This RP will take place in Chun-Nan within the The Panda Clan, the Ryu branch to be specific. People from all over the universe are invited to compete. The tournament is a Dragonball Z styled tournament. There will be a large staduim (Capable of filling millions). People's opponents will be chosen at random, and unless they have a real problem with the battle or with another user, then that's who they will face off against. If anyone breaks the following rules they may face being temporarily or permanently banned from the RP. Also if two users would like a specific battle against each other (Or one user would like to challenge another) they can do so on the talk page. So long as the person hasn't already been eliminated from the tournament. Also users (other than the ones competing at that time) will be able to waeger who will win. It's purely for fun! You can do so on the talk page! Miss a match or want to relive it? Visit here!



You WILL not:

  1. God-mod
  2. Insult others
  3. Be a troll
  4. Alter the plot drastically (unless it is approved of)
  5. Swear excessively, unless you are going to censor the words
  6. No Sexual Content Allowed (except for simple flirts,kissing,etc)


Characters that will actually Battle. Name that are crossed out may appear in the roleplay, but have been eliminated.

John Rose(played by SonamyLover68) Mary the Raccoon(played by HinataLover24)


People who will be watching the fights.

  • Keiko the Panda (Played by Famotill)
  • The Hanzo Branch (Played by Famotill, and others with permission)
  • The Ryu Branch (Played by Famotill, and others with permission)
  • The Chi Branch (Played by Famotill, and others with permission)
  • Bella the Bandicoot (Played by Famotill)
  • Mystic the Bat (Played by Famotill)
  • Blade the Hedgehog (Played by Famotill)
  • Daifu the Panda (Played by Famotill)
  • Reidou the Panda (Played by Famotill)
  • Xifeng the Phoenix (Played by Famotill)
  • Ling the Mouse (Played by Famotill)
  • Natalya the Raven (Played by Famotill)
  • Jassy the Genie (Played by Famotill)
  • Paris the Wolf (Played by Famotill)
  • Kasaz the Bat (Played by Famotill)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Played by Anyone)
  • Rouge the Bat (Played by Anyone)
  • Honey the Cat (Played by Anyone)
  • Marine the Raccoon (Played by Famotill)
  • Bean the Dynamite (Played by Famotill)
  • Cameron the Wolf and the Windstalkers (Played by KP)
  • N the Hedgehog (played by JMB; he'd rather watch his older brother and his younger sister than to fight)
  • Hali the Hedgehog (played by Shima)
  • Thresher XL, MACH10 and Desert Hawk (both played by JMB; who says cars can't be audiences?)
  • Twister the Fox (played by Twist)
  • Claire Ouron the Hedgehog (played by Chaos)
  • Violet\Bio the Hedgehogs (played by Chaos. Is there for Shadow, J and Shima)
  • Justin the Dog (Played by Kagi; no way he'd stand up to some of these monsters XD)
  • Jake the "Wolf" (Played by Kagi; he's out to cause trouble.)
  • Shun the Panda (Rumor has it that he will be there, Played by Famotill)
  • Sledge the hedgehog (Played be Santer)
  • Rebound "Rebaz" the Carbuncle (Played by Santer, he was in the area so... yea)
  • Ryushu the Cat and Pokes (played by Ryu)
  • Linebeck the Ferret and Rosa (played by Ryu)
  • Boyin the Panda (The loud mouthed announcer, Played by Famotill)
  • Tiaojie the Panda (The "referee", he declares the match start, and the match end and by what means. Played by Famotill)
  • Shade the Echidna (played by anyone)
  • Shui the Panda (Played by Famotill)
  • Devin the Fox (Played by Ddevore2)(I won't cuss, I swear.)
  • Heidi the Cat (played by Twist)
  • Nara the hedgehog (played by final laser 713)


Part 1: Enter Dragon Fist!

This first section shows characters leaving for Chun-Nan to enter the Dragon Fist Tournament!

Ming:*Packing clothes* Ma, you ready?!

Reidou:Yes! Le's go. We must catch our flight.

Ming:I've sent invitations out to as many people as I could! I hope people will join.

Daifu:Let's go!

(They all leave the house. The next clip shows them in an airplane flying to Chun-Nan.)

[A Windstalker Freelancer swoops by the plane, creating heavy turbulence...]

Ming:*Looks out the Window* Looks like people have heard about it already.

[Then a Galaxy flies by...]

Ming:*Still looking out the window* Hmm?

[Then....a Glacian Wolf Shoeblading in the air...?]


(With J and Mecha Sadie...)

J: [looks at the poster] "Dragon Fist Tournament"?

Mecha Sadie: YAY! Time for me to put up my kiai in it! [her body makes robotic beeps]

N: Eh. I'd rather be an audience. [speeds off] I'll root for you two!

J: Should we tell Shima?

Mecha Sadie: Yeah! [grabs onto J's hand and prepares to use her jet boots] Let's go!

J: [sweat drops] W-W-W-Wait! Can't we just Chaos control to Shi- [gets taken off] MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

(Meanwhile with Shima...)

(Shima is at Tails' workshop, getting ready to leave for Chun-Nan)

Tails: Were are you going, Shima?

Shima: To Chun-Nan! There's supposed to be a tournament there, and Sonic and I are going to enter.

Tails: Cool! Good luck!

Shima: Thanks! (leaves to go find Sonic and Hali)

(She meets up with Hali, who also has a bag packed)

Hali: Shima! Ready to go the Chun-Nan?!

Shima: Yeah!! But first, I want to find Sonic. Meet you at the airport?

Hali: (nods) 'Kay! Meet you there! (Hali runs off to go to the airport while Shima goes off to find Sonic)

(Meanwhile with N...)

N: [whistles while running to find the Dragon Fists tournament] I can't wait to be the audience! J would never let me down!

(N continues to find the Dragon Fist tournament, but before he can do that, he has to find Hali (and Sonic) first. He stops by at the airport to wait for J and Mecha Sadie)

N: Whew! it took me only 10 minutes to find the airport. Now then... [looks at the post card about the Dragon Fist tournament that is located in Chu-Nan] Chu-Nan, huh? Sweet ^_^.

(J and Mecha Sadie arrives)

J: [groans dizzily] Did we find Shima...?

Mecha Sadie: Nope. But I found the airport that can take us to Chu-Nan! [giggles robot-like]

N: [sees J and Mecha Sadie] Hey, you two ^_^!

Mecha Sadie: [jumps around (which causes every landing to cause clanking sounds)] Let's wait for the others ^_^!

J: [dizzily] Oookay....

(The three waits for Shima and the others to arrive at the airport Bella and her group arrive at the airport.)

Bella:Oh, I can't wait for this tournament!

Natalya:Me either!

Jassy:It sounds exiciting!

N: [sees Bella, Natalya and Jassy] Looks like more people are arriving!

Mecha Sadie: YAAAYY!!!

J: Sweetness.

Bella:*Walks over to J* Hey J! *Sees Sadie and N* Who are they?

J: [points to N] That's my younger brother N and [points to Mecha Sadie] my robo-sis Sadie.

N: ^_^

Mecha Saide: HI!

Bella:*To Sadie and N* Hi! I'm Bella! *Points to Jassy* These are my friends Jassy, *Points to Natalya* and Natalya!

Mecha Sadie: Cool! [rushes over to Jassy and Natalie and she shakes their hands (although not causing them to be roboticized]

N: [laughs] She's always like that ^_^.

J: Indeed, N. Indeed.

Bella:So are you guys entering the tournament?

J and mecha Sadie: Uh-huh!

N: I'm just gonna root for them ^_^.

Bella:I'll be in the crowd too! You know they say Chun-Nan is a great place for romance and celebration!

N: Sweet! I even got this postcard invitation! [shows Bella his Chu-nan postcard invitation]

Mecha Sadie: I've been there before! I found my big brother J!

Twister: me too! *with Meta and he is shown without his mask on* You okay about this Meta?

Meta-Fox: of course I am......I'm ready for anything......

???: "Look out everyone!"

Mecha Sadie and N: [moves out of the way]

J: Chaos Shield! [a ball of Chaos sheild (which is green) forms to protect Jassy, antalie, Bella and himself]

Twister: uhhhh forgot someone? *still tapping foot and Meta is gone*

J: Get inside, Twister!

Twister: ahead of ya on that *gets in*

[Cameron zooms by, blowing everyone down to their butts. J, N and Mecha Sadie, however, emerges unscathed]

N: What just happened?

Mecha Sadie: And who blew up a perfectly good airport?!

Twister: I don't know....... just hope Meta knows what he's doing.....

N: Yup.

J: [to himself] Guess Cameron's enthusiasm has gotten the best of him...

Mecha Sadie: Who?

Twister: *blushing a little since he's near bella and jassy* I should go find my seat in the crowd......

Mecha Sadie: [goes inside the airport, with J and N following her]

J: Meet ya at Chu-nan, Twist!

Twister:heheh....yeah *zooms off to his 70's sports car*

(Twist:he stillkeeps the green sports car)

Twister: *searches his pockets for his key* alright heres the key? *checks under his hat* oh don't tell me I dropped it....

Bella:*Picks up Twister's keys, and tosses them to him.* Here you did drop 'em.

Twister: thank you ^_^' ......yeah if you wanna go with me your driving *tosses her the keys back*

Bella:You know we can't drive over water, right?

Twister: yeah, as in you drive us home I fly us to chu-nan......simple as that....or we could go to Olara and take meta's ship......either way we'd be there by light, he said we could use his ship.....

Bella:Well I have plane tickets already....^_^' sorry.

Twister: I had mine too, I just forgot I had them....looks like we're flying together anyway.....lets go *walks off back to the airport*

[two shadows, one draconic and one birdlike, pass over]

(Twist:simply speaking reminds me of time crisis, bella or jassy should have the key)

(Smash's Part)

Smash had seen the announcement for the Dragon Fist Tournament about a week ago, and since then he had been training extensively. When the day finally came, he rode his motorcycle to the airport. He had gotten there just in time. The flight was going to take off soon. He ran the rest of the way until he got to the plane, where he finally relaxed on his plane seat. Although, thinking back to the last time he was on a plane, he wasn't exactly as relaxed as he would have liked to be.

In another town, A dark violet fox holding a bag, suitcase, and backpack ran through the airport until he finally got onto the plane. He was the last passenger to get on there. It took off almost as soon as he got in. "Finally...That took longer than it should have." He said, wiping sweat from his brow. He chose a seat and sat down exhaustedly. "Phew..." He looked out the window. Dragon Fist Tournament...This is my test. If I can win this...His thoughts trailed off as he began to nod off to sleep.

On the same plane, A female purple fox came over to his seat. "....JAMES!" The boy jumped out of his seat, frightened, only to the girls amusement. "Heh, I thought I'd find you here." She chuckled. "Aw, gimmie a break, Jessie. I've been running for hours and I was almost late because I had to do the dishes." James complained as he sat back down. His eyes quickly widened and glanced at her. "Wait..What are you doing here anyway?" "Isn't it obvious? I'm entering the tournament!" She sat next to him. "There's no way I'd miss out on something this big. Especially not if you're gonna try and sneak off without me." James shrugged. "Where's everyone else? Crystal? Zap?" He asked. "They couldn't make it. So it's just you and me for now." She replied.

(Back with J and Mecha Sadie, they arrive inside a large airplane and they sit next to each other. N, however, wasn't inside the plaane)

J: Say... where did N go?

Mecha Sadie: Maybe he went off to rent a plane?

J: Could be.

[Cameron seems to have left behind a trail of Spark-powder.]

Hali: (walks down the aisle and sees J and Mecha Sadie) Oh, hey, J!

J: [gets up from the chair and hugs Hali excitedly] Hi, Hali!

Mecha Sadie: [waves hi to Hali] Hi, Hali! [the reaon why she knew Hali's name because J mentioned it, then notices the trail of spark-powder]

Hali: (hugs J back) Are you guys going to Chun-Nan, too?

J: Uh-huh.

Mecha Sadie: [her hand turns into a vacuum cleaner and takes out the trail of spark-powder, before turning to Hali] yeah! Chu-nan's gonna be a blast!

J: Yeah, even N, my younger brother. Dunno where he is, though...

Mecha Sadie: Uhh.... J? [points tot he window, showing N walking torwards his fighter jet plane]

(Outsilde 4 hedgehogs are play fighting for the games)

Kayden: Come on Sonic if you can't beat anyone here there is no way you're going to win in the real thing!

Sonic: Oh yeah that's you think Kayden!

Kaia: Come on Violet is that your best?

Violet: Your going to wish you didn't ask!

N: [walks past by Sonic, Kayden, Kaia and Violet and goes inside his fighter jet plane, the "T31- Striker" (an equivalent of the F-22 Raptor)] Now then. [puts on his goggles] Chu-Nan, here we come! [starts up his jet plane's engines]

Kayden: Hey is that J?

(Chaos: Guy's Kayden has never met N up to now)

Kaia: Don't think so let's keep going.

(N waits for the large airplane to take off)

???: Ummmm hello is your Kayden?

Kayden: Uh yeah who are you how do you know me?

???: I'm Claire you don't know it but... I'm're sister.

Kayden and Kaia: Huh?

Claire: I know you think i'm crzay but that is what mom say'd.

Kayden: Whoa I had no clue i had a sis or even a famly at that!

Claire: I'm sorry to bug you like this.

Kayden: Ah you're cool if you want you can see us fight.

Claire: OH NO! Thaink but I don't like fighting.

Kayden: That's cool i guess i'll see you soon?

Claire: Sure!

???: "What is that?"

[A cloaked figure approaches the plane, he's wearing Magus Robes...]

(Back in the Plane, everyone is sitting in there seats. The plane will be taking off soon. The last of the people should board the plane.)

Shamia:How come you aren't entering Mr.Blade?

Blade:*Sighs* I'd like to see how your training has payed off from a spectator point of view.

Mystic:I packed my kimono for this occasion!

Twister: *walks in and sees mystic* *to himseilf* make no eye-contact...please do not make eye contact T_T

J: [looking out the window to look for N] I'm sure he's around here somewhere...

Mecha Sadie: [giggles robotically] Of course he's around here somewhere, J ^_^!

(Out of the plane)

Kayden: Hey i think that plane is going to take off soon i don't think it's a good idea to go up to it like that!

???: ....

Kayden: Uhhh....

Sonic: I don't like this

Kaia: You too huh?

Claire: Sir?

N: [thinking] That plane's getting ready to take off...

Violet: You want to get ran over!?

N: [looks around (his fighter jet plane wasn't moving until the large airplane (where J, Hali, Shima, Mecha Sadie and the others are) takes off]

Airplane Pilot:*The Loudspeaker* This is the last call for all those heading for Chun-Nan.

N: Finally.

Twister: *sees mystic didn't notice him* phew *takes his seat said on the ticket* least she didn;t make eye-contact

???: "Feh..."

[The figure gets on the plane.]


Kayden: Hey that's are plane let's go!

(The others walk in)

J: Chu-Nan's gonna be fun!

Mecha Sadie: [hugs J excitedly] YAY!!

Bella:*Looks out the window to see "???" running towards the plane* Is that...?

[The figure runs towards the plane frantically.]

???: I SAID WAIT UP!!!!

Twister: *looking out the window that was next to hers* oh do NOT tell me what I see

Ticket Collector:*Signs to the Pilot to hold on*

[The Magus figure looks at the other figure.]

(Sonic and team get in the plane)

[The figure is Justin, carrying a bunch of bags.]

Justin: I said... *takes deep breath, uses Hyper Voice* WAIT UP!!!!

[The plane shakes a bit from the impact of Hyper Voice.]

J: [covers ears] TOO LOUD DX!!!

(Suddenly Shima pushes past Justin to get into a seat)

Shima: (to Justin) Oh! Sorry!

Mecha Sadie: [growls robotically] Who made him deaf??

J: Ugh... [looks around, yet his vision is blurry from Justin's hyper voice] hali...? Sadie...?

(Justin stumbles over from all of his luggage.)

Justin: Oof!!

(Kagi: He isn't on the plane yet.)
(Shima: Oh. My bad XD)

Mecha Sadie: [glares at Justin formt he window]

J: Oi...

Sledge: *sitting on the wing of the plane, shaken up by the hyper voice* ow, my ears.

(Meanwhile, on a hill near the airport...)

Kotuumath: Lookit them, cramming onto that plane. How sad. The only way to travel is by your own wings!

Albus: Well...some of us don't have wings...

Linebeck: Yeah...

Shanoa: I can fly using Volaticus...

Ryu: I has Pokemon.

Kotuumath: Well, you two...(points at Albus and Linebeck)...will hafta fly piggyback. Unless...(to Ryu)'re carrying more than one flying Pokemon...?

Ryu: Condorath, Charizard and Honchkrow.

(Back near the plane...)

Justin: *struggles to get up and get his luggage* Is it too much to for someone help me!?

(Three figures run by, one of them accidentaly runs over Justin's hand with his skates. It's the WildFire RiderZ)

Fire:Oh,sorry bro!*They all enter the plane*

(Back in the plane)

Violet: J hi how are you?

J: [sweat drops] I thought this trip was gonna be fantastic and all I get was Justin killing off my hearing... [turns to Violet] Hey, Violet. Not feeling too good, because Justin killed off my hearings...

Violet: Oh hello Shima, can I sit down?

Shima: Sure!

(Hali goes and sits up with Team Chaotix, and Tattoo finds a seat)

(In the airport)

Justin: *howls in pain* Damnit!!

(Kagi: He's only yelling because he still a ways from the plane.)

[Four people, two being carried by the two others, who have wings, land nearby]

Kayden: (Look's at them) GHAAAAAAAAA!!!

Justin: *shakes injured hand* Damnitall, is it too much to get some help here!?!?



Virlash:Och, shald we haelp the lassah?

Clare: Wow there is a lot of other guy's here

Kayden: Yeah your not kidding

Sledge: you guy's are noisy.

(Then, a large cocoon of vines bursts out of the floor!)

Claire: AHHHH What is that!?

Sonic: (runs by and sees the giant cocoon) Uh...Okay... Crap! The plane's going to leave any minute! (runs to the plane)

Justin: Wait up!!! *struggling to get up and grab his luggage*

Sonic: (hears Justin and stops and goes back to him) Need some help?

Justin: Yeah, I could really use it. *sighs* I shoulda taken up Statyx's offer for Chaos Control, but nooo, I had to take the long "more relaxing" route.

Sonic: Yeah, that would've been easier. (picks up some of the luggage) We better get going, or we'll miss the flight! (gets ready to go to the plane, but stops) Say...How do you know Statyx?

Justin: Oh, well, it's a long story.

Sonic: (shifts the luggage around in his arms) Well, we have a whole plane ride for you to tell it.

Justin: *gets up, carrying some of his luggage* If you don't fall asleep in the middle of it.

Sonic: Hehe, don't worry, I won't. Now let's go and get a good seat.

(The two of them heads towarsd the plane)

(Kagi: My fursona has never met Sonic, so I figure Sonic would be surprised that Statyx knows Justin.)

(The cocoon opens, revealing Casey the Rabfox and Brannan the Meerkat!)

Casey: Giant vines are the only way to travel!

(Kairu jumps out of a random shadow, and Kyle explodes in.)

Kairu: DAMMIT!

Brannan: HAHA! We win! (puls his shirt over his head and runs around yahooing and shouting)

Kyle: Ah, who the hell cares? The plane's leaving! FORWARDS! (they all run onto the plane) Hey, Shims!

Shima: Hey, Kyle!

J: [falls asleep and lies his head onto Mecha Sadie's shoulder]

Mecha Sadie: [strokes J's quills with her metallic hand; chuckles softly/robotically]


???: KAI-KAI!!!

(It's Emily, but Kyle doesn't seem fazed. Kairu on the other hand, is panicking)

Kyle: Oh, look, it's Emily. >8D!


???: KAI-KAI!!!

(It's Emily, but Kyle doesn't seem fazed. Kairu on the other hand, is panicking)

Kyle: Oh, look, it's Emily. >8D!

J: [mumbles in his sleep]

Mecha Sadie: [watches Kyle and Emily before playing her song that can drown out the noise (only from inside of her)]

.59 - DJ Taka

.59 - DJ Taka

DJ Taka - .59

(Back with Ryushu and the others)

[Cameron skids up to them.]

Cameron: "Hey guys, howyadoin'?"

Ryu: Hi Cameron! We were just about to go to Chu-Nan!

Kaia: (Look's at Csmeron) Hello there who may you be?

Cameron: "Colonel Cameron Froster (No that's not my real last name), as well as a representer of the Storm Dragon, Thundras!"

Kaia: "Colonel" of what may i ask?

Cameron: "My? Aren't you curious, Task Force 41, AND the Windstalkers."

Kaia: I see my name is Kaialee (small bow) Kaialee the Hedehog.

Announcer: Last boarding for the plane to Chun-Nan. All those going to Chun-Nan, please board the plane.

N: [inside his fighter jet plane] Sweet!

(Inside the plane...)

J: [sleepily] Yay...

Mecha Sadie: ^_^

Kayden: Hey J? You do know your siting next to a robot right?

J: [sleepily] Yeah... but she's my sis... event hough she was roboticized...

Shadow:I think ill sign in what do u think guys?

Neo: Hey why don't l just wait until we leave f*******.

Part 2: Welcome to Chun-Nan

Pilot:Okay everyone get ready. We are taking off for Chun-Nan. Enjoy yourselves on the ride, and until further notice please remain seated. *The airplane travels down the strip. It takes off into the sky.*

Claire: Wow were flying now!

Neo: finally took them forever.

Shima: (looks out the window)

[Out the winder is a half-dragon carrying a cat, and a tigeroan bird carrying a weasel]

Sledge: *sitting on the wing, sleeping* zzzzzzzz

Kyle: Hey Shims, bet you're wondering why Emily's hanging off Kairu, not me.

Pliot:You may now stand up to use facilities. Thank you.

Bella:*Looks out the window in amazement*

Natalya:*Listening to music on her Mp3.*-

(Back on the hill...)

Kotuumath: They're taking off! Let's go!

Ryu: Okay! (pulls out three Pokeballs and throws them, releasing Condorath, Honchkrow and Charizard; she gets on Condorath's back)

(Shanoa activates Volaticus as Albus and Linebeck get on the backs of Honchkrow and Charizard. The group then takes off into the air.)

Violet: What is it Shima?

Shima: Oh, nothing..

Kyle: Come on, guesstimate! Why is Emily goin' after Kairu now? Betcha can't guess!

Shima: I dunno. Why?

Violet: Hey Shima who is this?

Kyle: (grins evilly) I tricked her into thinking we were going on a date, then got into her head with a laser scalpel. All I had to to was rearrage some neurons, and give 'er a good zap in the brainbox, and wallah! (points to Kairu, who is passed out from Emily hugging him too hard, and she still is) (to Violet) Oh, I'm Kyle, Kyle the Hedgehog. Pleased ta meet you!

Shima: Wow.

Violet: ....... I'm Violet. it's good to meet you too.

Kyle: (smiles) (to Shima) Plus I made her twice as in love with him as she was with me. Neurosurgery. Gotta love it!

Shima: Poor guy. His problem now.

Kyle: That's the fun part! (evil laugh)

Shima: Hehe. (looks back out the window)

Vector:*Listening to music looking out the window*

Espio:*Reading a book*


Espio:*Still looking at the book* What is it Charmy...

Charmy:Are we there yet?

Espio:*Calm Voice, still looking at the book* We just took off.

Charmy:............Are we there now?

Espio:Charmy, don't start this *Still looking at book*

Charmy:I just want to know if we're there uet.

Espio:*Closes book, and holds his head*



Flight Attendent:Sir, please keep your voice down.

Espio:Sorry.*Opens his book again*

Charmy:Are we there yet?

Espio:*Pokes Charmy in a pressure point in his neck, Charmy falls asleep snoring loudly. Espio continues reading like nothing happened.*

Hali: (sleeping next to Espio) Zzzzz...

Espio:*Looks at Hali. He closes his book and smiles. He looks at Vector, then Charmy, and then back at Hali, he whispers* One big happy family *He rests his head on Hali's and doses off*

Kaia: So when do you think (look's at Kayden who is asleep) hmph (Take's out a book and start's to read) hmmm it's almost like... No i don't think so.

Neo: so espio having fun with your family.

(At the runway...)

N: Looks like it's my cue! [controls his fighter jet plane and flies off, following the airplane where everyone are]

(His fighter jet plane whooshes by Kotuumath, Albus, Ryu, Linebeck, Shanoa and the Pokemon as it follows the large plane)

(Kagi: Is Ming on the same plane?)
(No she left on an earlier plane so she could visit her family.)
(Kagi: Dang. I was hoping Zero could meet up with her.)
(Famo-Well she is helping to sign people into the contest)

N: [follows the large plane where everyone is; then uses his communicator to talk to the pilots] Hey, don't mind me. I'm just here to protect you guys in case enemies come here and attack your passengers.

???: (Right next to the jet) Hey! That's OUR job!

N: Huh? [looks to the left; thinking] Waaaait.... I was here first!

(Flying next to the jet is Kotuumath!)

N: At least you won't fly alone, right?

(Shanoa and the flying Pokemon fly next to Kotuumath.)

Sledge: *partially frozen over and awake. he cracks a grin* nice and cold

(Back on the plane)

Claire: (Some what shy) So how long have you know'en my bro?

Kaia: A long time.

Claire: tee haha! So how DO you know him?

Kaia: .... That's a long story.

Claire: I see....

Kaia: Let's just say i own him my live. Without him I'd he dead by now....

Claire: ........

J: [still asleep and his head is lying onto Mecha Sadie's shoulder]

Mecha Sadie: [lies her robotic head onto J's head] This'll be the greatest trip ever...

Violet: You seem to like him a lot were you a part of his old family?

Mecha Sadie: yes. And Eggman deceived me into thinking that he was gonna cure me, but instead, he betrayed me. Now, I wanted to be with my brothers and that even though I'm permanently roboticized, I still love them.

Violet: Hm that's kind of sad but i guess you're happy you're still yourself. I almost lost myslfe too. In fact i did for a long time but your bother save'ed me and now i own almost everone everthing i have.

Mecha Sadie: [nods] And even though I'm a Robian, at least I'm powerful enough to take out enemies. [giggles slightly and robotically]

Violet: That make's two of us! (look's at the robot body she is in) So don't you want out of there or are you happy how you are?

Mecha Sadie: Heh. I'm happy on how I look. Even though I'm permanently a robot, at least I can take down enemies with ease, right ^_^?

Diaboro: hello nephew.

Neo: Hey uncle how are you doing

Diaboro: doing fine Neo.

(A few hours later)

Pilot:Everyone please remain seated. We are approaching a landing.

Kayden: *Ywan* We're there?

[The hooded Magus still isn't sitting...]

Flight Attendant:Sir, you must be seated.

(meanwhile with Meta-Fox who is currently gliding over Chu-Nan)

Meta-Fox: I must prove my worth as a knight, and show that my victory is my golden destiny of life *lands on top of a hill that looms over the arena* and also.....I wish to be the most fair to my opponents, and give them the fair battle they wish for.....

Ming:*At the Sign up area, about a mile from the Arena. There are white flags that flow from the sign up booths. There is a long stone path behind them where people can walk to the arena from. The competitors can sign up at either booth. There are many opponents signing up. Millions of people are heading towards the arena to watch.* Please...everyone make a single file lign.

Abumi:*Runs up to the booth* Ming!

Ming:Ai-Ai! *Comes from behind the booth and gives her a big hug* You're entering the contest too?

Abumi:Sure am. So how has life been?

Ming:Complicated, speaking of that. There are some friends I want you to meet.

Abumi:Where are they?

Ming:Well not here yet, but they will be.

Pang:*Eating Chips, muffled* Hey Ming-Ming!

Ming:Hi Pang, you entering this year.

Pang:Yup and guess what!


Pang:I unlocked my Soul of Sotapanna!

Ming:Wow! THat's excellent. I doubt you'll be eliminated in the first round this time!

Pang:Geez...thanks -_-'

Ming:Alright guys come and sign up!

(The two follow Ming behind the booth. They sing their names, and stay there to help Ming. More competitors approach the booth, and sign their name.)

[Four people appraoch. One is a half-dragon, half-fox. One is a Tigeroan Bird with axes. One is a Weasel. Finally, Nogale is also with them]

Ming:*Smiles widely. She whispers to Abumi* THere's one of them now.

Abumi:*Tauntingly* Oh he's handsome Ming.

Ming:Ssshhh!*Sees that they are all up to the booth* ^_^' Oh hello! Glad you are entering the Dragon Fist Tournament. Just sign your name below and *Acting Suprised* Nogale, is that you?

Nogale:No need to be surprised, I heard both of you. THe half-dragon is Maekyn, the axebird is Virlash, the weasel is Dragairo

Maekyn:*narrows eyes*

Virlash:OCH! Ahll shael faehr mah axes!

Dragairo:Show me something smashable.

Ming:Great sign here! Good luck Nogale, maybe we'll get to battle! *Blushes*

Nogale:*signs* You now I won't hold back

[the others sign]

Finally, the plane landed and loads of other people began flooding out. Along with them, Smash came out and stepped onto the ground. "So..This is Chun-Nan..." He looked around. "Well, Lets do this." He headed for the signup area.

Tattoo: (steps out of the plane) Whoa... This place looks inredible! (heads towards the signup booth.)

Another plane was letting out more people. A lot of them seemed to be heading to enter the audience. Jessie and James came out and walked on the ground. "Fresh air at last." James sighed happily. "I don't like flying." Jessie was looking at their surroundings. "Whoa. It's like a whole new world out here." She said in awe. "We'd better not get lost, 'cause we ain't coming back if we do. Lets go over there." She lead him towards the signup area.

Kayden: (Walk out of his own plane) Awsome!

Claire: Wow....

Mecha Sadie: [J is still asleep so he was sleeping onto her back; looks at Chu-nan] YAY! CHU-NAN!

Violet: Shhh your going to wake him.

Kayden: Violet You coming?

Violet: No i don't want to end up fighting family go on with out me i'll see you soon.

Kaia: Ok don't be late. (the 3 run off)

(With N...)

N: [sees Chu-Nan before making a landing from his jet plane] Chu-Nan... intersting...

(N parks his plane at the plane parking and takes off his goggles before stepping out of his jet plane)

Violet: Hello you're J's bro right?

N: [nods]

Violet: I'm Violet J's new sister it's good to meet you.

N: Thanks ^_^.

(Shima, Sonic, Neo, Diaboro, and Team Chaotix exit the plane)

Sonic: There's the signup area! Let's go!

Neo: Good luck everyone.

Kayden: Hey Sonic! (Sonic looks at Kayden) I'll see you later! Don't hold back i sure won't.

Neo: sonic (sonic looks at Neo) l'll see you later too!

(They go to the signup booth)

Tattoo: (sees Ming) M-Ming!

Ming:Hey Tattoo *Smiles at Abumi and elbows her* You gonna join too? *Blushing* I hope I see you soon.

Tattoo: (blushes) Of course! (signs his name) Hope to see you soon! (waves goodbye and leaves)

Abumi:Ming, he seems really nice, I could see you dating him!

(Justin staggers out of the plane, his muzzle a pale green.)

J: [wakes up and jumps off from Mecha Sadie and heads to the signup booth, with Mecha Sadie following him]

Mecha Sadie: We're gonna sign up, big bro ^_^!

Justin: Oh man... *gulps* I ate somethin really nasty...

Meta-Fox: *flies in slowly using his wings to slowly stop his flight* this is the sign-up booth correct?

Dragairo:*to justin* Would smashing make ya feel better??

(Shadow Come's for out of nowhere and sings-up)

(Neo finally signs-up)

(Chaos: Feel free to take over Shadow for me i don't do that good of a job as him.)

Violet: Shadow you're signing-up too?

Shadow: Yeah.

Violet: Good luck then.

Neo: yeah don't hold back on me alright shadow.

(J and Mecha Sadie has finished signing up. N follows Violet (most likely because she's going to spectate the fight))

(Chaos: Most likey)

Meta-Fox: *thinking to himself* I hope I know what I am preparing to do........sincerely myself I'm not noticed by Ming, now thats sorta good an bad for me...but don't care at all -_-'*

Ming:Abumi there's Meta!

Abumi:He's cute, well ya gonna talk to him?

Ming:Oh right!Hey Meta, are you signing up for the tournament?

Meta-Fox: Yeah! *takes mask off and puts on his back* why do you ask????

Ming:I'm working the sign-up booth this year. You'll have to sign your name to enter...*Slides him the paper and ink brush*

Meta-Fox: wow. but thank you *signs the paper with his signature* your welcome, are your siblings in this as well? or your parents too? I only wonder....

Ming:*Giggles* No, my parents are watching, but not fighting. Plus, these aren't my siblings there my cousins. This is Abumi, and this is Pang.

Meta-Fox: close enough, but still very interesting *waves to abumi and Pang and walks up to them nervously*

(Meanwhile with J and Mecha Sadie, they have arrived at the arena.)

J: [watches the TV] Wow. This is so cool!

Mecha Sadie: I say ^_^!

Kayden: So Kai who do you HAAA *Smack* Ow HEY WHAT WAS THAT FOR! *Smash* GAHHH will you stop that!

Kaia: Stop calling me Kai. You were saying?

Kayden: Who do you think will win?

Kaia: Hard to tell at this pont Ever one has there own power that make them beter then everone else in that field.

Kayden: So everone has there own thing there best at you're telling me. I understand!.

(A young girl steps in front of everyone.)

Keiko:Sign-ups are over there. You may sign up at either booth. If you do not sign-up you will not be apart of this year's tournament. So everyone good luck, and train hard.The Primary Rounds will be held tommorrow mornin at 10:00 sharp, make sure your there or it will be counted as forfeit if you are picked. All contestants will be provided with a room at the Phoenix Flower Inn. It is a comfortable 5-Star Hotel that everyone will enjoy. The audience may stay with contestants if invited otherwise they must settle in other hotels of their choosing. Have a great time!

Rebaz: *above the crowd* wow! i-iv never seen so many people!

Sledge: *in the crowd* guess i'll find somewhere cool to sleep for now. *walk's off*

(Cheerleaders form into an area. The take an impressive pose. They are dressed in gold and red cheerleading outfits. "Mikito" is written on them.)

Cheerleaders:*Doing there routine along with the chant* Brrr, it's cold in here! There must be some losers in the atmoshpere. Brrr, it's still so cold, Mikito's gonna make 'em all cry and fold . Woah! It just got hot, Mikito's in the building to show you all just what he's got.

(Mikito jumps in front of the cheerleaders.)

Mikito:Thank you ladies. Mikito in the building! *He is swormed by screaming girls* AAAAAH!!!

Cheerleaders:*Still cheering*Hey! Get off of him, these girls are gonna get it in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4....

Mikito:*Muffled*You could just help me!

Cheerleaders: *Still cheering* Okay! Here we go, we have to help Mikito get on his toes!

Mikito:Wow they can apply a cheer to every situation.

  • It seemed to be quite a turn up for this tournament. Thousands of spectators if not million; many combatants, but most of all, it was a chance to see if anyone did have what it takes to defeat Saizo. The man stood ontop of one of the many pylons that surrounded that stadium, along with the other Four Hands of God; Nexus, Guyviroth, Gai'Vahros and Samanexum. All five of them looked down into the crowd and, presumably, the many of Saizo's opponents.

"Is this really such a place to spend our time?" Gai'vahros wavered. He sighed as he watched the masses crowd around the sign up booth. "Look at them; if it weren't for the booth you wouldn't be able to tell who was a contestant and who's not... the battlefield is not a playground."

"Really Gaiva, you shouldn't be talking like that..." Nexus reprimanded him, and what better person should it be? Gai'Vahros didn't like his lax and cool attitude. "All of us start of weak and we all have to build ourselves to the challenge. Not everyone got their powers to quick and easy way like you did."

"Calm down..." Guyviroth blurted out before a heated argument would ensue. "Saizo, what do you think? You believe these people have the potential to become great warriors?"

"..." Saizo was silent for a moment. He'd seen some of the people's skills here first hand; he was impressed due to their young age but also because of their skill and, given the time, they would become much more. "It's not so much as "if they have", but they "must have"; Sonic and friends won't be around for ever. The newer generation need to step up to the challenge. I'm here to demonstrate that great power will stand in their way to threaten their lives. I must test them myselves to deem whether or not they are ready..."

"Wise words... but maybe you're wasting your time." Samanexum turned to Saizo, not contempt of Saizo's reasoning. "If you want to demonstrate your power, just blow up a city."

"Then i'd be no better than any other moronic violent madman" Saizo retored. He knew that pain and hardship of war more than anyone could or probably will ever know about. "Whatever, it's about time I signed up."

With that, Saizo jumped from the pylon and landed behind the crowd. Some of them turned around to look at him, but he merely looked and waved before walking towards the booth. As he got there he looked at the person behind the glass. "Hi, I'm here to sign up for the tournament."

Abumi:Sure just sign yo....hey wait a second I know you!

  • Saizo looked, a bit puzzled, but it came to him slowly. "Hey you're... yes, you're Abumi, right? hah, trying to upstage my tournament are we?" Saizo joked before taking ahold of the pen. "You keeping my kunai clean?" He wrote his name quickly down onto the paper.

Abumi:Yes sir, in fact I plan on using it this year. Every year I have lost to my brother Kasumi, but if I face him this year I won't! My father is entering the tournament too! He hasn't been in one since he won back when I was 10. After that he retired, but now he's returning!

  • Saizo looked at Abumi as she told her story; it seems good that she doesn't have to handle the hardships that he had to put up with. But then again, maybe it was this why Saizo is as strong as he is. "I'll be looking forward to fighting all three of you. Just don't expect me to hold back." Saizo smiled under his mask. If you have time later, I'd like to introduce you to my colleagues. I'd better get going; don't want to hold up the rest of the sign ups. I'll see you around." Saizo waved before walking away.

Ming:Abumi, who was that?

Abumi:An old friend....hey look it's Mikito! Let's go get his autograph.

Ming:*Smacks Abumi so that she hits her head on the plastic frame of the booth* We have to watch the booth. Look at how many people there still are.

(Mecha Sadie and J walks to the booth, making sure that they are signed up)

Ming:J...isn't it? So your signing up for the competition? *Mikito approaches the sign-up area*

J: Yeah.

Ming:Great! Please just sign here!

J: Okay! [signs up]

MEcha Sadie: Me too! [signs up as well]

Cheerleaders:Spin around, touch the ground, Miki's gonna bring you down. Sign your name seal your fate, you better hope that your too late! Woo!

Mikito:Ming is that you?

Cheerleaders:he sees that girl with purple hair, and we're all thinking that's not fair. Why does he know her name, when he's got money and a big fame. She signs them up so they all lose, to Mikito they are all just fools.


Ming:Yeah, how have you been Mikito?

Mikito:Pretty good, oh let me sign I don't want to keep everyone waiting.

(A young man approaches the booth. He is rather muscular, and is wearing a tan jumpsuit with the front being opened to reveal his chest. He has red ribbons on his back that hold to katanas in place, they drape down to his ankles. He wears a large red scarf covering some of his face. He has a red headband on with some bangs drapped over them along with some underneath the headband. He has a waste belt, that is red. His ninja sandals are red as well, and he has no protection of his shins as the jumpsuit onyl extends to his beginning of his shins. He has hair that flows down, and some that is spiked up somewhat flowing to the right. He has a scar on his eye, and a strange device on his arm. he wears tan fingerless gloves. he has an ominimous presence to him along with a vague familiarity. However people look at him trying to think of where they may have seen them, but they all draw a blank. Almost as if it were magic. He approached the booth.)

Kuai:*Signs the document to enter the tournament. He immeaditely heads over to the arena.*

Meta-Fox: *to abumi* Name's meta-fox *has hand out for a handshake* I hope to see you in friends....

Abumi:Me too, and good luck ^_^. *Shakes his hand*

Meta-Fox: good, but nice meeting you anyways....

Shamia:*To Meta* Excuse me sir *Gently pushes him out of the way, innocently* I'd like to sign up please!

Ming:Of course little one. ^_^ We'll need your guardians signature.

Blade:That would be me. *Approaches the booth and signs it* She's a strong girl, you'd be suprised.

Ming:Well maybe I'll get to find out first hand ^_^. Good luck.

Shamia:*Runs off playing with a Chun-Nan flag Blade bought for her and giggling.*

Ming:Awww, she's a precious little girl.

Blade:Sure is, thanks. Mystic let's go to the hotel. C'mon Shamia.

Shamia:*Follows them off*

(A neon blue echidna comes up to the booth,)

Tai-Su:I'd like to enter.

Ming:Sign here and it's official.

Tai-Su: *Signs up*

(Kayden and Kaia walk up to the booth)

Kayden: Hello there

Pang:Hey! Sign up here if your joining

Kayden:(Signs) Here you go!

Kaia: (Signs) Thank you.

Pang:No problem!

Meta-Fox:When does this start anyways?????

Ming:Tomorrow, I'm sorry Meta I have alot more people to get registered. I'll talk to you later.

Neo: well thats f***ing stupid.

Dragairo:I wanna smash something.

Maekyn:*sighs* You need a little more...Finesse.

Virlash:Och, yah caehnt blame heem fahr wheet hae whants tae doo!


Ming:*Hands out four seperate papers to each of them* Hey Nogale!

Meta-Fox: *nods then waves goodbye then flies off after sprouting his wings from his cape*

Justin: *staggers over, his muzzle still a pale green* Hey, is this-gurk! The place to get tickets for the fight?


Justin: Thank goodness. *almost throws up, covers mouth, swallows*

Ming:Your competing to Nogale?

Abumi:*Ignoring Ming, to Justin* You don't look like much of a fighter, and money you payed for your tickets was transfered into your seat information. Check out your plane ticket to see your seat number.

Twister: *flies in for tickets as well* are you alright? *to justin*


Maekyn:Probably just knock everyone out.

Virlash:That IHS His specaltaeh.


Twister: well that was easy, and hi Ming! *waves to Ming and flies off to find his seat in the arena*

Justin: *gulps* Thanks. Hey, where can a guy get some medicine around here?

Claire: Are you ok!? (Ask her)

Abumi:*To Justin* Hmmm *Reaches into her back pocket* Aha! Thank you Keiko. *Gives Justin some berries to help relieve his stomach, and calm him down.

Claire: *To Justin* If you don't feel beter soon call me i'm a dr.

Ming:That's great! Good luck, I'll talk to you later.

Shade: hey can yahelp to my seat in the arena...I kinda forgot where the ticket booth is.....

Nogale:*nods and walks with the others*

Justin: *takes the berries* No, I'm not. I ate something on the plane that really doesn't like me.

Claire: What did it look like?

Ming:*Thinking*Is he mad at me?

Abumi:*To Shade* Check the back of your airplane ticket.

Justin: I can't remember. Anyway, *turns to Abumi* thanks for the berries.

Claire: Well if you don't feel any beter you know who to call!

Shade: okay *checks the back* okay, and...Ming? Twister told me A LOT about you..... *waves to Ming*

Ming:Thank you *Waves* Twister is a good friend.

Abumi:*At Justin* No problem!

Shade: I'm gonna find him now, bye ming! *runs inside the arena in hope for finding Twister*

(Kaia is looking at all the fight's and how they fight)

(Meanwhile with N, he is exploring around the Dragon Fist stadium. The sun glistens over the arena as it is an outdoor arena. There are large bleacher like platforms behind small walls. That's where the crowd will sit. The arena is a large square platform in the center. Kuai is walking around the area)

N: Wow. This place is bigger than J's cool racetrack!

Violet: And here i was thinking the ARK had big room's!

N: Ditto.

Violet: So what made you want to be an ace flyer?

N: Tails taught me on how to fly cool planes, like his X-Tornado ^_^.

Violet: I see!

N: Uh-huh ^_^!

(Two bigger men step in frot of the two)

Man A: Hey get out of our way kids.

Man B: Hehe! Don't make us hurt you.

Violet: Is that so? (Step's in fort of N) Try then.

N: [narrows eyes]

Sledge: *walks past N, violet and the 2 men* argh! this place is to big!

(Violet hlod's up one of the men by the neck)

Other man: Hey put him down (run's at her but is Kick'd to the other side of the stadium)

N: [smirks]

  • It seems as though we had a couple of bullies in the midst of things. Saizo stepped up behind them, looking down at either one of them. "hey boys, try picking on someone your own size... or is that the only way you can win?"

Violet: You were saying

Neo: and mr. guess what you suck.

Man: Damn you!

Violet: Hmmm not's not a good way to say hi (Kick's him "where the sun don't shine" and let's go of him) Ok i'm happy now come on N let's go!

N: Right! [follows Violet]

Man: (Start's to cry)

Neo: well that was enjoyable.

(Violet and N manages to find a seat so they can see the arena)

N: I'm glad we're not caught up in this drama. I thought this guy was tough. Guess he wasn't after all.

Violet: It's look like were going to start soon.

(with Twister who found his seat)

Twister: I finally foud my spot *hears footsteps* oh man don;t tell me Lien-Da followed me

Shade: TWISTER! *hugs him* I mssed you

Twister: Shade! *hugs her bag* I missed you a lot, your mission's over?

Shade: yeah, I wanted to see if you were here..

Twister: yeah, my cousin is fighting in this, I'm only here to watch

Shade: good luck to him *kisses his cheek*

Neo: stop with the romance already all l tried to do was see how twister was doing.

Twister: thanks.... lets sit down for a bit *sits down*

Shade: good idea *sits down next to him*

Meta-Fox: *flies to Twister because he saw him in the arena* hey Twister and.....

Shade: I'm shade, his girlfriend

Neo: How are you doing Meta-Fox.

Meta-Fox: oh, I'm meta-fox *hand shakes with shade* I'm his cousin if you may ask....

Shade: wow, I hear your in the arena this year

Meta-Fox: yep, wish me luck *runs off so he could train*

Twister: he's a great cousin isn't he?

Sledge: *sitting in a seat in the shade* zzzzzz

Rebaz: *flying over the stadium* this place can hold a lotta people!

(At the Dragon Fist training room...)

J: [lifts dtwo 5 lbs. dumbbells]

Mecha Sadie: [giggles robotically] That's nothing when I can do this, J!

(Mecha Sadie single handedly lifts a 5000 lbs. dumbbell with ease!)

J: [sweat drops after seeing Mecha Sadie lift a 5000 lbs. dumbbell] Whoa...

Kaia: Hmph J have you seen Kayden?

J: [still lifting dumbbells (5 lbs.)] No. Haven't seen him.

Kaia: He was going to be here 15 mins ago.

(Kaia walk's up to a bag and start's to beat the heck out of it)

Smash walked up to the signup area and temporarily put his bags down. "Is this where people sign up for the tournament?" He asked.

(Meanwhile, at the sign-up booth, Ryushu, Shanoa, Albus, Kotuumath, Linebeck and the Pokemon arrive.)

Ryu: (Dismounts Condorath) Here we are!

(Kayden is fast asleep in the hall way the the fighting stadium)

  • Atop of the roof of the stadium standings, Saizo and the other four Hands of God waited for the crowd to gather and the contestants to get ready. Apparently it wasn't going to happen until early tomorrow morning, but Saizo had nothing else to do. He watched over to the open battleground, admiring the structure, although it was too modern for him. He looked towards Guyviroth, who was watching blankly. "Guyviroth... you okay?"

"... I wonder what our world is doing without us..." Guyviroth looked up at the sky, thinking of how it made him feel like he was back home. He turned to Saizo. "Do you ever wonder what things may be like back in our own world?"

"..." Saizo began to think; it seemed that whenever he thought about it, he would feel homesick. "Heh, I'm sure Shinji and Ba'al are taking care of things. They're not Kages for nothing, y'know."

"I feel the same way..." Nexus looked on at the battlefield, before eying around the stands. "I'm no stranger to dimension travel but... it makes me wonder; what's happening in my world? is the Digital Hazard occured again? has Vamdemon returned? Maybe..."

"Don't worry about it." Saizo said, placing a hand on Nexus' shoulder. "You've told me a lot about Summers; I'm sure he's got everything sussed out." Saizo looked towards the other two Hands. "What about you two? You seem to be on the side of evil from what I've seen. Do you care about your homes?"

"Evil? Maybe. It's more of a position of moral opinion..." Samanexum said in a soft tone. "My world was torn in half after the Sundering. My fellow dragons died at the hands of barbaric humans who believed they were the cause. I have nothing left in my world apart from anger and vengeance. But being here, and being with you Saizo, has lead me to a world where Dragons are revered. For that I thank you."

"What about you Gaiva? What's your take on all of this?" Nexus smiled at Gaiva. Although the latter did not like him, Nexus still tried to get along.

"I'm just an embodiment of wronged death. As a Hollow I had to strive for life force from my fellow kind and from innocent humans I had to devour just to keep myself alive. After that, I had taken this form. For some reason, I just felt anger towards the living world. But being here just makes me feel like I can do so much more. Even in death, I can still make a contribution to the world."

"Sounds good..." Saizo agreed with everyone's point of view, but that's why they were here; to, in a sense, police the dimensions from large threats. "I'm glad I had chosen you four to join me in all of this. Thanks." Saizo smiled abruptly under his mask, but then looked down to the stadium ground and noticed some people on the stands. "Okay, I'll let you too take the spectators seats, while I go get myself acquainted with my opponents. Wish me luck." With that, Saizo jumped from the roof into the spectators stand to make his way to the lobby.

"As if he needs luck..." Nexus said in a sarcastic manner.

  • Saizo wondered around the interior of the building, marveling at its design; it was of a modern western appearance but did not shun the fact that is also contained eastern inspiration. He came to the main lobby, but noticed that it was still empty; even none of the staff were working on it. Even so, he took a seat on one of the sofas and waited for something to happen, whether it was a member of staff approaching him or another contestant.

(Back with Mecha Sadie and J, they have finished training as they head back to their lobby, passing by Ryu, Albus, Kotuumath and the others. Shanoa, Albus and Kotuumath have finished signing up for the tournament.)

Mecha Sadie and J: [waits for the tournament to start]

After signing up, Smash headed to the lobby and waited until he heard some kind of announcement. James and Jessie did the same. They sat down on a couple of free chairs together and waited. "...Can you really do this?" James asked, suddenly. Jessie looked at him slightly surprised. "Do what?" She asked back. "You know. This will be the first time you'll have ever fought someone. Face to face, hand to hand. Can you do it?" Jessie's ears twitched and she flashed a grin. "Of course I can. I wouldn't be here if I couldn't, now would I?" James nodded slowly and looked at the ground. "...yeah, I guess so."

Neo: and l thought fighting my evil uncle was hard but waiting for the tournament is just B*** S***.

(Justin eats the berries, then walks off, heading for the building. A shadow then looms over the sign-up booth, Ming, and Abumi.)

Ming:Hi would you like to...*Smiles*

(The shadow turns out to be Zero, who's smiling.)

Zero: Hello there. Is this the sign-up booth for the tournament miss?


Zero: *smiling* You see, I'm new to this country, so I'm terribly lost. *leans on the booth* I could really use a guide.

Abumi:*Slams fits on the counter* Well we aren't guides so just sign up or leave!

Ming:*Realizes Zero is joking, and plays along* A guide? I could help you with that.

Abumi:Ming, don't tell me your falling for this guy's crap!

Zero: Really? I wouldn't want to be a bother, but.... *grins* I'd certainly enjoy having such a beautiful girl to show me the sights.


Ming:Yes Abumi

Abumi:Hold me back


Abumi:*Goes balistic as Ming herself struggles to maintain her* I'll kick your sorry butt! I'll beat you up so bad that you'll never come back here again!

Ming:*Laughing*Abumi calm *ducks from Kunai swipe* down!

Zero: Huh, you must be the "spitfire cousin" Ming told me about.

Abumi:*Stops dead in her tracks*what

Ming:It was just a joke, this was one of the guys I was talking about.

Abumi:You could've said that

Ming:Yeah, but this was much funnier.

Zero: Name's Zero the Liger, nice to meet you. *looks at Ming and smiles* I was serious about that "beautiful guide" part.

Ming:Well maybe later after the Preliminary Rounds are over we could take a little tour.

Zero: Sure thing. Of course, I'm more concerned with the beautiful sight in front of me right now.


Abumi:*Rolls eyes* Just sign, wouldya?

Zero: Sure thing. *signs* I'm really looking foward to being able to pound some strong opponents. Don't get me wrong though, *looks at Ming* it's only the bonus of coming to this country.

Ming:*Smiles* Okay see ya later.

Zero: You can count on it Ming.


Abumi:*Rolls her eyes looking at Ming*

Ming:*Looks over to Abumi* You'll see one day.

(Suddenly, a flash of blue light appears in front of them.)

Ming:*Covers her eyes* Ah! What is that?!

Pang:*Drops one of his chips, but quickly picks it up blows on it, and eats it.*


[The light disappears, and Statyx is standing there, panting slightly.]

Ming:I think I've heard of you before....Let's see.....Latex! Oh wait no.....Statyx! Your a G.U.N agent. We learned about a few of you in our history course.

Abumi:I detest guns.

Ming:Not guns...G U N. Their a world police organization. Signing up for the tournament?

Statyx: *panting lightly* I see my reputation preceedes me. And yes, I was intending to sign up.

Ming:Here ya go *Gives him a paper to sign*

(Outside the Dragon Fist stadium witht he Desert Hawk, MACH10 and the Thresher XL at the Dragon Fist parking lot...)

Desert Hawk: Here we are. Chu-Nan. I assume J has entered the tournament.

Thresher XL: Darn tootin'! Wait... his sister participated in the tourney as well!

Desert Hawk: J has a sister? He never told me he has a sister.

Thresher XL: Yeah! Now since there's a radio station in Chu-nan, let's tune in and see what's up. [dials its radio to find Chu-Nan radio station]

MACH10: This is gonna be epic! [revs engine]

(Back at the sign-up booth...)

???: Is it too late to sign up?

(Standing there is a Mobian moose wearing a dark blue overcoat and baggy black jeans. He is then joined by a furry black dragon-cat thing.)

(Back inside the stadium...)

N: [looks at the scoreboards from the stands, hoping that the tournament will start]

Kuai:*Observing the arena. He stands in silence as the stands begin to fill with an anxious audience.*

Hali: (walks into the arena and sits down in the stands)

Shui:*Sits down next to Hali. She is a white panda who is rather thin. She has long blonde hair with one side being braded. She wears a pink tube top with suspendsers and large fasteners. She has on blue jeans shorts and is wearing flip flops.* Hi, I'm Shui, I guess we'll be sitting next to each other. Have anyone your rooting for?

Hali: Hi, I'm Hali. ^_^ Guess so. Yeah, my sister and my team mates. I'm not one for violence, but I'd root for them anyday. What about you?

Shui:My best friend Pang. ^_^ He's a really nice guy

Hali: Cool! I'm so nervous! I'm wondering who'll win!!

Shui:Same here. Well at least it's a beautiful day out.

Hali: Yeah. I hope it doesn't rain out..

Shui:I think we have Weatherbots who monitor the weather patterns, and alter them to make sure it stays nice out. Wait, I think we are starting!

Hali: Yaaayy!! :D

N: [he wasn't sitting next to Hali, but he's close by at the 3rd row from the seats] This'll be fun. I wish you the best, big bro and robo-sis.

Part 3: Before the Battle

(Back at the sign-up area, Toxic, Tonic, Frost and Tantrum can be seen pushing Dismal towards the booth.)

Dismal: B-But I don't want to sign up!!

Toxic: Aww, c'mon, it'll be fun!

Ming: I'll be back, I gotta use the bathroom *Leaves the booth leaving just Abumi and Pang*

Abumi: Um guys, are you signing up?

Toxic: Oh, we're not, but our friend here is! (pushes Dismal closer to the booth) Aren't ya, buddy?

Dismal: B-But...!

Toxic: That's right, be a good boy and sign your name now...*whispers in Dismal's ear*...or else the "thing" will happen.

Neo: Don't force him to

Dismal: Eep!! (he quickly signs his name)

Toxic: (Pats Dismal's head) Good boy.

Ming: *Returns to the booth, angrily* Toxic!

Toxic: Oh, Ming. *Flirtatiously* I didn't know you were here.

Ming: Save it scum, why don't you sign up? I'd love to kick your butt around the arena.

Toxic:* Flirtatiously* Oh really?

Ming: Sure, all that macho talk, you must be strong. *Mock flirtatious* Or trying to cover up an inadequacy.

Toxic: Why don't we find some place private, and so I can show you just how "inadequate" I am.

Ming: *Angrily* Just sign it, scum!

Toxic: Fine. *Signs it*

(A bit later...)

Dismal: *whimper* I don't wanna do this...!

Toxic: Well, too bad. But, since we know you're a total wimp, we've thought ahead, so to speak. Torque helped us out by, eh, "modifying" the arena.

Dismal: "Modifying"...? But...but that's cheating!

Toxic: No it isn't, it's...uh...evening the playing field a bit.

Dismal: I don't like this...

Toxic: Well, tough crud. We've GOT to win this tournament, and you're one of the very few Trolls that isn't constantly menaced by the heroes, not to mention that people pity you. Also, you've got the Reapertech in your right arm; you just gotta learn how to use it.

Dismal: But...what if someone finds out about the "modifications"?!

Toxic: Then we blame it on you.

Dismal: Why me?!

Toxic: Because.

Dismal: B-But why?!

Toxic: Because. So if anyone finds out and asks, say it was all your idea.

Dismal: B-But...

Toxic: *dangerous tone* Dismal...

Dismal: O-Okay, okay!

(So the Trolls go to the currently empty stadium. Once there, Toxic leads Dismal inside the arena to show him the modifications.)

Toxic: Basically, these traps are designed to look like it's some kind of attack you're using, like spikes shooting out of the ground. Whoever fights you won't know what hit 'em!

Dismal: But, i-it's cheating...

Toxic: Oh, can it, Dissie. So aaaanyways, this will ensure victory for us Trolls!

Dismal: Why can't you guys just fight?!

Toxic: Because. And don't forget, if the modifications ARE found out, you take the blame. Got it?

Dismal: *whimper*

(Toxic roughly grabs Dismal's shoulders.)

Toxic: Got it?

(Dismal nods fearfully.)

Toxic: Goooood boy. (lets go of Dismal)

Dismal: *whimper*

Toxic: Let's go before we're seen...(Chaos Controls away, along with the other Trolls)

Dismal: Huh?! (looks around) know I can't use Chaos Control, you guys!! (runs out of the stadium)

(With the RG-15, J's roadster, it goes inside the sign-up booth from the drive-thru.

RG-15: [revs engine] Helloooo! I'd like to sign up for the big-bad tournament!

Part 4 Preliminary Rounds

(The stands have been completely filled. The cheering fans let everyone know it has finally started. The yelling and screaming of the multitude of fans is actually very calming. The sun is shinging with very little clouds in the sky. The banners to the outdoor arena are lifted as Chun-Nan flags fly in the breeze. Confetti flies everywhere as people are going crazy. People have brought signs, and some have even painted their bodies. Consession Workers walk through the isles looking to sell their food to hungry or thirsty customers. The Gift Shop employees do the same hoping to make some big bucks. The overall feel of this moment is magnificant. It is beautiful, and the image picturesque.)
Martial Arts Tournament Theme (DBZ Supersonic Warriors 2)

Martial Arts Tournament Theme (DBZ Supersonic Warriors 2)

Music Blasts in the Background

Boyin:Welcome everyone to this glorious event. I am your host Boyin, welcoming you to our 50th anniversary! Welcome to the Dragon Fist Tournament where wishes are fufilled and bodies are broken. Many great competitors step up, but only one can win! The battlefield is set as we kick off this glorious event.

Chun-Nan Radio Hosts:Welcome to this glorious event sports fans! Anyone who was unable to make it this year, you can tune into our radio station or onto ESPN 3 to see this marvelous event. The place is packed and the sun is shining. Are you guys ready for an awesome event?!

Boyin:Now let me explain to you how this will work. Two contestants will be chosen at random to face off against each other. Enemies, and allies alike will be facing off here. All competitors profiles have been linked into our computers, and we will provide you with as much information on them as we can on there *Points to the Large Jumbotron* This beauty will determine who faces off against who. Once a person loses the fight by K.O or submission then they will be eliminated and the winner will advance into the Secondary Rounds. So let's kick this thing off with a bang!

  • The jumbotron goes to work as it the roster speeds by. Suddenly one person is picked. It's Mikito! The next side begins to spin, it is Kuai! The crowd goes wild!*

Boyin:And there you have it folks! The first match-up will be Mikito vs. Kuai! Mikito is a world famous pop singer hailing from right here in the Ryu Branch. He enjoys the ladies and has been in this tournament for 13 years! He has made it very far in the tournament, let's see how he'll do. His opponent is Kuai, a rather mysterious young man. Not much info is provided, but it is known that he uses fire in combat, man those swords look tough!

Maekyn vs. Kotuumath

Alright Ryu's character vs. Artemis'. Good luck to the both of you!

Boyin:Alright the first competitor, May...Mar....Mako....Maekyn is the Fox/Dragon crossbreed, with a sneaky fighting style, His three weapons will be sure to come in use for this battle. Our second competitor is Kotuumath, a halfbreed dragon with a bloodthirsty appetite. Well bon appetit baby cause that's what your gonna get! This powerful opponent can use a multitude of elemental abilities. So let's begin the Ninja verses the Dark Angel of Death!

Maekyn [Pureblood fox]: *muttering as he enters* Is my name really so hard...

(Kotuumath walks into the arena, his sword hefted over his left shoulder. He sees Ryu, Shanoa, Albus, Linebeck and Rosa in the stands, and smiles and waves. They wave back. N and Violet watches the Maekyn/Kotuumath battle from the stands)

Maekyn: He certainly looks the part. He could pass for half-dragon, dominant dragonblood.

Kotuumath: (Unshoulders his blade)

Maekyn: *takes out his black katana* Nice to fight another dragon.

Kotuumath: Yeah...

Maekyn: Of course, I'm technically half dragon, even though it does not currently show. You look like me when I allow my dragonblood most dominance, if not all.

Kotuumath: Really? Cool!

Maekyn: Except you don't have the Chinese dragon-ish whiskers. Ah well. Good to know you're a little friendly, at least.

Kotuumath: Why would I be mean? This isn't life or death, after all.

Maekyn: *eyes darken* Where I come from, it is. Of course, that's probably because they resurrect you.

Kotuumath: Uhh.....okay, then...

Maekyn: Hmmmm.....Now....How to approach this...

(Kotuumath waits patiently for his opponent.)

Maekyn: ............[thinking] We both know the first-move rule, apparently...

Kotuumath: .........

Maekyn: ......*Sighs* This is going nowhere....Hmmm...

Kotuumath: Look, are you gonna go first, or should I?

Maekyn: Never mind. *allows his dragonblood some dominance. Two prismatic wings erupt from his back, and he launches into the sky*

Kotuumath: Okay then.

Maekyn: *from the sky, he unleashes a storm of shuriken. Each one seems to have five next to it, so some are likely illusions*

Kotuumath: OHSHI-(backflips out of the way)

Maekyn: Impressive agility. *his wings change from prismatic to yellow, and he fires lightning*

Kotuumath: Whoa!

(The lightning manages to hit him, but he sticks his sword in the ground, using it as a lightningrod.)

Maekyn: Intelligence as well. *wings turn light blue, fires ice*

(Kotuumath opens his mouth and uses Fire Blast on the ice.)

Kotuumath: *thinking* Seems he's multi-elemental too...

Maekyn: This will be an interesting battle. *lets loose another shuriken storm*

(Kotuumath flaps his wings powerfully, releasing a gust attack at the shuriken.)

Ryu: Whoo! Lookit 'im go!

Maekyn: *smiles. Each shuriken turns into a copy of him, and they begin flying in circles above Kotuumath*

Kotuumath: O_O'

Maekyn: *all of them* I used this one countless times...*they all land around Kotuumath. All of them, except one, casts a shadow*

Kotuumath: *thinking* Only one has no shadow...that must be the real one...

Maekyn: Whiiiiich one? *they all draw the black katana*

Kotuumath: I never did like chance games...(uses Gatling Fire on the shadowless Maekyn)

Kaia: Smart, I'll give her that.

Ryu: ....."her"?

[It disappears, and Kotuu is slashed in the back. He cries out.]

Maekyn: Maybe that explains why i use it so often. People always go for the abnormality.

Kotuumath: Hmph...clever...guess I just have to attack them all at once!

(He jumps high into the air, then comes back down, sword pointed at the ground. When it hits, massive stone spikes erupt from the ground in a circle around Kotuumath.)

Maekyn: Impressive, if rather...Large...*in the sky again* Takes long enough for reaction time.

Kotuumath: Wha-?! (looks up in the sky)-!!

Maekyn: I think I'll teach you, maybe after the battle, how to combine your elements into this. *he fires a prismatic ray at Kotuu*

(Kotuumath leaps out of the way, rolling as he hit the ground.)

Maekyn: [thinking] I wonder if he's able to use those wings of his...*His wings turn black*

Kotuumath: *thinking* Fine, you want an aerial battle?

(Kotuumath spreads his wings and leaps into the air, zooming towards Maekyn.)

Maekyn: So you can. *fires a dark blast*

(Kotuumath does a barrel roll to dodge it.)

Maekyn: Now it gets interesting. *dives toward Kotuu*

Kotuumath: (Stops in mid-air, and begins charging up a Flash Cannon)

Maekyn: *swoops high, becoming Dominant Dragonblood on his way, but not allowing it full dominance yet*

Kotuumath: (Fires the Flash Cannon at Maekyn)

Maekyn: *takes teh damage, but streaks at Kotuu with aerial ace*

(Kotuumath spits more fire at Maekyn.)

Maekyn: *spins and wind swirls around him, the fire blows away, he strikes Kotuu*

Kotuumath: GUH! (wraps his tail around Maekyn and electrocutes him)

Maekyn: *Growls as he takes teh shock, then charges prismatic energy violently into Kotuu through the same entry point*

Kotuumath: Grraaaahh!!

Maekyn: Heheh. *his uses his claws and the edges of his wings, now bladed, to slice him*

Kotuumath: Grr!! (claws and bites back)

Maekyn: *tail whips around to strike*

(Kotuumath electrocutes Maekyn again.)

Maekyn: *growls, allows his dragonblood full dominance. The change is dramatic. Now nothing like a fox, he is a full prismatic Tigeroan dragon, though with more scales and two smaller horns next to the main one* GYROOOOOOOOOO!

Kotuumath: Whoa boy. (pulls himself away from Maekyn)

Maekyn: FEW EVER SEE THIS FORM. COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY THAT I FIND YOU A CHALLENGING OPPONENT. *He fires a massive prismatic ray from his mouth*

Kotuumath: Oh crap!! (uses Protect)

(The beam hits him, and even though he is using Protect, it pushes him back slowly!)

Maekyn:*continues firing. While he does, his horn begins to glow brightly* [telepathically] You are a good opponent. Can you stand up to the relentlessness of Tigeroans?

Kotuumath: (Continues defending against the beam, but being worn down)

Maekyn: *as soon as heh prismatic beams ends, Kotuu is being hit by a ray of Pure Energy from the horn*

Kotuumath: (Protect wears off) AAAAGH!!

Maekyn:*fires the prismatic beam again, also still firing the Pure Energy. He dives while firing*

Kotuumath: (Still trying to hold out against the attack) Grrrrrrrrr....!!!

(His eyes begin to turn pure white; he's going into Adrenaline Overdrive!)

Kotuumath: (Starts flying against the beam attack)

(At the stands...)

Ryu: Dammit, he's in Adrenaline Overdrive now...

N: [thinking as he watches Kotuumath going into Adrenaline Overdrive] This dragon-guy knows how to fight!

Kotuumath: *snarling* (continues flying against the beam)

Violet: Whoa! I'm not sure if even I can do that!

Ryu: This is a problem...he's gonna get himself seriously hurt!

Kaia: No kidding!

N: This battle's gonna be a disaster...

The five Hands of God continue to sit and watch perplexedly. Some of them were watching Kotuumath while others were keeping an eye on Maekyn. Nexus abruptly interrupted the spectatorship of his fellow hands. "Saizo, you've faced this guy before, right? What's his skills?"

"... Shadow Manipulation..." Saizo said, watching consistantly and unfaultered. "He can merge into his own or your shadows in order to attack unexpectedly. He can also utilise something similar to Shadow Shuriken... he's not particularly difficult to beat."

(Kotuumath is now a foot away from Maekyn himself.)

Maekyn: *turns back into a purebloood fox, giving Kotuu a much smaller target, and he is now falling*

Kaia: What is he doing?

Kotuumath: *roar* (flies after Maekyn (his sword is gone)

Maekyn: *takes out his sword and puts it behind his back as he falls*

Ryu: Oh crap...someone's gonna get killed or hurt really bad, I just know it...

Claire: Oh no can't they stop this?

Kaia: Then you'll just have two P.O.ed fighter who will keep going just to tick you off.

N: [thinking] I hope the audiences don't freak out...

Maekyn: *as he hits the ground, he springs off the bent sword, sending him backwards. he releases the sword as he does, sending it flying straight at Kotuu*

(The sword catches Kotuumath in the shoulder, where it's unprotected by his armor, but he keeps barreling towards Maekyn!)

Maekyn: Too much adrenaline. I'll have to outlive it. *he leaps backwards, throwing shuriken all around him in circle as he does*

(Some of the shuriken hit Kotuu, but he still flies after Maekyn, starting to spew out fire as he does!)

Maekyn:Wait.......*as soon a kotuu gets close enough, he spin-jumps neatly over him. He does take substantial damage from the fire. as soon as he's over, each shuriken, once more, turns into a copy of him*

(Kotuumath lands on the ground, snarling like a feral animal. He looks around at the Maekyn copies. each one grins, and spreads out.)

Maekyn: *thinking* He's a bit too hyper to think clearly right now. Even if I'm wrong, I think I know what to do.

Kotuumath: *snarl*

[several of the copies begin flying, and those on land stop moving. Kotuumath attacks the land-bound ones with Thunderbolt. All but two are hit, the two flying into the air. Some from the air come to the ground after the bolt. Then they all fire Ice Beam, but Kotuu counters with Gatling Fire. several of the copies switch position. the ones in the sky use Twister, the ones on land use Earth Power]

Ryu: This is gonna hurt...

(The attacks hit Kotuumath. He is blasted backwards, hitting the wall. The crowd gasps. Amazingly, he staggers to his feet!)

N: [surprised to see Kotuumath get hit from the wall (and was out of the ring] Holy--!

Maekyn: Relentless. Such is Tigeroan. *the copies fire Thunder*

(He counters with Earth Power. Each copy lands on the ground in front of him, flying a few complex patterns before doing so. They charge up a Solarbeam. Kotuumath charges dark energy into his wings, getting ready to use Blades of Darkness. Now, each copy is charged up, and about to fire. Flapping his wings with great power, Kotuumath releases countless blades of darkness at the copies about to use SolarBeam. Every last copy dissipates into nothing, and Kotuumath lets out a savage and triumphant roar.]

"I thought so." *Kotuu is slashed from behind five times, twice by wings, twice by claws, and once by the katana*

Kotuumath: *snarl* (whips around and backhands Maekyn)

Maekyn:*steps back from the blow, extends his wing and fires prismatic energy*

(The energy hits him, but he runs straight at Maekyn, intent on body slamming him.)

Maekyn:*holds his katana firmly in front of him, and covers the sides of his body with his wings. the spiked tips of his wings point slightly up and forward*

(Kotuumath's sword reappears in his left claw, and he swings at Maekyn in a downward arc.)

Maekyn:*blocks the blow with his katana, and his wingtip arcs over to sting Kotuu with the spike.*

(Ignoring the stinging, he begins to push against Maekyn; his strength is fueled purely by his near-boundless adrenaline.)

Maekyn:*braces his tail and one wing against the ground, holding against him. he charges ice into Kotuu through his wingtip*

Kotuumath: (Uses Heat Up) *snarl* (uses Fire Blast)

Maekyn:*uses a flamethrower to knock away some of the damage, but is hit. he charges darkness energy into Kotuu instead*

Kotuumath: ROOOOAAAAAARRRRR!! (picks up Maekyn and chucks him)

[Glacians start to cheer for Kotuumath.]

Cameron: "Come on Kotuumath, you can do it!"

Maekyn: *while in the air* Good to know that I'm not well known. I hate when everyone knows me. *Catches himself with his wings, lands, and fires Thunderbolt*

Ryu: *panicking* Oohhhhh......Kotuumath's gonna get himself killed....!!

Maekyn: Give up before you cause yourself some real wounds. *attempts to freeze him with Blizzard*

(Still affected by Heat Up, he runs through the Blizzard and uses Body Slam on Maekyn.)

Maekyn: *catches him on the katana* Can you even hear me?

(Kotuumath uppercuts Maekyn.)

Maekyn: Grah! Apparently not. Well then. your choice. *he crouches, covering himself in his wings, a scaled cone shape*

Kotuumath: *growl* (begins to charge up a Blast Burn attack)

Maekyn: *motionless*

(Kotuumath continues charging up his attack. The fireball grows bigger and hotter.)

Maekyn: *unmoving*

Ryu: (Looking at Maekyn) What is he doing...?

Kotuumath: (Finally releases a huge, white-hot fireball at the Maekyn-Cone.)

Maekyn:*spins and unfolds. the fireball travels along his wing because of teh scales, and gets thrown back into Kotuu*

(Kotuumsth hits the fireball with his sword. Dead Man's volley tiem!)

Maekyn:*also uses his sword to counter it. His wings come to either side of him to help*

(They keep hitting the fireball back and forth.)

Maekyn: [thinking as he makes another counter] tedious...

(At last Kotuumath makes a straight jab at the fireball, sending it blasting towards Maekyn at incredible speeds!)

Maekyn: Figures...*his horn appears, and he thrusts it into the fireball, which promptly disappears* Enough of that.

Kotuumath: *growls*

Maekyn: [thinking] resilient fellow. normal person would have been exhausted by now. I'll give him credit for that.

(Kotuumath then uses Screech on Maekyn.)

Maekyn: *folds his ears back and covers himself in his wings, still standing*

(The powerful screech begins to push Maekyn back!)

Maekyn: [thinking* At least my eardrums won't burst. Let's see now....

(Kotuumath stops Screech, but immediately goes into Hydro pump!)

Maekyn: *shoots thunderbolt at the Hydro pump. Though it does not cancel the attack, the current shoots straight into Kotuu's mouth*

(He roars and gets pushed back, shaking his head. Some blood drips from his mouth.)

Maekyn: Give in now, before you cause yourself permanent damage. *readies himself for another attack anyway*

Kotuumath: *snarls*

Maekyn: *takes out his spiked chain in his other hand* Seriously.

Kotuumath: (Begins to charge up a Hyper Beam)

Maekyn: *zips forward and lashes out with the chain, wrapping it around Kotuu's neck*

Kotuumath: (Grabs the chain, still charging up the Hyper Beam)

Maekyn: here's the fun part.*uses his whole body to spin around, bringing Kotuu off the ground and spinning him in wide circles*

(Kotuumath then uses his sword to ground himself, stopping him from spinning. He releases the Hyper Beam at Maekyn.)

Maekyn: *taken by surprise, is hit full on*


Maekyn: ..........*growls for a moment, then shakes himself and clears his head* Interesting....

(Kotuumath snap-whips the chain he is holding.)

Maekyn: *momentarily freezes the chain to stop it, then sends voltage through it*

Kotuumath: *snarls in pain*

Maekyn: *does not let up the voltage, and fires Blizzard from his wings*

Kotuumath: (Sticks his sword into the ground to discharge the electricity, then retaliates with Fire Blast)

Maekyn:*jumps in the air to avoid the blast, does not let go of the chain*

(Kotuumath pulls his sword out of the ground and yanks the chain toward him, hoping to impale Maekyn as he is pulled towards him.)

Ryu: (Watching with absolute tension)

Maekyn: *sticks both wings in the ground, the tips on the bottom anchor him* Not so fast.

Kotuumath: *growl*

Maekyn: Guess what? *sends a charge of prismatic energy through the chain*

Kotuumath: (Snarls as he is shocked)

Maekyn: All the elements you use, though now they fight you. *sends another charge*

(Kotuumath yanks on the chain again, this time sending Maekyn into the air.)

Maekyn: *extends his wings and gains control*

Ryu: *thinking* All that damage Kotuu's taken...I can't believe he hasn't fainted yet!!

(Not releasing his grip on the chain, Kotuumath begins trying to pull Maekyn back to the ground. In the Crowd...)

Mystic: There sure are some strong opponents.

Shui: Wow these guys are powerful!

Kuai: .....

N: [thinking] Can't he just give up in order to save his life? He's trying to be an imitation of a tank, and it ain't working!

(Back at the arena...)

Maekyn: *flings his end of the chain at Kotuu, an explosive fireball on the end*

Kotuumath: (attacks the fireball with Blizzard)

[the fireball melts the blizzard as it and the end of the chain it's on come to Kotuu]

Maekyn:*flies higher*


Maekyn: Dark angel of death.....That's what they called you....But who's death?


(Kotuumath snaps the chain again, this time with such force that the fireball explodes upon the snap reaching it!)

Kotuumath: *roar*

Maekyn: *circling in the sky* I could probably finish this with a few attacks. I'm surprised he isn't down yet. let's see....can't use electricity, ice, or fire, so...*fires a beam of dark energy, not at Kotuu, but at the center of the arena*

Kotuumath: (Watches, growling)

Maekyn: Dark Consecration! *the floor of the arena is charged and cracked by the energy, which spikes up from it*

Ryu: I...I can't watch...!! (covers face)

[The dark energy bursts from the ground in the form of spikes.]

Ryu: (Face is still covered) AT LEAST TRY TO DODGE IT, KOTUUMATH!!

(Kotuumath leaps and flies into the air, flying straight at Maekyn.)

Maekyn: *flies high and over, sending shuriken streaking down as he does*

(Kotuumath begins to glow, and soon he is covered by blue and white flames! The shuriken melt into nothing as soon as they get near Kotuumath as he continues to fly after Maekyn. The crowd gasps in amazement.)

Maekyn: *flies fast toward the ground in a wide arc, wings glowing prismatically*

(Kotuumath continues to fly after Maekyn, gaining speed! Back at the stands....)

N: [thinking] IDK what Kotuumath's doing, but if it involves a suicide attack, then he's completely lost it.

Maekyn: *gliding just over the ground, wings spread wide. cold erupts from the back of his wings, sending ice behind him*

(The ice simply melts once Kotuumath gets close enough to it!)

Maekyn: *snaps to direct ascension, while the dark consecration, still there, explodes. It hits his tail end somewhat, but he keep his ascension*

(Kotuumath is STILL chasing him; he won't stop until he makes impact!)

Maekyn: [thinking] That hit him full on....He won't stop unless his body is destroyed...

Kotuumath: (Getting even closer to Maekyn)

Maekyn: All I have to do is survive the strike.

(Ryu looks at Statyx, who happens to be sitting there next to her.)

Statyx: *notices Ryu looking at him* What?

Ryu: Are you seeing this fight?! Kotuumath just took a full-power attack, and he's STILL chasing Maekyn!

Statyx: Ryu, there's nothing we can do about it. Either of us get involved on Kotuu's behalf, and he'll be disqualified.

Ryu: But...but he could DIE!!

Statyx: That's his choice to make, and his risk to take.

Ryu: *thinking* Choice? What choice? He's not even thinking anymore...

N: [sighs] I guess his choice was foolish. I gotta head inside just in case... [gets up from the seat and heads inside of the stadium]

(Kotuumath is now a foot away from Maekyn, the incredible heat of the Flare Blitz scorching Maekyn's tail fur!)

Maekyn: *teleports using the prismatic energy, now back on the chewed-up ground*


Maekyn: *turns to pureblood dragon*

(Kotuumath shoots up into the air, doing a backwards spiral, coming down straight on top of Maekyn at blistering speeds!)

Maekyn:*meets the blow on his horn*

(The impact creates a massive explosion!!)


[Maekyn is knocked back to pure foxblood and slammed onto the ground after the explosion]

Statyx: *blocks the explosion with Thunder Shield*

(The arena is thick with smoke...)

Maekyn: *still for awhile, then slowly gets up* It'll take more than fire to penetrate dragonscales. GAH! *drops to one leg*.......Great.

(No one can see anything. In the smoke, Kotuumath lays upon the ground...)

Keiko: *Gasps lightly* Oh my. *Focuses on the arena, and the smoke clears from her light abilities though no-one noticed she used them*

Maekyn: Honor. *struggles to Kotuu, and gets him on his feet*

Kotuumath: ..............(slowly opens one eye; it's no longer pure white)

Maekyn: Pride. *slams his palm on Kotuu's chest and sends in healing*

(Kotuumath looks at Maekyn questioningly.)

Maekyn: And....*looks straight at Kotuu* Bravery.

Kotuumath: Wha...(puts a claw on his head)

Maekyn: I don't know whether this fight is over. But I can at least keep you going. You deserve as such. Not even Virlash, my friend, would dare such a thing, even when berserk.

Kotuumath: Berserk? Wh--......*thinking* Oh happened again....

Maekyn: I don't know what happened to you. It was obvious you weren't thinking, though.

Kotuumath: Every time it happens, I can never think at all...

Maekyn: No one has said otherwise, so I wonder if this battle is still going on. *wings come from his back*

Kotuumath: Yeah...

Maekyn: *looks around*

Boyin:Well folks, according to the to the rulebook, *Clears throat* ahem, "if a fighter is revived in battle by their opponent then they shall be disqualified. In the event that they aren't actually unconscious at the time of the revival, then the match shall continue under normal circumstances."

Kotuumath: ....

Maekyn: .....Was kind of hard to tell....Well....Now what?

Kotuumath: *shrugs*

Maekyn: Neither of us is going to give, yet it seems we're not about to fight either.

Kotuumath: Yeah...

Maekyn: .......I'll wait for something to happen. *begins sharpening his katana on his own scales*

Kasumi vs. Casey

Boyin:Our next match-up is between our own Kasumi and Casey the Rabfox. Kasumi is a Hydrokinetic capable of shooting water bullets. He is a massive power house, with a huge gun, and an even bigger chip on his shoulder. Don't just think Casey is a sweet little girl however, she is a naturekinetic with excellent flying capabilities! Let's get this match-up underway!

Kasumi:*Walks onto the battlefield angrily* Just my luck, a little girl! I hate kids!

Casey: (appears) I'm gonna roll over you like a steamroller!

Kasumi:*Looks at Casey* AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDD!!!! *Trying to catch his breath* Oh....that's...that's rich. *A dead serious look grows on his face* Too bad for you I hate threats! *Readies his large shotgun like water-gun*

(At the stands...)

N: Oh boy...

Concession Manager:I love when Kasumi battles!

Concession Employee:Why is that?

CM:Oh you'll see.

Kairu: Casey's gonna pwn this guy.

(Back at the arena...)

Casey: (stands on her hands and walks around) If you're gonna do something, hurry up, or draw on you with my purple texta of dangerousness!

Kasumi:*Facepalms* Why, what did I do to deserve it? *Sighs, and shoots water bullets at Casey rapidly*Let's just get this over with kid.

Casey: (flings her arms wide, and a huge flower comes up, and absorbs the water) Water makes plants grow! Didn't you pay attention in school? Leaf Storm! (millions of razor sharp leaves fly out of her sleeves and slash Kasumi)

Kasumi:*The razor leafs don't cut Kasumi he is protected by his chain mail shirt* Leaves can't cut metal, don't you pay attention in school?! *Fires massive ammoutns of water bullets at Casey, thinking* Go ahead keep taking in the water...

Casey: (stands with her hands thrust out, looking at Kasumi, and brings her hands up fast. A giant tree trunk slams Kasumi into the air)

Kasumi:*Is smacked into the air, but flisp back landing on the tree trunk. He rushes towards Casey.*

Tattoo vs. Reaperhog

Boyin:Ready fans?! *The crowd cheers* Good because we've got a blockbuster for you. It is Tattoo vs. Reaperhog!! Tattoo is a young male echidna with an amazing physique which allows him super strength. His blows can shatter the earth itself, and it will surely come into play! His opponent is Reaperhog. A mysterious being capable of spreading fear into his opponent. He uses his large scythe, which in itself has a set of unique attributes. Let's kick this battle off!


Kayden: Ahhhhh! THAT IS PAINFUL SIS!




Kaia: I'd be nice to her if I were you.

Kayden: Why!?

Kaia: Cuz she know's what to do to kill you in your sleep.

Kayden: .....

Claire: Hehehehe

Kaia: I'm going to let everyone know where you are ok.

Kayden: Oh this sucks!

(Back in the arena...)

Violet: Hey N? Do you want watch the fight or go with me to see to get J and see Kayden? He's a good pal of Kay.

N: I'll watch the fight, Vio.

Violet: Ok don't do any thing dum when I'm gone ok?

N: [nods]

(Walk's off)

N: [thinking] Reaperhog? Wow. I'm glad J or Mecha Sadie didn't picked to fight with him. It could end in a disaster.

(Reaper walks up to the center area of the arena and waits. Tattoo then comes out from the other side of the arena.)

Tattoo: (sees Reaperhog and gulps)

(Back with J and Mecha Sadie, they are watching the fight from TV)

J: [gulps] Tattoo's up against Reaperhog.

Mecha Sadie: Yeah...

J: Uhhh... I should go and check out with Shima. [walks away]

Mecha Sadie: Okay.

(J walks off to find Shima, but stops)

J: Wait... I think I shouldn't. I'm sure Shima already signed up.

(Back at the arena with Tattoo and Reaperhog...)

Reaper: So, you are my opponent?

Tattoo: (nods) Seems like it. (sticks out his hand for a handshake) May the best man win.

Reaper: *glaring right at Tattoo* You had better do your best, and fight as if your life depending on it. I would not want to be disappointed.

Tattoo: (curls hand into fist and puts it down at his side) (glares back at Reaperhog) Trust me, you won't. I have more to fight for here than my life.

Reaper: Good. That means you'll fight to your greatest. Considering your origins, I expect a good match.

Tattoo: (nods) Same here.

(At the stands...)

N: [thinking] This fight is gonna end quickly...

Violet: (Yelling) Hey Shima! I'm going to see Kay! Come a long or watch the fight? See you! (Run's off with out Shima saying anything)

(Back at the arena...)

Reaper: Very well.

Tattoo: (cracks his knuckles, then punches one fist into his palm) Let's go!

Tiaojie:*Stands between the two and flags for the start* Begin! *Jumps back off the battlefield.*

Reaper: *draws his scythe and stands at the ready*

Tattoo: (glares at Reaper, and his fur becomes unusually shiny)

(At the stands...)

N: [thinking] Whoa. That is one huge looking scythe.

(In the arena...)

Reaper: *maintains stance*

Tattoo: (suddenly grips the ground with his hands, and lifts out a large chunk of the ground and chucks it at Reaper) Hraaaaagggh!

Reaper: *dashes to the side, dodging*

Tattoo: (jumps to the rock, and kicks it, shattering it into thousands of smaller, yet sharper, rocks that shower down on Reaper)

[A sphere of black smoke surrounds Reaper, blocking him from sight. The rocks pass through the sphere of smoke.]

Tattoo: Damn it! (lands onto the ground)

Reaper: *dashes out of the smoke, charging right at Tattoo*


Kaia: Hey J! Did you see Kayden's fight?

(Violet walks in) Oh hey bro!

J: [to Kaia] Yeah. it was one heck of a fight. [to Violet] Hey, Vio!

Violet: (To J) Ah you saw it to huh. (To Kaia) So is he crying?

Kaia: Hehe Like a baby!

Violet: That's Kayden!

Kaia: So do you want to see him?

Violet: I was just on the way. You guys want to join?

J: [nods to Violet] Sadie isn't here right now. She's at the training room again, so [chuckles] I assume she's hyped up.

Kaia: Who is that?

Violet: Are sis.

Kaia: Oh!

J: So anyway, let's go check out on Kayden.

Violet: Ok race you.

Kaia: Are you sure?

Violet: Why not play with fire?

(J races torwards the emergency room, followed by Violet and Kaia)

Violet: Hey I never say'ed go! (Run's faster)

J: Sorry, Vio! I was hyped up, you know.

(emergency room)

Violet: Not cool you got a head start!

Kaia: Haha next time tell me never race J again!

Kayden: Who's that... Awsome Kaia's going to make a joke out of me!

J: [chuckles] Sorry, you two. I'll let you guys win next time. [hears Kayden] That sounded like Kayden.

Kayden: J? Hey come in!

(J walks inside the room, with Violet and Kaia following him to see Kayden)

Kayden: Hey how are you guy's?

Violet: Good! You look like you been to hell and back!

Kayden: ... Not fuuny!

J: Hey, Kayden. That was one heck of a fight against Meta-Fox. Sorry you didn't beat him. Still, you were awesome!

Kayden: Thank J glad you like'd it.

Violet: This reminds me of when I tried to kill you in your sleep when I was still dark. Ahhhh good times.

(Everyone looks at her like O.O)

Violet: It's a joke hehe!

Everyone: ....

J: Ummmm.... okay.

Violet: My back still hurts from when you kick'ed me back there!

Kaia: Ehhh sorry you were trying to kill us back there.

J: Hmmm.... [approaches torwards Kayden]

Kayden: What's up?

(J can see that Kayden is still injured so he places his hand onto Kayden's forehead)

J: Chaos Heal.

(A beam of Chaos aura heals half of Kayden's injuries, although he is quickly recovered)

(Kayden glows bule for a min J has seen this in the past has this let's everyone know that he can now use this move)

Kayden: Oh thanks.


Kayden: And here we go.

J: Just bear in mind that you're already beaten by Meta-Fox. If you're in the mood to work out, the training room's not far, Kayden.

Claire: (To Kayden) YOU are not going anywhere! (To J) YOU what do you think your doing to my bro!

J: [sweat drops] I was just trying to help. I help cure the injured.

Claire: Well thank you for trying to help but I'm a doc he'll be ok.

Kayden: I'm am ok!

Claire: SIT DOWN!

Kayden: AHHHH!

(Kagi: ......What does this have to do with the current fight?)
(JMB-Shima's offline, y'know)
(Kagi: Yes I do. And I repeat: what does this have to do with the fight?)

J: [sweat drops] Okay...

(J can tell that kayden may be recovered, but is still covered in scratches and bruises)

J: Hey, Vio and Kaia. Let's go check out the Tattoo vs. Reaperhog fight.

Kayden: Has you wish (Truns on the TV) I have no idea who is fighting but I wish they don't end up like me!

Kaia: A Grim Reaper vs a ummm J help me out here.

Violet: Well we don't even know if the Reaperhog is that even!

Claire: Why does no one know him?

Violet: If someone want's it that badly they can drop off the map like dust. Take Ruby's side of the family. Me, Shadow, Shima, and Hali. No one knew anything of us till Eggman wake'd Shadows cat nap. If it's that easy to make the Ark go away what's to stop one man from going away forever?

J: [to Kaia] That's Tattoo.

Kaia: Oh yeah thanks J!

J: No prob.

(Back at the arena with Tattoo and Reaperhog...)

Tattoo: !!!

Reaper: *swings his scythe at Tattoo*

Tattoo: !! (shileds himself with his arms, which have become hard as steel)

[Reaper's scythe hooks against Tattoo's arms.]

Reaper: *growls, then pulls his scythe down, pulling Tattoo with it*

Tattoo: Ack!! (slams into the ground) Grr!! (gets up and throws a punch at Reaper)

Reaper: *flips backwards*

Tattoo: (growls)

Reaper: Hmph, so far I'm disappointed.

Tattoo: Grraaaahhh!! (slams his fists on the ground, causing the ground to rise up and move forward like a tidal wave)

Reaper: !! *runs from the wave of earth, getting some distance*

Tattoo: (smirks) What's wrong? Can't dodge it? (he continues the attack, soon making the whole ground a thing of rock tidal waves)

Reaper: *stops* Not at all.

(The "tidal waves" get so bad, the ground starts to spilt in areas)

Reaper: *charges at a tidal wave*

Tattoo: ....

(Shima: Oooh, I just got an idea on how this battle could end, with Reaper winning)
(Kagi: I intended for Reaper to finish it with "Nightmare of the Reaper".)
(Shima: Oh)
(Kagi: What did you have in mind?)
(Shima: The tidal wave would turn into a weird mouth-thing and "eat" Reaper, and he would bust through and and defeat Tattoo)
(Kagi: Well, what if we do that without Tattoo being beaten like that? He isn't weak after all.)
(Shima: True)
(Kagi: Kay.)

(As Reaper nears the tidal wave, it starts to form into a giant mouth)

Tattoo: (smirks) Like to see you dodge that!

(In the stadium...)

Panzyr: a smaller, faster version of Stone Edge...

(In the arena...)

Reaper: *brings the chain out of the bottom of his scythe, and wraps it around his arm*

(Shima: Tattoo's arm, am I right?)
(Kagi: No, his own.)
(Shima: Ah, okay)

(The mouth wave gets closer to Reaper. Back in the stadium...)

Gideon: Hmm...impressive...

Panzyr: *grins*

(Back in the arena, Reaper lifts up his scythe, then slams the blade down into the ground. Using the staff end as a vault, Reaper pushes himself up into the air and over the wave of earth. He turns around, and jerks the chain, pulling his scythe back to him, catching it with his other hand. He then lands on both feet.)

Reaper: Anything else?

Tattoo: .... (thinking) Hmmm...

Reaper: I guess you're either very weak, or don't have much to fight for.

Tattoo: >:( (charges towards Reaper, his fists shining like steel) Graahh!

Reaper: *unravels the chain, then tosses it and wraps it around Tattoo's arm*

Tattoo: !!! (pulls on the chain)

Reaper: *slams the blade of the scythe into the ground, then charges at Tattoo*

Tattoo: !!! (slmas his foot into the ground, causing a wall of rock to separate the two of them) (pulls at teh chain)

[The blade holds tight, with the wall adding further tension and more restriction to the chain.]

Reaper: *jumps onto and runs up the chain and over the wall, diving towards Tattoo*

Destiney vs. Kaialee

Kaia: Well well well we meet again Destiney. How have you been?

Destiney: Good!

Kayden: Hey they are going to call out the next fight's soon!

Kaia: Okay be right there! So how long has it been going with you and Shadow? Haven't seen you from when we beat Violet back into her right mind!

Destiney: Good, and that was fun, i've gotton stronger since then.

Kaia: That's good! Hey she's just over there if you want you can go say hi.

Destiney: Nah, she will get angry at me for no good reason.

Kaia: Ah yeah that's right.

Destiney: So lets see whos up next

Kaia: Ok and good luck on your fights!

Destiney: Same to you...

(The two walk outside)

Boyin:Another exciting match-up folks! First we have Destiney the Hedgehog. This young G.U.N agent is a Chaos user, and is capable of weilding it with relative ease! Her opponent is Kaialee! Another chaos user. The two should prove to be an equal match to each other, but this fight will prove just who is better with chaos abilities.

Kaia: Hold that! Did he just say were fighting?

Destiney: Lets just do it Kaia.

Kaia: What are the odd's? Okay as you wish! *Walk's away form Destiney and draw's her Chaos Blade* Tell me when.

Destiney: *charges blast* Right now

Kaia: Uh Oh! CHAOS WALL! *Make's a block of ice shoot right out of the grond to block the shot*

(Up in the stands)

Violet: *Sit's down* Miss anything?

Kayden: You know Dest don't you?

Violet: Yeah?

Kayden: She just meet up with Kaia and then there next up in the tournament.

Violet: I hope Kaia kick's her but!

Kayden: Yea but it'ed be sad to see Destiney go.

Violet: HA whatever. Oh who am I kiding only rsoen I don't like her is becuz she's with G.U.N. and she like's my brother I don't even have a boy friend yet. *Look's down* Oh well. Suck's for her.

Destiney: Chaos...BLAST! *blasts Kaia*

Kaia: *Hide behind the Wall she made* Come on hold up hold up!

Destiney: Darn *uses chaos lance*

Kaia: This thing can't take a lot more! Hey that's IT! CHAOS TOWER!!! * A tower of water shoot's out of the floor truning Kaia's wall into a warhead* Can you get around THIS!? * the tower bends to go right at Destiney*

Destiney: *she ets hit* OOF! Wow! *she charges at kaia full speed*

(Chaos: I've been think about adding a power to Kaia's list mind if I try it out here?)

(Des: Go ahead)

(Chaos: Thanks)

Kaia: CHAOS MELT! *Kaia become's water and mix's with the water already on the floor*

Destiney: WHAT THE?!

Kaia: *Water like sound* So can you find me?

Destiney: Hmm... CHAOS BOMBS! *the water is hit by Destineys ability, evaporating some of it*

Kaia: What the!? You trying to kill me!?

Destiney: Im trying to find you *chaos blasts where her voice came from*

Kaia: OH SH! *Kaia has now been trun'ed steem* Oh now look what you did! *Truns back to Hedgehog form* Okay that wasn't so OW! Ahhhhh my back hrut's grrrr. Note to self don't over do that move.

Destiney: BAM!

Kaia: Bam? What are you saying?

Destiney: sorry! *throws a blast*

(im going swimming, be bakc soon!)

(Chaos: Okay have fun!)

(Des: Back)

(Chaos: Okay let's roll!)

(Des: It's your turn)

Kaia: (Jump's away clam)

Destiney: Man your tough

Kaia: Yeah I am sorry.

Destiney: It's fine. *Uses chaos spear*

Kaia: (Jumps again but her back starts to hurt more)

Destiney: You ok? *uses chaos bombs again*

Kaia: (Pulls up one more Chaos Wall but it goes down faster then the other) Yeah your just not the only thing fighting me today.

Destiney: If you say so *attempts to use the same attack Kaia did*

Kaia: Uh oh! (Hmmmm Chaos Wall has alway's been in a water/ice from in my head I'm having a hard time thinking of what it'd look like when it isn't.)

(Chaos energy)

Destiney: What do you mean uh oh?

(Chaos: She justed used Chaos Wall sooo. Hey Chaos Wall isn't a attack anyway I'm thinking of Chaos Tower. I've lost myself now)

(Des: Well Chaos bombs arent really real either, there a power that came to mind a few monthes ago)

(Chaos: Okay let's try that again what did Destiney use? Wall, bomb or Tower?)


(Chaos: Okay Wall is a move to stop attacks by puting up a wall of ice (Or it does for Kaia cuz her Chaos Powers are odd) And Tower put's a a tower of water and shoot's it at some one)

(Des: She put the wall up from under kaia, so what does that do?)

(Chaos: Well most likey it will send her flying. I never thot about using that move the way you did nice work.)

(DEs:Thank you! Alright now that we got situated lets get back on track)

Kaia: Uh oh (The wall come's out from under her and send's her up into the air) AHHHHHHHH!!!

Destiney: Wow... did'nt expect that

Kaia: (Land's feet frist but has a odd "Where the heck did that come from!?" look on her face)

Destiney: At least she's ok. *uses chaos blast*

Kaia: Ohhhhh c**p.... (Put's up a Chaos Wall again but it braks and Kaia take's 15% of the blast)

Destiney: You ok Kaia?

Kaia: Well I've been beter but I can still fight... (SFX-POP) And there goes my back...

Destiney: Oh gosh *facepalm*

Kaia: Well this give me a bit of a unhandy cap. Oh well. (Runs at Destiney)

Destiney: *runs out of the way*

Kaia: (Stops and truns to face Destiney)

Destiney: What?

Kaia: Got ye! (Jumps over Destiney and try's to round houes kick her in the air)

Destiney: WHOA! *she gets hit*

Kaia: Oh you alright there?

Destiney: Yeah i'm fine *throws chaos spear*

Kaia: AHHH!! (Get's hit) Ahhh gezz I was just making sure you don't have to hit me for it...

Destiney: Come on Kaia *throws chaos bombs*

Kaia: Uh-oh CHAOS TOWER (A tower of water push'esh the bomb into the air but the tower goes away befor Kaia can make it blow up the bomb) Shoot I'm geting to weak for this.

Destiney: CHAOS BLAST!

(Yep that's going to finsh it)

(Dest: Whatcha mean?)

Kaia: (Kaia get's hit head on cuz she can't pull up anymore Chaos Wall's) GAHHHH!!!

(Up in the stands)

Kayden: KAIA NO!

Destiney: Oh god

(Kaia seem's to be passed out and the fight goes to destiney.)

Kayden: (Jumps onto a rall and grinds and jumps down the the spot where Kaia is and picks her up) Kaia-chan hey wake up!

Kaia: ... (Starts to wake up) Ka-Kayden?

Kayden: Hey you alright?

Kaia: Hehehe do I look alright to you?

Destiney: Uh...

Kaia: Yes Destiney?

Destiney: Nothing

Kaia: Hey good luck alright?

Destiney: Alright

Kayden: So let's go fix you up eh?

Kaia: (Dest can see her bulsh bright red) U-ummm sure hehe.

(Is the fight supposed to close or sumthing?)

(Chaos: I think the RP host will move the fight to it's own page now)

Blaze vs. Gideon

(In the stadium...)

Gideon: It seems my opponent is the princess of the Sol Dimension...

Panzyr: Huh. Too bad you couldn't fight a G.U.N agent...

Gideon: Hmm...yes...(walks out into the arena)

(In the arena...)

Boyin: Another great match-up for you folks. First off we have Blaze, the princess of her own dimension, as well as a friend of a time traveler, it would seem that this young lady rarely has any time on her hands. She is an experienced pyrokinetic, and a ferocious fighter. Ironically she dates a G.U.N agent, while her opponent, Gideon, hates G.U.N. Gideon is a young male moose, who promises to be a powerful opponent. He is experienced in weaponry including fire-arms and explosives. This match is sure to be explosive.

Blaze: *Stares down Gideon, narrowing her eyes* It would appear your my opponent. Prepare yourself! *Blaze takes a fighting stance, with intent in her eyes*

Gideon: Hmm. I'm always prepared.

Tiaojie: *Raises his hand that was between the two* Begin! *Jumps back off of the arena*

Gideon: (Unsheathes his combat knife)

Blaze:*Smirks* What is that little toy going to do against *A flame bursts within her palm* Fire * She throws the fireball at Gideon*

(Gideon twirls the knife, charging ice into it; he swipes at the fireball, freezing it and sending it flying back at Blaze.)

Blaze: *She back flips and jumps to the side, avoiding the frozen fire ball* A game of the elements, huh? *Rushes at Gideon with amazing ferocity*

Gideon: *grins* (dashes forward as well)

Blaze:*Throws a few fireballs at Gideon, after smirking. She continues forward, but dashes past Gideon. She runs towards the wall, and rebounds off of it. She sets herself on fire, as she flies at Gideon from behind.*

Gideon: [Runs closer to a wall, then stops] *thinking* That's right...

Blaze:*Skids to a stop, thinking*He's avoided the attack, but has done so in an unorthodox manner. He is planning something. It is best if I be careful. *Blaze spins around in a circle generating small fire-like tornadoes. They head towards Gideon*

Gideon: Hmm...clever...(uses DevilShroud to sink into the ground)

(In the Crowd)

  • Saizo makes his way back to his colleagues and sits back down, slumped in the back of his chair. He gives a sigh of relief while the others look at him, although only Nexus remains in this position.

Nexus: So Saizo, how's the Panda girls?

Saizo: They're fine... I had Samanexum heal Abumi, while the nurse is attending to the other Panda. Woulda seemed odd if I had to treat both of them; doctors might of got suspicious...

Nexus:... You like that Abumi girl, don't ya? Get what I mean?

Saizo: *shrugs* Hah, she's young, cute, and... a Panda. I'm just an old, decrepit, worn out old half demon. My time is done and the only thing I can do now is to protect the multiverse.

Nexus: You need to settle down, man! Get a girl, have little tykes runnin around, and live the rest of your days in solitude!

Saizo: ... Nexus, the reason I haven't done so is because I can't bare to see the woman infront of me get older while I have to live with the fact that everyone close around me dies... That's why I picked you guys as my fellow Hands of God; you are all immortals in one way or another.

Nexus: Awwww I didn't think you took a liking to us! That's cute, man!

Saizo: knock it off.

N: Hmm... I remember Blaze. [chuckles] Me and my bro accidentaly ended up warping inside a Sol Dimension of some sort...

(Back in the arena...)

J vs. Subzero

(Inside the stadium...)

Mecha Sadie: Oh boy! You're up next, J!

J: Yup! Wish me luck, guys. [hugs Sadie, Violet and his other siblings)

Violet: Good luck J!

Kayden: (Healed thanks to J) Try not to get your self too hurt ok?

J: I won't. [walks away as he heads into he arena]

(At the stands, the crowd cheers loudly)

N: [thinking] Holy crap! J's up next! You can do it, big bro. Everyone here depends on you!

Kayden: GO GET EM!

Violet: Ummm ok this is going to be so lame but it's the best I got Go Go J J! Go Go J J!

N: [sees Kayden and Violet] Hey guys!

Violet: N! (Run's up to N) Hey there!

N: I can't believe J's up next, Violet! This is so cool!

Violet: Hey N I'd like you to meet some one. N this is Kayden a old pal of mine. Kayden this is N my new bro.

Kayden: Hi N good to meet you!

N: Same here, Kayden!

(At the arena...)

Boyin:Another great match-up folks! We have J the Hedgehog vs. Subzero. J the Hedgehog is a new member of the Ultimate Life Form family capable of using Chaos Control, as well as he is a huge racing driver enthusiast. His opponent is a mysterious young man with strange pyrokinesis powers capable of actually burning his opponents. This skilled fighter is powerful and fast! All in all it should be a great match-up.

(The crowd cheers loudly)

J's fans: [chants, while waving checkered flags that represents J] J! J! J! J! J! J! J! J! J!

N: GO J!!!

Violet: COME ON BRO!


Claire: J!? The J? You never said that was THE best racer in the world!

Kayden: Yep pals with almost all the Ultimate Life Forms, Sonic and his team, Kaia but she's not here right now.

Claire: ..... My bro has the most awesome pals ever!

(Back at the arena, J hasn't shown up. Is he planning to make a grand entrance? The crowd murmurs. Then, a loud turbocharged engine revving echoes inside the stadium and the crowds are shocked and surprised)

Panzyr: (Inside the stadium, away from people; hears the engine) Hmm.

(Emerging from the stadium and into the arena is J's modified tuner, the Argento GT1 (which resembles as the Nissan Silvia S15; and is driven by J) and it drifts around the ring as the turbocharged engine echoes through the stands! The crowds cheer loudly)

N: Nice one, J!!

Kayden and Violet: HA!! Show off!

(Where Panzyr and Gideon are...)

Panzyr: *snort* Show-boater.

Gideon: Hush.

Panzyr: (Crosses arms) Hmph.

(The tuner car skids to a stop and a lambo-style door from the right opens and out comes the mysterious driver who was wearing his helmet. He takes off his helmet, revealing J! The crowd cheers loudly for J's spectacular entrance.)

Panzyr: Was there even a point in that?

J's Fans: [waves their checkered flags (again, representing J); chants] Rev him up! Rev him up! Rev him up! Rev him up! Rev him up! Rev him up!

Argento GT1: Good luck, J-san! [speeds away as its turbocharged engine echoes through the stands and it leaves the stadium]

J: [turns and looks at Hali, smiles and gives her a thumbs up; turns back towards the arena] This'll be fun.

(in the crowds)

shadow:i wonder what is this

Smash sat in his seat, waiting for the match to begin. "Tsk. A little full of ourselves, aren't we? At least nobody's gonna be bored." He turned his gaze towards the other side of the arena where his opponent should be coming out from. "Where's this Subzero guy...? Is he planning to make an entrance to rival J's?"

(Suddenly, a strong, cold breeze rushes throughout the arena and stands...)

J: Whoa...

Panzyr: ?

Kayden: What the!?

Claire: Brrrr why did it get so cold!?

Violet: N I don't think that the wind did that.

N: Of course not. J's up against an opponent.

(The wind soon starts getting stronger and stronger....)

N: [shivers] WTF?!

Violet: I don't know. Why is it so cold!?

Kayden: To-too cold!

Claire: Brrr Ka-Kay it's to cold for Chun-Na what is going on?

Gideon: (Wraps his arms around himself) ........

(The strength of the wind suddenly increases dramatically, howling and roaring. It soon becomes more concentrated, almost like a hurricane centered around the stands and arena.)

Panzyr: Hrrrrr, what is that...?!

Gideon: ..........

Kayden: Claire get down!

Claire: Right!

Violet: What is this?


Ryu: J-Judas P-P-Priest it's cold!!

Kotuumath: Y-You think Y-YOU'RE c-c-cold?! I-I'm a b-bloody ectotherm!! At l-l-least you h-have fur...! S-Speaking of w-which... (grabs Linebeck and drapes him over his shoulders) Ahhhh....

Linebeck: HEY!! D:<

(Suddenly, on top of the howling wind, a typhoon of blue fire suddenly erupts in the middle of the stadium! however, it only seems to increase the power and speed of the wind, and further reduce the temperature...)

Kotuumath: F***ing Hell!!

Linebeck: I am NOT a ferret-skin scarf!! Put me down!!

Violet: T-t-to cold! H-h-how are you not cold!?

N: We lived through the cold, Vio. [walks over to Violet and cuddles her so she can gain warmth)

Violet: Lu-lu-lucky!

Linebeck: FFFFFFFFFFFfffffffff-

Claire: Too d**n cold!

Kayden: Haaaaa why?

Ryu: T-Too c-c-cold...!! (grabs Linebeck's tail and wraps it around her) Ahhh....

Linebeck: 3:<

(Albus and Shanoa are cuddling, trying to keep warm...awww...

Rosa: (sits on Linebeck's head) R-r-ratta...

N: Get on with it already, before this place turns into an igloo!

Violet: Y-yes.... cold!


Violet: I d-don't care anymore. I w-want to get warm!

Mason:I'll take on someone-whole crowd heres him-

[All the Glacians look at Mason. They are not shivering from the cold due to the harsh weather of Glacier Peak]

Mason:who am i fighting?

???: "How about me?"

[Solar's glaring at him, having a Greatcoat, and seems to have melted all the ice on his bench just by sitting on it.]


Solar: "Well?"

[Solar's suddenly glomped by a Pink Moucat!]


Solar: "Well, are you gonna face me?"

Mason:lets dance

when they get ready Mason punches Solar in face

[Solar easily catches the punch and twists Mason's arm.]

Random Crowd #28: HEY! This is J vs. Subzero fight! Break it up, you two!

Random CrowD #5: Yeah! We're supposed to watch the two battle each other! This isn't a free-for-all!

Solar: "He tried punching me. This kid's just a little impatient!"

Claire: T-That doesn't mater!

Random Crowd #33: Yeah! Don't start fighting, or you two could get kicked out of the stadium!

Mason:tough crowd eh?

Sledge: *sleeping since the match after statyx and amy* zzzzzzzzzz

Security Officer #17: [grabs Mason] Sir, I'mma have to ask you not to start a fight in a middle of the stands, or you're disqualified from the tournament.

(suddenly, the typhoon of blue fire erupts to frightening size with a boom that's heard over the roaring winds. By now, everything is starting to become covered in a thin frost...)

Security Officer #78: [shivers; with English accent] Th-Th-Th-This bloke h-h-h-h-here... n-n-n-n-needs.... to.... h-h-h-h-heat up-p-p-p.... he's gonna get.... d-d-d-d-disqual-l-lified....

[Solar uses Thermal Wave, heating everyone in the stands up. The crowd is starting to become unrest!]

Kotuumath: (Drops Linebeck and hugs solar) THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!

(Kagi: Didn't mean that far, but okay. This time, either leave the general crowd to someone whose character isn't in the fight, or just period.)
(Chaos: What was the cut for?)

Sledge: *awake but looks unwell.... and look like he's melting* Do you.... mind turning.... down the.... heat. ahhhh.

Claire: Oh my gosh what is happing to you!?

Mason:sup guys -he just got here-

Kayden: Hey Mason! What's up?

Solar: .........

Violet: Thank you so much for that!

Solar: "Just doing my part for the community."

Sledge: can you... leave me..... out of.... the heat.... wave thing..... im turning...... to slush..... ahhhhhhhh.

[He makes the Thermal Wave go around Sledge.]

Sledge: ahhh thank you.


Kayden: MASON!

Claire: Oh no.

Solar: "Guards?"

Glacian Police Guard: "Right away Commander Solius..."

[The Glacian part of Security grip Jason and drag him off.]

Kayden: I'd hit him but I'd get draged off too.

Claire: This is why I hate this kind of thing everyone is geting hurt and there mad at everyone that can still move.

Solar: "Glacians have harsher Prisons." ^^'


(Somewhere else in the stands, the Trolls are watching...)

Toxic: Brrr, it's cold...

Frost: Well, I'm fine. Awesome

Toxic: Well of course you are, Frost! You have freakin' Ice powers! Rage face

(All of the other Trolls are shivering as well. Meanwhile, the typhoon of blue fire expands, covering the arena and nearly reaching the stands)

Ryu: That fire's getting closer...


Frost: Yeah, I didn't pay up to watch a stupid show! I paid up to watch the fight! [mumbles] And I like J's better.

Sledge: whoever this subzero guy is, he's pretty strong, ice-fire ain't easy to pull off.

[Suddenly, the blue fire explodes, releasing a powerful chill, along with powdered ice, which covers the area in a thin layer of frost.]

Shanoa: *anime vein* [uses Incito Ignis to melt the frost on her]

[The other four are shivering violently.]

Ryu: Th-The f-fight b-b-better s-start s-s-soon!!

Rosa: *sneezes*

[Linebeck grabs Rosa and hugs her close. Meanwhile, in the middle of where the large hurricane was stands a strange Mobian being, clad entirely in white and blue armor, save for pure white hands.]

Kotuumath: There! I see him!

Ryu: Weird...what species is he?

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Shanoa vs. Vector

James Hunter vs Kyle

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