This is the designated fight page for Raje Spite and Nate the Hawk. These two will fight to see who will move on to the next round. May the best fighter win!


The announcer's voice was heard from the PA system. "Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! With the next fight of the day, we have Raje taking on Nate!" The crowd was getting pumped.

Raje calmly walked to the arena. He stood there, waiting for Nate.

The announcer wasn't sure where Nate was. "Um...Nate the Hawk? Your fight is beginning!" He announced, not sure where the hawk was.

Nate the hawk eventually strolled into the arena. His red Extreme Gear boots stood out against his blue trousers and turquoise T-shirt. A gleaming alien looking white sword was sheathed against his waist and two grey ancient looking rocks glowed around his wrists. "Sorry i'm late guys!" the hawk apologized.

Raje looked at Nate with his arms crossed. "Ready?" He asked, a poisoned fireball in his hand.

"Come at me, bro." Nate replied whilst getting into a combat stance.

Raje laughed lightly and uncrossed his arms. He created a second poisoned fireball. The first, he launched at Nate's head. The other, he launched it at his legs.

Nate dodged to the left and watched the fireballs sail past him. He then pushed at the air, causing it to ripple and send a wave of wind towards Raje.

Raje jumped to the right, barely getting out of the way of the wind wave. He then went to using strictly poison attacks. Raje put both his hands together, making a loud clap. He then slowly separated them and had a loose ball of poisonous goo between his hands.

"That doesn't look safe," Nate said whilst bracing himself for the attack.

Raje shrugged with a small laugh. "It isn't." He said, beginning to run. He carefully help the glob of goo and then jumped in the air and spun, launching the glob at Nate. The glob flailed around in mid-air, breaking apart slowly and leaving a trail of poison.

Nate sent a wall of air at Raje once again, splashing the glob towards the latter instead.

Raje dashed quickly to his left, slimly avoiding the wall of air. Raje then shot a small barrage of about 6 poison projectiles at Nate.

Nate jumped into the air, somersaulting and avoiding the shots completely. He then gathered a large sphere of air in his palm and fired it at Raje.

Raje countered with his own sphere, a combination of poison and fire hitting Nate's.

The explosion formed pushed Nate backwards, he landed on his feet and felt the a sizzling pain as tiney glob-lets of poison landed on his chest. Long range isn't working, time to get up and close, he thought to himself. Nate then drew his sword and charged at Raje.

Raje quickly dashed back, laying down some poison on the floor for Nate to step on. Should he step in it, it would eat through his shoes and everything else it comes in contact with.

Nate noticed the poison puddle and jumped over it, performing a stunning frontflip. He landed and continued his charge towards Raje, aiming a slice across the latter's chest.

Raje attempted to counter by encasing his arms in a strong acid, hopefully dissolving the metal in the sword.

A split seconds before Nate's sword reached Raje's acid covered arms, the hawk released a gust of wind along his sword and encased it in dense air. The air would push the acid out of the way as Nate would swing his slash, still aimed at Raje's torso.

Raje wasn't able to react quick enough and was successfully slashed by Nate. Raje yelped from the pain and backed up from Nate quickly to avoid another strike. Raje was now going to play it safe and remain defensive for a while.

Nate jumped back a bit, not taking his eyes off of Raje and studying the latters movements. Nate then outstretched his arms sideways and then brought them together in the form of a clap. The air rippled as to walls of air flowed from opposite sides, aiming to squash Raje between them.

Raje dashed forward at Nate. He didn't study the walls of air well, so he played it somewhat safe by trying to get Nate hit with his own attack. If it was that large, however. Raje also had a small ball of poison forming in his left hand.

With a gesture of his hands, Nate dragged the walls of air towards himself collided the walls together directly in front of him. He then pushed the walls forward, aiming to ram them into Raje.

Raje had a risky plan. As the walls were coming, Raje quickly dashed forward directly to the walls. If Raje's speed was fast enough, he'd be fine. However, if the walls sped up or were too thick to penetrate, Raje would be nailed.

Nate noticed that Raje was dashing towards the wall and went to increase the air walls density.

Raje miscalculated his speed and the thickness of the wall. He coated himself in a thin layer of poison, the liquid hardening. This small coating was enough to make the walls unable to push him too hard and if he were to have two walls come to him, he wouldn't be squashed.

Nate smiled as the walls closed in on Raje, every little bit of damage helps when it comes to fights like these

Raje stood up after the walls dissipated, a bit hurt from the force of the walls. He shook himself of and looked at Nate, he charged a blob of poison, sending it at him. As it flew, Raje sent a fireball through the blob. The blob separated into three smaller masses of poison while the fireball now was poisoned, traveling slower. If Nate was to move, he had a small chance of being hit by a blob of poison, but the masses were awfully slow.

Nate jumped to the left. Dodging flaming poisonous mass of blob and fire. He then drew his sword and dashed at Raje. Aiming to slash at his chest.

Raje noticed this and placed his hands on the ground, lifting them up high as he created a thick wall of flames. Should Nate go through them, he'd be burned.

Nate stopped inches before he was burned to a crisp. Luckily he'd had experience fighting plenty of fire elemental. The hawk proceeded to take a deep breath in, absorbing the flames oxygen and creating a vacuum. The vacuum caused the flames to extinguish.

Raje smirked, impressed with Nate's reflexes. Without hesitation, he shot poison at Nate. The poison he shot were blobs there were highly gelatinous, almost like a jelly.

Nate then blew out, releasing a large volume of air from his mouth. The air blew the blob of poison back at Raje.

Raje groaned in frustration, is whole plan ruined. He then went to plan B. Raje ran a few steps and jumped, putting both arms behind him. As he got closer, he coated his arms in poisoned flames. He would cross his arms to make an "X" and attempt to burn Nate.

As soon as Raje jumped into the air, Nate knew that this attack wasn't gonna be pretty. Nate took a fee steps back and the ran and jumped. He pulled his sword out as he sailed over Raje. He then did a front flip and slashed, hoping to hit Raje's back in midair.

Raje was caught completely off guard, Nate successfully slashing Raje. Raje grunted in pain, and landed sloppily as he hit his chest on the ground. He quickly rolled over and hopped up, ready to fight.

Nate landed and got into a fighting pose. He knew for a fact that hitting Raje was through sheer trickery and persistence. Raje was a tough opponent. Nate gathered a spear of wind into his palm and  fired a beam of air at Raje.

Raje rolled to his right, avoiding the beam. As he was on one knee, he shot a beam of poison at Nate. The poison steamed a bit, the liquid very hot.

Nate swayed to the left, dodging most of the poisonous blob. However, some of it splashes onto Nate's arm, causing it to burn and sizzle. Nate grunts as the poison eats at his skin.

Raje smirked at the sight, knowing he finally landed a hit. He then charged at Nate, sending a haymaker punch aimed at his cheek. His hand was coated in poison, hoping to deal some extra damage.

The punch connected, singeing Nate's cheek and sending him sprawling back.Nate retaliated by thrusting his palm at Raje, firing a bolt of gravatational energy.

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