DUaG is a Sonic the Hedgehog roleplay based off of both Sonic '06 and Sonic Forces where Mephiles takes over most of the planet, causing death, destruction, and despair. The resistance is currently being led by Silver, most of the heroes either dead or taken captive by Mephiles, being tortured daily. Silver and some others infiltrate Mephiles' "capital city" to rescue more people and find the heroes, beaten and scarred. They escape with them and some courage

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  • If Mephiles isn't taken before the roleplay starts, Luvsi will take the spot
  • If people could play canons that be great-


After '06, everyone assumed Mephiles, the consciousness of a god, was dead. No. You couldn't kill a god. Mephiles, after many months finally regenerated from the embarrassing defeat. He was hungry for vengeance and retribution, wanting to put fear back into his name. In the same setting as forces, Mephiles has taken over most of the world, killing off and enslaving many. The resistance is dwindling, lead by Silver the hedgehog. Yet on a mission to rescue more civilians, they find the rest of the living heroes/freedom fighters and free them, barely making it out alive. Yet they didn't just make it out with victims, they came out with hope.


  1. Don't be overpowered, dodge every attack and so on. The only real exception is mephiles but he's the villain so he'll be defeated in the end-.
  2. Don't control another person's character.
  3. You can ship (obviously) but if someone does not wish to ship something with you please do not force them. As for the person not wishing to rp the ship, please make it very clear by actually stating you do not wish to carry out this ship. This is so the person attempting to ship with you can get the picture.
  4. No crossovers
  5. No exe, Uganda Knuckles, Tails doll, etc.
  6. Don't kill/severely harm another character without the roleplayer's permission
  7. Ask to join.

Canon Rules Edit

  1. No doubles of canon characters. If someone is already playing the character you desire, then I'm sorry but first come first serve.
  2. Do not go too out of character. You can add in some headcanons here and there, but please nothing like a new power or something like that.

OC Rules Edit

  1. OCs cannot relate to canon characters family-wise.
  2. No Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, joke OCs, fanchild OCs, etc.
  3. No gods, goddesses, angels, demons, etc.
  4. Since I'm so picky I'll be deciding if certain OCs can get in or not. I'll basically be looking to make sure your OC isn't OP, has a personality, etc.




Involved Characters

Canon Characters

Amy Rose

Miles "Tails" Prower

Silver the Hedgehog





Part One has not been made yet, expect to see it soon!

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