This is the designated fight page for Uisu~Hyper and Tenshi Furea. These two will fight to see who will move on the the next round. May the best fighter win!


The announcer's voice was heard from the PA system. "Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! With the next fight of the day, we have Uisu taking on Tenshi!" The crowd was getting pumped.

[Tenshi had entered the arena and had waited within silence. She seems thoroughly patient for her opponent to arrive. The recent cleaning and polish on her armor and weapons are showing with a vibrant shine, reflecting the light that hits them. She leaned back, looking over at an official.] "Am I allowed to drink lightly to pass the time?"

The official was a bit surprised but nodded his head. "Uhh yeah. Sure." He said, knowing she wasn't violating any rules.

[She takes out a 8 oz. bottle of sake from her knapsack and takes out her knife, she cuts the cap and slight top of the bottle clean off. She then uses the tip of the knife, seemingly using dexterity whilst going at the same speed to hook around the part she cut off, itself twirling around the tip of the knife for the most part, before it becomes a dead stop. After sheathing the knife, Tenshi then puts the top and the cap in a special compartment of the knapsack, clinking of glass and metal are heard inside.] "...Cheers.." [Having a grin on her face, she takes a sip.]

Uisu ran onto the arena, throwing a cloak and an ugly mask behind her. "Sorry about being late! I was trying to avoid a time paradox." She was a silver quilled echidna. The sloppy mess that was her quills showed that she cared little of other people's opinions of her, except for her good friends. She wore a robe that seemed to phase between every color there was, and a few unrecognizable ones. "All right, I'm ready! It's a shame two of the only girls in the tournament are already fighting each other, eh?"

[Tenshi only grunted, storing the now empty bottle of sake in her knapsack, drawing her nodachi and holding it in one hand, and her bastard sword-length katana in the other in a bit of a reverse grip.] "Let's dance, pretty girl." [She seemed all too eager to get started.]

"Oooh, a sword! Swords are dangerous, you know! You should be careful." Uisu said, pointing at Tenshi. "Kidding! Being careful never got me anywhere."

[Tenshi looked at Uisu in silence, frowning, but now ready to battle. Now all she needed was a sign to begin.]

Uisu laughed. "I usually have that affect on people, it's okay!" She gave Tenshi a thumbs-up. "Alright, alright. I can see that I'm boring you, or confuzzling you, or in some way being annoying (like I always am), so we can fight now!"

Tenshi: "I'd rather wait for the official to say so."

The referee realized that they weren't cued to fight. "F-fight!" He quickly said, realizing he had wasted a large amount of time.

Tenshi: "Come on girly, hit me with your best shot..I'm gonna go all out." [Tenshi spun backwards, grabbing her Nodachi quickly within the last two seconds and swiping it out of her sheath, holding it as she assumes a sort of stance.]

"Hmm..." Uisu muttered. She quickly pulled out a book, and flipped to a random page. "My best shot, huh? Like... THIS?" She said, pointing a finger gun at Tenshi. "Bang." Immediately after she made the sound effect, a powerful beam fired at Tenshi.

[She shortly stepped out of the way, faintly fading out and in from view, as if she's fast enough to go faster than what a naked eye or untrained eye could perceive.] "A beam? That's it?"

"Well, you did ask for my best... 'shot'!" Uisu replied.

Nobody laughs.

[Tenshi, not being amused, hops forward, keeping her other leg ready while doing so and set to a specific angle.]

"Oh, come on! Show some energy!" Uisu said, grinning an annoying grin. "Like... THIS!" Again flipping through a book, she points her hands out, and they begin to glow.

[She kicks onto the ground, propelling herself with the other leg, showing a lot more kick into it, shoulder charging Uisu and potentially knocking her down. She whisks her shorter blade at the book while she does so.]

Uisu takes the blow, moving backwards. The blade harmlessly clangs against the book, as if it is made of metal. "Y'know, this would be a perfect time to attack." Uisu calmly said, throwing a ball of energy at Tenshi.

[Whilst the book is made of metal, the swipe was obviously meant to clash, she followed through with the slice, as there's still a bit of length from the non-mobian weapon, using her physical strength to send Uisu spinning and in attempt to disarm her, and making it so the ball of energy would be shot of course.] "Not really the perfect time if your defenses are not up to par."

Uisu turns one of her hands into a blue cube to protect herself, as she gets pushed backwards once more. "You wanna see defense, huh? I got this one memorized, so here goes!" She put her hands together, and released a wave of energy. It wasn't too strong, but was made to knock people away from her.

[To avoid this, and knowing that it was a wave and coming over. Tenshi jumped as high as she could, using her size as a positive trait in this case, aside to her body's conditioning. She'd allow gravity to assume it's usual course, unsheathing the longest blade whilst tossing the shorter one to her left. bringing both down towards Uisu's arms.]

Noticing this, Uisu created a barrier of blue cubes to protect herself. "See? Defense. And now," She continued, sending the blocks flying towards the mountainous section, "offense!" If Tenshi didn't get off of the blocks, they would send her flying into the rocks. "Use the environment to your advantage."

[She uses her strength to keep Uisu pinned, and therefore, let herself rise, granted she's trapping Uisu with her own attack, and Uisu made no effort to move. She let gravity and physics do their normal thing as they're both sent flying, though she kicks herself off of Uisu, sending her into the rocks by a large chance. Given the speed they went at, along with this sudden taking of opportunity, she had possibly made it so a reaction speed would have to save the day.] "Or, I counterassault and cut the crap. You're not a teacher. Especially if I'm older and the veteran here."

"I know, silly!" Uisu said. A white glow cushioned the crash, like some sort of energy pillow. "But how do you know I'm not a veteran, hm?" She picks up the 'pillow' and throws it at Tenshi. It wouldn't hurt, but would temporarily blind her if it made contact. "I have all sorts of moves!"

[She whisks to the side.] "Your attitude gives an air of amateur and unprofessionalism.

Your personality is you intentionally trying to be annoying when it's failing..I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to feel at this point." [She corrects her stance.]

"I know, right? Not being sure, though, that's a good thing! I'm an amalgamation of all sorts of quarks and stuff from someone's timeline, you see. That's where I get my powers, see?" Uisu responded. "And now, my next trick!" She opens a glowing fist, and an explosion of smoke appears, temporarily obscuring the battlefield.

[Tenshi closes her eyes, listening instead of trying to look, stilling her breath.]

Uisu, knowing that sound would be the only way to discover her, made the incredibly surprising decision to stop talking. Instead, she charged up for a moment, and fired various energy balls at Tenshi.

[To stop talking isn't the only way to nullify sound. Tenshi's ears caught the charging, as putting more and more power into something would most likely make sound (unless it was the movement charging, even more), so she jumped that direction and tried to get the drop on her, hopping to the side when she landed front word, sending the pummel at the left side of her spine.]

A powerful gust suddenly swept the mist away. Uisu was knocked to the ground by the blow. "Ouch! You're tough! But how about this?" Uisu pointed her hand towards Tenshi, and fired a point-blank energy ball at her. She was injured, though, and it seemed like she would collapse soon.

[Tenshi held her weapon defensively, blocking some of it, though the rest hits into her, she hisses, though maintains her stance, swinging Kagutsuchi's sheath down with a slight imbuing of fire, though not as much as the sword itself, which she swiped it on the flat not-sharp side towards Uisu's hand.]

Once the sword connected with Uisu, she began to glow. "Darn. I was hoping that this copy would last longer than this. You're tough! You see, during the smoke, I made a little copy of me, using magic-y stuff. It's not very strong, though. It's barely held together by strings of energy. It's like a little clone doll! That attack musta' done it in. But it gave me a chance to hide, and power up, see?" The clone simply dissolved into rainbow. A glow was coming from behind the mountain, where the real Uisu was.

(Aaand how would the fake image attack? :3 --Sol)

(That's basically why it dissolved so quickly. It used up its own energy to attack. It's like tearing off your arm to chuck it at someone. It would hurt you a lot more that the other guy. ~Time)

(Holograms are illusions. Illusions can't really attack. .w. --Sol)

(It's a being made of energy created by Uisu. It's kinda hard to explain. But it uses some of the energy that comprises it to attack. It's like a Naruto shadow clone, but not really. ~Time)

(Though you explicitly stated it's a hologram, and therefore, a projection of an image. And only so. Holograms have no physical being, so it can't be a shadow clone, as, per definition. It's because it's a hologram. --Sol)

(I've edited the dialogue to make things a little less confusing. ~Time)

(...Less confusing? It was more of a callout from me, honestly. Now it's from being a hologram, to suddenly a clone. xP --Sol)

(Leave it to me to unnecessarily overcomplicate things. ~Time)

(It is sorta going back on what you originally stated, though. --Sol)

(Helloooo, you alive in there? --Sol)

[The woman gazed over to Uisu.] "Not really much of a chance.." [She snickered to herself.] "Although it's not the toughness, it's the mind and form.."

"Not a chance, huh? I think not." Uisu walked into view, on top of the small hill. "I've got a good a chance as anybody, unless they don't like swords."

"Remember that while you charge up your slowly fades over it. That's what the best thing of a physical prowess is, keep yourself in shape and train very hard. And you'll prove better than having to charge up some specialty or parlor trick.." [Tenshi leans back, holding her Nodachi nonchalantly.]

(I'm not even sure if this is still going on or not.. --Sol)

(Yeeah looks like it.. --Sol)

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