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30 years after the current Sonic timeline, After being left behind by his mate and pups from a flood, Jim is confused, why did his Family leave him? Where are they right now? Just then, a black dog named Maggie convinces him to escape, Jim does not trust her, but it turns out that the young dog was right about escaping, there's lots of food outside. But she does not know that an evil dog named Scar is hunting them down. Jim and Maggie save a lot of dogs in an alley, most of them were Mutts and tiny dogs, or as Jim call them, "Yappers.". Scar had killed the rest of the dog in the city, despite him being "The biggest dog in this town." as he says. Scar plans to kill Jim and his "friends" next. Well Jim live, Or die? (THIS IS BASED off of The Storm: Dogs of the Drowned City)


  • Do not Godmod.
  • No breaking the fourth wall.
  • Follow the plot!
  • NO HUMANS. Dogs, foxes and canines ONLY.
  • This roleplay is very serious, so no jokes!
  • HAVE FUN! ^^
  • This is a freejoin! Come and share your chapters!


  • Jim the male merle Labrador (Scroundernuts)
  • Maggie the Dog (Scroundernuts)
  • Yugi the Geman Shepard (Scroundernuts)
  • The Saved dogs
  • Erik & Richard The Huskies (Dingos,Mr.Zaya)
  • Willy The Dog 
  • RavenCool the Wolf (super silver fan)
  • Jamie the Wolf 
  • Abigail, (Abby) a female blue eyed merle Sheltie- Jim's mate
  • Scar the Evil One
  • Mishka, a female husky

Main Character Descriptions:

  • Jim the male merle Labrador: The leader of the pack and Abby's mate. He fell in love with her at first sight and moved on from his previous mate. He is a Labrador with a spotted coat.
  • Maggi the Dog: A female black Labrador who is Jim's best friend and ranks as beta in the pack. She met Jim in a hotel
  • Abigail (Abby): A beautiful merle Sheltie who has baby blue eyes. She is the mate of Jim and alpha female in the pack. Her stunning beauty won Jim's heart. Maggi and Abigail do not get along too well.
  • Scar: An evil dog who wants to reign over others and have slaves to serve him. He plans to kill all dogs except himself and his equally evil mate

Part one: The nightmare begins

It was a normal day in Mobius, everything was going good today. A dog named Jim was with his family, looking at the first drops of rain. Jim looked at the TV at the store, the weatherman was on the news, reporting that a flood is coming near the city where Jim , His mate and pups were. Jim didn't trust him, but he was right. A flood WAS coming.

Just after that, Jim could here the sound of water coming "T-the newsman was right!" he said. He saw the flood drowning mobians to death. He, his mate and pups ran as fast as they could. His family scrambled upon the nearest boat, but they forgot about Jim. Before he could drown, Jim rose up and swam. He went to the stairs of a high building, with only the platform, walls etc. remaining. He opened the door and panted. It turned out to be a hotel with plenty of food and water. "At least I'm safe" Jim barked, although he had a feeling he would never see his mate or pups again. He shook the water off his fur and sat by the fireplace on a cozy chair. Jim relaxed for a second. "Hey!" whispered a voice. "Can you help me mister mutt?"She said. Jim growled. "Did you just say 'Mister Mutt'?" He said.

"Sorry!" She whimpered.

"Mister Mutt..What? Hey! That rhymes,"Richard replied.

"Anyway's" The black dog said. "Can you help me out? by the Way I'm Maggie!"

"Sure" Jim said. He pulled the puppy out as she whimpered.

"I'm Jim." Jim said. "Where's your Mom and Dad?" He asked.

"Dead." Maggie replied.

Erik replied to Maggie. "Dead? Do you know what killed them? I'd think if we knew, we could teach the punk a lesson." Erik added.

"No, they died from the flood" Maggie said with her ears down.

All of a sudden a drowning dog appeared. "HELP!" He yelled.

Jim ran down all of the Stairs as fast as he could and grabbed the dog. then went back up. "Are you okay?" He panted.

"Yeah"He said as he coughed up water.

Jim looked at the clock. "It's 12;00 in the morning." Jim said "Maggie, you go to sleep"

Maggie nodded and did just as Jim said.

Jim sniffed. "I sense there's other dogs here" He said.

"Oh," Erik Said.

Jim yawned. "Anyways" he said. "It's 12:01 in the morning, I'm going to bed"

"Get up" I am Willy...

"Heh. Nice to meet you Willy" Jim said as he sat on the sofa of the hotel.

"Hi thanks for saving me..."He said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"No prob. We can sleep in the top part of this hotel" Jim replied.

"We're already there" A German Shepard said.

"Ok I guess I'll go to sleep and see if its any better in the morning"And with that Willy collapses

"Uh...Hi, Willy."

In the morning,Maggie wakes Jim up. "Hey! Jim! The water soaked up a bit!" She said.

"Good" Jim said as he rolled his eyes.

Maggie pulled Jim out of bed, wagging her tail.

"The others dogs went to the alley to find food but they got stuck!" She said.

Wily stood back to his feet. "Oh Good Mourning Guys."

Maggie and Jim went outside to look for the trapped Mobian dogs.

Wily ran outside "Wait!" He announced I want to help.

Jim sighed. "Fine, but follow me if you don't want to get killed!"

"Why?" Maggie asked.

Just then. A bloody dog with a Scar on his face appeared "Long time no see, Jim!"

"It's you!!" Jim replied. "What the hell are you doing here, Scar?"

"You see, i have killed some of the dogs in this city, and I'm going to kill you and the other dogs next! then, i will rule mobius by making all mobians my slaves!"

Jim growled. "And why do you want to kill us?"

Scar responded. "Dogs are stupid animals, and i should be the only one!!!"

Jim laughed. "So you hate your own species?"

Scar circled Jim, then picked up Maggie by the neck. "It's you or the Lab!"

"I say it's no-one!!" Jim said.

Scar threw the pup. "I'll be back".

"He's gone.." Jim said.

Some-one groaning could be heard. "Help!!!!"

on the roof* RavenCool is seen looking at the town " Man, this is bad, canines killing other canines? I'm sure we are pack animals at heart." She howls for a long time and then hears the groaning"Time to do something impoatant!" RavenCool rushes down to the groaning. ​Jamie jumps down to Maggie."Are you okay little pup?"she asks.

"Ok, what happened!? I'm can fight if you need me too!!" Says RavenCool as she ran down.

"Calm down," Jamie snapped.

" Ok, ok. Do you need help?"  asks RavenCool as she sits down and cooks some meat with her powers.

"This pup is hurt,"Jamie replied.Her stomach growled loudly.

" Oh." RavenCool said as she got out a first aid kit and cuts the meat up into three and hands some to Jamie.

Jamie wolfed the meat down and began to check the pup.

" I hope this madness stops soon." RavenCool said.

Part Two: The Meeting Attack

Sunlight- licked clouds bellied smooth in the twilight skies as if romancing the still waters below. The arc of the sun let its fingers of light reach out and latch onto the city beneath, lowering into its cradle of slumber beyond the horizon. A slice of moon raised itself behind the billows of pallid wisps on the other side of the sky; a talon of white bidding farewell to the day. 

As dusk cast its aura over acres of flooded city, the resounding splashes of a dog's paws hitting the ankle-length water echoed in the niches of cement buildings.

Abigail, a young merle Sheltie let her body collapse into the water, tired and weary from roaming endlessly. Her richly patterned pelt billowed luciously in response to the aquatic liquid greeting the strands of her fur. No sooner than she had fallen in, Abby let loose a drowning shriek as water spilled through her nostrils, marking a burning sensation in her throat. She wheezed angrily and fled; out of the water like a juggernaut and was greeted with something hard and metallic which left a bruise on the left side of her head before falling unconscious. 

                                                                         * * *

The pack had searched high and low for other signs of life in the sparse city. Call did not meet response and food did not meet hungry bellies. Jim arranged the starvation- ridden scoundrels in orderly fashion, to meet his proper taste.

“Maggie!” Get your head out of that trashcan and let’s move on. We’ve got to find more lives to save!”

His yelling was rewarded with an obedient female accompanying him without delay at his side, trotting submissively. Apparently, judging from the rest of the dogs’ behaviour, Jim had become pack leader and Alpha, even to Maggie.

“Sir, I’m starving,’ Erik groaned, ceasing to walk with the others and collapsed on his backside to give his growling belly a rubbing attack as if to appease a demon inside his body. 

Jim frowned at the misshapen little thing and wrinkled his brow, blackmailed by the hard choice to save a pack member near death or rescue the many more lives waiting miserably; unseen before them.

A growl was uttered unbidden from the brawny dog’s throat as he issued the others to come to a halt.

“Who here has food for Erik?”

Jim’s query was answered only with silence from the rest of the pack and he shifted uneasily from paw to paw in the water.  Flitting his gaze to Erik and to the awaiting pack again, he lowered himself to where Erik was and let the young one scrabble onto his broad back. The adolescent whimpered a sigh of relief and the brown orbs in his head disappeared under their lids. 

Jim returned to his position up front and issued an order to the others.

"We search for food along the way while finding others."

A chorus of fervent yaps and barks immersed themselves into a happy ruckus of noise. Jim bared his canines into a smile as he raised a foreleg and placed his paw before him into the water, ready to take on whatever greeted them.

                                                                        * * *

Maggie unlocked her jaws from their usual tight clench and yelped, her heart faltering for a second; she skidded to a halt causing a small wave of water to drench the unsuspecting dog. A pretty merle sheltie fluttered her eyelids, and beneath those thick eyelashes two baby blue orbs bore their way into Maggie's surprised gaze. The sheltie's slender body arched it's way around the black-pelted female and took a whiff of her scent near her rear.

"Oh I'm sorry. I thought you were a male. My name is Abigail but you can call me Abby," A husky bark was produced from the sheltie as she posed, flaunting her beautiful fur.

Maggie took the offense deeply and it stung her like a fact that might have stuck with her her whole life. She blushed angrily and would have looked like a red dingo if she did not have black fur. However, before she could snap back a witty remark, the sound of Jim's rough voice sliced towards her left ear. 

"Maggie! Well done for finding another dog; and who is this?" 

Maggie snarled snappishly at the merle Labrador. "This is a good for nothing, stuck up female who thinks she's so pretty and likes showing off that patterened coat that's similar to the likes of yours!"  

Maggie was taken aback by what she had just said and cowered in fright. 

"I- I didn't really mean that..."

Abby fluttered her eyelashes at Jim. 

"It's not my fault I couldn't tell, she really did smell like a male at first- And look like one"

That was the last straw. Maggie flashed her fangs and growled, her body arching into a crouch. The volume of her growling varied dangerously, and suddenly it heightened into a piercing snarl; her paws shot out of the shallow water and she flung her whole body agianst Abby, the two females clashed togther in a paroxysm of biting, barking, yapping, growling and snarling. Abby's seemingly sweet temperament  drained out of her face and she curled her lip back, shoving equally sharp teeth into Maggie’s face. Her talons swiped at her muzzle while seeing the opportunity to hurl her face forward and sink her teeth into Maggie’s bare neck. The black female came away with a ripped bloody nose, still growling fervently and her eyes became two demonic pools of venom glinting horrifyingly the way she looked at the Sheltie. She wrinkled her nose again and roared, the bedlam of violence heightening until it looked liked fatality would occur. 

Jim howled at the two and snapped at Maggie. 

"Maggie! Get your paws off the Sheltie now!" 

However Maggie was in her own world and would not listen

But Abby was not dumb.

Suddenly, the female Sheltie drew herself away and started crying, yipping with counterfeit helplessness. She uttered a quiet whimper.

"Please don't hurt me I don't want anyone to die"

Jim gave a banishing look at Maggie and saw a chance to rush in and grab her by the neck, hauling the furious female away while being nipped in several areas.

"You can sit by yourself and tend to yourself for punishment!"

The black dog glared at him and licked at her wounds, her dignity burning. Jim trotted over to the Sheltie and searched for any severe wounds, licking cuts and bruises that covered her slender body.

"I'm sorry about that I don't know what got into Maggie. I'm Jim and my pack and I, ever since the flood, we've been searching the city for lost dogs. You're not one of Scar's pack mates are you?" He gazed at the pretty dog dubiously.

The merle female nuzzled Jim gratefully. "I have no clue who that is. Thankyou for rescuing me. And by the way my name is Abby."

                                                                       * * *

Maggie snarled jealously to herself as she averted her eyes from Jim and Abby frolicking together in the water. Ever since the end of the fight and Jim rescuing her, she had been following the male labrador around and sticking to him like glue. Jim had taken a fancy to her as well. Because of the Sheltie’s dominance over other dogs in the pack, she was now alpha female and Jim was perfectly fine with that, nuzzling and licking Abby excessively. Jim, as the alpha male and Abby as the alpha female seemed to settle the dogs they were leading, all except Maggie.   Abby and Maggie had forgiven each other about the fight and even spent time together to make up for it. However Abby would not and did not stand Maggie being close to Jim. She would glare and growl and snarl until she went away. It was the same for Jim who became aggravated at males who went too close. At least Maggie and Erik were still the betas. 

                                                                       * * *

In a dark alleyway, a sable dog, patterned with scars and wounds and a burn mark licking his left hind leg, watches the pack, saliva dripping into the water as he bares his mangled teeth and snarls. A spiked collar embraces his neck, splattered with the blood of a freshly killed victim.






                                                                      * * *

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