The Drakos-Soul Blade was enshrined in the Dragon Dimension over 20,000 years ago after somebody misused is and almost destroyed the whole dimension. over that time period it grew in power, too where it was strong enough too destroy the whole multi-verse of dimentions in the Sonic Universe. when Eggman heard of this power he quickly scoured the dimension too find that the blade was hidden from those of evil purposes, and so he was forced too leave........for one knew though that a stronger force was at work behind Eggman but who


lets see how many people join


Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shana-Lee the Angel-Idna

Serano the Blaze-Idna

Cody/Pyro the Hedgehog
Cody the Hedgehog




(both sides of Project Shadow-Furnace)




The Ultimate Triforce

Argorath the Apocalypse Fiend (the Blade Stealer)


No G-Modding

No G-Mod charas

No Curse Spamming (saying curses in everything you say)

No asking me too join

keep up with the story and have fun with it


Prologue: The Blades Power

Serano's thoughts: i have been guarding the seventh dragon emerald and the blast-blaze master emerald for two millenia and i still haven't failed in my mission............i also protect another thing that no one knows about, the Drakos-Soul Blade. i must keep it for him who i am meant too wait for.

  • a shadowy figure walks into his view*

???: where is the Blade Serano?

Serano: who are you?.......are you the weilder of the other 6 Dragon emeralds?

???: no but i am the Weilder of...this *pulls out a strange Sythe*

Serano: O_O the Drakos Sythe

???: which means i can kill you if you don't cooperate

Serano: no never i'll never give you the Drakos-Soul Blade

???: aww thats too bad.....*blasts Serano into a portal that sends him too mobius* now...too begin my search for the blade, *steps into the light too reveal the head of a Hedgehog with Blood Red Dragon wings and a Demon tail* for my master shall be pleased if i find it.

Part 1: Ashes to Flames

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