General Information:

Some citizens in Station Square find that they have been unable to get enough sleep lately, a factor visible by the many tired people seen throughout the day and the general lack of energy in the city. However, not many people think to highly of it, and shrug it off as a minor problem. Simultaneously, there have been sightings, although few and far between, of strange...phenomenon...within the city. Unusual shadows, distorted buildings, streets that lead to nowhere, and even claims of windows and mirrors that don't show reflections! While many of these reports are shrugged off as being the halucinations of late-night party go-ers, some believe that there is something bigger afoot.

This RP is full of mystery, suspense and twists, and, in order to keep that feeling, nothing more shall be revealed at the moment.

This is an OPEN RP. However, I can refuse/kick out people depending on their RP history or their behaviour.


Standard RP rules:

  • Absitively, posilutely NO GOD-MODDING!!!! perpetrators shall be warned and if it isn't stopped, they will be removed from the RP.
  • Don't change the plot or drastically affect it without my permission.
  • Stay on track. This RP has a beginning, middle and an end, which will be followed in order.
  • No random fights please, and by random, I mean completely random.
  • During fights please be rational. Of course nobody likes to have their character hurt/lose, but, for the sake of image, and to prevent fights that last eternity, be realistic. IMO fights actually look better when both sides deal and take hits.
  • If you want to introduce a character, do not just randomly have them pop up e.g. they fall out of a tree. Actually take the time to introduce and integrate them into the plot. I will provide instances where people can introduce characters, however you are free to do so at any time as long as it is reasonable.


Please add your characters to the appropriate sections, except the "Major Characters" section. I'll select characters from the other sections to place within there, with the user's consent of course.

Major Characters:

Good Guys:

Thetis - Banzai123

Banzai - Banzai123

Soshiro - Banzai123

Ilmarinen Frostcloud (Ryu)

Savant the Goetian (Ryu)

Dismal the Hedgehog (Ryu)

Gabriel Aungel - Xi

Shot the Echidna (Scrounder)

Smash The Echidna (STE)

Splice The Hedgehog (STE)

Jessie Garnet The Fox (STE)

Crystal The Fox (STE)

James Hunter The Fox (STE)

Zap The Hedgehog (STE)

Bad Guys:

The Corrupted Miasma

Anti-Heroes (Not good, but not bad either):

Dark Ichiro (Prone to villainy despite his neutrallity) - Xi

The Incubi

Iragem - Banzai123

Edram - Banzai123

Isoullin - Banzai123

Part 1: Life's just a dream...

It was early morning in Station Square, and people were off going about their daily activities. Some were off to work, others were already working. Many people were off running errands, while others were just moving about. However, some could tell that today just felt...weird. A few people, within the masses, were moving much slower than others. They had bags under their eyes, some had them larger than others, and moved quite sluggishly, as if every step was an effort. Some people were plain exhausted, and their presence created a sort of empty feeling within the city.

Thetis sat down on a park bench, hands deep in his jacket pockets, hoping to rest his aching legs. He was one of the people who had barely gotten any sleep the other night. Heck, he didn't even remember falling asleep. All he knew was that, right now, every step he took required every ounce of his willpower. He put his head back, resting along the edge of the seat, and closed his eyes, hoping to catch a little shut-eye.

Shouldn't you be doing something?

Thetis' eyes opened. He could've sworn he heard someone say something to him, right over his head. Yet, when he opened his eyes, no one was there. "Geez...I'm so tired I must be hearing things."

A Black echidna with blue eyes was just walking in Station Square, shopping. A man passed by him, accidentally bumping into him. At first, the man didn't notice, but after a moment, he quickly turned around and said, "Whoops. Sorry man." However, as he looked at the echidna, a strange look came over his face, like confusion. He seemed to be looking at something behind the echidna.

"What are you looking at?" Asked the echidna.

The man blinked, and a look of surprise came over him. "Huh, I guess...nothing. Sorry, again." The man then walked away, the confusion still present on his face.

"Strange.." The echidna said. He was curious about this, and walked away.

Behind the echidna, a man sat on a bench not too far from him. A man who looked very much like the man that bumped into the echidna, only this man's eyes were pure white and glowing. He had observed the little interaction, and chuckled. Instantaneously, he vanished from the spot, and no one seemed to notice.

As the echidna walked, he saw a strange creature. He rubbed his eyes, and saw nothing.

Banzai the monkey lay down utop the roof of a building. He needed a place where he could get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place where he could nap for a little while. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not fall asleep. His red eyes were proof of that. "Aw! I don't understand!" He rubbed his eyes with his fingers. "I drank milk, I conted sheep up to a thousand, so why can't I fall asleep?"

"Why sould you want to?" Another monkey said, who had somehow arrived next to Banzai without him knowing. The monkey didn't wear any clothes aside from dull grey pants and some sunglasses.

"Where'd you come from?" Banzai asked.

"Oh, I was around. Anyways, why would you wanna got to sleep now? It's the middle of the day."

"Yeah, but I didn't sleep at all last night."

"You and half the city." The monkey looked down to the streets below, observing everyone going about their day to day activities. Something seemed to catch his eye, as his brow rose in curiousity. "Anyways, it's a good idea to rest now. That way you'll be up for the activities tonight," the monkey said.

"What activities?" Banzai asked. He had dozed off momentarily and opened his eyes to face the stranger, but he had suddenly disappeared. Banzai was thoroughly confused. "Where'd he go off to?"

Shot, or the echidna, looked up and saw Banzai. "So that happened to you too, eh?" He said.

"Huh?" Banzai turned to look over the edge of the roof. "Just tryin' to catch some sleep," he replied.

Shot frowned. "Well, sorry bout' that. Name's Shot the Echidna."

"Name's Banzai," he replied. "Hey, you haven't seen another monkey around here, have you? Wearing sunglasses?"

"Nope" Shot replied.

"Oh. Okay then." Banzai rolled off the roof and landed on the street. "Where could he have gone?" he said to himself. Suddenly, a firehydrant near the two of them exploded, sending a jet of water into the sky. Almost simultaneously, several windows in the are shattered for seemingly no reason.

"What the-" Banzai stuttered.

"Welp, i'd be going, kid. See ya!" Shot said as he got in his car.

"Wait...what?" Banzai said as he watched Shot prepare to leave. "You don't wanna stay and see what's going on?"

Shot saw windows shatter, and saw the strange creature again. "Uhh, i'll be staying.. i'm too...tired."

"All right then. Let's see what's going on," Banzai said, walking to the nearest building and started investigating the scene. He looked inside the building, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Banzai started laughing. It started off as a small giggle at first, but then it burst into hysterical laughter.

Thetis suddenly appeared on the scene. he had happened to be walking down the street when the chaos had started, and immediately noticed his friend Banzai spontaneously laughing on the street. "Uh, what's so funny Banzai?" he asked, very confused.

Past the city outskirts, in the forest, Savant had also been subjected to the insomnia that was plaguing most of the residents of Station Square. The lack of sleep had made him irritable and somewhat paranoid. He tried sleeping during the day, but not even that seemed to help.

"You okay there?" A man spoke to Savant. "You look like you're about to fall asleep on yourself." The man wore a large jacket and baggy pants, and a distinctive pair of sunglasses over his eyes.

The Goetian's head jerked up and he looked over at the man.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"You know, it's not good to sleep during the middle of the day," the man said, ignoring Savant's question.

He raised an eyebrow.

"And why not, pray tell?"

"Hmm," the man pondered for a moment. "It just isn't, I guess." He offered a clumsy smile, that seemed to be hiding something secret. "Well, I need to be off. Try not to fall asleep," he said. He pushed his glasses into place, and for a moment his eyes seemed to glow, and turned to walk away.

Savant snorted in disdain.

"Hmph...why is he so uneasy about me trying to sleep during the day?"

You'll see...

His ears perked up, and he looked around. "Who...?? No...that was in my head..."

A scratching noise is heard, very softly at first but grew louder as it continued. After a few seconds, it suddenly stopped, only to start back again, louder this time. Suddenly, large scratches began appearing on the trees in the forest, right before Savant's droopy eyes, as if some invisible creature were marking them.

He staggered to his feet in shock, his bloodshot eyes widening.

"What the...?!"

Some invisible force pulled on Savant's arm, pulling him forward a few paces. It felt like someone was grabbing onto his arm and pulling him somewhere.

Even more surprised now, he couldn't help himself from letting the force pull him to who knows where.

After a moment, the force stopped pulling, but Savant could still feel the pressure on his arm telling him that something was holding it. Gradually, a being came into form before his very eyes, and, surprisingly, it looked like a younger version of himself, only with entirely white, glowing eyes.

This hallucination (was it a hallucination?) was wearing a forest green scholar's robe. His hair was much shorter, and he lacked the cold and distant air of the present Savant. What truly unsettled the Goetian were the eyes.

"'re me....b-but how....?"

The young Savant brought a finger to his lips, indicating older Savant not to ask any questions. He then pointed at the tree in front of them, now blocked by a purple-furred, anthropomorphic saber-toothed tiger creature. It wore a skull-like mask that covered the top half of it's face, it's eyes swirling nebulae of dark blue. It snarled loudly and continued destroying the area, using massively elongated claws to slash away at the surrounding trees.

The older Goetian's lip curled into a snarl upon seeing the creature eviscerating the forest. He ran towards it.

"STOP!!" he roared.

Do not be afraid, said a voice inside of Savant's head. The younger Savant was communicating telepathically. I am Edram. I am an incubus from another space. That beast is a Miasma, created from the darkness within the mind. Destroy it.

Wha...? was all Savant could think. Feeling he would get more answer if he successfully destroyed this so-called 'Miasma', he charged at it again, the bone-blades covering his hands crackling with fire.

The beast turned to face Savant, brandishing its claws in front of its body. It was roughly 1.5 Savant's size, but looked quite formidable.

"DIIIEEE!!" he roared, swiftly bringing his left arm down to strike the Miasma with a powerful Inferno Slash.

The beast tried to block it with it's claws, but Savant's attack slashed right through them and scratched the beast. It roared in pain and staggered a few steps backwards.

He quickly brought down his other arm, intent on catching the Miasma again with a second Inferno Slash.

The Miasma beast jumped back, avoiding Savant's second attack. Upon close inspection, Savant would notice that the beast's wound's had healed already, and it's claws grew back.

You must attack with your body and your mind to do permanent damage. Focus on your attack. Mentally force it to hit.

The Goetian stood still for a few seconds, mulling over what the voice had just told him. Smiling grimly, he finally whipped to the side and swung his thick and powerful tail at the creature. In his mind, he envisioned his tail striking the Miasma full across the face, focusing hard on that scene.

The scene played out exactly as Savant has envisioned it, sending it flying into a nearby tree. The beast, now angered and its mask cracked, roared and charged at the Goetian, claws swiping.

Be careful. Use too much willpower and you'll drain your own Miasma and you'll disappear, Edram warned.

"I have it inside of me too?" he questioned, quickly sidestepping the creature's charge. Its claws caught the hem of his cloak, however, and he staggered, nearly falling over.

I will explain later. Please destroy the beast first, Edram replied. Remember to attack mentally as well as physically.

The creature quickly spun on its hind legs and slashed at Savant with its long claws. He managed to parry the attack with his arms, the claws digging into his flesh in the process. Gritting his teeth, he pushed the Miasma away from him, then followed up with Crush Claw, again envisioning the attack cutting the beast.

The creature tried to block with it's claws again, but the attack once again broke through them, and this time they did not grow back. The attack slashed against the creatures torso, creating several gashes that bled a black, mist-like substance.

Good. You've weakened the Miasma Beast. Finish it.

Putting all his willpower into his next move, his eyes began to glow a cyan color, and time froze where it stood. Moving quickly, he first slashed the Miasma with both blades swung outwards in a horizontal, cross-shaped pattern. Quickly drawing his right arm back, he swung overhand at the beast in a diagonal arc, quickly doing the same with his left arm. He then slashed upward with both arms. Time resumed its forward march as the last blow landed, and the full brunt of the attack would be realized.

With a deafening cry of pain, the creature evaporated into a cloud of black mist, and disappeared.

Good. That will do. Don't be surprised if you feel exhausted now. Fighting in Dreamspace for the first time puts much strain on one's miasma.

Edram wasn't joking about the exhaustion. As soon as the creature evaporated, Savant collapsed to his knees, panting hard.

Edram, still guised as young Savant, walked up to Savant and placed a hand on his shoulder.

I'll return to to the material world now. You are very powerful, and your miasma is strong. You would be very helpful in our mission, which involves saving your world. Please, would you help us?

He looked over at Edram.

"What is this...Dreamspace...?"

Dreamspace is...I'm sorry, I cannot offer an explanation unless you agree to help in our struggle. It will eventually involve you and all living things, so it is a good idea to get a head start.

"I suppose I don't have much of a choice," said Savant, managing to stand up. "I will help you, then."

Thank you. You have returned to the material world. I will visit you again later tonight, and show you to the others, who have hopefully recruited suitable warriors.

Before savant could say anything more, Edram had vanished.

Green Flower City was facing the same problems. The whole day seemed to go in slow motion, as everyone was either moving around as fast as a speeding snail or not moving at all. Most people had stopped to rest, and a lot of people stayed home. Even the flowers seemed to droop lazily.

The widespread insomnia caused a lot of problems for the people at the Blitz Pit, the famous fighting arena located in the city. The fighters were struggling to even stay awake during their matches, eventually they'd have to call a time out to let them rest; something that had never happened there before. Smash, a blue echidna and one of the many fighters in the building, watched the matches from the door to the ring. "This is ridiculous..." He muttered. "Why the heck is everyone so dang groggy today..?"

"Beats me." Another fighter said, standing beside him. "I just couldn't get to sleep last night.." His voice trailed off with a big yawn. "Supposed to be seein' the doctor today."

"What for?" Smash asked, looking at the man at the corner of his eye.

"Been seeing some weird things lately. I think I'm hallucinating or something." The guy rubbed his left eye, lazily.

Smash's eyebrows shot up. "You serious? What kinda things?"

"Can't really say for sure." He shrugged again. "Saw some guys appear out of nowhere and then vanish when I blink. I mean, like a random guy on the street, just walking. Next thing I know, Psh! Gone."

"That's disconcerting..." Smash looked down, stroking his chin. "Well...I know something's going on around here. I mean, how can everyone be losing sleep at the same time? And with your seeing things, that just makes me suspicious.."

The man frowned, thinking about what he said. "I dunno...It IS kinda weird, when you put it that way.."

"Don't matter which way you put it. It's weird."

Another fighter passed in front of the two of them, an otter. He moved as sluggishly and lazily as everyone else, and had large bags under his eyes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he tripped and faceplanted the floor. If one was looking, one would see that he fell quite oddly, as if something suddenly pulled on his feet.

Smash's eyebrows shot up. "What the-..." As the other fighter he was talking to rushed to help him up, Smash stared at the two. The heck was that..? He wondered. How did he manage to pull that off? Wait...Something's screwy here...

The otter managed to stand back up with the others' help. "Thanks. I'm a lil' clumsy today," he said, letting out a false chuckle. He picked up his things and walked towards teh exit, passing by an echinda wearing distinctive sunglasses, inside.

"In here too?" the echidna whispered to himself, almost entirely silently, with a shocked expression on his face.

Smash watched as the otter left, and noticed the other echidna almost immediately. It was no one he recognized. He wasn't a fighter, as far as he knew. And this area in particular was pretty much restricted to fighters only. "..Who are you?" He asked.

The echidna obviously noticed Smash, but pretended he didn't hear him anyways and turned to walk out the exit, hurriedly.

Smash gave a suspicious stare, noticing the quick pace in his steps. He began to follow him quietly, feeling that he was onto something.

As the echidna reached the exit, he turned back to look at Smash. Then, without warning, he vanished into thin air, leaving Smash all alone. {C {C {C {C "Wh-what the...crap..?" Smash was bewildered. "Did he just...but..." He couldn't even find the right words to say, despite the fact that nobody else was around to hear them.

"Your miasma is quite interesting," said a voice from behind Smash. It came from another echidna that looked identical to Smash, only completely black and wearing large sunglasses.

Smash immediately whirled around to face him. "Who are--" He stopped when he realized how much he looked like him. ""

"I'm Isoullin. I'm not...from here," the echidna replied. {C {C Smash gave him a suspicious look. "Uh huh. You have any idea what the heck is going on here?"

"Of course I do, after all, it's partially my fault," Isoullin replied. "By the way, you might want to look outside." With those words hanging in the air, Isoullin vanished, for real this time.

"What?" Smash didn't waste a second thinking about it. He rushed outside to see what was going on.

What he saw were dozens of little bat like creatures fluttering around this part of the city. They all wore skull masks that covered the upper part of their faces, and were causing all sorts of mischief such as tripping people and knocking over things. Strangely, no one else seemed to notice the creatures.

"What the CRAP!?" He exclaimed. As much as he was bewildered, he somehow felt offended by their presence. Without wasting a second, he swatted at any bat he could reach, occasionally jumping into the air to do so.

He could hear loud, unrestrained laughter somewhere in the distance, the source of which was Saru, who was, now that Smash could see them, covered in the tiny bat like creatures. They appeared to be feeding off of an emerald green energy coming from the monkey, a process that seemed to be quite ticklish. A brown wolf and another echidna could be seen standing near the monkey, trying to figure out why he was acting so strangely.

Smash looked highly disturbed by it, but soon recognized the monkey and the wolf. He ran towards them as fast as he could and, upon reaching them, began swatting and punching the bats off of him. "Hold still, Banzai!" He yelled.

As soon as Smash touched Banza's body, he vanished spontaneously in the eyes of Thetis and Shot. In reality, he was transported to the same space that Smash and the strange Miasma Beasts were on. "What the?"Now he could see what was causing him such discomfort, and began to shake his body vigorously in an attempt to get the bats off of him. He stood up and swatted, bat and kicked away every one of the creatures until the flew off. "What the heck was that about!?" he yelled, flustered.

"Your guess is as good as mine!" Smash exclaimed. "The whole place is swarming with em all of a sudden!" He pointed to the random bats flying around, and some that he'd knocked down before.

"Whoa!" Banzai exclaimed. "Those weren't there a second ago!"

"Those are weak Miasma Beasts, or MBs for short," said the unmistakable voice of Isoullin, only he now held the form of Banzai as he strode over to the two. His eyes were glowing as intensely as ever.

"Who're you? And why do you look like me?" Banzai asked.

"I am Isoullin, although he knows that," he replied, indicating towards Smash.

"Yeah, you told me before disappearing. Again." Smash folded his arms. "You'd better not go anywhere after we get rid of these dang bats." He gave a quick glance towards Banzai before heading off to get rid of the rest of them.

"I wouldn't bother with them. They're nothing more than flies that only exist on this level of Dreamspace," Isoullin explained simply. "I would be more focused on what's to come."

Smash stopped in his tracks after hearing those words. "Wait what?" He turned around to look at him, looking both disturbed and concerned. "What's coming?"

Banzai looked equally shocked. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Consequences far worse than you can imagine," Isoullin replied. "Consequences that I am desparately trying to stop, but require the assistance of strong warriors who can survive in Dreamspace, like you two." He took a deep breath, shifting into Banzai's form but keeping his glowing eyes, and asked. "Would you two please help me?"

"First tell me what this is all about." Smash answered, sternly. His face showed concern, but still a hint of distrust. "All right then. But first let me explain the concept of Dreamspace, the plane of existance you both are in. Dreamspace is a reality that exists just on the surface of the real world. Matter created from mental power are the only things that can survive in Dreamspace, and the deeper go, the stronger mental power, or Miasma, you need. Right now we are just on the surface of Dreamspace, so you're not feeling the strain of it yet. These creatures," Isoullin waved his hand, indicating the bat-creatures, "Are the weakest forms of Miasma beasts, and as such, they must feed off of the miasma of other beings. Miasma beasts are what happens when the energy that makes up one's miasma separates from their mind and body. These wisps of energy eventually gain form overtime, their characteristics based on those of its origin. The problem at hand is that there are more miasma beasts around than usual. In the past, one or two would show up a decade, but now they've multiplied to the thousands. This is also the reason why everyone's so tired: The beasts are created from their miasma, i.e. their willpower. With a lack of willpower comes extreme tiredness and a sloth-like attitude. What we need to do is: to slay the miasma beasts before they wreak havoc on the real world, and to figure out the cause of this problem."

Smash stared at him in disbelief. He had just been thrown smack into a whole other plane of existence, and didn't even notice it! Though the more he thought about it, the more he realized that he really wasn't too surprised. "That...Actually makes a lot of sense." He said.

Banzai simply stared at Isoullin, a blank look on his face. "So...we just gotta beat these monsters for you?" he asked.

"The gist of it," Isoullin replied. "I'll brief you both later. But, I must ask: Are there any other fighters around who are up to the task?"

Smash glanced back towards the Blitz Pit for a couple of seconds, and then back to him with a raised eyebrow. "You realize where you're standing?" He asked, somewhat sarcastically. They were still in the parking lot.

"Yes, I do. But I need people with miasma strong enough to survive in Dreamspace. I was in there a moment ago looking, remember?" Isoullin switched forms, now resembling Smash. "Your miasma was among the strongest in the building, but I had to leave because I sensed some disturbance outside, which turned out to be nothing more than these bats."

Smash lowered his eyebrow. "Ah right. Well, as flattering as that is..." He glanced back towards the Blitz Pit, thinking about each of the fighters. "I don't really know. If anyone, I would put my trust in my friends in this case. Whether or not the fighters there CAN handle the Dreamspace or not, They have experience with this sort of dimensional crap. I think they'd do just fine." He looked over at Banzai with a smirk. "You being one of them."

Banzai grinned in response.

"Here's what we'll do," Isoullin said. "You two gather up anyone you think is capable. At midnight we will meet back at this spot and discuss what to do. Does that sound good?"

Smash scratched the back of his head. I'm used to that being my line... He shook his head,leaving the irrelevant thoughts behind. "That's all well and good, but how exaclty are we supposed to get back? They can't see us as we are now, right?" He asked, looking back towards Thetis and the other echidna.

"Whoa!" Thetis cried out, suddenly. In his eyes, Smash and Banzai had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Where'd you come from? Or, I should ask, where'd you go?"

"Huh?" Banzai replied, confused. He and Smash looked around for Isoullin, but he had disappeared.

"'The crap just happened?" Smash was baffled. "...Okay whatever. Listen, Thetis. We need to talk." He said. "Not here, though. Come down to my house; I'm calling a meeting about these recent events."

"Wha...wait, exactly what just happened?" Thetis asked, thoroughly confused.

"Of course," Banzai said, rather sarcastically.

Farther up in the city, a small group began to gather inside of a tree house, located in someone's back yard. "Alright, everyone! Team Garnet has assembled once again!" The leader of the group, a purple fox with messy hair, stood at the back of the tree house. She looked around at the other people in her team; A silver fox with long hair, a chao of the same color, A lavender fox with blue hair, and a dark gold hedgehog. And they all were too sleepy to even look at her straight. This discouraged her. "Oh c'mon, guys! This is our first meeting in 5 months and you can't even stay awake!?" She complained. "Wake up!"

"Ugh, sorry Jess." The lavender fox groaned, wiping some drool off of his lip. "I had trouble sleeping.."

"Me too..I stayed awake all night long.." The silver colored girl said.

"Chaoo..." Even the chao was affected.

"Ugh! I guess it can't be helped.." Jessie grumbled, folding her arms. "Come to think of it, I couldn't sleep very well myself." She rose her eyebrow, remembering the night before. "I got plenty of rest, but couldn't actually fall asleep until real late."

"M-maybe there's a reason for this..?" The hedgehog suggested. "I couldn't help but's not just us..." His voice trailed off as he glanceded outside.

"Yeah, it seems like everyone's pretty tired today." The girl glanced outside as well, noticing some people on the street moving slowly.

"Hmm.." Jessie stroked her chin. "In that case, I think this calls for an investigation!"

Suddenly, a loud crash is heard outside, like the sound of two cars smashing together. This got everyone to wake up. "What was that!?"

"That's the sound of the call to adventure!" Jessie exclaimed. "Crystal, James, Zap! Follow me! Our investigation starts now!"

James shook his head, facepalming at her outburst. "I think it was just a car accident, but we should look anyway." He muttered. Jessie lead the group down the tree and they raced out to the front yard to see what had happened.

It was indeed a car crash, the two drivers fortunately unharmed. They were both inspecting the damages, which were quite severe, and scratching their heads, for they could offer no explanation as to how the accident happened.

"What happened here?" James asked, when the team arrived.

"Is everyone alright?" Crystal added to the question.

"We're okay," A middle-aged hedgehog replied.

"Although, neither of us knows what happened," said a young, female fox. "It's like the cars suddenly got a mind of their own and ran right into eachother!"

"What the heck?" Jessie scratched her ear. "That can't be right..."

"I...don't understand.." Zap said quietly, trying to make sense of it all.

Not too far down the street, a silvery-white hedgehog walked in the direction of the crash, shaking his head in dismay. "I just don't understand it, uncle," the boy began, speaking to an ethereal being that only he could see, "None of this makes any sense, and now accidents are starting to happen. If someone doesn't figure this out soon, people could get hurt." His ghostly companion, another like-coloured hedgehog, hesitated in thought and then replied, "I'm sure there's an answer to all this." Moments later the spirit disappeared, leaving behind a shadowy figure with a deeper voice, "But the answer is one you will never find." The hedgehog jumped in fright, and turned to notice that both his companion and the other shadow were gone. He looked around for a moment before deciding that there was nothing to be done, and he kept on walking down the street.

Suddenly, a red and blue multicolored hedgehog rushed past him, heading for the scene of the accident.

Back at the scene of the accident, people were still trying to make sense of what was happening. Suddenly, one of the cars spontaneously flew into the air, crashing into a nearby store and terrifying the shoppers.

"ACK!" James cried out, ducking instinctively. The others stared in complete and utter shock, not even knowing what to think now. The multicolored hedgehog had arrived only to stop and stare at the sight.

The silvery-white hedgehog quickly took in the uprise in commotion around him, and rushed forward to help. Nearing the store, he thrust his arms forward, engulfing the car in a mysterious blue light that was shared by his own gloves. He moves his arms to the side, lifting the car away from the store, making the incident easier to tend to.

The hedgehog could feel something like hands grasping onto his shoulders, however nothing could be seen actually touching him. Suddenly, the invisible force pulled him backwards with mighty force, like someone pulling him away.

"Woah!" the hedgehog cried out. Not expecting the strange force, he stumbled backwards, but quickly regained his footing. He looked around, expecting to see the cause of it, but there were no possible suspects around.

However, what he did see was a massive, hunched over creature with large, long arms and the head of a boar. The top of it's face was covered in a mask that looked like the top half of a skull, with swirling holes of blackness forming its eyes. From the looks of how the others were reacting, it didn't look like they could see the creature.

The hedgehog lurched backwards upon seeing the massive creature. Instinctively he threw a fireball from his hand at the beast, hoping to ward it off.

The fireball scorched part of it's arm. It growled in anger and turned to see where the attack came from. It's black gaze stopped on the hedgehog, and it turned it's body to face him. It's beaver-like tail hit the other car, knocking it a few feet to the side and startling the other bystanders, who probably had know idea what was going on.

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"Great, look what you did." said a voice from behind the hedgehog. It came from a hedgehog who looked exactly like himself, only faded blue in colour and had glowing white eyes.

"What the--?" the hedgehog said in shock. He looked back and forth between the monster and the image of himself, trying to figure out what was going on. This... this isn't right. Uncle, please come back and help, he frantically thought.

"Relax," the other hedgehog said. "I've only taken this form to catch you're attention. I'm Iragem, by the way, and I'd be more focused on the rouge Miasma over there." The creature, now labeled as a Miasma, roared again and charged in the direction of the two, gigantic arms swinging, sending cars and even people flying in all directions.

The hedgehog thrust his arms outward, catching the flying objects with the same blue light from before. "Ok, Iragem, mind telling me what's going one here?" he asked with a flustered tone.

"What's going on is that that Miasma is going to kill everyone in the area unless you stop it. Can you do that?" Iragem replied.

"Not on my own," the hedgehog replied, "The other people here... they can't see it, can they? Is there any way you can change that?"

"I can, but they might not survive in this space," Iragem said, cryptically. "Unless...which one of them would you like to come help you?"

The hedgehog looked at them for a brief moment, and his attention was quickly drawn to the red and blue one that passed him on the sidewalk earlier. "That one," he said, gesturing to the multicoloured hedgehog.

Iragem shrugged. "All right. But if he bursts into flames it's not my fault," he said as he walked over to the multi-coloured hedgehog, and tightly grabbed onto his shoulders. The hedgehog would feel the pressure, but would not be able to seeo Iragem. He then yanked the hedgehog backwards, similar to the way he yanked the white hedgehog.

"AUGH!" The hedgehog screamed in terror. He was already high strung from the flying cars and people. He was afraid that he was going to fly away too.

Upon hearing him scream, the whole Team Garnet immediately looked in his direction. "Splice!" Crystal cried out in fear. And suddenly, Splice vanished into thin air.

Or so it seemed. In reality, Iragem had managed to bring him to the same space that he, the white hedgehog and the Miasma were all on. "Sorry if I scared you," Iragem said, although his smile said otherwise.

Splice turned to look at him. "Who and what the heck?! What's going on here!?" He demanded, frantically. He could tell that he was completely frazzled by the events.

"I'm Iragem, that's....some guy," Iragem nudged towards the white hedgehog. "And that big monster over there's a Miasma, well Miasma Beast, who's gonna kill everybody unless you guys stop it, cuz right now only you two can see it."

"Wait WHAT!?" Splice looked over at the beast he pointed to, and gasped in horror. He knew that thing was not there before. "How..when..." He shook his head and glared. "I guess I'd better save the questions for later!"

"It's Gabe," the white hedgehog commented, mainly to Splice, "If I'm not mistaken, you're Splice the Hedgehog, yes? My uncle and grandfather told me of you an your friends, so I figured I could trust you to help. I believe they knew your friend Smash."

Splice looked at Gabe and nodded. "Well any friend of Smash is a friend of mine. Let's take this thing out before it causes any more damage!" He then charged towards the monster, whipping out a pair of daggers in the process.

Gabe pivoted around and joined in the attack, launching a volley of blue fireballs at the beast. Splice shot a wave of regular fire towards it at the same time.

The attacks didn't appear to do much damage to the beast. It roared and released a jet of purple fire from its nostrils. Strangely, the fire didn't damage the environment or the people and cars supposedly caught in it, although it would severely damage Splice and Gabe.

"You won't beat that thing like that," Iragem said. "Your in another space. You have to mentally force your attacks to hit as well as actually attack."

"Mentally force them?" Splice asked after narrowly dodging the flames. "So what, we just have to WILL our attacks to work?"

"Exactly. Like this." Iragem casually strode over to the beast, who somehow didn't seem to notice him. He had apparently switched forms, now looking like Splice. "A regular punch in this space would do this." He punched the creature in it's leg, without any effect whatsoever. "Now, If I really will my attack to do damage, and really focus on my attack, and I mean really focus, this happens." He punched again, but this time his fist punctured the creature's leg. It raised it's head and howled in pain, releasing ethereal flames into the sky. "Fighting in Dreamspace is different than fighting in the real world. It's all in here." Iragem pointed to his forehead. "If you will something to work, and your will is strong enough, it'll work."

Splice stared in shock. "Holy cow..!" He looked down at his hands, which promptly lit up with a small flame. "That's awesome..." He looked up with a grin. "In that case, I'll give it a shot!"

"Wait, wait WAIT!!" Iragem said, frantically waving his hands to get Splice's attention. "You've gotta be careful not to use too much willpower in a short period of time. You'll use up your Miasma and disappear! Try to focus your will at the point of impact."

"Oh..Aw crap." Splice's arms drooped in disappointment. "I guess there's limits around here, huh?"

Focus... Gabe thought, I've been through too much training to blow this now. His arms began to glow blue, and quickly burst into like-coloured flames. Thrusting his arms forward, he launched the flames at the monster, clenching his fists in concentration upon impact.

"Projectiles are easier," Iragem explained. "All you have to do is focus on them the instant you release them. They'll hold their solidarity till they hit."

The flames hit the monster, causing great pain. The point where the flames hit were scorched, and the monster released a jet of purple flame at Gabe in retaliation.

Gabe held his hands forward, attempting to hold off the purple flames with what could now easily be identified as pyrokinesis.

Iragem was horrified once he realized what Gabe was doing. "NO!" he shouted, and quickly shoved Gabe out of the way, getting his by the flames in the process. When the flames disappeared, his body was heavily scorched, and his face was twisted in pain. "Like I said're in a different space. Things work differently here...than in the material world. You haven't developed...the kind of skills to do stuff like that yet kid. For now..." Iragem changed form once again, back into Gabe. His woulds were all healed as well. "Focus on your own attacks. Me and the other's will show you more about fighting in here afterwards."

Looking back and forth between Iragem and the monster, Gabe began to think more thoroughly about his strategy. Not sure what else to do, he simply launched another volley of fireballs. Splice watched what happened, listening closely to Iragem's words and thinking about the laws of physics in this space.

The fireballs scorched the beasts body in several places, causing it to bleed a strange black mist-like substance.

"Good, you've wounded it. Finish it off before it gets real angry," Iragem said.

Gabe look to Splice this time and said, "We should both strike at once, to make sure it goes down and stays down."

Splice nodded. "Right." He held his arms outwards, and began charging up fiery energy in his hands. "Ready when you are!"

"Remember to attack with your body and your mind," Iragem advised.

"Okay!" Splice said, nodding again. He focused on his target, as the flames surrounding his hands and weapons began to grow.

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Gabe raised one hand to aim at Splice, and the other to aim at the monster. The hand aimed at the monster inited in blue flames, and the one aimed at Splice glowed blue, causing his fire to do the same. "Ready..." Gabe began, "...Fire!" Expecting Splice to do the same, Gabe shot his fireball at the previously made wound, increasing his focus as it flew. Splice put both of his hands together as he fired, unleashing a large blast of fire towards it's wound, but it was big enough to cover up half the monster. He focused hard on it's movement and target, wanting to make sure they finished it off.

The creature howled in pain, as more of the mist-blood leaked out of its wound. With one final cry, it's body evaporated into a cloude of black mist, and disappeared from the area.

Iragem clapped, and strode over to the two hedgehogs. "Good job," he said. "You beat it. You'll do after all."

Splice lowered his arms and looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "I think it's about time you told us exactly what the heck this is all about." He said, firmly.

"I agree," Gabe added, "I had a feeling from the beginning that something strange was going on, and this only confirms my suspicions."

"Okay then," Iragem began. "Before I say anything, I need to know: Are you willing to help me help you save your world?"

"Help you save us?" Splice asked, raising an eyebrow. "If our world's in danger, then heck yeah I'm in! But.." He narrowed his eyes at him. "I have the feeling that this isn't going to be nearly as simple as it sounds."

"Complex or not, I feel obligated to help protect this planet from any threats," Gabe explained, "I'm in."

"All right then. Since you've agreed, I guess I owe you some explanation." Iragem took a deep breath. "Okay. Try to keep your heads on when I explain this:

Right now, you, me, and all these monsters are in Dreamspace, a parallel universe that exists directly on top of the material world. This universe is based solely on the mental power and living will of beings in the material world, so, in a way, Dreamspace is a sort of like a dream world. Such energy comes from one's miasma, which is basically a 'soul' of some sort created by one's willpower and the power of the unconcious mind. Being in Dreamspace puts strain on one's miasma because, not only do you have to focus on your body, but your miasma is what allows you to survive in Dreamspace."

Iragem took another deep breath. "And that's all I'm gonna say for now. Oh, one more thing. I'm an Incubus, a being that exists in Dreamspace and composed solely of miasma, lacking a body in the material world. You guys following me so far?" he asked. "It may be a bit hard to understand at first, but just bear with me, okay?"

Splice stared at him in disbelief. "Uhh..k-kinda..." He scratched his head. "So lemme get this straight. We're in an alternate universe within our own world, connected with everyone's minds and souls, and monsters from this realm are screwing things up for both places?" He asked. "How did all of this happen?"

"Well, it's actually a bit more complex than that, but we'll leave it there for now. As to how it all happened, well let's just say it all started because one particular Incubus decided to meddle in things he shouldn't have. Oh, and just so you know, the Miasma Beasts were always there. They just couldn't interact with you world, aside from very few of them, which you real people call poltergeists. However, recently more and more of them are suddenly getting this ability, which puzzles me." Iragem turned his back to the two, pondering about something. Then, suddenly, his head twisted around 180, so that it was now facing the hedgehogs. "Oh, and by the way. Don't be surprised if you feel exhausted. Fighting in Dreamspace for the first time is especially hard on the body and mind."

Splice jumped back, looking both freaked out and disgusted. "C-can you please not do that? It's freaky!" He requested, one of his eyes twitching all the while.

Gabe took a moment to allow all of this new information sink in, and then said, "Well, this is all... not too hard to believe, admittedly, but I have one question. I think I speak for both Splice and I when I ask -- how do we get back?"

In response, Iragem walked towards the two, placed his hands on their shoulders, and shoved them forward. A bright white flash enveloped their sight, then vanished in an instant, revealing them to be in the exact same place as before, only Iragem was gone, and they were visible to the others once again.

"Whoa!" Splice looked around after regaining his balance from the forceful push. He looked around, and noticed the whole of Team Garnet rushing towards them now. "Looks like we're back."

"Splice! Are you okay!?" Crystal cried out. "What happened!? Where did you go?"

Gabe climbed to his feet after being knocked down by the unexpected push from Iragem. The ethereal being he was with before returned to his side and said to him, "This is definitely something that needs to be investigated. I want you to help out with whatever you can." Gabe nodded in response, and rejoined Splice and his friends.

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