This roleplay is currently closed.


A tournament is held for 12 brave fighters. Registration is no longer available. Once all 12 fighters have signed up, they will be randomly selected. After there are winners for the first few fights, the winners will advance until there is one last fight with the 2 strongest fighters. The winner will be named champion and will get a very special prize. Let's get ready to rumble!


  • No God-Modding - three G-mods and you're disqualified.
    • Super Forms are not allowed.
      • You may have a "anger" or "personality change". Just no Chaos Emerald/item power-ups.
    • Killing is not allowed.
    • Instant hitting is not allowed.
    • Potions/healing devices not allowed and healing powers cannot automatically heal you to full power.
    • An interference results in a disqualification.
    • Summoning is not allowed.
  • No explicit material. This includes:
    • No overly descriptive gore.
    • No sexual content.
    • No excessive swearing.
  • You MUST do the character interview in order to participate however:
    • You may NOT take advantage of your opponent's weakness, as it will count as godmodding.
    • You may NOT say "Nothing" as a weakness
  • This is the character profile expectations:
    • Full Name: Provide full birth name
    • Age: Provide actual chronological age
    • Powers/Abilities: Name power(s) and/or abilities your character has
    • Strengths: Provide all things your character is resistant, immune to, or is good at defending
    • Weaknesses: Provide all things your character is weak to, can't defend well, or will cause them to not function properly
    • Finisher: Provide your character's finishing attack, the signal to another user that your character is at maximum power. You MUST have a short description in parentheses describing the attack.
  • No fighting in the Warm-Up Room - whoever fights is disqualified
  • In Warm-Up Room, everyone is healed, checked for health, and weighed before their fight. This means that you cannot switch people or use a substitute.
  • When fighting, make your attacks more clear. If it is unclear, the other person can assume how much damage it does. For example:
    • Don't: Random Guy: Super Punch! *throws a punch at Other Guy*
    • Do: Random Guy: Super Punch! *throws a punch towards whoever with a fist with green aura around it*
    • Preferred: Random Guy gathered up green aura in his right fist and sent a punch towards Other Guy. "Super Punch!" Random Guy yelled, sending a punch with a fist with green aura.
  • 3 character MAXIMUM
  • This is free join

Contestant Profiles

Alexander the Wolf

  • Full name: Alexander Frostflame
  • Age: 17
  • Powers/Abilities: Cryokinesis
  • Strengths: Advantage over grass attacks
  • Weaknesses: Pyrokinesis
  • Finisher: Chill Out (Alexander punches the ground and his opponent's ankles will be trapped in ice. Alexander then freezes his opponent's hands together. After this, he slowly brings raises both arms vertically, palms up and encases his opponent is opponent in ice, only their head sticking out. He finishes his attack by holding a hand out and slowly closes his hand into a fist, crushing his opponent.)

Raje Spite

  • Full Name: Raje Spite
  • Age: 17
  • Powers/Abilities: Poison Manipulation. Raje can use poison and acid for attacks.
  • Strengths: Very durable. Resistant against water, fire, and earth based attacks. Decent speed. Very agile.
  • Weaknesses: While his weaknesses are minimal, there are some things that cause him trouble. Raje isn't good at defending against energy blasts. If he is hit in the head a lot, he will be unable to function properly. Raje is also bad at hand-to-hand combat without using poison.
  • Finisher: Toxic Storm (Raje will unleash a full on barrage of poison blasts)

Zerofuse the Hedgehog

  • Full Name: Zerofuse Firehart
  • Age: 16
  • Powers/Abilities: Fire Manipulation. Zerofuse can use fire, adjust heat in objects, create lava, and disintegrate most objects.
  • Strengths: Resistant to earth attacks, ice attacks, metal attacks, and poison attacks
  • Weaknesses: Water
  • Finisher: Flare Blitz (barrage of fireballs followed by a very large blast of flames)

Nathan the Wolf

  • Full Name: Nathan Adams 
  • Age: 14 
  • Powers/Abilities: He can use many electric powers, and can refill his electric energy by absorbing other electric attacks. He can also move fast, and can make claws with electricity, which increases his physical stats.
  • Strengths: Nathan attacks at a high speed and can think fast. He has fast reactions, and can nimbly dodge even unbelievably fast attacks. He cannot be forced to sleep and cannot get drowsy, and he takes half the damage from electric attacks, turning the other half into energy.
  • Weaknesses: Ice attacks that can freeze him cause him more damage, so he will dodge these faster. Also, without his electric claws, he has low physical attack and defense. He may also be unable of dodging very unexpected attacks.
  • Finisher: Volt Dance. (A combo move. He first does a Roll Attack, then he does 10 punches and kicks. After that, he does a Thunder Dash grabbing the opponent, after that, he unleashes a backflip kick, ending the combo with an Electric Claw. The opponent gets trapped in the combo if the Roll Attack hits. He usually does a Zap Paralyze to start the combo)

Moros C. Nekrozia

  • Full Name: Moros C. Nekrozia
  • Age: 16, technically older but he takes the appearance of a 16 year old
  • Powers/Abilities: He is a master at void magic, being a fragment of the void, he can temporarily neutralize the abilities of his opponents provided he has a clear enough understanding of their powers and abilities. He can conjure up weapons and constructs made of void energy which can be used to attack or defend. These neutralize the special attacks of opponents based on the size ratio of the construct and the attack.
  • Strengths: Acrobatic, excellent at long range, nimble, able to think on the fly.
  • Weaknesses: Close quarters combat, over reliance on his abilities, over usage, unexpected surprises in terms of the flow of battle.
  • Finisher: Void Art: Dance of the Ethereal blades. (Moros creates chains made out of void magic to bind his opponent, these chains neutralize magic based attacks, when his opponent is sufficiently restrained. Moros conjures up a small dome of ethereal blades and directs them all to pierce his opponent. This attack can be avoided and after the conclusion it leaves him drained and exhausted.)

Tye The Hedgehog

  • Full Name: Tye Gnehm
  • Age: 16,Really it's unknown but he looks like he's 16
  • Powers/Abilities: He is very skilled with any type of sword. He can move at fast speeds thanks to having his demonic powers. He can use any types of electric ability and use it to his advantage which it can make him a little stronger.He can also sense your energy so he knows how much power he needs to use. When ever using his demonic sense he can forsee your attack before you even land it giving him to counter.
  • Strengths: Fast Speed, Demonic Powers, Resistant against Electric and Fire Attacks.Sensing when his opponent going to attack.
  • Weakness: Using to much of his demonic Power, Not really good with water, letting his demonic power control him.
  • Finisher: Burst Judgement Cut  (also known as Judgement Cut Flash). (This move is also a combo move, Tye starts to run real fast around his opponent enough so his opponent can't see him.He does a three punch combo during his run. He then uses his rapid slash move which his hits can go up to 20. Once he done that his final slash of rapid slash slashes through the opponent.Now he uses judgement cut end and then lightning slash to end it off)

Arnzarel the Revolting

  • Full Name:  Shi-Ka the Echidna,(formerly) Arnzarel the Revolting (currently)
  • Age: Immortal, (appears around his early 30's.)
  • Powers/Abilities:

Daemonic Strength

Arnzarel is known to possess a supernatural strength granted to him by the Fighting God Grief, as such is is known to be capable of easily tearing a mortal into or even stopping a speeding car or truck that tries to ram him.

Daemonic Endurance

Arnzarel also possess supernatural daemonic endurance levels as well, he is quite capable of withstanding blasts that would easily incapacitate a lesser mortal being.

Daemonic senses

Arnzarel posses distinct supernatural senses that allows him not only to sense the mystical aura within another being, but also allows him to "smell" traces of magic and is even able to smell how pure or corrupt another mortals soul is.


Arnzarel is able to call upon his vast mystical knowledge to use a meager spell to teleport around, it is believed that this is his primary mode of transportation. However he is unable to teleport into distances that are not in range of his vision, and possesses a cool-down period before he can teleport again as well.

Demonic Shriek

Arnzarel is able to unleash a loud and continuous unholy screech thus disorienting his opponents. He can often use this move to either suppress an opponent or distract them long enough to close in and engage in melee combat.

Demonic Regeneration

Arnzarel possesses the ability to regenerate and recover his entire body fully,( so long as he is not decapitated.) It takes about a normal mortal hour to regenerate fully though and often he must wait until after a battle is completed and rest so that he may focus to speed up the regeneration process.


Arnzarel is known to possess enough necromancial powers to reanimate dead corpses, (provided they're hearts and brains are still somewhat intact) turning them into his undead minions. He is able to fully communicate with the dead upon doing so as well thus allowing him to issue out orders and commands to his new recruited footsoldiers

  • Strengths: Immortal, super strong and durable, capable of using magic, self-healing, ageless (or just really really really old), intellegent. 
  • Weaknesses:  Slow in reflexes, vulnerable to technology and technological based weaponry, a huge target, cannot dodge very well unless given a slow opponent.
  • Finisher:Demonic Shriek
    Arnzarel is able to unleash a loud and continuous unholy screech thus disorienting his opponents. He can often use this move to either suppress an opponent or distract them long enough to close in and engage in melee combat.May have a chance to turn confuse an oponent for about 3 turns.

Xai the Hedge-Crucite

  • Full name: Xai Merlin Baxx
  • Age: 17
  • Powers/Abilities: Advanced cryokinesis. His ice can't be melted. High-power hearing. Able to echolocate. Hypnosis. His stare is hypnotic. This can be quite dangerous.
  • Strengths: Xai doesn't hit hard in melee combat, instead striking quickly over and over to wear the opponent down. When he does hit hard, it's quite slow, but powerful. He relies on his powers a lot.
  • Weaknesses: Weak against earth and lightning attacks if he can't block them. His ears are very sensitive.
  • Finisher: Hypnosis Trolling- Xai hypnotizes the opponent into attacking themselves repeatedly.
  • Just thought I'd let people know- Xai has received quite an overhaul in design and in some powers.

Nate the Hawk

  • Full Name: Nate the Hawk
  • Age: 22
  • Powers/Abilities: Aerokinesis and Air Physiology. He can also manipulate Gravity using the Arks of the Cosmos which are on his wrists. He can use a variety of spells which he has learnt from his father's Babylonian Spellbook. He's also a swordsman
  • Strengths: He is very agile and has impressive physical strength. He's able to adapt to peoples powers very quickly within a battle. He's almost equally skilled without his sword
  • Weaknesses:Despite being normally cool headed, if you push the right buttons you can easily ruin his concentration by making him angry. He's weak against lightning, light and darkness attacks. Though he could potentially block darkness attacks using his spells.
  • Finisher: N- Strike- Nate slices his opponent 3 times performing an N shape. He first does a jumping upward slash on his opponent and then lands with a downward slash to for the two vertical lines of the N. He then finishes them off with a diagonal slash with joins the two vertical lines together to complete the N.

Tenshi Furea

  • Full name: Tenshi Furea
  • Age: Unknown
  • Powers/Abilities: Knows her way very well around a sword, carries three of various lengths (Kagutsuchi, Ooe, and Suitenjin) and one dagger, all with notably different purposes and uses.
  • Strengths: Overwhelming in melee and close combat. Body is trained to about superhuman levels regarding speed and strength. Height gives her an advantage over normal height Mobians.
  • Weaknesses: Lacks any sort of magic and resistance, can only use the wind along with ki to generate ranged attacks, which give a tell-tale sign of an incoming ranged attack.
  • Finisher: Varies depending on the situation, as there are many ways to finish one with the blade.


  • Full Name: Uisu~Hyper
  • Age: 20
  • Powers/Abilities: Manipulation of of Hyper-Go-On energy, capable of creating complex spells.
  • Strengths: Incredibly powerful attacks of all sorts, varied spells for many circumstances.
  • Weaknesses: She has to recharge occasionally, some of her attacks are predictable.
  • Finisher: Hyper Rainbow Fist/Cannon - All of her H-G-O, condensed into a fist or a blast. Extremely powerful and extremely taxing.
  • (I might add more detail later.)


  • Full Name: Exspiravit 'Exspira' Revenacío
  • Age: 35, that's how old he was when he died and returned as a ghost
  • Powers/Abilities: Manipulation of black flames, Bone manipulation, Ghostly Phasing, Possession and Flight. In possession of a talking sword named Charon
  • Strengths: Unorthodox abilities, excellent Stiletto fighting skills, rather infuriating and crafty.
  • Weaknesses: His black fire and bone manipulation abilities derive from Charon, so if Charon isn't physically making contact with Exspira then he can't use his bone manipulation and black flames. 
  • Finisher: White Symposium: Collosseum of bones/Black Symposium: World of Flames. Exspira sticks his palm on the ground, creating large spires of bone around him and his opponent using his magic and seals off any escape through the gaps of the bone spires with his black flames. Then he unsheathes Charon and channels magic through the blade to carve a glyph in the air, that same glyph appears as the floor of the bone stadium and as a roof. The glyphs then proceed to activate, sparking up a massive torrent of black flames with an A.o.E that comprises of everything within the bone spires.
    • The strength and cost of the finisher is dependant on how wide of a circle the bone spires make, so if the circle diameter is about twelve feet than it would be a medium risk move in terms of energy drain, if the diameter was 36 feet or greater than the energy cost would range from high to last ditch.


  • Erato the Cat (RTH)
  • Paris Harrington the Poodle (AR)
  • Christian Mitchel the Cat (AR)
  • Mr. Harrington (AR)


Weigh-In Room

Alexander had finished his weigh in. He stepped off of the scale and put his shoes back on as well as his hoodie. He looked at the wall next to him. 10:23 a.m already? , he thought to himself. He had been there since 9:30 this morning. He looked at his watch just to reassure himself that the time was right.

Arnzarel had difficulty entering the building with his massive form, eventually however he managed to get into the door. Once he arrived to the weigh in room he simply lift up his foot and stomped down on the machine breaking it by "accident". Arnzarel simply shrugged his head and turned around.Soon the 15ft tall demon,(4.5meters) started to head towards the sign up room. "I suppose that would be a proper estimate of my mass."

The staff looked at the broken scale. "Um...all fighters waiting to weigh in, please wait until we get a new scale." A male fox said.

[The noire-haired woman had eventually decided that getting another scale instead of waiting would prove a better idea.]

A loud, high-pitched noise came from the PA system. "Ahem!" The tournament's designated announcer said, clearing his throat. He held a paper in front of him. He moved it around to straighten the paper out. The crinkling of paper was heard on the microphone. He began to speak. "All fighters report to the lobby! I repeat, all fighters report to the lobby! Those who are not present in 15 minutes will be disqualified!" He yelled, finishing his announcement.


Erato sat in a green couch, a completely comfortable one as well. He looked out the window next to him. It was sunny out and a bit hotter than normal, but it wasn't too bad.

A loud, high-pitched noise came from the PA system. "Ahem!" The tournament's designated announcer said, clearing his throat. He held a paper in front of him. He moved it around to straighten the paper out. The crinkling of paper was heard on the microphone. He began to speak. "All fighters report to the lobby! I repeat, all fighters report to the lobby! Those who are not present in 15 minutes will be disqualified!" He yelled, finishing his announcement.

The announcer stood next to a whiteboard with the contestant's fights drawn. He awaited the arrival of the fighters.

Arnzarel started to arrive as he slowly stomped into the Lobby awaiting his instructions. He could be seen being agitated and crumpy as with each step a loud booming noise was heard as the oversized demon prince entered the room.

The announcer looked to his right as he saw Arnzarel. "Did you ju-" He looked at Arnzarel's expression and shut up. He had never seen someone simply punch a wall and have it crumble.

Zerofuse, Raje, and Alexander all walked into the lobby one-by-one.

Exspira floated in through a wall while Moros just walked through the hole Arnzarel made.

[Eventually the noire-haired woman had arrived back at the lobby.] "My my, that was rude.." [Her armor and weapons now how a considerable shine and polish to them.]

Moros turned to the Noire haired lady. 'Well, probably because he's on his time of the month or however the saying goes...' He mouthed.

Tye eventually went to lobby where he saw everyone else wait for their opponent.

Nathan reached to the lobby, seeing everyone else that came. He was waiting to see who was his opponent.

The announcer looked around, looking for any last contestants. He believed everyone was present. "Alright fighters! How is everyone?" He asked. He got no reply as each fighter was focused on the fight. "Erm...I'll run down the rules!" He said. He went over everything from interferences to killing. "And that's it. Any questions?"

[The Noire-haired woman shook her head.]

"None" Arnzarel replied.

"No questions." Nathan replied.

"Nope", Tye says shaking his head.

The announcer smiled. "Alright! Here are the fights. Mr. Revenacío will be facing Mr. Frostflame." He said, pointing to the two of them. "Next we have Ms. Uisu against Ms. Furea." He said, pointing to the two. "Then we've got Mr. Nekrozia against..." The announcer stopped as he looked at Arnzarel. "...against Mr. Arnzarel." He said wil nervousness in his voice. "Then we'll have Mr. Spite against Nate the Hawk." He said, pointing to the two. "After that we'll have Mr. Firehart take on Mr. Adams." He said, pointing to the two. "And we'll finish with Tye and Xai." He said, breaking his formality. "Let the tournament begin!"

(Everyone's fight page has been created. You may begin to fight. -Rapid)

Sign-Up Room

Arnzarel stomped into the sign up room, he was rather large, but was able to move througout the open interior of the building. Eventually he came upon a kiask and leaned down to see if he could find anyone inside to refer him to the place as to where he should register for the tournament.

"Excuse me, I'm Arnzarel, I thought I would sign up for this tournament?"

Xai walked into the sign-up room, his horn-like ears twitching. "I could've sworn I heard an explosion over this way- Oh cool, a fighting tournament!" He put his name on the sign-up sheet.

Moros walked in, wrote his name in the sign up sheet and walked to lockers without a word.

Tye walks in and wrote his name on the sign up sheet. " This should be fun".

Nathan enters and writes his name on the sign up sheet. He then went to the lockers.

[A woman with pure noire hair and soul-cutting lightning blue eyes had wrote her name on the sign-up sheet. Her clothes were just as black as her hair, which layered itself over her right eye. Her left sleeve of her tailcoat was torn off, revealing a rather muscular, albeit still graceful frame. The surcoat had a weapon rack on the back, having three swords of varying lengths, it's almost practically glued, if not, sewn on and strapped for even more good measure. On the missing left sleeve, is a tanto clipped to the shoulder of the coat. Under the coat is just a simple sarashi, and below is a black skirt, showing a design that both the coat and the skirt had. A white rosen one. She wore knee-high boots with black and silver armor strapped upon the front. As well as a tipless gauntlet with armor on the top. Her left hand on the other hand has a full gauntlet, one that extended a little past her wrist compared to her sword hand's other.]

A woman in a robe walked in. Her hood covered her face, as well. She silently walked up and signed up. She wrote her name in what seemed to be a completely different language.

A figure in a hooded robe floated up to the sign up sheet and signed his name, leaving with a light hearted snicker.

A loud, high-pitched noise came from the PA system. "Ahem!" The tournament's designated announcer said, clearing his throat. He held a paper in front of him. He moved it around to straighten the paper out. The crinkling of paper was heard on the microphone. He began to speak. "All fighters report to the lobby! I repeat, all fighters report to the lobby! Those who are not present in 15 minutes will be disqualified!" He yelled, finishing his announcement.

Men's Locker Room

Raje Spite had opened up his locker. He took his black, unbuttoned shirt off, revealing his bare chest. He took a black t-shirt out of his backpack and put it on. He looked around, sizing up everyone.

From across the room Arnzarel could clearly stick out from the rest. He was a massive being that barely could crouch down to fit into the room. His bizarre and revolting light blue skin was hard on the eyes to view upon, this combined with his radiant and glowing yellow eyes, long serpent like tongue, adorned pair of horns, and long demonic like tail made him truly an oddity and a monstrosity to behold.

Xai entered the locker room. He was what you might have called an "everyday, normal hedgehog"... If not for the three rows of pointed teeth, horns, and talons for feet. He shoved his backpack into a random locker, then looked around and started sharpening his talons.

After Arnzarel signed his name with the best he could with his massive fingers he moved into the locker room. Once again he had trouble fitting through the doorway, but eventually he was able to squeeze through. He  looked around and sadly for him all the lockers were small and for the most part unusable to hold anything he owned.


Raje stared at Arnzarel. Damn he's tall. Hope I don't fight him. He thought. He then looked at Xai. He looks like he doesn't know how to fight. He thought before tightening his shoes.

Xai put on his lab coat and top hat. "Ready to prove my worth."

Arnzarel closed his eyes as he pretended to be meditating. He could sense mystical abilities and power within many of the contestants, which to him could potentially be useful in recruiting young members to serve in his army. His demonic senses went wild as the auras of various fighters were illuminated into his mind.

"Most intriguing" the demon prince said to himself.

Nathan entred and went to an empty locker. He put on there his backpack. "Let's see how will i do here." He then looked around.

Xai yawned, revealing his three rows of shark-like teeth. "How long are we going to have to wait?" he said irritably, tapping his foot.

Raje shrugged while looking through his bag. "I dunno. I think they're waiting for all the spots to be filled." H e replied, pulling a water bottle out of his bag. He twisted the cap off and took a swig of water before putting it back.

Nathan still waited to the battle. "I guess so. Do i know you guys? I think i saw you before." He replied, also recognizing Raje and Xai.

Raje took a closer look at Nathan, squinting a bit while looking at him. "...Nathan, right?" He asked, feeling some sort of connection.

"Yeah, i'm Nathan!" Nathan said, also feeling some sort of connection. "And you're... Raje, right?" He asked.

Arnzarel closed his eyes and started to meditate. The large demon prince was getting rather annoyed by the banter of the other contestants, but he instead tried to focus on assessing the power of the other opponents by tapping into his demonic senses to view any traces of mystical and/or supernatrual energy emmiting from the surrounding room.

Raje smiled and nodded. "The one and only." He said, laughing a bit. Raje looked at Arnzarel, feeling a bit of hostility coming from him. He shook his head and looked back at Nathan. "Long time no see, dude!"

Nathan nooded. "Yeah, it has been a long time. Hope you do well on the tournament." Nathan said, with a smile.

Raje smiled too. "You too." He said, holding his hand out for Nathan to shake. I wonder how strong he is... Raje thought. Raje was minorly interested in fighting Nathan.

Nathan shaked his hand with Raje's. "I wonder how strong has he became since we met last time." Nathan wasn't very interested in fighting Raje.

"GAH. I'm getting irritated here." Xai snapped, pacing back and forth as he waited for the tournament to start.

Moros looked at Xai with a sweatdrop. 'Just relax and take the time you have right now to clear your mind, train or do what ever pre fight preparations you would normally do...'

Arnzarel sensed Morros as he spoke with Xai. His distinct emptyness and connection with the Void was something that Arnzarel could distinctly pick up compared to everyone else who was present in the room. Soon the giant demon prince started to open his eyes and fix his gaze directly upon Morros with utter disgust and animosity.

"Hmph, Moros..."

Moros looked at Arnzarel with a casual glance, like he was not worth the time or the effort it took to hate someone.

'Well, I guess I'll get the opportunity to show what happens to those who back out of a deal with me afterall..'

In response to this Arnzarel let out a loud demon growl that while not at his full force was quite ferocious.

"Remember I know the secrets of your power, Moros. Even that little realm of yours can be affected by my mastery of magic!"

Moros just shrugs. 'All that hot air coming from you, and yet you are still afflicted with the same curses.. For someone with a 'mastery' of magic you don't seem to have much to show for it..'

"Never confuse mortal magic with the devine Moros, you of all people should know this. Even now the Figthing God taunts me to rip your heart out."

'All because he doesn't have the stones to do it himself..' 

"It's not wise to tempt the Fighting God Moros, then again, by all means please do so."

'The fighting god has no power over me.. The void has been around longer than all of creation, and it will survive even after all of creation has died..'

"Empty words for an empty being." Arnzarel replied.

'Says the cowardly peon who's own fighting god cannot back up his claims himself and resorts to sending trash to do his work for him..'

A loud, high-pitched noise came from the PA system. "Ahem!" The tournament's designated announcer said, clearing his throat. He held a paper in front of him. He moved it around to straighten the paper out. The crinkling of paper was heard on the microphone. He began to speak. "All fighters report to the lobby! I repeat, all fighters report to the lobby! Those who are not present in 15 minutes will be disqualified!" He yelled, finishing his announcement.

Arnzarel then turned and stomped towards the looker room's doors, rather than forcing himself to fit in the demon prince instead punched the wall causing it to crumble beneath his force before stepping over the debris as he exited the room.

Xai laughed and leapt out of the hole Arnzarel left behind.

Moros sighed and followed Arnzarel.

Nathan went to the lobby after hearing the announcer.

Women's Locker Room

[Meanwhile, in the Woman's Locker Room, the noire-haired woman is performing maintenance on her weapons and armor.]

"Please keep it down out there.." [The woman said from behind the door.]

A loud, high-pitched noise came from the PA system. "Ahem!" The tournament's designated announcer said, clearing his throat. He held a paper in front of him. He moved it around to straighten the paper out. The crinkling of paper was heard on the microphone. He began to speak. "All fighters report to the lobby! I repeat, all fighters report to the lobby! Those who are not present in 15 minutes will be disqualified!" He yelled, finishing his announcement.

[The woman winced from the sound, she finished performing maintenance and put everything on, taking about five minutes to do so. She then head off to the lobby.]



The arena doors were opened as fans rushed in to get seats. There was music playing, the kind of music that makes you feel pumped up. The lights were all on and the ring was still getting it's finishing touches. The ring was very large. It was 100 yards by 50 yards. The ring was in different forms split into four equal squares. Looking at it from the entrance, in the upper left square, it was a sandy area. In the upper right corner was rocky with a very large "mountain" about 20 feet tall. In the lower left corner, it was simple, flat, plain concrete. The final corner, the bottom right, was grassy with flowers, a willow tree, and a small pond.

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