Overshadowed Toki

Who is the culprit?



Mia MaJikku, the forest's guardian and witch of the wind, has been discovering that certian spacial distortions have been appearing all over the forest of Hayashi. The humans and anthros of the village of Hieonkawa have also been experiencing some sudden shifts in time. Sometimes it will stop, or speed up ahead. In order to find whoever is doing this, Mia will need the help from the outside.


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Those willing to stop the culprit

Mia MaJikku

E-113:Xi as himself

Ichiro Keiken - Xi

Dusk the Hedgehog - Duskorion the Dark Prince

Smash The Echidna (STE)

Amber The Cat (STE)

Cold the Hedgehog(Tailsman67)

D Smith(Tailsman67)

Fevine Gemson (Sonicfan919)

Mori Mizuki (NoraKouba)

Static the Hedgehog (ProtectTheShadows)


Those who are just doing it for the heck of it

Lily the Reaper (DuskoriontheDarkPrince)

Savant the Goetian (Ryu. He really has no idea what's going on; the temporal distortions are messing with his own limited powers over time)


Those willing to search for the culprit for their own selfish gain

Dark Ichiro (has his own intentions) - Xi

Chapter 1: Distortion of Space

It was another beautiful day in Hayashi, a forest that exsists on Mobius (the SA version). The witch, Mia has just finished doing her chores for the day, but something has been bothering her... Mia went outside to see a large gap floating above her! It wasn't like her spacial magic however, but then it suddenly closed. Mia had to go into investigation for this, so she went to Hieonkawa, the village of humans and anthros.

Mia- Where am I going to start?

(Dusk bumps into Mia)

Dusk: Oof!....*looks at Mia* Sorry, Mia....I didn't see you there....

Mia- Oh, hello Dusk, what are you doing here?

Dusk: Looking for alchemical ingredients...Ya know, for potions. You look concerned...What's wrong?

Mia- I'm, a little nervous just being in this village. But that's not what's bothering me, its the fact I keep sensing the space around here is being distorted. And then suddenly I saw this gap in the air!

Dusk: A gap, huh? Well, it wasn't me. I can't open space gaps. Only portals...Hmmmm...*thinking*...Listen, Mia, I can look for herbs anytime. This seems more of a priority. I'll help you search for the culprit.

Mia- Thanks Dusk...

(All of a sudden screams came from the south of the villlage!)

Mia- What was that?!

Dusk: There's only one way to find out! *spreads wings* Come on!

(When they got there, there was a group of people surrounding a man that appeared to be suspended in time)

Mia- What the-?

Dusk: He's....paralyzed?

Mia- No... something more then that...

(But then all of a sudden the man went back into movement)

Man- Come back here you little-.... what the?

Dusk:....Time skips?....Why would time be disoriented?

Mia- Sir, can you tell me what happened?

Man- Well, while I was working at my store a child stole some of my fruit! But when I came after her, next thing I knew she was gone and all these people are here!

Mia- A.... child?

Man- Yes, probably 12 years old

Mia- Hmm... This child may have nothing to do with it, maybe not, we need more infromation!

???2:Hi Mia.

???:Hey beautiful.

(Mia turns around)

Mia- Huh?

Dusk: *spins around, eyes flaring, but stops when he sees who it is* Eh?



Mia- Oh it's you two again, what was it? D and Cold, was it? Sorry if I'm wrong, my memory doesn't work too well with names.

(They notice a robot that is moving backwards in time)

Mia- Erm, what's a robot doing all the way in this forest... and what's more, why is it going backwards?

(The robot starts saying words backwards too)

Robot:Etupmoc ton seod.

Mia- Um...

Dusk: Huh boy....This might be a problem....I need to find someone who might be able to help protect US from the time skips...Who knows what might happen if WE start slowing down or speeding up...or whatever.....I'll be right back....*teleports*


D:Smithibg about speed up,slow down.

Mia- Guess I'll have to explain. You see, I have been sensing some space distortions around the forest and just this morning I saw a spacial gap. I went to the village to investigate, but me and Dusk found a man stopped in time. So, pretty much right we're dealing with someone who's a manipulator of time and space....

(Dusk teleports back with a robed fox)

???: *short, carrying a sythe ending with a pink lily, and her ghost half floats beside her* Well, I don't really specialize in other-worldly beings, but I guess I could add him to my collect-....*looks at Mia*....You again?!?

(Mia merely crosses her arms and glares at the fox)

???: *grunts, ears droop* Great, now I gotta deal with this stuck-up, blonde-

Dusk: Lily....I lied. We need your help to stop us from becoming affected by the time distortion...

Lily: *suddenly shuts up, then blushes under her hood* Oh....Um....*looks at Mia*....sorry...about....that....

(Mia walks up to Dusk)

Mia- What did you tell her?

Cold:(Watches from a distance)

Dusk: Lily's a reaper, so I told her that someone over here had died...An old friend. She was reluctant at first, but agreed....I brought her here to help us.

Lily:...*sighs, then walks over to Mia*...Listen....Mia....I know we had a bad run-in in the past....But I was hoping we could just forget about that. Can we please call a truce, even if you're immortal? *holds out her hand*

Mia- Yeah, I can't keep a grudge... *shakes Lily's hand*

(All of a sudden a large banging noise was heard from the ally way)

Mia- What was that?

(Mia turns to see a figure hiding behind some trash cans and then started to flee)

Dusk: Oh no you don't!! *flies after the figure*

D:What THE!?

(The figure suddenly disappears as if it was never there...)

Mia- Huh? He's gone... *looks down*

(Mia picks up what appears to be blue ribbon)

Mia- Or maybe SHE's gone....

Dusk:....She?....*looks at the ribbon*...Hmmm....Lily, can you track people by scent?

Lily: No, sorry...I may be a fox, but my sence of smell isn't THAT good...

Dusk: Then finding this mystery girl is going to be difficult...

[Mysterious robotic voice]: Perhaps we can be of assistance?

(Mia turns towards the voice)

Mia- Um... okay...

(But then Mia went back to the ribbon)

Mia- This ribbon has been exposed to some type of magic, however this isn't a kind of magic used by humans...

(A familiar komodo appears in front of Mia)

Ichiro: Allow me to apologize for my companion. His people skills are... less than adequate.

Mia- Ichiro! I'm happy to see you! And I understand, my people skills aren't too good either...

(A tall, robotic figure approaches Mia from behind)

E-113: Allow me to inspect the ribbon.

Ichiro: This is Xi, a good friend of mine. He detected the temporal anomolies as well, so we came to investigate.

Mia- *gives the ribbon to Xi* I don't know what you are going to do to it, but so far I can tell it doesn't belong to a human...

E-113: *scans the ribbon* It appears to be giving off some sort of magical residue. I am having difficulty analyzing it. Are there any objections to my confiscation of this for further analysis?

Mia- I don't mind, but I'm still curious about that girl or whatever this culprit is... The spaciel disturbances are bothering the heck out of me...

Dusk: Not human, huh?.....Hmmmm....*snaps fingers* That's it! I got an idea, but it will take time...I'll meet up with you later! *runs off, then takes flight*

Lily: WAIT! DUSK!!....*ears droop* Great...Now I'm stuck here without any idea of what's going on.....*sighs, and turns to the others* Well....Now what?

D:I do not know.

Mia- Well, we continue our search for the culprit of course!

Lily: We don't even know where to start!!

Mia- Well...*Creates a gap and takes a piece of paper out of it* I have this map of the whole forest... Let's see...

(Mia starts circling areas on the map)

Mia- These are the locations of the spaciel and time disturbances... Hieonkawa, and my home and there have been disturbances between them, and that's where....

(Mia points her finger on a village on the map)

Mia- Aurora Village! We should go there, maybe the culprit lives there!

Lily: I can get us there easy! *taps her sythe's handle twice on the ground, instantly sending them to Aurora Village* Now, I can prevent Strong time and space disturbances, but only for so long. Then I have to recharge.

(The village didn't look much different then Hieonkawa, despite it being somewhat smaller in size. Mia looked around the village to look for a house)

Mia- If we can't find the culprit here, there is someone who can...

Lily: *quietly follows, her ears are twitching, like something is bothering her*

Mia- Something wrong?

(Mia notices something was bothering Lily)

Lily: Oh....Kinda....I'm a reaper, and I sence that someone in Xenonia is about to die, so I will need to collect his soul soon.....But I can't just go and bring his spirit over here and carry him around....

Mia- Oh I see...

Lily:....*sighs, then teleports, then comes back a couple seconds later, she now has two souls, but one has a lily, so the other is a dead soul* I can't help it....I lose pay if I don't collect souls before the other reapers....And my rep as a reaper is weak already....*ears droop*

Mia- I wish I could help, but...

(Mia looked up to see a very light blonde haired girl with a face that was pure as snow, her strange beauty appeared to be from another world. She wore a strange gothic lolita outfit along with a magician's hat.)

Lily: *blinks*.......She doesn't get out much, does she? TwT

Cold:I don't think so Lil.

D:Oh well.

(The girl notices Mia, she grew shocked and began to run off)

Mia- Mori! Wait!

(Mia chases after the girl)

Lily: Oh no you don't. *slices the ground, creating a large crack that spreads around the area*

(The girl stops suddenly right at the crack, then Mia finally caught up with her)

Mia- Okay Mori, can I ask you a favor?

Mori- NO!

Lily: What's with her? It looks like she saw a ghost.

D:Most hot chicks are the crazy ones.

E-113: *stands behind Mori so she can't run off again*

Mia- Now, why Mori? You don't usually act like this...

Mori- I know what you want, and I... just can't give it to you...

Mia- Why not?

Mori- Because.... because.... I know...

Chapter 2: The Wishmaker

Mia- Huh, what do you mean you know?

Cold:Tell us.

Mori- I... know who's behind this...

Mia- Really?!

Mori- But she came to me and wished that I would not tell her name nor who she really is...

Mia- Crud....

Ichiro: Listen, Mori. What this person is doing is very dangerous. You must tell us who it is before it's to late.

Mori- I can't, she wished...

Mia- I guess I haven't explained... You see Mori is a wishmaker, and whatever wish, well minor wishes at least, she can grant. If she was wished to be silent about this person, then she can't tell us even if she tried...

(an orange hedgehog walks up)

???: Are you causing trouble again? Energy levels are off the charts in a bad way, and I don't want to find out that this was all caused by Mia creating some huge spacial portal. *nods to Ichiro* Hello there.

Lily: Wait! Mori, she didn't wish that you couldn't tell us WHERE she is, did she? Or where she'd be?

Mori- True, but unfortunaly I don't know where she went... However, I can tell you this... She's a half breed...

Mia- Half breed? Of what?

Mori- A human... and a slyph

(Mia went into thought about this, however she had a highly distressed look on her face)

D:You okay Mia?

Mia- Yeah, its just, it's very rare to find a slyph hybrid... What's really bothering me though, is that slyphs are very rare in Hayashi, they're usually from somewhere else, which might possibly mean this person is not native to Hayashi...

D:How did they get here?

Mia- Don't know....

Lily:.....Hmmmmmmm.....Wait....Hey Mori, you can grant any minor wishes, right?

Mori- Yes....?

Lily:...Well I wish there was a clue to where she might be. Nearby.

(A crystal on Mori's hand started to shine and a bright light then shone towards the south)

Mia- Isn't that where the shrines are?

Lily: Shrines?

Mia- The Seasonal Shrines, they far from the villages, she might be there to hide or something

Lily: Then let's head there! *hugs Mori* Thanks for your help!

Mori- Uh... no problem....

???: *sigh* One long trip after another.

Lily: *looks at ???* Who're you?

(Mia turns around towards the voice)

Mia- Huh?

???: *holds hands up in exasperation* Finally. *bows* Static the Hedgehog, at your service.

Mia- Okay...

Lily: Anyways....we should head to the Seasonal Shrines. ^_^

Cold:We need one more,and I know just the guy.

Mia- Sure, but he'll have to catch up... We gotta go!

(Mori just brushes her hat and watched Mia and the others leave...)

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Lily: I wonder what's taking Dusk so long....*ears twitch again*

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