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"Watch out!"-Cyclone/Angel


At first everyone lives their everyday lives until Eggman Nega attempts to take over.Everyone goes into action when the crew turn Super/Superior and attempt to defeat him.When he creates a mysterious light they are each taken to a strange place along with a few people nearby.Once they discover they are in another universe they work together to escape the dimension but also save it.









Involved Characters

Cyclone the hedgehog(Cyclonestar)

Cassie the rabbit(Cyclonestar)

Rose Bushwell(Cyclonestar)

Knight the wolf(Cyclonestar)

Harri the wolf(Cyclonestar)

Vanessa the cat(Cyclonestar)


Eggman Nega(Cyclonestar)

Shimmer the Hedgehog(Maria)

Penelope the Hedgehog(Maria)

Zero Evol (NeoExlucky)

Neo the Fox (NeoExlucky)

Fate the Cat (NeoExlucky)

Neon the fox [Neo's double] (NeoExlucky)

Mila "Tailsalyn" Prower

Shuckz the Hedgehog

Emily the hedgehog(ETH)

Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog (NikkiKaji123)

Starlight the Hedgehog (NikkiKaji123)

Erizo the Hedgehog (NikkiKaji123)

Faith the fox(Faith127)

frog the frog(faith127)

Princess Marone(Faith127)

Erica Sakura (YoungOtakuNerd)

Punk the Pikachu (YoungOtakuNerd)

Aqua the Guinea Pig (YoungOtakuNerd)

Part 1:Valentines day

It was Valentines day for Cassie and Harri

Cassie:What do you wanna talk about?

Harri:I don't know

Same for Knight and...Okay,maybe not Vanessa but you know her!

Vanessa:Why are you such an oddball?

Knight:Vanessa,I don't have a crush on you,anymore!

The only problem is Cyclone is very loney for some reason

Cassie:*Sitting on a bench sighing*

Shimmer: Why so down Cassie and Cyclone?

Penelope: Yeah?

Zero: *A blue hedgehog in grey and red clothing walks towards Shimmer and Co.* Hmmm...excuse me but I'm looking for somebody who was supposedly here. Have any of you seen a fox wearing Black clothing and probably carrying light green claws?

Shimmer: I don't think so, as far as I remember.

Penelope: Me neither.

Emily:*walks to Shimmer*Hi

Shimmer: Hi to you too.

Penelope: *smiles and waves*

Zero: Well, that's too bad. He's a wanted criminal you know. Wanted for Muder, theft, supposedly he even killed Agent Destiny. *Shakes his head.* Oh by the way, my name is Agent Number but my real name is Zero Evol. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Emily:Name's Emily

Weapon: *A white chaos comes from behind Zero* Chao-chao!

Zero: Oh and this is my partner, his name is weapon.

Nikki, Starlight, and Erizo: *walking past* Hey guys!


Penelope: Hey Nikki and the crew. But Zero, now that I think about it, I think I have a friend who looks like that. But he couldn't have been wanted for murder and he has admit that he was a thief.

Zero: *Pulls piece of paper.* Says here that a Mr. Neo Tranquil has over 30 murder counts, over 300 counts of theft, and is wanted for information about the disappearance of Agent Destiny, AKA Fate the Cat. She was assigned as his hunter before me and she just disappeared. We can only assume that he killed her. G.U.N. doesn't take to kindly to their operatives being killed.

Shimmer: I know him! He's friends with us. But I didn't know that he was a murderer. And he's my best friend Tailsalyn, boyfriend. Is he really wanted?

Zero: Well...*Shows a picture of a green fox wearing a black coat stabbing someone with a knife.* This look like him?

Penelope: *shakes her head an shed a bit of tears* I'm sorry to say, but...y-ye-yes.

Zero: *Shakes his head* I hate to say this is common. Often times criminals use others for personal gain. Sometimes as a way to make themselves hostages others as ways to make themsleves seem changed and new. Look you folks seem strong enough so I'm gonna do this. *Hands shimmer a new photo. This one has a time stamp that reads May, 30, 2012. As well as a card with a number on it.* If you seem him, take him down and confront. Give me a call once you do. I'll head over as fast as I can and take him to the prison. I'm sorry this had to happen to you. *Turns around and walks away but stays within the city.*

Neo: *Jumps from rooftop to rooftop.* Huh, this is so much easier than walking in the city. *Five minutes after Zero leaves he stops as he reaches the end of the rooftops. Directly under him is Penelope and Company.* Hmm, why's everyone crowded around?

Nikki: Wow.....That's no good.

Starlight: Oh come on Penelope, it's Valentines day. Don't cry.

Neo: Wait why's penelope crying? *Jumps down with a bit of an oof.* Okay what happened?

Emily:*looks at Neo and stay silent*

Neo: What? Come on Em, tell me.

Penelope: *looks at Neo* You-you-you liar! You trick us! Come on guys. Lets go. *runs off* 

Shimmer: *looks at Neo then turns away*

Neo: What? I didn't do anything! Why are you guys acting like this?

Emily:*walks forward to Neo and steps back looking at him*You tricked us didnt you?

Shimmer: *turns back at Neo* We heard from Zero Evol. You were using us all along. *turns back around*

Neo: What!?!? No I didn't! Why would I do that! Who the hell is Zero Evol! You guys are my friends! I'm in love with Tailsalyn! *Looks around the group, his eyes wide with terror and anger.* Did this guy have any proof that I did that? 

Shimmer: Well, he had a picture of you stabbing a person with a knife, claimed that you have 30 murder counts, and 300 counts of theft, other than that no.

Emily:Shimmers right.

Penelope: Yep. *she says in a sad voice*

Tailsalyn: Hey guys and Neo, what's happenin'? Why is Penelope upset and everyone is so mad?

Neo: They say some guy named Zero Evol said I was using all of you! I also have proof that it wasn't me! *Holds his claws up.* These claws were sharp enough to draw blood off of Zerofuse when I just barely touched him. Why would I kill someone with a knife if I have my Poison claws! I've had them for over 2 years, so there isn't a need for a knife! Did you even see my face in the picture? How do you even know if it was me?

Emily:*looks at the picture closely*

Shimmer: You got a point Neo. Penelope:

So who is the person in the picture, how does Zero Evol know you? Hmmm?!?!

Neo: I've made a lot of people mad before. My last job involved stealing from a mueseum, a casino, and from the underground monarchy, a gang in Leafopolis. The trinity organization hates me for some reason, the Underground Monarchy hates me cause I stole from them, Eggman hates me because he can, G.U.N hates me because of what I did to Fate. I have no idea who that is! *The fox and Neo share a resemblence, except for the foxes fur. It was light green where Neo had dark green. The fox also his using his right hand. Neo is left handed. Still Neo and him have a similar resemblence.*

Emily:Neo has a point though

Penelope: But he said G.U.N. hate him of because of what he did to Fate. So Zero said that Neo killed Agent Destiny AKA Fate the Cat. So that proves that he's a murderer.

Tailsalyn: So you're really a murderer? That can be! It just can't! *starts to cry a bit*

Shimmer: *pats Tailsalyn's back* Its going to be okay, Tailsalyn.

Emily:*sighs*Sorry Tailsalyn...

Neo: No! No, no, no, no, no! Fate faked her death because she helped me and G.U.N was after her after that! I've never killed anyone! Even in my bloodrage form!

Tailsalyn: Are you sure? Guys, do you think we can trust him? *starts to stop crying*

Shimmer: His bloodrage form is quite powerful, but I think I can trust him.

Penelope: Well, if my friends do, I do. *uses her telekinesis to pull Neo to her and whispers* I'm keeping my eye on you. *gives him a look and puts him back* 

Neo: Tailsalyn...I...I could never... *Falls on his knees.* Maybe your right...if even you don't believe me... Maybe...maybe...*Starts to tear up and puts his head down.*

Tailsalyn: No, no Neo! I believe you sweetie. I say we should find out who this imposter is. Who with me? Hmm?!?!

Shimmer: I am! 

Neo: *Looks up.* How do we even find him?

(Sorry I got us derailed for second but trust me when I say that was important for Neo's story arc in this RP. If anyone wants to they can put us back on track. - NeoEx)

Penelope: If you're telling the truth, we could go to Zero Evol lab and find some clues?

Shimmer: Yeah!

Neo: A lab? If he works for G.U.N then wouldn't his lab be inside of a G.U.N station? I can't go there or I'll die. As many times as I've survived near death experiences I don't think I can do that. *Neo notices a pink fox with a red dress across the street. Neo looked back to Tailsalyn, then to the pink fox. There was something different about her. She had a black glove on her right hand. With an odd rune on it. It looked like magic.*

Shimmer: What'cha looking at. *looks at the pink fox* Hey that looks just like Tailsalyn only with a black glove on her.

Penelope: That's impossible. *looks at the street and sees a red hedgehog with gloden stripes running across the street with something in his hand*

Neo: Something tells me that picture you have, might be a picture with Neo the Fox but not me. Does anyone know exactly how we got here?

Emily:I dont know whats going on?

(im back i was eating dinner - Maria)

Shimmer: Me and Penelope were walking down the street when we saw Cyclone and Cassie and came over here.

Neo: Right you are shimmer. We all have our memories of the past correct? Ice cap Zone, Summer camps, ect? Let's take a look at Tailsalyn, and the pink fox back there who looks just like her. She's wearing a black glove on her hand with a symbol on it that I'm sure at least emily and I can see. It's magic but what's peculiar about it is that it looks like a witches seed. She's tailsalyn but she's different somehow. Now let's take a look at the photo of the murderer and me. He's a lighter shade of green and he's using a red knife. *Seems to be drawing something in the air for a few seconds.* Okay, I have my theory. We're in another version of Mobius but with a different event. One event changed and that caused a sprial of chain events to happen differently. Whatever happened caused me to end up murdering that guy and going on the run. This meant that in the Ice Cap Zone incident, I never was their. This caused something there that resulted in a magi Tailsalyn to become a witch. What's more if that happened, then who knows what else happened to the rest of us.

Emily:-thought-Is that a rune? Is a witch controlling her?...-reality-She might be controlled from a witch...this has happend to other people too...Witch's kiss...

Emily:If she was a witch,she would be in a barrier somewhere in an ally and put witch kisses on people.

Emily:*sees a barrier*

Neo: Unless she didn't need to. Think about it, what would happen if all the witch hunters were to die? Barrier's wouldn't have a need anymore. What's to stop her if she leaves, nothing. The main fact here is this isn't our mobius. This is another dimension.

Cassie:Harri is SO cute!

Cyclone:Then why are you upset?

Cassie:I do not have the guts to tell him how I feel about him.What about you?

Cyclone:Well,your a beautiful girl!And I'm not!The only guy who cared for me is DEAD!

Cassie:...You think I'm beautiful?

Cyclone:*Gives Cassie a strange look*

Cassie:Yeah your right!You have a real reason to be upset!

Emily:*runs inside and see herself as a witch inside* no no no! This is not happening!

Vanessa:*Comes inside*OMG!Emily!

Knight:*Follows Vanessa*Oh no!What happened?

Part 2 Dark forces

Dark clouds come from above the city

Cassie:I think it's going to rain!Maybe we should go to camp!

Cyclone:*Hears a laugh in the distance*That sounds like Eggman!It can't be!

Cassie:Are you okay?

Neo: Zerofuse died... With Zerofuse's death, Em had gained enough negative energy to become a witch and placed a kiss on Tailsalyn. Tailsalyn had no choice and became a minion... *Shakes his head.*


Neo: A friend of ours...and Em's in love with him.

Emily:*leans to Neo's shoulder and starts crying*

Neo: Relax Em, it's not our Zerofuse, it's a different one, who may or may not have even loved you. There are always constants and variables, two sides of coin, head or tails, the bird or the cage, dead or alive.

Emily:*looks at her soul gem*

Neo: *Looks at her soul gem too.* Just remember, if you change so do I. It's the rule of copy cat.

Emily:*sigh and put away her soul gem*

Neo: we're in another dimension, no panic, I've gone through this before, we just need to find a way out and get back to our world, no problem...Hmm, this world may have a type of chaos emerald. All we have to do is find them and we can use them to get back to our world, it's as simple as that.

-Thinking- We're all going to die. Wait, did anyone else notice that guy from the barrier? He's missing a rune but...he's radiating magic energy and he seems so...familar.

Emily:*sits down*

Cyclone:I'v been to other dimensions.5 times to be exact!

Cassie:I have never been so far away from Taylor!Well,at least Harri's here!

Cyclone:Cassie,don't turn into Amy rose

Cassie:I won't!


Cyclone:It's alright Emily.We WILL get through this together

Neo: Anybody have any idea where we would find their emeralds? Like where they keep them in our world?

Neo: *Sighs* Thought so...well, you could always call... Zero Evol.

Emily:*lies down*

Neo: Your...lying down...for what reason?

(sorry i was gone for so long, my internet was down for a long time - Maria)

Shimmer: Are you okay Em?

Penelope: Yeah?

Emily:*gets back up*Im fine

Shimmer: So who do we find the Alternate Neo and friends to prove that our Neo is not guilty.

Neo: Well we're in another world, so I'm sure they're still after me in our world for stealing from them and because they think I killed Fate over there too...If it were me...we should check the slums!

Penelope: Umm... What and where are slums?

Neo: The slums are the poor district where everyone with no home normally goes. It's polluted like crazy and everyone wants to steal from everyone. It's also where I would hideout when I did big scale stealing. It should be just down the road and to the right...but if we go there, we have little chance of finding the emeralds... *Turns to the group.* Okay, I have a plan. We split up into two groups, one goes with me to the slums to find neon, what I'm calling this dimension's version of me. Another group will contact Zero and find out where the emeralds are. We can meet up back here, get the emeralds, and go home!

Emily:Im in the second group.

Penelope: Left is, me, Shimm, Shuckz, Tailsalyn, Tails, Sonic, Amy, Cheese, Cream, Knuckles, Cyclone, Cassie, and Vanessa, Nikki, Starlight, and Erizo.

Shimmer: I'm with Neo.

Penelope: If Shimm's with Neo, I'm with Neo too.

Tailsalyn:Can I be on my boyfriends team?*uses cute eyes*

Neo: Probably best to keep my group small. Shimmer, penelope, and Tailsalyn are with me. Emily you need to lead the group here. I'll take at least two more if anyone else wants to join.


Tailsalyn:Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!*twirls round and round*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Neo: *Face Palms* You've never been to the slums, have you Darling?

Knight:Which group do I join?

Vanessa:Not the group I'm in.

Tailsalyn: Oh, is the slum a bad place? Well then, *crosses her arms and talks in a cooler and deeper voice* It's all cool.

Neo: *Kisses Tailsalyn on the cheek.* Just stay with me, when we're there. The people there will kill you. *Turns to Knight.* It's up to you, we could use you here, and they could use you there.

Neo: Actually...Venessa can come with us and Knight can stay here. *Nods to Venessa.* Looks like someone who can fight their way out of dangerous places.

(Sorry guys, i've been gone -Nikki)

Nikki: *runs up to everyone* *huff* Hey guys...i'm here!

Neo: *Puts a claw up to nikki's neck.* At the summer camp we went to, who did Tailsalyn ask out?


Nikki: I don't know! O.O *backs up*

Emily:Thats not Nikki we know

Neo: *Looks sad but doesn't remove his claw.* I first met you at that summer camp, what's my name?

Nikki: I do remember you, put you putting that claw to my made me panic a little ^^;

Neo: What the hell is my name!?! *Moves the claw closer to Nikki's neck.* Answer the damn question!

Nikki: *pushes the claw down* Your name is Neo.

Neo: Oh thank Celestia. *Drops the claws on the ground.* I'm a theif, not a bloody executioner.

Nikki: Heh he, yeah... ^^;

Neo: Long story short, we're in another dimension, Tailsalyn, Shimmer, Penelope, maybe Venessa, and myself are going to find this dimension's version of me, and the others are staying here to call a G.U.N. agent. You can go with either group.

Penelope: *sighs* Can we go already?

Neo: Alright, if your Ready. *Turns to Nikki.* Last chance...

Shimmer: *Whispers in Nikki ear* All he wants to do is pick a group. Go with Me, Penelope, Tailsalyn, Vanessa, and Neo to the slums and find other kind of Neo, or Emily and others to find the other kind of Zerofuse.

(We've already been through that, She said his name was Neo and he dropped the claws. We're just waiting on Nikki say what group she's in....-NeoEx)

(Oh - Maria)

Nikki: Okay, i'm in! All set and ready to go!

Neo: Alright let's go. *Turns around and walks down the road.*

Emily turns around and start finding Zero

Nikki: *follows Neo*

Shimmer and Penelope: *follow Neo*

( Cyclonestar still with us? - NeoEx)

(I don't know. This is their roleplay... -Nikki)

(I wonder is Cyclone still RPing... - Maria)

(Yeah I still am-Cyclonestar)

Vanessa:*Follows Neo*

(I only asked cause since this is a critical moment of Neo's opposite showing up if you wanted to possibly have some other opposites show up, like Venessa or harri, or someone. Neon's not alone. That and I think we would need to make two new headings for the split up. - NeoEx)

(im confused with who is in Ems team.....-ETH)

(Okay, so Neo has Tailsalyn, Shimmer, Penenlope, Nikki, and Vennesa. So Zero, Cassie, Cyclone, Knight, anyone I forgot, and a character I'm going to be adding who has been mentioned in this RP are with Emily. - NeoEx)

Split up:Neo's group

(This chapter is Neo's group's perspective and the next group would be Emily's group's perspective-Cyclonestar)

Shimmer: Where do we go to get to the slums?

Nikki:Uhh...No idea. I just got here.

Neo: Just follow me. *Starts walking forward and takes a right turn.* When we get there Nikki, your gonna need to keep your head down. If your famous here too, then their going to be all over you. Furthurmore they may try to come on to you, Vennesa, Penelope Tailsalyn, just keep walking. Unless they touch you, it's all just words. If they do touch you, we're probably going to end up in a fight.

Shimmer: What am I supposed to do. Everyone else does something.

Neo: I think of it a bit more as a warning. You do have problems there yourself though. Whatever you do not, I repeat, do NOT look anyone in the eyes, challenge anyone to anything, touch anyone, and for Celestia's sake don't run. Your known by ability to run, but you look enough like Zerofuse that they shouldn't bother you. Your a guy so your issues there are slim but if they think your in some gang, we're dead.

Shimmer: Okay.

Penelope: *yawns* I hope we're almost there.

Neo: *As they enter a dark and gloomy part of town, there's graffiti everywhere and several groups of people just sitting around on the street, glaring as the group passes by.* we are.

Penelope: This doesn't look so bad, but looks can fool you.

Shimmer: Hmmm. So are you going to start finding Anti-Neo?

Neo: Correct, he should still be in the hideout, just two blocks from here.

Nikki: *prepares a fireball* Just incase anyone tries to attack.

Shimmer: *whispers* Good idea! *prepares a fireball too*

Neo: *Turns around quickly. Whisper-screams.* Do you want to get us killed! Put those out now, before someone see's.

Shimmer: *makes it disappear*

Nikki: My bad...geez...

Penelope: *looks around slightly with no eye-contact*

Neo: Flashing powers like that here is a death threat. If anyone had powers like that you think they'd be here? They'd be out doing mercenary work, or be making a name for themselves out there. *Figure in a dark hood and robe comes over.* Too late...

???: You've changed a lot since I last saw you Neo...It's been over a year hasn't it?

Neo: Do...I know you?

???:Your looking for this world's Neo, yes? You won't find him around here.

Neo: Where is he?

???: He's in the big house. He's now the leader of the underground monarchy.

Neo: What?

???: Come on, follow me. *Turns toward a large house in the background.

(Prepare for teleportaion...)

Shimmer: Um, are you going to follow him?

Neo: I...I don't know...

???: If I wanted to kill you I would have already.

Neo:...Good point...*Follows carefully*

Shimmer: *shrugs* Okay. *follows*

Penelope: *follows and whispers to Shimmer* I don't trust this guy.

Shimmer: Well if Neo trusts him, I do.

Nikki: *follows and whispers* I don't trust him either.

Penelope: *whispers to Nikki* Well, we'll just have to see, but if we're right he better not be come crying to us.

Neo: *As they arrive to the big house.* So...what have I done here.

???: You murdered several innocents in your quest to become a leader, one even being millie the mouse.

Neo: ...

Guard: *As ??? opens the doors.* What buisness do you have with the king?

???: We would like to see his royal 'Highness.'

Guard: Hm...get going. *Several other guards escort this group to the main room. Sitting there is a light green fox wearing navy blue armor and several other accomplices of his.*

Neon: What buisness do you have?

Shimmer: So you are this world's Neo. I see you became king by murder. I hate murder.

Penelope: Ugh, you disgust me.

Neon: On your knees all of you. *Guards put the group on their knees.* I have known about your presence for sometime. Your world seems to have the miss in the hood alive. Take that off now! *Guards pull her hood off to reveal Fate the Cat.*

Fate: What have you become...

Neon: I have reached my full potential by ending your life I was able to realize what I could do.

Neo: Your a monster!

Neon: You know one thing bothers me...* Holds a knife above Neo's head.* Do you bleed like I do? I want to know.

Penelope: *uses telekinesis to grabs the knife and points at Neon* Do you like to bleed? That's what I want to know? Hmmm?

Neon: *Laughs then slaps Penelope with the back of his hand and grabs the knife.* Watch your tounge Missy, you speak to a king. Did you ever wonder why you haven't seen yourself? One of my assassins said you scream like pig. *Laughs.* Now...who do I kill first...

Fate: Surely you have more honor than that, you'd use a better weapon.

Neon: This is the blade of Blood a weapon bestowed upon me by the former queen of this group, there is none like it.

Neo: Except the poison claws, given to me by Queen Millie.

Neon: Let's have a duel then, hmm?

Neo: ...

Neon: Here's the deal, if you win, I'll let you go. If I win I get to torture you and your friends here.

Neo: You think I'll play into the hands of a villian?

Neon: I'm no villian, once you kill someone, you cross a line you can't go back from, I lead these people the right way. That's why I'm the way I am.

Fate: I'll fight you.

Neon: Shut up Kitty, I want to fight Neo here.

Shimmer: I'll fight too. *gets in his fight stance*

Penelope: Me too.... *cracks her knuckles*

Taislyn:Me too... If Neo's fighting I am too, you greedy assassin.

Neon: Ha ha ha. So this is the little calvery? Sorry your just not allowed to play, it would be too easy. *Moves to tailsalyn* Oh, I remember you, your tails sister. Oh he was a joy playing with me. I didn't kill him but he's not have the best life of a one tailed fox. But you, you were interesting. That witch gave me some time to play with you but no matter where I stabbed, you just wouldn't play nice. I had to let you go. Of course, your not under a spell. *Moves dagger up and down her cheek.* I could break you, then you'll stay here with me, you'd make an excellent Que-

Neo: Leave. here. alone! *Red fur fires up.* I'll fight you!

Neon: No forms, Neo. *Pulls out tazer and tazes Neo but when he pulls it off Neo is green and a small orb is in the middle of it.*


Neon: These are your powers.

Penelope: Huh?

Shimmer: ?!

Neon: You've yet to develop this? It works the similar to my...I mean our ability steal. We send 100,000 watts of electricity straight for your Z-72 Gene, from their it drains you of all power and all of your genes are mutated and changed using radiation. From their I extract the last of your DNA that holds your powers and after you can't use your powers anymore.

Tailsalyn: No!

Penelope: I won't let that happen!

(I don't know what's going on... -Nikki)

(Right know all of us are in King Neon's(Anti-Neo) castle, he challenged Neo to a duel and Tailsalyn, Penelope, and SHimmer joined in, he talked about what's happened like, he killed Anti-Penelope, Anti-Tailsalyn were friends and stuff. And he was about to ask Tailsalyn to be his queen then Neo interupped now Neon is going to steal Neo's powers and were waiting to see what is happening next - Maria)

(Correction, has stolen Neo's powers. He's been tazed already. Also to make things more interesting might I suggest Anit Shimmer or mikki working with Neon? He hasn't mentioned them yet. - NeoExlucky)

Neon: Too late...

Neo: Wha...what happened to you? Killing Fate couldn't have done all of this.

Neon: was the laughing stock I was to the real heroes. What good is someone who can't do anything? That's why I am here. *Picks Neo up by his neck and throws him to the wall.* Get up then, fight me!

(Anti-Nikki (Mikki) Would be cool c:)

Nikki: Stop!

(Anti-Shimmer will work for Neon too - Maria)

Mikki: *walks out* Long time no see..Nikki the Hedgehog!


Neon: Glimmer! (Anti-Shimmer) Help Mikki, I have to deal with this one.

Neo: *Gets up* Let's fight...

Neon: Glad you feel that way. *Punches Neo.*

(Vs Neon boss theme? I think so;

Mikki: *runs up to Nikki with water ball*

Nikki: *clashes with fire ball*

Glimmer: Yes your highness. *makes a iceball and throws it at Shimmer and Penelope*

Shimmer: *melts himself and melts Penelope*

Neo: *Gets hit and jumps back a little. Then Hit's back.*

Neon: *Dodges it and punches Neo again, pulling out the blood blade.*

Neo: *Moves to the side and extends his poison claws. He strikes at Neon.*

Neon: *Side of his face is scratched turns towards Neo and sends the blade of the dagger down onto his claws.*

Neo: *Claws hold and Neo pushes back.*

Neon: *Jumps back a little.* Neo you could have all of this power, all you have to do it end their lives! Help me, not them!

Neo: No! *Charges towards Neon and Goes for another strike.*

Neon: *Deflects with the blood blade and attacks again.* Oh come on! Fate wanted to kill you, do you remember that? All because she was following orders.

Neo: She spared my life. *Swipes dagger away.*

Neon: All Tailsalyn does is risk your life. She's useless and should only be used as a pawn. *Goes to stab Neo.*

Neo: She's my girlfriend, and I love her! *Moves the claws so they collide with the dagger.*

Neon: What about Emily Hmm? Her magic only harms you, she could be plotting with Zero Evol right now to take you out.

Neo: I...I...*Claws break and Neon stabs Neo's stomach.*

Neon: *Pulls blade out.* Penelope was fast to accuse you was she not? Why it seems she could betray you at any moment. *Goes for another lunge.*

Neo: She wouldn't... *Takes a cut from the dagger.*

Neon: Shimmer's a real target, huh? I mean he sure does seem to want to hate murderers and thieves. *Goes for another strike.*

Neo: I'm not his enemy. *Claws parry his attack.*

Neon: Well what about Nikki? You weren't afriad to take her life before. She might not be afraid to take yours. Are you sure your not jealous of the simple and easy problems of being rich? *Dagger goes towards Neo's shoudler.*

Neo: But...she... *Dagger impales Neo's shoulder.* Ahh!

Neon: Come now me, it's a battle of wits, get with the show. *Pulls Dagger out.*

Neo: I...Can't...*falls on the floor.*


Glimmer:, eh? Well, I stop you by doing something else. *thinks*

Shimmer: Catch me if yu can! *starts running around*

Glimmer: Ah ha! Fool you! I'm a bit faster than you! *out runs Shimmer and spindash into him*

Shimmer: *falls down*

Glimmer: *frezzes Shimmer's hands and frezze 2 more layer of ice on his hands also* Ha! No fire, no winning! *laughs* Now you Penny. *grins evily*

Penelope: *runs over to Neo* Neo! I'm sorry for what I said, now you Neon* *uses telekinesis to grab Neon ad slams him to a wall and give him a serious, deadly electric shock* You're going to pay. She says in a angry voice.

Glimmer: Too late! And your "boyfriend" Shimmer can save you from this time! *frezzes Penelope*

Penelope: *trys to break free*

Nikki: Neo! *runs towards Neo* 

Mikki: Foolish pest.

Glimmer: Yeah Mikki, they'll never.

Penelope: *says in the ice* Nkki! Sve Neo, n defet Neun! Dnt wrry abut me! ll brik fee!

Nikki: I couldn't understand a word you just said, but I think I heard protect Neo and defeat Neon...

Mikki: *prepares to attack*

Nikki: *fire punches Mikki into a wall* 

Shimmer: *melts abit of his ice*

Fate: *Stays in a kneeling position, her hands folded like she's praying.*

Neon: Let's finish this shall we? *Pulls tazer out.*

Neo: *Stays still, left index finger is twitching.*

Nikki: *shoots a fireball across the room and melts the ice Shimmer is in* Just hang in Neo. *looks at Neon* You have to get through me if you want to reach him.

Tailsalyn: Stand back, Neon.  You get through me too. *guards Neo*

Witch Tailsalyn: Hey hey hey, I see my duplicate. Can't wait to "play" with her. *giggles evily*

Tailsalyn: Me? I mean....yeah you? You must be the anti me. I see your magical. Thats still not going to stop me.

Witch Tailsalyn: Oh yeah? *create a black aura around her*

Shimmer: Thanks Nikki. Hmmmm.....Tailsalyn the Witch, eh? I knew you would show up at somepoint.

Mikki: *prepares a waterball* Are you ready to finish these pest off?

Neo: *A blinding white beam of light covers Neo and a gold cross is on Neo's Back.*

Fate: Holy Wave!

Neo: *Get's up.* need to stay out of they way...he could take your powers...

Neon: Oh your pathetic Neo, no wonder Fury isn't dead in your world.

Neo: W-what?!

Neon: We both wanted to find Fury and you haven't found him. He was right about you, your weak, and useless, you could never do anything without him. You'll never find anything worth while in your life because all you can do is destroy.

Neo: TAKE THAT BACK! *Runs into Neon with his claws and goes straight through his armor. Starts to go through his stomach.* All you are is pathetic, murdering theif who deserves nothing worse than the depths of hell itself. I hope you feel all the pain you have ever caused to this world before you die, cause that would be better than what I'm about to do.

Nikki: *slowly walks back* 

Neo: *Arm goes deeper, blood covering his jacket as he gets deeper.* You abuse us all, challenge us to your fun little games, all you've done is cause nothing but grief and agony. You would be better to everyone...

Fate: Neo stop!

Neo: ...if you were dead! *Neo pulls his blood covered arm out and slits Neon's throat.*

Nikki: *gasps, stepping back even farther* Y-You....

Neo: *Pant* *Pant* *Pant* What have I... *Falls onto his knees.*

Fate: You've killed Neon...*Pulls out a vial of blood.* Drink this Neo, it will give you your powers back. *Tosses him the vial. He's whimpering.*

Shimmer: Please work, please work!

Penelope: E hip he flls ok!

Nikki: *unfreezes Penelope* Is that better?

Penelope: Yeah. And I said, I hope he feels ok! I he did everything he could to save us.

Glimmer: *is shcoked* I can't believe you killed Neon. That's impossible!

Neo: *Drinks the vial like it's some delicious beverage.*

Fate: Neo you-

Neo: SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! *Runs out of the building.*

Fate: Neo, damn it this wasn't part of the plan.

Shimmer: What happened?

Penelope: And what plan?

Glimmer: *whistles and looks other way*

Mikki: *quickly runs off*

Nikki: That was defiantly uncalled for.

Fate: Neon's Dead but he wasn't killed by Neo. *Pulls out a newspaper. Headline reads "Underground monarchy base has been burned." The next line says "One body was found and identified as Neon, king of the Monarchy" The paper is dated 3 months old.* Neon has been dead for a long time, I was using an illusion of him to fight you guys. This building, most of the guards, all of it was just and illusion, but you can't tell Neo this.

Glimmer: Ha, fooled you. Your guys so gullable.

Shimmer: Well, shall we meet up with Emily and the others?

Penelope: Yeah.

Shimmer: Okay. C'mon lets go. *runs out of the building*

Shimmer: Neo, we're ready to go to meet up with Emily and others.

Fate: Just give him a minute, I'm sure he'll catch up eventually. Besides Emily is talking with Zero, yes? Maybe not the best idea for Neo to show up. That is the Zero from our dimension after all. -Thinking- I hope your okay Neo. I didn't mean to hurt you so much.

Glimmer: I'm sure Neo will feel better. Shimmer, Penelope, Nikki, Tailsalyn, and Vanessa go along now. Bye! -Thinking- For now.... *giggles evily*

Fate: Except your now down a member. So I'm coming too. Besides I also want to go home.

Shimmer: Alright then, come Fate. We have to meet up at the park were Neo siad.

Everyone besides Neo starts walking to the park.

Nikki: I can't believe I was fooled *says to self* Baka baka baka =_=

Penelope: Well, deal with being fooled.

Fate: Look, you weren't who I was trying to fool if it makes you feel better. Neo needed this.

Nikki: *sigh* Okay.

Shimmer: We're almost there.

Everyone goes in the park and waits

Penelope: What is taking Emily so long?

Fate: Give her a minute, I'm sure Zero's not being coopertive. Besides at least I have you to look at. *Giggles.*

Penelope: What do you mean?

Fate: Well a pretty little girl like you, your just my type. *Giggles.* Relax honey it's a joke.

Nikki: O-kay......>_> I was a lesbian right?

Nikki: I do now ^^;

Penelope: Ew. I'm glad you stopped.

Shimmer: No offence, that's disgusting.

Fate: My sexuality is disgusting? How am I supposed to not take offense to that? *Shakes her head.* Doesn't matter, I need to stay calm.

Nikki: I don't mind it. ^^

Fate: Yes, but your with that blue hedgehog fellow. Where as these two are too blind to see that they are perfect for each other.

Nikki: You mean Sonic? We're just friends ^^;

Fate: Is that so? Nikkell Lying to me isn't a very good idea. You may only be friends now but I know you have feelings for him. Though what you see in him is beyond me.

Nikki: Well, he's sweet, funny, and to much more for me to say. And we're great friend.

Fate: Unless you do something he's just gonna hurt you...

Nikki: I doubt it, Sonic's a great guy.

Penelope: Can we stop talking about love, sex, and other romace?

Shimmer: *faceplams*

Nikki: Sure.

Fate: *Sarcasticly* Oh but it's so much fun to gossip about the boys! *Rolls her eyes.* Well now what do we talk about?

Nikki: *looks around* Where the heck is Emily?

Fate: You think she was caught by someone?

Nikki: I don't know...There's a chance.

Penelope: That's horrible!

Shimmer: Well, shall we see?

Nikki: We shall.

Neo: *Coming up from behind fate. Blood has now dried over his right sleeve. Says coldly.* Let's go.

Shimmer: Alright then.

Everyone starts walking.

Glimmer: *comes up* I heard you were going to my rival, Zero. I'll come with. I know how to handle him.

Neo: Bullcrap.

Fate: Neo's...not wrong, this is the Zero from our world, not yours. Even if he still is your rival, his tactics are sure to be different.

Glimmer: I'm from this world also. Haven't you noticed?

Shimmer: Are we going to let anti-me come or not?

Nikki: I think we should.

(Um...Anti-Fate is dead. This is the fate from our world. - NeoEx)

Neo: Fine, he can come.

Fate: Yes, more hands wouldn't hurt.

(Okay, does that mean Glimmer have to be dead to? - Maria)

Glimmer: *Joins them*

(Oh no, the status of any of your anti-characters is up to you, Neon killing anti-fate was what pushed him to become king. That's why she was dead. -NeoEx)

(Oh. - Maria)

Penelope: So where is this other Zero?

Neo: *Looks down.*

Fate: Well the Zero from our world should have been called by Emily, but since she may have been captured by...someone, then he may have never been called. Let me think. *Kneels in a praying position.*

(Sorry, I meant to write Zero not Neo - Maria)

(Rewrite! xD -NeoEx)

Nikki: *sits down*

Shimmer: What are you doing, Fate?

Vanessa:I'm confused...Mainly because I wasn't listening to any of that

Fate: Praying...*Eyelids flash a dim blue for second then she gets up.* Alright Vennessa let me explain, Neo, go to the park in the southwest part of the town. I'm sure Zero's there.

Neo:...*Shoots grapple gun to rooftop and runs amongst them.*

Fate: The underground monarchy is a gang in both our worlds that prides itself on exporting illegal goods that it's thieves, formerly Neo, aquire. They gift all their best members with weapons that power them up. In our world Neo was given the weakest of the elemental weapons, the Poison claws but in this world Neon was given the blood blade, the strongest of the weapons. Anti-Millie was queen here but she seems to have passed away and Neon who had killed anti-me and anti-penelope and who knows who else took over as king. 3 months ago a fire was started in a buidling that Neon was in and it killed him. Using my powers of illusion I created a physical copy of Neon and tricked Neo into killing him. Now we're waiting on Emily but we have had no sign of her or her group at all. I just hope she's alright.

Penelope: Me too.

Nikki: Me too. I can't help but to worry.

Shimmer: Okay, lets go and find them.

Penelope: Right!

(I'll go see what's up with Emily, maybe we need to start a from Emily's group perspective? I don't know, I have to see with Emily before I go making suggestions. -NeoEx)

(So Emily's still on, but I think we need to make a split up: Emily's group perspective for her group though. - NeoEx)

(I'm just gonna wait for the next heading of Em's group-ETH)

At Emily's group

Cassie:And THAT is how I was saved from Lord!

Cyclone:Do you ever stop talking?

Cassie:So far...-mumbling to herself-there was the,no, about no-talks to Cyclone-Nope!

Emily:*kept walking*

Zero: *Talking to someone on the phone. Weapon is on his head.*


Zero: *Still on the phone.* I don't care what you see, something weird's going on over here. No  there is something off about some of the people here. A few minutes ago I saw my little cousin but she was...Okay, okay, I'll keep investigating and send it back in my report. By the way the new Charges you sent me arrived. Wait, what do you mean you didn't send anything? How many charges are on Neo Tranquil the Fox...wait, how many murders? Hm...alright then, guess it still doesn't change my job. Zero's out. *Closes phone.*

Weapon: Chao Chao!

Zero: Yes, it looks like we have some company. Ah, they were the group I gave my card.

Cassie:-reached for her knife but stopped when Zero finished his sentence-I NEVER get to use this thing!

Weapon: *Darkly* Chao chao chao.

Zero: Indeed...Zeta preperation Weapon. Anyway, you all seem to have a look about you, what's the problem? Have you caught a glance at our Target?

Emily:do you know where the chaos emerald are at

Zero: Well that's an odd question to ask just out of the blue, like that. I do happen to know where they are but why are you asking?

Cassie:Why do you need to know?-pulls out her knife-

Zero: *Staring at the knife.* Did you ever wonder why my partner's name is weapon?

Cassie:Incase you haven't noticed,my good looks fool my opponents

Cyclone:Is that why you once got captured by-

Cassie:You said you wouldn't bring that up again!

Zero: Your good looks are easily beaten by that yellow hedgehog next to you. *Weapon moves closer to Zero's right hand.*

Cassie:.....Can I PLEASE kill this guy!?

Zero: Zeta! *Weapon morphs into a large black scythe and he is covered in a black aura.* I really would prefer to not fight you but if that's what it comes to...

Cassie-mouth drops-OK!Maybe bigones can be bigones!.....-blushes and puts her knife away-

Zero: That was dirty...*Aura stops and Weapon goes back to being a chao.*

Weapon: Chao Chao Chao, CHAO CHAO CHAO!

Cyclone:Where can I get a chao like that?

Zero: Weapons a little special, she kind of just fell from the sky as an egg. Maybe talk to someone who knows a lot about chao?

Weapon: *Shows her necklace with an odd symbol on it.*

Zero: *Shows his matching neckalce.* Now we're kind of partnered. More than just what G.U.N made us.

Weapon: Chao Chao!

Zero: You can speak english you know.

Weapon: Chao!

Zero: What do you mean you can't? You can transform into 4 different types of weapons but you can't learn english?

Weapon: *Nods her head.* Chao.

Cassie:Why do guys name their chao something violent but girls(Like Cream)name them after dairy products? Random question

Cyclone:I once had a pet bird named Shredder!.....Never let Vanessa come over!

Zero: That's a stereotype. My father had a chao named Starfinder. Weapon's named that way because...well she turns into freaking weapons. That and she was kind of named before I had her. The egg had weapon written on it in Sharpie.


???:-lurking in the shadows-

Weapon: *Notices ???* Chao chao chao...

Zero: In a minute weapon. You know you don't seem all that helpless. I mean you seem familiar like I've seen you before but I'd remember someone like you.

Cyclone:I get that alot!

Cassie:-pretends to cough-

Cyclone:-casts a spell on Cassie to put her on mute for a limited time-

Zero: Well you know I'd remember someone with such a pretty face like that.

Weapon: Chao...*Shakes her head.*

???:-looks at the chao-

Cyclone:Thanks...The last time someone said that to me was when...Nevermind

Zero: Maybe someone should tell it to you more often. *Blushes a little bit.*


Cassie:-snaps out spell without even noticing she was under the spell-And your a selfish independent girl who's can't even keep her boyfriend straight because he died!*gasp*Sorry!

Cyclone:*Sheds a tear*it's okay!Minataur is long gone out of my life.....

Zero: Your...last boyfriend died? I'm...sorry...

Cyclone:Oh it's okay!

Zero: Well, I shouldn't keep you waiting, you wanted to know where the chaos emeralds are? All seven of them are being stored in the G.U.N saftey hall. You should be able to get access to them from a high ranked officer, or a hunter such as my self. Weapon, you in to get some chaos emeralds?

Weapon: Chao!

Cassie:I love adventures!Let's go!

???:-whispers to herself-Now to follow them undercover!

Zero: Well then, let's be off.

Weapon: Chao! Chao chao, chao...

Zero: There's no one following us, your just being paranoid. Come one weapon. *Walks towards the center of town, their path leads through the park.*

Penelope: *sees Zero and others* Hey, it's them! And that, Zero Evol....

(Sorry guys, but the way I have been active on here, I can't really keep up with the roleplay :( Sorry -Nikki)

(Awww.... - Maria)

(I'm really sorry guys. Can someone explain what's going on? ^^;)

(well, this about EMily group right now and emily's group finaly made it to Neo's group and now we're waiting to see what's next - Maria)

Nikki: *starts walking*

Penelope: *to Emily* So have you found this dimension's Zerofuse?

(Sorry Cyclonestar and I got so far ahead guys. I slow down a bit. - NeoEx)

Zero: More of you are coming with? Well I think that's alright.

Fate:-Thinking- Where the hell is Neo? By now he should have realized I was lying.

Zero: Hmmm...yellow cat you seem familiar. Can I ask for your name?

Fate: Oh! see I... *Looks around the group with a 'Help me' face.*

Cyclone:Her name is Emma!*winks at Fate*

Nikki: Yeah....

Penelope: Emma the Cat!

Shimmer: *facepalms* Oh brother.

Zero: Emma Huh? It's so weird...did you have a sister or something?

Fate: No, I'm an only child!

Zero: Alright then, well let's get going. The G.U.N base is just a few blocks from here.

Penelope: *whispers to Shimmer* That was easy.

Nikki: It's been a long time since i've been to the G.U.N base.

Zero: Hmm? You were at a G.U.N base before?

Nikki: Just once, a long time ago. 

Shimmer: I've been to G.U.N. base before because I was kidnapped because of "robberies" and stuff like that. But I turns out it always been somelse who did the crime.

Zero: Most of that is because of other brigades, G.U.N is made up of brigades that specilize in certain tactics. One of the best was the Hunters, they accept those with special powers that they consider rare. Such as Weapon's ability to turn into weapons, or my power to control different elements.

Fate: ...

Zero: What is it Emma?

Fate: ...oh, uh nothing.

Penelope: So, what is G.U.N. like?

Nikki: They can be very...aggresssive.

Penelope: Uh-huh.

(Whats going on while i was gone? -ETH)

(The team is going to the G.U.N. base to search for chaos emeralds and we have to call Fate Emma or Zero will find out who she is-Cyclonestar)

Zero: isn't exactly our fault. Yeah we can be that way but it's for the greater good. I mean we do deal with some of the worst criminals of all time.

Shimmer: I can see that.

Nikki: Never thought I would see G.U.N ever again.

Penelope: You seem to have something going out between you and G.U.N., Nikki, what do you have with you and G.U.N.?


Zero: What would be the problem Ms....

Weapon: Chao.

Zero: Right, Ms. Emily.

Nikki: *sigh* It's nothing.

Emily:*is quiet*

Zero: Ms. Emily, what's the matter?

Emily:Its nothing.

Zero: Alright, look we're almost there.

Penelope and Shimmer kept walking.

Tailsalyn kept flying

Emily kept silent.

Penelope sighs and Shimmer starts to juggles fire then do fire trick to entertain him.

Nikki: The G.U.N Building shouldn't be far away now.

Zero: *As they approach the buildning's gate.* And here we are.

Fate: -Thinking- I wonder if his card would work here.*

The GUN base

Zero: *Slides card and door opens.* Here we are, let's go.

Neo: *From a building nearby.* So, this is Zero Evol. *Hurridly drops from building and shadows the group.*

Nikki: *walks inside* This place gives me goosebumbs.

Zero: Why is that? As long as you have security clearence from a high up brigade member, such as myself, you'll be perfectly fine.

Penelope: Like you'll keep us safe.

Shimmer is quiet and looks around.

Nikki: I guess you're right.

Shimmer keeps walking.

Zero: Well now, how about we keep on looking, Hm? It should be in solo security hall delta, so lets head there.

Fate: *Notices Neo.* Hm?

Neo: *Nods.*

Nikki: What are you looking at Fa- I mean Emma?

Fate: *Looks at Nikki with wide eyes and a partially scared look.* Oh...nothing...

Neo: *Questioning look.*

Fate: -Thinking- I have no idea what he is saying...

???:So this "Fate" girl doesn't want Zero to find out who she is,huh?I wonder why.....The point is she could be useful...

Penelope keeps walking and hears somebody.

Nikki: -Thinking- Fate is acting strange...She has to be hiding something...

Emily:*sighs and looks at her soul gem.*

Nikki: Something wrong Emily?

Cassie:Zero!A question:If this is a GUN base where is all the GUN troops?!Are you conning us?

Zero: make a point, normally there's a whole bunch of Troops here. Jeff is normally standing right there and Alex is always sitting in that chair, and Stan oh, Stan would normally be throwing a few back. There was this one probably don't want to hear stories about people you don't know.

Cassie:Well,where would the chaos emeralds be?

Cyclone:I don't need chaos emeralds to kick butt

Cassie:Concieted little.....

Nikki: Heh.... ^^

Zero: Right...the chaos emeralds should be in the solo security hall. *Turns towards a door and slides his card through a lock pad. The door opens and he starts to walk in but he stops half way through.* It's so odd, no ones in here either.

Fate: Do you think there was an emergency? There's a lot more other places.

Zero: You mean there's a lot more security everywhere else, don't you Fate?

Fate: ...!

Zero: *Weapon goes back into a scythe that Zero grabs.* I may be an idiot but I have common sense. I know who all of you are. The puella magi, Emily, The lost twin Mila Prower, The fastest female alive, Nikki, The dead G.U.N agent, Fate, the incredibly annoying wolf pack member, Cassie, and then there's Cyclone, Evil Witch, Angel, Dark Ideya, you certainly have a lot of forms don't you? *Grabs Fate and holds a scythe up to her throat.*

Fate: Wha- ack!

Zero: Oh, and before you try any of your powers do you feel it? You may have your speed Nikki, but you'd be the only one. Your powers are canceled unless you've taken the serum you get fro being an agent. Fate here has and I have but we're the only ones.

Nikki: *growls* I somehow knew this was gonna happen...

Zero: Now everyone turn around, Fate and I will be off really quickly.

Fate: Why...did you...

Zero: Why did I trick you? You've got a bit of a bounty on your head now, Fate. Now we're going to be-

Neo: *With blood blade up to Zero's throat.* Let. her. go.

???:This just got interesting!

Cyclone:OMG!I so want Becky here right now!


Zero: Where the hell did you come from!

Neo: I said to drop the damn the chao.

Fate: Neo, watch your language!

Neo: Do it!

Zero: *Scythe goes back to Weapon.* Happy?

Neo: *Hits Zero's skull with the back of the bloood blade.* Yep.

Weapon: Chao chao chao!

Neo: Oh please, he was trying to kill us.

Weapon: Chao!

Neo: Should I knock you out?

Weapon: Chao...

Cassie:I say we give him one chance!How dare he call me annoying?!


Zero: *Gets up.* Come Weapon, we'll find our own way home. *As he walks by cyclone, whispers.* I'm not a bad guy, I just made some decisions. *Walks out of the room the card is on the ground.*

Neo: Zero...

Cyclone:-picks it up thinks for a moment and decides to hide it-I know...Are you alright Fate?

Fate: I'm fine, just little startled.

Penelope: Me too. What are we going to do now?

???:It seems you guys need help-steps from the shadows-

Cassie:Great!Another Rouge!

Cyclone:Who are you?

???:Rose Bushwell sweetie!

Rose Bushwell.png

Neo: Great...

Fate: Well your cute!

Rose:Thankyou!Are you guys looking for chaos emeralds?

Cassie:Yeah,are you another CON?!

Rose:No!I wouldn't hurt a fly!.....Well,maybe a fly but nothing else!

Cassie:Fine but we'll keep an eye on you!

Emily just kept silent.

Nikki keeps silent as well.

Rose:Guys,I think were starting a quest why is everyone so cautious?!Let's move out!

Vanessa:-runs in room-Are you guys alright?!I came as soon as I could!

Cyclone:What do you want?!


Cassie:WAIT!Harri and Knight stayed behind and Zero left...He could be anywhere around here...

Cyclone:We have to get to them!

  • Everyone runs off to see if Harri and Knight are okay*


The boys are knocked up by something or someone

Cassie:-runs to Harri-

Harri:-wakes up to see Cassie-Cassie?

Cassie:Oh,I'v had dreams about this!



Knight:-wakes up-GUYS!Don't trust that Zero guy!

Cyclone:We already know!-secretly looks at card-

Nikki: Cyclone..what are you looking at...? >_>

Cyclone:Oh just.....An ad for toothpaste...

Neo: It's like i'm the only guy who can't get captured...

Fate: Neo, now's not the time for that.

Neo: Whatever...

Cassie:Maybe our counterparts can help...Well,at least the ones we HAVEN'T murdered!

Neo: *Slams Cassie onto the ground and golds a knife to her throat.* I swear to whatever god you believe in, if you say that again I will ****ing kill you. I will end your life right now, and no one would even care. No one cares about the last bunny who believes she's so perfect in this world that everyone needs to worship the ground she walks on. I'm sick of your bullcrap.

(I hope that's not too mean. -NeoExlucky)

(It's fineShe's been in those situation lots of times-Cyclonestar)

Cassie:No need to make this bloody-blushes-

Knight:Don't worry,Neo.I'v felt your pain!

Penelope: Oooo.....

Shimmer kept silent.

Cyclone:As much as I'd enjoy this I say we have to keep her alive!

Nikki: I agree with Cyclone ^^;

Fate: Neo, off, now.

Neo: *Growls and sheathes the blood blade. Gets off of her.*


Neo: Damn it Emily, what is your damage? You've been quiet the entire time and that's not like you.

Emily:*glares at Neo*

Neo: What? You've been like this the entire time. Are seriously upset about the witch?

Emily:*shook head*

Neo: Then what? *Points to Fate.* Cat got your tounge? Speak!

Fate: Not funny...

Emily:*turns away from neo*

Neo: Luna Confound it, Emily! *Hits nearby brick wall and grabs his hand in pain.* The only people here who matter to us are us. No one else matters, they aren't from our world.


Neo: Gah! Your hopeless! *Trudges off somewhere.*

Fate: *Staring at Emily as if she's performed some type of miracle.* He...cares about he's your friend...


Emily:*kept silent*

Vanessa:Should we get Neo?

Emily:*felt a shock in her body*!

Cyclone:Emily,are you alright?!

Fate: Just leave him be, he always get's like this. Though it would have been better if someone would have kept their trap shut!

Everyone looks at Cassie

Cassie:What's everyone looking at?

Fate: Pardon my french but are you stupid? Why the hell, oh sorry, heck would you say something to him when he's already emotionally unstable? Not even I could see you in my predictions.

Cassie:Sorry,I'v been through alot!

Vanessa:We've all been through much more than you,Cassie

Cassie:Be quiet,Your ruining everything!

Cyclone:Neo gets emotional easily Cassie,just don't comment on anything!


Fate: It's nothing against you! It's because of his species.

Cassie:Oh!Maybe that's why Neo never called a therepist...

Cyclone:-death glare-

Cassie:Honest opinion!I was wondering that the whole time!


Fate: Is she always this stupid?


Cassie:And it's not stupid to kill Shadow in your old life over a break-up?!

Cyclone:Hey,I have the chance to change that!

Cassie:And the time you didn't even know Batty was evil and almost killed you and Mia!

Cyclone:Don't point out all my flaws!


Cyclone:Okay!Who freaks out when it comes to chao and almost got killed by good guys......7 times!

Emily:*glares at Cyclone and Cassie*

Rose:Ladies,were not going to get anywhere if we argue

Cyclone:Rose's right!

Cassie:What!?I wasn't listening to her I only stopped because I'm afraid of Emily!

Emily:*turns away*

Knight:You alright,Emily?



Vanessa:Oh please!You only like her because you have a girlfriend named Emily!

Nikki keeps silent.

Knight:Actually me and Emily broke up


Nikki: But why?! :(

Knight:She just said Perfect's not gonna be enough

Emily:*crosses arm*

Knight:I don't talk about her much because we already have an Emily who is actually better and more fun to hang out with.That's not a flirt!


Nikki: Oh...

Cassie:New subject!Finding the chaos emeralds!

Fate: Right, well they weren't in the G.U.N where else would they be?

Rose:Maybe we could check in the abandoned warehouse!

Frog:What's going on,guys?We've been looking for our location!

Fate: Who would put chaos emeralds in an abandoned warehouse? Well actually if they're like cassie then they might be in there.

Rose:That's the point!Nobody would check in an abandoned warehouse!

Vanessa:Has anybody noticed Frog?

Faith:Could someone explain?

Nikki: Well, the chaos emeralds could be in an abandoned warehouse. You never know.

Emily:*starts twitching*

Penelope: Then, lets go to an abandoned warehouse then.

Shimmer: Sounds good to me.

Rose:Let's go,team!

Nikki: *starts walking then stops* Where is this place exactly?

Shimmer: Yeah, we're is it?

Rose:Were supposed to keep heading north

Cassie:Well,let's keep going!

Everyone goes north

Rose:-Secretly holds onto her ear piece-I'v got them wrapped around my little pretty fingers

Dun Dun Dun

Fate: Well this is nice...

Cyclone:How much longer till we get there,Rose?

Rose:The GPS says to keep going north

Cassie:I'm tired!Can I rest on this log for a minute?

Cyclone:Don't let the bears get you!

Cassie:Bears!?Umm,let's get moving!.....Really fast!

Emily:*twitches a lot*

Fate: Emily...are you okay?

Rose:Were here!Cyclone!Do the honors!

Cyclone:-uses magic to burst the door open-

A chaos emerald is in the open box

Cassie:A chaos emerald!

Vanessa:Nice!-picks it up-

Cyclone:Wait!How did you know it was here?!

Rose:You should've asked that earlier hun!-turns off the light-

-light turns back on-

Vanessa:-smashed into some boxes-Oww!

Knight:Are you okay!?

Vanessa:Does it look like I'm okay!?*Gasp*The chaos emerald!She took it!

Cassie:Never trust a Bat!

Emily:*looks around for Rose*Where is she...

Fate:, uh, dang it! Every time we take a step we take three back!

Neo: *Watching from a distance.* Sure is interesting Rose. Lure us in and backstab us, but looks like you forgot a loose end. Let me cut you off. *Goes after Rose.*

(Incoming battle! I think. - NeoEx)

Emily:*runs after Rose*

Nikki: *runs after Rose*

Cyclone:*runs after Rose*

Vanessa:Stay here,Cassie!*runs after Rose*

Cassie:Why do people treet me like I'm annoying!?

Knight:You are annoying*Runs after Rose*

Harri:I'll stay with you!


Confronting Rose

Rose:-looks behind her-hmm...-smirks and makes a tree branch move and grab Knight-

Knight:Okay so now she's got powers!?-uses a knife to cut the branch and catch up-

Cassie:-looking at a screen-Hey!That's my knife!He's such a thief!

Harri:How are you watching that?!

Cassie:Cyclone unfriended me so I stole Fate's phone and rang Cyclone on video chat!

-Team Sweet eavesdrops on the situation-

Erica: Hey, check it! There's some people over there! In fact, I think some of them look awfully familiar...

Aqua: Erica, what are we even doing here? Are you wanting your antics to get us killed?

Erica: No!! I just wanted to have a little adventure! And what better way to do it than to be in this sort of location?

Punk: Yeah Aqua! All we ever do is sit at home and play Cooking Mama all day! Haven't you ever wanted to do something totally freaking awesome?

Aqua: -Sighs- Fine. But what exactly are we going to do?

Erica: Um.....I guess we just grab there attention?

Punk: ...Seriously? That's your best plan?

Erica: Yeah, like you can do better! -Raises voice- HEY YOU PEOPLE!!! YEAH YOU!! OVER THERE!!!

Aqua: -Lowers voice- I should have written my last will and testament before tagging along with you two!...

Fate: What in the world are you talking about?

Neo: *Nearby but still on rooftops.* Huh, haven't seen erica since that mess in the game world. Do I still have my 3DS? Oh well. *Keeps running.* Hey Rose, how's it going, need help? Rose:Nice try but I'm not that dumb!

Neo: *Smiling slyly* Come now, A master theif is just trying to help you. Is that so...Yeah your right give it back.

Rose:I would but the boss wants you guys to stay here!

Emily:You are so dead.*starts changing into red eyes and aims the death cannon at Rose*

Nikki: Whoa there, Emily. O_O

Erica: Yo, Neo! Long time, no see! Yeah, Game World was a mess until we saved it! -Directs attention toward Rose- And from what I can gather, this young lady is Rose, right? I've been snooping around here for awhile...

Aqua: I told her it was a bad idea! But did she listen? No!...

Punk: Aqua! Erica's trying to have a conversation!

Aqua: Okay! Sorry!

Erica: Oh, and Nikki! You look great! It's fun to see you guys again!

Emily:Give.Us.The.Chaos.Emerald.Or.Die.*glares at Rose and is about to fire*


Nikki:Geez, calm down Emily! 

Emily:*aims the death cannon at Nikki*(She's evil everyone run for your lives AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~ETH note:shes controlled by Nardia)

Neo: *Fur has turned red by now. Also behind Rose.* Emily. Stop. Now.

(Neo's oblivious as always...-NeoEx)

Emily:*aims at Neo and fires*

Nikki: I'll leave this to Neo... o_o

Emily:*jumps behind Nikki and aims at her**evil grins*

(Sorry guys but I've gotta change it to long hand to get the point across. -NeoEx)

Neo tried to jump to the left but his arm got caught in the blast. He felt a large amount of pain surge through his entire body, blood covered what was left of his arm and his jacket's arm was gone. "AHHHH!" He screamed as he clutched his arm. He felt something he had never felt before, it was dark and evil. It didn't feel right but it did. It started in Neo's stomach but quickly made it's way all around his body. His normal claws dug out and he felt a shadow course around him. This was his true potential, he was a monster. "YOUR DEAD!" He screamed as he lunged at Emily like some kind of beast.

Emily:what the-

Nikki: Uh oh! *tries to dodge Neo, slightly getting hit* Ow!

Erica: -Talking fast- Oh my Arceus! What the crap is going on? ARE WE GONNA DIE!?!

Aqua: Erica! Cool it!

Rose:Turning on each other?What a magnificant turn out!Don't worry guys!We'll see each other again soon!-flies off and gets away-

Cyclone:Damn you,Rose Bushwell!

Knight:I have these gloves that can hold Neo for a limited time so we can get outta here!But we better hurry! Sorry,Neo!-points gloves at Neo to freeze him for a short time-

Everyone runs as fast as they can

Vanessa:Rose,you double-crossingB****!

Knight:Nice language!

Neo: *Growls like a bear and quickly pounces on rose.*

(Neo can't be held like that. -NeoEx)

(oh sorry-Cyclonestar)

Knight:Damn it!

Vanessa:Better than us!

Rose:...Uh...How do I put this?-sees the others getting away-hmm...Oh boys!

???:-comes from nowhere-

Shadow:-comes from nowhere-

Rose:-throws Shadow the chaos emerald-Sorry but you have better fish to fry,don't you?

Shadow:Chaos control!

Cyclone:Shadow's working with her!?

Vanessa:-looks up at Neo-I'd run faster sweetie!I'm gonna jump on that girl's liver when this is over!

Neo: *In demonic voice* Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY?

Fate: Neo's unstable...

Vanessa:Thank you for pointing that out we had no idea!

Knight-electric shock-ahh!My gloves are busted!

Cyclone:Calm down,Neo!We will find them!


Fate: *Glares at Venessa.* I don't know if...Knight, I need you to point those gloves at me, I know their broken but I need you to do that. Cyclone, you think you can hit me with some magic?

Cyclone:Are you sure about that?It won't kill you,right?

Fate: As long as we have the right components, Neo manages to stay still long enough and...he's willing to take a partner...

Cyclone:..okay-fires a beam of magic at Fate-

Knight:-points his gloves at Fate-

Fate: *Kneels. The magic and electricity start to circle her.* Stablize the spectacle in front of his, for he is not who he appears, as a guardian of the spectacle I take responsibility for his actions and all other purposes that he holds. I offer myself for partnership. *Therre is a large flash around Fate's neck.* Tears of the midnight sky fall, Healing Wave! *The magic beam now goes straight to Neo, the electricity shocks Fate. There is a flash and then Neo's back to normal. Both are lying on the ground.*

Nikki: Fate, Neo? Are you guys okay? *slowly walks up to them*

Neo: *Unconsious*

Fate: *Slowly gets up, now has a chain around her neck. Speaks with almost no emotion.* I'm fine.

Nikki: Fate, what's that around your neck?? O_o

Fate: *Ties brown bandanna around her neck to hide the chain.* It is the bond. I'm Neo's partner, so this is what binds us together it allows our powers to transfer and it...keeps me alive. That doesn't matter though, we have to find rose.

Nikki: Right...

Emily:*walks forward to them*I'm not done yet...*dashes forward to Neo*

Fate: I don't think so. *Dashes to Emily.* I don't know what your planning on doing but I won't let you touch him.

Emily:*is about to slash Fate but freezes for a second**she then drops her scythe and falls down*

Fate: *Pulls out two pistols. One has a blue handle. She points them at Emily.* Calm. Down. *Grabs Emily's head.* I release the hold that you have on her Nardia. She is of her own free will.

Emily:*is unconsious now*

Nikki: Umm, what the heck just happened? ._.

Fate: Ummm....I don't know. I've never done that before. Hopefully Master wakes up soon then we can go back to hunting rose.

Aqua: See! What did I tell ya? I knew we would run into trouble, and here we are! We should have just gone home!

Erica: Oh, don't pull the danger card! A true hero can have an adventure regardless of the dangers that lie ahead!...Although, I am starting to get a little concerned.

Punk: We all are Erica. But we can get through this!

Erica: Yeah!

Cyclone:-picks up phone-Hello CASSIE!


Cyclone:-hangs up-

Vanessa:Rose,Shadow and someone else are working together! I couldn't see the other guy!

Knight:But Neo did!

Nikki: *sigh* I can tell this is gonna be a long day.

Fate: I'll wake him. *Goes to Neo.* Master you need to wake up.

Neo: *Sleepily* it's with the pasta and the cat got it...huh? What's going on?

Fate: They want you awake.

Vanessa:What did you see?!

Neo: Be more precise, I've seen things I wish I hadn't.

Fate: I think she's referring to the fight.

Neo: Still need to be more presice.

Erica: Just tell us what happened during the fight. This is really important; we need to know this crap!

Neo: Well...Nikki freaked out from Narida's control, my arm almost got blown off, ...something weird happened, I got all out of control, Shadow came and saved Rose. Then I freaked out, and Fate kneeled and everything after that is blank.

Knight:That must have been hard!He saw almost all of it.

Vanessa:And I am going to smash that duo's face in!

Nikki: Don't you think that's a little....much?

Neo: No, we should smash them. We should give them hell.


Emily:*wakes up*

Nikki: Well, look who's up.


Cyclone:You okay?

Emily:Yes im fine

Erica: Yay! You're not dead!

Nikki: Well, I guess that's a good thing.

Vanessa:I say we go get Cassie and Harri and find where those brats are!

Neo: I say we find them now!

Fate: Master, calm down.

Neo: Why are you calling me master?

Fate: No reason...

Nikki: Okay...Well, we'd better get going.

Everyone goes to the warehouse

Knight:Umm...Cassie?Please listen got away and she's working for Shadow!

Cassie:This is the second time we have been betrayed!

Vanessa:Betrayel!Is there anything it can't do?

Neo: Damn Rose. We trusted someone and all she did was stab us in the back. Which is the same I'm gonna do to her...*Plays with the blood blade.*

Emily:*grins evily*(sorry if im not really active.-ETH)

(Is alright! -NeoEx)

Neo: *Eyes turn red.* I'm not the only one excited by that.

Fate: Neo...?

Emily:*eyes turn red and summon death cannon*Lets kill her...

Cassie:Yes!With no clue on where they went!(Sarcasm)

Neo: *Points to Cassie* Let's kill her too.

Emily:*aims at Cassie*

Cassie:Okay,okay!I was just kidding!

Emily:*lowers the cannon*

Penelope: *steps back*

Shimmer: You shouldn't trick people like that, Cassie, you could get hurt doing that... *starts jugging fireballs*

Emily:*aims at Cassie again*Die little rabbit~*is about to fire*

(I've come back from the dead lol What's going on? -Nikki)

(Shadow saved Rose and took the chaos Emerald, Fate's wearing a brown bandanna around her neck, Neo and Emily have gone insane, you know the usual stuff. -NeoEx)

(lol okay xD)

Nikki: Emily...what the heck is wrong with you...? -_-


Penelope: *shakes her head*

Nikki: Well, don't you guys think we should get the chaos emerald back?

Shimmer: I do.

(I'm not gonna be here for 3 days cuz im gonna go camping so just to let you know.-ETH)

(I love camping! Hope you have fun. :) - Maria)


Vanessa:-sees Rose's shadow and runs after it-


Vanessa:-goes out of sight and sees Rose-


Vanessa:Your in for a world of pain!Don't play goody goody on me!

Rose:I won't be the goody goody one-casts a love spell on Vanessa-Let's go Shadow!


Shadow and Rose both leave without any trace of where they went

Everyone catches up to Vanessa

Cyclone:Vanessa,are you alright?

Vanessa:What?-turns and sees Neo-Neo!-hugs him-Did you come to rescue me!?

Cassie:Oh my god,that's embarresing!-starts laughing-

Cyclone:Don't start!

Knight:Vanessa,are you okay?

Vanessa:I'm even better than fine now that's your here,Neo!

Cassie:You do realise he has a girlfriend,right?

Vanessa:I know that...It's me!

Cyclone:Oh God No!-shaking her head-This can't be happening!

Nikki: What the heck?!

Knight:Vanessa,What got into you!?


Knight:Rose!?Where did she go?!

Vanessa:I don't know and I don't care!

Cassie:To be honest I like this Vanessa much more!

Nikki: Why are we yelling?!

Penelope: What did Rose do to you, Vaness?

Shimmer: She acting very strange.

Neo: *Does NOT look amused.*

Fate: I...I don't know what to say about this...

Neo: Let's hope Tailsalyn doesn't see this...or we're both dead. *Poison claws are ready to strike Vanessa.*

Nikki: Whoa there Neo.

Neo: *Sighes, then drops the poison claws and blood blade. Turns to venessa.* I'm going to stab you when this is over.

Fate: Neo be nice.

Neo: No...

Nikki: Aww come on Neo. It's not really her fault...

Neo: I don't care who's fault it is, I'm need to hurt someone and she just won't LET GO!

Vanessa:Sorry,Neo!-lets go Neo-

Cyclone:Hopefully that doesn't become a distraction

Knight:Okay first,I wanted to kill RoseBut NOW I'm going to crush her and sing we are the champions at her funrel!

Nikki: *sigh* Okay...

Erica: Hope I don't have to clean up the mess...

Aqua: Why not?

Erica: 'Cuz if I'm cleaning it, then I'm gonna force you to help me.

Tailsalyn: *catches up with the group* Hey guys!

Nikki: Oh, hey Tailsalyn.

Cassie:*Whispers to Cyclone*Keep Vanessa AWAY from Neo or were all screwed!

Cyclone:Got it.

Shimmer: Good luck with that Cassie.

Nikki: *chuckles to herself*

Tailsalyn: *goes up to Neo* So whats up, Neo?

Neo: *Looks at vennessa, clearly annoyed.* Oh you know, still stuck in another dimension, trying to find that damned Rose!

Tailsalyn: Oh.

Nikki: *sings to herself*

Vanessa:-tries to run forward to Neo-

Cassie:-grabs Vanessa and pulls her back away from Neo-

Cyclone:Let's go find some answers

Erica: Yay! Answers!!

  • Everyone walks off*

Cassie:where are we going?

Cyclone:To be honest,I don't know yet...Let's see if we can find some clues

Zero: *From far away. Calling to the group.* Shadow and Rose have a chaos emerald? This could be interesting.

Weapon: Chao, Chao. Chao....

Neo: They know where they are!


Zero: Indeed, we do happen to know where in the world, Shadow and Rose happen to be.

Cassie:*Slowly pulls her knife out*

Knight:*Snatches it off her*

Cyclone:Hmm?If we kill Shadow Irma will be upset and if we don't kill him I'll still have to live with him...

Neo: I don't care what Irma thinks let's kill Shadow.

Zero: Are you hearing this? He just wants to off him.

Neo: Come on Cyclone we need to do it, it's the only way out. Irma will understand.

Zero: Let's ask Cyclone if she understood the death of the minotaur, hm?


Vanessa:For god sake,can you not see you are stressing the poor girl!?Either way,it's fine by me!I would kill whoever to get this mess over and done with!

Shimmer: Will she's getting fisty.

Vanessa:Now,whoever knows where to go should just lead us there!


Punk: Hm? Oh, yeah; we kinda left for a while.

Aqua: Yeah. We had to do...stuff...

Erica: Yeah! Stuff!

Knight:...Hey,how about we split up?

Cassie:Slitting up never works!

Knight:Well,it's worth a try!What do the rest of you think?