A new MMO takes the storm over Mobius. Countless players and fanatics rave over the critically acclaimed game known as Digital Crisis. Despite all of the hype pretaining to this game, the game hides a deep secret. Every player that plays the game for more than three or so hours becomes mindless, and it is even known to kill. Players that quit playing the game are also known to have been reported missing, or dead at the sight of their computer screen. It is up to YOU, the player, to either aid in finding the truth, or drop dead in the armada of the mindless. (RP ideas were made with the help of Monk and Chames)


  • Absolutely no power playing.
  • You are permitted to only use THREE characters, if you have multiple one or two HAVE to die.
  • No auto-hitting as well.
  • Use Scripted format. Paragraph Roleplaying will become confusing.
  • No God mod.
  • Do not overwhelm characters with heavy dodging, blocking, and incredibly fateful attacks.
  • No overleveling.
  • No entering the Cyber world with out your team mates.
  • Do not fight bosses on your own.
  • Do not hurt your team mates in your party.
  • Do not "hack" the game.
  • Death is innevitable, there is no avoidance. If your character dies, they are dead for the entire Role Play.
  • If your character is inflicted with an ailment of prolonged exposure, do not force them into the Cyber world.
  • Switching of roles must be spoken of in the Talk-Page.
  • If you want to join, this is INVITE only, so please message on the Talk-Page.
  • If you fail to edit frequently, your character will indeed be removed or killed off in the RP no matter what.
  • Don't use another person's character with out their permission.
  • Stick to the game rules and simulated combat.
  • Edit frequently.
  • Characters will be rewarded in-game items that can solve real world ailments. Do not just say your character magically has one when they have never earned it.
  • Do not stray from the plot.
  • Every player must have a weakness.
  • Enjoy yourself, have fun with the story.


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Involved Characters

In-Game Players

(Note: In game players will have to have three sacrifices. Please let me know if you are willing by adding a * next to your characters name.)

  • Twilight the Lycalo (Twi)
  • Miyoko The Timber Wolf 
  • Satoru *willing to slaughter* (will be slaughtered)
  • Joseph Cutter (Monk)


(Note: You do not need characters to fill this role, you can essentially use anything but make sure it pretains to the plot. Basic enemies will NOT be controlled, often due because they will most likely be auto-killed.)


This Roleplay will have 1-4/6 parts, it will begin once places are set.

Part 1: Dawn of Gaming

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