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This is an RP created by BubblegumTheCat, well, I think we know the drill. Read the rules, sign up and jump right in! happy Rping! =D


  1. No excessive death (not everybody dies in a proper novel or story you know...)
  2. No Sexual Content!(There are children looking at this stuff you know! I'm treading on thin ice with this PG-13 violence as it is!)
  3. Do NOT control other people's characters (Unless the character's controller is labeled "anyone" don't change who that character is controlled by either, that right there is a big no no! -.-)
  4. Don't take anything seriously, don't look at anything as "insulting" we're here to have fun, not argue.
  5. if you want a character to die, tell me on the talk page.


A dreaded disease strikes the planet mobius with maximum force that just won't stop. This disease causes excessive vomiting, extreme insanity and or changes in behavior, Chronic Pain, and worst of all... if the disease is not treated withing one month, the disease will affect your circulatory system and you'll bleed to death! Its up to a team of "Brilliant" (Normal) "Scientists" (People), to try to find a cure before they become infected themselves... secrets, friendship, betrayal and romance thrive as the impeding crisis infects everyone.


Bubblegum The Cat (BubblegumTheCat)

Dismal the Hedgehog (Ryu)

Neos the Hedgehog (Maryxgil)

Fran the Walking Annoyance (Maryxgil)

-Isaiah The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)



On to the story and Bob's your flippin uncle.

Black Laboratory, 1:12 AM

Bubblegum: *walking down metal hallway, only thing visible is a flask of red liquid that stands alone on a table illuminated by moonlight at the end of the hall*

Bubblegum: *reaches the table* ... wow... if this Disease were to be real... the world could be doomed... We'd all die of bleeding to death... *gets a controller and presses a red button*

  • A Glass tube appears around the flask*

Bubblegum: I must make sure nobody even touches the flask...

Fran: *comes up behind Bubblegum* Hey what's that?

Bubblegum: What da what? how did you get in here?

Fran: I guessed the password.

Bubblegum: Who are you... and how do you know my name?

Fran: Who said I knew your name? OH! Was your name the password? I get it! I'm Fran, they call me the Walking Annoyance!

Bubblegum: Ok, normally I'd shake your hand or something... but right now I'm hoping that NOBODY is to spill this flask of liquid, it could DESTROY life as we know it!

Fran: Wow... Heavy. Good luck with that then. *pats Bubblegum on the back*

Bubblegum: We're lucky... not even the stupidest of villans would even THINK to spill this, but luckily I come prepared! *Puts a chrome barrier around the glass case*

Neos: *runs in and points at Fran* You!

Fran: Guess I left the door open, huh. *sticks her tongue out at Neos*

Neos: Give back what you took you air-headed doofus! *tackles Fran and they start fighting and bumping into stuff*

  • Bubblegum gets knocked over by the whirlwind of attacks and hits the table, the cases fall over and the flask breaks with it*
  • Sirens blare at huge volumes while a robotic voice shouts: CODE RED! CODE RED*

Bubblegum: You idiotic mouse-brains! THAT FLASK'S LIQUID COULD KILLS US ALL!!

*They both freeze*

Fran: See, you're in trouble now!

Neos: Hey if you hadn't of started it!

Bubblegum: JUST STOP IT! THANKS TO YOU TWO MOBIUS IS NOW DOOMED, *A panicked expression fills Bubblegum's face* What am I going to do?! *starts pacing around* Alright, think BG... what has happened to you before where the world is doomed... NOTHING!! Oh no... oh no....

Neos: *gets off Fran* Sheesh the world's not ended yet. What's it supposed to do anyway?

Bubblegum: well... that liquid contains a virus... no more than a virus... a Evil Disease which will lead to the following: excessive vomiting, extreme insanity and or changes in behavior, Chronic Pain, and worst of all... if the disease is not treated withing one month, the disease will affect your circulatory system and you'll bleed to death!! I had to contain this virus right after I found it so it could never cause a cataclysm but it looks like now its going to cause an apocalypse... and we can only sit and watch while it kills everything and everything we ever loved. *Bubblegum begins crying hysterically*

Neos: *just stares, everything sinking in* You're telling me we're as good as dead right now!? *when she says 'everything we ever loved' his eyes widened* Dana...

Bubblegum: Yes... we're all going to die... unless we can somehow find a cure... but that could take MONTHS of research. And we have only so long until we all perish....

Neos: Research? Can't you speed that stuff up or something?

Bubblegum: Unfortunately we can't. Cures for dangerous diseases don't grow on trees y'know.

Neos: That's dumb. I hate science.

Fran: What if we just tried everything and something would have to work!

Bubblegum: It's not that simple Fran... attempting everything could make this virus worse. So we either take the slow route or we all die.

Neos: Yeah, so keep your mouth shut and your bad ideas to yourself!

Fran: Nope! But ain't the slow route too slow?

Bubblegum: Its not too slow... millions of lives could be lost but it'll all be worth it once we find a cure for now we need to leave this dreadful place.

Neos: Just as long as it's not me dyin', I'm fine. Let's get out of this dump.

Bubblegum: Alright then. Lets head out *starts running toward the exit*

Fran: *pushes Neos and runs*

Neos: Hey! *runs after them*

*After The Base is Left*

Bubblegum: Alright, for now I need to do my research alone so I need to give you this in case you need to speak with me. *Puts on a headset* There is much to be done, go see if you can round up some other smart folks to help us with this investigation.

*Gives Neos something that looks like a digital watch*

Bubblegum: Just tap the screen and talk through the screen, I'll see what I can do about getting this cure.

Neos: *looks at the watch* Ok...

Fran: *grabs Neos' wrist and taps on the screen* Can you hear me now?

Bubblegum: Yes I can hear you. Report back to my house in a week. Bubblegum out! *Walks away*

Neos: *jerks his wrist away from Fran* You go home too! I'll do the reporting! *walks off*

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