This is the designated fight page for Zerofuse and Nathan. These two will fight to see who will move on to the next round. May the best fighter win!


The announcer's voice was heard from the PA system. "Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! With the next fight of the day, we have Zerofuse taking on Nathan!" The crowd was getting pumped.

Zerofuse came into the arena hyped up. He demonstrated a few of his abilities to impress the crowd. He make fireballs in his hands and launched a few in the water to create a huge screen of steam.

Nathan came to the ring on his cloud mount from the entrance. He went to his side before jumping out. While falling, he spun, summoning his claws. After that, he landed on his side. He then saw Zerofuse. "So, you're my opponent." He said, knowing he was certainly his opponent.

Zerofuse without hesitation shot two fireballs at Nathan. "And you're my opponent." He said, walking slowly towards Nathan while shooting more fireballs.

Nathan dodged the fireballs. "I guess you take the chances of first attacks. But here's my first attack." Nathan said before raising his hand while dodging, shooting a thunder on the sky, causing more to fall near Zerofuse.

Zerofuse put his hands in the air, creating a large circular fireball. He shot it in the air vertically and once it came in contact with thunder, a large explosion happened.

However, after a thunder made an explosion, the others came after it, some missing, and some alming at Zerofuse. Nathan took the chance to go to Zerofuse. However, he circled around him, shooting Zap Paralyzes, quick and small jolts that would paralyze if he is hit.

Zerofuse quickly dashed forward, encasing himself in a shield to avoid major damage.

Nathan noted Zerofuse had a shield, so he decided to shoot a charged thunder to him. He charged energy on his hands, then shooting a strong thunder to Zerofuse at high speed.

Zerofuse's shield faded away right before the thunder hit him. Zerofuse quickly shuffled to his side, but was clipped by it. He took some damage but shrugged it off.

Nathan took the chance to run to him, so he ran quickly to him and then when he was close, he attempted to slash him. If he missed, he would continue to run anyway, but he would attempt it again.

Zerofuse fell backwards intentionally. He then did a leg sweep at Nathan, trying to trip him. If he was successful, he'd send a few fireballs his way. If he missed, he'd be vulnerable.

Nathan was hurt by the sweep, and tripped. However, he noted Zerofuse was about to send fireballs, so he quickly got up and sent some electric spheres, which would explode in contact with the fireballs.

Zerofuse had instinctively shot fireballs, not knowing electric spheres were coming his way. The explosion annoyed Zerofuse. He then ran at Nathan.

Nathan prepared to counter, but running at Zerofuse. The counter would vary depending on the attack. If Zerofuse attacked directly close up, he would dodge and counter from his back. If it were from a distance, he would dodge and throw an electric sphere.

Zerofuse then shot a blast of fire at the ground, propelling him vertically. He was then falling down towards Nathan, waiting for Nathan's move.

Nathan noted that Zerofuse propelled him up. So he decided to shoot a thunder to him while he was on the air. He was still moving so he could dodge an incoming attack.

Zerofuse reacted quickly, canceling his ascension. He quickly sent another circular blast of fire at the thunder. However, he was now falling down towards the ground.

Nathan saw that Zerofuse was falling, so he started to run to him, ready to dodge any attack that he sends to him. When he gets close to Zerofuse, Nathan will try to slash him.

Zerofuse moved his arms in front of him, crossing them in an X position. He then gathered energy right before Nathan would slash at him and moved his arms down to his sides. This heated his body up and generated a large, fiery explosion, potentially able to cause serious harm if Nathan was close enough.

Nathan noted that Zerofuse was gathering energy, so he started to run away from him. But it wasn't at time, but not late either, so he suffered a medium amount of damage. He was thrown to the air by the explosion, but managed to get up quickly. He just stayed there, waiting for an attack, while he taunted Zerofuse, "Get over here and attack me directly, unless you're scared." He was hoping that brought him at an enough distance to pull out a counter.

Zerofuse got a bit aggravated. Furious, he put both hands in the air. He held them there, a large fireball forming. He then threw it at him. The size of the fireball blocked Nathan's view behind the fireball, so Zerofuse ran at Nathan behind the ball of fire. Catching up to the fireball, he ran through it. This separated the fireball, creating two of them. Zerofuse then aimed a punch of flames at Nate's cheek, hoping to knock him out. If the punch were to miss, the two fireballs would add some extra firepower.

Nathan managed to dodge at the last moment by jumping back quickly, and managed to counter by going directly to Zerofuse and slashing him. However, he could note that fireballs were coming his way.

Zerofuse started to glow a bright red color and coiled up into a ball, revving up a spin dash. As the spin dash got more intense, flames were starting to come off of his body. He then pushed off the ground and sprung forward, lunging at Nathan. As his body was still glowing red, he raised his body temperature. He was making himself so hot, the temperature in the room was raising. Zerofuse was now virtually untouchable. If Nathan decided to strike Zero, he'd burn himself. If he were to use an object on him, it would most likely melt/disintegrate. However, Zerofuse was tiring himself out and his body was now deteriorating.

Nathan didn't had much options. So he tried to do something. He put his hand on the floor, and started charging energy. When the energy was full, he summoned an electric wire. The wire sprang him up to a high altitude. He would avoid the attack, but instead of levitating down, he would just let himself fall, taking some recoil damage from the fall.

Zerofuse wasn't prepared for that reaction, so he hit his face on the floor and slid. The force of the hit was enough to lose Zero's concentration of the fireballs. The fireballs dissipated. Zerofuse got up groggily and looked up. He wanted to end this early, so Zerofuse put his hands close to the ground, lighting the floor. "That'll show you." He said, knowing he'll catch on fire.

Nathan was catching fire, but to avoid the floor, he had to simply levitate. He was levitating, and started discharging energy with higher force than the fire, so the fire on him dissipated. He continued like that, and started boosting through Zero on an attempt to tackle him with the energy he has. If he missed, he would go to the pond to electrify it and to recover some energy.

Zerofuse was starting to get a bit angry that Nathan wasn't getting hurt. He saw that he was coming at him so he decided to do the same. Zerofuse charged at Nathan, his body lit ablaze.

Nathan took the chance and prepared his claws to attack Zerofuse while dashing. If he hit him, it would cause enormous damage, since he would attack while dashing. If he missed, though he would be still dashing, but he would be vulnerable.

Zerofuse shot fireballs at Nathan, trying to burn his as he dashed.

Nathan dodged the fireballs, then accelerating, preparing to tackle Zerofuse instead of slashing him. The speed was so high he could pass through some projectiles without being harmed. If Zerofuse took the hit, an explosion would happen, causing extreme damage capable of knocking him out, but Nathan would also suffer damage from the recoil.

Although Zerofuse wasn't the smartest fighter, he figured out what Nathan was doing. Zerofuse then rolled into a ball and began to do a spin dash. He did this quickly and launched his self himself at Nathan. If Nathan collided with him, Nathan could have a high chance of getting knocked out. If he reacted quick enough and dodged Zerofuse, Zerofuse would attempt to shoot a large blast of fire to try and overpower him.

Nathan managed to react to what Zerofuse was trying to do. He quickly turned, his feet looking at Zerofuse, then slammed his feet at Zerofuse when he was close. If Zerofuse was hit, Zerofuse would have a high chance of getting knocked out.

Zerofuse was hit. He skidded to the side after failing to recover. He rolled over and lay flat on his back. He got up dazed at bit, but shook everything off. Zerofuse laughed. "Nice moves, man." He said, wiping a bit of blood off his cheek where a cut formed.

Nathan, after hitting Zerofuse, did a backflip and landed. He looked at Zerofuse, looking that he was bleeding. "Looks like that attack did really cause you some serious damage." He then raised his hand, shooting a bolt up. Then, thunders came crashing down towards Zerofuse.

Zerofuse put his hands up, creating a flimsy barrier that blocked the thunder. He soon dashed at Nathan, careful to avoid anymore oncoming thunder.

Nathan waited for Zerofuse to come, with the intention of countering his attack. If he threw a projectile, he would dodge it.

Zerofuse ran close to Nathan, but did a quick stutter-step and cut to his right. Zerofuse then ran circles around Nathan, a ring of fire surrounding him. Flames were rising at a rapid pace. If Nathan were to exit the circle, he'd be burned pretty badly. If he were to stay, the air would be sucked out of his lungs while he burned.

Nathan put his hand down on the floor. He used Electric Claw to spring up again. He then levitated, falling slowly, moving out of the ring. While falling, Nathan fired Zap Paralyzes at Zerofuse, which would paralyze him. If he hits Zerofuse, he would walk to him while shooting more Zap Paralyzes, then slashing him with his claws.

Zerofuse qucikly dodged all but one paralyze. He was clipped on his left arm. "Damn..." He muttered to himself. His arm was left useless until he got the feeling back, however long that would take. Zerofuse was forced to use one arm and he was now on the defensive.

Nathan, after landing, took the chance and started dashing at Zerofuse. He would feint, pretending to attack with his left arm, then sidestep to the right before quickly attacking with his right arm.

Zerofuse fell for the fake and took the slash on accident. "Argh!" He yelled as a sharp pain filled his arm.

Nathan took the chance to attack close up again. This time, he would attack multiple times. This would cause high damage, but if Zerofuse guards, it would cause low damage.

Zerofuse dashed backwards, avoiding a close hit. He regained his composure and felt his arm now, the paralysis wearing off slowly.

Nathan started shooting zaps at Zerofuse limbs as to avoid him moving. If it hits, he would go back by a bit, then recharging his energy.

Zerofuse sloppily dodged them, rolling backwards. He stood up and tried to catch his breath.

Nathan ran to Zerofuse and tried to slash him multiple times, before doing a strong slash that could cause high knockback. If he misses, he would not do the slashes, but would be open to attack.

Still out of breath, Zerofuse jumped back repetitively to avoid the slashes. He successfully dodged them all and backed up. Zerofuse lifted his right arm in the air, his palm facing the ceiling. "I'm going to end this!" He yelled. He created a huge fireball about 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall. He launched it in front of Nathan. If Nathan backed up, the blast could potentially knock him back if he wasn't on guard. If it hit Nathan, however, he would take tremendous damage, knocking him out. After the launch, Zerofuse fell to a knee to catch his breath.

Nathan, having quickly created a plan, backed up, in order to reduce the damage and intentionally take the knockback. When the sphere exploded, he sustained moderate damage and severe knockback. When he landed, however, he managed to land on his feet. He then started dashing at Zerofuse, with the intention of slashing him multiple times to attempt to knock him out. The distance between them was somewhat large, allowing Zerofuse to catch his breath and, if possible, counter or dodge the attack.

Zerofuse was now getting impatient and irritated that Nathan wouldn't go down. Zerofuse then allowed Nathan to charge at him. Zerofuse, still on a knee, put his right hand on the ground. The ground he was on started to glow red, steam coming off of it. Zerofuse began to have steam emerge all around him soon after.

Nathan noted that the ground was turning red, and steam was coming from the floor. He noted it late, though, as he was alredy near Zerofuse when he noted it. He slowly stopped, also seeing Zerofuse was also covered by steam. He was trapped. Zerofuse was possibly hiding, possibly in an attempt to ambush him, and he was low on energy, being almost an easy target if he hadn't his claws. He stayed still, looking around to search for Zerofuse.

The steam soon dissipated and Zerofuse was about 20 yards behind Nathan. Zerofuse charged at him at a surprisingly fast speed. He launched a huge barrage of fireballs at him, trying to seal the deal. Zerofuse was also glowing a noticeably bright red color. His eyes had changed to dark red. If Nathan were to physically make contact with Zerofuse, he would burn himself.

Nathan had little options, seeing he was low on energy, but seeing carefully the huge barrage of fireballs, he dodged some of them, then he was hit by some of them. He then tried electro-dashing diagonally upwards when Zerofuse was getting near, barely dodging the attack, however, and taking some damage in the process. Nathan was now looking spent up and he almost depleted his energy. He then took a defenive stance.

Zerofuse charged at Nathan, shooting fireball after fireball in an attempt to force him to quit. Now that Zerofuse was charging his pyrokinesis, he had a burst of energy. If Nathan could hold out, Zerofuse would have to switch to defense as well. But as of right now, Zerofuse was not giving up.

Nathan, looking at the fireballs, concentrated on them. When they got close, he slashed some of them, either spliting them in two or deflecting them, and dodged some out of his range, receiving little damage from them. He then dodged Zerofuse by sidestepping when he was close. Nathan then returned to his defensive stance.

Zerofuse quickly turned around, sending a swift kick to Nathan's head. The kick was pretty slow, but the power behind it was quite massive. Should Nathan get hit, he'd surely he disoriented.

Nathan guared from the kick, not knowing the power behind it. He didn't took much damage, but he lost his balance and feel to the ground, still conscious, but vulnerable.

Zerofuse did a quick jump and sent another kick to Nathan's chest, hoping to send him backwards.

Nathan got hit by the kick, taking high damage from the kick and being sent backwards. However, he was preparing to counter Zerofuse next attack.

Zerofuse dashed backwards both avoiding any surprise attacks and to execute his next attack. Zerofuse stuck both his hands out and charged up briefly before sending a quick burst of fire at Nathan.

Nathan was pressured. Not only he had low energy and was somewhat damaged, but Zerofuse was using a lot of distance attacks. There was still one option, however. He quickly dodged the burst of fire before taunting at him. "C'mon. Why don't you come here and fight close up? Or is it that you're scared?" He said this in hopes of baiting him to get near.

Zerofuse laughed. "I'm trying to win. I'm not going to risk anything." He said, charging up a fireball. He had his right hand over his left hand, almost cradling the fireball.

"Well, then i respect your decision." Nathan then started quickly running in circles around Zerofuse, looking at him while waiting for him to throw the fireball. If he threw it in front of his way, he would turn around. Nathan was also seeing his hands to make sure he wouldn't fake a throw.

Zerofuse put his hands in front of him and jumped in the air. As he was in the air, he spun quickly. As he spun, hands still in front of him, he let a flamethrower-type expulsion of flames. Nathan's circle he ran was chased by flames.

Nathan saw the flames that was chasing him. He started making wider the circle he was running. He then used some of his energy to shoot a thunder to Zerofuse. He was still low on it, though.

Zerofuse was caught off guard and was hit, knocking him off balance. He fell and landed on his bottom, quickly getting up and getting down on one knee. He waited for the right moment to do his next attack, starting to feel the effects of his energy drained.

Nathan took the chance to recharge some of his energy. He was slowlly reloading his energy. If Zerofuse got near, he would stop reloading his energy to counterattack.

Zerofuse noticed Nathan recharging, doing thee same until Nathan attacked. However, he did not stay defensive. He launched three quick fireballs at Nathan, attempting to disrupt his recharge.

Nathan saw this, interrupted his recharge and slashed at the fireballs to deflect them. He then continued recharging.

Zerofuse smirked sent more fireballs, slowly walking towards Nathan. "Give up, kid! I'm gonna end you!" He said, smirking more sadistic.

Nathan interrupted his charge and started dodging Zerofuse fireballs while also keeping his distance. He looked at Zerofuse face, then let out a small laugh. "You sure are obsessed with winning, aren't you?"

Zerofuse laughed slightly. "That's what I came here for, and that's what I'm going to do." He said, launching 3 fireballs at Nathan.

Nathan dodged the fireballs. "I don't think so." He then threw three electric spheres at Zerofuse.

Zerofuse shot an equal amount of fireballs, causing a small explosion of electricity and flames. Smoke dispersed and Zerofuse was slightly knocked backwards, his feet never leaving the ground as he just skidded backwards. Zerofuse groaned in frustration. This kid doesn't give up... he thought to himself.

Nathan was also slightly knocked backwards, skidding. He then threw a thunder up, causing more to fall towards Zerofuse.

Zerofuse launched a heat wave to repel the thunder. He then dashed forward, getting close to Nathan. He had a fireball in hand, ready to use it.

Nathan prepared an electric sphere, so he could make it collide with the fireball, hoping for the explosion to knock Zerofuse back. He will do what Zerofuse does, attack him directly, throw it, while alming the electric sphere at the fireball.

Zerofuse launched the fireball at Nathan, immediately sliding on the ground anticipating an explosion from Nathan's sphere. If thrown of course. If it wasn't thrown, he'd simply turn the slide into a spin dash.

Nathan threw the sphere at the fireball, creating an explosion. He saw Zerofuse sliding, however, and tried to shoot paralyzing shocks at Zerofuse while he slid.

Zerofuse hopped up as he avoided the shocks. However, he was clipped by one and had his next attack interrupted. He quickly recovered before hitting the ground, sending a quick fireball at Nathan.

Nathan sent an electric sphere at Zerofuse, dodging the fireball after throwing it.

Zerofuse groaned, using a fireball to launch himself out the way of the sphere. Zerofuse was getting frustrated, obvious as he had a scowl on his face. The crowd was enjoying the action, something pumping up Zerofuse. He then put his arms out to his sides, making a crucified position. Fireballs formed in his hands and he then brought his hands in front of him, his hands sideways pointing in opposite directions. A much larger fireball was formed, the ball very hot and bright. This was Zerofuse's signature in a sense. He then launched it, getting pushed back from the recoil. Nathan would be seriously injured if not knocked out by this attack. If he dodged it or countered, Zerofuse would be drained and wouldn't put up too much of a fight.

Nathan saw Zerofuse preparing the fireball, knowing he's now serious. When Zerofuse threw it, Nathan tried to outrun and dodge the fireball. He couldn't outrun the fireball, and he very barely dodged the fireball, getting heavliy damaged while trying to get out of the fireball way. He was still up, but the damage from the fireball left him weakened, so he couldn't approach Zerofuse as fast and slashing him was less effective than before the fireball.

Zerofuse dropped to a single knee, breathing hard from the energy put into his attack. He attempted to make a fireball, but it fizzled out. "Damn..." He mumbled to himself. He sluggishly clambered to his feet, his balance off. He walked to Nathan slowly, about to attempt to finish this. He started to charge, stopping his walk halfway to Nathan. He needed to replenish his fire, but it'd take time. He wasn't out of the fight, however, and would force himself to do so.

Nathan attempted to run to Zerofuse, but was severely injured from the fireball, so he could only walk to him. He stopped halfway, seeing he is recharging. Nathan would stop and recharge his energy. He dropped to a single knee and started recharging. An electric aura surrounded him, meaning he's recharging.

Zerofuse saw this and did the same, the area around him heating up. He had an aura of fire around him, eventually growing bigger as he stood. He cross his arms in front of his face and made an X with them, quickly bringing them to his sides as flames burst from him. He was fully charged and smirked.

Nathan started getting up as more and more of his energy was charging. He then made an electric sphere on his hand, throwing it at Zerofuse.

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