This roleplay is a Free Join Roleplay. We will start Part 1 when I think we have enough people participating in this roleplay. Please read the rules before adding anything first.


  • Do not do anything that will change the plot of the story, subplots are okay sometimes.
  • Do not make your character godplay.
  • No roleplaying as someone else's character.
  • When you add a character to the roleplay, make sure it says that the character belongs to you.
  • You will be removed from the roleplay if you lack participation.
  • You may add characters that don't have pages yet, but make a page for them before they make their appearance in the roleplay.


This roleplay is about a character named Drake the Echidna who begins his journey with friends along side him that he makes throughout the story. He will soon have to save the world from a current threat going on. Will he and his friends be able to save the world?


Go ahead and add yourself if you are participating.

Involved Characters

Add your character the way I do it.


Note: I will be adding more of my upcoming characters soon.


Note: I will be adding more of my upcoming characters soon.

Side Characters


Drake the Echidna's Story/Part1

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