One day Serano the Blaze-Idna was following his appointed job, too protect not only the final Dragon Emerald and the Blast Blaze Master Emerald, but the great Drakos-Soul Blade, weilded by the chosen one of Dragons

Shapiro's Soul surrounding the Drakos Soul Blade

and containing the spirit of the great dragon Shapiro. This day came in Darkness and a Villain stole the Blade and sent Serano through a portal too Mobius. The blade was never supposed too be used by someone who is not prophesized too use the blade, causing an Apocalypse and sending everything into Hell. All is lost,...........or is it?



Serano the Blaze-Idna

Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog

Cody the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Drako the Hedgehog (shadow's son in my Fanfics)


Blaze the Bat

Sam the Chameleon (Played by Hedgeidna97)


The Ultimate Triforce


Prologue: Begining the End

Serano: I have Failed my mission..........i was defeated and sent too a foreign land.........but where am i?

  • a Red Hedgehog with more spikes than usual comes up*
    Cody the Hedgehog


???: hey are you ok?

Serano: *opens his eyes* huh who are you

???: Cody, Cody the Hedgehog

Serano: i need your help Cody, i must get too the Drakos Soul blade

Cody: *quizzling look*..........tell me on the way

Serano: the way too where?

Cody: *smiles* Sonic's Place *runs off with Serano in step behind him*

Part 1: Ashes too Flames

Endac: *walking through a field* hmm a peacefull day..............huh *looks up and sees a strange looking wyvern creature*.....what is *recognizes it as a Black arms Bat* O_O Black Arms, Pyro Attack

Pyro: on it *flies off and hits the bat at full speed*

Endac: that seemed too easy

  • another dragon pops out of his pack*

???: but it was wicked awesome

Endac: Folin? what are you doing here buddy

Folin: oh me and Hungara have been........"hanging out" in your back pack for about a month

Endac: -_- oiy

Pyro: come on lets see what we find on the beast

Endac: lets go then *they Run/Fly off too the body of the beast*

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