This is the designated fight page for Exspiravit and Alexander the Wolf. These two will fight to see who will move on the the next round. May the best fighter win!


The announcer's voice was heard from the PA system. "Laaaaaadies and gentlemen! With the first fight of the day, we have Exspiravit taking on Alexander!" The crowd was getting pumped. Alexander walked in from the nortoated through one of the walls and stared at Alexander. "...Sup."

Alexander looked at him. "Did you just..." Alexander didn't even know what to say. He then laughed. "So you're a ghost?"

"That's not all kiddo, but I feel like waiting for the fight to start before I show ya anything." Alexander laughed. "I see." He looked at him. "So what can you do exactly?" He asked. He tried to get a conversation going in order to do a surprise attack. He slightly moved his left foot, causing the ground below him to turnh entrance while he stared at the southern entrance, waiting for his opponent. He examined the arena.

Exspira fl to a frozen ice state.

"... Kid, thanks for showing me one of your little tricks.." Exspira muttered as he casually tossed a gout of black flames at Alexander.

Alex detected the flames and jumped back, creating a wall of ice in front of him.

The intensity of the flames was rather shocking as the ice was turning into steam on contact with the flames, creating a steam cloud that might cover the two.

Exspira took advantage of this by floating into the steam cloud so he would not be detected by sound or sight.

Alex looked around. "What? Where'd he-" Alex looked around as he thought for a bit. He threw fire at me, I put up ice and he disappeared...He looked at the steam.

Exspira smirked and pointed his left index finger, with his hand making a finger gun, towards where he heard Alex's voice, something ejected itself out of the skin towards where he pointed said 'handgun' as he pretended to fire it. Something white and what resembles a bone.

Alex had turned away from the steam and encased himself in a small dome of ice to try and protect himself.

Exspira smirked and floated towards the ice barrier. "Now what drives you kid? What makes you think you will be able to hurt me in this battle when all you do is keep playing defensive?" He asked.

Alex spoke from within the dome. "I'm trying to see how you attack. Chill." He said. Once he said "chill", ice spears were sent all around the area. If Exspira was close enough, he'd get nailed.

Exspira was close and got nailed. However, the ice would just melt off when Exspira covered himself in his own black flames and continued his path towards Alex. " Kid, you are out of your element.. You can generate Ice, but the flames I use destroy all they come into contact with...."

Alex laughed and emerged from his dome. "Or I could use my intelligence." He said, running around the perimeter of the arena. He was skating on his ice like an ice skater to move quickly around.

Exspira snickered. "You know what? Take a free shot at me, because you'll need every advantage you can get." He said before he dispelled the flames.

Alex laughed. "Really? You just proved how strong you are. I'm not going to do that." He said. Instead of going on offense, he stayed defensive. He created a wall of ice in front of him and raised his hands up. "In order to have a successful fire you need three things." He said. The temperature in the arena was dropping. "Heat..." He said. Then he made it snow a bit. "Oxygen..." He continued, making the snow more severe. He had made a minor blizzard, containing it to keep the audience safe. "...and fuel!" He said, making the perimeter of the arena about -40 degrees celsius. However, Alex was draining himself quickly. He took a quick glace at the pond.

"You really are an idiot.." Exspira muttered as large spires of bone surrounded both Alex and Exspira. His black flames then reignited themselves around the openings between each spire to prevent escape. "You forget.. The cold does not affect me like it would affect one of flesh and blood, and the black flames don't follow the same rules as regular flames.."

Alex looked at Exspira. "What? That's lame..." He said. He then got another strategy. He then got on one knee, starting to glow a light blue color.

"Look who's talking Iceboy.. Have fun being roasted... I'll try to stop when you're close to dying... Try.." Exspira snickered as two large sigils appeared on the ground and on the open roof of the bone collosseum, effectively boxing the two in. 

Alex was a bit confused and caught off guard. He stopped glowing and then put his hands together and slowly separated them, creating a glowing blue orb of ice. 

"Black Symposium: World of flames..." Exspira muttered, phasing through one of the bone arches to escape the A.o.E, as the two sigils darkened to a malevolent black and everything within the bone collosseum was engulfed by the black flames. 

"I will keep this technique up until I hear a surrender... You failed to properly analyze anything about my abilities... Had this been a real life or death scenario I wouldn't have given you any chance.." Exspira muttered as he kept his guard up for any unexpected attacks of the sort.

Alex panicked. What do I do? He thought. He then started freaking out, causing ice to shoot everywhere out of his hands. He then screamed, unleashing a large explosion of ice. But it was useless. Alex was going to lose. "I...I quit..." He muttered.

When Exspira heard Alex's surrender, he cancelled out the technique. Watching as bone withered and crumbled away into nothing and the flames slowly died off. "You surrendered.. Wise choice.." Exspira spoke as he waited for the referee to call the match in his favor before he left.

'Had this fight lasted any longer I'm not sure if I would have been able to stop the technique..' Exspira thought to himself.

The announcer rung a bell. "And the winner by...uh...submission...? Is Exspiravit!" He yelled. A referee walked close enough to Exspira to talk. "Congratulations. Please go to the lobby to wait, go to the locker rooms to rest, or the gym to train." He said, not really knowing what else to say.

Exspira simply floated to the lobby, when he got there he left exhaustion take its course and started to take a nap.

Drained of his energy, Alex was helped up by two referees and taken to the nurse's quarters to be looked after.


Exspiravit successfully defeated Alexander. Alexander stood little to no chance against Exspira's black fire and osteokinesis.

Winner: Exspiravit

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