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This RP is about Endac and his Friends trying to stop the extiction of Dragons from Eggman who nobody knows is just a pawn for a bigger purpose made by Tyrofiend the Shadow Drakomancer

This RP is: BACK ON


no G-modding

no asking to join

no useing other people's characters (without permission)

no trolling

no extreme romance.

no changeing the plot drastically




  • Shadow the Hedgehog (SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Endac the Hedgehog (SHADOW)
  • Dusk the Hedgehog (SHADOW)
  • Dawn the Hedgehog (SHADOW)
  • Rendo the Drakelloid (SHADOW)
  • Seth the Hedgehog (SHADOW)
  • Sarah the Hedgehog (SHADOW)
  • Luke the Hedgehog (Wh!te)
  • Isaih the Angelic Hedgefox (Draon029)
  • Taylor the Chimp and Pokemon (Draon029)
  • Sergeant the Wolf (Draon029)
  • Gale the Hedgehog (User:Gale)
  • Alexander the Hedgecat (User:Gale)
  • Norma the Cat (2315)
  • Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight (2315)
  • Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog (SHADOW)
  • Jordan the Drakelloid


Emile the Hedgehog (Fang45678)


Eggman (SHADOW)

Tyrofiend the Shadow Drakomancer (SHADOW)

Faron Robotnik (SHADOW)

Ookamoni the Wolf (Wh!te)

Cutlass the Hedgefox (Draon029)


Prologue: The King in Check

Tyrofiend: how is the plan going?

Servant: it is going wonderfully sir. all we need is to fing the last Dragon emerald and you will have all seven and be unstopable sir

Tyrofiend:...........i've lost to many good servants to that horrid Dragon Dimension...................i need a pawn chess metafores........the King is in Check and we have but our Bishop remaining.........the queen has been taken and we have no defenses.........surlely we must wait

Tyrofiend: yes but sometimes the king can be sneeky my bishop........he can attract the attension of nother pawns to defend him i understand sir

Tyrofiend:........then go find our "Pawn".......i think you know him well enough

Servant: *lifts head to show his face........being the Face of a human* yes cousin Ivo should remember me

Tyrofiend: go Faron

Faron Robotnik: yes sir *stands and walk out*

Chapter 1: the Knights prepare

Endac: *asleep*

Dusk: get up dude *throws a magesine at him*

Shadow: *walks in with Taylor the Retarded Aipom on his shoulder* i'm telling you GH56 pistols are better than AK47 rifles

Tayler: And I'm telling YOU that AKs absolutely ROCK!!!!! >=(

Gale: *walks in* Your BOTH wrong. the Greatest gun ever is: the Sniper Rifle

Shadow: oiy........hey Taylor....wanna go play grand theft auto 200 =D

Endac: thats the happiest i've seen him

Dusk: it's horrible O-e

Gale: *looks at Shadow* @_e MY EYES *falls down unconcious*

Shadow: -_-'.........funny

Maria: stop smileing hon or else the whole crew will die *kisses him on the cheek while walking by



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