This is the designated fight page for Tye and Xai. These two will fight to see who will move on to the next round. May the best fighter win!


The announcer's voice was heard from the PA system. "Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! With the final fight of the day, we have Tye taking on Xai!" The crowd was getting pumped. The crowd was super excited because this was the last fight of round one.

Tye comes in the arena showing off the power of his sword SoulEdge along with showing off some lightning tricks.

At first, it seemed that Xai was nowhere to be found. Then laughter echoed off the walls. He dropped from the ceiling, still laughing. "I don't care what or who you are- I'm here for the challenge of it!"

"So your my opponent huh?",He sheathe his sword."Lets hope you are a good enough challenge".

"...Ha. You HOPE I'm a challenge? You're approximately 234798 miles out of your league." Xai said. He closed his eyes for a moment. His horns glowed, and the floor froze into ice. He began skidding around at high speeds.

Tye smiled as he starts sliding towards Xai charging up for a close lightning attack.

Xai's eyes glowed a radioactive green. "Hypnotic Glare." He glared at Tye, attempting to hypnotize him. Go to sleep. Xai spoke telepathically.

"Using a hypnoizing move on me huh?, That won't work on me my mind is a steel trap",Tye says as he closes in on him.

"That works on freaking EVERYTHING. So why not you?" Xai said before burrowing underground and rising behind Tye to strike the nerve cluster at the base of his neck.

"I got you now,Now be paralyzed". He says to him as he uses the move zap."Quick Zap!!!" If it touches Xai wuld be paralyze if not he still would have enough time to counter.

Xai stepped back a foot. "You're trapped." He flicked his hand at Tye, sending a blast of ice to freeze his legs.

(Not to bring actual hypnosis science into this, but smarter people actually have LESS resistance to hypnosis. -Derpythesonicfan)

(Knowing my character he's not really a genius,he basically go into fights without thinking about the outcome of it. But sometimes he think about tatics when fighting someone. So in a nutshell Tye is smart but is resistant to hypnosis. - Tye)

"Huh?", He looks down to see that ice heading his way. He Grunts and then use his move Soul Surge. "Soul Surge". Tye releases some dark energy into creating a monster like head  to deflect or block the ice. If successful it actually breaks the ice and continues on route to it's target.

Xai's ice blast was broken, and the Soul Surge struck him, damaging one of his horns, a weak spot. He collapsed to the ground in pain. He began to charge his finisher, but Tye wouldn't be able to tell. He waited for Tye to try to attack.

"Man your One Tough Guy",He says to him. Then He thinks ,"wait something is up with this guy he would've got up by now". He starts to walk towards him slowly.

(BTW Xai's finisher is an INCREDIBLY powerful version of his hypnosis. It affects everything. -Derpythesonicfan)

Xai finished charging his finisher. He slowly began to get up, then faked falling down again, trying to fool Tye that he couldn't walk.

Tye thinks to himself" This move may be incomplete but it is my only chance to avoid using most of my electric abilities". He then start to walk away from Xai charging up his Sonar Scream, a scream powerful enough to knock you into the ground and it hurts your ears momentarily making you deaf.

No! If that hits me, I'm done for with my sensitive ears! Xai thought. He whipped upright. "Ultimate Hypnosis! Attack yourself!"

"UGH....I can't control myself", He then starts to hit himself holding the scream in.

(The scream won't affect him but the opponent will be affected if used - Tye)

Xai got to his feet and slowly limped towards Tye. A large block of ice formed around one of his fists. He swung it at Tye's face.

Tye gets hit with it forming a stratch on his face. "Ow you ", Tye says.

Xai's finisher had run out of power. In a last-ditch attempt to win the fight, he plugged his ears with dense ice and reared back to take a full-power punch at Tye's face.

Tye finally returned to his normal in control state and dodges his punch and counters with a kick.

"GET NOSCOPED!" Xai yelled, hurling a barrage of ice blasts as he flew backwards, hit by the kick.

"Augh", Tye says getting barraged by the ice blast. Appearantly his left leg is frozen.

Xai could barely walk. "N-no... I w-won't lose... N-not like this... Checkmate..." He summoned an ice shuriken and hurled it at Tye's shoulder.

Tye breaks his leg from the ice and dodges the shuriken."You gotta lose sometimes". He charges up a Zap.

"KWAAAAAH!!!" Xai screamed in desperation, raising a huge pillar of ice from the ground under Tye. If it hit, it would launch Tye into the air injuring him. He would then take heavy damage from falling from a height.

"You got desperation I give you that",Tye says dodging the pillar. He grabs Xai and holds him up in the air.

"NO! NO101001011ooo10100ooo!" Xai thrashed, spouting binary code. Nobody stops me... Xai thought. As his last attempt to defeat Tye, he released all the ice energy in his body, creating an explosion of ice energy which would hopefully freeze Tye. At the same time, he locked eyes with Tye, releasing a full-power Hypnosis.

At the sane time he used his Tye says,"Be Devoured by Darkness",Tye unleashes the move whe then some dark power creates tendrils finishing it of with a darkness explosion enough to have his oppenent on the ground but not dead. Xai attack hits Tye and Tye's hits Xai.

If Xai took literally one more hit, he would pass out. He stumbled to his feet, looking at Tye through a red haze. (So, did Tye get frozen? -Derpythesonicfan)

(Tye body got frozen not his head. Judging by both attacks they both hit both of them. -Tye)

"Ugh my body frozen", Tye tries to move.

(Yeah, if Xai gets hit one more time he's going down. -Derpythesonicfan)

Xai summoned a spike of ice and used it as a crutch to walk over to Tye. "Game over." A huge block of ice formed around his fist, and he swung it at Tye quickly.

"Ahhhhhhhhh", He used all his might to get out of the ice. "It's not over yet",He say as he dodges it.

Xai roared in anger, and ice closed over his wounds, giving him a shell of spiky ice armor. He summoned a pair of ice swords, and began to furiously swipe at Tye with them.

"This is it!!!!", Tye charges to seem like dark energy in the palm of his hand though it can't be seen. Before  long he dodges the ice swords and used his sonar scream he has been holding.

Xai's horns shattered. At the same time, he thrust out both of his swords stabbing towards Tye, and the blades extended to a longer length. "01001110011011110010000100100000010011100110111100100001 0010000001001001001000000110110101110100111001101110100001000000111000001110010 01101111011101100110010100100000011011010111100100100000011101110110111101110010 01110100011010000010000100100000!" Xai screamed in binary code.

"Guah", Tye starts to spit out some blood in pain.He then unleashes the punch. "Devestator ... Punch..." He punches Xai.

Xai's ice armor was gone now, and he was unprotected. "One trick up my sleeve still..." He burrowed under the ground. "Quake Shockwave!" A huge shockwave rocked the arena. If Tye jumped into the air quickly before Xai used the move, then it wouldn't hit. But if it hit it would deal damage.

Tye jumps up in the air then he comes flying down to xai at a fast rate. If it hits then he will come to the ground with his if not Tye still has a chance to counter his next move.

Xai was still underground. He rose up several meters from where Tye was flying down. "Ha. Got you." He attempted his pillar attack. If the pillar struck Tye, it would send him flying and hopefully injure him.

Tye was coming down at a fast rate but he saw the pillar and slashes it in half. He uses soul surge again.

Xai growled. He shot an ice blast at Tye.

Tye used his Sonar Scream again. "Eat this you idiot".

Xai chuckled. His horns had broken off, making him nearly impervious to sound attacks.

Tye looks down at Xai. "Man that didn't work." He thinks I should use this again.

Xai raised a hand. It glowed, and ice spikes rained from the ceiling. If one hit, it would injure and pin Tye, but not kill him.

Tye uses his Soul Surge ability and then used his demonic arm to shield him from being stabbed. Tye continue to runs towards him which it seem  thart he is charging his finisher but no one not even Xai could notice it.

"Wait, stop! Let's settle this fairly. No fancy tricks, no powers, just a swordfight between you and me." Xai called out, summoning an ice sword.

Tye gets a short smile on his face." Suit yourself ",He takes out his sword souledge.

"Your move first. Unfortunately, my species has no concept of honor. Unfortunate for you, that is." The "Xai" that had summoned an ice sword was really an animate ice dummy Xai had created. The real Xai silently rose up behind Tye, and attempted to stab him. The attack would injure badly but not kill if it hit.

Tye right eye reacted to it foreseeing Xai was gonna stab him. "Attacking a opponent from behind huh,You don't have honor at all". He stabs him not and the hit will not kill him but injure him.

"Ouch. Pain registered. Commence counterattack." Xai said, sneering as he whipped his pair of swords at Tye, attempting to Dual Slash him.

Tye whispers "Double Chase",From there one Tye appeared behind him (which is the real one) and the one he is about to slash is the fake.

Xai laughed. "Come on, kid. Did you really think being a half-breed abomination had so few perks? I've got 360-degree vision." He leaped out of the way, swiping at Tye again.

He Thinks no I can't let my rage out, not now. Tye taps Xai using his paralyzing move Zap.

Xai was visibly slowed. "My attacks don't rely on speed." At close range, Xai blasted an ice spike at Tye.

It hits his left arm making it bleed. "Lucky Shot, But can you dodge this", He charges a soul punch enough to send you flying into a wall. No one could really tell if it being charged or not.

"Can't dodge. But then there's always countering!" He formed a thick ice sphere around him to block Tye's attack and reflect it at him.

"Instant Teleportation ", He teleports behind Xai catching him off guard.

"Nyah-ha! Spheres provide 360-degree protection from your attacks! Go for it! Attack me! It's just gonna bounce at you!" Xai snickered.

"Dark Blitz, Surge", He uses a move that can hurt only Xai but if it hit Tye he becomes stronger.

"Hya!" Xai's Ice Sphere shield reformed into a vortex of ice energy, which absorbed the shot. "Dark Ice Blast!" he shouted, firing a mixture of darkness and ice at Tye.

Tye smiles.He thinks with that little dark power he got, It will consume him tearing him right apart . "Come and hit me".

"Excellent idea. You're probably thinking that energy'll tear me apart. Sorry. Even if I hadn't fired it back at you, it would have done nothing. Extraterrestrial mixed with hedgehog, remember? This fight has dragged on for too long, I'm going to finish you." Hopefully while Tye was distracted by Xai talking, it was enough time for Xai to surprise him with a pillar attack.

"How about you stop taking nonsense, I'm not even using my full power on a chump like you. I've been holding back this whole time", Tye says. "If your smart like you say you are then you would've noticed it", "Lightning Prism activate", He used a move that formed a barrier around Xai which looked like a shield for him but actually it nullifies any or all special abilities he could use making him open for any attack No matter what creature he is. "Here you could use a shield for my next attack.

Xai tried to fire an ice blast. It sparked and fizzled out. "Great. Power nullifier. Good old brute strength will do the job." His jaw unhinged with a loud crack to reveal three rows of pointed teeth, and long, razor-edged claws unsheathed from his hands. He began to skid around the arena on ice until he wasn't much less than a hard-to-track blur. Having built up his fastest speed, he rocketed at Tye, moving incredibly fast, and attempted to slash him at a high speed.

"That speed", He starts charging towards him holding his sword in his hand ready to slash.

Xai ducked under Tye's sword and lunged at him, slicing and swiping in a furious blitz of attacks.

Tye grabs his hand "No we are gonna fight classic style, No weapons, No powers, just pure fist"

"Oh, you're on. Just drop the dispeller. I'm a something-or-other of my word." Xai smirked, retracting his claws and rehinging his jaw.

"Release all limiters , Light prisn release". When he said that the prism disappeared but he released the limiters he had on him making the dark energy flow inside his fist. No one could or will notice it.

Xai launched a flurry of high-speed jabs at Tye's head with both of his hands.

Tye dodged most of them and then grabs Xai arm. "Not Bad".

Xai wrenched out of the grab, spinning to deliver a powerful roundhouse punch at the face.

Tye dodges it and grabs his fist again holding it in a tight hold.

With his other fist, Xai swung back and launched a powerful punch at Tye's ribs.

Tye grabs his other fist and counters by throwing him to the wall.

"Gwaagh!" Xai hit the wall with a crack. One of his ankles was obviously broken. He limped back into the fight, his fists a rapid blur of piston-like punches.

"If I was you...", He dodges the punches."I would stay down". Tye goes a kicks him if it hit Xai will get slammed into another wall, if not then he is barely open for an attack.

"Never, fool! I am Xai the Hedge-Crucite, and I DO NOT QUIT." Xai dodged the kick, sending a powerful two-fisted punch at Tye's face.

"Gwaagh",Tye was inflicted with pain leaving blood on his face. "Not bad, I actually felt that one". Tye comes charging towards him.

Xai leaped to the side and stuck out his foot to trip Tye, then stomp his back.

Tye stops before he got tripped. "Trying to do a cheap move huh?, Try to attach me now". He waits for him.

"Nah, that's bait if I saw it. Smarter than that." Xai stood in place.

"I would've try if I was you", He made the whole area dark.

Xai's mouth unhinged with a crack. A sphere of energy began to grow in his mouth. Tye would hopefully think he was just trying to light the area, when in fact he was charging an attack aimed right at him. Xai slammed forward and spat a huge stream of ice energy at Tye.

it seemed like it hit Tye but it was just an illusio. He was surrounded by so many illusions he could tell which was the real Tye. A few go to attack xai while a few others follow.

Long ice blades extended from Xai's arms. He whirled in place like a top, whipping through the illusions then hurling his blades at Tye.

The illusions kept coming and coming like it was endless. He has yet to see that the real tye was infact Wasn't around. He was underground waiting for the right moment to attack.

"Shockwave!" Xai slammed his fist into the ground, obliterating all the illusions in a blast of energy. "Now you've gone underground..." He burrowed underground, hoping to find Tye and drag him to the surface.

He thinks.Man he doesn't know how to give up. I'm going up to the surface. He creates a clone just to make sure Xai thinks it's the real him.

Xai found the clone and swiped through it. "Coward. Hiding behind illusions to run away instead of standing and fighting."

Tye waits for him when he gets out the ground.

Xai leaped out of the ground, slamming down. All the ice around him rose up, creating a giant compound mirror. His eyes began to glow a bright green. You WILL surrender. It's not like there was a fight going on, was there? In any case, your opponent won. Just surrender. It's easier. Xai's hypnotic abilities were magnified, refracted, and boosted by the compound mirror he had summoned. Tye would find it very hard to resist being hypnotized into forfeiting the match.

(That is kinda not fair if you just hypnotizing him to forfeit - Tye)

Tye eyes turns red trying to block the effects of the hypnosis. Before long four Tye clones grab the both of Xai arms and legs.

(Well, it's the basis of his hypnotic powers. He hypnotizes his opponents into attacking themselves or forfeiting the battle. -Derpythesonicfan)

Why fight? Going to sleep is a better option. Sharp spikes extended from Xai's legs and arms, hopefully destroying the dummies, all while Xai kept his eyes locked on Tye's and intensifying the glare.

Tye closes his eyes not looking at Xai ,thankfully he can sense his opponents life force. "That won't work against me". He summons more clones to attack Xai right now it's a total of 25 clone.

"Crud! Crud! CRUD!" Xai shouted, being chased by the clones. He began to chant something under his breath. "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

"There we go". He send a lightning current towards Xai if it hits then he will get electrocuted and if not well it was a failed attack.

"....Sed rhoncus ipsum ut interdum laoreet... Seeking Destruction." Xai had completed his spell. A beam of energy shot straight at Tye, hopefully intercepting his attack. The beam would chase Tye until it struck.

"A chase beam huh?" He runs in a circle around Xai planning his next attack.

Xai's horns started to glow.

He runs towards Xai with his eyes closed and not to long he runs right into him going right through him like a ghost.

"And how was that supposed to work?" Xai snickered.

"I would look infront of you",Tye says as the beam comes at Xai.

"Ack!" Xai leaped over the beam, spinning in midair to deliver a roundhouse kick.

He grabs his foot and slams him to the ground.

Tye had a hold on Xai's foot. "Caught, but not beaten!" Xai sneered, swinging his fist at Tye's face.

"Come on, It takes more than that", He dodges and punches his face with fire in his hand.

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