Its been awhile since i've been apart of a Highschool RP, so i decided too make one, this HighSchool is a Magic and Weapon school so just follow along with the story and add random things here and there.


  • no repeated Cursing
  • no G-modding
  • no acting as Teachers......unless you ask me on the Talkpage
  • add any amount a Charas
  • no Sexual Content....."Unless you really want too =D"-Felix the Echidna (kissing and flirting is fine)
  • anyone can Join
  • Finally if it doesn't go off topic then GO NUTS =D


T'hose who just want too get through the day


Those who don't really care but will maybe join in with the bullies/villains


Those who want too bully and mess with the good people

Teachers and Classes

School Begins at 8:30

  • Gorgon the Echidna: Earth Magi, 8:30
  • Tyra the Pheonix-Hog: Fire Magi, 9:00
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Speed Training, 9:30
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Flight Training (for those who can fly), 10:15
  • (for none fliers) Free period 10:15
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Melee Weapon training, 10:45
  • Tyra the Hedgehog: Ranged Weapon Training, 11:15
  • Lunch Brake, 11:45- 12:45
  • Fernon the Hedgehog: Black Magi, 1:00
  • Burst the Hedgefox: Light Magi, 1:45
  • Hegto the Drako-Hog: Gym/free period, 2:30
  • Jento the Polar Bear: Ice and Water Magi, 3:15
  • Sora the Angel-Idna: Life Magi, 4:15
  • Dismissal, 4:45


Part 1: the First day

Endac: *gets on the bus too school* well the first day of the new school

Trex: this is gonna be fun

Sasha: (Kicks Trex in the face) Not real fun if your face if all dirty!

Flare: *hits Sasha with a burst of light* dont torture the others.

Sasha: I'm sorry let me feed you. (Shoves a rotten banana along with her arm down Flare's throught)

Trex:.....ow......i think

Endac: bro you ok

Trex: yeah i'm good

Flare: *bites down on Sasha's arm* don't mess with me.

Sasha: (Pulls her hand back as the rotten banana kicks in)

Alex: You are such losers!

Mellisa: Ha no Girad girls in sight!

Serano: *gets on the bus* oiy i hate school

Jengo: tell me about it Mate

Lol: (Gets on the bus) I hope this school has trolls in it.

Dronic: *gets on the bus and searches for a seat*

Flare: *stands up*

Cyclone: *puts a hand on Flare's shoulder* don't. their not worth it.

Endac: hey Dronic

Sasha: (Snaps fingers in a Z formation) We're worth every second of your pitiful life!

Isaiah: *Gets on and sees Gale and Endac* Hey guys.

Endac: yeah right you "popular" Peice of $hit

Dronic: *goes to the back and sits down*

Flare: oh really? *looks at Cyclone*

Cyclone: *removes his hand from Flare's shoulder* go ahead.

Flare: *cracks her knuckles and steps toward Sasha* let's see you back it up.

Endac: if we weren't almost at school i'd pay too see this

Trex: me too

Dronic: *stands up and keeps Flare and Sasha apart* No fighting or you both are in for pain. I'm not afraid to hit girls

  • once they get too school*

Bus Driver: alright, everybody off

Endac: let me see first is Earth Magi

Sasha:(Uppercuts Flare in the nose) Oh, I can back it up!

Flare: *under her breath* she'll get what's comin to her. later.

Cyclone: earth? that'll be tough.

Dronic: *knocks Sasha back onto her seat with a quick punch to her stomach* No fighting *gets off the bus and heads for the Dark Arts class*

Class 1: Earth Magi

Endac: here we are, come on guys

Trex, Serano, and Jengo follow Endac in

Flare and Cyclone are sitting in their seats.

Gorgon: hello are you sitting down for? *lifts the ground under Flare and Cyclone to drop them out of there seats* this is hands on

Endac: =D cool

Trex: i was always good with hands on

Dronic: *comes in and sits next to Flare*

Geo: I can't believe I enrolled in this class...I could even beat the teacher...oh well.

Gorgon: alright first lets try too see how well you guys can handle Earthern Magi *classroom falls away and everyone falls into a pit of spires* THERE IS NO SOLID GROUND. LAND ON THE SPIRES

Endac: *lands barely and catches Trex* that was close

Cyclone: *thinks* this is Earth Magi? any aerokinetic can pass this. *lands*

Flare: *lands*

Gorgon: now some of you may think thats it.......well your wrong *shoots rocks at all the students* redirect them

Endac/Trex: KENTIYU *2 spires break both rocks*

Cyclone: *blows the rocks off course*

Flare: *puts up an invisible light barrier around herself*

Gorgon: -_- i see some of you are going too be harder too teach than others *throws another rock at both flare and cyclone* atleast try to use earthern Magi......i'll even accept hiding behind a pillar

Cyclone: not quite that easy for me. *jumps to another pillar* im part wind being. no earth power in me.

Flare: *moves slightly so the rock just barely misses* light.

(The door to the room flies open as Annabelle walks in, her pink hair flowing behind her as she waves away a group of photographers) Annabelle: (She goes up to the teacher) Hello there, I'm new here, Annabelle Rich, actress, model, so on, and I was having some trouble with finding the classroom, so, if you could just fill me in on what we're doing, I would TOTALLY appreciate it~! (She smiles innocently)

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