This is the designated fight page for Moros and Arnzarel. These two will fight to see who will move on to the next round. May the best fighter win!


The announcer's voice was heard from the PA system. "Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! With the next fight of the day, we have Moros taking on Arnzarel!" The crowd was getting pumped.

Arnzarel stomped into the arena. The crowd could see a massive and hideous monstrosity that was the giant sized blue demon prince. Arnzarel stared at the crowd watching them as they cheered. Admittedly he wasn't one to be rooted for very often but it would be nice for some people to actually acknowledge him in a positive manner for once.

Moros walked through an entrance like a normal mobian, personally, he'd be in the same boat as arnzarel but he won't admit it. 

"Greetings, 'old friend'." Arnzarel.

Moros shrugged and waved. 'Sup.'

"Such a simple and bland greeting, of course I shouldn't be surprised."

'Such high expectations from someone who should dislike me.. Tell me, are you into men?'

"I in the hearts and minds of many a mortal."

Moros shrugged. 'Yeah yeah, immortality and all that jazz.. Tell me, is your daughter okay?' 

"Never better, why do you ask?"

'Just making sure, she was a reckless one from the limited interactions with her..'

"Silence your tongue Moros!"

'Come and make me..'

"Very well."

Moros just waited, sitting down cross legged while summoning six ethereal blades that floated around him defensively.

"Of course, you would cast a defensive spell now wouldn't you?" Arnzarel said as he casted a small barrage of Beautiful Bolts at Moros.

'Only because fighting you is terribly predictable and a waste..' He mouthed as the ethereal blades came into contact with the beautiful bolts. The blades, being made of void energy, would erase the beautiful bolts when they came into contact with eachother.

Moros sighed, now only having three circling around him.

"And your void magic is weaker in this mortal realm." Arnzarel said as he cast Serpents of Torment upon Moros.

Moros looked at the conjured 'serpents' that appeared from nowhere and constricted him with a bored expression before mouthing the words 'Void Art: Empty Plains' and watching as the serpents constricting him were erased before firing four pulsating orbs of void magic at Arnzarel.

"More of your void sorcery. No matter, that was but a meager spell." Arnzarel said as he chuckled.

Moros watched as the four pulsating orbs of void magic would impact with Arnzarel since he didn't seem to do anything except stand there and chuckle.

'Oh? I think you'll find that the magic I had just cast has some other effects than just nullifying a single spell..' Moros mouthed as he waited for Arnzarel to cast a spell.

"You forget I can sense magic." Arnzarel then teleports out of the way of the orbs to the side.

Arnzarel would find that he couldn't teleport.

'Remember when I cast a spell titled Void art: Empty plains? Well, it's a delayed activation spell that only works when there is something other than void magic being used.'

"You forget old friend, I do not need to just rely on pety mortal spells." Arnzarel says as he conjures up his demoblade, a giant claymore sword Ferocity, and his demonshield.

"They are made by my own demonic power, far more powerful than a mere magic infused, mortal arnaments."

'Who said I use mortal armaments? Or mortal spells?' 

As he couldn't teleport out of the way of the pulsating orbs of void magic, Arnzarel would either have to block the orbs or move out of the way and considering Arnzarel's current size it might be easier to just block the orbs than try to avoid them.

"Hmph." Arnzarel said as he put forth his massive demon shield in order to simply block the orbs.

When the orbs made contact with the shield, they each expanded to the size of a 'Smart' car before imploding violently. 

Arnzarel braced behind his massive shield as the three orbs collided with his shield upon impact. While the kinetic force of the blasts were meager and his body was defended from the small explosions he could feel his demon shield start to lose power with each sucessive hit. Naturally the demon prince attributed this to Moros's void art attack. After the third blast however Arnzarel decided now would be the best time to charge as he stomped rapidly to engage his foe in melee combat.

Moros waited for Arnzarel to get closer before attempting to get between arnzarel's legs. If this gambit succeeded, Moros would then proceed to fire two projectiles made of void magic at Arnzarel's achilles tendons.

As the massive demon prince stomped towards Moros he raised up Ferocity  to stirke down his mighty claymore upon his foe. He closed in, but then stopped once in range and then swung with one hand downwards upon Moros with his large and long claymore sword. 

Moros, thinking quickly, vaulted to the left in order to escape the initial sword strike. However, he was not able to move out of range from the shockwave that Arnzarel's claymore would make and was launched upwards along.

Moros inwardly sighed at the size of Arnzarel's sword and the strength behind the strike as he fired two projectiles that looked oddly familiar to circular saw blades at Arnzarel's mouth and left eye. Counting on his size making it hard to dodge.

The blades hit as one of them temporarily blinded him in the left eye, as well as struck him in the mouth, however soon Arnzarel's demonic regenerative properties slowly started to kick in, sadly for the demon prince for now he would be only able to see out one eye. Arnzarel let out a growl of agony and pain.

Moros, who was still in the air, placed both palms out in front of him and fired a concentrated stream of void magic at Arnzarel's midsection, this stream would serve the purpose of further injuring Arnzarel if it connected. Regardless of whether it connected or not, this stream would serve the purpose of putting some distance between the two by propelling him just a few meters away from the lake in the center of this arena.

Arnzarel then unleahsed out one of his demonic shrieks, these natural occuring and loud blasts of shrieking energy would not only deafen their opponents ears, but with the very waves entering into the body causing confusion and distortion.Arnzarel was able to unleash his shriek before being hit in the side of the stomach.

Moros gritted his teeth as the shriek managed to deafen him, however, he still managed to gain some distance from Arnzarel. Though he wasdisoriented by the shriek.

Arnzarel stomped towards him, while wounded the demon prince's body started to slowly regenerate his damaged organs with each passing second. For the time being however Arnzarel arose Ferocity to attack once more.

Moros regained his bearings and snickered. 'Void art: Chains of binding'

Chains made entirely of void magic began to try and wrap around Arnzarel legs in order to trip him up, noting that Arnzarel looked rather angry.

'Hey Arnzy, I really did like lilth ya know... She always did brighten up the void..'

(Funny thing is, Moros never took away the blessing he gave Arnzarel. There might be a hidden meaning behind it.)

(Also he has favor from the god Sauron after retrieving his eyes. )

"Hold thy tounge Moros! You shall not speak about my daughter!" Arnzarel said as he continued to stomp towards Moros.

The chains wrapped around his legs and yanked backwards and Arzarel would most likely fall.

'Are you afraid for her?'

Arnzarel fell with a loud and booming thud, then then growls and tries to break free of the chains.

"You know nothing of compassion Moros! For you are nothing!"

The chains held strong as even more started to wrap around Arnzarel's body. The chains had the same effect of neutralizing his powers.

'I may be nothing.. But you are scum..'

-Turn 1! Binding chains-

Arnzarel began to be restrained by the chains, but in return he activated his demonic strength and unleashed the 'gifts' the Figthing God had bestowed upon him.He bagan to glow bright purple and red and soon the very devine power of Grief surged through his body.The demon prince gritted his teeth as he continued to struggle in the chains to break free while becoming enraged.

The chains remained unbroken as more and more were attempting to wrap around him.

'Fool.' Moros mouthed as he fired two shredding void orbs at Arnzarel's eyes.

-Turn 2! Binding Chains-

Arnzarel grinned as he stood up alllowing the void orbs to move straight towards the very chains that binded him.

Moros stared at Arnzarel impassively, knowing that his chains are neutralizing any of Arnzarel's magical abilities, including godly ones.

The shredding orbs connect with the chains, but as the chains and the orbs are void magic they wouldn't be able to cancel each other out and since the void orbs were rather weak in comparison to the chains, the void orb itself just dissipated while doing some harm to the chains.

'My blessing worked two ways Arnzy, Now you suffer its curse..'

-Turn 3! Binding chains-

(Um, those were supposed to hit the chains breaking them. You know, cut him loose? ) 

(Oh, misread that. Even though he wouldn't be able to considering the chains are practically pulling him down.)

(I forgot about what was going on here. ^^' -Jared)

(Basically Arnzy is still restrained by void chains, and Moros is about to activate a curse hidden within the blessing he gave Arnzarel when he had struck a deal with Moros.)

"You think your pitiful void magic was that important to me?" Arnzarel says as he lets out another demonic shriek.

'Hmph..' Moros mouthed, not being close to arnzarel when he unleashed his shriek so it wouldn't have any adverse affects on him.

'You thought to have studied me.. Betrayed me, yet you seem to have forgotten that I always have a way to deal with those who cross me... Now you will learn.' Moros mouthed as the curse he talked about activated, disabling his demonic healing.

Moros then willed the chains to constrict even tigher, trying to constrict arnzarel tight enough to shatter bones.

-Turn 4! Binding Chains!-

The announcer then interrupted the match. "And the winner is Moros! Arnzarel has been disqualified!" He yelled. The crowd gasped in unison. As the announcer explained what had happened, boos were heard.

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