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As the name of the page implies, this is an RP based on the "Digimon" franchise. I am just completely surprised that nobody has done this yet, but has done pokemon up the **$. I hope to see many people participate in this RP. This RP takes elements from a few seasons of the show (season 1- regular digivolution and digi-eggs, season 2- DNA digivolving, season 5- burst mode, season 6- Digixros, season 7- "hunting")


After an unusual amount of natural disasters and massive glitches in technology, beings known as "Digimon" have started to appear all over the world. Though most are friendly towards everyone, others choose to take advantage of some of the peoples desires and sins to get stronger. So, many of the heroes decide to join together in a group known as "The Xrosed Destiny" to combat against the evil digimon!!!!


  1. No G-modding )
  2. No sexual activity (kissing/hugging is okay)
  3. No swear words (Damn, hell, and crap, are okay)
  4. No trolling.
  5. Have fun!!!!!!
  6. fanon characters are allowed.
  7. When inserting a character, put what digimon are their partners (unless they don't have a partner digimon) (can have up to 3 different starting partner digimon, and any digimon they get later on go in the "later obtained" section)
  8. Digivolution is allowed. (if I did not make that clear)
  9. RP may not start until most of the available character slots have been taken up, and once about 5 people are in. (currenty, 2 more needed)
  10. Digimon may have branching digivolution paths (if the digimon can digivolve) (ex: Gabumon to Garurumon, Leomon, or Lobomon)
  11. You cannot have mega's in the beginning.
  12. No fanon digimon...
  13. Only people who are experienced with the series may join this RP



  1. Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh) {starting: Birdramon to Garudamon} {later obtained: }
  2. Silver the hedgehog {starting: Lunamon} {later obtained: } (open)
  3. Blaze the cat {starting: Candlemon, Coronamon} {later obtained: } (open)
  4. Shadow the hedgehog {starting: Psychemon, Dorulumon} {later obtained: } (open)
  5. Jimmy the Wombat {starting: Veemon, Gabumon} {later obtained: } (Zombiekiller85)
  6. Shadow The Wolf (Shadowthewolf) (Starting: BlackAgumon,Hawkmon) {later obtained:}
  7. Omega the Hedgehog (Starting: Agumon, Gumdramon) {later obtained:BlackVeemon} (MetalDharak)


  1. Nina the cat {starting: Salamon, Pagumon} {later obtained: } (Frozen Scorpio)
  2. Jared the unknown {starting: Dracmon, Keramon} {later obtained: Kotemon, } (frozen scorpio)
  3. Rouge the bat [starting: Falcomon, Renamon] [later obtained: } (open)
  4. Keith The Dragonolf [starting:Shoutmon] [later obtained:Greymon (2010 anime), Mailbirdramon } (MetalDharak)
  5. Merukimon (open) (not until later)


  1. Quartzmon (open) (not until about chapter 7)
  2. Grimmon (Frozen Scorpio)
  3. Yggdrasil (open) (not until near end)
  4. Myotismon (open)
  5. Deva digimon (open)
  6. Royal Knights (open, not until near end)
  7. D-reaper (open) (not until about half-way through)


Chapter one, Beginning of the end

One day...

Josh: Hmm... I've some mission to do! (goes to his other friends)

Delivery kid: (passes by while riding a locomon) Is your name Josh? If so, I have a package for you. (gives Josh a package containing an xros loader and an instruction manual) (rides away)

Josh: Hmm... What's this? A manual for this... X-Ros Loader? (reads the manual)

in a nearby colosseum, where a digimon battle between a bulbmon and a metaltyrannomon is taking place while being broadcasted in a tv store near Josh...

Announcer: Amazing! Metaltyrannomon has struck a direct hit! How will the opponent counter?

Tamer 01: Grr. Bulbmon! Defensive position!!!

Bulbmon: (arms, legs, and head retract into body)

Tamer 02: Attack! Metaltyrannomon!!

Metaltyrannomon: Groooaah! NUCLEAR LASER!!! (fires an energy shell from it's left arm)

Bulbmon: (blocks, then head, arms, and legs come out of body) MAD PUMP!! (Fires a huge jet of water, thus defeating Metaltyrannomon and ending the match)

Announcer: That was one exciting match, folks! The winner is, BULBMON!!!

Tamer 01: Yeah! We won!!

Back to Josh...

Josh: Ohh... That would be... Huh? So, I'm going to this coliseum! (goes to the coliseum)

In the coliseum...

Josh: A tamer? That's good.

Tamer: Let's battle!

Josh: Oh, good.

Jared: (walks up to them) How about you both challenge me?

Tamer: Yeah! Let's team up!

Josh: (to the Tamer) Sure. (to Jared) You first.

Jared: All right, then. RELOAD, DRACMON!!!

Dracmon: (appears out of a burst of light) Nyeh!

Jared: Now let me see your digimon.

Josh: Birdramon, reload.

Birdramon: (chirps loudly like an eagle)

Tamer: Reload, Biyomon!

Biyomon: (chirps loudly)

(no fanon digimon, please use a different digimon for the tamer) (but Aeromon is okay)

(JoshTheHedgehog12: IDK, I'm not really a fan of this.)

(I just changed the tamer's digimon)

(ZK85: i have no clue where to come in)

(How about during the battle, while chasing after an evil digimon?)

Josh: Attack, Birdramon.

Birdramon: (charges at Dracmon)

Dracmon: EYE OF NIGHTMARE!! (uses the eyes on the palms of it's hands to paralze Birdramon) UNDEAD FANG!! (bites Birdramon hard, and creates a perfect image of Birdramon in it's mind)

Birdramon: (chirps loudly in pain) Mach Grinder! (grinds Dracmon with its talons)

Jared: (xros loader glowing) DRACMON, DIGIVOLVE!!

Dracmon is then surrounded by multiple glowing rings, which somehow cause it to change into Sangloupmon.

Sangloupmon: BLACK MIND!!! (dissasembles it's own data and melts into Birdramon's shadow) STICKER BLADE!! (fires hundreds of tiny blades at Birdramon)

Josh: Not good. (X-Ros Loader glows) Digivolve!

Birdramon is covered by tons of feathers, thus digivolving to Garudamon.

Garudamon: My turn! FIRE HURRICANE! (burns Sangloupmon by creating a blazing tornado)

Tamer: (X-Ros Loader glows) Biyomon, Digivolve!

Biyomon is covered in sand, thus digivolving to Aquilamon.

Aquilamon: My turn also. Blast Rings! (releases a roar similar to thunder as it fires off ring-shaped beams, thus damaging Sangloupmon)

Jared: (Sangloupmon returns to xros-loader) How are you able to already digivolve your digimon into an ultimate level?

Josh: Hah, I'm now experienced if I battle with a tamer like you. But it's not the highest form yet: the Mega.

(just remembered. NO MEGAS IN THE BEGINNING!!!)

Jared: Besides, what is your Garudamon's rookie form?

Josh: Biyomon.

Jared: Okay. Now which digimon will I use next? (multiple images of several digimon appear over xros loader, some including Jagamon, Betsumon, Giromon, Kotemon, Pteramon, and Sepikmon) As you can see, I have a very huge collection at my disposal...

Josh: Oh, nice. I got some Wind Digimon here.

Jared: Oh, can I see?

Josh: Sure. (shows Jared his X-Ros Loader, showing his other Digimon like Hawkmon, Aurumon, & Sparrowmon. I'll show you more of them tomorrow.

Jared: Okay. See you tomorrow! (walks away)

later that night, at the gate between the real world and the digital world...

Tamer 01: Well that was a fun day, was it not?

Ghoulmon: I'd say so. I hope I get to fight more tamers to get stronger soon.

Then suddenly, a large glowing purple egg-shaped cloud of smoke with a skull-face appears out of thin air and laughs, then uses a strange attack that turns all nearby digimon back into digimon, and knocks out all nearby tamers, then it floats into the real world... (Josh, it just regresses birdramon back to biyomon, and prevents it from digivolving for a while)

the next morning...

Josh: (wakes up from his castle) Ahhh... (stretches his arms) Hmm... (checks his X-Ros Loader and--) Huh? What happened to Birdramon?! He was regressed back to Biyomon... Tsk. Well, back to sleep. (sleeps again)

Jared: (bursts in through a nearby wall) JOSH!! SOMETHING TERRIBLE AND STRANGE HAS HAPPENED!! All of everyone's digimon have been regressed to digimon, even the guardian Knightmon! that is, All except for my Keramon for some reason. Have you checked your other digimon?

Josh: Yeah, they all became Rookie level. Who did that?

Jared: You should come outside! The whole towns in pieces!! Digi-eggs everywhere, and confused tamers!

Shadow the Wolf: *in her house sleeping with Black Koromon and Poromon*

Josh: Okay. (goes outside, seeing Digi-Eggs everywhere & hypnotized tamers) Oh, great. So, who did this?

Jimmy: *walks out behind Josh* I would guess but it would be more fun to actually find out.

Josh: Okay.

Jared: (gasps) I FORGOT!!!! I MUST PROTECT THE GATE!!!!!! (Runs away)

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