For thousands of years the moles and Nerbs have lived peacefully hundreds of feet underground ignorant of the world above ground, until now. Now G.U.N. is planning to evacuate them so they can destroy their homes for materials, research, etc. All of the moles have gave up hope except for a select few believers who will not just stand and let their way of life be lost forever now they're on a mission to find saviors from above ground and save their culture!


  • No godmodding.
  • No warping or Chaos Control at all.
  • Keep it PG-13
  • No random sidequests
  • No derailing from the plot.
  • If someone gets left behind help them catch up.


Saviors (Heroes)

Bystanders (Neutral)

Destructors (Villains, GUN Agents, Or ones with other motives...)

  • The Mysterious Commander


(A mysterious figure sits in a spinning chair his face obscured by the darkness in the room and his phone rings)

???:(Picks up the phone) Hello?

???2:Commence operation Down Under?

???:Yes, I want them out and I want them out now!

???2:Roger that, Commander.

???:Oooh Commander, I like the sound of that.

???2:Over and out.


???2:What is it?

???:Can you buy me some Mc'Donalds?

???2:Sure. Over and out. (Hangs up and ??? smiles)

Chapter One

???:Candi, are you sure you'll find fit saviors.

Candi:Trust me Clide, I can do this.

Clide:You don't have to do this! What if GUN finds out and kills us all?

Candi:I's better than living to see the destruction of our home. (Runs off heading towards the surface)

Clide:Candi WAIT!

(Meanwhile, ground level)

(Broski is talking to Rock Stonewall)

Broski:And I told this dude that there's no way I would use my cherry bombs for this project he's doing.

Rock:Any idea what it was for?

Broski:He said it was classified.So I sent him away.

Rock:Good thing you didn't give him any.

(Meanwhile, under ground)

Candi:This is going to be a looong day.

(Hours later Candi finally makes it to he surface but screams in pain as soon as she sees the light)


Rock:Sounds like someone need helps.Let's go.

(Broski and Rock both rush to the spot where the found Candi in pain)

Broski:Lets get her out of the sunlight.

(They both carried her to a nearby shaded spot)

Rock:Its okay now.Your out of the sun.

Candi:Wow thanks. (Sees a single streak of sunlight) AAAAAAH! IT BUUUURNS!

Rock:Here.(Pulls out a pair of sunglasses)Wear these,they'll keep the light out of your eyes.(Puts them on her carefully)

Candi:T-thank you kind sir.

Rock:Your welcome.^^

Broski:Where did you come from miss?

Candi: Well I came here from....(points to the ground)

Rock:Oh,since your a mole,that's your home.What are you doing up here?

Candi: It's horrible. This group of demon warriors named GUN are trying to evacuate us so they can destroy our home and create one of their hell bases. It's horrible, simply horrible. The worst thing about it is that almost all of our race has given up hope. I'm trying to gather up angels so we can stop them!

Broski:Well,we can help you.

Candi:Reakky!? Wow, I found my first angel already!

Rock:I'll help too.

Candi: Second angel! (Opens a book) You must be the entrance angels that help the ones from below become accustomed to the light.

Broski:Well,that's a nice way to put it.^^

Rock:But we're glad to help you.^^

Candi: But you guys are sadly not enough. I'm going to need the srength angel, Tina. To help me as well. (Leaves out the door with shades on) C'mon!

Together:Comming!(Follows her)

Candi: Hurry it up before she leaves! I doubt she'll stay in one place for very long. We can also find other people to help us along the way!

Rock:True.Everyone moves alot.

Broski:And I'm sure we'll run into other people.

Candi: Okay, does anyone know where Green Flower City is?

Rock:Its a few miles over.It shouldn't too far.

Candi began to sprint. "Good, we'll see Tina in no time. I've read text that staes that she lives there!"

Rock and Broski:(Runs after her)


It was just a regular day in Green Flower City. Nothing special was going on, today. People went about their everyday lives, going through their daily routine.
A blue echidna was spending the day at home, mowing the front lawn. He wore a green t-shirt with a yin-yang symbol, faded sky-blue jeans, and a pair of sunglasses. For him, it wasn't entirely a regular day; A friend was coming over to visit. He wanted to finish the yard work before he arrived. Soon, he finished mowing, and took a good look at the yard. "Whelp. That should do it." He muttered to himself, somewhat proudly. Maybe I should take a break... He glanced at his watch, I should have some time to take a walk and get back before they arrive. He thought to himself. He put the lawn mower back in the garage, and took off down the street.

Everything was normal.....until a mole wearing shades ran through the town screaming like a maniac with Rock and Broski not to far behind her. "TINAAAA! TINA WHERE ARE YOU! THE PEOPLE OF THE UNDERGROUND NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE!"

Rock:What up Candi.


A woman walked to Candi. "What do you need?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Tina."

"Oh...wrong Tina."

Broski:Sorry ma'am.We're looking for someone.

Candi's eyes widened as soon as she saw Smash The Echidna casually walking down the street. She ran to him and tightly hugged him. "TINAAAAA!"

Smash, startled and almost frightened, cried out as he was tackled to the ground from behind. "What the crap!? Get offa me, woman!" He yelled in protest, standing back up with her on his back. "What the heck are you trying to do!? This ain't football!"

"I'm never letting go Tina now that I found you! Why are you not fighting Tina?"

"Because I ain't Tina!" He yelled. "Tina's a girl's name; Do I look like a woman to you!?"

Candi giggled. "Of course you do Tina. I know all about you. Your the angel of strength and you spend your time in a anceint arena called the Bitz Pit and you live in the sacred city of Green Flower."

Rock:Sorry,sir.But somehow she thinks your the angel of strength.

Smash froze, looking somewhat shocked. "Wait...what." He grabbed Candi's arms, and forced her to let go before turning around to face them. "How did you know that I'm a fighter at the Blitz Pit?"

Candi giggled. "Wow Tina, they never told me you'd be so funny. To answer your question you're in alot of our ancient texts that chronicle your strength and wisdom. It also states that your Father was a warrior and your sister IS a warrior as well. It also states your friends with the wisom angel, Glacius and the nature angel, Spockius-"

"Hold it!" Smash interrupted. "Okay, First of all, I am not an angel woman. I'm an echidna, and a dude. My name is Smash, not Tina. Secondly, lemme get this straight. Information about "me and my friends and family" are written in ancient texts? Either you got the wrong person or your textbooks are faulty. So far you were right about me being a fighter at the Blitz, but my father wasn't a "warrior". He was a fighter, too. My sister isn't a warrior either, I just trained her. And wisdom and nature angels? I lost you there. There are no angels here on the ground; if there are then something's up, probably. Angels are generally assumed to be waaay higher up." He paused to point up at the sky. "Down here on the ground, we're just regular mobians...Third of all, Who ARE you? Why am I explaining all this to you; shouldn't you know some of this stuff already?"

Broski:She came here to ask for help cause of GUN.

Candi stared at Smash for a second then laughed. "Oh Tina your such a funny angel! I'm the normal one and all you guys are angels! You are a warrior at the Blitz Pit. It's strange you don't remember your two friends. The Wisdom angel is the cat-like being with a floating smaller kitty and the nature angel is the one with a magical blade of elements. My name is Candi and I need your help."

Smash buried his face in his palms. "oh lord..." He groaned, seemingly having a painful headache. He looked back at Candi, "Okay fine. Let's pretend that I'm an "angel" for now. You guys mentioned G.U.N. What's going on?"

Rock:Candi says they are making a base in their home and driving them out of it.

Smash's eyebrows shot up. "Seriously? Have they really sunk that low?" He asked, surprised.

Broski:Seems so.

Candi looked at her shoes sadly. "Yes, the demon warriors of GUN. They say their from above but I don't believe them. They say their doing it for a good cause but" starts to cry.

"They'll tear down our only homes. They say they'll put us in camps but their horrible. Though their stronger than us so everyone has given up hope. They stopped believing that the angels above our underground home could help us...but I believe....your living proof Tina. That the angels are real..."

Rock:(Puts his hand on her shoulder)We'll be your angels Candi.

Candi said, "Well you and Broski ARE the doormen angels so you sort of stick with me."

Broski:That's right.

Smash looked rather disturbed. He looked down at the ground, pressing his fingers against his forehead. "This is bad..." Really bad. He continued in his thoughts. Just what the heck are they trying to do!? I don't want to have to go against the army. I mean, I don't like them and all, don't just mess with the military like that. Even if what they're doing IS wrong..I mean, in the end, the law usually comes out on top. If I go against them, I might end up "Wanted" and endanger my whole family. But I can't just leave them there...For the time he was thinking, he remained silent. He looked very troubled, though.

"You look like your constipated Tina. How about we visit the brilliant Wisdom angel. He shouldn't be too far from here."

Rock:Sounds like a good idea.

A vein mark showed on his forehead, just before his hand slapped it. "Noo...He's already on his way." And how long are you going to keep up this 'Angel' act? It's seriously getting on my nerves.

Broski:We don't mind.

Candi laughed but not as cheeful as before. "Your so silly and constipated angels are the only ones that can help us."

"I don't think you're using that word properly." Smash noted, looking up at her. "And could you at least call me by my actual name? For the last time, I'm not Tina. I'm Smash."

Rock:Okay Smash.

"I wasn't referring to you." He said. "But now that you've reminded me, you other people never told me who exactly you were."

"Oh Tina. It's not that simple. First it has to go to congress then it has to be made into a bill's just not that simple Tina." She said as she walked down the road. "Follow me!"

"Congress?" Smash slapped his forehead again. "Where are you going?"


When Tina finished answering, a faint noise could be heard, similar to snoring, but audible, coming from a small side street.

Broski:Who was that?


"Wow. My first day on the service and I already get to see Tina take a constipated pill!"

The snore stalled a bit from Smash's shouting, then stopped completely.


"Please don't tell me they're all like that where she's from. I'm already at my limit." He sighed, and looked back at the others. "I'm going home. I'm expecting guests, and I should probably warn them about this girl and her angel fantasies."

Candi looked at Smash longingly. "One day..I want to be strong like her."

Then a red hedgehog, with bright red stripes,along with dark blue pants and matching scarf, walked out from behind the corner, with sleep deprived eyes, muttering something about, getting barely any sleep, then noticing the small group, thinking,why can't I get any peaceful sleep when people are about?

Broski:Who's that?

Then the hedgehog rubs the sleep out of his eyes, and now has a slightly clearer view of the group.

Meanwhile underground.

"ALERT! ALERT! MISSING MOLE! MISSING MOLE! FIND THE FEMALE THEY CALL:CANDI. ASAP!" Said the mysterious commander in a P.A. system. Alerting all the Moles, and Nerbs.

Candi looked at the mysterious hedgehog. "I think that might be Xavier the traveller angel."

Rock: Let's go see.

"Wah, Xavier? Are you talking about me? Well, you got the first two right atleast, but what is your definition of "traveller"? asked the hedgehog, slightly confused by the statement.

"I define traveller as someone who doesn't have a home and someone who travels between the forces of light and darkness."


"So a neutral, and yes on both accounts, though the name is. . . Xantho, not Xavier, close, but not enough."

"HEE HEE! Are all you angels ashamed of your name's Xavier?" Candi said with a laugh.

"Wow, was that a insult? Seriously, I have never heard of anyone named Xavier, except out of some comics I read, the name is Xantho, X-A-N-T-H-O. Got it?"

"No it's not an insult Xavier! Look!" She opened her book and showed him a page of text with the heading being Xavier and a picture of Xantho.

"Unless the author has really bad spelling, yes, that's me, alright, I believe, but can you please call me Xantho?"

"It's not that simply Xavier. It would take my whole congress for you to legally change you name. Xavier. But I ask you a favor."

Rock:What about the rest of us?

"It's the same favor as you guys."

"Let me take a guess, we have to stop a massive antagonistic organization from achieveing their goals, which somehow involves you or your people? I guess. . ? I'm just taking pot-shots."

"AHA! IT IS YOU XAVIER! YOU ARE ALSO THE ANGEL OF FORESIGHT! But you have it a little wrong.... we're not fighting an organization; we're fighting demons."

Xantho scratches his head, "I was the Angel of Traveller, now I'm the Angel of Foresight? Wow, this is one wacky day. . . And may I ask what group of demons you are fighting?", now that the whole situation has his complete attension, mainly caused by the unusual character.

Broski:GUN is trying to take their home.

"Oh great, the military, just what was needed, this is going to be tougher than I thought, if it were just some acult, then it would be much easier. . . But now, yeah, we are going to need more help than just us", indicating at the whole group.

"Like I said, we're fighting demons."

Meanwhile, Smash stood up from the front steps of his house, upon seeing few familiar faces walk into the driveway. A red cat wearing goggles on his forehead, accompanied by a chao with cat ears and tail, and a cyan hedgehog with a sword strapped to his back. "Ah, you're here." Smash said. "Good to see you again, Kyle."

Kyle the Hedgehog closed his eyes and bowed. "How are you, my friend?"

"Could be better. Listen, we've got a situation..."

Rock:Those must be Smash's friends.

After hearing Kyle with her super-sonic hearing Candi let out a high-pitched fan girl shriek. "IS THAT THE NATURE ANGEL, SPOCKIUS I HEAR!?"

"Uh oh, fan-girl alert!", then Xantho covers his ears, in hope to somehow to muffle the shriek.

The group cringed collectively at the squeal. "Does..that have anything to do with it?" Gizmo asked.

"Mostly." Smash said, lowering both eyelids. "Prepare to be utterly weirded out."

Broski:She's harmless.

"Physically, maybe. Mentally? That's another story."

"Are we talking about that creepy goat lady?" Gizmo asked, worriedly.


Both Kyle and Gizmo stepped back, startled.

She smiled showing her teeth. "Can you PLEEAAAASE SAY YOUR MAGICAL CHANT WHEN YOU USE THE HOLY GEMBLADE!? Just once?"

They looked at eachother at the corner of their eyes, unsure of what to say. "Uhh...Mew?" Kitty scratched his head, breaking the silence.

Rock:Easy everyone.

Smash walked over, "Let me explain the situation, in the best way possible. This girl, Candi, was it? She thinks that we're all "Angels". And that we're her "Saviors". But that's not even the half of it, she and her people know about all of us and our jobs and all, but our names have been changed to some weird mythical crap. Apparently you're Spockius, and you're Glacius."

Gizmo scratched his head, trying to understand. "But...Why?" Kyle asked. "Why change the names given to us at birth? I do not understand."

"This is why mythical prophesy is best left un-reasoned with, it's practically all that they know", said Xantho, reffering to Candi's people, leaning on the wall, just outside the door.

Smash narrowed his eyes at him, not sure how he felt about a random guy leaning on his wall without him knowing of his presence at first, but he had to agree. "I'm wondering how they knew in the first place." He looked back at Candi, "Seriously, if you guys knew that much, you should at least know our real names.."

"Yes...well all we did know. As I said before most of my people have stopped believing so they're just giving up...not even questioning the demon's power. But I know with Tina's strength, Glacius' brains, Spockius' Magic, and Xaviers powers I'm sure we can find the other angels and stop the demons. "

"I know this is trivial and all, but seriously? Could you just call us by our real names?" Smash asked, sounding exasperated. "Those are not our real names. Our names are not what some congress decided, You guys weren't there when we were born and named."

"He has a point, I'd prefer to have my actual name on the record, thank you very much, not some name that no one ever has anymore, or to make myself more correct, barely anyone.", seemingly tired of the alternative names given by Candi.

Candi looked at the ground for awhile began to cry then with fresh tears in her eyes quickly looked up. "Fine then Smash, IF that's your real name but if I'm going to call you by your, 'real names' your going to listen to me and help beat the demons under my conditions! GOT IT BLUEY!?"

Xantho looked genuinely concerned at Candi, "Uh. . . Guys, are we gonna help?"

Smash put his hand on her shoulder, tightly. "I think you're the one who needs to listen, Candy Cane. First off, I don't think you're in any position for demands. I didn't even agree to help you yet. Second of all, If you want my help, You're gonna have to lose that attitude you're getting with me. I work under my own conditions, and I'm not going to let a crappy piece of paper tell me who I am. And thirdly, Nobody here agrees with the names they've been given, so don't be giving only me a hard time here." He let go, and glanced at the others. "Let me explain the rest of the situation. G.U.N, this continent's army, is invading her home and driving her people out. It's pretty bad, and it could be dangerous. GUN could come after us and our families if we're not careful. They may be our army, but they've gone too far. Still, I won't force you into this; Think carefully before you decide."

Gizmo and Kyle looked rather shocked. "G.U.N? They're..are they really doing this..!?" Gizmo asked.

"This is unforgivable." Kyle stated. "I will get to the bottom of this."

"While I usually don't get along well with the army, or help that many people, I'm not just gonna stand around while people are being driven from their homes, I'm up for causing a little bit of trouble.", said so with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

Candi's attitude didn't change. "Your not going to help can't. Your not angels. You can't stop the demons. Your not from the underground like us...I don't even know who you are but your not ANGELS so just leave me alone. I don't know where Xavier, Trina or the others are but I won't find them here!" Candi said as she stormed out the driveway.

(They were outside)

"If that's how you're going to be, then fine." Smash said. "We'll prove to you that you don't NEED angels to stop them!" He turned back to the others. "C'mon, people. It's time we made a name for ourselves down under."

Xantho just stood there, shocked, "Wow, fan-girl to hater in less than 2 minutes. . . New record anyone?"

"You're telling me!" Gizmo shook his head. "Smash, why do you always seem to attract crazy people?"

Smash's eyelids lowered halfway. "...Shut up. Let's go."

"May I ask as to where? Before I leave." asked Xantho.

Not even a full minute after she stormed off she found trouble. "STOP LET ME GO!" Candi screamed.

"Relax just let lil' ol' Krinkinko take you home and.."

"Krinkinko! We're here to drag her back underground not flirt with her!"

"After we drag her down THEN can I flirt with her!?"

"Whatever floats ya' boat Krink!"

"I'm hungry guys. Can we take her to Mc' Donalds?"

"NO DROGET!" The two other voices said.

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Smash's eyebrows shot up. "Krink..!?" He gasped. "Oh no..Krink works for G.U.N...." He hesitated a bit before running over to the scene.

The team nearly jumped back once they saw Smash but Krinkinko regained his cool. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Smash the Echidna. As you can see we're taking care of this lost sheep right now." He put his arm around Candi. "She'll be just f-" Candi bit Krinkinko's hand and ran over to Smash.

Fa-La-Stu was struggling not to laugh. "You hang out with little girls or somethin' Smash?"

"Why yes. I know and look after some. Wanna make something of it?" He rose an eyebrow, while speaking casually. "Sorry, you three. But the girl's with me. I'm afraid I can't let you take her back right now."

Kyle and Gizmo ran up beside him. "Smash, what's wrong?" Gizmo asked, before seeing the three.
"Krinkinko?" Kyle asked. "What brings you here?"

Krinkinko frowned. "We're here under an important mission to take this little missy back whereshe belongs! According to our files she's mentally unstable and we need her back pronto! There's no telling what she'll do next. Besides, why would she want to be in a place like this?" Krinkinko held his nose.

"It smells of Echidna."

Fa-La-Stu walked away annoyed, "Too far. Krink...too far..."

Smash shook his head. "I see you've still got issues with me." He flashed him a serious look. "This girl may be somewhat crazy, but she's relatively harmless." He stepped in front of her. "We need to have a talk, Krink. There's something you should really know about GUN."

Krinkinko folded his arms. "And that would be..."

"What they're doing down there is wrong. GUN is invading their homes, digging up everything and destroying their environment. They're driving them out of their homes, Krink, and for what? Tell me, Why? And you'd better have a pretty dang good reason, too."

In mere seconds the tip of Krinkinko's scythe was inches away from Smash's neck. "Wow could you be such a scumbag!? Your a filty liar spitting lies about GUN! Our project down there is classified! None of you or your little gangs business! What goes down there is our business but I can tell you this, WE are not destroying their homes! So go tell your info source that next time he decides to open his lieing mouth...he DIES!"

Candi began to scream "YOUR A FILTY LIAR DEMON!"

"Oh ho-ho! Little Ms. Crazy told you. I told you she's crazy sadly crazy. This is just priceless!"

He started walking away with Droget. "Wait till' the commander here's this! Smash is taking orders..from the lunatic!"

Smash began walking with them, completely unphased by Krink's words. He walked past them, and stopped right in front of him. "Turning a blade on your own friend, laughing things off without a second thought......Just what the heck are you doing, Krinkinko?" He demanded, coldly. "You know me better than that. I never told you anything without any sort of truth behind it. Yet you're not in the least bit concerned about this classified information? You're acting like nothing more than a dang puppet on the commander's string, completely oblivious to the commands you're given. Do you even realize what you're doing? Do you even know what this classified information is? Is it worth threatening your own friends over, instead of simply trying to negotiate? Or have you let GUN's habits of "Shoot Now, ask questions later" get through that thick, spotted head of yours?"

Rock:You okay Candi?

Krinkinko stopped once more and turned around once more. "The information may be classified......but I trist the commander...because he's been my friend for years. And who said that I didn't know the reason we're down there? I only said that that's classified information to you. I know good and well the plan."

Droget scratched his head. "Yeah Smash it's not like that we wouldn't be doing this if we weren't sure of the commanders intentions because like he said the commander has been our friend for years."

Broski:Then can't you tell them that they are taking someones homes?

Candi ran towards Krinkinko

Krinkinko growled. "Because they'reNOT! That's not what the commander told us. He told us somethign completely different and you expect us to believe all this new destruction crap?" Krinkinko angrily shook his head. "Sorry Smash, Splice, Gizmo, and craz mole girl. But I've know the commander longer and-" with a leg sweep Candi was on the ground.


Candi started crying. "SHUT UP DEMON! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

Krinkinko sighed and rolled his eyes.

Rock:(Offers Candi a hankie,and gentlty wiped her eyes without moving the shades)

Smash stepped in front of Krinkinko. "Whether you won't tell us or not, I'm only going to warn you once." His expression suddenly changed to a much darker and angrier look. "Don't ever let me catch you attacking one of mine again, Krinkinko The Hedgehog." He then walked away, "If he won't tell us, then we'll find out for ourselves. Come on, guys."

"Let's go Droget!" the two walked away from the group.


Fa-La-Stu was busy talking on the phone. "What do you mean you can give anymore info on the mission?!"

"What I'm saying is that this information is classified and this connection can easily be intercepted."


"Hey, you don't have the authority to give me orders! I'm commander now Fa-La my dear and I can END you!"

"Who are you talking to you nerdy b-"

Krinkinko and Droget walked to Fa-La-Stu glumly. "Hey, Fa-La-Stu. May I speak to the commander please..."

Fa-La-Stu angrily handed him her cell-phone. "Commander...Smash said something about GUN tearing down the mole's home and I had to take the course of action you suggested."

"Excellent agent Krinkinko. May, I speak to the lunatic and see how she's doing?"

"Well, the funny thing is that I let Smash go away with her."

"WHHAAAT! Retrieve her NOW Krinkinko. Do I make myself clear she's insane and a threat! Besides, the moles are in an uproar over her disappearrance.I don't want you to try and talk this out. KILL SMASH IF IT BOILS DOWN TO IT! Just bring her back!"

"But Commander. Smash is my friend and-"

"WAS! WAS YOUR FRIEND! Now he's nothing but a liar who's trying to screw up our wonderful plans! Remember Krinkinko! I'M YOUR FRIEND! I've known you longer than him...he doesn't care about you.."

Fa-La-Stu spoke up. "How do you know that!?"

"I heard your conversation through your watches. He thinks that just because your part of GUN your a monster. He doesn't give a f*** about you Krinkinko!"

"Sir, I didn't interpret it as."

"NO! From now on everyone with that girl is your enemy! I want them found and brought to justice!" The commander hung up.

All was silent until Krinkinko rose his scythe into the air. "For justice..."

Fa-La-Stu raised her fist and Droget raised his trident. "FOR JUSTICE!"

Chapter Two

The commander sat in his swirling chair and rubbed his forehead. "That macho-maniac..he'll be the death of me...why doesn't Krinkinko just finish him off....and he knows my plans...this is bad. Real bad.....whelp. It's time to shake things up a little."

He laughs evilly as he presses a button and the whole base is drowned out with an alarm.

(With the others)

"So, where exactly is their dig site?" Gizmo asked.

"It's over here, I know it." Smash answered, leading the group out the west entrance. "Both Krink's group and Candi came through here, so it must be somewhere in between the city and Fox Forest." He glanced at Candi at the corner of his eye. "Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong."

"Fox Forest...I wonder how Amber is doing?" Gizmo stared off at the forest in the distance.
"It is possible that the digging has affected the inhabitants of the forest as well." Kyle suggested.

Candi folded her arms. "What should I know? I was wrong about you guys being angels. Si I'm not one to give directions. I'm just an insane girl.."

Rock:No your not Candi.

"Yes I am becausse apparantly you're not angels nor are you the people my book said you were so I'm simply insane!"

"A bit crazy, yes. But that's nothing new considering all the people I've known." Smash shrugged.

"You cannot blame yourself for something you've simply been taught." Kyle noted.

"'Sides, you don't HAVE to be an angel to win something like this. You wouldn't believe the things I've had to face in battle." Smash continued. "We'll get to the bottom of this mess, and help your people. That's all that really matters right now, so just try to focus on that instead of what Krinkinko said, alright?"

Broski:I agree.

Near by, a blue wolf was reading a book.

Candi walked off. "Fine then follow me." After walking to the place where she emmerged she stopped. "It's gone...they covered the route!" She began to burrow but stopped. "What the!? They soldified the ground! It's impossible to dig through the ground!" She sat down. "This isn't possible."

"Holy crap, What?" Smash exclaimed. Gizmo knelt down next to her, and knocked on the ground. They all heard a mettalic clank.

"She's right. They completely sealed it up." He confirmed, standing back up. "Which means that whatever they're doing down there, whether they're messing with their homes or not, they don't belong down there. And they don't want anyone else to know."

Smash nodded, and folded his arms. "Okay, but how do we get in now?"

"Perhaps there is another entrance somewhere..?" Kyle suggested.

"Wait.. what?" the Wolf asked. "What's going on?"

"Long story short, we need to get underground. There was an entrance here, but it's been sealed." Smash explained quickly.

Broski:(Placed a cherry bomb and it dentonated)Done.

"I see." The Wolf replied. "I'm Yuki.."

But when the smoke cleared the ground was unphased.

Candi sighed. "Told you."

"I don't think that was a good idea." Smash said. "They probably know we're trying to break in now."

"Ya guys need help?" Yuki asked.

"I suppose we do." Kyle said. "Do you know of any other ways to get under ground?"

"Let me think of something, i guess." He replied.

Rock:WE could just dig another way around them?

"I guess?" Yuki said as he rubbed his chin.

"It might not be that simple." Gizmo stated. "If it were that easy, they wouldn't even bother sealing it up in the first place. Remember, this is the military; the ones who keep everything Top Secret. This steel plate could stretch out a long way."

Candi stood up. "SOMEONE'S COMING!"

"Hmm? Who?" Yuki asked.

"I don't know but you'd better stay behind us." Smash warned Candi, as he turned to look at the approaching figure.

Broski:Stay close Candi.

Candi ducked behind a tree as hundreds of bullets came raining down from four choppers but they large, fifth one in the middle was armed with bombs that hadn't been dropped.

Kyle quickly drew his sword and held it out sideways in front of him. "Guardian," He shouted. A rainbow colored barrier formed around him, "..Field!" which expanded to shield everyone.

A certain head popped out of the window of the main chopper and with a mega-phone she screamed, "HELLO! SMASHY WASHY! I'LL GIVE YOU ONE WARNING TO DUMP YOUR LITTLE MOLE GIRLFRIEND AND SURRENDER HIM TO US! AND THEN WE CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!"

Smash looked up at the chopper in both shock and disgust. "What the cra-RACHEL!?" His face drooped. "Oh lord she's trying to marry me again. Juuuust my luck."

Rock:Plus,she thinks your with Candi.

"No, she's just doing that to bug me. She already knows that I'm married to someone else."

Broski:Yikes.And I thought Amy Rose was worse.

"Never mind that! We should leave, now!" Kyle exclaimed. "Smash, take miss Candi and the others and head into the forest. I will cover you!"

"Right. Follow me!" Smash began to lead the way as as Kyle let down the barrier.

Rock and Broski:(Helped Candi from her hiding spot and brought her with them)

Rachel growled. "Your not getting away from me Smashy Washy, Kyle Wyle, and Gizmo Wizmo! FIRE!" Then several fire bombs fell from the middle helipcopter burning the entire forest.

Seeing the bombs falling, Kyle stopped and held his sword up. "Gem of wind, lend me thy power.." The white gem on the hilt began to glow in response. "Gentle winds, be our armor to protect us! Aeroga!" He leaped into the air towards the bombs, as a spherical whirlwind surrounded him. The bombs were blown away from the forest, some even back towards the choppers.

Broski:Great job Kyle.(Gives him a thumbs up)

"DARN! I forgot about Kyle Wyle's powers! EEK! Even makes him more attractive! Anyway choppers! Battle formation!" In the air the choppers combined into a giant robot transformer style. It was a ginat orange robot with a heart breast-plate with horns.

"Rachel bot...ROLL OUT!" She shot out fire from the robot's fist attempting to burn the forest again but she also stomped in Kyle's area. If succeful would crush him like a bug, if he evaded it would still create a shockwave.

Kyle leaped back, but was forced to go into a kneeling position due to the shockwave. "Stop! There are innocent people in that forest!!" He cried out. "O Gem of water, lend me thy power!" The whirlwind disappeared, and the blue gem glowed. "O Violent torrent, grant them thy undefiled purity. Overflow!" Raising his sword up, a large spring of water gushed out from the ground like a geyser, which sprinkled down on the flames upon the forest. He lowered his sword, and brought it back up again to cause another one to shoot out in front of the robot's fist, causing it to push it's arm up into the air and away from it's target.

"Oh Kyle. I thought you would find out by now. I'm a SHOCKING PERSON!" With the robot's other fist she shoots a lightning bolt towards the water. Electrifying and destroying anything that the water touched.

Kyle groaned. The electricity could have harmed anyone who came in contact, but failed to harm the environment. He held up his sword, "Gem of Water and Lightning, I offer you this power." Suddenly, the two geysers stopped flowing and were sucked into the tip of the blade, which brought the electricity with it. The two gems glowed as they absorbed the elements. "Rachel, This will be the last time I warn you. Stop this at once; There are children in the forest! I will not allow you to burn down the entire forest for the sake of capturing a single girl! If you do not cease your assault, I will have no choice but to fight you."

(A giant rock is threwn at the fist, leaving it banged up)

Rock:There's a reason I'm called Rock.(Shoots another rock at the bot's foot)And that's why.

"Rachel. Well I would've considered leaving this place alone. If it wasn't for that stupid human throwing rocks like some type of idiot! But I'll just cut to the chase Kyle Wyle. Rachel Bot...TRANSFORM!"

The robot fell down then it's legs and arms curled up and the cock-pit opened into a wide hole with a faint light in the center.

Rachel scrambled out and pressed a button aiming the canon towards the air as it launched a giant energy bomb into the sky. "Gotta' run. It would be romantic to watch the fireworks Kyle but I rather not risk being blown up." Rachel then ran away from the group.

Looking at the size of the bomb, Kyle was unsure if he would really be able to stop it. "And so you would even obliterate the entire area for such trivial reasons..Gem of Wind, Lend me all of thy power!" The white gem glowed again, causing a brief gust of wind to breeze past them. Kyle looked up at the bomb that was beginning to make it's descent. "Benevolent wind that encircles eternal time, gather before me and become a dividing blade... Cyclone!" He swung his sword down, and a large whirlwind began to surround him. It grew higher and higher, until it became a large tornado. It sucked in the bomb, holding it near the top of the cyclone. "If it explodes now, this should be able to keep the debris and flames from harming anyone. Rock, was it? I'll leave that to you!"

Yuki was slient for a moment, then sighed.

Rock:You got it Kyle.(Did as Kyle explan to him)

The bomb exploded but it didn't behave like a normal bomb which would hint extra programming. When the bomb exploded there was a loud sucking sound before the cyclone became red and started burning everyone in it's path turning the normal cyclone into a fire tornado.

"Cease." Kyle commanded. The tornado, still being under his control, faded quickly and let the flames fall. He held up his sword, which began to absorb the flames again.

Rock:That was close.

(Back with the commander)

"GRRRRAAH! How could those pests forced the choppers to turn into Rachel bots, then the cano, then somehow detonate the bomb unscathed! I'm going to need more agents pronto!" the commander yelled while eating "I cannot believe it's not butter" on toast before spitting it out. "BLEH! WHO DECIDED TO FEED ME THIS FOUL S***!?"

(Back with the others)

Smash stopped deep in the forest with the others. "I think we've lost them." He said, looking behind them. "This is gonna be worse than I thought. We haven't even gone inside and they're already onto us."

"Do you think everyone else will be in danger because of us...?" Gizmo asked, worriedly. Kitty mewed pitifully at the thought.

Broski:I don't think so.

Candi looked at Smash. "Not nearly as in as much danger as several thousand underground people that have lost hope with their clock is ticking as we speak."

"Yes yes, I know. WE just barely got out of there with our lives." He said, hastily. "Gimmie a moment to think." He began pacing back and forth, trying to figure out where to go from there.

A young and muscular rabbit floating next to them with a parachute. "Could I help you with anything?"

"Y-your Dravius!" Candi yelled.

A sweatdrop appeared on the rabbit's head. "Sorry. Who?"

Smash looked over at the rabbit, somewhat surprised to see a rabbit in such shape. "Nevermind that. Who are you, exactly?"

Rock:If your here to help us,we'll take it.

The rabbit struck a pose. "Why I'm Frederick the rabbit and I couldn't help but overhear your little GUN dilemna and I'm willing to offer my knowledge of the army to your group.

"Wait, you can't be here to help us. Your not in my book."

Frederick pushed the book away. "Oh silly little girl, have some candy." Hands Candi a lolipop and she happily licks it.

Smash folded his arms, raising an eyebrow at him. "Alright, since we're in a bit of a hurry, let's cut to the chase. What do you have to tell us?" He asked. Gizmo watched the rabbit suspiciously, but Kitty was staring at the lolipop.

Broski:(Keeping lookout)

"Well I know an easy way to get to the underground. The simple solution would be using a mine cart but you have to think: if Candi is wanted they'll be guearding sewers, mines everything that's obvious so you have to expect the unexpected. They wouldn't think to seal up Station Square or Twerunka Jungle's dirt because they're so close to their bases no one would think to go there but if we do go there the security won't be as tight because like I said, they won't expect us to go there so if we do we'll be safe. Besides, the fastest way underground is in the Station Square area."

"He's right..." Candi said astonished.

"So, we're going into sneak into through lion's den. Very clever." He said. "Do you know of a specific entrance or spot to start digging in, or are you suggesting that we just wing it from there?"

Rock:There might be.If not,winging works too.

"Doesn't truly matter where we dig. If we do it in Twerunka Jungle we have the trees as good camouflage but if we do it near the base like I said, they'll be less likely to suspect anything. Oh and one more thing,"

"What is it?"

"Can I go pee?"

Broski:Its clear for now.

(XD.Sorry.That's just funny)

Smash slapped his forehead. "Ugh. G-..Go over there!"

"Thanks!" Frederick sprinted away from the group and found a far, secluded place to pee. As he was peeing she spoke into his wristwatch.

"Commander, it's done. They're heading towards the base."

"Excellent Agent Frederick! What would you like me to do with them?"

"I saw their battle from above. You'll need like a magnent robot to take away Kyle's sword without it he's just your average joe. Then send in about twenty assualters to kill the group and one retriver to retrieve the lunatic."

"Excellent and....what's that nose."

"It's me dude. I'm peeing."

"Dude! Did you drink a river it friekin' sounds like a waterfall out there!"

"Shut up! I haven't used it in a while."

"Well be careful not to drown your group in pee! Over and out." the coomander hung up.

Ten minutes later Frederick walked back. Sorry, I had a lot to drink.

"Too much information." Smash replied flatly. By that time Kyle and Xantho had caught up with them.

Rock:So,who were you talking to?

"I wasn't talking to anyone. I told you dude, I was peeing."

(Rock seriously wouldn't be able to hear Frederick whispering in his wristwatch, while he was peeing, while he was extremely far from the group)

"Alright alright, can we go now?" Smash asked, impatiently. "Let's hurry up and get this over with." I don't know why we bothered to even wait for him. He thought.

Broski:I got a bad feeling in my gut.

The three began to trek then after an hour Cnadi started to complain.

"Broski, I'm HUNGREEEEE!"

"Shh. Keep your voice down." Smash warned. "We don't want to attract any attention, whether anyone's here or not."

"What do you usually eat, anyway?" Gizmo asked.

"Earthworms, invertibrae, nuts, bones, your garbage that you guys throw away such as rotten food, half-eaten hamburgers, food that induces food poisoning and sewer waste. We're not exactly the healthiest eaters but we do what we have to to survive."

Gizmo scratched inside of his ear. "I see..."

"Eww..." Kitty grimaced.

"Your not any better. Half of the disgusting food we eat come from you guys letting the food rot and grow mold."

"Alright let's not get carried away now." Smash interrupted. "People litter, that's true. But you can't blame everyone for it."

"Most of the people in Green Flower City are pretty protective about the environment." Gizmo added. "They're pretty much completely against littering and pollution."

"True I guess. Though Station Square states they're clean freaks even though about half of our food comes from them."

Broski:(Digs in his bag and pulls out a bag of chips)You can have this if you want Candi.

Candi eats the entire chip bag. "Meh, I wonder what's better the bag or the chips?"

"So, why are we digging?" Yuki asked.

"Ah, that's right. I guess we didn't tell you." Smash said, looking back at Yuki. "Y'see, this girl's home is being dug up by GUN. We need to get down there, 'cause things are looking bad for her and her people."

"I see." He replied.

As the group treked the silence proved to awkward for Candi. "Sooo.....since we need to trust eachother? Wanna' tell secrets?"

"S-secrets?!" Yuki said with a suprised face. He didn't want to reveal he was friends with Scourge and Fiona.

Rock:But not extreme secrets.We don't want others to feel bad.

"Secrets?" Smash rose an eyebrow, looking at her at the corner of his eye. "Hmm...well I suppose. Though I got nothing to hide." What're you getting at, Candi? He wondered. Though then again, this could be a chance to get some insight on our new "Friends"...

"Nor I." Kyle admitted. "I cannot think of anything that I should need to hide." He appeared to actually be trying to think of something.

Gizmo scratched his head. "Well, I don't think I do" It was at that moment that he actually remembered one secret he did want to hide.

Candi folded her arms. "C'mon guys! Either you tell me your secrets or I'll start calling you guys by the book's names again!"

Frederick scratched his head. "Well once when I was training I shot everyone on my team by accident since I thought they were all training dummies..."

"Well, i-i'm friends with Scourge and Fiona, there..." Yuki said.

"I don't believe I've heard of those people." Kyle stated.

Candi looked confused. "Who now?"

"You know Sonic the Hedgehog, right?" Yuki asked.

Broski:Well,I'm known to blow up my bombs by accident as I'm working on them.

"Yeah, anyways, Scourge is a counterpart of Sonic"

"So?" Candi asked.

Yuki sighed. "And he's evil.."

Rock:My secret is just that I don't like my friends getting hurt.

"You call that a secret? -_-"

Smash facepalmed, and mumbled something under his breath. "So..what about you, Federick, or whatever your name was? Got anything interesting to share?" He asked, eyeing him closely.

"Aparrently you weren't listening to what I said a minute ago." A vein mark appeared on his head. "But I'll say it slowly, just for you. Once when I was training I shot everyone on my team by accident since I thought they were all training dummies..."

(I didn't see because you added stuff back up there.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 04:26, April 8, 2012 (UTC))

"Ouch.." Yuki said, as he grabbed a cookie from his backpack.

Broski:So is that everyone?

Frederick frowned. "Nope! Those Shady three still haven't gone. Also Candi hasn't gone."

"Shady three? I think you've got it backwards." Smash muttered. "Anyway, Like I said, I don't have anything to hide. I'm not sure what to tell ya."

"I'll go last!" Candi said.

Rock:Sounds fair enough.

Kyle thought for a moment. "Let me see. Well...You all may find this strange, but..I've had this excrutiating fear of horses for a long time, now. I've only recently begun to fully get over it."

"That IS strange!" Candi said. "Seems like with a horse and that sword of yours you'd be killer!"

"Yes, it is.." Kyle nodded, with a frown.

Frederick shot Smash a dirty look. "If you have nothing to hide tell us Smash. With GUN chasing us we can't hold anything back now. It's all or nothing."

"Don't look at me like that! When I say I got nothing to hide, I mean I got no secrets to tell! I'd have told you otherwise!" He snapped back. "The only real secret I held back from everyone, I revealed at least two years ago. Would you have me repeat myself? Because I doubt you'd fully understand unless you were there at the time."

"You seem mighty suspicious. How bout' this the only person who doesn't share a secret will be forever BANISHED from this group. Back me up on this Candi."

"Well I don't..." Frederick handed her a candy bar. "Yup, only person that doesn't share his secret is banished."

"Now wait just a second, who the crap made YOU the leader!?" Smash folded his arms, narrowing his eyes at him. "You're only here because YOU decided to tag along and offer information!"

Rock:NO offence,but that seems harsh.There's a saying,you have to respect others secrets,even when they don't want to share them.Plus,Smash is part of the team.

"Part of the team? I'm the one who formed the team in the FIRST place! But fine, if that's how you wanna play." He sighed and shook his head. "There was this organization, back then. One named Skull Cross. I can't really tell you what they were REALLY after, but they ended up killing a very close friend of mine."

Gizmo looked down, realizing what he was talking about. "Jenny..."

"I had recieved the news from another friend, who warned me not to get involved with them, thinking that I'd get killed too. One day, I had an encounter with Skull Cross. I was nearly killed that day, when they tried to steal the Chaos Emeralds into space. I managed to prevent at least that, and that's when I learned of my abilities. From that day on I decided to investigate further into the matter, as well as train harder than I ever had, so that I could put an end to them. I never told anyone what had happened, not even about Jenny's death. I didn't want them to get involved, for the same reason my friend didn't want me to. It went on like that for four years. Eventually, I had to tell them. Skull Cross had struck again, and this time they stirred up a mess with my friends living near my. With everyone confused and panicked, I knew I couldn't hold it back from them any longer; things had gotten personal for everybody."
Smash looked back at Federick. "Parts of that story I never even revealed until today. So, is that secret enough for you?"

Broski:(Has a pocky stick in his mouth when he hed Smash's storty)

"I take it that's Gizmo's secret as could've just said something like you wet the bed or somethin'." {C}"Pfft. That's childs play." Smash scoffed.

Frederick smiled "It would be a real shame if something that important got out..." {C}"Yes, but it's all done and over now." Smash said, firmly. "Anyway-" {C}"MY TURN!" Candi shouted with glee. "Well, you know how GUN's chasing us? Well I found a flier saying that if I told them where Candi was I would get candy. So I dialed the number and told them where I was. But that was HOURS ago so they shouldn't know where we are now?" She looked nervous "Right?" {C}Suddenly several robots fell out the sky. "TARGET ACQUIRED! PREPARE TO DIE NOW!"

Candi's pupil's shrunk. "Uh-oh!"

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?" Smash shouted at the top of his lungs.

Rock:(Shoot some rocks at their cores and destroyed them)Let's take care of these robots.

Frederick started to scream. "RUN! EVERYONE RUN!"

Smash grabbed Candi's arm and ran as fast as he could away from them. Kyle and Gizmo followed behind.

Frederick ran the opposite way with therobots chasing him. When he was out of listening range he stopped running and began to pant.

"You idiots didn't have to run so fast!"

"Sorry agent Frederick..."

"Anyways I want the magnet bo to attack Kyle and steal his Gemblade then I want two assualters to attack him and his friends. I want the rest of you to attack the rest got it!?"

All the robots fly away except for one.

"Yes sir!"

"Now let's make it look believable." He runs away from the lone robot pursuing him.

In no time the magnent bot caught up with Kyle. "MAGNET POWERS...ACTIVATE!" if in range the Gemblade would attach itself to the magnent bot.

Kyle turned around to face the robot, and immediately felt the pull on his sword. He drew it, and held on tightly. "T-This power...!" The blade was starting to slip from his grasp. Gizmo and Kitty stopped and turned around, noticing what was happening. "Kyle!"
Kyle knew he couldn't resist much longer. "If you so wish to have my sword...then so be it!" He lunged towards the robot, letting the magnet do the work of pulling him towards it, as he pointed the sword directly towards it. "Gem of Fire, lend me thy power!" but the blade simply stuckt to the robot.


Broski:(THrows his bombs as the robots chase him with Rock)

Rock:WE need to regroup soon.

"HEEELP!" Frederick cried.

"Kyle, Hang on!" Gizmo ran to the side of the robot, and whipped out his chaff gun. He handed it to Kitty, who then proceeded to fire electrified needles designed to disable most machines. Gizmo then rammed his shoulder into the side of it, hoping to knock it over.

Kyle managed to keep hold of the blade, now that it wasn't moving. Hoping that Gizmo's chaff gun would work, he carried on with his spell. "O incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me! Spiral Flare!" With that, a huge blast of flames shot out from the tip of the blade, which was already partly inside the robot, in the form of a huge explosion. The force of the blast would have been enough to separate the two a good distance away from eachother.

Gizmo backed up as soon as he heard the chanting, and avoided the explosion.

"YOUR SIMPLE GUN WILL NOT WORK ON US! OUR PROGRAMMER MADE SURE TO MAKE ME IMMUNE TO THAT AFTER THE FIRST TIME." But when the explosion occurred the robot was blown to pieces. Combined with his own self-desruct module created a gigantic explosion.

(Away from the others)

"NO!" Frederick mumbled. "Send over two more magnent bots!" Frederick whispered into his wristwatch.

Two more magnent bots appeared in the area where Kyle was then the stood side by side. "MAGNET POWER X2!" and then they turned on their amped up magnet.

Candi sighed. "It's a shame the ground is metallic. If it wasn't I could help."

"Nngh..!" Kyle grunted, trying to hold onto his sword. " they want..the Gemblade all of a sudden..!?" Once again, he ended up letting himself get pulled towards the robots, trying to stab them again. "There must be..some way to stop them..!"

Gizmo quickly opened up his wrist communicator, and held down a button. "Oh, please I hope Smash still has it."

Rock:(Looks at Fred with a odd face)For a muscle rabbit,he sure acts like a wimp at times.

Broski:Let's join up with Smash and Candi.

Rocck:THat's why I carry some earth and rocks in cause I run into something like this.I could lent you some.It nothing mayor,but it can give you a fighting chance Candi.

Broski:(Detroyed the bot chasing Fred)You can stop running now.

Fred: Thanks man!

Back with Smash and Candi, they both heard a beeping sound. "What..?" Smash moved up his glove to look above his watch, where his own wrist communicator was attached. Without a second thought, he opened it and saw Gizmo's face on a screen. "Gizmo! Are you alright!?"

"I am, but Kyle isn't! They're trying to steal the Gemblade; he can't handle this on his own!"

"What can we do?!" Candi cried.

"Not even the Chaff Gun worked! And even if we get by these guys, the robots just keep coming!" Gizmo cried out frantically.

Smash grunted. He wanted to go back and help, but that would mean bringing Candi into danger. "...Just hang in there, you guys! I'll do what I can from here."
Tales of Vesperia OST- The Situation Grows Serious

Tales of Vesperia OST- The Situation Grows Serious

The Situation Grows Serious

"A-Alright.." Gizmo turned around, looking up from the communicator. Kyle was still stuck to the robot, with the other beside it. "I..I'm not sure what to do.." If they find out about all my equipment, they're going to come after me, too..! I gotta think outside the box..

Meanwhile, Smash's transmission ended. He pressed a couple of buttons rapidly on it, until a blank green screen showed. "Everyone, Anyone who can hear this, please respond!" He sent out a distress signal to anyone who still had their wrist communicators from the events of Odyssey. "Splice, Thunder, do you copy? This is Smash, we've got an emergency here! If any of you can hear this, we need you at the northern outskirts of Fox Forest, on the way to Night Forest!" He shouted. He looked back at the others, "Even with that, help won't arrive immediately."

Rock:Half will go help kyle and the other protects Candi.

Candi stomped making a metallic clank sound against the metal. "NO! I will not just sit here and be a liability!" Her eyes widened. "One of of you have to wear my headband!"

"Your..headband? What purpose does that serve, now?" Smash asked.

Broski:Does it let you copy the powers of the wearer?

Candi shook her head. "No Broski...I know you don't believe that you're my cultures angels but you'll try anything to help your friend won't you? My grandma gave me this when I was just a baby. She says if it is wore on the head by an angel their power will drastically increase but if they wear it too long they'll perish." she took her headband off.

"You have to try!"

"I'll do it, then." Smash took the headband. "Broski, Rock, you guys watch after Candi. I'll deal with the robots myself."

Rock:Be careful Smash.

((Girliness increased by 40! Just kidding XD))

As soon as Smash put on the girly pink headband he could feel his whole being pumped with seemingly limitless energy. His strength and stamina drastically increased and senses made an improvement as well.

Incredible... He thought. He fixed his hair so that it covered most of the band from showing. But I only have a limited amount of time. Let's do this! He rushed back towards the battlefield, feeling his power rising.

Broski:Let's go Candi.WE don't want to get caught up in more bots.

Cand left with Broski but she looked back one last time and smiled before she left completely.




Kyle and Gizmo looked up at the oncoming echidna. "Kyle, hang on!" Smash shouted.

"That's about all I can do at this point!" Kyle called back. Smash leaped towards the second robot, and plowed his fist right through the magnetic plate.
With the second robot gone, Kyle felt safe enough to free himself from the first. "Spiral Flare!" He repeated the same skill as last time, launching himself away from the robot with the Gemblade in hand.

With the second robot gone all was safe...until three assualters entered the battlefield. They were the same as the last one except instead of magnetic abilities they were equipped with Machine guns, pistols, better jet packs, etc.

The first assualter fired a barrage of bullets at Gizmo and the second assaulter did the same.

Gizmo leaped high into the air, while Kitty scrambled away. With the push of a button, a pair of wings sprouted from his back, allowing him to maintain flight. "Alright, I'm not gonna hold back any more!" He pulled out his Hand Cannon, and began firing large balls of plasma at the assaulters. The plasma blasts destroyed the newly fired bullets as they approached him. Upon impact, the plasma would burst into several smaller plasmatic explosions.

Smash dove into the second assaulter and began tearing into it with his fists, while Kyle did virtually the same to the third.

(I need some sleep guys.Let's pick up tomarrow if I'm on)

(Okay, then. Good night.)

The plasma proved to much for the robot and it shut down and violently exploded as did the other two. With the robots defeated the headband announced. "Mission complete!"

Smash's eyebrows shot up as he heard the voice. But after hearing it, he knew it was time to take it off. Without wasting any time, he untied the headband from his forehead and stuffed it into his pocket. "Are you guys alright?" He asked, as Gizmo landed on the ground.

"We're fine, I think." Gizmo answered, deactivating and putting away his gear.

"Indeed." Kyle swiped his sword to the side before returning it to it's sheath. "We must hurry back to the others, though. We have only stalled them for a limited amount of time."

"I'm starting to think that going to Station Square is a bad idea rnow." Smash said, softly. "We might need to take a different route."

"Why's that?" Gizmo asked.

"Well...I have a couple of reasons for thinking this, one being the fact that I believe after Candi's phone call, they probably figured out which direction we're headed. If that's the case then we'll only run into more robot attacks." Smash explained. "The second reason..I'd rather not say yet. Though it's slowly feeling like I'm right about this hunch," He walked towards them, lowering his voice to a whisper. "It's for that reason that I don't want to speak outloud about it. All I can say is, watch your mouths and your backs." His eyes darted from left to right, before he walked away from them entirely. The two were rather disturbed, but had a feeling they knew what he meant. "Lets catch up with the others."

"Right." Kyle and Gizmo nodded at the same time. Kitty peeked out from a bush, and quickly flew back towards them.

By the time they reached the others it was the end of evening.

Candi hugged Gizmo. "I saw you through the trees! You were great and look!" She opened her book and flipped to the page which showed Gizmo and the picture showed Gizmo with his magic wings sprouted firing several plasma spheres.

She smirked. "Not an angel my a-"

Frederick yawned. "Okay guys, I say it's about time to set up camp. We'll need all our sleep to make it to Station Square by tomorrow."

A sweat drop rolled down the side of Gizmo's face. "Ah, actually those wings..Aw, I'll explain later."

Smash rose an eyebrow at the rabbit. "And where were you?" He inquired, putting his hands on his hips.

Frederick growled. "Running for my life! Problem officer?" he said sarcastically.

Broski:YEah,I had to blow up the bot that was chasing him.

Rock:I'm surprise that with those muscles,you could easily punch that bot to pieces.But you just ran from the robot.

"I concur." Kyle said.

"Heh" Yuki snickered. "Looks like i missed off" (And so did his creator.. >.>)

"Okay, we'll see how you are next time in battle." he said with a wicked smile. Suggesting that if it boiled down to him and Broski being the only ones up, he would surely try to kill him. Smash gave him a suspicious look,

"Hmph" Yuki moaned, relaxing on a rock. All he could think about was his secret crush, Fiona. He would never tell his crush to anyone.

Rock:So what now guys?

"Like I said, we need to set up camp." Frederick said. "It's getting real dark."

Yuki began to look for sticks to start a fire.

Broski:(Sets up the tents)

"Done." Gizmo announced, looking up at the tents.

Kyle set down his backpack and opened it up. "If anyone else is hungry, I have some fresh bread here. It is not much, though."

Rock:Me and Bros brought some chips,jerky and pockey if you guys want any.

Candi yawned. "Hey guys. Back at home I read to my grandma a page or two of my book. Since she's not here...I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I read some to you guys."

Broski:I don't mind.How about you guys?

"Sure, why not?" Smash shrugged. "I'm surprised that you had the time to bring some books with you,though."

Yuki sighed. "What's it called?" He asked.

Rock:Whatever its called,I'll listen.

Candi laughed. "Oh Smash. Just think of how crrazy I would get without the books!" she made a coocoo sound.

Frederick rolled his eyes. "Crazier than usual?" he mumbled.

Candi opened her book and started reading. "Luki, the angel of darkness: Though it is a strange occurence for an angel to command the power of darkness Luki is one of the few exceptions. Born in a vicious jungle, his parents were killed by a savage clan of frogs but their leader decided to raise the child as his grandson. During his first 11 years of living he met his two friends, Drofi a water angel and Dululu the angel of royal chaos. After his village was burned down by an evil demon his grandfather told him the truth about his heritage. Luki then went on an adventure to explore the world. He eventually rekindled his relationship with Dululu and faced the man who burned down his home. In the struggle he lost his life protecting the city of Plaza de la Estación. Dululu then revived him with her tears of revival then Luki, Dululu and Drofi became a team. They then went on many adventures such as meeting Tina and many other famous angels. Loki's darkness powers are mainly in his savage dark form. Loki fought the nature angel, Spockius in this form. If you meet Luki be very wary because he often gets drafted into the demon's side without knowing their plans." Candi closed the book and smiled. "It was a good read wasn't it? Want to here more?"

Broski:That's a interesting story.I don't mind hearing another one.

Smash, Kyle and Gizmo stared in surprise. "That's...That was..." Gizmo stammered.

Yuki grinned a bit. "It's.... creative.."

Candi jumped up. "OH, I almost forgot to show you guys a picture of him!" She opened the book and the picture on Luki's page looked exactly like Dark Krinkinko.

"Holy crap..." That just confirmed it for Smash, and probably everyone else too.

Rock:That looks alot like that Krinkino.But he's darker in this one.

Frederick shrugged. "I guess but I doubt it's him."

Broski:Any other stories Candi?

Just then, the group heard something rustling behind the bushes. Smash and Kyle stood up immediately, the latter putting his hand on his sword. "Something's here." Kyle whispered.

"Or someone." Smash added, glaring towards the direction of the sound.

Candi jumped up and looked around. "Which direction is it coming from?!"

"There." Smash pointed ahead. "Stay behind me.."

The rustling suddenly stopped seemingly at the sound of his voice. "...Guys!?" A voice called out. Kyle and Gizmo looked surprised, but Smash let out a sigh of relief. A red and blue hedgehog stumbled out of the bush, rushing towards them. "It IS you! Are you alright!? I came rushing as soon as I got the call!" He exclaimed. Another hedgehog carefully stepped over the bushes, and followed after.

"Yeah, we're fine now. But we'll need help later. Thanks for coming." Smash said.

Candi bowed. "Hello Splice."

Rock:Good thing its another ally.

Splice looked over at Candi and waved. "Oh hi there-uh..wait, who are you again? How'dja know my name?"

She sighed. "I know everyone Splice. I know, I know I'm crazy but I really do."

Frederick walked to Splice and whispered into his ear. "Word of advice: run. You do not know what you're getting yourself into."

Splice frowned worriedly at the rabbit. The yellow hedgehog behind him just scratched his head in confusion. Smash walked towards them both, and put his hands on their shoulders. "Could I have a word with you two? Let's talk over there."

"Uh, sure." Splice said. The three walked over near the bushes where they entered, and Smash began to explain the situation.

Yuki yawned, looking somewhat tired. "So, what now?"

"We're gaining two more allies!" Candi said excitedly while jumping up and down.

"Oh, great." He said, looking bored.

Broski:The more the merrier they say.

Yuki rolled his eyes. Not for me.. He thought.

Candi looked at Yuki annoyed. "Your not much of a people's person are you?"

"No, i just don't like too many people around.. me."

"So that's what's going on?" Thunder, the yellow hedgehog asked. The two were rather shocked to hear that they were being pursued by GUN.
"Yeah, that's about the size of it." Smash nodded. "But listen, Our current 'Destination' was Station Square. Basically we're heading into the city they're most active in aside from the capital, and we're gonna have Candi dig us down to her home."

"Whoa wait, time out." Splice interrupted. "You're outrightly going into their most active city, despite knowing the dangers? Are you insane!?"

Smash shook his head. "Listen. All their main troops are out looking for us. The plan was they'd never guess that we'd actually head right into their base." His eyes darted from left to right, as he lowered his voice to a whisper. "But now, after being attacked on the way there, I have a feeling they've learned which way we're headed." He folded his arms. "If that's true, then they'll have prepared a trap for us right there."

"So then turn back. Find another place to dig." Thunder suggested, plainly.

"Well I would, but unfortunately it's not that simple." He narrowed his eyes, looking to the side. "Don't look now, but that rabbit over there with the group? I have a sneaking suspicion that he's not really who he seems. I have quite a few reasons to believe that he's trying to lead us down the wrong path, but I don't have any definite proof."

"What all makes you think that?" Splice asked, looking worried.

"I don't want to say everything now, just in case he decides to come over here. But one main thing that almost convinced me as a whole; He tried to get me booted off the team because I didn't share any secrets with them."

"What the heck..?" Splice scratched his head.

"It makes sense in context." Smash shrugged. "Anyway, I'm trying to find a chance to break everyone away from him, but I need to do so when he's not watching us. Maybe when everyone's asleep, but that might not work out either. I'm kinda stuck here."

"Hmm..." Thunder folded his arms and closed his eyes. "This isn't going to be easy..."

Kitty let out a big yawn before curling up in the grass in front of the campfire. "Well, If that's all for tonight, then I guess we should head to bed?" Gizmo suggested.

"Sure" Said Yuki, his eyelids dropping.

Rock:I'll take 1st watch.


Frederick crawls out o his sleeping bag and quietly hikes away from the camping ground. After he is a safe distance away from his fake allies, scrambles up a tree and takes out a wristwatch.

"Commander," he whispers into the wrist watch.

But he only heres the voices of the soap opera the commander is watching added with his snoring.

"Commander..." he grits through his teeth.

He presses a button on his wrist watch then the commander is tazed awake.


"What's our status?"

His face still masked the commander starts to laugh hysterically. "Oh, funny thing about that is: THE TEAM ISN'T DEAD AND THE GIRL IS STILL ON THE LOOSE!"

Frederick shushed the commander. "Easy's the dead of night."

"EASY! How the hell can't you capture the girl and kill the gang when I send you three magnet bots and about a dozen assualters!?"

"T-the girl! She's more dangerous than I anticipated! She has this headband that.."

The commander let out an agonized groan. "A headband? Are you serious agent Frederick. IMPROVISE! I expect a polished new tactic by this afternoon our your off the mission!" the call ended.

Frederick looked down at the ground and growled. "They say she's just a mentally unstable girl. That she can't do much....but she can do a lot of things. She somehow brainwashed them into thinking that GUN's the enemy...she'll cost all the moles their lives...but I know what I'll do...I'll kill her...." he raised up a hunting knife to the starry night sky. "FOR JUST-" he lost his balance and fell off the tree but he raised his knifr again unfazed. "FOR JUSTICE!" he whispered as he painflly limped back towards the campsite.

He slipped in his cover and looked left, then right before slowly closing his eyes.

Rock:(Sitting on a overturned tree acting like he knows nothing with his eyes closed)

They had no idea that another being had entered the camp area, he had blended in perfectly under the cover of night, thanks to his umbrakinesis, he had just passed Rock, and has heading further into the center of the camp.

Frederick spoke up. "I know your awake, human."

Rock:And I know your not as friendly as you say.Besides,I did say I take 1st watch.Remember?

The being has moved past them, while they were distracted by their conversation, hoping that they wouldn't take notice in him, but he was always taught, most people don't expect to see anything, so they don't. He hoped that was the case here.

"And YOUR friendly? Last time I checked friendly people don't chuck rocks at robots..."

Rock:I only did so cause that girl was attacking us and ruining the forest.

"Wow, your such a gentleman." He then rolled his eyes then suddenly stopped. "But I think we should be alerting our attention to the ominous figure moving in the shadows..." he stood up and took out his survival knife.

Dang, should of been more careful, unless, they mean someone else. . . No, I would of picked them up by now. Well, time for some intimidation tactics, but I'll wait until the right moment. Then he stood deathly still and silent, hoping that they couldn't find him in the shadows.

Frederick held out his knife in the direction of the figure. "Show yourself, NOW."

He still remained silent, not even breathing, only drawing the slightly amount of breath when nessesary and in an instant the knife went flying in the direction of the figure.

Rock:(Walks to the figures way with his sword ready)

No need to stay still any longer. So he leaped up into the night sky, revealing a familar set of quils and also canceling his shadow meld, then summoned his sword in a short flash of light, then pointed it at both of them.

Frederick gritted his teeth. "I hate this whole powerless act but I do what I have to do." he thought.

The figure held his blade still, not showing any clear emotion in face or his posture, but still on the look out for anymore people that might ambush him from behind.

Rock:Who are you?

"I thought that you might remember me from Green Flower City, you know, the guy that was called 'Xavier' by that Candi girl, you lot left me behind, and I've been trying to catch up, with tonight being the only night I wasn't disturbed by G.U.N., crazy bunch, thought I was a part of your team because I was seen with her." he said, kinda disappointed, yet neutral in his posture, still listening out for the others that might try to sneak behind him.

Frederick shook his head put his knife back. "If you've ascosciated yourself with the mole then there's no going back." he held out his hand for Xantho to shake it. "Your stuck with us."

"I already know. . ." then he shook his hand back.

Rock:Let's get back to bed you two.

Xantho shook his head, "I already had mine for the next few days, I don't sleep often, I prefer not to."

"Sucks to be you." Frederick said as he slipped in his sleeping bag and closed his eyes, happy to get some hard-earned sleep.

Rock:(Sits back on the tree and keeps lookout)

"Hmmf", not impressed by Frederick's remark, not in the slightest, though he focused his attension on to other things of more importance.

Chapter Three

(In the mornng)

Candi yawns as she stretches out of her sleeping bag. "Good morning, my little dream team." she said with a cheerful smile.

((Okay, leaving me behind kinda destroyed my idea, yet again, but I'll have to work with it.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 02:39, April 11, 2012 (UTC)))

Smash was already awake, and standing over the logs that used to be the campfire. It was rather early, as the sun was only just rising. "You're up early." He said, quietly. He looked around, trying to see if Frederick was awake.

Frederick opened one eye but didn't crawl out of his sleeping bag. "So are you, bluey..."

"I'm always up this early." He said, simply. "And would it kill you people call me Smash?" Xantho was over over by the tree, with his back facing it, just leaning on it, having never gotten any sleep to begin with that previous night, though he was just sharpening his sword quietly, even though it already had a razor sharp edge.

Broski:(Wakes up yawning)What a wild dream I had.

Frederick smiled. "Let me try. Smash." he then made fake choking sounds then laughed. "Sorry, bluey. I tried."

Smash just rolled his eyes and turned away. "Whatever."

Rock:Joking aside.ANyone need to do anything before we plan ahead?

Kyle then walked over to the group from behind the campsite. "Ah, everyone is awakening." He said. "I have just returned from checking the perimeter. All is clear."

Rock:Good to hear.

Candi clasped her hands together and smiled, "Good, I'd like to read one more page to inspire us."

Broski:Sure Candi.

"If you so wish." Kyle nodded, and sat down with them. Gizmo crawled out of his sleeping bag, and Splice slowly sat up and stretched.

Xantho stops sharpening his sword, and turns his head slightly to hear Candi better.

Rock:We're listening.^^

Yuki was still sleeping, but was talking in his sleep.

Broski:Should we wake Yuki up?

Yuki woke up, not fully, and yelled. "GAHH!!! FIREBENDERS ARE ATTACKING!!! LOL FACES!!! AND- uhh, o h hi there!" He screamed, causing Thunder to wake up in a panic.

"Shh! Be Quiet!" Smash hissed. "We're trying to keep a low profile here..!"

"Sorry.." He whispered.

Rock:Its alright.

Candi slowley took off her shades. "Hey, I've adjusted to the angelic light! Now on to the story." She flipped open the pages when Frederick interupted her.

"There once was a king and queen who roamed in the land of unicorns and rainbows and bunnies and shunshine then they all lived happily ever after. The End." he mocked with a stupidly happy smile. Smash grunted in disgust.

"Ha ha very funny." Candi said as she rolled her eyes and started reading. "Bear with me if I don't say your true names. Anyways, The Sailor brohters. There once was four, yellow hedgehog brothers: Zap, Lightning, Electric and Thunder that lived in the angelic city of Green Flower. They were the victims of a tragic past. Their parents had died on a horrible house fire where the house collapsed thus burning and crushing their parents to death. They were then shipped off to the horrible orphanage. Though the made it out of the storm and into the light, a new house near the docks where their detiney called. The eldest brother, Electric then won a competition where he was awarded a lot of money, enough money to buy a very grand ship, called the Thunder Boat big enough to hold the whole family of hedgehogs. After designing and customizing their ship to their liking, the brothers set sail for the first time. Without knowing it the four became a rather experianced and well-rounded sail team who sail around the world in search of adventure and treasure. Over the years they've met quite a few different angels including Tina who also lives in the fair City of Greenflower. Notes: It is strongly advised that you don't anger one of the brothers because each one has the other's back and they command power electric powers not to mention almost all of them possess super-speed. Be wary, be wary indeed." She let out a smile and showed a picture of four yellow hedgehogs on a ship. "Yeah, they're one of my favorite but I'm TERRIFIED of water..."

Broski:Another good story.

Thunder stared at her in shock. Though she slipped up on some minor details, she had just told everyone about his past life; and it was already written down in a book. "T-That was..." His voice trailed off; he was stunned.

Candi looked at Thunder then her book then Thunder again. "So, your Thunder?"

Yuki got some weeds and grass, then started eating them.

Rock:Seems like we need something to eat.Who's hungry?

"Wait, can I read ONE more page first?"

Frederick rolled his eyes and facepalmed. "I think we've had enought of imaginary sailor electric hedgehogs."

Thunder leaned forward, glaring at Frederick. He was about to protest, but he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and saw Kyle giving him a blank stare, before shaking his head. "Let it go, for now." He whispered.

Smash folded his arms and frowned. They needed to get moving soon, but he couldn't let them go to Station Square. He needed to think of a plan to get them to turn around without alerting the wrong people.

Candi spoke up. "Okay guys. Echidnas, pigs, hedgehogs, and moles are able to eat insects plus I'm pretty sure ehdgehogs can digest them so lets just find a nice ant hole and we can have breakfast....though I'm not sure about cats or chao..."

Broski:I'm sure we can found some berries to gather and fish to catch.

Frederick rolled his eyes at Candi's suggestion. "Not unless you want to clean up the rat droppings. I'll catch the fish I know where a stream is." he starts walking away from the group.

Splice stood up, "I'll go with you." He offered, jogging off after him.

Frederick smiled and patted Splice's head. "No, it's okay Bluey, go eat some ants like the mole said."

((That was Splice, not Smash. =/ ))

((Well at least he can still call him "bluey"

Splice looked offended. "Hey! What do I look like to ya, an anteater? Blech!"

Rock:I'll collect the berries.

Frederick smiled some more. "Well feral hedgehogs eat ants so it shouldn't be much of a problem for you. I on the other hand will viloently deposit my feces uncontrabbly if I eat an ant."

"Too Much Information." Smash informed, once again grossed out. "Just go already, we don't really have time for this."

"As in go get the fish, gladly." he said as he picked up his pace to try and shake off his follower.

"Splice, come here." Smash called him back. Splice turned back and headed over. "Everyone gather 'round. While our 'Rabbit friend' is out getting food, let's quickly go over what we need to do." He said.

Candi was easy eating a family of worms. "What is it?" she asked with her mouth full.

"Aww, that's what i was gonna say" Said Yuki.

Broski:Its a meeting.Come join.

"I am in" He muttered.

Rock:Ready when you are Smash.

As everyone huddled close, Smash sat in front of them all. He took one quick glance around to see if anyone else was watching. "Alright, I'm gonna make this as brief as understandably possible." He said, lowering his voice a little. "We need to turn back. We can't go to Station Square. I'm pretty sure GUN already knows we're heading there. There's a trap up ahead, I know it. I feel it in my gut. GUN caught us on the way there. After we were chased out of Green Flower City, the only other city in the direction we're headed is Station Square. I'm sure they're prepared for us."

"So would you have us return to Green Flower City, then?" Kyle asked.

"No. They're probably ready for that, too. We gotta turn back, but we're not going to a city at all. I propose that we head down to Green Flower Zone. I doubt they've gone that far, and nobody would stand for it if they dug up the ground there. It's bad enough that they almost burned down the forest. GUN is likely to get a lotta complaints for that, but I digress." He lowered his voice to a whisper. "There's a cave behind the first waterfall you see there. It leads to the Cat Chao Garden. The cave already has two different paths dug into it. It's the perfect place to dig a new one." His eyes darted from left to right again, before continuing. "Frederick...I don't trust him. He's up to something, and he keeps finding ways to separate himself from the group. I could list a number of reasons I don't trust him, but I'm just gonna say this: He's done too much..yet too little, for me to allow him to stay with this group. If my hunch is correct, then we need to leave, like, NOW."

"So you mean..we leave him behind?" Gizmo whispered back.

"Precisely. I'll explain why along the way. For now, we can't waste another second here. If he discovers what I'm up to, then there'll be trouble. I want us to avoid as little conflict as possible, which is already hard enough with GUN tailing us. Don't worry about food, Kyle should still have a few slices of bread left. We'll get to eat when we get to Green Flower Zone. Now let's move."

Broski:Yes Smash.Stay close Candi.

Candi stomped her foot. "NO!" she shouted while her voice was still quiet. "No man gets left behind and I don't want any of that shady crap! There are a few people that also left the group such as Rock taking a night watch, which he can do basically anything since we're all asleep and Xantho who just popped out of nowhere!" she explained, disgusted.

Rock:I haven't left Candi.I've been here the whole time.

"Then why are we ditching him, huh? If we ditch him, Rock and Xantho go too."

Broski:I've knew Rock for awhile Candi.Rock is on our side and he can fight.Plus,he helped you when we 1st meet you.

(She isn't)

"Then we'll just kick Xantho out. How about that? If not Frederick stays."

Rock:Xantho was left behind during the giant robot.The only thing I seen Fred do is run around when the robots attacked.You prove to help us Candi,more then Fred did.

Candi smiled. "Then how about Lightning and Splice leave if we're going by who helped and didn't help and in that case add me to that list." she threw her headband on the ground and stormed off.

Broski:Candi wait.(Follows her)

Yuki sighed. "I'll go with you" He followed Broski.

But Candi didn't stop running. "Let him stay or else, I'll never stop running!"

"You don't understand, Candi!" Yuki replied.

Broski:Candi,listen didn't you leave your people behind to help them?Look in your angel book.Isn't the angel that Fred is good or evil.

"Funny thing is that last time checked you guys aren't angels. Normal people like me so your not in my book only Tina, Spockius, Glacius and the others! No Smash, Splice Gizmo, Xavier or any of you." she quickly opened her book and scanned it. "Nope, no Frederick..OR THE REST OF YOU!' she started running again.

"Look, even though we're not "angels", you still need our help. Please, Candi!" Shouted Yuki but in seemingly an instant a rock was sent flying towards his face at super-sonic speed.

Broski:You want to save your people or not Candi?So far,the only ones helping you are us.

"Fine, if you wanna be that way, you can. Good luck stopping them by yourself.." He growled.

((Okay so I got left behind at a point where I really shouldn't have. I'm not entirely sure how to continue now..~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 09:33, April 13, 2012 (UTC)))

"Ugh, I should have known that this would happen." Smash groaned. "This isn't good at all."

"Great. Now what?" Splice threw his arms up in the air in frustration. "You want us to dig a way out ourselves?"

Candi's running stopped. "Then let him stay. If not you can kiss me good-bye."

RocK:Alright.But we're keeping a close eye on him.You have to help us with that Candi.Never left him out of your sight no matter what.

Smash groaned and shook his head. "You really don't make things easy for me." He said. "Fine. He can stay with us, but I've got my eye on him. If my theory is correct, then we'll probably regret that decision. But that doesn't change the fact that we have to turn back."

"Oh, so if he has to take a pi** then I have to watch him too?" Candi asked in a smart alec-y tone.

Broski:No.Just stay by when he dose it.You don't have to watch.

"That is enough." Kyle spoke up. "I have my doubts about him too, but we cannot allow ourselves to break up because of it. We must stay calm and act rationally, or we will never get through this, even if we don't agree with eachother."

Then the group suddenly hears a rustling.

"Quiet. Someone's here" Smash turned around towards the source of the sound. "Who's over there?"

Rock:(Stays quite)

A dirt covered Rachel emmerged from the trees and plops onto the ground. "I-I..finally found you guys.." she panted.

Gizmo's eyebrows shot up. "Rachel..!?"

"What the crap are you doing here?" Smash asked flatly.

"You have quite some nerve showing your face before us again after what you tried to do yesterday." Kyle said, less than pleased to see the goat.

Broski:Looks like she's been traveling for awhile.Seeing the dirt is a big hint.

Rachel stood up and held up a book titled "How to not scare people." after removing her bangs from in front of her eyes she explained, "After reading the latest chapter from my birthday present I realized that you might despise me a little less if I actually helped you guys. Now before you walk away I want you to consider something. I'm a member of GUN, that being said I can tell you all the right and wrong things about your current plans. With all my info you guys will run into less GUN mechs thus, increasing your chances of living. Also being a member of GUN I have an array of gadgets that could help you guys, you might say you might not need them but, believe me, you do. And I can also use my good looks to seduce anyone that tries to kill you."

Candi growled. "Hey, I want to be the seducer!"

Smash held his hand up in a "Stop" sign. "Okay first of all, you were never good at seducing anyone. Period. Second of all, why are you helping us now? You said yourself that you're a member of GUN, and you even tried to kill us because of your job. We're against them; what makes you want to join us? And Thirdly, what makes you think we'd trust you after you attacked us with helicopters and crap?"

"And a colossal robot that you attempted to incinerate the forest with, despite it being an everyday gathering spot for children?" Kyle added, still upset about it.

"C'mon I want to be liked by more people." she pleaded. "Besides, I'm fired until further notice for not capturing and/or killing you guys." she mumbled.

"I'm sorry, What was that last part, now?" Smash asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well to be fair, Rachel has helped us out before. Right?" Gizmo pointed out. Kitty nodded reluctantly.

Rock:Maybe she can help somehow.

"Ain't convinced Smashy-Washy? Watch?" she took out a butcher knife and walked to Candi who stepped back. Rachel raised it over her head causing Candi to run but with no luck, Rachel hand grabbed her arm and sliced a good portion of skin off.

Candi fell the the dirt, bleeding. "What the hell was that for you b****?!" she sobbed angrily.

Rachel smiled. "That was your tracking device," she said."

"It's not much of an advanced one in my opinion. It only tells if a mole is above surface or not and it only tells if your north or south of a GUN agent." she picked up the flesh, dug out a tiny tracker and gently tapped it. "There, now according to the tracker, your underground where you belong."

Smash looked at her in shock. "So that's how they were able to find us so easily...They'd been tracking her this entire time.." He muttered to himself.

She forcefully picked up Candi. "Unfortunately that isn't enough, we'll have to make this believable girly so thrash around."

Candi hesistated but did as she was told. Rachel spoke into her wristwatch. "Commander, come in commander."

"Rachel, it appears Candi has been sent underground. Are you aware of how this has happened."

"Listen Commandy-Wandy."

Candi screamed and struggled louder. "Y-you captured the mole?"


"W-wow Rachel. I'm impressed, try to report to command immediately I will bake a cake in your honor. Over and out."

Krinkinko then spoke on her wrist-watch. "Rachel, you really did it?!"


"Wow...that's sort of embarassing that we coudln't get her and you could..."

"What's that suppose to mean Krinky-Winky?" Rachel asked.

"N-nuthin'," Krinkinko let out a sigh. "I'm so relieved I don't have to fight Smash anymore. Hey, if you have him tell him I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused for him. Over and out."

There was a moment of silence before Frederick's voice was emitted from the watch.

"This is Agent Frederick the Rabbit. Come in Rachel the Goat."

"This is Rachel the Goat, what do you need."

"H-how did you capture them! I've pretended to be on their side this whole time and I STILL didn't get the mole underground."

Rachel giggled. "I have a way of locating Smashy-Washy."

Frederick let out a low growl. "By the way, where is that blue bufoon!?"

"Oh, he's been taken care of."

"Well watch your back goat. Because next time I see the guy, I'm killin' em! Got it?"


"What do you mean nega-" Rachel cut the watch off.

Rachel treated Candi's wound. "See? I'm a good person to have on the team. They'll figure out I've betrayed them sooner or later and when they do you'll need my help even more Smashy-Washy." Rachel said with a smug look.

"Oh, yeah." Yuki said, shrugging.

Smash turned around to the others. "You see that, everyone? THIS is precisely why I wanted to leave Frederick behind. I didn't trust him because he was overly suspicious, and I knew he was a threat to our cause in some way. This proves that I was more than just right; We were all in danger of falling into a big trap." He turned back to Rachel, "Y'know I never thought I'd say this, but, Thanks Rachel. We owe you one for this."

Rachel smiled. "I'm not done yet." she took out capsule, threw it in the air, took out her pistols then shot at the capsule thus transforming it into a buffet breakfast table. "Bon appetite."

Candi began eating the food. "THIS IS THE BEST FOOD I'VE EVER ATE!" yelled Candi with her mouth full.

"Ohh Boy!" Splice nearly dove at the food, eating as much as he could. Gizmo and Smash looked over at Rachel in surprise.

"What kind of technological whatchamacalit was that?" Smash asked, scratching his head.

"I-Incredible..." Kyle stared at the table in awe. "To be able to create en entire table of food in an instant...I have never even heard of such magic."

"They're called insta-capsules. You woudn't believe what the government can make. Though it's because we have kick-butt scientists and mechanics. We should eat fast if we don't want to bump into Frederick." Rachel said

"Right. Though that's why I kinda planned to move out first and then eat later, so bunny-man won't catch up." Smash sat down and began eating. Gizmo looked rather interested, wondering what kind of things they make, but decided to think of that later and joined the others. Kitty was already gorging himself on whatever she had to serve.

Yuki stared at the table. "FOOD!!" He screamed.

"How many times are ya gonna scream before we all get caught, man?" Smash complained. "He's still out there in the woods y'know."

A figure appeared. "He's just a physco.." She told them.

"Okay..Aurora." Smash fixed his seat. "I'm not gonna ask how you know him, since we're rather short on time. What do you want?"

Rachel sat down and beagan to eat. "Hey Candi.."

Candi looked up. "Yes?"

"If we make it alive to your city can I date one of your family members?"

"Sure, my brothers available."

"So Smash? What have you been up to?" Rachel asked casually.

"Well, the usual I suppose." He shrugged. "Training, getting caught up in wild events like this, you know the drill. I was supposed to have the day off yesterday because Kyle was visiting, but we all know how that ended up."

"I do not know your names, may you kindly say them to me?" Asked Aurora.

"My name's Smash. But you didn't answer my question; What exactly do you want?"

"I want the wolf, he's a traitor.."

"Whatever issues you all have with eachother, either settle it somewhere else or wait." Smash said simply. "I have no intention in getting involved in your personal problems; we have a bigger problem to deal with."


Rock:Good.No fights.

"Good." Smash wiped his mouth with a napkin and stood up. "Everyone ready to head out? We should leave ASAP."

"Yes, I'm ready." Kyle nodded, following in suit.

Splice leaned back in his chair rubbing his tummy. "Oh man, that was delicious!"

"Sure" Yuki replied.


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(I know the feeling Smash)

Candi spit out her current mouthful of eggs. "EEEEW! Why aren't you wearing clothes?!" Candi shrieked when she saw Aurora.

"Ugh, never mind that. We need to get outta here before we're discovered." Smash impatiently reminded them.

"Fine..." Candi stuffed the remaining bags in a small styroforam box.

"It appears no one is on to us yet...where are we headed? Since we're in the clear it's up to you." Rachel said.

Rock:Smash had a great idea.

"Well since Freddy there works for GUN, No doubt he had a trap laid out for us in Station Square." Smash said. "So, I say we should head down to Green Flower Zone. To recap, there's a cave there where we can start digging. There's already been some areas within it already dug out for various purposes, so it's a good place to start. It's also somewhat hidden so that's a plus."

"Only thing is, Green Flower Zone is a bit of a ways from here." Splice added. "It's right down south from the city, we're almost past the north-western side. It might take a little while."


Rachel let out a long sigh. "Perfect. Gives me more time to talk to Smash.." she fluttered his eyes at him.

Candi let out an annoyed groan. "Oh brother. I'd rather take my chances with Frederick then Rachel."

Smash sighed. "I know what ya mean. But it can't be helped at this point. Let's get a move on."

Rock:Everyone get ready.

The team began their trek.

An hour later,

"Soooo....wanna' sing songs?" Rachel asked.

"Want to hear another story?" asked Candi.

Broski:I'm good with either one.

"Singing and storytelling again.." Smash mumbled. "Okay, what've you got this time?"

She opened her book. "Okay you're going to like this one because it's about a demon. Once their was an evil demon named Bartandelus. He was one of the pieces of the ancient demon, Romelus the power piece to be exact. After countless years of hiding in the shadows his nature caused him to become starved of power and he needed power fast and lots of it. But how he wondered surely a gym wouldn't help. So he thought up a brilliant idea; he would create a tournament in the sky and slowly absorb the power of the fighters so he could become the most powerful being on the planet. After sending a message to every great fighter on the planet he asexually created his son, Bart and his daughter, Bertha. He then hid back in the shadows and watched as his tournament unfolded. Two of the fighters included Luki and Tina who would be vital in Bartadelus' downfall. After fighting many matches Bartandelus became enraged at Tina who was taking a rest then forced him into the next match who was against Bart. After defeating his son he threatened to kill Tina and Luki's family but Tina refused. After being transported out of the tournament Luki and Tina realized evil was afoot. After getting back in Bertha got the two and a few others thrown into the dungeon because she confessed her father's plot in an attempt to marry Tina. Though with the Wisdom angel, Glacius' help they escaped the dungeon and encountered Bartandelus. It took three long battles and new super forms for the whole group to defeat the menace but they eventually killed him in an energy explosion. His powers were seemingly unlimited, he could absorb one's power and become stronger and by the time he was fought it took two other-wordly super forms to defeat him." she closed the book.

"So, did you really fight Bartandelus Tina, I mean Smah." Candi asked.

"Dad..." Rachel said as she looked towards the ground.

Smash closed his eyes, and nodded. "Yes. I did. He called himself ridiculous as it may sound. So I don't care if you insist on Bartandelus; for his sake it'd have been a better choice in naming. Anyway, we fought him and put a stop to what was known as the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament. That was the..first "evil" tournament I'd ever set foot in. Looking back it feels kinda strange. Never really thought any fighting tournament could be used for evil purposes, I'd just taken the whole deal for granted since I've been at it since I was a preteen."

Rock:What a story.

Rachel growled. "It actaully happened, human."

"It almost makes me wish I had been there to lend a hand." Kyle said. "But it seems that you did not need my help anyway."

"It'd have been pretty swell if we had it anyway." Smash replied, remembering how frustrating the battle was.

"I guess that's how he got so many people to join," Candi suggested with a shrug. "He took an ordinary thing so no one would suspect his plot and look how close he got. If it wasn't for those "other-wordly super forms" I'm doubt you would be able to defeat him."

"Yes, that's true." Smash nodded. "If we'd known from the start what he was trying to do, it's possible that we might not have needed to use any super forms at all."

Broski:Never been part of it.

"Yeah, you were probably eating your slop." Rachel said with a grin.

Broski:Nope.I was working with my boss in his store.

Rock:For me,I was busy training in cayons.

Heh heh heh, i was having fun slaughtering people with my bare claws. Yuki thought.

"Or your users just hadn't joined yet -_-" Rachel mumbled, breaking the fourth wall.

The team then saw a two-headed rooster emerge from the trees. "Excuse me but I think you might need some assistance." the right head said. "Ooh! EGGS!" the left head cried as he ran to Candi and evoured her bag of eggs.

"EEK!" Candi shrieked. "Get them away from me."

"Ooh. Two men one body that's....convient." Rachel said with a sly grin.

Broski:Leave Candi alone you overgrown chicken.

"Hey, could you leave THEM alone you overgrown pig!? They didn't do anything to her."

Rock:No need to fight guys.That includes namecalling.

Smash put two fingers in his mouth and made a loud whistle. "Time the heck out! Okay okay okay. First of all," He whirled around and pointed at the two headed rooster. "You! Get outta here. Scram! We were fine until you came and started eating up all our stuff! Get outta my sight before you get a taste of my fist!"
"Second of all," He turned around to face the others, "Don't let yourselves get distracted in unrelated matters. We gotta focus here, though it is admittedly difficult with that..thing, behind us. We're almost in Green Flower Zone, it's just right over there." He pointed ahead, and the group could see a flowery landscape full of hills of varying sizes. "Kitty, Fly on ahead and get a head start on letting the others know of the situation." He ordered. Kitty nodded and flew off ahead. "Everyone else, lets just try to make it there without any more problems. Okay?"

Broski:Yes sir.

"What do you mean "thing" you blue anteater!" "No one DARES insult my brother!" the two said at the same time then suddenly a green aura surronded Smash as he was sent plummeting towards a tree at high speeds.

Smash quickly flipped over and planted his feet against the tree, before launching himself back at him. "I mean it! BEAT IT!!" He shouted back as he attempted to slam his arm into him.

Rock:Stop it guys.

"Sorry, but only the one and only Micheal Jackson has the authority to say that." The two said. The rooster quickly ducked then a tree became enveloped in the aura before splitting into many pieces and the debris shot anbh t the group.

Rachel ran in front of Candi. "RUN!"

Candi stomped her foot and yelled. "No, I will not just sit here."

"This isn't the time for games Candi!" yelled Rachel.

"NO!" said Candi. Rachel blocked a sharp branch from impaling Candi but she fell to the ground as a result. "No..." Candi said. "This isn't happening.."

Kyle drew his sword. "Do you realize what you're doing!?" He yelled angrily. Splice quickly rushed ahead of him and tackled the bird.

"You overgrown chicken! You picked a fight with the wrong guys!" He bellowed as he tried to pound him repeatedly with flaming arms.

Splice's hit was sucessful and the rooster was launched into a tree. "You picked a fight with the wrong chicken punk!" the right head yelled. "Please, don't hurt me!" the left one screamed. "Huh? Wait, we're not thinking the same thoughts anymore...Uh-Oh..." the right head said as he realised he couldn't use his powers anymore.

Smash walked towards him slowly. "I thought I told you to leave." He said, darkly. "You've eaten our food, and wounded a friend. I should just have them deep fry you now, but we're short on time if you hadn't noticed. So this will be your final warning." He lowered his head slightly, looking up at him with a menacing glare. "Get. Out."

Broski:Guys.Candi and Rachel need help.

Thunder quietly helped Rachel by removing the branch from the wound. Kyle sat next to her from the other side, with his sword in hand. He held it in front of him with the tip facing the sky. "O Gem of Earth, lend me thy power.." The green gem on the sword began to glow in response. "Come O natural power to expel the unclean...Healing Herb!" On his command, several small green sparkles appeared around them, and slowly took the form of glowing magical herbs and plants that descended towards the wound. They disappeared on touch, as they began to heal and cleanse the injury.

Candi looked towards the ground and tears started to form. "I'm so useless.." she said.

The rooster ran away. "Wait til' Krinkinko hears about this!" the right head shouted.

"Yeah you tell him that you--Oh, SHOOT!" Smash just realized what that would mean for them.

"If that rooster goes and tells Krink...That means that our entire cover is blown!" Gizmo stated.

Rachel quickly took off her wristband. "Then we need to destroy this and fast because they can locate me with this. Gizmo, charge the hand canon, I give you the honor." She cocked her arm back and threw the watch into the air.

Gizmo didn't waste a second. He whipped out the cannon and fired a ball of plasma at the band. The plasma ball ended up taking the wristband with it into the sky, before exploding altogether.

Smash looked back at them. "We've got no time to lose. Is everyone alright?" He asked, rushing towards them.

"Affirmitive. Smashy Washy!" Rachel said as she started to run.

Candi walked behind her with tears in her eyes. "So..usless." she whispered.

Smash shot her a serious look. "Listen, Candi. There is absolutely no time to be beating yourself over about this. Just because you haven't helped now doesn't mean that you won't later. We still need you, now let's hurry!" He then ran off alongside the others.

Rock:(Follows the others with Broski)

Candi slightly picked up her pace.

Aurora and Yuki followed them.

With the team moving they got to Green Flower Zone in a matter of minutes.

Candi was in awe. "This so beautiful and sweet smelling..I've never seen any place like it. So clean and elegant."

"Ahhh isn't this so romantic?" Rachel sighed as she fluttered her eyes at all the men in the group.

Rock:This place is wonderful.It almost reminds me of Starose.

Smash let out a relaxed sigh. "Yep..I used to live here, you know." He said, completely ignoring Rachel. "We might run into my sister around here, actually."

The group walked over a small, simple bridge over a calm river, and continued on the path that winded around until they began to cross the same river again, except they were right next to a small, gentle waterfall. Smash stopped in the middle of the bridge. "We're here." He said.


Candi looked at Smash. "So, this is the cave?"

"Yeah, this is it." He nodded. He stepped into the water, and towards the waterfall. "Giz, open up the path, would you? I dunno what I'm doing here."

"Got it." Gizmo walked ahead of him, and stepped in front of the waterfall. He reached his hand into the water, feeling around the back of it. After a few moments, they heard a clicking sound, and the water slowly began to part. The cave revealed to be behind it. A ramp then extended out from the entrance, allowing them access. "Alright, let's go."

"Even sacred places are corrupted with technology.." Candi mumbled as the rest of the group followed them into the cave.

Inside was somewhat dark and damp. Lanterns hung from the walls, illuminating the narrow passageway. They stopped in front of a different path to their right. Hovering in the air in front of them, was Kitty and another cat chao with bushy black eyebrows. "We're here." Gizmo told them. "Everything ready?"

The two chao nodded in unison. "Meow chaoka chao mew rreow." Kitty pointed at the end of the other passage, which had another turn that lead upstairs. Gizmo looked over and nodded.

"That should be fine." He said. He turned around to look at everyone. "Kitty says that we can start digging right over there, on the opposite side of the stairs. We could make like a staircase leading downward, in contrast to the one leading up."

"Okay...this is it. I'm finally going back home." Candi said to herself. She turned to Smash. "Would you and the hedgehogs care to dig with me? We're all natural burrowers after all."

Smash scratched his head. "I can't say I'm much of a digger myself; it's not something I practiced. But sure, we'll all pitch in."

"Indeed. My people will also lend a hand." The other chao spoke up. "We're rather experienced in digging out areas, so we should be rather helpful." He let out a whistle, and several more chao crowded into the room from the entrance behind him.

Rock:I'll help too.

"Whoa! You can talk!?" Candi asked shocked at the chao's speech.

The chao grinned. "'Course I can!" He answered, amused by her reaction. "As Elder of the Cat Chao Garden, I need to be able to communicate with far more than just chao."

She then started to dig but stopped instantly. "Wait, does anyone need anything because after we go underground there's a chance we'll never emerge to the surface ever again."

"Hold on!" Rachel screamed as she applied as fresh coat of blue lipstick. "How do I look?"

Candi shook her head. "Doesn't really fit your."

Rachel wiped it off then applied a coat of purple lispstick. "Now?"

"Perfect!" Candi said. "Anyone else?"

Broski:I got everything.

Rock:I'll be alright.

"Hold up," Splice rose his hand "Whaddya mean "we may never emerge to the surface again"?" He asked, worriedly.

Candi frowned. "Think about it Splice. GUN is after us and it's only a matter of time before they figure out about Rachel's lies. Okay, let's say they didn't find out. They still have several hundred men in my city if they see any of us it's sure to result in chaos. If we're lucky ONE of us will be able to walk out this mess with our lives and not to be rude or anything but if only one person lives it would have to be me because I'm sure GUN doesn't want to kill any moles."

Broski:We still need to be careful and not give away our position.

"What do you mean? When we go down there's no going back. If we go to my city they'll know we're down there."

"As grim as it may sound, that's just the situation we got ourselves into." Smash said, frowning at his friend. "Since GUN came to US, we didn't have time to call a meeting like we usually do. So it's just us this time, the few of us against several hundred GUN soldiers..." Suddenly, his expression turned serious. "But listen. Even if our chances are low, and it seems like we're going on a suicide mission, We are not going to die. We can't win if we don't believe in ourselves; If we don't believe we can do it, then it's all over for us. We can't lose hope, we will fight for as long as it takes. Remember, we have fought worse than GUN, and more than they can dish out. At least, SOME of us have, but still. We won't let them win this time. What they're doing is evil, and no matter how high their upper hand is, They won't get away with it in the end. And we'll be the ones to make sure of that."

"Then count me in." A female voice spoke up from behind them. A pink echidna with purple hair stood in front of the entrance, with her arms folded. "I knew something was going on when I saw you guys entering the cave, so I followed you. Now that I know what's going on, there's no way I can turn back on you now."

Rachel clapped and jumped up and down. "Ooh YAY! More girls!"

Candi smiled and held out her fist. "Then let's do it to it!"


"Don't leave me hangin'." Candi said annoyed, with her fist still in the air.

Broski:(His fist in the air)

Rock:(Joins too)

Candi rolls her eyes as she grabs Rock and Broski's fists with her other arm and makes it so the three's fists touch.

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Splice put his hand on top of her's. "They ain't taking me down without a fight!"

Kyle put his hand on top of his. "We shall prevail."

Gizmo put his hand next, " We've got your backs. I'll do whatever I can!"

Kitty put his hand on too, "Chao!!" he chimed in.

Thunder nodded, seemingly gathering his courage as he placed his hand next. "Military or not, they've crossed the line this time. I swear, I won't let anymore people suffer because of the higher-ups' corrupted ways."

Smash and Pearl then put their hands next. "And we'll all come back safely in the end. Nobody gets left behind, right?" Smash smirked a bit, echo'ing Candi's words from earlier. The same words were once his own sometime in the past.

Rock:Is that everyone?

Candi smiled at Smash then at Rock. "Yup. Now, let's do it!" she broke the circle and started digging visciously, throwing dirt everywhere.

Pearl yelped and shielded her face from the dirt. Kitty and Elder Katler motioned for all the chao to come and help. The chao had brought shovels and spades, and started digging as much as they could. Splice looked over at Kyle, "Hey, you think you can use the Gemblade to help us dig or something?"

Kyle shook his head. "I do not know. I don't believe there's really any spell I can cast in this instance.."

Candi started to fig harder and she laughed. "This is a breeze with you guys helping."

Rachel looked at Pearl. "So....what's your favorite color?" she asked.

Pearl looked up at her. "That's a bit random." She said, scratching her head. "Well, I'd have to say...I like Teal."

Smash took off his gloves, letting them drop to the floor, and placed on a pair of green gloves with curved, blood red spikes on them. "This'll be the first time I use these things outside of battle.." He muttered to himself. He then joined Candi and the others, digging fiercly.

Rock:(Moving the durt and rocks aside as he digs)

Gentle breeze cradled the sky gendtle from east to west, the trees danced in rhythm and the grass waved in harmony. A lone black hedgehog, outfitted in the pales of blue and silver descended upon the ground from the edge of the waterfall's cliff, hearing the blast of the waterfall over the voice of sentience. His eyes closed, he didn't need to see to know what was going on. Not turning to where the vocal eminated, he approached under the waterfall to find out exactly what was going on. He heard several voices inside the cavern, and spoke when he could. "... There are more effective ways to digging." His face still looked from the rest of party, but his words did not need anything more than their ears.

((There are a few things wrong with that start. If you read up you would know that they were not outside, but inside of a cave. There's no way he would have come down from the sky. Plus the cave is hidden behind a water fall, so unless he already knew it was there he shouldn't know where they are.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 23:32, April 17, 2012 (UTC)))

((Ammended --Shousenka 23:37, April 17, 2012 (UTC)))

"It shouldn't take much longer until we can go in." Candi yelled over the digging. "And what would that be stranger? If you hadn't noticed we don't need much help."

Jin could not help but sigh heavily at the stupidity, if not the irony, of that statement; his eyes were closed to display the fact that he was blind. He lifted an arm to his side, then leaned towards the wall of the cave before his hand planted upon is jagged surface. "That's no problem then," he stated, watching. "Continue."

Kyle looked over at the hedgehog. "..Might I ask for your name?"

"I'm also wondering how you found this place." Gizmo scratched his head. "Were we making that much noise?"

Smash simply looked over at them at the corner of his eye, but didn't let up. He kept digging as much as he could. In ten minutes their work was done and Candi stared down a long dark hole. "This is it guys...on three we jump in. We need to look out for eachother more than ever now." she took a long pause before she contenued. "It's now or never guys. We can do this...FOR JUTICE!"

Jin seemed a bit more serious now, not as relaxed as he was before. The the others turned to him, he was already much closer to them, almost face to face with them as they decided to draw their attention to himself. He did not look to them from either side, only straight forwards. "... My name is not important for the time being," he had said to them, softly but with callousness. "And I found you because I can hear you. I know this terrain too well, then even lack of vision does not impede me. Now, you are to continue, yes?"

Kyle frowned slightly. They were supposed to be cautious about being spotted too early by the enemy, but he didn't seem to be hostile. "Hm." He walked over to join the others, staring into the hole.

"Everyone ready?" Smash asked, as the group gathered together.

Broski:I'm ready!

Rachel stood close to Smash. "I'll be ready whenever your ready because I'll follow you to the ends of the planet to be with and protect you. I'll never let you die Smashy-Washy!" she said as she hugged Smash. "If you ever lose hope, if you think your going to die, don't because I'll take the bullet..."

Smash narrowed his eyes at her. "have you already forgotten that I'm married? Please stop calling me Smashy-Washy and getting all mushy with me.."

"Yeah, Smashy-Washy's reserved for Luna only." Pearl mentioned in a teasing voice, causing Smash's face to droop.

Candi laughed "Oh come one Smash. Haven't you always wanted a free human shield?"

"That's kind of awful, y'know?" Smash commented. "Besides, shouldn't the man of the group be shielding the ladies, not the other way around?"

"Oh, please just lat the wacko have her way."

Rock:Sometimes it does and sometimes it dosen't.

Smash shrugged. "Well, whatever. We need to get going. I'll ask again: Is everyone ready?"

"We've been ready!" Splice exclaimed.

Rachel growled at Candi. "Who you callin' wacko, wacko?!"

"Flirt!" Candi yelled.


"Why I'll have you know I hit puberty already goat!"

"MOLE!" Candi pushed Rachel down the hole. "Anyone else?" she asked with a satisfied grin.

"...No?" Yuki said.

"Well it has to be someone."

"Ehhh no thanks. I can go down myself." Splice answered with a nervous chuckle. He climbed downward carefully, but quick enough to let the next one go. Thunder rubbed his chin, looking at how deep the hole was.

"Hm, in times like these," He took out his grappling hook, "this should come in handy."

Candi shrugged. "Then I guess I'm next." she jumped down the whole then after about thirty seconds a thud was heard and Rachel screamed. "Sorry." Candi yelled.

Broski:I'm going.(Jumps in)

"Ooooh...That's gotta hurt." Smash winced. Thunder sighed and shook his head, knowing how much safer it was for the ones below to use his tool. He hooked it onto the ground and carefully slid down the rope below. Gizmo decided to follow him down the rope as well. Smash hopped down the hole, falling up against the wall and began to slide down.

Kitty looked back at the other chao, and began to speak with them. Soon, Elder Katler nodded his head. "I'll leave the rest to you then." He turned to the other chao and nodded, before they all left back into the Chao garden, leaving Kitty behind. Kitty flew back to join the others down the hole.

Rock:(Makes a few step stones along the wall to climb down the hole)

After making sure everyone else went in, Kyle looked the last three aside from himself. Yuki, Aurora, and the mysterious hedgehog ominously hanging around them. "Are you going to go?" He asked the first two.

Jin simply stared forwards... well, with closed eyes, to the direction the voices faded, being that of the hole. He turned back to the waterfall entrance, facing the direction of his roaring waves. "I'll cover you. I'll be sure to make sure no one comes in after you."

"THANKS!" Candi yelled. The bottom of the hole was pitch black. "Man, I thought this would be closer to the city but because the farther you are from Central Mole City the dimmer it gets... if only a Meeb were.."

the creatures

suddenly ten glowing small cone-like beings appeared from then air.

Thunder and Splice, having just made it down, looked at the little creatures in surprise. "What are-.."

They then all said "Meeb." in sync. Candi smiled and hugged the largest one. "Aww Meebler you didn't have to come all the way here just for me."

"Meeba mebo meeb meeb meebin meeba meeb meeb meeb." Meebler said as he pointed towards the other Meebs.

"So you all wanted to help me? Your so sweet." Candi said as she kissed Meebler on his top cone.

Broski:These are cool.

Candi looked at Broski. "I know, right?"


"Heh, I guess they are kinda cute, huh?" Splice scratched the back of his head with a nervous grin. Smash, Gizmo and Kyle then made their way down.

Rachel sighed. "Hello? A beautiful female down on the filty ground. Isn't a gentlemen gonna' help her up?"

Rock:Sure thing Rachel.(Helps her up)There we go.^^

"Oh boy.." Aurora said.

Rachel fluttered her eyes at Rock. "Thanks handsome. After this is over want to go to get a burger or something?"

Rock:Your welcome Rachel.And that would be great with friends.

  • Record scratch* "With friends?" Rachel asked as a sweat drop rolled down her head.

Rock:Yeah.We all earned it.Aren't you a friend too Rachel?

(Rock Stonewall is a human and you know what people say about Mobian and human pairings)

(Yes, I know and Rachel is a crazy stalker)

(Kay.Just making sure)

"Well no, I just mean you and me Rock..."

Meebler looked at Rachel. "Meeb?"

"Cover your eyes Meebler, this might get intense." Candi said.

Rock:Oh.Well,sure we can go together,Rachel.Just us two,I promise.

Rachel jumped up and down while clapping. "YAY!"

Broski:She's happy now.

"Obviously." Candi said.

"Nice knowing ya." Smash muttered under his breath.

Rock:Well,shall we get going gang?

"Course'." Yuki replied to Rock.

Broski:I'm ready.

"Yes. How far are we from your home, Candi?" Thunder asked.

Candi scanned the area, sniffed the air then licked the ground. "Judging by the smell and taste of the soil it should take us only a day or two to get there."

Rock:Alright.Then let's get going.

"Okay," Candi said as the group began following the Meebs.

Hours later,

Candi sat down. "Hey, guys how about some food?"

Broski:Sounds like a good idea.

"Indeed." Kyle agreed. "I still have some food left over from our breakfast." He set down his backpack and opened it up, while Gizmo put down a small bag next to him.

"The Elder gave this to Kitty for us." He said. "It's a bunch of fruit from the Chao Garden."

Smash stretched his arms a bit before sitting down with the group. "We could use a break I suppose."

"Did he bring any grapes? I LOVE grapes?" Candi asked Gizmo

"Any oranges or apples? Because orange and red are my favorite colors!" Rachel said as she stroked her orange hair.

Rock:I happen to have some apples and oranges for a snack.(Pulls out a bag of them from his bag)

Broski:And I got some grapes.^^(Holds out some)

Rachel hugged Rock. "Oh, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

A sweatdrop appeared on Candi's head as she got her grapes from Broski. "You know, I would say thank you but now it seems....overused." she looked at Rachel.

Gizmo sighed and shook his head. "Well he gave me some too. Kitty loves apples, so I don't think we'll be running out of those anytime soon." He answered finally, after being interrupted. He opened the sack and took out a bunch of fruit.

Rock:Your very welcome Rachel.^^

Broski:Your welcome Candi.

Jin would appear briskfully behind the group, hearing the sounds of munching and chewing on fruit and veg. He sighed as he walked past the lot of them. "Shouldn't we be proceding instead of having a break?" He asked bluntly before walking away into the distance.

"Do you even know what we're doing?" Smash asked, raising an eyebrow in irritation. "Besides, it's always important to make sure everyone's-" Suddenly, he stopped and stood up quickly. Splice and Kyle glanced at him, and then stood up as well. "Did you hear that..?"

The team heard a faint sniffing sound then as soon as it stopped they heard a deafening roar that echoed about 20 times.

Candi stood up and looked around. "No....I thought they were extinct!"

"Hold me..." Rachel said as she ran to Broski.

"Oh lord. What NOW?" Smash groaned.

Broski:Right.(Does so)

Rock:What was that?

"I do not know," Kyle put his hand on the hilt of his blade, ready to draw it. "but I am pretty sure that whatever it is, it's headed our way."

Sudenly a giant mole-like creature rose from the ground and with his mouth he ate Rachel and Candi's fruits before diving back in his hole. It emmerged from his hole again and let out a loud roar before lunging at Candi with it's claws.

Candi fell back inches away from it's claws. "No you don't!" she said with a smile. "This is MY doman!" she quickly stood up and stomped the ground causing dirt to fly everywhere and a dirt-boulder flew towards the creature. The creature simply stood there and let the rock crush him.

Candi smirked "That should do it." she picked up a grape off of the ground. "And one more grape too!" the Mole-creature shattered the rock making a thick layer of dust which got in the team's eyes. After clearing up Candi's entire body except her head was in the Mole's large mouth. "HELP!" she screamed.
Final Fantasy IX OST - Battle 2 ~ Boss Battle Theme

Final Fantasy IX OST - Battle 2 ~ Boss Battle Theme

A fitting boss theme, I think.

"Aw Crap! Hang on, Candi!" Smash shouted. Kyle drew his sword and immediately lunged towards the mole. He stabbed at the creature's chest, while Smash jumped up towards the mole's mouth. He slammed both of his fists down on the mole's chin, hoping to make it open it's mouth. Before falling down completely, he suddenly unleashed a blast of energy that launched him back up. His fur turned lime-greenish cyan as he flew back up and uppercutted the mole's upper lip.

Rock:(Tries to pull Candi out but fails)

The Mole's fur layer was relatively thin compared to it's heavy layer of elaphant like skin and whale like blubber so Kyle's attack didn't do any fatal damage but nevertheless the animal fliched back in pain then he chomped on Candi harder to resist the urge to scream. The combined force of Kyle's attack and Smash's attacks made the mole-creature fall on it's back. In a fit of rage the mole-creature swallowed Candi whole.

Rachel gasped then she threw mines near the mole as it got back on it's feet. "Nobody move, those things are highly....." The mole opened it's mouth revealing a bright light in it's mouth, it was charging pure solar energy. "Explosive?...Aw crap!" the mole jumped up fired it's large larger detonating all the mines and burning anyone caught in the initial energy blast.

Kyle ended up getting blown into a wall. His sword landed on the ground next to him, as he fell to his knees. Smash quickly held his hands up as the explosions surrounded him, blocking everyone's vision of him.

"Smash!!" Pearl cried out. She tried to run over to help him, but Thunder held her back.

"That monster ate Candi.." Gizmo stared in shock. "And, he's alright.." He pulled out his Hand Cannon, "Kitty, Stay back at all costs."

Splice whipped out his daggers. "I don't know who this thing thinks he is, but I'm gonna rip this tub of lard to shreds!" His arms then burst into flames as he held them behind him. He used the flames to rocket himself forward, charging head-first right into the remaining explosions.

The monster let out a cackle-like sound. It's stomach growled and it roared, eager for it's next victim to draw near.

As the smoke from the explosions cleared, Smash was revealed to be still standing, relatively unscathed. His aura had seemingly solidified into a barrier, which soon faded along with his High Tension state.

Splice leaped into the air towards the monster, and slammed both of his fists together. "FLARE!" He shouted. On his command, Several fireballs shot out from his hands and surrounded the beast, soon to explode into powerful streams of flame aimed towards him. As he began to fall, he tried to slash at the monster's face.

The monster swiftly jumped back at Splice's slash but due to this he was left vulnerable to the streaks of flame which turned him into a giant fireball. His thick layer of skin only worsened his condition and out of pain her ran frantically around in a circle.

Rachel shot a barrage of bullets at the beast but unfortunately he quickly turned and ran towards her. " don't like being smashed and burned to toast by a giant mole-thingy!". She pulled out another grenade and with hesitation threw it at the beast who was now less than five feet away, causing a huge explosion. After the smoke cleared the animal was badly injured and bleeding but the fire had died down and he was now mercilessly clawing at Rachel who was in a worse condition by comparison.

"This is where we step in." Thunder said. He and Kyle both sprung into action. Thunder leaped across the rubble from the explosions, and jumped onto the monster's back. He slammed his fist into it's back, and sent a jolt throughout his arm and into it's body. Kyle got in position facing the monster's side, whispering an incantation which called upon the powers of the Gems. In a flash, he appeared on the other side of the beast, with his sword outstretched. A single delayed reaction slash cut across the monster's arms, threatening to chop them both off.

Gizmo fired a large blast of plasma at the monster's other side, while Kitty pulled out a small gun and began firing small bullets of compressed energy. Splice chased after the beast, still ticked off at it.

The Monster staggered back and screamed in pain due to thunder's electrical attack then monster fell back due to Kyle's slash and plopped down due to his oozing pool of blood due to that said slash but he was quickly rammed into a wall due to Gizmo's Plasma blast. He opened his mouth to fire another laser when he suddenly stopped to a capsule transforming into another buffet table. The monster quickly began to eat the table whole.

"N-now! Fire a blast or throw a sword in his throat now that his mouth's open to choke him!" Rachel commanded with obvious strain in her voice. "Then...see if you can free Candi by cutting open his stomach or something." she whispered before passing out in her own pool of crimson blood.

"I've got this!" Splice yelled. The flames on his arms quickly died out, and were replaced by a misty cold aura. His daggers both took in the cold energy, collecting a sheet of frost on the outside. "Take this!" He threw both daggers towards the monster's through, once he was close enough. "Ice BREAKER!!" If the daggers struck, Icicles would grow on impact, as the spot they struck would begin to freeze, and soon shatter and spread out in every direction, including through his neck.

The monster paused for a minute then over-dramatically thrashed around before falling on it's back and letting itself choke to death as drool trickled out of it's opened mouth onto the dirt.

Splice walked towards it, and removed his daggers in disgust. Kyle stepped forward, "Stand back." He said. "You may want to look away, as well." He rose his sword into the air. Splice and the others quickly turned their heads as they heard the sounds of him slicing the beast.

When he finally reached Candi her eyes were wide open but she did not breathe, she was covered in blood and the stomach acids had begun to eat away at her for you could she he feet flesh, her right arm flesh and you could see the right side of her rib cage and most of her left arm was bone.

Kyle looked rather horrified, but he didn't hesitate to carefully take her out. "Are you alright, Candi?" He asked, softly. He rose his sword again, "O Gem of Earth, lend me thy power...Come O natural power to expel the unclean...Healing Herb!" On his command, several small green sparkles appeared around them, and slowly took the form of glowing magical herbs and plants that descended towards her. They disappeared on touch, as they began to heal and cleanse and heal her injuries, though they could not fully recover her flesh. "I do not know if I can do anything else for you, now..."

Her injuries remained uncleaned due to a purple mist manefesting her. The Meebs talked to eachother then the group split up, four meebs going to Rachel and five going to Candi. After going to the two girls the Meebs fused with them, reversing all of their injuries and infections but at the cost of their own life.

Candi woke up with a start. "I'm alive! But how?!" Meebler flew over to Candi and let out a low and pained. "Meeeeeeb...."

Kyle looked down and closed his eyes. "I am so sorry.." He whispered. He placed his hand on his chest, seemingly paying his respects to the Meebs.

Rachel woke up in her blood pool and quickly jumped up. "EEEEW! Whose it THAT!?" she screamed.

"Calm down." Thunder said, walking over to her. "You were injured pretty badly, but you're all fixed up now. I imagine though that you lost quite a bit of blood there, so take it easy."

"Is..Is everyone alright?" Smash asked, loud enough for everyone to hear. He was breathing somewhat heavily.

Candi sighed and stood up. "I'm alright thanks to you guys. Though you don't sound to hot Smash."

((Fittingly enough, I just happened to be listening to this theme during the Meeb's death scenes.))

"Seriously? I'm burning up here." He said, somewhat jokingly as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "Getting caught in a chain explosion ain't fun. Anyway, With creatures like these lurking around down here, it's all the more reason we need to get to our destination quicker." He shot a glare to the side "GUN will pay for making us go through that."

"Heck YEAH they will! Dang!" Splice grimaced as he wiped the blood off his daggers before putting them away. "Let's get outta here."

Only a tiny section of the buffet table was left an most of the food was covered in the animal's slobber.

Candi walked to the remains of the table. "Ya' know I would say something about how I didn't get to finish my food but now it just seems....inappropriate."

Kyle withdrew his sword, and silently walked back to the others. Gizmo glanced at the table, and turned away immediately. "Eeugh..grooss..."

"Alright let's get the heck outta here before people start getting sick." Smash called out, noticing some of the ill looks on people's faces. "Or before another one of those mole-beasts decides to drop by for lunch."

"Hold on." Rachel said. She walked to the remains of the beast and after a bit of a struggle, she plucked out one of the beast's large canine teeth. "The commander wanted me to fetch this for him. Heh...I can just imagine the look on his face when he sees one of us using it to kill him. Who wants it?" she held up the tooth as she started walking with the group away from the beast.

"Wait, we're gonna...kill him?" Pearl asked, looking shocked.

"Here, I'll take it." Smash said, raising his hand to catch it. "If push comes to shove, it's not out of the question. For now, I just want things back to normal."

Rachel threw the tooth to Smash, who caught it with ease. "Yeah, Pearl we gotta' do it for justice right?"

"I guess so.." Pearl reluctantly nodded. "I just didn't think we'd actually kill him.."

Elsewhere Krinkinko, Frederick, Fa-La-Stu, Droget, Mike and Clide were going down a large elevator in an unknown GUN base.

Krinkinko smirked. "Oh that love sick idiot! I should've known she'd lie just to get closer to Smash. Once I find him I'm gonna' kick...his...a-"

Frederick growled. "NO! The blue bufoon is mine. He made us look like a fool in front of the commander and worse yet he's going to bring doom to the moles!"

Fa-La-Stu spit on the ground. "He brings shame to the Echidnas!"

Droget looked down. "Who we really should be focusing on is Candi..her words have powers just look at the size of her team."

Krinkinko laughed. "It's nothing Droget, she's a nut-case!"

Mike (the right head) attempted to preform a cheetah growl. "But she's a HOT nutcase."

Clide sighed. "Mike, Droget has a point. If what Krinkinko said was true then their group aquired more members in a short time."

"Relax bro, besides...we won't need to dig out their grave...because their already Down Under......." the elevator shot down at rocket speeds while the engine was drowned out by laughter.

Chapter 4

An hour later the team was still trekking but the landscape didn't look much different than their original descent into the world below.

Candi moaned. "This is taking SOOOO long."

"Excuse me..but do you need any assistance?" a nasaly voice asked from behind.

"Hoo boy." Smash muttered, somewhat annoyed as he turned around. "Who are you?

He turned around to see a green bucktooth creature wearing stereotypical nerd clothes and a red hat with glasses.

"My name is Erkel and I am a Nerb. I couldn't help but hear your mumbling and with the pace your keeping you'll reach Candi's hometown in about er...14 days."

"FOURTEEN DAYS! But that's impossible I got to the surface in less than a day."

"On the contrary you took a more straight path, that has been blocked and now you are taking a more complex and maze-like path. Though I could help you...for a price."

"A price?" A vein mark appeared on Smash's forehead. "You're gonna charge us to get to your home faster?"

"Not my home." The Nerb corrected. "Candi's home. South Nerb Central is not too far actually. And besides it's only 60$."

"60 bucks!? Do you realize what GUN is doing over there?"

"Wait, how do you know Candi?" Pearl asked

"I know what they're doing and it's good for business!" the Nerb turned to Pearl. "Well, to answer your question beautiful: in a short time word about your team and GUN has spread among the Nerbs. You see we have devices that can see and hear above the surface not to mention we have several missionaries working up there who've saw you guys in action whilst hiding in the bushes."

"Whaaaat? You gotta be kidding me!" Splice exclaimed.

"So you've been spying on us, and you're taking advantage of people suffering for your own selfish gain?" Smash lowered his voice, in an attempt to hold his temper.

"Call it what you will but you're the one who needs to get to Molipoli."

Smash gritted his teeth. He did not approve in the slightest. But the nerb was right, they needed to get there as fast as possible. They didn't even make it through a single day and already people had gotten injured. Swallowing his pride, he turned to look at Candi. "What do you think?" He asked.

Rock:What for?

Candi held out 30$. "I would pay, if I had the money."

Smash stared at the money, and then sighed. "I don't like this.." He turned around and pulled his wallet out of his pocket. He took out 60$ and handed it to Erkel. "There. Now take us there."

Erkel smiled. "Change my mind. 180$!"

"Oh you sniveling b-" Candi pratically threw her money at him before Smash could finish, and Rachel shoved 90$ at Erkel.

"Making it rain. I like that. Anyways follow me." Erkel then began to lead the group. Smash was beyond insulted, but he followed anyway.

After about ten minutes of walking the team entered a city and several Nerbs gasped in awe as soon as they saw the team.

"Nothing to see here. Mind your business." Erkel said but the Nerbs still stared.

Erkel stopped at a subway and ushered the team in as he got in the drivers seat. "Any specific stops along the way?" he asked.

Broski:Any ideas Candi?

Candi smiled. "We can stop at Mc' Donalds on the way there."

"They have a Mc'Donalds down here?" Splice asked, surprised.

Erkel jotted down what Candi had said. "Any other requests?" he asked.

"I'd rather we didn't stop for food again." Smash grumbled, resting his head in his palm while looking out the window.

"I don't even know this place so I wouldn't know where to stop." Gizmo said.

"Then that'd be a no." Thunder added.

Rock:You got a place that holds maps or something so we don't get lost?

Super Mario 64 Slide Theme

Super Mario 64 Slide Theme

The Train's Theme

"Food and maps." Erkel mumbled as he jotted down what Net had just said. "So, Crisis Town and then to Molipoli." the engine started. "You might want to lean over the waste basket." suddenly, the Subway jolted forward at a blistering 350 MPH which caused Candi and Rachel to slam face-first at the bask of the bus.

Splice slammed flat into the bask in front of him, and comically stayed stuck in it. Smash quickly grabbed the nearest solid object and held onto it before flying off his seat. He grabbed Pearl's arm for the same reason. Gizmo flew off his seat and landed on the floor, which he began clutching onto for dear life. Kitty, who had been in mid-air, seemingly vanished from sight unless one looked to the back of the bus, where he was also stuck into a wall. Kyle hung onto his seat, looking forward in absolute terror. Thunder tried to brace himself on his seat as well, but looked like he was afraid that they were going to crash at that speed.

Candi lifted her head from the wall. "HEY! WHERE ARE THE SEAT BELTS!?"

"WHAAAAAT?!" Erkel yelled.

In less than a minute the Subway made a turn causing Rachel and Candi to fly to the left and kiss a window. Rachel slammed so hard that the window cracked a bit. The bus the hit something causing Rachel and Candi to hit their heads on the ceiling, hard enough to make Candi cry.

"Sorry, I hit a deer!" Erkel called out.

"WHAT?!" Gizmo cried out, his ears ringing from the loud noise of the subway. It sounded even louder from the floor, and it was giving him a headache.

"GRAB ONTO SOMETHING, YOU TWO!" Smash shouted at Candi and Rachel, unable to reach them himself. Thunder extended his hand out from the seat to try and catch one of them.

"WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS TRAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNN!?!?!?!?" Splice screamed at the top of his lungs.

Rock:(Grabs Rachel and helps her to a pole)HOLD ON RACHELLL!

But by the time he grabbed Rachel and was helping her to a pole the train made another turn and she slammed into the very pole she was being aided towards. The train then quickly stopped causing Candi to fly through the window.

"I need to go urinate. I will be right back." Erkel said as he left out the train door.

Meebler was passed out on the ground due to the train ride.

Broski:(Went to go help Candi)

Rock:That was the worst ride ever.

Smash slowly tried to stand, but found that he was too dizzy to keep his balance and quickly grabbed the nearest pole. "I-Is...Is everyone...Is everyone alright...?" He called out. He and Pearl were both feeling lightheaded.

"Ugh, do we look alright to you here?" Thunder complained as he stepped off his seat, holding his head. Splice finally dropped from the wall and fell on his back in unison with Kitty. Both of their eyes were swirling around.

Gizmo stood up slowly. "M-My hurts..." He groaned.

Kyle had completely passed out, but miraculously stayed in his seat without much harm.

When Candi and Broski came back in the train, Candi was passed out in his arms.

Erkel came back in the train whilst zipping his pants. He clapped his hands. "So, are we ready to start moving again?"

Rock:(Helps Rachel who's rubbing her head due to the collision with the pole)

"Owwwww....I think I have a migraine." she groaned.

"Everything's spinning..." Splice stammered dizzily.

"Chaaoooo..." Kitty followed in suit.

Pearl shook Kyle's shoulder. "Kyle, wake up. We're here.." She said.

"C'mon, guys..we need to get going.." Smash called out weakly.

Broski:Good idea.

"What are you talkin' about? We still have a while before we get to Crisis Town then we still need to get to Molipoli." Erkel chuckled.

Rock:That's nice of you to offer,but I think we can walk from here.

"It will take a week to get to Molipoli and four days to get to Crisis Town so are you SURE you want to go on foot?"

"So then what the heck did we stop for!?" Smash exclaimed in exasperation.

"Don't tell me we're still going to Mc.Whatever's." Gizmo groaned, rubbing his stomach. "Who can eat anything after that?"

"I thought I just said we stopped so I could urinate." Erkel said, irritated. "And yes, we are stopping at Mc' Donalds at Candi's request and a map at Rock's request."

Broski:Could you at lest go slow?That last ride was a bit too much.

"If I go slow it will take four days to get to Molipoli and two days to get to Crisis Town."

((He was driving the train?))

Smash just grunted in frustration. His head hurt, and he was getting too worked up. He grouchily sat back down on the seat and folded his arms, trying to calm himself.


Erkel sighed. "See, if you were passed out like Candi, Kyle or Meebler you would not feel a thing."

Rock:That's cause of the speed.

Erkel let out a low growl. "If your going to complain then you can walk for seven days and get out my train."

"That's enough!" Smash barked. "We don't have time for arguing. Let's just skip Mc'Donalds and get a move on. We've still got food left over from our first meal before coming down here. Just tell us where the seat belts are and get going."

"Rock still wants his map." Erkel said flatly.

"I know that. We can still get the map, just no Mc'Donalds."

"Also, there are no seatbelts." Erkel said.

"What." Smash said flatly.

Broski:Is it okay that we make some?


Smash stood up and turned to face him fully. "What the heck do you mean "There are no seatbelts"? Why the heck aren't there seatbelts on this thing!?"

Without warning the train bolted forward faster than before. Rachel was struggling holding on to a solid object and the passed out Candi and Meebler flew to the back.

"AARGH!!" Smash went flying across the train, and just barely managed to grab a pole. He extended another hand and managed to catch Pearl, who caught Gizmo, who missed and let Splice fly into the back of the train with Kitty again. Thunder was hanging onto the back of his seat, his legs flailing around in the air.

Rock:Hold on everyone!

Erkel rolled down all the windows causing everyone at the back to fly towards them. Miraculously Candi came to in the nick of time, held on to the window frame and caught Meebler from flying out.

Broski:(Holds on to a pole)

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US!?!?" Thunder screamed, now barely hanging onto his seat with his legs sticking out the window. Kyle slid towards the window, but stopped at the wall with his head leaning outward. Smash's long chain of people started aiming towards the nearest window. Pearl started screaming at the top of her lungs, terrified of losing her grip. Smash felt as if they were going to pull his arms off. His body started to glow slightly, as he gathered his energy to support their weight.

The train picked up more speed.

"STOP THE TRAIN!" Candi screamed.

"WHAAAAAT?!" Erkel yelled.

(Argh, Edit conflicts. >_<)

"STOP THE FREAKING TRAIN!!" Splice shrieked at the top of his lungs. "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIEEEE!!!!"

Rock:Stop now!

"YOU WANT ME TO GO FASTER!? OKAY!" Then in an instant the train nearly doubled in speed and Candi was rapidly losing her grip to her window frame.

"NO! NONONONONONONOOO!!" Splice screamed in terror.

Broski:(Holds on to a nearby pole and uses his other hand to grab hers)

The train makes a sharp turn which causes Candi and Meebler to fly out the window. "BROSKIIIIIIII!" She screamed as she flew out the window.


"C-Candi!!" Pearl cried out.

Broski:Candi!(Let's go of the pole and flew out the window after her and Meebler)

"ARE YOU CRAZY!? YOU'LL DIE!!" Thunder yelled as Broski flew past him.

Rock:Erkel!Stop this train now!Or I'll make it stop!


"STOP! THE FREAKING! TRAAAAAAAIIIIIINNN!!!!" Smash put so much effort into yelling at the top of his lungs, he unleashed a blast of energy from his body and transformed into his high tension state in the process.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?" Erkel comically yelled.

Thunder took Kyle's sword and his grappling hook, and began to use them to crawl across the floor to reach the front of the train where Erkel was.

Erkel turned up the radio listening to country music.

Thunder finally made it to the front, after much effort, and managed to stand up while holding the frame of the door. "I don't believe this.." He growled lowly at seeing how careless Erkel was being. He slowly stepped towards him, trying to keep his balance, and grabbed the mole's shoulder tightly to get his attention.

Erkel turned to Thunder. "Hey, I was listening to Taylor Swift!" he screamed as Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me was blasting in the radio.

"Quiet!" He yelled back, sending a small electric shock into Erkel's shoulder. "You need to stop the train! What part of "Safety" do you not understand? No seatbelts, windows rolled down, driving at ludicrous speeds, What good is getting to Candi's city if you just let the girl fly out the window!?"

Rock:The same for Meebler and Broski!


"Oh, That's IT!" Thunder stormed over in front of him and slammed his fist on the radio, shutting it up entirely. He shot Erkel a fierce look before grabbing the brakes beside him. "STOP! THE! TRAIN!" With each word, he yanked on the lever, causing the train to slow down.

"WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT'S THE EMERGENCY..." Before he finished his sentence the train's lights became red.

"Self destruct sequence initiated. T-minus 10 seconds."

"WHY DOES THIS THING HAVE A SELF DESTRUCT MECHANISM!?!?" Thunder screamed, pushing it back up.

Back in the other car, Splice's eyes popped wide open. "D-Did I j-just hear what I THINK I HEARD!?!?"

Rock:We better get out of here.

"T-Minus 5 seconds."

"Pearl, Get them outta here!" Smash ordered. He let go of his sister's hand, causing her to fly to the back of the train. Pearl and Gizmo both screamed as they were about to slam into the back door, but Pearl then realized why she was let go. She cocked her fist back, and plowed it into the door. With such force, the door swung open and released the whole bunch from the train.

Smash swung around on the pole, and launched himself towards Kyle, who was still unconscious. He grabbed his arm, "THUNDER! GET OUTTA THERE!" He yelled back before jumping back out after the others.

Thunder grabbed Erkel's arm, and his equipment, and began to run out. "Rock, Hurry!" He yelled.

Rock:Right.(Carries Rachel out of the train)

As soon as they jump out the train violently explodes and the rails that were in front of int are blocked by a cave in.

"NOOOO! Now I can't listen to my musiiiiiic!"

Thunder stood up and dusted himself off. "You are a fool." He sneered. "That is the last thing you need to be worried about. What were you thinking, putting us on a train like that? Were you trying to kill us all!?"

"NO! I was simply trying to get you to Molipoli as fast as possible."

"By loading us on a train with no forms of safety while you went at Mach 10 with the windows rolled down? People were flying out the windows! What good is getting us to Molipoli if half of us never even make it there!? And while I'm at it, what kind of train is loaded with a self destruct system!?" As Thunder yelled at Erkel, Smash limped over to the two, breathing heavily and loudly.

"Hey, you wanted to get there and you wanted to get there fast. For he seat belts it takes a lot of money to buy those things and for the windows what did you expect? It was hot in there!"

"I'd take the heat over risking my life!" Thunder yelled. "You could have at least warned us that we'd be in such danger before knocking us around like a pack of pinballs!"

Rock:Candi?!Broski?!Meebler?!Where are you?!

"It's no use. It'll take days for us to reach them."

"All because you decided it'd be a good idea to roll down the windows." Thunder muttered angrily. "It's like opening the windows in an airplane; It sucks people right out like a vaccum. You just don't do it, you blundering fool." He turned around and began to walk away.

Smash stopped in front of Erkel, panting and gasping for breath, and giving him a deathly glare. " gonna kill you..!" He wheezed, menacingly. "You almost killed everyone...After everyone's request to stop the train, you deliberately opened up the windows and started listening to music..." He grabbed Erkel's shoulders and began shaking him violently. "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"

Rock:(Starts looking for them)They might be hurt.

"I-I didn't hear you guys! I swear!" Erkel said shocked by Smash's comment.

"Hear us or not, Opening the windows while driving 500 miles an hour is SUICIDE! What were you thinking!? Or were you even thinking at all!?"

"We haven't a moment to lose." Thunder said. "You all need to go on ahead. I'll go and look for them." He glanced back at the others. "Which means yout gotta put him down, Smash."

Smash closed his eyes and released Erkel, still breathing hard. Pearl, Splice and Gizmo walked back over to them, two of them helping Kyle, who was awake now, to walk over to them. "Are you all okay?" He asked, quietly.

"I think I'll live.." Pearl said.

"My stomach..." Kyle groaned faintly. "I feel as if my entire head is swirling...and a tornado formed within my belly.."

"Hang in there, Kyle. I feel your pain." Splice said, rubbing his head with his free hand.

"I don't think Kitty's gonna wake up anytime soon, guys.." Gizmo stated, worriedly. Kitty lay limp in his arms, and was looking rather pale.

Rachel sighed. "If my calculations are correct it'll take us atleast four days to arrive at the spot where Candi, Meebler and Broski fell."

"And what about to Molipoli?" Splice asked. "How far are we from that?"

"It's fuzzy Splicy-poo. Worst-case scenario it'll take us two days but best-case scenario we'll make it in six hours."

Splice slightly cringed at her nickname for him, but shrugged it off. "That doesn't sound SO bad.."

"Which is why you all should go on ahead." Thunder said. "I should be able to make it to them sooner than anyone else if I'm alone."

Rock:They might need some help if they're hurt.

"I know." He said. "But I should still go alone, it'll be faster that way." He glanced over at Kyle. "Kyle, May I borrow your sword?" He asked.

Kyle's head hung low. "I am ashamed to admit that I am in no shape to fight right now."

"I don't think either of us are." Splice shrugged.

"Do what you must." He permitted. Thunder walked over, already holding the Gemblade, and took the sword's case off of his back.

"Thank you. This will be most helpful." Thunder said, bowing his head slightly. He looked over at the others as he strapped the equipment to his back. "I'll be off then. You all have to hurry and find a route ot Molipoli. Contact me when you do, so I can follow with the others."

Erkel chuckled at Thunder. "You go do that. May I remind you this whole underground subway tunnel is a natural labyrinth. You will go mad before you find them and unfortunately we Nerbs are the only ones who know how to navigate these tunnels."

Smash thwacked Erkel in the back of the head. "Shut the heck up. It's your fault we're in this situation, don't you dare laugh about it!"

Due to being a Nerb, a species that was naturally weak, Erkel comically flew into a wall and his head got stuck in it.

Rock:I can easy form the rocks that will mark our paths.

"I'm pretty sure I can find them if I just follow the train tracks. It's not like we're walking through completely empty tunnels, here." Thunder said, simply.

"Are you sure you'll be okay Thundy-Wundy." Rachel asked as she bit her lower lip.

Rock:I hope so.

"I should be fine." He reassured. "I've explored many caves during my travels. I can do this."

"Okay. Be safe and don't talk to strangers!" Rachel nagged. Thunder rolled his eyes and turned to leave.

"You all should hurry. Take care of yourselves." He said before leaving.

"Good luck!" Splice called back.

"A little help here?" Erkel called out still stuck in the wall. Smash rolled his eyes and yanked him out by his foot with one hand.

"Alright, you heard the man. Let's get a move on." Smash called out to everyone.


Rachel began walking with the group. "Ya' know it's going to be boring around without Candi around."

"We'll manage." Smash said, simply. "I think we need a little time to cool off anyway, after the whole train incident."

"Seriously." Splice agreed in a grumble.

"T-Thank you. I believe I can walk on my own now." Kyle said softly to him and Pearl. They took their arms off of him and he walked onward with everyone else.

Rock:(Walks with them)

After an hour of walking, Rachel snapped her fingers. "I GOT IT! Why don't we just have Erkel phone one of his friends. Almost all Nerbs know how to drive at least better than he does, there are several trains in his city and..."

"Forget it!"


"They will make fun of me if they find out how bad the condition of my train plus...." Erkel started mumbling. "There is a high chance I will be doing jail time if the find out about this.." he folded his arms and turned away with a "HMPH"

"It's not like you're gonna get out of the whole jail time thing." Smash said. "After all, you did scam us back there. Don't think that'll get by me too lightly. Might as well come clean, since people's lives are in danger right now."

Erkel growled as he dialed the phone. After a bit of silence he began talking. "Yeah...Mom it's me....yeah, I've been staying out of trouble...Oh, you saw that movie too?!"

Rachel kicked Erkel sending him flying. "Focus!" she barked.

"Right, right!" Erkel quickly picked up his phone and put it on his ear, albeit upside-down. "No mom I'm I need you to do me a favor.....well could you pick me and some friends up and drop us off to MoliPoli? No... take your t-..."

Rachel held up her fist and Erkel shrieked. "SCRATCH THAT! HURRY MOMMY!" Erkel then quickly threw the phone down and stomped on it but due to his wimipiness the phone would not break.

Erkel sighed and turned to Smash. "Really man? You needed to get to Molipoli that bad that you forced me to call my mom?! You have no heart!" he said, embarassed by the fact he had to call his mother.

"You should've thought of that before you charged us 200 bucks and nearly killed everyone!" He snapped back. "If the situation over there wasn't so dire I'd have sooner beaten the snot out of you before I paid you anything."

"So you are telling me you want to ride in...." his sentence is stopped by a pink train slowly driving towards them.

"It's a good thing I was on the road when ya' called me don't cha' know! Here!" she threw several pink sweaters out the window and at the group. "Wear these. Don't want ya' ta' catch a cold don't cha' know."

A sweatdrop rolled down Rachel's forehead as she pointed towards Erkel's mom. "Why does she say don't cha' know at the end of EVERY sentence!?"

Smash's eyelids lowered as the sweater fell on his shoulder. "I should have known."

Splice caught the sweater and held it up in front of him. "...Eugh, it's hideous.." He grimaced silently. "No thanks, Ma'am. We're good." He spoke up for everybody.


"Oh it's okay Erkel honey." Erkel's mother sighed. "Even though I ain't that good wit' knittin' I am a killer cook don't cha' know." she said with a smile. She turned to Splice "Don't mind him he's the youngest and he's still a bit of a mama's boy dont' cha' know." This caused Rachel to put her hands over her mouth as she became red with laughter.

Erkel gritted his teeth as he blushed.

"Let's just get in and be on our way. We're kinda in a hurry." Smash said as he boarded the train. He helped Pearl and the others get inside.

Once they got inside the whole train smelled like perfume and the seats acutally had seat belts. At the back of the train there was a kitchen and there was a bathroom towards the front of the train. As the heroes glanced around they noticed the train had a fancy-ballroom look to it made complete with butlers, tea sets, and The Four Seasons (Spring).
Four Seasons (Spring)

Four Seasons (Spring)

The Music that was playing

"Well! This is rather nice." Pearl commented as she found a seat.

"Nicer, at least." Smash mumbled under his breath, looking out the window after sitting down.

After everyone was fastened into the seatbelts the bus jolted foward but after a few seconds it didn't seem as life-threatning as last time. Maybe it was the seatbelts, maybe it was the speed. Who knows?

Erkel's mother began to speak without taking her eyes off of the road. "I can set this train on auto-pilot and fix you up some food if you'd like."

Smash was about to let the others decide, when he remembered Candi's words from earlier.

"Earthworms, invertibrae, nuts, bones, your garbage that you guys throw away such as rotten food, half-eaten hamburgers, food that induces food poisoning and sewer waste. We're not exactly the healthiest eaters but we do what we have to to survive."

"No, that's fine. Thank you, Ma'am." He spoke up for everyone with a sweat drop rolling down his face.

Rachel looked out the window. "Say guys....How fast is Thunder? 200 MPH? 300, 400?"

Gizmo shook his head. "Y'know, I don't even really know." He said. "I've never seen Thunder run at top speed."

"All I know is that he's faster than me." Splice said. "I wonder how he's doing out there?"

"Feh. No matter how fast you say he is he's only mortal so the fastest he can go is probably ten miles an hour. It'll take him days to reach them."

"Let's just hope that they'll all be alright." Smash huffed, looking back out the window again. "Who knows? Maybe they'll end up finding a ride, as well."

"Hm? You mean that Mole, Meeb and pig guy? Yeah, these truckers found them. I hear they're going to dissect them don't cha' know."


"Hold up, What?" Smash immediately tried to stand, but the seatbelt kept him down.

"W-Where'd you hear-" Splice stopped himself when he realized what she said. "Scratch that. "Truckers"? You mean the military found them already!?"

"Oh no...Thunder, Please be alright.." Pearl whispered silently in fear.

"No, trucker don't cha' know. Here I think they're still on the radio." she turned on the radio and gravelly voices started speaking.

"This is Meaty-Man and I found me some dinner. Look at this pig. He looks so tender and juicy. This will feed me and my wife for a week. What do you have to say Trucker-T?"

"All I can say is that this Mole-Chick is hot. As soon as she wakes up I'm gonna' start dating her. Woo! I'm getting tingly just thinking about it."

"Aww look it's a Meeb. I want to keep it!"

"I say we dissect them for scientific purposes!"

Rock:Ma'am,please tell them to not harm our friends.

"How can I tell them anything? This is a radio not a telephone dan't cha' know."

"Yeah. It's not like they'd be randomly calling some housewife on the road." Smash said, frowning. "But either way, we'll have to tell Thunder about this." He flipped open his wrist-communicator and held down a button. "Thunder, come in. It's Smash. Thunder, do you copy?"

After a couple seconds of static, Thunder's face appeared on the tiny screen. "Loud and clear, Smash. Did you find a route?"

"More or less. We've got a ride on another train. But listen, Candi and the others were taken by a group of truckers."

"What? Truckers?" Thunder asked, confused. "How would you know that?"

"Heard em on the radio. We can only hope that they're headed your way, to make the trip shorter."

"Well this certainly makes things a bit more complicated than need be.."

After about twently minutes of silence the truckers began to speak again. "Hey, Meaty-Man. Do you hear footsteps?"

"Yeah. A-and do you see a golden streak?"

"Yeah? Is it...some kind of alien?"

"I don't know."

Rachel tried to jump up but like with Smash, the seat-belt prevented this. "IT'S THUNDY-WUNDY!" She squeeled.

"Thunder, it sounds like you're closing in on them! Do you see anything ahead?" Smash asked.

"Already?" Thunder's eyebrows shot up, "Well I take that back then. It's dark in here but--Wait, I'm seeing a light ahead. Looks like headlights."

"Great. You'd better hurry, because it sounds like their plans for them could only end in disaster."


Thunder stopped by a mound of rocks, and looked at the oncoming truck. "Now, I just need to get them to stop, without harming them.."

As it was rapidly approaching Thunder, the truck bellowed it's large horn twice before one of the truckers screamed. "MOVE OUT THE WAY!"

Now! He told himself. He leaped into the air, and landed on the truck's hood. "Stop the truck." He demanded, firmly.

The driver quickly hit the brake, with enough force to knock Thunder on to the ground. Four truckers walked out the truck. "What do you want from us?"

Thunder backflipped as he fell, and landed on his feet. "You were on the radio not too long ago, if I'm not mistaken." He began to walk towards them. "A group of truckers picked up three people on the road; A mole, a pig, and a meeb."

"And what's it to ya'. We found them fair and square. They didn't have anyone's name on them so they belong to us, fair and square and THAT is one of the many underground trucker laws." he handed Thunder a large book titled "The Way of the Underground Trucker".

Thunder looked at the book, and then pushed it away. "I don't care about your laws. They are free individuals with their own names on them. They were in an unfortunate accident which separated them from me and my group. I have been searching for them up until now, and they will be coming back with me." He held up his arm, and they could hear a voice coming from the wrist communicator on it.

"That's right." Smash spoke up. "I sent Thunder here to go and find em. In other words, we found them first."

He lowered his arm back. "You see? Now, where are they?"

All of the truckers took out large machine guns. "So you don't care about our laws. We don't take too kindly to outlaws."

"And I don't take too kindly to kidnappers." Thunder reached his hand behind his back, and drew out the Gemblade, which began to illuminate the area with it's glow. "I didn't want this to end in violence. Please don't make me threaten, or even take your lives."

At the end of Thunder's sentence all four truckers rapidly fired at Thunder with their Machine Guns. But neither of them reached him in time, as he already dashed away to the side. He thrust his palm toward them, and caused a gust of wind to blow dirt into their eyes as he made his way towards their truck.

The men screamed but preceeeded with their shoot-out. Unfortunately they each shot eachother due to the sand in their eyes. As Thunder ran towards the truck he heard the muffled screames of Candi and Meebler.

(He also hear muffled sounds of Broski)

"Thunder, Are you alright!?" Smash asked in panic, from hearing the shootout.

"Yes, I'm alright." He said. He ran inside the open car door and headed towards the back. "Candi! Broski! Are you all in there?" He called out.

Broski:((Bangs the wall with his feet in mos code saying yes)

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Candi, Meebler, and Broski were tied up. Candi and Meebler had tape around their mouths while Broski had a large apple in his. Thunder carefully cut the ropes with the sword and took the apple out of Broski's mouth. "Are you all okay? Are you hurt?" He asked.

"Meeba meebo-ka meesha. Meeba..meeb meeb meeb."

"He says he's terrified." Candi said flatly. "I'm so useless!" Candi said as she banged her fist on the floor. "It's not fair! Why don't I have powers like you guys!?"

Broski:I'm a little banged up,but I'll be alright.(Looks at Candi)Your not useless.

Candi grabbed Broski's arm and started squeezing it so hard his bone started to cracky slightly. "Yes...I...AM!"

"Shh.." He hushed her as he placed his hand on Candi's shoulder. "Not everyone is gifted like me. But we all have to try our best and make it where it counts." He stood up, and helped her to stand while withdrawing the Gemblade. "Besides...It's not like we wanted these powers in the first place.." He turned around. "These powers of mine.." His hand gave off a brief spark of electricity. "..inadvertly cost the lives of both my parents, and my former home." He then walked off to the front of the truck.

Candi let go of Broski's arm and stomped on the ground, making a small crater. "But what good am I without a trademark? Something that makes me stand out?"

Thunder stopped, and glanced back at her slightly. "I heard that headband of yours was a great help before I joined you all." He then continued to the front of the truck, and looked out the front window to check the truckers.

The truckers were laying on the ground, dead.

Broski:Alot of help my powers do.They just make things expolde.Can't use that all the time.

"So Thunder, are you going to drive the truck to Molipoli?"

"It doesn't seem like they'll be using it anymore, so yes. I will." Thunder replied. He walked out of the truck and searched the truckers for the keys, before coming back in. "Now, take a seat and fasten up. We're already close to Molipoli."


"Oh yes, before I forget.." Thunder looked around for the radio recording settings to shut it off.

Back with the others,

"We should make it to Molipoli in eight minutes." Rachel said while grinning.

Erkel's mother looked around then nodded. "It's time don't cha' know." The seat-belts unfastened themselves and the back of the train flew off causing everyone, even the butlers to fly out as the train kept going.

"Hey! What the crap!?" Smash exclaimed

"What the heck was that for?! Now it'll take us 48 minutes to get there!" Rachel yelled.

"What're you doing!? Come back!!" Splice cried out.


Then right in front of their eyes Erkel's mother's train got caught in a violent explosion.

"W-..What..?" Splice stammered. Gizmo stared on in shock, and Kyle tried to comprehend what had just happened.

"Uhh...Are exploding trains a regular thing down here..?" Smash asked, nervously.

Chapter Five

Erkel stood in shock as he dropped to his knees. "!"

Rachel shook her head. "G-GUN! They're on to us! They must've set up those mines to try and kill us meaning....."

"...Mom sacrificed herself to save us...." Erkel finished while tears were forming in his eyes.

"Th-Then she didn't get out alive..." Pearl gasped softly.


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Rock:(Use his earth powers to make a stone hand grab Erkel)

Rachel shot a glare towards Rock. "Give him a break! He lost his mother."

Smash stood up, giving a pained look towards the ground, while Kyle sympathetically placed his hand on the Nerb's shoulder. Splice slammed his fist into the ground. "Dang it! Why...?"

Smash felt his arms beginning to quiver. "Do you see now, Erkel?" He spoke up. "Do you see now why we had to get to Molipoli so quickly? Why I had to put up with your scheming prices and your crazy train rides? GUN isn't just some mild threat that you can make business off of. As long as they're down here, Everyone's in danger. Everyone." He turned back to look at him. "That's why we're here. And as long as I'm still breathing, I won't let them get away with this. They will pay with their lives. And that, I promise."

Rock:I was cathing him Rachel.

Erkel started growling and crying. " I somehow part of my mother's death?"

"No. It couldn't be avoided; We'd have had to switch trains anyway, because everyone would have gotten sick by the time we reached Molipoli." He said. "GUN is fully responsible for this. And they will take responsibility."

Erkel simply looked at the ground and soon Thunder, Broski and Candi's truck arrived.

Candi jumped out. "Hey guys. What's up? What's with all the long faces."

Broski:What happened?

Smash turned around. "I'm glad you all are safe." He said. Thunder stepped out of the truck after her.

"What happened? I can see fire in the distance." Thunder asked with concern.

Smash turned to look back at the wreckage. "...GUN is onto us. Somehow Erkel's mother knew, and she decided to bring us as far as she could before dropping us out the back." He closed his eyes, "That fire, is all that's left."

Candi's jaw dropped. "So Erkel's mother"

"Yes.." He nodded slowly. He turned around to face everyone else. "I know that it's hard, but we all need to get moving." He announced. "If GUN knew enough about our location to set a trap for us, then we're in danger here. We need to leave now. Everyone, get in."


After they got in Erkel raised his hand. "Can I drive?"

"Are you sure you're feeling up to it?" Thunder asked worriedly, though he handed the keys to him anyway. Everyone else found a seat to take in the back.

Erkel drove unusually slow until he broke down crying. "I Can't do it!"

Thunder gave him a pat on the back. "Here, let me drive. You've done all you could for now." He said, gently but he then noticed that the gas tank was on E. "Oh...Well that's not good." He muttered. He turned around to look back at everyone else. "Hey, do any of you see anything like gas tanks or something around here? Fuel's on E."

"E? What does that mean?" Kyle asked, puzzled.

Smash's eyelids lowered halfway. "Basically means we ain't goin anywhere till we get some gas." He answered flatly.

Candi was just finished guzzling down the only remaining gas tank left. " this isn't juice?" she asked as her eyes widened.

"Y-You actually DRANK that..?!" Splice gasped. "W-what kind of "juice" could that possibly..."

Smash slapped his forehead. "Oh lord...NOW what?"

"At this rate we'll never get to Molipoli..." Pearl groaned, sounding depressed.

"Calm down, calm down. I'm sure we'll manage something." Thunder spoke up. "Gizmo, I'll need your help. Let's see if we can't modify this truck to run on electricity."

Gizmo stood up, setting Kitty down in the chair. "Right. I'll see what I can do." He said.

Candi sighed as she dosed off to sleep.

Rachel shook the gas tank a bit. "There's a little left. If anyone wants to drink some..."

Rock:No thanks.

"Heck no. Let the truck have it!" Smash said. "We need all the resources we can salvage. Though that little bit won't be nearly enough to get us to the city."

"Uhhh guys....I think you should read what the back of Candi's book says." Rachel said with fear in her eyes.

"What does it say?" Splice asked, looking over. Smash stood up and walked over to see for himself, knowing that he was going to probably regret it.


"It says "Caniath also known as Candi came to the surface after demons invaded her home. Yada, yada, yada basically a recap of a travels up to this point. Now here comes the important part. "After Gizmo modified the gas tank GUN senses a large spike in electricity on their radars and track the team down. Several hundred foot soldiers stop their truck by shooting the tires the mercilessly kill the team one by one. The only remaining member left is Candi who is murdered by the commander himself." Rachel read with a gulp.

"W-What..!?" Pearl gasped.

"HOLD IT!!" Smash shouted. "First off, are you trying to tell me that this book is writing itself and showing the future!?"

"I-Is that even possible..?" Kyle asked in shock.

"Thunder, Gizmo, Get in here now!" Splice called out. The two rushed inside, panicked. "You guys gotta hear this.."

"W-What is it..?" Thunder stammered.

Rock:That's sounds like the book is warning us.We better do something else.

"Do something else?" Gizmo asked.

"'s not looking too good." Splice said. He took the book from Rachel and showed it to them. Within the next few seconds, they found themselves unable to contain their fear any longer.

"I'm..quite scared right now." Gizmo stated. Thunder just stared at the page in disbelief.

Erkel stood up angrily. "Then what else are we suppose to do huh? Think about it. No train, no gas, and now we can't use electricity. So are we suppose to walk there?"

"Yeah! How else do you expect us to get there now!?" Splice exclaimed.

Gizmo scratched his head. "I'm...I'm not really sure..." He turned away from the group, trying to think of an idea. Smash folded his arms, staring at the book suspiciously.

"I already had my questions about that text, but now I'm REALLY skeptical." He said.

"I'm not so sure Smash. It's REALLY accurate it even tells about Candi drinking the gasoline."

Broski:If only we had something natural to ride on.Maybe we wonn't be founded.

"What I mean is...nevermind." He shook his head. "What's important now is us finding a way to get this truck moving."

Gizmo looked up and snapped his fingers. "I think I've got it..!" He turned to look at the others. "If we can't use electricity, then we'll use fire."

"Fire..?" Pearl rose an eyebrow. "What do you mean, power the truck with fire?"

Gizmo shook his head. "Not exactly. More like giving the truck a little "push", if you will." Splice's eyes lit up.

"Oh, I see what you're getting at." He grinned.

"Okay here's what we'll do. I'm going to set up these Fire elemental rings on the back of the truck." Gizmo held out four red rings with small rubies on the top. "Kyle, or Splice, one of you two will manipulate the power within them and have them shoot out their flames like a bunch of jets, thrusting us forward. With enough firepower, we should be able to get this thing moving no problem!"

Rachel smiled as she hugged Gizmo. "YOUR BRILLIANT GIZMO-WIZMO."

"Hurry up and do it before I vomit." Erkel said, turning greener than usual.

"Urk, speak for yourself." Gizmo gagged before breaking away from her. "Alright. Splice, Kyle and Thunder," He dusted himself off. "Let's get going."

"Right!" The three of them said in unison. They then headed outside, ready to install the rings.

Elevator music plays on the radio as they wait for they waited for the four to come back.
10 Hours of elevator music....

10 Hours of elevator music..... Going ▲

The Elevator Music

"Well, I hope this works." Pearl said.

"I'm sure it will." Smash reassured. His eyes suddenly darted left and right. "..Lemme see that book." He said, suspiciously.

Rock:Checking something?

Rachel handed him the book with the same text as before.

"Oh I'm checking something alright." Smash flipped to the back of the book and read on to the part concerning their current situation, and scrunched his eyebrows when he saw it remained unchanged. "It still says the same thing. But I've got my eyes on it..."

Broski:REady when you are.

Smash slowly looked up from the book and towards him, and rose an eyebrow in his direction.

"LET ER' RIP!" Rachel yelled as she gave a thumbs up.

Rock:Fire away!

"Um...guys...They didn't say they were finished ye-"

"We're ready!" Thunder called out as he hopped back into the truck, along with Gizmo. The two took the front seats, but Kyle and Splice stayed outside.

"Oh...never..nevermind." Smash facepalmed.

"Fire it up, guys!" Thunder called out the window.

Splice and Kyle stood atop the truck. The two nodded at eachother, before charging up their abilities. "C'mon, Fire rings. Gimmie your power!" Splice spread his arms out, as his hands began crackling with light flames.

"O Gem of Fire, Lend me thy power..!" Kyle chanted, with the Gemblade in hand. The two then braced themselves as the elemental rings began to react.

"Seatbelts everyone!" Smash called out.

Rachel fastened her seatbelt and smiled. Erkel did the same albeit without smiling. Thunder rested his hands on the steering wheel, and focused on the path ahead of them.

"Alright, Let's go!" Splice called out from the roof. He thrust both palms outward, with the bottoms connected vertically. Kyle pointed his sword out in the same direction. On their mark, a blast of flames shot out from the four elemental rings, Splice's hands, and the Gemblade, all at once. The truck made a sudden jolt as it began to move again, gradually picking up speed.

Broski and Rock:(Did the same)

Soon, Candi woke up. They passed a sign that read "Welcome to Molipoli outskirts."

"YEAAAAAAH!" Rachel screamed in victory. Then suddenly the truck gardually stopped and the inside became so cold the team could see their breath.

"What in the...?" Thunder began to look around, baffled.

Rock:Why is it cold now?

"I-I don't know." Candi said while chattering

"S-Should it r-really be this cold underground..?" Gizmo asked, shivering..

Broski:G.U.N must have bothered the heat.

Smash scrunched his eyebrows, knowing that something was seriously wrong. He poked his head out the window, "Hey, What happened up there?" He called out.

"I dunno!" Splice called back, scratching his head. "The elemental rings just stopped working for some reason."

"And it became very chilly, all of a sudden.." Kyle added, with concern. "This does not bode well."

"Hm.." Smash leaned back inside, "Everyone stay alert. I've got a bad feeling about this.."


"And why is it so foggy outside?" Rachel asked.

Candi tried to open the door but it was frozen shut. "Darn!" she said. Candi and Meebler crawled out the window to get out of the car then suddenly a flaming scythe came flying towards Candi's back. Meebler quickly jumped in the way thus causing him to emit a blinding flash of light before he disappeared. When the lighting became normal again it was at normal tempature and the fog was gone.

Candi fell to her knees. " were my best friend."

"Oh, put a sock in it you sap!" said Frederick.

Candi turned around only to see. Krinkinko, Droget, Fa-La-Stu, Mike and Clide, and Frederick all in offensive stances.

"We should've known that idiot Rachel would turn to the darkside for Smash!" Fa-La-Stu barked.

"Aw travelled all this way together and now you'll DIE TOGETHER!" Krinkinko growled.

Frederick laughed. "Hey, Rock and Broski. Remember when you two thought I was so weak?" he asked. He then made one of his hands catch on fire then his other hand turn into ice. "It was just a ruse." he finished with an evil smile.

Kyle and Splice leaped down from the top of the truck in front of Candi. "So it was a trap!" Splice whipped out his daggers and got into a battle stance. Suddenly, the door to the truck broke open, and both Smash and Pearl jumped out together.

"It was only a matter of time before we ran into you.." Smash said, lowly. "It was you all, wasn't it? You're the ones who tried to blow up our train; You're the ones who killed Erkel's mother..!" He clenched his fists tightly, feeling his arms beginning to shake. "I won't stand for this. Not even from you, Krinkinko."

"What is this nutcase talking about?" asked Fa-La-Stu.

"Oh, he's referring to the mines placed by group 210 to groups 230. No it wasn't us who did that. We're the ones who will bring you to justice once and for all!" Frederick said while pointing his finger at Smash.

" killed Meebler!" cried Candi.

"You're still with the group who did it." Smash growled. "And you just murdered a comrade right in front of us. And don't you dare tell me it was just a little insignificant creature. Meebler was a friend."

Thunder stepped out of the truck, alongside Gizmo, and a fully conscious Kitty. "What? Meebler, killed?" Thunder gasped in shock. Upon hearing that, Kitty looked almost as if he'd been shot.

"Your right Smash. He isn't insignificant he was a threat! You all are! Your threats to peace! Don't you get it? Candi's been using you this entire time!" Krinkinko growled.

Rock:You sure you guys aren't being used yourselves?

"Yes I am sure punk!"

"Krinkinko..." Smash's head hung low for a second. "...after all this time you've known me...You still know nothing about me." He shot a deathly glare at him, with a fiery spark in his eyes. "So SHUT THE HECK UP!!" He shouted. "Do you honestly think I would just let myself be tricked and used by a little girl!? How stupid do you think I am!? I came down here not because Candi wanted me to, no, she walked out on me twice in a row already. I didn't come down here by anyone's request. I came down learn the truth.

This isn't something I can just take anyone's word for, I have to see it with my own eyes. If you're willing to turn your blade on me for that reason alone, then it's you who's "turned to the dark side". When I asked you what you were doing back in Green Flower City, you tried to attack me, when I simply wanted to know what was going on. Then your people tried to burn down a forest full of innocent children, just to stop us...and then you began to set up traps for us, not caring if it kills any other innocent person who happens to get involved. You're endangering people who aren't even involved, just to stop someone who wants to find the truth! How Can you possibly say that you're protecting the peace of everyone like that!? Are you blind!? How can you all talk about Peace and Justice after all of that!?"

"It sounds to me like you're the ones being used, here." Splice added. "All that trouble just to stop us from figuring out what's going on...Sounds like the big boss here doesn't want us to know something."


"Just listen.." Droget cleared his throat. "Hundreds of thousands of years ago...there was a city called Pama la Pamor...:"

Candi's eyes widened. "Oh no..."

"Pama la' Pamor was the greatest city on Mobius not of it's time the greatest city, period. It was ruled by four great kings. A hedgehog king, a merhog king, a bird king, and a Mole King. In Pama la' Pamor there were no internal conflicts, they never went to war everything was equal. Until that fateful day....the mole king was plotting to overthrow the other kings for years now. He grew greedy, he thought that the moles should be above everyone else due to their natural powers. So then, when everyone was asleep, the moles struck. Even though the moles were the minority group they used their powers to inject fear into the citizens. It didn't work they other species didn't back down. So that's when the moles mercilessly slaughtered the all of the people living in Pama la' Pamor. Only the moles survived the conflict and with Pama la' Pamor as their based they became dictators of several different clans and villages. Frog Village being one of them. Some say it was a sign from above but one day an earthquake sent Pama la' Pamor down below where it belonged then it was renamed Molipoli. Even with Pama la' Pamor gone, peace was not yet achieved. The Moles and Nerbs then worked together to ignite several acts of terror on the surface world. Such as bombing Fa-La-Stu's kingdom. Murdering almost all of Frederick's family. Convincing Eggman to burn down my old village and other horrible things. And you know about the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament? Guess who told Rodney to do it?"

"I hope you see the error in your ways now." Frederick said with an inaudible growl.

"T-That's..." Splice took a step back in shock.

"Yeah, that's what they've done." Smash said simply "Look at what you're doing. We could have all avoided a lot of trouble and waisted lives if you had just told me the truth. Says a lot about how much you trusted me, Krink." He folded his arms. "Candi. What do you have to say about this?"

"Shows how must you trusted ME! If you would've just took my advice and left this whole thing alone no one would be dead!"

"Think about what I just said. You still don't get why I came down here, Krink." Smash snapped back.

Candi bit her lip. "Erm..uhh...wellllll.....we our history books do sort of say quite similar things."

"Quite?" Erkel asked. "It says the exact same thing as wht he just..." Candi quickly covered Erkel's mouth.

Smash narrowed his eyes at the two, and then back at Krink. "And is that truly why the military is down here? From what I heard, they were digging up places, and moving all the moles to their camps. If they truly wanted to get rid of the leader, the one behind all of this, they'd have done it a long time ago. Tell me, What is it you all are really after?"

Rock:Whatever the cause,your as bad as what happened in the past.

"Okay dude did you just hear him. They're a terrorist group they're STILL killing people!" Fa-La-Stu barked.

Smash shot a glare towards Rock. "I'd appreciate it if you let me do the talking." He said lowly, before turning back to the others. "If there's a terrorist group amongst these people, what sense does it make to involve the entire race as a whole? So far you've only done more harm than good. If there was someone behind Rodney, I think I have a right to know. Rachel, too."

"Our family was almost killed by him..I was almost eaten by that monster.." Pearl shuddered at the thought. "Why wait until now to tell us?"

"Hey, hey don't look at me! Our father told me and Rodrick very little before he died." She narrowed her eyes then looked at Smash, Krinkinko and Pearl. "...Or should I say before he was killed."

"That's why I said you as well had a right to know." Smash replied.

"This is why we're really here Smash! It's not just one person! It's their race as a whole!"

Erkel's eyes widened. "That's not true!"

"YES IT IS MURDERER!" Frederick yelled.

"Who are you calling Murderer? Murderer!" Candi yelled.

"SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU!!" Smash bellowed. "Can you really call a little girl like her a terrorist? She came to me for help, unless you're gonna tell me all that was a ruse just like you, Frederick." He shot the rabbit another glare, before looking back at everyone else. "It's obvious to me that some people here, despite knowing the truth, aren't plotting against anyone. You can't go accusing everyone of terrorism without proof! We know that SOMEONE here is evil. That's why we need to separate them from the ones who aren't, not just shoot em all and be done with it. Or rather, Cage them all, seeing how you've got the whole place on lockdown. And we've gotta do it in a way that no innocent people get hurt!"

Broski:(Watch as they discuss)

Droget looked down. "Maybe he's is right!" Droget threw down his trident but this caused him to get shocked due to a collar he's wearing.

"!" Fa-La-Stu attempted to help him but Frederick stopped her. "No Fa-La. Don't you see? Smash has a reason to be down here but we do too. We can't just sit here while people die!"

Fa-La-Stu shook her head. "No Frederick! Don't you see. It's taken forever for the commander to give this explanation and it still leaves plotholes Fred! I'm against this whole..." she was cut short by Frederick slapping her so hard she fell to the ground.

"F-Fa-La-Stu!" Droget screamed.

Krinkinko prevented Droget frim helping her."Do it Droget! Before any more people get hurt."

"No. Droget! G.U.N.'s using you help us!" Rachel exclaimed.

"No Droget..."



"No Droget...."



"Droget, Droget, Droget..."

"STOP!" Droget yelled as he picked up his trident. He looked solemly at Smash's group. "I'm sorry I really don't want to hurt you but...." Droget paused for a while. "No. This isn't about you being wrong and us being right. That's the point. Right now no matter how much you try and hide one knows who's right right now. So that is what this is see who's the good guy and who's the bad guy. Both of our teams won't make it out of this alive..and the one who dies is the bad guy..I-I really didn't want it to come to this...but I have no choice now. So right now we don't know who's right and who's's time to find out." Droget said.

Droget banged the handle of his trident on the ground thirty times then raised it high. "Tidal......TEMPEEEEEEST!"

"No, Stop. What are you doing!?" Smash yelled.

Soon a violent flash food appeared seemingly from nowhere and completely engulfed the enire train tunnel system and the water was Thirty-Five feet high and anyone who couldn't swim sank like a rock.
Kingdom Hearts II - Dance To The Death

Kingdom Hearts II - Dance To The Death

Krinkinko, Frederick, Droget and Fa-La-Stu had no trouble swimming to the top but Mike, Clide and Candi were stuck at the bottom holding their breath for as long as they possibly could.

Broski:(Swims to help Candi)

Rock:(Swims to help )

Smash and Pearl managed to reach the top at the same time. They looked around frantically to see where everyone else was. Thunder, Splice and Gizmo appeared above the truck. "This is not good.." Thunder whispered to himself.

"Are you guys alright?" Smash called out. What the group didn't realise though, was the killer sea life that appeared in the tidal wave as well.

Mike and Clide tackled Candi to the ground and started to choke her and giant sharks began to home in on Rock and Broski.

Rock:(Makes a giant rock barrier and bring himself and Broski to the bottom)

Once at the bottom,Broski,swam to Mike and Clyde and punched them off Candi but he grabbed Broski by the collar and punched him then a shark started visciously attacking Broski.

Rock:(Slices the shark's jaws with his sword)

This fails to kill the shark due to it's rough skin but it does sink to the bottom shortly before another shark starts biting Rock's leg.

Rock:(Uses the rocks to incase his leg in stone and stabs his sword into the shark's eye but due to him being underwater the swing is much slower than anticipated and the shark easily dodges then bites the other leg)

Meanwhile, Mike and Clide were still punching Broski while Candi had passed out from lack of air. Suddenly, several small bullets of compressed energy began raining down on Mike and Clide. Kitty was swimming circles around them like a shark with a gun.

Rock:(His other leg is incase in stone along with the rest of him which causes him to sink to the bottom)

Broski:(Punches them back)

Thunder dove back under water, trying to find Candi and the others. Splice made a platform of ice on the surface, and climbed on. "This is gonna be complicated..." Splice thought aloud. Gizmo swam over and climbed on after him. Thunder found Candi passed out and Krinkinko dove into the water to try and rescue Mike and Clide.

"Where's Kitty? I can't find him!" He asked, frantically.

Rachel quickly grabbed Erkel who could swim but just barely and swam to Splice's ice platform to take a rest from swimming.

The water around Splice's ice platform started to bubble then Frederick suddenly jumped out of the water in front of Splice, Erkel, Rachel and Gizmo then in mid-air fired a barrage of medium-sized fire balls at the platform hoping to melt the ice sheet and/or burn the four then he fired a giant- sized fireball before diving back into the water to try and help Mike and Clide.

Splice stepped forward and simply held his hand out to the fireballs, taking the blow for each one. Once Frederick dove back into the water, Splice knelt down and began reinforcing his platform with more ice, and expanding it as well.

Thunder grabbed Candi's arm and began swimming back up to the surface. Kitty tried to fire as many shots at his enemies as possible, hoping to distract them and keep them away from the others. Kyle swam up to Thunder, and began to cover him as they brought Candi back.

Broski:(He swam away from Mike and Clide to Rock and to get the shark away from him without getting attack himself)

"He has fire powers like me. Not good." Frederick thought. "I can only hope he doesn't have ice powers."

Frederick jumped back out and this time he swam towards Splice's ice platform, jumped on, put his right hand on the ice and closed his eyes. Soon the ice started to crack rapidly.

Meanwhile, Krinkinko swam to the surface holding a gasping Mike and Clide.

"Tsk tsk tsk. No you don't!" Splice stabbed his knife right down into the ice, narrowly missing Frederick's hand. Suddenly, the ice in front of him shattered into several pieces, threatening to cut and stab the rabbit.

The ice stopped in front of him and formed into his hand, making a hard, icy fist. He threw a punch towards Splice's face, strong enough to send him tumbling backwards.

Splice blocked the punch, but slid far back from the force of the blow. The piece of the ice that Fred was standing on began to float away from the rest of the platform, showing that Splice had severed it with his attack. "Another guy with the same powers as me...This ought to be interesting!"

Smash and Pearl then made it to the ice platform, behind the others, as Kitty dove out of the water like a flying fish. "Kitty! You're alright!" Gizmo cried out in relief."

"Is that everybody?" Smash called out.

Rock:(Finally reaches the surface holding a tired out but slightly wounded Broski)WE barely made it.But still alive and have all limbs.

Krinkinko climbed on with Mike and Clide and his teamates followed suit. "Oh let me see. Fred, Mike, Cide, Fa-La-Stu and Droget. Yeup, that's all of us Smash." Krinkinko lunged towards him in an attempt to tackle him down to the ground. Fa-La-Stu launched a chaos lightning attack at Kitty, and Droget spoke to his trident. "Oh, water..please shield me with your strongest defender..." suddenly a giant crab stepped in front of Droget, protecting him.

Smash braced himself upon the oncoming hedgehog. "Pearl!" He called out.
Smash&amp;Pearl Kick

"Right!" Pearl got in position, waiting for the right moment. As soon as he got in range, the two extended their legs and began rapidly kicking him at the same time. They finished their combo by whirling around and giving one last swift kick towards his chest, which would knock him back through the air.

Krinkinko flew backwards full of rage and shock. "What the?! Fighting brutes aren't suppose to be fast! They're supposed to be sl-" Krinkinko was voice became gurgles as he fell in the water.

Kitty swiftly dodged the lightning, and fired another stream of energy bullets at her. Gizmo charged forward, and attempted to ram her into the water.

Fa-La-Stu was beggining to charge another chaos lightning when she realised Gizmo was ramming into her. As he drew near she quickly grabbed him and using her own momentum from the ramming they both fell into the water. When they got in Fa-La-Stu didn't start to swim she just floated towards the bottom still holding tight to Gizmo. She was attempting a suicide attack.

Gizmo struggled to get free, but her grip was too much for him. Kitty flew above the spot where they sank, and gasped when he saw what she was doing. He took a deep breath, and dove in after them. Putting his gun to the side, he swam as fast as he could to catch up with them.

Kyle and Thunder stood in front of the large crab, both looking rather puzzled. "So this frog is a summoner..." Kyle muttered. He gripped his sword tightly, but stayed on the defensive.

Frederick stepped off of his small ice platform making two feet sized ice panels for his to stand on. His old platform rose into the air and it quickly cracked and turned to sharp icicles then he launched them towards the larger platform.

Droget was protected by his crab while Rachel, Mike and Clide weren't so lucky. Rachel curled up inot a ball but still got three stuck in her back, fotunately it wasn't deep enough to kill her. Mike in Clide though were standing and the icicles flew across their face, cutting them.

Kyle and Thunder were also protected by the size of the crab, by standing directly in front of it. Splice held up his hands, placing them both together and forming a small, icy colored orb, which sucked in the icicles near him. The gem on both of his gloves glowed brightly as he absorbed the ice. All the while, he glared fiercely at Frederick. "You would attack your own teammates?" He yelled, accusingly.

Frederick growled. "You must not be a baker. You need to crack a few eggs to bake a cake. Their lives are nothing compared to the millions that will die if I don't stop you." Frederick snapped and four killer sea lions climbed on the ice platform. "Enjoy!" A lion viscioulsy attacked the crab in an attempt to get to Kyle, Droget, and Thunder while the others just stood still waiting for a command. Candi came to and looked around.

"Guys...I'm going to need some ground. Trick Frederick into using lava or something. Bottom line I need some a platform made out of rock or dirt....NOW!" she commanded.

Kyle took a few steps back. "As you command." He said, obediently. Thunder took a step forward, ready to fight the sea lions if they got close. Kyle held his sword out in front of him, with the tip facing the ceiling. "O Gem of Earth, Lend me thy power..." The green gem began to glow in response. "O sharpened rage, run through that which blocks our future...Stalagmite!" He rose his sword above his head, and three large stalagmites rose from the water, lined up close to the ice platform. He then swung his sword to the side in a slashing motion, and the tops of each of them were magically sliced off, and fell into the water to create more floating platforms."

"Smash, Gizmo's gone!" Pearl exclaimed, looking around.

"And Kitty too..." Smash looked over towards where Krink fell, and noticed that he wasn't coming back up. "Oh no..." Without a second thought, he dove into the water after them.

Meanwhile underwater, Fa-La-Stu and Gizmo had touched the bottom then she squeezed him even tighter and Krinkinko had swam next to Kitty and threw a punch. The chao was knocked all the way into one of the stalagmites, but he managed to launch himself back down towards Gizmo.

Gizmo was struggling even harder than before, his face turning blue from lack of air. He saw Kitty swimming towards them, and tried to reach his hand out to him.
Smash soon found Krinkinko high above where Gizmo and Fa-La-Stu were, and tried to swim past him to get down to the bottom.

Fa-La-Stu was turning blue as well when two sharks started swimming towards Smash, completely ignoring Krinkinko. Smash noticed them, but completely ignored them in turn.

Meanwhile, above. Candi turned to Kyle and smiled "Gracias Kyle amigo." she said. She then walked on the stalagmite and closed her eyes. "I can do this.....I've watched Kyle and Rock countless times now. I's time to stop being the defenseless little girl.."

"Hello...Candiline." Frederick said somehow, appearing behing her.


"So what are you doing? Running away? Suits you Candi, you know being the scared little coward that you are."

"Shut up! I'm not running I'm...."

"Fleeing whatever! You abandoned your loved ones Candi. You ran to the surface to run away from it all. Here...." he took out a switch blade and coated it with molten lava. "....i'll put you out of your misery..."

Candi's eyes widened and she took a step back only to look back and she that if she took another she would fall right into the water.

Frederick raised his blade and cleared his throat.. "This is for all the people your people and your little group have murdered this......IS FOR JUSTICE!" he was about to stab Candi's skull when she screamed: "WAIT!" with tears in her brown eyes. "Just let me have a final word...."

Frederick impatiently tapped his foot, folded his arms and sighed. "Make it quick."

Candi wiped her fake tears out her eyes and smiled. "Buh-bye." she said. She stomped her foot causing the ground below Frederick to shoot up, launching him towards the cieling, then she stomped again causing the cieling to shoot down, then stomped again causing the ground to shoot up again. She did this five times then on the fifth time when Frederick touched the ground again she kicked him into the water, Sparta-Style. Candi then stomped agian causing the ground Fa-La-Stu and Gizmo were on to float to the top then she made hand signs causing two hands to form around the two then they pried Fa-La-Stu off of Gizmo.

"Run, Gizmo!" Candi yelled. Gizmo coughed a couple of times, but did just that. Kitty shot up out of the water and flew after him.

Smash climbed up the new rock structure, getting out of the water but Frederick had stabbed Smash's arm with his fire coated switchblade. "Heh..heh..beaten by a little girl Smash...your gonna' pay Smash..YOUR GONNA PAY!" he threw an ice-covered punch towards Smash's head.

Smash cried out in pain from the stab wound, seemingly defenseless. But the moment he threw the punch, Smash's head perked up and he caught his fist with his free hand. "Defeated..?" He grunted. With one arm burning up and one hand slowly freezing over, he slowly got up on his knees, and gathered up his energy. "I'm only just getting started."

"Good." Frederick threw a fire-fisted uppercut towards Smash's chin and if it was sucessful he would kick Smash with an ice-coated kick, launching him into the air then would jump up and throw a fireball in his face. If he blocked the uppercut he would still throw a fire ball albeit a lot weaker.

Smash tilted his head to the side, letting his fist miss him. He used his weakened arm to block the kick, but still let it knock him into the air. He performed a mid-air flip and planted his feet against the ceiling of the cave, and launched himself down towards Frederick. Once again he used his weakened arm, this time to deflect the fireball away from him. He used his good arm to aim a powerful punch down towards his head, which would most likely connect right after Frederick landed.

Frederick noticed Smash's arm and his eyes widened. "Oh crap..." he let out a low growl. Then he let out a scream. "FULL BODY FIRE COAT!" he yelled as his whole body became engulfed with extremely hot flames just before Smash'a punch made contact with Frederick.

Seeing this, Smash knew that he couldn't go head on against him at the moment. The attack blew him back at the last moment, and Smash landed a few feet away from him. He reached into his pocket, grabbing onto something but not pulling it out. Suddenly, a spring of water splashed out from beneath him, dousing all the flames on himself. He pulled his hand back out and returned to a fighting stance. "Are you already pulling out your trump card?"

"Heh...Smash..this is not my trump card...I could use my trump card but...the use of it expends to much energy so after prolonged use...I would die." Frederick threw a punch that stretched super far in an attempt to scorch Smash then he threw a lava ball towards Smash.

Smash swiftly dodged each attack, keeping a bounce in his step. "I couldn't help but notice that you've finally decided to start calling me by my name now." He said, raising an eyebrow. "Not that it matters much at this point."

"RUSH!" Frederick rushed towards Smash and threw a barrage of kicks and punches. Much like the move Smash used earlier with his sister to dispatch Krinkinko.

Smash braced himself and began blocking and parrying each attack as fast as he could. He took a few blows, and managed to counter a few with his own attacks.

Frederick stepped back. "Your better then I thought bluey.....a little too good." Using the heat in the air he quickly teleported behind Smash and grabbed Smash's neck and started to grip it tightly, burning and choking Smash in the process.

Hearing Pearl's screams, Smash knew he had to get to her no matter what. But it only served as a distraction for Frederick to take advantage of him. "Get offa me you arrogant rodent..!" He growled lowly. He grabbed Fred's arms, and his entire body began to glow. "Pearl..I'm coming.." Completely ignoring the pain, he basically acted as if Frederick were extra weight on his body, and leaped off the platform. He began to flip in the air, and dove into the water head first. He aimed to swim back up to the surface, and unleashed a powerful blast of energy to launch him back out of the water. Through all of this, he hoped to lose Frederick at some point. As soon as Frederick was under water his fire was put out and he swam to the surface, weak and defenseless.

Witnessing their master's beating from Candi the Sea Lions went berserk and started attacking everyone more visciously then before on and they effortlessly killed Drogets crab and started to attack him. He used his trident to stab one not before another one tackled him to the ground.

Kyle and Thunder stood close together, ready to defend themselves against the sea lions. Splice and Pearl backed up against them, keeping an eye out and covering their backsides. The sea lions pounced on them while others circled around them ready to attack if their bretheren where dispatched. Kyle slashed down on one lion's head, threatening to split it in half. Thunder held his hands out towards two other lions, unleashing two bolts of lightning into their faces. Splice jumped into the air, letting the lion miss him, and thrust himself downward to stab it's back. Pearl repeated her last tactic against Krinkinko, rapidly kicking the sea lion once it got close. Only Droget and Splice's sea lions remained. Splice's lion ran into the water and began to swim away, with Splice still on it's back.

Splice slashed at the sea lion a couple times more, before jumping off and heading back to the ice platform.

Broski:(Keeps holding back the sea lions)

Rock:(Doing the same)

But sadly Broski and Rock failed as the sea lions attacking them started to bite them thus tearing through their skin.

Meanwhile Krinkinko had crawled on to the group's ice platform and stood up. "DROGET!" he yelled as he ran towards his friend was was being crushed unfortunately a sea lion came from behind and bit his left leg which wasn't protected by an iron leg bracelet unlike his right leg. He then began to mercilessly slash at the sea lion. Krinkinko managed to slice it's head off then ran to help Droget. He chopped off the head of Droget's attacker. Krinkinko helped the bleeding Droget to his feet. Droget stopped his bleeding using his trident then pointed it towards Thunder who started to feel tingly. Then he snapped his fingers with his other hands and Thunder's hands were suddenly gripping his neck.

"Surrender Thunder....or else I'll make you commit suicide..." Droget threatened.

Rock:(Stabs the sea lion in the heart with his sword but the blade became caught in his blubber then the lion lunged at Rock's chest in preperation for a bite)

Broski:(Throws a bomb at the sea lions but they are unaffected due to their blubber)

Thunder held his breath, trying to hold out for as long as possible. Pearl, seeing the crisis he was in, rushed towards the two without wasting a second. "NO!" She shouted. She rose her fist, ready to slam the trident out of Droget's hands.

"Not so fast cutie!" Krinkinko yelled as he threw a slash towards Pearl with enough force to cut it to the bone.

Already ready for his interference, Pearl slid right under his attack, still drawing closer to Droget. She swung her legs around to sweep kick both of them.

With a "Tsk" Krinkinko jumped up to avoid the kick and threw a kick of his own towards Pearl's face. Pearl managed to catch his foot with one hand, and pushed herself away from him with it.

Droget on the other hand wasn't so lucky. He fell to the ground, dropped his trident thus freeing Thunder. But Droget quickly grabbed it again, stood up and pointed it towards Pearl as she stood up. She then felt an immensely tingling feeling in her head, like a migraine but more tickly that painful. "I am hypnotizing you..."Droget gripped his Trident harder and grunted expelling more energy just in case she decided to resist. "Heh..Pearl. I know all about you..your stronger than your brother. I think your stronger than all of us. That's why using my hypnotism I command you to kill Splice, Kyle and Thunder!" Droget yelled

Pearl fell to her knees, holding her head and shutting her eyes. "N-No...! I..I won't..." She whimpered. "Stop it..Stop it...! It..I-It hurts..!"

Suddenly, Kyle appeared in a flash, standing behind Droget with the Gemblade extended outward. Several delayed reaction slashes struck at Droget from all around. Splice dashed in front of Krinkinko, blocking his way to Pearl and Kyle. He didn't attack, but he wasn't about to let him through.

Droget still gripped the Trident even though he was bleeding. He stopped his blood from spilling out but was still hurt. He then gripped his Trident again and exerted all of his power to it, making it harder for Pearl to fight the mind control. "P-Pearl.....SUBMIIT!" he screamed as he used up his remaining strength and fell to the ground.

A powerful glow began emitting from Pearl. Her body was vibrating intensely, and the platform below her began to crack. Kyle turned around, and saw Droget collapse and everything that was happening to Pearl. "W-What is this..?"

Krinkinko cranked his arm in a rotating windmil like fashion then threw a mighty punch towards Splice's stomach strong enough to knock him back and/or cough up blood. Splice dodged quickly, and whirled around to deliver a kick to his back. "Too slow!" He taunted. Krinkinko growled as he fell to the ground. He got back up and gathered rainbow energy in his hands which where drawed behind him. He then thrusted his arms foward, unleashing the power of all the elements compressed in a beam of energy towards Splice.

Splice leaped into the air, and hovered over his head via two jet streams of flames from his hands. He stayed like that momentarily, and soon changed the position of the flames to rocket himself back down towards him.

Rock:(A layer of rocks cover Rocks Chest to protect him from the bite)

Broski:These sea lions are a pain.

Thunder rushed past Splice and Krink, and dove towards the trident. He intended to yank it out of Droget's grasp, hoping to stop the spell. Pearl began to scream at the top of her lungs, as her energy began to go out of control. The ice began to crack and shatter around her, meaning that they were all soon going to fall into the water if they didn't do something. Droget gripped tightly to his Trident as tears began to flow from his eyes.

Rock:Someone better hurry.

Thunder grabbed the trident. "Stop this at once!" He demanded, yanking on the trident. Kyle rushed over to support him, while Pearl's energy continued to flow out of control. She fought hard to fend off the mind control, requiring all the willpower she had.

Once Thunder yanked the Trident from Droget all of it's energy spilled out of control and the whole ice platform was destroyed in an ice explosion.

Rachel was able to get out at the last second but she was caught by Mike and Clide who started to choke her. Krinkinko used a leaf-shield but was a second too late and was caught in the explosion like Droget. Splice fell face first into the explosion, but suffered minimal damage and fell into the water.

Thunder was blown across the whole cave, and landed on the stone platform made by Kyle. Kyle, like Splice, wasn't affected much and ended up in the water. Smash wasn't close enough to the explosion to get hit, and simply fell back into the water after jumping above the platform. He swam towards the center, and saw an unconscious Pearl floating on the surface. "Pearl!" He quickly made his way over, and held her in his arms. "Pearl, are you alright? S-say something..!"

A bloody Krinkinko swam near him teeth bared, holding a seemingly dead Droget. " killed him...."his fur turned slightly dark but he wasn't in his dark form yet. "YOU KILLED BY BROTHER!" he quickly slashed at Smash's arm and followed it up by biting Smash's arm with his sharp fangs. "YOUR STUPID SISTER KILLED HIM!" he screamed, his voiced being muffled.

Smash seemingly ignored Krinkinko, letting himself get slashed and bit. But he could feel his energy rising. "She did not kill him!" Kyle suddenly shot towards Krinkinko, being propelled by a stream of water coming from the Gemblade. "It was I!" He slashed at his arms, in an attempt to free Smash.

"You....I'll thrash you around like I did LAST TIME!" Krinkinko freed Smash but in turn his fur turned completely blacked, he gained a green aura, he became bloodshot and his pupils disappeared. He was Dark Krinkinko.

Dark Krinkinko made five vampire leaf clones of himself and they flew towards Kyle. One flew slightly above Kyle, another slightly below, another behind and the real one in front of. They all started slashing him with their dual double edged Scythes at the same time.

Kyle swiftly blocked each one, having to move quickly to keep up with them all. He backed away from them, knowing that he wouldn't be able to last like that. "Kyle, up here!" Splice called out. He had made another ice platform on the surface, and was using more water to make it wider. With another stream of water, Kyle propelled himself to the platform and climbed aboard. Splice directed it to move towards Krinkinko and Smash.

Smash still floated at the surface, holding onto Pearl and ignoring all the pain from his wounds. His whole body began to quiver, and glowed very slightly.

Dark Krinkinko growled. "I WON'T BE IGNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED!" He screamed as him and his clones charged a powerful blast in their mouths. They then fired it all at Kyle then they crossed paths and became one, rapidly approaching, large explosive sphere of energy.

Kyle summoned a large spring of water to come gushing forth, blocking his view of him. He jumped into newly formed geyser, riding up to the top. Splice jumped up with him, and the blast went through and exploded within the water. Splice came falling down towards Krinkinko, and began firing several blasts of fireballs and icicles. Kyle on the other hand, stabbed his sword into the ceiling, and hung onto it. He flipped himself upside down and planted his feet on the ceiling. "O Holy Gems of the Gemblade, Lend me thy power..." He chanted softly.

Dark Krinko took the hits and growled. "I'm...hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Dark Krinkinko dissappeared from sight then he reappeared behind Splice and started to chomp and bite on his tail. Dark Krinkinko's clone grabbed Splice to try and make him squirm less. Another one of this clones began wrapped his hands around Splice's neck and began to choke him.

(Stop calling Splice Kyle. =/ )

"Augh! You guys are crazy-HRK!" Splice was cut off by one of the clones grabbing his neck. He was only left with one choice, now. He began to freeze the water all around them, slowly trapping all of them in a huge block of ice.

Kyle's entire body began to glow, as he finished chanting. "O sacred Gems of the Gemblade, Grant me the power to purge this world of the evil that dwell within, to shine the light upon the darkness and spread peace and prosperity around the world! O Gems of the Gemblade, Grant Me Thy Power!" He released the sword from the ceiling, causing him to fall down. His fall gradually slowed into a gentle float, as both he and the Gemblade flipped right-side up. Each of the 6 gems separated from the sword, and began brimming with elemental power. They all shot back into the handle, and Kyle grabbed his sword again, causing them both to be enveloped in a brilliant white light.

(I actually DID mean Kyle that time. =/)

(But how would it have gotten him if he was on the ceiling? It shouldn't have seen him at the time.)

There was one clone left and it began kicking the ice block in an attempt to break it. The But it's efforts were in vain; Even if he did chip at it, it was far too large and thick to get through anytime soon.

The huge block of ice floated to the surface of the water, with Splice being in the center of it. He had never used the skill he had in mind quite like this before, but he felt that it would prove to be far more effective this way. He began concentrating all of his firepower in the center of his body, building up the intensity of the flames without releasing it. He left just enough space in the ice to let him breath, and through it he spoke. "Don't you dare underestimate me, ya freaks..." He growled, just about reaching his limit. "I'll freeze you to the bone, and then burn you to ashes! Infernal...BLAAAAST!!!"

Suddenly, the large, blocky icicle exploded violently, sending chunks and shards of ice out everywhere. In it's place was a huge column of flames, hot enough to immediately evaporate the water around it, and practically sucked in anyone too close. Anyone who had still been in the icicle had no chance of escaping this. Splice floated in the center of the column, slowly rising upward as he roasted all those around him.

The light faded from Kyle, to reveal the transformation he underwent. His fur was gradiently changing colors to that of each of the 6 gems. The Gemblade had a powerful aura surrounding it, as well.

Each and every one of the clones were dead except the real one. Dark Krinkinko let out a growl he held up his hands and started gathering energy but instead of initiating a dark spirit bomb Splice gained a red tint. This caused Dark Krinkinko to laugh loudly. He raised his hands in the air.

In the next few seconds, Kyle appeared right in front of him, standing in his way. "You still let the darkness overtake your heart." He stated. "But this time, I will not let you torture anyone else!" He slashed at his arms, and pulled back to stab at his chest.

Before Kyle stabbed at his chest Krinkinko fired a large beam from his mouth that could severly burn a person's skin.

Already ready to attack, Kyle managed to block the blast by stabbing into it, and holding it in place. "Spiral Flare!" He commanded. The Gemblade unleashed a powerful blast of flames, almost twice as strong as his previous ones, which would turn Krink's blast back on him.

Dark Krinkinko held up his arms, letting himself get hit and Kyle too, gained a red tint. Dark Krinkinko then held his chest in pain and started to growl.

Kyle clutched his sword tightly, and quickly followed up with another attack. He swung at him multiple times, threatening to cut him up.

Splice climbed back on his ice platform, already more than half melted from being too close to his attack. He knelt down and watched the battle ensue, trying to catch his breath. That attack left him drained.

But somethingwas very wrong. Krinkinko took every attack but Kyle and Splice felt the pain that he felt. It was as if they were being cut as well. They even started bleeding as badly as he did.

Kyle stopped his assault, realizing what was happening. "I see now. Do you intend to let yourself die as long as we do, too?" Dark Krinkinko smirked as some of Krinkinko's concious broke through. "We do what we have to for Justice Kyle. I'd a though you'd know that of all people."

"Is this really what you call justice?" Kyle asked, glaring down at him. "Do you really think this will solve our problems? What will happen once we are all dead? Have you at least thought that far?"

"We won't be all dead. There will be one person left and he'll stop the Moles' evil plot! AND IT'S GONNA BE ME!"

"As long as I still draw breath, I will not let you go on like this." Kyle declared.

"I still don't understand why we're fighting!" Splice yelled at the two, clutching his bleeding arm in pain as the ice platform drifted by. "We all want the same thing; to stop those evil guys lurking down here! Sure we have our different opinions on who's really evil, but instead of fighting we should all just go in further and try to find out the truth! I don't want to lose my friends before we even find out who the real villain is!"

Krinkinko powered down. "It's no that simple...ya' see..." Krinkinko pondered. "Well...actually. I guess we long as we're in command and you don't try anything....I'm pretty sure G.U.N. will be able to save Droget...." he rolled his eyes and recluctantly held out his hand. Before they could shake it his collar on his neck emitted a horrible buzzing sound and Krinkinko fell to the ground, in pain. As he was being electrocuted to death he reached out his hand for help but to no avail, there was no saving him due to collar not turning off. He gasped, "Co-commander. Why can't they team up with us....he's my idol..S-s-Sm...."Krinkinko became unconcious but the collar was still shocking him.

Kyle's eyes widened as he saw what was happening. "What kind of devilish object is this..!?" He grabbed the collar with both hands, letting the electricity shock him as well, but with no effect due to the Gemblade's power. "I will not let you die! Hrrraaaugh!" Summoning all of his strength, he attempted to tear the collar in two.

Krinkinko became concious again. His eyes widened in terror as he became aware of what Kyle was doing. "No! Stop you'll onlymake him angri-" The intensity was amped up four fold. "Oh god....I can't take this pain..." Krinkinko said, crying. "Just put me out of my misery."

"What sense does it make worrying about him being angry, if he's trying to kill you for making your own decisions!?" Splice yelled.

"I agree! I will not stand by and let you be tortured for doing what you believe is right!" Kyle declared. "Even if we do not agree at times, I never intended to kill nor torture. I will save you!" With one last tug, Kyle tore the collar off of him, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

"T-thank you." Krinkinko said while gasping. "But it's no use. The commander willl surely have me executed. Frederick will kill meno doubt and all my friends are dead right now." he moped.

Kyle shook his head. "Do not despair just yet." He said. "Did you not just say that you will be ready to do anything for the sake of justice?" He knelt down in front of him and held out his hand. "If everyone should turn on you, at the very least see your mission down to the very end. That is something that we all will do together. Now come, we must stop the others from fighting before there is any more bloodshed."

Meanwhile, with Gizmo.

"I will....KILL YOU!" a female voice screamed seemingly from nowhere. Then a chaos lightning was fired towards Gizmo's back at full speed. Gizmo turned around, and gasped as he saw the bolt. He wasn't nearly fast enough to dodge the attack, and he knew it.

The next thing he knew, the Chaos Lightning blew up a couple feet away from his face. Kitty had jumped in front of him and took the blow at the last second. The chao wavered in the air and dropped to the ground, his front-side charred from the blast. Gizmo's eyes widened with shock. "K-Kitty..!" He dropped to his knees in front of him, and picked him up. "Kitty, are you okay!?"

Kitty coughed a couple of times, and looked up with a weak smile. "Mm..Chaoko mew.." He slowly began to rise from his hands, and weakly glared towards their attacker; Fa-La-Stu. Gizmo knew good and well that he couldn't take another blow like that.

"You...I'm not the one who's going to die, today." Gizmo growled lowly. He whipped out his hand cannon, and pointed it directly at her. "YOU are!" He began firing several bolts of lightning at her, with the force of a shot gun. He then cranked something on the side, and began firing large, explosive plasma balls at her.

Fa-La-Stu's eyes widened and she flicked out her index finger. "Chaos...absorb!". With her finger tip she was able to absorb most of the attacks but she became temporarily paralised when she was struck in the stomach then flew back when she was hit by plasma and fell into the water then quickly chaos controlled behind Gizmo. "CHAOS LIGHT-" She was cut off by a medium sized rock falling from the sky on to her head, causing her to grip her head in pain as she winced in pain. With her guard down, Gizmo whirled around and slammed his Hand Cannon across her face, which would deal a great amount of damage and possibly knock her unconsciously into the water.

"That was a close one Gizmo." Candi said as she ran towards him.

Rock:What happened to Gizmo?

Gizmo let out a quick sigh of relief. "Thanks."

But Rachel was passed out and blue in the face due to Mike and Clide. That being said their hands were free and they used their psychic powers to move Fa-La-Stu out of the way at the last second. Then they launched a baby whale at Candi and Gizmo. Candi was able to make a wall of rock but the weight of he whale broke the wall and slammed into the two.

Gizmo crawled out from under it, and stood up weakly. "Where in the world did that come from..!?" He looked down at Candi and helped her up, while Kitty had just barely managed to dodge it.

A large rock was thrown at the three but Candi was able to fight it off with her new found powers. "" she said as she was using all her strength to pusht he rock back. She fell to the ground as she suffered from a lethal Chaos Lightning from behind.

Fa-La-Stu was barely able to stand up but even so she was able to hold a blade made out of compressed Chaos Energy in her left hand while her right was just used to fire the Chaos Lightning.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck at Fa-La-Stu from behind. Thunder stood a good distance away from her, panting heavily. He was weakened by the explosion from earlier, and clutched his aching chest with his other hand.

Fa-La-Stu turned around and limped towards Thunder. "How bout we fight? One-on-one man vs. woman. Hedgehog Vs. Echidna."

Thunder frowned. "I simply want to protect my friends; I'm not looking to pick a fight." He stood up straight. "You can barely stand, anyway."

Suddenly Frederick leaped out the water like a flying fish, coated his hands with fire and slammed into Gizmo in an attempt to tackle him to the ground.

Gizmo fell over on his back, but quickly retaliated by slamming his Hand Cannon against his face. Frederick spat fire in Gizmo's face before gettting up and coating his entire body in ice.

Gizmo quickly stood up, hastily putting out the flames on his cheek, and pointed his cannon at the frozen Frederick. He began to charge up his weapon, taking a few steps back.

Broski:Brave little chao.

Kitty, still weakened from before, took a deep breath and placed a strange chao medal on his chest. It turned out to be some kind of device, as he activated it with a switch on the side. The medal began glowing slightly, which affected his body and developed a faint aura around him.

Rock:(Looks for Rachel)

(He finds her unconsious drifting in the water)

Gizmo held his ground, staring at the frozen Frederick. He had a feeling that something was very wrong. He was already at maximum power by now, and ready to fire at any time.

Kitty's secondary green coloring began to glow a rainbow of colors. The aura around him was still faint, but it was evident that he had just powered up.

Frederick smiled. "It's over." Just as he finished his sentence the whole area became frigid. The water was frozen, it became foggy and the air would drop a degree every two seconds.

"For YOU it is!" Gizmo yelled. "FIRE!!" The cannon unleashed a massive blast of plasma over in his direction, too big for him to dodge. The force of the blast knocked him off his feet.

Broski:Great.Now its cold.And I thought Iyo was cold.

Rock:(Goes to help Rachel)

(But it was too late Rachel was stuck in the frozen ice)

Smash, still holding onto Pearl in the water, found himself half frozen with his upperhalf sticking out. But that was the least of his concerns. This whole fight was stupid, and meaningless to him. They weren't going to solve anything like this, and the people he could have once called his friends, were dying right in front of him in an attempt to kill him. And now, Pearl was hurt, because nobody would listen to them. That was more than enough to convince him that there was no hope for trying to come to terms with any of them. He had enough.
"You all..have taken this too far..." He said, lowly. The ice around the two began to crack, and soon shattered as a blast of energy surrounded him. His fur changed to a lime-greenish cyan color, as he transformed into his high tension state. He slowly floated upward, holding Pearl in his arms. "Too far....I won't forgive you for this..."

Frederick was pushed back but slightly. "It's no use you idiot...with my body coated in thick ice I'm given god-like defense for the price of speed. Like I said before, it's all over." He stomped slowly towards Gizmo and thrust his hand out to try and grab Gizmo's face in an attempt to crush his bones if succesful. It not succesful he would headbutt him.


Gizmo jumped back before he could reach him. No good..What now? He thought, desperately. If I use Fire, I may be able to get rid of the defense, but then he'll..Wait a minute, I have an idea.. Gizmo backed up, right against the edge of the platform. He looked down at the icy floor below them, and then back at Frederick. Just then, Kitty flew over from above and began firing his gun at Frederick's head, hoping to melt the ice. Unfortunately Fa-La-Stu jumped right in front of Frederick, taking all the hits.

(You do realize that Kitty was right above his head, right? Not sure how she could have blocked unless she jumped on top of him.)

(Fa-La-Stu can jump very high and she caan levitate but I should have explained it better. I'm sorry.)

Frederick stared at her in shock. "T-thank you Fa-La-Stu."

She fell to the griund but Frederick picked her up and cradled her in his icy arms. "Frederick...before..before I go..." she coughed blood in his face. "Tell Krinkinko and Net I love them."

Frederick shook his head. "No, Fa-La-Stu. It's going to be all right. Everything will work out. You'll live to tell them yourself."

She shook her head. " one more favor..."

"What is it?" Frederick asked.

"Put me down..."

Frederick did so and Fa-La-Stu turned to Smash's direction and held out her hands wih her palms facing outwards..."Chaaaaaaooooooooooossssssssssss...............M-Mimic." Her hair and fur turned lime green with cyan streaks on her arms and legs She coughed up blood then wiped her mouth. "I have to make this quick." She thought seeing as Chaos Mimic only lasted a few minutes normally and her condidition certainly wasn't helping her cause. She cracked her knuckles, flew above Gizmo and started to charge energy in her arm causing it to glow as gravity pulled her downward. She then struck Gizmo in the face, causing a large pillar of light to occur where the punch was delivered. Fa-La-Stu's Mimic of Divine Fist was imcomplete however due to her condition and her inexperiance with the technique. After the pillar died down she was in her own large pool of blood, in her normal form.

(Has Fa-La-Stu really seen Smash use that move before? I don't remember her ever being present whenever he used it...)

Before she could strike, Gizmo jumped back down from the platform as planned, and let her strike the ground. At the same time, Thunder had rushed over to stop her, only to get blown back from the explosion. The force of the explosion blew Gizmo down farther than he had anticipated, and he landed hard on his back. Kitty was blown up into the ceiling.

(Actually, she has. Remember this?He used it while fighting Metal and like all the other fights it was shown in the lobby.)


"You," Frederick whispered, pained from his comrades apparent death. "You just don't know when to DIE do you?!" he rapidly fired icicles from both of his hands at Gizmo. Gizmo held the Hand Cannon up in front of him to shield him from the icicles, but only managed to block any fatal blows. With the rest of his body exposed, he was wounded in many places.

Suddenly, Smash appeared right in front of Frederick, holding up his hand and blocking all of the icicles with a small, rippling barrier formed from his aura. "This is your final warning: Get the heck outta my sight." He demanded, his voice and attitude completely changed to a darker, colder tone. "If you don't leave him alone, I will kill you."

"I have files about you Smash. It appears that your parents died in a car accident or whatever. Oh-me-oh-my! It's been years since that happen but you still want to join them!" Frederick performed a round house kicked aimed at Smash's stomach, ifr dodged Frederick would fall on his back and stay there, stuck for quite a while.

Smash caught his foot with little effort. "'Join them?' I already have." He stated, flatly. "My parents have been with me all the time. This power you see in me, is direct proof of that." Suddenly, his body let out another blast of energy, as he ascended to his completed High Tension state. "I didn't think you were stupid enough to provoke me any further, but if you really wanted to see me joined with my parents...I can't easily say no to that." Gripping his foot with both hands, he turned around and hurled him down to the icy floor below.

RocK:(Tries to free Rachel with his sword and a rock)

As Frederick slammd to the ground several shards of ice began exploded upward beneath him. Smash flew down after him, gathering up all his energy. His aura blew away the shards flying at him. "Here's a special one, just for you!" As he fell towards him, his arm movements seemed to be going in slow motion as transparent after-images of him began to appear. Just as he got close enough, he unleashed a powerful punch which seemed to break out twice as fast as before. A huge flash and explosion of energy would come on impact.

Broski:(Covers his eyes)

"WHAT?! Frederick exclaimed. "Fa-La-Stu was barely able to crack the ground with this move...but now." all of his ice cracked. "I have to hand it to you mutt. Your pretty impressive, more impressive then that wretched scoundrel Krinkinko will never be a match for a purebreed like me." The iceless Frederick bit into Smash's arm and started to glow. This bite was harder and more painful than Dark Krinkinko's due to his rabbit teeth. The harder he bit the more apparent it became that Frederick was sucking Smash's energy, trying to revert him to his normal form.

Smash grunted in pain, but retaliated by grabbing his neck. "I've had enough of you feral animals." He tore his arm out of his mouth, peeling off some skin in the process. "If you wanna bite something, eat This!" He threw a punch right into his teeth, threatening to break his whole jaw.

Gizmo struggled to stand up, while Kitty flew down to support him. Thunder slid down the rocky wall and onto the ice floor. "Are you alright?" He asked them both.

"Y-Yeah.." Gizmo nodded, painfully. "I'll live..."

Rock:(Keeps trying to free Rachel,even if its seems hopeless)I'm not going to give up,yet.

Frederick fell back and evilly laughed as he swallowed the flesh he got from Smash then started to spark with electricity. "You fool! Do you not know of the powers of the Hopstick clan! We absorb the powers of whatever animal we eat! You will will DIE MUTT!" he was bathed in a bright mist and the temperature became extremely warm. When the mist cleared up all the ice was melted and the water was evaporated causing the group to be at ground level again They turned their attention to Frederick who looked like a monster. His right foot was made out of ice and leg, right hand and arm made out of lava, left leg and foot made out of lava, left hand and arm made out of lava, eyes made out of emerald, face and head made out of fire on the right side and water on left side. His torso made out of dry ice and his crotch area made out of blue fire.

He spoke like a monster as well. "You like it Bluey!? I call this High Terror form! I'm unbeatable now! So give up!" he bragged

Krinkinko stood next to Smash with his scythe pointed to Frederick. "Good going genius." he remarked sarcastically. "Now how do we beat him?"

"Awww your little fanboy came to help! Soo cuuute!"

Krinkinko blushed then growled. "S-SHUT UP!"

Smash looked over at Krinkinko, somewhat surprised. He glared back at Frederick. "So you finally understand now.." He said quietly to Krink.

Kyle and Splice quickly followed after him, Kyle holding onto Splice's hand as he flew. "Frederick! All this fighting is pointless. We must stop!" He yelled.

"Yeah! All we're doing is wasting time and bloodying our hands!" Splice added.

Smash narrowed his eyes at the two. "He won't listen. I already know he won't."

Broski:He's gone mad with power.

"Krinkinko." Frederick said. He used the heat in the air to appear behind him then grabbed his neck. "All you'll ever be is a mutt. You went directly against orders...join your parents in hell!" he froze Krinkinko solid then with a fire swipe he cut Krinkinko in half, his upper and lower body.

Smash gasped as he saw Krink's lifeless body parts falling into the water. He was practically stunned from the sight.

He turned to Mike and Clide who were shivering. "You're useless you freakish mutt." He threw his hands back and created fire spheres in each of them. He threw them forward causing the two to fuse. Mike and Clide ran but to no avail, they tripped and the sphere exploded on impact. Once the smoke cleared up they were fried chicken. Frederick walked to them and began to eat them.

"Don't worry! G.U.N. should be able to heal all of us!" Candi exclaimed.

Frederick turned and looked at her with a straight face. "Your next bi***." he used the heat to get in front of her and grabbed her face with his lava hand causing her face to start to burn. She began to scream.

"You MONSTER!" Splice leaped out of Kyle's grasp, launching himself towards Frederick's arm with a blast of flames, and stabbed into his wrist with both daggers. Kyle followed after him and chopped at his forearm, aiming to slice it off.

"You've gone too far!" Gizmo yelled, standing on top of the stone platform. He began shooting explosive plasma blasts at his face, while Thunder stood beside him and launched bolts of lightning at him.

Smash was at his breaking point. How could he be so quick to kill his own comrades? He was never a good person to begin with. And now he was killing off everyone right before his eyes. "No...I won't stand for this." His aura began to gradually turn lighter. His heart was beating so hard, it was painful. He could feel his energy rapidly and uncontrolably rising. "I won't let you get away with this...I won't let you..."

Frederick let his arm fall off for it quickly regrew. He covered his face when the plasma blasts started coming then he growled as he cracked his knuckles. He started to glow a reddish tint and he released it in a large fiery explosion. "HEAT BLAST!"

Kyle stood in front of the blast, catching Splice just in time for them both to block it. "Oh no you don't." Splice said.

"Your attacks will not defeat us." Kyle declared. "We will prevail."

Smash felt his vision getting blurry; he felt light-headed and the amount of energy he was about to use was starting to hurt. He grunted and growled, trying to grin and bear it.

Rock:(Carries Rachel to a safe spot)

Frederick raised his hand and summoned two large meteors made out of ice and another out of fire then he threw them towards Smash. He then started punching and kicking Kyle with a barrage of water, fire, and ice attacks, teleported to a different side of Kyle after each hit.

Kyle quickly whirled around to block each attack. Each elemental blow was absorbed into the Gemblade. Splice dropped down and dove into the water. He swam back over to the rocky platform and climbed up. "Gotta take a different course of action.." He muttered to himself.

"Smash, watch out!" Gizmo called out. Smash opened his eyes and saw the two attacks heading his way.

His aura had turned pure white. His fur slowly began changing color, but no more. He faced the two meteors and let it all out. "UUURRGHIIIII!!!" He screamed as he let out a huge blast of energy, blowing the two meteorites way off course. He shot himself out of the explosion, his fur now a light golden color with lime green stripes on his arms and legs, and headed straight for Frederick.

Frederick growled lowly then grolwed louderr until he was screaming. He put his arms in fronof him and began to try and make Smash's bloodboil then freeze rapidly.

Smash felt the sudden tingling movement in his blood, and immediately recognized it. It can't be...! No. No more of this! He formed a spherical barrier out of his aura, and tried to repel his skill.

With him distracted with Smash, Kyle floated high above Frederick's head. "Smash...Whenever you are ready." He whispered softly. He rose his sword up in front of him. "Let this be the spell to end it all!"

Broski:(Got Candi to a safe spot to treat her burns)

Gizmo and Thunder fired another barrage of projectiles at Fred's face, trying to distract him. Splice soon joined them, shooting sharp icicles at him as well. Kitty flew up close, flying around his head and shooting wildly. As they attacked, Kyle had already begun to recite the incantation. "O power of all elements combined...O memory inscribed in ages past...O Origin of truth, hear my call and arise before me!" His whole body was consumed by a bright, rainbowish light.

Frederick growled again as he started to create a barier. He then summoned an avalanche made out of corrosive snow that would burn his attacker's skin if they touched it.

"Whoa! This is gonna be a close one!" Splice yelled. "Everyone get down on the other side!"

Without wasting another second, all three of them started to run off. Splice rushed over to take Pearl with him.

Smash and Kitty quickly flew above it, with no other way to get around it. Smash then noticed the light, and headed over to it. "Kyle?"

"Smash. I will cast my strongest spell." Kyle said from within the light. "I want you to assist me; Together, we can defeat him."

Rock:(Makes stone plantforms for him,Rachel,Broski and Candi are safely away from the killing snow)

Frederick created a water bubble around Smash and smiled. "Die." he said as he threw a large block of Dry Ice trapped in a bottle in the bubble with him. Five seconds later it violently exploded.

As the smoke cleared up, it seemed like he got him. But within moments, a bright streak of light shot up from the area, and bolted down towards him. "Now, Kyle!!" Smash shouted, holding his arm back.

Kyle swung his sword down, unleashing the bright light surrounding him into a large blast. "Supreme Elements!" The blast separated into six pieces, one of each element, and swirled around Smash who lead them down towards Frederick's head.

Before Frederick could try to retaliate, a rope and grappling hook wrapped around his arm. Thunder held his arm down from below, with Splice supporting him on an ice platform. "You're not getting away from us!" Splice exclaimed.

Smash closed in on his target. "I always keep my word. And It's too late for any last ones for you!" He yelled. "Divine...FIST!!" As he struck down, he created a massive pillar of energy which shot up to the ceiling--and began tearing through it. With the combined powers of the Gemblade and his attack, there was an incredible explosion of energy and elements combined, too bright and fierce for anyone to look at it directly.

Once the light cleared up they saw Frederick on his knees, in his normal from, bleeding everywhere. The pain hurt so much he couldn't even act cool anymore. He started to cry. "So this is how it ends...beaten by an orphaned mutt and his gang of evil henchman." He coughed up some blood then started to sniffle. "I'm sorry mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, big sister. I couldn't avenge you I wasn't strong enough just the thought of failing my life mission makes me want to die...looks like I won't have to live with myself much longer." He vomitted blood then smiled widely. "Heh...looks like I'm going to join you guys heaven...see you soon." he fell in his own pool of blood then and stopped moving while his eyes were still open.

Candi looked at Smash. "I-is it finally over?"

Smash landed somewhere in front of him. "No. We may have won the battle, but this isn't nearly over yet." He spat blood out to the side, and looked down at Frederick. You idiots..You let your hot-bloodedness and your fierce loyalty to the commander get to your head so much, that you forgot all about reason. He thought. Now look at you. This isn't what either of us were fighting for. He turned his back on him, and looked over at the others. "Gather all those who have fallen, and bring them here." Smash ordered.

"I'm on it!" Splice ran off. Thunder and Kyle quickly followed after him.

In a flash a GUN robot had collected all the GUN memeber including Rachel and Mike and Clide. Then flew quickly away in less then two seconds.

"Well that soils that plan." Candi said. "But atleast we can take a breather."

Smash glared at the GUN robot, wondering how long it was there. But it reminded him of a question that he'd been waiting to ask. "Candi. Didn't you say that GUN could heal them all?" He turned around to look at her. "How did you know about that?"

With all the others gone, the three only brought back Pearl.

Broski:What if G.U.N does something to them?

"Who cares?" Erkel asked. "They all tried to kill us and they're trying to drive Candi out of her home. Isn't that the reason we're all in this mess in the first place?"

Rock:But Rachel helped us."

"Rachel's part of GUN?"

"We'll have to worry about that later." Thunder said.

"I'm only guessing I mean think about it. Frederick was pretty tough you'd think they would have some advanced healing chambers due to the conditions down here." Candi gave Smash a look that was a cross between utter shock and disgust. "You don't think I'm part of GUN do you?"

"I never said that." Smash said firmly. "But that sounds pretty legit. Anyway, gather around everyone."

Everyone began to circle around him. Still being in his Light form, his aura burned brightly. "Now, I have never done this before, so bear with me." He began building up all of his energy, to the point where his aura expanded until it surrounded everyone. He rose his hands up into the air above his head. "UURRRGHIIIII!!!" He expelled all of his energy into a blast, which when connected to the top of his aura, shattered and rained down on everyone. But instead of being harmed by it, they all gradually began to feel revitalized. Their wounds slowly began to heal as well.

Once it was finished, they were all almost as good as new. Smash's form faded quickly, as his deep blue color returned. He began to lose his balance, and staggered a bit. "Aheh...that worked well..." He managed to smile a bit. He looked up at the group. "The rest is up to you guys..for now." He leaned backwards, and collapsed.

Broski:He didn't have to give us all his power.

Splice caught him just before he reached the ground. "Don't worry." He said. "He's just passed out."

"I've seen him in this form before." Gizmo said, stroking his chin. "He naturally burns up too much of his own energy, so that when it ends he always faints from overexertion." He explained. "So, he'll just need some time to rest and regain it."

Thunder set Pearl down on the ground. "What about Pearl?" He asked. "I don't even know what happened to her."

Candi took off her headband and placed it on Smash's head. "There, that should help him become better faster due to it's magical properties....that and it gives angels nightmares if they wear it." She sat down. "So, let's recap shall we? Came underground, attacked by a giant Molicinard, Me and rachel almost dead, almost all of the Meebs dead, trek, almost killed by Erkel's FIRST train ride, second time me, Meebler, and Broski fly out the window, captured by truckers, rescued by Thunder, stole the truck, Erkel's mother dies, ran out of gas, the truck stops, GUN finds us, kills Meebler. tells us about a faulty story about the Moles and Nerbs, attacks us, we have a huge brawl, we're here.

So the info on GUN: they most likely know exactly where we are and they're ready for us. Most likely with foot soldiers stationed at the edge of Molipoli. If we're captured we'll be murdered and our families most likely as well.

Other Info:Krinkinko, nine meebs, Fa-La-Stu, Frederick, Droget, those two roosters, Rachel and Erkel's mother are all most likely dead. That adds up to 17 casualities.

Misc. Info:I'm hungry." Candi explained in great detail.

Broski:I got some food left in my bag.

"I'll be taking that. Yoink." Broski snatched the bag and quickly ate all the food, including the bag itself.

"Never have we had so many casualties in one journey..." Kyle looked down, regretfully. "After all we have been through, we still could not save them."

"We tried our best." Thunder said. "That's all there is to it. We can't be successful at everything. We couldn't do anything about it this time, especially. They attacked first; it was all that we could do to keep eachother alive."

"Yeah." Splice agreed. "And while we're at it, G.U.N. probably knows exactly what we're up to. If they really don't want us to go there, and really REALLY didn't want Krinkinko to know the truth, then that's all the proof we need that they're up to no good!"

"But just what are they after, really?" Gizmo asked, slumping down on the ground. "What is it that they're trying to do? I have my suspicions about them really trying to take down the villain behind Rodney."

"Technically they should have gotten him by now, or at least had some kind of encounter with him." Thunder added. Splice's eyes suddenly lit up with terror.

"Do you think..they're actually in on it together?" He suggested.

Candi spoke up."I have my doubts about this whole villain behind Rodney in the first place. One: why just Rodney? To my knowledge of the angels there has been more powerful demons yet GUN hasn't tried to stop them. Two, last time I checked, Rodney was hungry for power since he was the power piece of a scattered ancient monster. There just can't be someone behind that can there? Also, they're destroying the mole's home if this crime leader was real he wouldn't want that for his people would he?"

Gizmo scratched his head. "I didn't even know about that..."

"Me neither." Splice said. "But it makes sense. If they knew that much about Rodney, why just leave it to Smash and the others to deal with him? And there were several more globally threatening enemies we've encountered, but out of the ones we took out they only tried to stop two."

"Rodney was definitely power hungry, but I didn't know anything about a scattered ancient monster." Gizmo said again. "If that's true then that shoots G.U.N.'s excuse out the window. And I don't think any "terrorist mole" would want his "base of operations, whether it's his country or not, to be destroyed."

"Which also means that if he were real, He would have been one of the first people to step up and fight G.U.N." Thunder added. "That or he would have fled somewhere else. Either way, GUN should have encountered him a long time ago. If they knew that we were coming, they definitely would know if he left. And if they fought, then either side would have lost, of course. Yet they're still here. So that means-"

"It isn't about Justice this time, for GUN." Splice finished. "It's just the opposite."

Rock:We just have to find out somehow.

"Find out exactly what it is they're trying to do." Gizmo finished for him. "But I think we've established all we need on that topic for now."

"Yeah. Right now, we should think about our next move." Thunder said.

"So, how are we going to get into Molipoli?" Erkel asked with his mouth full chewing with his mouth opened as some food began to fall out.

"First off, That's disgusting. Don't speak with your mouth full." Thunder grunted.

"Well, our truck is ruined I think." Gizmo said. "We could try to go back and see if it can still be salvaged.."


"There's no point." Candi chimed. "We're technically IN Molipoli right now. It will take us two minutes at the latest to reach my house."

"We are?" Splice asked, somewhat shocked. He looked around, scrunching his eyebrows. "This isn't really what I expected..."

"Whatever. Candi, could we possibly rest at your house?" Thunder requested. "At least until Smash and Pearl wake up."

Candi smiled widely. "Prepare to be amazed."

"Amazed?" Thunder's eyebrows rose. She had the group's full attention now.

Chapter Six

After walking for about thirty seconds the team entered a small tunnel. Once they reached the end they discovered that they were on a mountain part of an underground mountain range. The mountains were mostly rock and dirt but every time the group saw a house they saw that grass was planted around it. The range was circular and at the middle of the range was a small city dotted with tall buildings and at the center of the city was a small mountain much shorter than the rest.

Candi sniffed the air and smiled as tears began to fill her eyes. "Home..."

Rock:Nice place.

"Thanks." Candi said.

"Not as good as South Nerb Central." Erkel scoffed.

Candi turned to the others and smiled. "So, what do YOU guys think?" she asked.

"THIS is more or less what I was expecting." Splice said, folding his arms with a grin.

"I never imagined such a beautiful landscape could be down here." Kyle said. "It's incredible."

"Chaoo!" Kitty gave his approval.

From a house not to far left but still slightly below them came out a Mole that looked a lot like Candi. "Sister...Tina...Spockius....OH MY GOODNESS!" he ran up the steps and hugged her. "Oh my god Candi, I can't believe I stopped believing in angels." he started to cry and Candi did as well.

"I missed you big bro."

"I missed you too sis."

Splice put his hands on his hips, smiling at the reunion. "Uh, excuse me." Thunder stepped up, holding Pearl in his hands. "I'm really sorry to break up the reunion, but she's getting kind of heavy."

Kyle was also holding Smash over his shoulder. "The same for him..We have just returned from a difficult battle, and need a place to rest."

Candi's brother broke the hug then took Pearl and Smash then layed them on top of eachother then picked them up with one hand. "HAHAHA! Who would've thought that Tina and her brother Joe would be so light?!" he exclaimed with a laugh.

"Uh..." Kyle and Thunder both gave a blank stare. Splice buried his face in his palm, not wanting to remember the ridiculous names the moles had for them.

The team then went down some stairs into a large house. Once they got inside they saw an Elderly Mole with chocolate cake. "Oh, hi Carl-" she dropped her cake on to the floor. "Candi...your home.....and you brought angels!" she ran to Candi and hugged her.

"G-grandma..." she started to cry.

"Now what did I tell ya' bout' cryin' Candiline?"

Candi broke the hug with a sigh. "Cryin's not for the battlefield." she said.

"That's right now go make the frozen pizza."

Candi ran into the kitchen and her brother followed.

"My my my Spockius, Glacius, Tina, and Thunder. I never imagined you'd be so handsome." she said slyly. "Would any of you care to give a feeble old lady a kiss?" she offered.

Splice, Gizmo and Thunder all exchanged uneasy glances. Kyle walked over and gave the old lady a kiss on the back of her hand. "We are most grateful for the hospitality."

Candi's grandmother blushed. "My my my. I was just joking but I guess I AM very attractive. Hoohooo. I still got it! So, are you here to stop the demons?"

"He's always like that." Thunder said flatly.

"Wasn't Smash the one who was being called Tina?" Gizmo asked, scratching his head. Splice simply shrugged.

"Tina's over there with Joe." points to Smash and Pearl on a pallet on the floor. "They're knocked out."

"That's not what I-..never mind." Gizmo grumbled.

Broski:I wonder what the angels of the gate are called.

"Oh you guys are called Trish and Bob."

"Well, in anycase, thanks for letting us stay for a bit." Splice said with a shrug. "We're here to stop GUN, but I guess you all just call em demons. Is there anything you can tell us about them?"

Rock:Any info can help.

In an instant Candi's grandmother pulled out a cane and repeatedly began bashing Splice on top of the head with it. "NO! Do NOT I repeat. Do NOT call them GUN! They're just demons but they decided to name themselves!" she folded her arms and started to growl. "They're doing it because it sounds powerful! It inflicts fear in our people! By using the name of a weapon they've easily feared our people senseless. They're punks! So just call em' demons will you?"

"Ow ow ow! Geez, Gramma!" Splice rubbed his head. "That hurts!"

Thunder folded his arms. "Actually, they ARE called GUN." Thunder stated. "G. U. N. It stands for the Guardian Units of Nations. They are the world's military, who supposedly try to sustain peace around the globe. They aren't demons or anything of the sort. They're regular humans and animals; simple mortals, like all of us. Their commander, however, is the real threat. I don't know much about the details, but with a bad commander, all his followers are affected. I believe they really were good at one point, as some of the people working for them were actually our friends. And after talking with them, it seems that they all were decieved. They don't know anything about the truth behind their commanders actions; To them, you all are the demons. When we tried to tell them otherwise, a fight broke out. Though we managed to get them to understand, there was one who refused to listen...and in the end it seems that we've lost them all." Thunder looked up at the elderly lady.
"Their actions may be unforgivable to you, but I don't want to see anymore sacrifices. The only ones who you should be calling "Demons" are the commander, and the ones who are willingly following him even after knowing the truth. Do you understand our situation now, Ma'am?"


"So, they're really angels who've been decieved by the demonic commander. This is most horrible indeed. As for the info you want you'll need to be a bit more specefic." she said.while she stroked her chin.

"Well, we know for sure that the commander's evil and all, but we have no idea what it is he's after." Gizmo stated. "As far as we know, they're just down here digging stuff up and messing with your lives. But why? Do you know what's down here that he wants so badly?"

Rock:Like some treasure or something?

Candi's grandmother let out a low growl then shot a dirty look at Rock. "Now why the CRAP would he be searching for treasure. Do the demons, sorry G-U-N sound like pirates to you. Ruining all our lives,blowing up some of our mountains, kicking us out of our houses, murdering us because some of us won't cooperate. That's the thing we don't KNOW what they're after!" she starts sniffling but fights tears. "They killed Candi's parents...killed Candi's little sister. For all I know they're just torturing us." She fell to her knees. "I just want it to stop but I can't go fight! What if I'm killed. I'll be leaving Candiline and Carlston alone in this world. I don't know what to do. All I've ever known and loved is being took away from me and because I'm a grandmother there's NOTHING I can do about it." she began to cry.

Splice walked over to her and patted her shoulder. "I'm sorry. But don't worry, we won't stand for it either." He said.

Carlson walked out of the kitchen fighting back tears. "Grandma...the pizza's ready."

"Y'know, you should really learn to keep your mouth shut, Rock." A voice spoke up from behind. Smash was standing in the doorway of the room, finally awake.

"But seeing you guys's finally given me hope finally showed me that the angels I've believed in and read about since I was a little girl are in fact real and alive."

Smash shrugged and shook his head. "I want to deny the whole angel thing, but my debates are getting old." He said.

Broski:Sorry for Rock.He was just wondering why they would be here.Please don't be mad at my friend.

"We're all wondering that, but it's the fact that he's been prone to stupid questions that I asked him to stop." He turned back to Candi's grandmother. "Anyway, I've heard the discussion. We can only imagine what it is they're after. Whatever it is, they're desperate for it, and we can't let them have it. I think the real question we should be asking is where in the city they're located. We need to form a plan of infiltration."

Rock:(Sits on the sofa and listens as he pulls some rocks out of his pocket and juggle them in his hands)

"They're located in the center but...." she looked hard into everyone's eyes. "You guys look beat.How long have you been traveling?:

"A couple of hours grandma." Candi said.

"No..."Erkel sighed.

"When you came to me it had already been a few days. Then when we walked during the time on the rails was an hour at least."

"A few DAYS!?" Candi exclaimed from the kitchen.

"Yes, you guys must have been working so hard you didn't notice." Erkel said.

"B-but that's IMPOSSIBLE!" Candi said.

"It's almost impossible to tell without any sunlight down here." Kyle said. "But it feels like so long ago since we made it down here."

"Goes to show how determined we are to stop em, eh?" Splice said with a grin. "Seriously though, I haven't slept since I got dragged into all this.

"I'm only really okay thanks to this." Smash took off Candi's headband, and handed it to her. "Thanks."


"Your welcome."

"Aww my headband." Candi's grandmother said with a sigh. "I had it since I was a little girl when my father sold our house for it."

She went into the kitchen and began to eat pizza with her family. "Your welcome to join us." Offered Candi's grandmother.

Smash grinned slightly. "Don't mind if I do!" He walked into the kitchen to join them. "Y'know, given your granddaughter's description of the natural diet of your people, I never would have thought you'd eat something as great as Pizza." He said in a joking tone. Gizmo, Thunder, Splice and Kyle all followed after him.

"Heh. That's why "normal" food costs a lot. This cost me a thousand dollars but I'm lad you like it. Dig in. Please."

"Hoooolly-!" Smash stopped in mid-shock. "Dang. Pizza's only like 3 dollars above! Frozen Pizza's even less."

"I'm hoping we can establish some sort of trade system with the surface and below." Thunder said.

"After we kick GUN out of course." Splice added, helping himself to a slice.

"Yeah, it'll be great." Candi's grandmother said with a sigh.

"Smash," Candi said. "How did you cope when you lost your parents?" Candi asked, her head facing the ground. Carlston and Erkel did the same. Everyone grew quiet.

"Yeah, Smash how did you?" asked Carlston. "Being the big brother and all."

There was a moment of silence. Smash leaned back in his chair, and looked up at the ceiling. He'd heard this question a few times before. But now had a much deeper meaning. "It..wasn't really easy." He said, softly. "At first, I refused to believe it was true. I outright denied it, and almost attacked the person who told me.
It was Pearl's birthday then. Or at least, it was the day of the party. She's had it far worse than I did. She was so broken up by it, that it took her the rest of the year to recover. For a long while, she wouldn't even talk to me; or anyone for that matter. I did all I could for her, and I'm sure she appreciated it, but back then it was hard to tell..she always looked so sad. In the meantime, I became a fighter at the Blitz Pit. I'm sure you all have heard about that much, but you probably didn't know...that I never won a single match until nearly two months later. My first match, was especially brutal. I faced up against the strongest fighter in the arena, who wouldn't even hold back on a naive kid like me." He closed his eyes, remembering the terrified look on his sister's face during the battle.

"That first year was rough..probably the worst time of my entire life." He said, solemnly. "The next year gradually began to look up for the both of us, as we started making new friends together. I think that was when she started to cheer up again. It took us a while to get used to living alone, but I did everything I could. I promised my father, that if anything happened, I would be the man of the house. Though under the circumstances I made that promise, it was for a different reason. I never imagined that this would ever happen."

He sat up straight. "From then on, we managed to make it together. We knew that dwelling on the past for so long wasn't good for us, so we decided to make the best of our lives while it lasted."

Candi's grandmother smiled but Candi was still frowning. She raised her head and looked out the window. She made a fist and grit her teeth. "I WILL kill the commander. For mom and dad and my little sister." She rose from the table. "And that's a promise. Good night." she walked out of the kitchen and up stairs to her room.

Erkel growled. "I'm doing the same!" Erkel stormed up the stairs.

"GET OUT MY ROOM YOU LITTLE CREEP!" they all heard a slap, which made the group wince in unison.

"Well, thanks for the food." Smash said, standing up from the table. "I'm going to leave some aside for Pearl, and check up on her."

"Kay, make sure to get some sleep." Candi's grandmother called.

The others stood up as well. "Sleep sounds pretty good right about now." Splice said, grinning. "Thanks for the pizza, Ma'am."

"Yes, it was delicious." Thunder added. "But is there a place for us all to rest?"

"Yes, there are some beds in the basement."

"Alright. Thank you." Thunder, Splice and Gizmo began to walk out of the room. Kyle gave a short bow before following after.

Smash knelt by the couch where Pearl was lying. His thoughts reflected upon the previous events. Just what happened to her..? He wondered. Crap, if only I was fast enough..I should have stayed with her the whole time. He placed his hand on her forehead for a moment. It seems like she'll recover pretty soon though. But still...From now on, I have to watch after her very closely. I can't afford to lose her down here.

The team then went to sleep....for six days.

Candi woke up. "Man, I feel refreshed!" she hopped out of bed then went outside to the lawn and saw her grandmother and brother digging. "What's up grandma?"

"CANDI!" Carlston hugged Candi. "Your alive!" he said wih tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" she asked, clearly baffled.

"All the lot of you were asleep for six days. We thought you were dead." Candi's grandmother explained.

"S-SIX DAYS!? THAT'S INSANE!" Candi remarked.

"Insane but true dear. Anyways, I'll go fix you guys up some breakfast." she said as she threw the shovel over her shoulder.

Candi made a flustered expression then went to wake up her group one by one.

Splice stretched in his bed, and sat up. "Man, I feel like a bear outta hibernation." He smacked his lips a couple of times, noticing the dry taste in his mouth. He then felt a sharp pain in his stomach. " hungry...I guess that's why they eat so much before that." He stood up and looked around the room, seeing the others still sleeping. Even Smash was still asleep, and he was usually the first one to wake up. "Hm..Strange to see him still in bed. I guess everyone's just worn out." He then noticed Candi coming downstairs. "G'morning, Candi. Er, it IS morning, isn't it?"

Rock:(Yawns and sits up on his bed with a tied out look)

Candi nodded. "Yeah. It's morning....." she took a big yawn then stretched her arms above her head. "But we've been asleep for six days."

Splice froze. "What...?" He was stunned. Had it really been that long? How could they possibly sleep for six whole days? He immediately rushed over to each and every other sleeping person, yelling at the top of his lungs. "Guys wake up, wake up! We've been sleeping for six freaking days already!"

Smash sat up immediately, making a startled snort in the process. "Who the what now?" He asked, disgruntled.

Gizmo rolled off the bed, and sat up drowsily. Kitty was still hanging onto the blankets, mumbling something in his sleep. Thunder slowly sat up, giving Splice a sleepy glare. "What's all this noise about?"

Kyle simply turned over in the bed.

"It's true." Candi said. "Grandma and brother were so shocked that they thought we were dead." she rubbed her stomach. "You can tell we've been sleep for six days due to how hungry we are...atleast I can." she said rubbing as he stomach pratically screamed.

"What...How..." Smash couldn't even find the right words. Thunder stared in complete shock, believing every word of it due to his sudden hunger pang. Soon, everyone got up out of bed, including Pearl. "This can't be right...How the heck did we sleep for so long?"

Erkel stretched his arms as he awakened. "I normally would say it has to do with your inferior internal clocks but that doesn't explain why me and Candi were asleep for so long."

"Well excuse us for having inferior clocks!" Splice snapped.

"Nobody sleeps for six days under any normal circumstances." Smash declared. "I feel like something is seriously wrong here. What could possibly have caused that?" He remembered a time years ago when an enemy had drugged them to sleep in late, but this was taking that up to eleven.

Candi shrugged. "Was it something we ate?"

"It couldn't of been the pizza. Your grandmother and brother ate that as well." Erkel responed.

"Maybe it could have been that capsuled food Rachel's been hanging on to?" Gizmo suggested with a pout.

"Whatever the case, this probably made a huge impact on our situation with G.U.N." Smash said. "If we've been "gone" for six days, Who knows what they've been doing out there? They could think we're dead, they could have spent the last week preparing for us, or maybe nothing's changed at all. Either way, we don't know what to expect once we leave here. We should get prepared..." Suddenly, his stomach growled loud enough for the entire room to hear. "...Starting with getting some food. We'd collapse before we'd get anywhere like this!"

"Grandma's making breakfast right now and-" she snapped her fingers. "I GOT IT! Erkel said we'd been walking a few days when we got to him. We had to sleep that work off sooner or later and the extra three days could be explained by the train ride and the big fight. That took a big toll on us."

"I don't think it works like that, but whatever." Smash shrugged. "Whatever the case, we really need to make a move. Starting with-"


Broski:We will soon.

"Yeah...yeah." Smash sighed and began to walk upstairs. "Come on everyone."

Candi and Erkel followed him upstairs while clutching their stomachs. "Comiiing." they moaned.

Once they arrived upstairs they could smell the aroma of waffles, eggs and bacon.

Candi's mouth began to drool. "G-grandma..status..."

"Oh right, the status report. Bad news and good news. The bad news is that GUN has doubled their torturing in an attempt to find you. The good news is that they're hanging their own agents for some reason!" Candi's grandmother explained.

Smash was shocked. "Are you serious..!?"

"Grandmother! That's bad news. Killing is wrong no matter what the circumstance." Carlston growled.

"Oh all right.." Candi's grandmother said as she resumed cooking.

Rock:Something in my stomach tells me that we know whos being hanged.

Splice gulped. " too."

Smash gave a frustrated grunt. "We have to hurry.."

"Food's ready." Candi's grandmother announced.

Erkel rudely jumped onto the plate of eggs and started devouring it with his bare hands.

Smash was appalled, but Splice even moreso. "DUDE! MANNERS. Do You Have Them?"

"And save some for us!" Thunder added in protest. "Some of us didn't even eat before we went to bed!"

Erkel turned around revealing fangs and his eyes were red, becoming a shadow of his former self. "No. MINE!" he screamed as he clutched the plate.

Smash stepped forward, grabbed the plate, and punched him in the face. "Get a HOLD of yourself!" He yelled. "There's too many of us to let all the food go to one person. And I don't see YOU on the friggin battle field!"

Erkel fell to the ground, hissed, spat at Smash and scurried off out the window.

Candi's left eye twitched slightly. "Guys, I am genuinely scared right now..." she said, mortified at what had just transpired.

"Same here.." Smash said, staring out the window. "It's like he suddenly turned into some kinda feral beast..."

"But..Why?" Kyle asked. "He was fine just a minute ago."

Carlston shrugged. "Food does that to people now dig in!"

Candi burped. "Thanks grandma!"

Candi's grandmother turned on the radio.

She tuned it until she heard the G.U.N. anthem causing her to growl.

"Hello. This is GUN reporting to you live in Molipoli grocery district. Here were are preparing for a hanging because of agents that have failed their mission. This is a new punishment placed into affect by the Commander. Today we have a rare jungle hedgehog, a chubby frog.."

They heard a sniffling. "I'm not chubby!" a voice cried.

"SHUT UP! A muscular rabbit, a purple Echidna, a goat, a rooster wih two heads, and we have a Nerb who tried to eat a soldeir. What's your name little fella?"

"E-E-Erkel. Erkel Shanon."

"Excellent. After we publicly execute them we will kill their families."

A female voice spoke up. "And now back to all of your classic rock favorites!"

Rock:We got to get there somehow.

"You gotta be kidding me! They got Erkel now!?" Splice exclaimed.

Smash looked rather horrified. " He couldn't have gotten that far in five minutes. Which means that they're way closer to us than we thought."

Gizmo gulped loudly. "W-What do we do?"

"Ya have to ask?" Smash stood up from the table, wiping his mouth. "We're going in. Even though they tried to kill us, Krink's still our friend. We're not gonna let them kill him or any of his teammates." He looked around at everyone. "We're gonna save Krinkinko's team, and show GUN just who they're messing with!"


Candi shook her head. "Why? You said it yourself, they tried to kill us. What's the point in saving them?"

Carlston stood up from the table. "Candiline!"

Candi rolled her eyes. "Sit down Carl."

Carl slumped down.

"Now think about it. What will saving them accomplish? Nothing. If we save them they'll just try killing us again and since we're coming to them there will be not garantee that we'll make it out alive!" Candi protested.

Smash gave her a sharp glare. "Do you think I don't realize that? The chances that we'll make it out alive are the same either way, because we're going in there either way. And in case you've forgotten, Some of them decided to turn around and side with us in the end before Frederick finished them off! You don't know them as well as I do; and I still have hope that they can change. And as long as I still have hope, I'm not going to give up on them. Remember what Thunder said: They're all good people for the most part, the commander's decieved everyone. I don't want to see anymore unnecessary bloodshed. I'm saving them." He folded his arms. "If anyone of you doesn't agree with me, you can stay here." He then walked out of the room.

"If Tina says it's okay. I'm going. I'd rather die with an angel than die normally." Carlston said with a smile as he followed Smash.

"I'm sorry." Candi said flatly. "But I have no desire to help the ones who killed my baby sister and parents." Candi walked quietly upstairs.

"Wait! Don't you even want to save Rachel?" Splice called out. "She helped us get down this far! And what about Erkel? He's not even one of them! Are you going to abandon him too!?"

Kyle looked around at the group, before standing up. "If we are going to go, then the time is now. There is no time to waste." He hoisted his equipment onto his back, and headed out after Smash.

Rock:(Follows Smash)

Candi sighed. "Yeah, if I could save them without saying the others but that can't happen now can it? I'm staying here!"

[Within the Molipoli plaza, a tall, black-furred hedgehog stood mixed in with the crowd. Dressed in blue, with a red eyepatch covering his right eye, the most dramatic thing about the figure was the massive broadsword slung over his back. He looked at the G.U.N. soldiers with disdain, wondering why they would execute some of their own]

In short time Smash and the group arrived at the plaza where Frederick, his team, Rachel and Erkel were all about to be hanged. Frederick's mouth was tied shut due to him screaming and cursing mutidly through the sock.

Like in the radio Erkel, Droget and Rachel were sobbing.

"I want my mommy!" Erkel and Droget sobbed.


"Would you SHUT IT RACHEL!?" Fa-La-Stu screamed. "At least you don't have a FAMILY!"

Smash stood at the entrance to an alleyway, as close to the execution site as possible. The rest of his group stood behind him as he peeked out to scan their surroundings. "Okay, we don't have much time, so I'll only say this once." Smash turned to face them. "Gizmo, get as high as you can and snipe out any sort of electrical equipment that would hinder us. At the same time, try to keep most of the soldiers at bay. Kyle, take the frontlines and free all the captives from their ropes. Splice, you cover him. Thunder, Pearl and I will take out the guards. Rock, block off any paths to keep reinforcements from coming. Is that clear?" He didn't even wait for an answer. "Alright let's move."

Gizmo nodded and jumped up onto the fire-escape of the building they were next to, with Kitty flying up after him. Kyle and Splice exchanged glances before getting in position. Thunder and Pearl stood next to him, "Whenever you're ready." Pearl said.

Rock:(He carefuly blocks the paths)

[The brutish hedgehog notices Smash and the others, a faint smirk emerging as his hands reached over his shoulder for his broadsword, his focus on keeping the patch on his shirt sleeve from entering anyone's vision. Around him with his good eye, he could see a number of guards, plus the executioner, but also a small handful of his allies and guards. When it reached boiling point and the others began the attack, he reasoned, they would step in and protect them, let the professionals work.]

A green hedghog with red stripes walked towards the executioner and with a smirk he snatched his mega-phone away.

"Hey, your not permitted to-" and with a snap of the neck the executioner was dead.

"Smash and co.! Surrender now or face the wrath of GUN! Anyone else who is against GUN will be brought to justice! I'm giving you one warning surrender.." a guard entered the square holding Carlston by the neck. "Or the boy gets it!"

Smash looked on in shock from his position. What the heck!? How did he--..Dang it, I thought I told everyone not to wander off like that!

"What do we do, Smash?" Pearl whispered. "This guy's serious.."

Smash shook his head. "We don't have many choices here." He whispered back, looking on towards the hedgehog holding Carlston. This is not good...I have to think of something!

"WHAT!? OUT OF PLANS SMASH!?" The hedgehog started to evilly laugh. "YOUR ALL TALK! IT'S TRUE YOU ARE JUST A LOUSY MUTT!" he laughed.

Now he was mad. Smash stood up straight and held his hand up, gesturing for everyone else to stop. "Stay here." He flatly ordered. He walked right out into the open, slowly stepping towards the hedgehog.

The hedgehog folded his arms. "You're brave mutt. I'll give you that...brave for facing me and for that hideous haircut!" he said with a devious grin.

Rock:(Whipers)How evil he is.

Smash simply rose an eyebrow at him. "are you ripping on my hairstyle, of all things?" He asked, flatly.

"Well I was being nice. Your whole look's a disaster." said the hedgehog with an air of arrogance.

Smash tilted his head to the side momentarily. "Uh huh." He murmered with little care.

"So, you admit defeat like the mutt you are?" the hedgehog asked his putrid breath that smelled like garbage forcing everyone to hold their noses.

"Admit defeat?" He rose an eyebrow at him again. "I said nothing of the sort." He said, simply. "You were just so eager to see a "lowly mutt" like myself, so I figured I'd grace you with my presence." He added sarcastically.


[With a sigh, the bulky hedgehog drew his broadsword and moved closer to the stage. He knew the irony of his plans, and it wasn't wasted on him.]

Smash could hear the man approaching them. He had no idea what he was planning, but he tried to stay alert while listening to the other hedgehog's banter.

The hedgehog sniffed Smash then turned to Frederick and his group. "You're telling me you couldn't beat this!?" he spat acide at Frederick's ear causing some it burn off. "You're pathetic Fred. You think you're so great but you're no better than him!" he said as he pointed to Smash.

A single tear fell down Frederick's face.

Smash gave the rabbit a brief glance, before looking back at the hedgehog. With a blank expression, he stared for a few moments before speaking. "...Is this all you've got? Trash talk to go hand in hand with your garbage breath?" He asked, flatly. "How much longer do you plan to run that mouth?"

"I could end you in an instant but the commander wants to kill you personally. He turned to the crowd. "This is what happens when you defy us! You will be executed in front of your friends! We will hunt down and murder your family!" he laughed. "Let the mole go!" with that the guard let go of Carlston.

Carlston started to cry. "NO! YOU CAN'T SURRENDER IF YOU DO-"

A guard grabbed Carlston again. "If he doesn't surrender YOU die!" said the haedgehog.

Carlston shook his head. "I don't care! You can't let them win Smash!"

The hedgehog laughed some more. "Yes, let us win my Smashy-Washy." he teased as he looked toward Rachel who was growling. He held out hand-cuffs. "If you do. No one else will get hurt. I'll even leave your precious sister alone."

Smash stared blankly at the hedgehog, almost as if he hadn't even been listening. "...Pfft." He scoffed. Suddenly, he began to laugh. "So the commander wants to deal with me personally, is it?" He asked, an eyebrow raised. "Sure, he can try. You tell your commander that if he wants to kill me, then he should get his butt off his highchair and face me like a man. If it's me he wants, then leave the "spectators" out of this." He then flashed the hedgehog a warning look. "Unless, you wanted to take me on first?"

The hedghog smiled. "He's busy working on his ab crunces. But enough talking! Commence the excecution! I'll start with you. The mighty agent Frederick." he said with a laugh.

Frederick was helped up by two guards and the tape was riped of his mouth.

"Any last words?" the ehdgehog asked.

"Just a two words. F*** you."

"Spunk. Too bad you won't be using it for long." the ehdghog said as Frederick was escorted to the hanging device.

Frederick sighed. "Good-bye Krinkinko, Rachel, Droget, Fa-La-Stu, Mike, Clide, and you Bluey. Hopefully the commander kills you fast so we can fight again in the after life." he said with a heartfelt smile.

"Hmph. Have it your way." Smash began to crack his knuckles. "If the Commander won't come out to fight, I'll take the fight to him. But first, I've got business to attend to here." As he was speaking, he gathered up his energy slowly, just enough to be sufficient by the time he finished. He suddenly threw a punch out towards the hedgehog, but completely and outrightly missed him. His outstretched fist pointed towards the guard holding Carlston, who almost instantly felt a powerful force strike him in the side, almost strong enough to pierce his armor. The guard stumbled back onto the floor and Carston ran towards the hedgehog.

At the same time, Splice decided he'd waited long enough. He sprung out from his hiding place, throwing a knife down towards the hedgehog's foot. He then blazed across the plaza, holding two more knives in each hand, and ready to free the captives from their binds. To back him up, Thunder fired several bolts of lightning at the guards nearest to Splice and Smash. Gizmo and Kitty opened fire, aiming to disable any devices and paralyze the enemies with both the Chaff Gun and Kitty's buster gun set on stun, respectively. Kyle went for the nearest captive to set them free, while Pearl appeared beside Smash.

The knife went through the foot and was coating in a greed acidic goo then dissapeared into the hedghog's body as he grew razor sharp teeth. "I haven't tasted flesh in so long. I'll start with you!" he grabbed Carston and bit his arm, blood flying everywhere as he pierced deep into his flesh. With Carlstons other hand he punched a hole through the hedgehogs stomach but he remained unfazed as he stopped biting Carston.

"It is futile!" the hedgehog kicked Carston into Fa-La-Stu and Rachel as his stomach quickly resealed back up.

"Untie us Moley-Woley! Hurry!" Rachel commanded.

"Moley-Woley?" Carlston asked as he held his bleeding arm.

"Just hurry!' Fa-La-Stu commanded and with that Carlston began untying them. But Splice made the process far quicker by cutting the ropes.

"Kill the criminals or else!" The hedgehog commanded. Then suddenly the whole group of moles began kicking, punching, choking and scratching at Splice, Thunder, and Kyle. (Kitty was on top of a roof, along with Gizmo. Neither of those two were on the battlefield exactly.)

Splice rose his hands and a brief wall of fire rose up from the ground around him, burning up and blowing back anyone near him. He then jumped back away from the moles, as Thunder backed up next to him. "Why are the moles listening to these people?" Thunder asked, distressed by the situation.

"I bet they're being blackmailed with their lives on the line!" Splice declared. Kyle stood in front of them and tried to hold back all the moles. The moles simply ran through the wall of fire and contenued their assualt while on fire.

In the meantime, Smash had dropped his gloves to the ground, and equipped another pair; one with blue stripes going across them. Trying his new technique from before, he threw another Wave Fist at the hedgehog. But he didn't stop there; He punched out several more, chaining together a quick combo. To finish it off, he unleashed a slash of water towards him, via an uppercut.

The hedghog was cut in half and turned to a green goo before he re-combined himself. "I told you it's useless. Now you'll fell true terror!" he rushed towards Smash at blinding speed and delivered a barrage of punches, then he dropped to the ground and ended with an uppercut kick.

Smash caught each punch, just as swiftly and quickly as he threw them. When hte uppercut kick came, he leaned backward a little too late, and took the blow hard enough to knock him over. However, he backflipped in mid-air, and slammed his fists into the ground upon landing. He called up a spring of water to shoot up from the ground like a geyser, right in front of the hedgehog's face.

Pearl just stood by, realizing that she couldn't do too much at the moment.

Rachel looked horrified. "How the hell do we stop this thing!?"

Fa-La-Stu stretched as she was freed. "It's just a hunch but I'm pretty sure the guy's weak to water. I mean he just melted."

"Wish I could toss some soap at em, too." Splice added.

When the hedghog melted again due to the geyser Fa-La-Stu thrust her middle and index finger forward and fired a chaos lightning at the pool of green goo causing the hedgehog to turn back to normal and turn into rock. Fa-La-Stu aprinted towards him, slammed him towards teh ground and began throwing a barrage of kicks towards his stomach. Pearl joined in as well, standing behind him with her own fierce chain of kicks.

After freeing everyone, Splice looked over them all except Fa-La-Stu. "You guys alright?" He asked, replacing his daggers back on his belt.

Rock:If anyone needs treatment,I got medicine.

[The large hedgehog finally nodded to his people, and bellowed. His voice was a trait most G.U.N. soldiers had been programed to obey from day one of training - the voice of a commanding officer.]

???: Talons! Free the prisoners! [With that, the figure unsheathed his blade, the emblem on his arm becoming clear - an altered G.U.N. logo, with a stylized golden "1" over a black background.]

Now he got Smash's full attention. He turned around, looking almost shocked at his orders. He's a G.U.N. officer, isn't he? So why is he...? He wondered in disbelief. He then turned back to the more important matter at hand; dealing with the slimy scumbag that the girls were kicking.

[The "Talons", with the skill of experienced soldiers, simply tore into the guards trying to hold the prisoners, with most preferring to approach for a melee strike. At the same time, the officer moved to personally cut off a single foolharty soldier who was attacking Smash's group from behind - a single blow from the flat side of the hedgehog's massive claymore left the man unconscious and flat on his back.]

The hedgehog turned rock, shattered only to turn back into green ooze and recombine.

"Your smart Falalala-Stu." the hedghog sneered. "Too smart."

He threw a barrage of punches hoping to dispatch the Echidna but she simply held her fists to her head and blocked all of them then the hedgehog finished his combo with a leg sweep and kicked the now grounded Fa-La-Stu in a face.

The hedgehog rolled his eyes as he snapped his fingers. "Moles, kill the traitors or your dead." he siad calmly and in an instant the Mole's were furiously attacking "The Talons" with their fists, knifes and clubs.

Pearl immediately punched the hedgehog square in the face, not caring if he finished his sentence or not. Meanwhile, Smash stood by, trying to devise a plan.

The hedgehog stumbled back in pain. "Darn it! My head's the ONLY part of me that's solid and she just HAD to punch it!" he thought as he threw a stretched and gooey punch at Pearl then followed with a left hook and finally ended with him breathing his putried breath in her direction.

Pearl dodged the first punch and caught the other, The moment he saw him breathing out, she grimaced and turned away completely--and then whirled around to give a roundhouse kick to the side of his face. Right before the roundhouse kick connected he melted to the ground and oozed on Pearl's feet, beggining to burn them to the slime's acidic properties. Pearl frantically tried to kick the slime off before it seeped through her shoes. Seeing this, Smash quickly thrust his arm forward and began hosing her shoes off with a stream of water.

The hedgehog melted, then was hit by another one of Fa-La-Stu's Chaos Lightning attacks then turned back into stone.

Fa-La-Stu began panting. "Guys..I won't be able to" she fell to the ground, unconcious.

"Pearl, help her." Smash ordered. She nodded, and rushed over to Fa-La-Stu's aid. Smash picked up the slab of stone, that was the petrified puddle of slime, and began to swing it around in circles. He then hurled it as far into the air away from the group as he possibly could, letting the slab soar like a frisbee.

The stone was caught by a figure in the distance. They heard an oozing sound;signifying that the hedghog had turned back to normal and then punching sounds between the hedgehog and the mysterious figure.

Smash rose an eyebrow in their direction, unsure whether to be relieved or alarmed. Then the figure was punched so hard it flew to Smash's feet, revealing her to be Candi. She stood up and clutched her stomach. "Owww."

"It's futile!"The hedgehog said from afar as he ran torwards Candi. When he got close she threw a pucnh towards his stomach only for her hand to go straight through and get stuck.

The hedgehog laughed as he began to headbutt her, each time harder then the previous. "smash...a little help here?" she said in obvious pain.

Smash stopped his headbutting on the first attempt, by putting his hand in between him and Candi."I see you've changed your mind." He said, referring to Candi. He then shoved the hedgehog's head back, with enough force to knock him down. "I'm gonna need you to stand back, though."

Candi glared. "I only came to inform you lunch is ready." she then began walking away but then the hedgehog grabbed her turned to slime and slithered into her mouth. She fell to the ground and started choking. "GACK! H-H-help me..." she coughed but with the hedgehog's voice.

Horrified, Smash rushed to her aid. Grabbing her stomach from behind, he tried to make her throw up the goo.

She laughed. "It's no use Smash." Candi turned green. "There is no way to expel me from her body."

Candi's grandmother was standing near an alley. "Oh really? I'm pretty sure if we beat the crap out of you she'll come out." she said as she raised her eyebrow.

Candi laughed. "Insolent hag! I am the great roach."

"There's nothing great about a roach." Smash remarked. He clocked her over the head. "Especially not one as cowardly and repulsive as to go and steal someone else's body to fight in."

Candi fell backwards, jumped and split into two and smiled. "I'll kill you both!" they said as one rushed towards Candi's grandmother towards Smash.

Candi's grandmother stomped on the ground before Candi could attack. "Smash, don't worry about me! They divided their power, I can take em' by myself! Get yours!"

Candi quickly rushed towards Smash, stomped the ground, causing a rock to appear then punched it at Smash. Though she did it at a distance. Smash simply stepped to the side, letting the rock fly right by him. He stood his ground, giving him a "Is that all?" look.

Candi smirked and made a fist, causing the rock to burst into several large shards and began to home in on him.

The Candi with Candi's grandmother stomped the ground, causing the pillar to shatter and dove torwards the elderly mole with her fist in front of her but before the punch connected she made a shield out of rock. Enraged, Candi began pummeling the shield.

Reading her face like a book, Smash could already tell that something was about to happen behind him. He turned around, and sent a wave of water out towards the shards with an upper-cut motion, this managed to slow them down, somewhat. It gave him enough time to fully block them. When the shards reached him, he held his hand out towards them, letting his energy form a brief barrier around him to stop them in their place.

His Candi stomped the ground, creating a large cave-in beneath Smash.

In response to feeling the ground sinking beneath him, he immediately scrambled away from the spot, stumbling and climbing over the ground as it collapsed. He narrowly managed to escape in time.

Candi growled as Smash still remained unscathed. She stomped the ground, causing seven pillars to form around Smash in a circle. They were spread far enough for Smash to walk around and even contained several openings but as soon as the pillars were creating the began to fall inwards, threatening to crush the blue Echidna,

Smash could have easily escaped without a scratch, however, he began to feel impatient simply dodging all of her attacks. He backed out to a relatively safe spot where each pillar would narrowly miss him, and used them as a cover to make her success ambiguous.

Candi's face lit up. "I won!? YES!!!...wait...I can still feel vibrations coming from the area of the pillars...most likely through his feet so just to be on the safe side...." she stomped ther ground and closed her eyes. She then sat down and grabbed a large chunk of the ground and then fell back, vulnerable as she gasped for air.

Where Smash was, five massive rocks were floating high above his head then one by one they rocketed down towards him and if he were to try and escape a wall would block him from going that exact direction, if he were to try and escape again though, no wall would block him.

Smash dove out of the way, and collided with the wall that blocked the exit, planting his hands and feet against it. Without delay, he kicked himself off of it, and thrust himself in the direction Candi stood in, whether or not anything else was in his way. He let out a blast of energy, rocketing himself through any obstacles as he transformed into his High Tension state, flying right towards her face with his fist cocked back. "URRGHIII!!" Hardly giving her any time to retaliate, he put all his strength behind this attack, and threw the old fashioned Skull Cracker towards her face.

Without a moment to lose she summoned a giant rock barrier but to no avail the wall was weak and Smash's attack struck true. Candi clutched her face and smiled. "That barrier I summoned from the ground is Moligmite. As I speak it's slowly draining that form's enrgy from your body. Then when that's done it will drain your overall body. The affect only lasts for two minutes but I doubt you'll last that long." she chuckled as Candi fell to the ground closed her eyes and returned to her original color.

Smash simply grunted in irritation. Now that he was done with her, he had to go and help Pearl. He didn't waste any time rushing over the other battle.

The other Candi was still busy pummeling her grandmothers shield which was starting to give in. When she broke the shield she looked inside, Candi's grandmother nowhere to be seen.

Candi's grandmother popped out of the ground behind her. "Idiot.". She grabbed Candi by the skull and slammed her to the ground, causing the ground to give in. Candi bit her grandmother's hand and began to dig away while her grandmother tried to escape the cave in.

Suddenly, a fist plowed hard into Candi's cheekbone. Pearl had rushed in for a last minute rescue, holding the elderly mole's arm as she attacked. Candi fell backwards and fell down but preformed a jump kick aimed at Pearl's cheek, which she just managed to block with her attacking hand. She whirled around and tossed Candi's grandmother out the sinkhole, and dove out after her.

Candi's grandmother was gasping. "Thank you..." Pearl simply nodded in response, and turned to look back at Candi.

Candi started to whimper. "Please! Don't kill me! I'll be good! I promise just don't kill me!" as she was begging and strange hissing sound could be heard.

"What is that noise?" Pearl asked, worriedly. She stood her ground, with her guard up.

Suddenly a giant hand made out of rock grabbed Pearl by the legs.

Candi's grandmother gasped. "A rock golem!" She growled. "Don't worry Joe! I'll handle-"

Candi chuckled. "Sorry hag! This isn't normal rock. It's Moligmite. Touch it and it'll drain your energy!"

Candi's grandmother shook her head. "I don't care!" she kicked at the hands but Candi tackled her to the ground and the two dug underground in the struggle.

Pearl struggled to break free of the hands, while trying not to fall over in the process. "!" She slowly began loosening the grip of the hand by pushing it apart. Suddenly, Smash came charging at full throttle. He jumped into the air, and slammed both of his fists into the golem hand, hard enough to crush it.

The golem hands retracted into the ground. The ground began to shake and seconds later a rock golem quadruple Smash's size had rose from the ground and threw a punch at him hard enough to send him flying backwards. Smash cartwheeled to the side, avoiding the punch. He began to back off, scanning it for any signs of weak points.

The rock golem jerked it's head three times then spat out a flurry of rocks in Smash's direction.

[The Talons, although a much smaller group, seemed to easily hold their own against a much larger foe, with obvious experience behind them. The hedgehog officer, seeing no answer from the other fighter, instead shifted his focus to Frederick, and approached the prisoner, defending himself with ease.]

Officer: Who are they working for? I can already say this operation isn't fully supported, and that at the very least the First and Seventh Divisions are ready to turn on these people, plus your unit in the Fifth. In fact, soldier, why aren't you in armor? I recognize you. Tell me who is commanding this, and I can possibly help end it.

Frederick turned his head in shame. "Im agent Frederick Hopstick. The reason why I'm not in uniform is because I was working undercover for awhile. I'm not permitted to tell you his name. He's got a chip installed on me so if I say his name I'm dead in an instant." he explained while slightly mumbling.

"Looks like we'll just have to find out ourselves." Splice said, with his hands on his hips. He then looked at the officer, "You're commanding a group in G.U.N. aren't you? I'm surprised you don't know all that's been going on."

[The officer smiled]

Officer: This isn't a fully sanctioned operation, nor is it well known that certain groups in G.U.N. aren't big on telling the other groups. I'm General Reflex Stutrai, in command of the First Division. Those guys are Talon Squad, my personal bodyguard unit. Normally, we'd be in powered armor, so we're doing our best without the full armor. This here rabbit... [General Stutrai gestures towards Frederick] is another battle armored soldier, or he was last I checked the records. Assigned to the Fifth Division. There's a different focus of each division, etc, and the Fifth is focused on powers.

"I see..." Splice rubbed his temple, taking the information into account.

"That makes sense." Thunder spoke up. "Not everyone in G.U.N. would agree to these orders the commander's been giving out. So he only instructed the few divisions that would, and left everyone else in the dark."

"That is all the more reason he must be stopped." Kyle declared.

"Heh. I should've known you'd be an idiot you pee-colored IDIOT!" Frederick barked at Thunder. "HE LED ALL OF US ON! WE WOULDN'T DO THIS IF WE KNEW HIS TRUE INTENTIONS! THE ONLY REASON I KNOW IS BECAUSE HE THOUGHT I WOULDN'T LIVE TO TELL ANYONE ELSE!" Frederick screamed.

"Say what you will." Thunder replied calmly, though with an irritated tone. "You cannot expect me to know everything about your military; It was a theory, nothing more."

Frederick let out a long sigh. "Commander, the reason only I was assigned here because the commander obviously knows that I'm the strongest of the fifth division. The second reason was because he knows that I'm good at lieing and would be good at gaining info on Smash's group." Tears began to welll up as be bowed down. "I'm so sorry I failed you. I'm ready to take your punishment."

The general shook his head. "I came out this far to stop the execution of a group of agents, plus yourself. I don't have the position to punish you, anyway. That's a job for your commanding officer, the general in command of the fifth. Besides, strongest of the fifth is an impressive claim, and not one I would want to put to shame. Besides, you've earned your freedom." Reflex reached to a sheath strapped to his side, a familiar leather cover. Still with his broadsword clasped in one hand, Reflex withdrew a meat cleaver and used it to cut the bonds on Frederick's wrists. "Now, make your choice. Live in fear of execution at the hands of an officer who has no true claim over you, or fight with honor against the man who betrayed you. It's your choice."

Frederick sighed. "I would if I could. The commander implanted a lock-out chip deep in all of my current group's brain. He did that so the only way to deactivate the chip is either a)kill us by cutting off a section of our brain or b)saying the password. My hunch is that General Roach over there has it." he said, referring to the green hedgehog.

"Fitting name for a nasty scoundrel like him." Splice grumbled under his breath.

General Stutrai bristled. "General Roach? I didn't know he got a promotion. Of all the slimy little...I could have sworn he was thrown out for war crimes. I was at the tribunal. Oh, very clever, this 'commander' has to be, at the minimum, one of the Generals, or of equal rank from one of the other forces. I understand, though. I'm no psychic, and I can't read his mind. What we need is to beat the password out. Otherwise, I could get codebreakers out here...but with no console, they'd be no help."

"Just leave this problem to us." Splice said. "It's us they want. And as long as we're interfering with his plans, he'll be more focused on erasing us from the picture than anything else."

General Stutrai nodded, and handed Splice a small radio from his belt as he returned the cleaver to it's pouch. "It's programmed with my armor's frequency. As long as I have my helmet on, you'll be able to contact me. Now, back to battle." And, with that, the general left, his giant sword spinning in circles tighter than most would think possible for such a large blade.

Splice watched him leave, and then looked down at the radio in his hands. "Y'know, he wasn't such a bad guy." He said. "Anyway, Back to business!"

Several of the assaulters from the forest popped out of the ground and grabbed Splice, Frederick, Thunder, and Kyle's legs then began to pull them down.

Frederick. "Great, now I know how it feels to be a powerless mutt!" he growled.

Kyle bashed down against the assaulters with the hilt of his blade, while Splice repeatedly stabbed the robots with his daggers, both desperately trying to free themselves. Thunder on the other hand, formed an electrical, spherical barrier around himself that would both electrocute and launch any enemies away from him.

All the robots self destructed, creating a small explosion.

Frederick growled. "Damnit!" he barked.

Splice and Thunder were relatively unphased by the explosion, however, Kyle took a bit of damage and fell backwards. He quickly stood back up, scanning the area for any more robots.

"The coast is clear." Splice declared. "Let's go help Smash and Pearl!"

"Right!" Thunder nodded, as the trio rushed off to the battlefield.


" not go any further. Stand still as I eliminate you." commanded a giant robot in monotone as he slowly rose from the ground. It pointed a large plasma canon at the group. "Please. This will only be painful for five seconds. Then you will die."

"How about no." Splice 'suggested' nonchalantly, before leaping up into the air. He propelled himself up on top of the canon with his flames, and ran up the robot's arm. Thunder and Kyle quickly maneuvered sideways to get on either side of the robot.

The clear ball on the antenna on the robot's head glickered balck thrice. The robot's arms, legs, and shoulders dissapeared; leaving suspened hands, torso, legs and a head. The right hand threw a rapid flurry of punches at Splice and ended the flurry with a slapping motion, if succesful would send Splice plummeting into a wall. The legs attacked Thunder and Kyle stomping the ground, even if the stomps missed it would still send medium sized shacokwaves around where the stomp impacted.

Rock:(Moves away from the attack,using a rock sheild for cover)

With the arms suddenly disappearing under his feet, Splice immediately began to fall downward. With that, he was completely helpless against the attack, and found himself flat against a wall before he even realised what happened.

Thunder and Kyle both jumped over the shockwaves as it stomped, now trying to revise their strategy due to it's missing limbs. Meanwhile, Gizmo and Kitty opened fire at it's head, aiming for the clear ball on it's antenna.

The head simply flipped and evaded quickly to dodge the attacks and it blinked red thrice as none of it's components moved for ten seconds, leaving oppenings. One of the hands flew away from Splice while the one remaining flicked at him, hoping to send him flying upward, it followed with a slap then finally a slap towads the ground, if missed it would create a small shockwave.

Splice just barely managed to get off the wall before he got flicked into the air. He fell down to the ground, and backed away from the hand. The hand flew up, then slammed down towards Splice while spinning in a drill-like fashion. He quickly dove out of the way before it hit, letting the hand drill into the ground. He then began to freeze the ground around it, hoping to get it stuck.

The feet violently and quickly kicked around, if made contact with anyone, it would send them flying. Kyle and Thunder wisely kept their distance from them, and attacked from the long range. Thunder sent several bolts of electricity towards the feet, hoping to paralyze them, while Kyle began casting a spell.

The electricity did not affect the foot and it kicked violently at Thunder while the other foot kicked at Kyle while he was casting a spell.

Thunder narrowly managed to dodge it's wild attack. He didn't want to get anywhere near it with the way it was flailing around. Kyle on the other hand, didn't budge an inch. "Guardian Field!" On his command, a rainbow sphere of elements surrounded him, and expanded to shove the foot backwards, it attempted to burst forward but the shield blocked it's advancment, leaving it open. The foot near Thunder stomped the ground causing a mini earthquake in Thunder's area.

Meanwhile, a hand flew towards Kitty and Gizmo and fired a barrage of energized bullets in their direction. The two scattered in opposite directions to avoid the attack.

Rock:(Fires some rock projectiles at it)

The hand narrowly dodged Rock's projectiles and began wildly flailing in Kitty and Gizmo's direction, if the hand came into contact with them it would send them plummeting.

Theme Song

Don't Stop Believing

Don't Stop Believing

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