Diary of a Wimpy Hedgehog)


This is Sonic & Co. as the Wimpy Kid Cast about Sonics 1st days of middle school




Knuckles---Gregs Dad

Rouge---Gregs Mom

Owen The Hedgehog---Rowley

Cheese The Chao---Manny

Gold The Light-------Angie

Dr. Eggman-------Coach

Wave Jet and Storm---------3 guys who make owen eat the cheese

Dark The Echidna-----Chiriag (LOL Hes such a knucklehead, hes so him.)

HYPER CRAZY Metal Sonic??? ------Fregley (OMG)

Kumori the Cat------Patty

Espio------Other Coach

Vector----Kid in the chili dog touch story

Chapter 1 Introduction

Sonic: Ok first of all this is a journal not a diary.........I know what it says on the cover but i told mom not to buy me one that said diary on it. When people see this they might hit me.

Tails Doll: SISSY *Wacks Sonic*

Sonic: But one day when i am rich and famouse everyone will be working for me....i am worried about my friend owen....he dosen't really understand the concept of growing up

Shadow: *Whispers* Sonic.......Sonic....*Yells* SONIC!!!!!!!!

Sonic: Wah! what?

Shadow: You slept late mom is gonna be ticked off if you dont get your butt ready for school

Sonic: *Runs down to the kitchen and gets ready* Fix the spickes eat breakfast and now put on my shoes

Knuckles: HA!!!!!!!! whats going on

Sonic: I'm getting ready for----........school.

Knuckles: What are you talking about? School dosent start for another week and FYI school dosen't start at 4 o clock in the morning. You woke up Cheese and if he dosen't go back to bed your in big trouble

Rouge: There is no way he is going back to bed.....i just wanted to sleep till 6

Sonic: Its not my fault Shadow changel my clock

Rouge:...............go back to bed sweetie

Shadow: *Smiles*

Chapter 2 Middle School Begins


Sonic: Gah! Get away from me shadow! ew.

Shadow: So mom told me to give you some advice on middle school. Dont look at anyone dont talk to anyone dont go to the bathroom dont pick the wrong locker Oh and dont get seen with Owen aw who am i kidding you'll be dead in homeschool before the end of the year


Rouge: Bye sweety have a great day



Sonic: Well so far my first day didn't start off so well and some guy walks up and says hey sonic! But i dont even emember him...what happened to these kids over the summer...some kind of nuclear accident? At school you need to pick the right spot to sit........otherwise you are stuck with some loser for the rest of the year

???: Hey sonic

Sonic: Owen? What are you wearing?

Owen: Its my Sirabe my family just got back from gwatamala

Teacher: OK students take your seat and remember them cuz you will be sitting there for the rest of the year..

Sonic sits next to Owen

CHAPTER 3: P.E. Pain

Sonic: Hey owen if you could put yourself on a scale of 1 to 200 what would you be at

Owen: Is 200 good?

Sonic: I'd say you're around the 150 mark

Owen: What about you

Sonic: I think about 19 or 20 i might even have a chance at the top spot by the end of the year.

Owen: Who would be at the bottom of the list?

???: HEY!

Sonic: Hyper Crazy Metal Sonic (HCMS for short)

HCMS: Wanna see my secret freckil? IT HAS A HAIR IN IT!!!

Owen: What colour is that?

HCMS: Wanna help me name it?

Dr. Eggman: *Blows wistle* LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Everyone walks over to the coach

Dr,. Eggman: P.E> is as much of a part in my life as waking up every morning and going to the bathroom........i live and breathe physical education. We will be playing a little game called gladiator.....YOU ARE THE SHIRTS and.....you...are the...skins

Everyone takes shirt off

Sonic: Wait why are we skins?

Dark: He's just trying to make animals like us look bad

Sonic: What do you mean? I just dont want to get a sunburn

Eggman: THIS IS A LITTLE GAME I LIKE TO CALL!!!!!!!!!!!! GLADIATOR *Blows wistle*

(Everyone runs)

Owen: I'll never be able to outrun these guys

Sonic: You dont have to outrun the guys, just dark

Dark: Running and gets PWNED by the other guys* oof!

Sonic and Owen hide behind the bleechers.

Owen:Man its barbaric out there

???: Its completley barbaric

Sonic and Owen:...?

???:This place is an intelectual wasteland. its nice to see someone who caares more about their minfd then their body....

Owen: Why are you hiding you girls get to jump rope?

???:Avoiding The Pain it all starts in middle school y'know your not a kid anymore you have learn more and little kids get picked on and girls youv'e known from kindergarden wont even talk to you anymore

Sonic: OK well it sounds like you've got it all figured out so go back to your book.

???: This place is a glorified holding pen....its where aduilt put you when they dont want to see your body change from kid to teenager....HI i'm Gold

Sonic:Well i think we should get going

Owen: Why this is a good spot

Gold: Ita a perfect spot.....i survived all of the 6th grade here and i'd enjoy some company to get me through the 7th

Sonic: Is that the wistle? I think i heard the wistle......lets go *Sonic and owen walk away*

Owen: Why are we leaving we will get killed out here in the open

Sonic: Put your shirt on they'll think we're on the other team! anyweays i cant be seen with a nut job like her

Owen: But I've never talked to a girl that longe before!

Sonic: ....woah.....

CHAPTER 4: The Chili Cheese Dog Touch

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