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This Roleplay is about Domesticated animals fighting (and if Spongebob100 if you Join this Roleplay Skunks and Hedgehogs Can Be Domestic pets) Yeah I Decided that Domestic animals need their own roleplay. So all Domestic Animals (Well not all) Go to a tournament for Domestic Pets and Humans only.They fight til one is Rightfully Claimed Domestic Fighting King/Queen.


  1. Domesticated animals or Animals that could be Domesticated only(Although humans are allowed,except for Chris Thordyke and Princes Elise)
  2. No Sexuality(Kissing,Flirt,Hugging,and Making out are as Far as it goes)
  3. No Trolling/Vandalizing
  4. No G-Modding
  5. No Swearing(Damn,Crap,and Hell are the only Exceptions)
  6. Have Fun
  7. Stay on Topic



Adrenaline The Red Wolf

Peace Kittensburg(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Gale Fence the cat(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Purrloom Purlion the cat(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Goldley the Golden Dachshund(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Spencer the Welsh Corgi(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Max the Boxer(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Pillow2 the Shiba Inu(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Poots Poodle(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Brad the Caliver K.C. Spaineil(Kaytlnfencethefox)

Brianna the Caliver K.C. Spaniel(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Brandon Fence the fox(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Jur the Hedgehog (Cameron33268110)

Lizzy the Hedgehog (Cameron33268110)

Teniahk the Halfbreed Lioness

Future Thrash the Hedgehog




Anti Thrash the hedgehog

Beserker the Wolf


Rolepay Part 1:Domestic Life

Jur:(Wakes up, looks around her room, sees it pink, gets mad) LIZZY!

Lizzy: Good Morning Jur. Are you yelling to wish me a happy day?

Jur:(Gets out of bed) No! I'm yelling because you painted my whole room your favorite color!

Lizzy: I didn't paint your room.

Jur: Oh yeah? Then who else would paint my room entirely pink?!


Max;*Spying*Just Hedgehogs.

Adrenaline: Uh?


Adrenaline: *looks up* Hm...

Anti-Thrash:(Whispers) Stealth Run (Runs With a sound)

Adrenaline: WHAT THE HELL? *runs up there*

Max:Ohh great More Hedgehogs!Just once i want see a Dog besides my self and my Friends!

Anti-Thrash:(Runs at Adrenaline and Punches Adrenaline)

Adrenaline: YOU BA***RD! *uppercuts him*

Max:*Kicks Anti-Tharsh in the Gut*

Adrenaline: If you want to see a dog, look for Isaiah or Shred!

Anti-Thrash:(Grabs Adrenaline's Fist and Breaks every bone in the hand) Chaos OBLITERATE!!!!!

Max:*Kicks Anti-Thrash in the Back of the Head*

Adrenaline: AHHHH!!! *swings his right arm at Anti-thrash*

Anti-Thrash:(Grabs the Arm and Snaps it like a twig)


Max:*Picks up Anti-Thrash and Throws him into the middle of the Road*

Thrash: (Flame Dashes and Fire Kick his Anti self and Goes to Heal Adrenaline)

Adrenaline: Roadkilling much?


Anti-Thrash:(Runs to Thrash and Punches him)

Adrenaline: *rushes in front of max and twists Anti Thrash's arm* Remember that?

Max:This is horrible,I'm Leaving.

Anti-Thrash:(Smiles and Eyes glow bright red) Chaos Super NOVA!!!!!!!

Max:I had enough of you*Picks up Anti-Thrash and Throws Him*

(With Spencer & Goldley)

Goldley:Out of all the days Max is gone to days one of them.

Spencer:Max is going to be fine He's smart and Strong.

Goldley:Your right.

Adrenaline: *Sumersaults down*


Teniahk:( Jumps out of a tree)

Goldley:*Hugs Spencer*

Adrenaline: *sneak attacks Anti-Trash, thus elbow dropping him*

Spencer;*Hugs Goldley*It's ok.

Lizzy and Jur:(Come out of the house)

Jur: Oh great! Now you painted the world pink!

Anti-Thrash:(Teleports out)

Pillow2:I hate Pink!*Kicks a Tree*

Poots:Pillow,Don't kick that tree.

Max:*Jumps down to Goldley and Spencer*

Spencer:Max,Where have you been?



Max:Trying to find a Mecha-cat.

Thrash:(Lies down)

Roleplay Part 2:A Tournament

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