Hey Guys It's Tye TH here, I noticed the wiki's Inactivity so I decided To make this exciting RP which is FREE JOIN feel free to join if you want.

This roleplay is currently Free Join.

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Tye and his friends are back once again but they are given a task to go to the Dream World to awaken the fallen worlds. But It all starts when everyone was at the Mega Mall at station square a year after it opened. There was a new store in there called dreams to find out that that store actually transported them to dream world.

Areas (Based on certain Areas)

Real World

Station Square Mega Mall

Dream Cycle

  • World
  • Space
  • Time
  • Seasons
  • Imagination
  • Armegeddon
  • Despair
  • Horror


  1. Definitely NO GMODDING
  2. No sexual content besides kissing and hugging, only tame stuff.
  3. If you are gone for an entire week, the RP will continue without you.
  4. No controlling other people's characters.
  5.  No killing other characters (Meaning kill only enemies).
  6. No excessive swearing (No swearing in every sentence you have).
  7. Have fun and ask questions if you need to.


It's a free join feel free to add your name to the list.

Involved Characters


Dream World Keepers (Roles are Opened (7))

  • Soren (Keeper of the Dream of Space)
  • Zen (Keeper of Dream World) (Tye)
  • Zorark (Keeper of the Dream of Time)
  • Zek (Keeper of the Dream of Seasons)
  • Hugo (Keeper of the Dream of Imagination)(Another one of those fans)
  • High (Keeper of the Dream of Armegeddon)
  • Zor (Keeper of Dream of Despair)
  • Zaco (Keeper of Dream of Horror)


  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AR)
  • Kristy Summers the Dog (AR)
  • Christian Mitchel the Cat (AR)
  • Remnant Chang (Sonicfan919)
  • "X"the wolf(Another one of those fans)
  • Reddy the fox(Alternate)(Another one of those fans)


  • NOX (Tye)
  • Crego the dragon(Another one of those fans)
  • Metal burst the Robot turtle MK II (Another one of those fans)
  • B.B The Fennec (KasaneTetz)

Table XII


Dream Drop/Part1

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