 the Wolf
  • Chica Nunnally
  • Saren
  • Rapid
  • Bobo the Monkey 321
  • Another one of those fans
  • Noahc2015

Involved Characters

Loners (Drifters that don't have a team)

Loners usually aren't involved in the gang wars, but some of them have decided to help out. It is up to them to decide which side they choose to assist.

Drifter Teams

These characters are against the rule of "The Big Man" and would love to see him overthrown. They usually roam around spraying Graffiti on their Extreme Gear. The Drifters can be Protagonists and Antagonists.

The OverGrindz

  • Alignment: Good
  • Turf: Half of the Sunrise District (The Abandoned Sunrise Skate Park, The Daybreak Garage and Solar Ray Hill)
  • Members

Big Dealers

  • Alignment Neutral-Evil
  • TurfThe Bottom Point of the Astropolis Sewage System
  • Members:
    •  "X" the puma(leader)(aootf)
    •  Mr bakerwell(co leader)(aootf)
    •  Reddy the wolf(no not the 16 year old one a different one)(aootf)
    •  Seramus the Firedog(the alternate version of Nex the Icefox)

Pawn Wreckers

  • Alignment: Neutral-Evil
  • Turf: The Abandoned Extreme Gear Stadium
  • Members
    • Decker (Leader) (YoungEezy27)
    • Tuner (YoungEezy27)
    • Bruiser (YoungEezy27)
    • Hextro(aootf)

The DarkSpinez

  • Alignment: Neutral-Evil
  • Turf: Half of the Dusk District (Nighttime Neon Square, The Last Light Train Station and Twilight Train System)
  • Members:
    • Ashura the Demonhog (Leader) (Eezy)
    • Sara the Hedgehog (Co-Leader) (Eezy)
    • Nitro-Blitz the Hedgehog (Eezy)
    • Flash the fox(Aootf)

Civilians (You decide which Alignment)

  • DJ D-Lion (Good) (YoungEezy27)
  • Moros C. Nekrozia (True Neutral) (Saren)
  • Trotter Bakerwell the echidna (11 yrs old)(Neutral-good)(aootf)
  • Ms Bakerwell (Good)(aootf)

Dream Co Police Force (You decide which Alignment)

The D.R.A.G Squad

  • Dimmred the wolf (aootf)
  • Natalya the DarkHawk (Eezy)

Territory Status

Sunrise District (East Side)

  • The Abandoned Sunrise Skate Park (The OverGrindz) (An Abandoned Skate park, nuff said)
  • The Daybreak Garage (The OverGrindz)
  • Solar Ray Hill (The OverGrindz) (A long stretch of hill around the center of the District)
  • Sun Streak Shopping District (A large circular centre, surrounded by many shops and buildings)
  • Sunny Side Uptown (A series of homes with many telephone lines and low roofs)
  • The Abandoned Community Centre (Reens' original hideout)

Dawn District (North Side)

  • Dawn Dockyards
  • The Entrance to the Underground Astropolis Sewage System (The sewer system which spreads throughout Astropolis)
  • Morning Market (An outside place where there are many market stands)
  • The Pre-Midday Pier (A pier filled with Carnival attractions and such)
  • The Bottom Point of the Astropolis Sewage System (Big Dealers) (The most desolate part of the sewer system, gangs that are unfamiliar with the territory will get lost)
  • The Junkyard (Reens' Current Hideout)

Sunset District (West Side)

  • Afternoon Alleyway (A network of alleyways, gangs that are unfamiliar with the territory are like to get lost)
  • The Abandoned Sunset Extreme Gear Stadium (The Pawn Wreckers)
  • West Side Warehouse Area ( A place surrounded by warehouses containing various boxes)
  • The Abandoned Dream Co Police Station (Saren's Hideout) (A small police station near the warehouse)
  • The Abandoned Sunset Powerplant(Flash's hideout)
  • The Half Light Construction Site of the New Dream Co Expo Stadium (The D.R.A.G Squad)

Dusk District (South Side)

  • Downtown Dusk (The main business district, high density pedestrian area)
  • Nightfall Freeway  (A long dark motorway)
  • Twilight Train System (The DarkSpinez) (A network of Railways, spreading throughout Astropolis)
  • Darkness Dragon Park (A large Theme Park with a Dragon shaped Roller coaster as the main attraction)
  • Nighttime Neon Square (The DarkSpinez) (A square filled with many Casinos and arcades, plenty of Neon Signs also)
  • The Last Light Train Station (The DarkSpinez) (The Last Stop in the entire Astropolis Train Network, no one gets off here)


Episode 1: Let the Gang Wars Begin!

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