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Based off the popular video game Drawn to Life

Hello Creator, Oh wait, Creator's.

It seems we need you and everyone's help again. Except in a different world, away from the Rapos. They've been removed from history, we can no longer save them.

But, it's back. The darkness that killed them all and nearly killed a young boy is back.

We need a hero, we need HEROES.

This darkness is out to destroy everything now, creativity, imagination, he doesn't want anyone to create a new happy world, and he wants to destroy the real world's creativity inside and out.

Without imagination, so many things will cease to exist.

Children could no longer color, imaginary friends becoming history, their childhood destroyed. Everything will slowly revert back to black and white. Everyone will be dull living. Creativity could also destroy love, love is a creative emotion, that would be the worst thing to happen if this darkness succeeded.

Create a hero, and partner up with your character's to help destroy this daRanrkness!

Please, you all are our only hope!


Create your hero here, the only rules for this is:

  • It CANNOT be your Sonic Character, this is supposed to be a thing that PARTNER'S UP with your Sonic character.
  • Chaos ARE allowed if you really want to.
  • Put "Creator" before the name of the character you're using as the Creator.
  • Be as creative as you want, but don't go TOO overboard.
  • The "hero" is not allowed to be invincible.

Creator Vegas the Fox Hybrid:

Servi: A Large Realistic Looking, Silver and Blue Fox, with strange mystical features and sort of glowing fur.

Power: To sync with Vegas's power and make it more controlled and powerful.

She has a very balanced mindset and is extremely graceful.


Creators are the main heroes, they have inserted themselves into the adventure and created the heroes that will help serve them in this quest.

You can only use ONE character.

Good Creators

Vegas the Fox Hybrid VegasFox 02:42, March 3, 2012 (UTC)

Evil Creators

??? VegasFox 02:42, March 3, 2012 (UTC)


No God- Modding, any form of god-modding will be removed, no auto-kills and no random back-stories to interfere if it happens more than once then I will remove you from the RP.

No Jumping In.

If the role-play has already began and we are far into it do not just jump in, tell me on my talk-page and I will arrange a way to get you into it.

If I happen to leave, do NOT continue the RP without me unless I allow you to and wait for people to catch up.

I know this is irritating for some of you but we have to think of everyone else for this not just our-self.

No Official Characters

This RP does not include official characters.

Keep the RP PG-13

Meaning, nothing too sexual and nothing too gory. Blood, and kissing, hugs, etc. are allowed and mild cussing, I honestly don't mind it that much.

When changing scenes use "________" lines to separate please.

And anything I feel that needs to be added will be added later.

Chapter 1: Grabbing the Pencil

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