Heroes across the multiverse are in grave danger. A new villain is taking the multiverse by storm and will stop at nothing to destroy worlds. The heroes must prepare themselves to defeat this monster in a fight like no other. Unlike most battles they have faced, this battle is only the beginning of a war, a war so big it could be devastating to the multiverse itself. Will you fight for what is right?




Tye The Hedgehog







Another one of those fans


Reens the Hedgehog

Black Silver

Involved Characters

Ion the Hedgehog (DXS)

Lunari the Echidna (64)

Tye The Hedgehog (TyeTH)

Vicious the Void (anybody)

Sonic the Hedgehog (anybody)

Blaze the Cat (anybody)

Miles "Tails" Prower" (anybody)

Marine the Raccoon (anybody)

Jet the Hawk (anybody)

Arnzarel the Revolting (Jaredthefox92, because how can he rule Mobius when there isn't a Mobius? )

Helga the Jotunn (Jaredthefox92)

Corta the Cardinal (DXS)

Lorelei Furea (BDO; being a member of the Trinity Organization, and a notably skilled one, Lorelei was sent by her father to look over the task of bringing Vicious down.)

Hugh the wolf (vito)

Noah the Wolf (NLG)

Exspiravit (Saren, "Because I called dibs on slagging the entire planet of mobius.")

Hectic The Cyberhog (Noahc2015, what's the point of terrorizing people if there will be no one to terrorize?)

Io the Cat (Lunari64, because nothing gets out of hand on her watch.)

Winter "Icy" the Cat {Winter}

Reddy the fox(Another one of those fans)

Pastry the fox(Another one of those fans)

Reddy the fox(Alt version)(Another one of those fans)

Pastry the fox(Alt version)(Another one of those fans)

Cassidy the Raccoon (Eezy)

Reens the Hedgehog (Reens, what's the point of living on Mobius if there is no Mobius?)

Malcom "Geo" Wiggins (Black Silver)

The Roleplay

In outer space lies a mysterious force waiting to destroy worlds and claim the multiverse.

???: *evil laugh* Soon I will have the worlds destroyed, and the heroes of each world fall under my knees! I will stop at nothing to defeat the heroes and destroy worlds. I WILL BE THE ONE LEFT STANDING! *laughs evilly again* I wonder... if I can collide the multiverse. I might try that. Taking that to consideration. *he charges his energy and blasts energy out of his body creating a light that can collide the multiverse, creating an alternate universe where the heroes all meet*

On Mobius Prime X, the newly formed universe, a hero named Ion was knocked unconscious during the whole incident, as he woke up he noticed a blue hedgehog standing beside him along side a lavender cat. he looked at them confused.

Ion: Where am i? How did i get here? Who are you?

The purple cat looked down at him. "We were about to ask you that. My name is Blaze." She said.

"My name's Sonic! Who are you?" The blue hedgehog asked Ion.

Ion: I am Ion the hedgehog... my friends have gone missing due to that light that happened while i was knocked out. Idk how this happened. But we are not alone...

Blaze helped Ion to his feet.

"We're not alone?" Sonic asked, curiously.

Ion: No... the multiverse is at stake... I feel it.

Sonic looked at Ion and Blaze. "Then I guess we're back to our old antics, huh?" He said, with a bit of a smirk on his face.

Ion: Sonic... do you know anybody that is smart enough to comprehend this?

Sonic nodded. "I do, but he isn't here..." He said, seemingly disappointed.

Ion: Odd...

Blaze had a thoughtful look on her face. "And Marine doesn't seem to be nearby, either..."

Not too far away, an echidna was on the ground, passed out.

Ion: *senses someone*

Sonic gave Ion a curious look. "Something wrong?"

Ion: I sense someone near by, luckily nothing bad, just something familiar.

The echidna woke up, slowly. "What happened?" She mumbled, as she stood up.

Ion: *walks up to the echidna* Hey, remember me?

The echidna turned, recognizing Ion's voice. "Ion!" She said, running over to him.

Ion: it's been a long time, Lunari.

Lunari nodded. "A long time indeed." She agreed.

Sonic came shortly after. "Lunari?" He said, curiously.

Lunari looked over. "Hey Sonic!" She said, waving.

Ion: *senses someone else* Sonic... I am sensing a raccoon nearby, do you know who that is?

Sonic acted like he was about to say something, but was interrupted by Blaze. "I bet that's Marine." She said.

Ion: I am also sensing a fox, near by as well.

"That's Tails!" Sonic remarked.

Lunari focused, and could also sense Tails and Marine. She quickly led Sonic over to Tails.

Helga: *Stomps out of the woods, she is a giant at 100 ft tall/30 meters tall.* Hallo!

Ion: ?!

Lunari turned around, surprised.

Helga: *Stares down at them and is grinning.*

Lunari looked up at the giantess, nervously. "H-Hello..." She said.

Helga: *Leans down.* Ich bin ein Helga die Jagerin. :D

Lunari waved, seemingly a bit more relaxed than she was before.

Helga: *Smiles and waves.*

Ion: *sighs in relief* Ok, she is friendly

Lunari smiled. "Nice to meet you!" She said.

Helga: Englisch?

Lunari nodded.

Meanwhile, Sonic had taken off to go look for Tails.

Corta: *sitting on a bench*

Sonic ran right past Corta without stopping.

Corta: *felt Sonic's wind just blow in her face*

Sonic eventually found Tails, who was wandering around.

"Tails! There you are!" Sonic said, excited.

"Sonic! I was wondering where you were." Tails said.

"Tails, you have any idea how we got here?" Sonic asked.

"Not yet. I'm going to have to do a few things in order to find out." Tails replied.

Corta: *walks up to them, knowing the truth* You know, the multiverses just collided with each other right?

The two both looked at Corta, shocked. They shook their heads, speechless

Corta: It's true, I analyzed the incident and it was not an accident, someone tampered with the multiverse and changed Mobius Prime into a new prime universe simply called X.

"Hmm. That doesn't sound like one of Eggman's tricks." Sonic said.

"I agree. But if Eggman isn't behind this, then who is?" Tails said, thinking out loud.

Corta: More like the core keys, someone either got at least one or has the power to do so without them... for a fact he might be... I am Corta the cardinal, the brains of the Core City Guardians and the powerhouse. I am guessing you two are Sonic and Tails... am I correct?

Helga: *Stomping towards them.*

Corta: *hearing some stomping* It seems we are not alone.

Sonic also heard stomping, and turned toward the sound. He saw Helga towering over them. "Who are you?" He asked.

Helga: *Looks down.* Ich bin ein Helga die Jargerin. :D

Corta: She said Helga.

"Oh. Nice to meet you! My name is Sonic." Sonic said.

Part 2

???: He-he-he ... you did not even realize what was really going on did you?

Tails turned. "Huh?"

???: Well, I am Vicious the Void, and I am the real reason you're all here.... the multiverse shall be mine... *laughs evilly*

Helga: Was? (What?)

"Hey! Not cool!" Sonic shouted.

Meanwhile, Lunari had finally caught up to the rest of the group.

Same with Ion and blaze, as they saw a mysterious being floating in the sky.

Ion: Ugh, so this is the source of this incident!

"Apparently." Blaze replied.

Vicious: More have arrived, so how about you all try and stop me!

Helga: *Tries to grab Vicious with her massive hands.*

"A challenge, huh? Bring it!" Sonic said, getting ready to fight.

Vicious simply disappeared on Helga, and appeared behind Sonic, he then tapped his shoulder and punches him sending very far back.

Lunari ran after Sonic, to go help him.

Ion got into his battle stance, preparing himself.

"Like old times?" Lunari said, helping Sonic up.

Sonic nodded.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Sonic.

The Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds come towards Ion, he then starts transforming into his newfound power, Ultimate Chaos Ion.

Ion: This ends here, I hope you are ready!

Sonic came up from behind Vicious, and used a homing attack.

Vicious then fell to the ground, but he was unfazed it barely left a scratch.

Helga: *Conjures up a giant spear made out of ice.*

Blaze was utilizing her pyrokinetics, shooting fireballs at Vicious.

Vicious: *gets hit with the fire balls then the last fire ball was sent through a portal and right back at Blaze*   

Helga: *Tries striking at Vicious with her giant ice spear.* (Note: She's a giant(ess).)

Blaze gets hit with the ricocheted fire ball, but doesn't look that badly hurt. She starts climbing a nearby tree, to get a vantage point.

Vicious: *gets stabbed by a big icicle, but due to being a void, it did not kill him*

Ion: *he charges at him*

Blaze came down from an angle, covered in flames. She used a powerful kick.

Vicious then transported away.

Vicious: I am not done yet, soon the multiverse will fall *laughs evilly*

Helga: Nien, dummkompf!

???: "All this talk of saying the multiverse will be yours. Have you accounted for someone other than this planet to walk in and strike out of curiosity?

Sonic: *looks around* Oh no... I think I lost her...

Noah: Who?

Sonic: I lost AMY!

???: "Really? Pity..." [The figure continued to say.]

Helga: *Looks down and shrugs.*

Lunari, having finished using her spirit form, caught up to the rest of the group.

(Note: I, Jaredthefox92 have taken control of Vicious in order to improve this roleplay.)

Vicious had retreated to an undisclosed location. While this meager skirmish mattered little to him in the long run he was somewhat intrigued at the responsiveness of the heroes and how they were easily able to band together to attempt to stop him. Still, he was sure that their efforts would be in vain after his master plan was set in motion.

Vicious: I'd best get to work, I shouldn't be wasting time trying to get the heroes all riled up before the big show. After all, why spoil them with a mere appetizer when I'm busy working on the main course? *Goes back to his cloaked void-ship.*

Part 3

(Back with the others)

???: "I question whether if I should help you or not."

Ion: Who knows, he is not the kind of foe we've faced in my world... normally.

Hugh falls from the sky in front of blaze.

Hugh: Who am I?

Sonic runs over and sees Hugh

Hugh: Who are you?

Sonic: Hugh, don't you notice me?

Blaze: I think he has amnesia. Hugh, do you remember anything?

Hugh: I only remember a being called Vicious almost killing me.

A Mobian accidentally throws a baseball bat at Hugh's head.

Hugh: That's better, it all came back. I was searching for the Chaos Emeralds, but when I found one, I was in the air and someone knocked me down here.

Sonic: So someone did this, who was it?

Hugh: I don't know. I only saw it's aura and I knew he was not good.

Jet zooms in.

Jet: Hugh, it's been long enough.

Hugh: Agreed.

Noah: Hugh! Hugh!

[The figure falls silent, she then walks off.] "Good luck, have fun y'all ... I'll probably just jump in when I see the moment is worth doing, let alone crucial..."

Ion: It's getting worse... *points to the sky the sky went dark*

Noah: What on Earth does that mean...

Corta: Something tells me it's not good.

  • Soon, a large and purple crystalline ship appears out of the storm as clouds rotate around it in a circular motion.*

Ion: It's him... He's at it again.

  • The massive sapphire and crystalline ship appears to be that of a mobile flying fortress that is somehow manipulating time and space around it causing tears in the very fabric of reality itself. *

Noah: Hey! Look!

[A Convention Store is being torn down and sucked up by the ship]

Jet: *watches* What on Earth?

Tails: We need to find shelter, and fast!

Ion: *growls*

Lunari looked at the ship, seeming rather angry.

  • The ship eventually stopped and the skies started to darken around its hull. *

ion: This world will be destroyed at this rate.

"But we're not going to let that happen, right?" Lunari said, trying to boost everyone's morale.

Noah: At this rate, more buildings collapse and the ship still sucks it!

  • The ship then unleashes a swarm of smaller, drone-like vessels to defend itself.*

Noah: What on Earth...

Jet: It's weird, isn't it?

Right near them, there's a green, robotic hedgehog laying on the ground, appearing to be shut off.

Lunari knelt down next to the robotic hedgehog, looking for a way to wake them up. She lightly tapped its shoulder. "Hello?"

The tap seemed to have an effect on the cyborg, as a white pupil activated and started staring at Lunari. Then, a moan was added to it, but it seemed to grow more loud as it progressed, adding the fact that the cyborg's mouth piece was about to fall out.

Suddenly, is move its hand up to its shoulder, trying to press what looked like an "on" switch on his shoulder. As he pressed it, all systems in his body functioned enabling him to stand up as he looked around, then suddenly made a sharp turn to Lunari, glaring at her. "Hello." Hectic held his hand out, thinking he would receive a friendly welcome.

Lunari was a bit creeped out by the glare, but did give him a somewhat hesitant handshake. "Hello." She answered.

"Where the heck am I, also not to act dumb or anything, but you are extremely beautiful, ma'am." Hectic said before bowing to the girl.

"And also, may I suggest that we are in a dreadful ordeal??"

Ion sighs. "Man... it just gets worse every second!" he then looks at the cyborg, observing it. 

Lunari nods to the robot. "Yes, yes we are." She answered, matter-of-factly.

Hectic then sighed, muttering to himself before he turned to the girl again, adding a friendly tone and a smile as he looked at the girl with a calm glaze, before blushing. "Did I say that you were beautiful, because I meant to say that you are both stunning and gorgeous."

Lunari was downright embarrassed. "Thanks...." She said, turning away shyly. But, getting back on track, she looked up at the flying ship, seemingly trying to think of a way to attack it.

"Well, now to our main dilemma..." Hectic said in a serious tone. He then slightly raised his arm, lining up diagonally with his shoulder, as he looked for more higher ground to get a closer look so he can blast it.

Lunari looked around for something to draw electricity from, but found nothing. She was going to have to stick to support, via her spirit form.

Hectic sees a gigantic building and shoots his hand at it like a harpoon at it, causing it to look like a zip line. As it hits the rooftop of the building, Hectic flies off with it making a clear landing on the building. "Now I'm close enough..." Hectic says as he stuffs his hand inside his arm's metal brace, as it now reveals a plasma blaster, aiming at one of the drones.

Ion teleports next to him.

Having no easy way of catching up with them, Lunari instead used her spirit form. She floated over to where they were, now transparent and ghost-like.

Hectic blasts four concentrated balls of energy at one of the drones. The drone is pretty badly damaged, and it instantly sees them. It comes over at top speeds, with six others following behind it.

"Oh shoot...." Hectic said as he grabbed Ion and jumped off the building, trying to find them cover.

Lunari, coming with them, joined with Hectic. The power boost would instantly be apparent.

Hectic sought for cover behind the buildings, along with Ion, and dragged Lunari behind the building also. When he gotten everyone, he started to feel a bit funny in his mind. "Why is my head acting like this??" He said is a woozy fashion, as he began to hit his noggin to make sure it wasn't having a problem with the system or the amount of pressure that was put on it earlier.

"Don't worry. It's me." He could hear Lunari's voice within his head, oddly. "I'm just trying to help. I can give you strength doing this." She said.

"Oh... I didn't know that you could go into other people. Literally."

"Well, I can. My signature technique." Lunari answered him. "But, don't worry about me. I'll help from here."

"Oh, then..." He looks back at the ships as they are just now a few feet away, ready to strike. "What do you suppose I do now, then?"

As a response of sorts, Hectic's plasma blaster began radiating with blue energy, and he could feel the newfound power he had.

He now feels overconfident of his newfound power. He steps out of the shadows, watching as the drones were seemingly coming in closer and pulling out weapons under their ships. Hectic went into a battle stance, getting ready to strike the first drone that came at him.

One drone started firing a small gun at Hectic.

Hectic toke on the speed of the bullets, not lifting a finger as they slide off his chest, except for the ones that almost penetrated his armor slightly. He then shot multiple plasma bursts as the ship exploded before his eyes.

As Hectic would likely notice, the plasma bursts radiated with the same blue energy as his blaster, and were a bit more potent. But, now that the danger was gone, the blue aura started to fade.

Jet: What the? *drone shoots at him, but he dodges* Oh no you don't! *shoots at drone*

That drone, the last one, fell to the ground, broken.

"Whelp, that takes care of that." Hectic said as he dusted himself off. "Now, I think that your work there is done, Lunari. You may return to your body now since the danger is terminated."

Lunari did just that. She stood up, and dusted off her dress as well.

Part 4

Jet: Well, after that, how 'bout we get some energy? My bill.

Lunari pondered the thought for a quick moment. "I don't think we'll have time. We have to track that Vicious whoever he is. " She said.

Jet: You can't go to war on a empty stomach. You can't die on one, either.

Ion then looks around, trying to get a sense on where he could be.

Lunari started focusing, using her telepathy to try to sense where Vicious was.

Jet: I'll just go by myself the- Whoa!

Lunari looked at Jet out of the corner of her eye, to see what was going on. "Hmm?"

This also caught Hectic's attention, as he looked over where Jet was.

Some kind of drone was coming to Jet.

Hectic headed at full speed towards the drone, about to attack it.

The drone shook off, and it came closer to Hectic.

Hectic then stopped, holding up his hands as he did so. Eight dark tentacles then raised up from the ground, zooming towards the drone.

Lunari summoned some electricity, and fired it at the drone.

Ion: I sense him... He is far away, but i can sense him...

Lunari nodded to Ion. "That's good. At least we know he's here somewhere."

Both the tentacles and electricity destroyed the drone, then it hit the ground with a hard thud.

Ion nods back, but starts to worry a bit.

Jet: Phew. That was close.

Lunari focused, and could also sense Vicious. "Guys, this way!" She said, starting to take off.

Jet suddenly realizes that a fire truck burst to flames. He was here.

"Guys, come on!" Hectic yelled as he followed behind Lunari.

A mysterious cat watched from the distance as they moved along.

Jet: What the *shoots cat*

The cat girl, working quickly, put a magic shield up around herself. "Please, sir, I'm not here to fight you." She started looking around absentmindedly, as if looking for other people.

Jet: Then why are you spying us? Answer me! I am an army official, y'know!

"I've just been looking for my friends, that's all. Where are you off to?" The girl asked.

"We're looking for the 'Vicious' freak that sent us all here." Lunari answered.

"Mind if I come along?" The cat suggested.

"Of course you can come along! We can use some more help after all!" Hectic said to the cat.

But then, in some sudden way, Hectic recognizes the cat, as if she had been with him many times before.

"Io, is that you?"

Io nodded. "Nice to see you, Hectic. It's been a while."

Jet: Hey, I seen you before. There is a rumor that someone named "Io" might hold the key to the army's success!

"What army?" Io asked. The only army she had ever heard of was the one back home, and that clearly wasn't what he was talking about.

Lunari was starting to get slightly impatient, but her curiosity kept her there. "Can we get going yet?" She thought to herself.

Hectic was also thinking that way. He thought that they were wasting time just chatting, and that they had to see the task at hand.

"Uh, guys? I know that y'all want to stay and talk, but we have to stay with the task at hand, so maybe we should go on...." Hectic said.

Io nodded. "Okay." She gracefully jumped down from where she had been, and landed right next to them. She started to walk along with them.

"Interesting creatures..." Winter muttered under her breath, watching the group from afar. Closing the notepad in her hands, she chuckled. "... This information shall help in time."

Lunari sensed something a ways off, but ignored it, thinking she was just being paranoid.

Part 5

Ion was leading the heroes to the ship while trying to find clues on how to stop it.

Noah: Where are we-

Jet: Shh.... Wow. About time you actually woke up.

Io, noticing Noah, ran over to help him.

Ion stopped in place then turns to them.

Io looked up at Ion, as if expecting him to say something.

Ion: We need to look for an Entry Point on the ship. I need everyone to spread out and surround the ship so we can invade and take back what's ours!

Lunari nodded. "Right. I can be a distraction, so I'll take the front." She said. After various attempts at thwarting Eggman, she knew her telepathy really was a weapon of mass distraction, when used right.

Io seemed to understand. "I'll take the side." She said.

Jet: I'll go north, with Noah.

Noah: Hmm...

Ion: I will take the west part of the Ship. Idk why Sonic disappeared from the group but... we should try without him... if all else fails he will do his typical thing of saving the day.

Meanwhile, inside the ship...

"Alright!" Reddy 2 said as he crash landed inside an entry point. "Don't know what this place is, don't know how this place is, but it's big enough for me to drive in! Let's see if i can build something... I dunno, a cannon...? Nah, I have loads of those. How 'bout I summon my van...? No...? Okay..."

Lunari made her way around to the front, somewhat quickly and quietly. But, as soon as she looked for an entrance point from the front, she was anything but quiet. She was trying to cause a diversion: anyone inside would likely come to the front, so her friends could sneak in the sides and back unnoticed.

Ion was sneaking around when suddenly he was attacked by a Robot, It was one of Eggman's Egg Pawns, wandering how that got on the ship he starts to fight it, and eventually destroyed it. "Why would Vicious use Egg-pawns? ... unless... Eggman has control of the ship? Ion then darts off in search of the main control room wandering how a Egg-pawn was on the ship.

Suddenly Reddy 2 would encounter Lunari "Wait, a person!" he shouted. He quickly gained control of the metal to trap Lunari."Who are you? And where am I?"

In another place in Eggman's ship, there was a cell with 2 foxes and some other random mobians. "This sucks." Pastry complained. "I know!" Reddy would reply, they would both sigh. "How did we even get here..? I just went in a portal then I don't remember anything else." Pastry said. However, Reddy just ignored her.

Lunari looked annoyed, budging around in the metal cage. "My name's Lunari." She said. "We're on Vicious's ship."

"Oh" Reddy said. He let go of Lunari. "Thanks for the information..." The metal swallowed Reddy, making him disappear.

"Huh. Weird." Lunari mumbled, getting back to work, being a distraction.

Ion then reaches the Control Room where he saw the computer. As he looked at it, he realized it has gotten much worse as there are generators scattered across the fused worlds. Ion then goes back outside and calls everyone to get off the ship as it was a trap all along since the ship was rigged to self-destruct in 5 minutes. He goes to find anybody trapped on the ship. Ion then found a room full of Mobians and goes to rescue them.

"Everybody, your lives are in grave danger, and we must act now if you all want to survive!" Ion said before unlocking the cells.

Lunari heard Ion call out earlier, and quickly got off the ship.

Hectic also heard what Ion said, and so he jumped off the ship towards the ground.

Jet and Noah got off the ship safely by B.I.R.D plane.

"Thanks... Uh... guy?" (Guy sensei) Pastry said. "TRUCK, I'M COMING FOR YOU!" Reddy shouted. Both of them got out of the cells. The other citizens had no idea on how to get out. "Wait, how do we get out of here?" Pastry thought. "Uh guy...? How the hell do we get out of here?"

Meanwhile, Reddy 2 heard Ion, He quickly merged into the metal, soon skydiving out of the plane.

Jet: *sees the skydiver* Huh?

Noah: We should probably help him.

An orange raccoon wearing a black coat, blue t-shirt and white chinos suddenly got launched out of a randomly opened wormhole onto the large ship. Luckily he landed in the hanger. 

"Where am I?" the raccoon said as he got up and dusted himself off.

Meanwhile, Reddy 2 was skydiving down to the surface. Suddenly a portal appeared and out came a small plane. "Okay! All I need to do is fly down to the surface and I'll be fine!" He climbed into the plane, slowly flying down. Soon he reached the surface

The raccoon looked around and noticed the scurrying of other Mobians, each scrambling to get off of the ship. He then realized that he was trapped in a cell of some sort. He slammed at the window. 

"Hey! Somebody get me out of here! Hey!" he shouted.

Lunari, a bit nervous, decided to help the one way she knew how. She stepped back, using her spirit form, and floating up to the ship. As she looked around for Ion, she found the raccoon. She was desperately trying to think of a way to help him, but she couldn't undo the lock, and had no means of breaking it.

The raccoon looked at the echidna, pleading with her using his eyes to help him. He looked around and saw what looked like a key on the floor near the entrance to the prison room. He pointed at it.

Lunari nodded, and quickly floated over to the key. She picked it up, fumbling slightly, and brought it back over, undoing the lock, letting him out.

The raccoon sighed a sigh of relief as the lock clicked. He walked cautiously outside of the cell and offered Lunari a high five. "Thank you so much!"

Lunari gave the raccoon a high five, but since she was a spirit, he wouldn't feel anything. Lunari started looking around again, trying to find Ion.

Jet and Noah land safely.

Noah: Phew...

Jet: Yeah... Now to find Ion.

Ion had jumped off at that moment, with him are hostages from the ship.

Ion: Now to find the others...

The raccoon looked a echidna, wondering what she was looking for. He began to check his pockets to see if he had lost anything. After some searching, he noticed that he still had his Yo-Yo and his wallet. It seems that he left Poison and Ivy at the concert.

"The concert!" the raccoon exclaimed out loud as the thought crossed his mind.

Lunari, sensing that Ion jumped off, knew that she and the raccoon were in trouble. "Come on, we have to get out of here!" She started to float away, toward the exit.

"Right!" he said as he followed here towards the exit.

Jet: I sensed her!

Noah: Really?

Jet: Yeah! She jumped off a ship!

Noah: Holy, did...

Ion finds Lunari, but wanders where the others are at.

Ion: Lunari, get the other two off the ship... its going to explode in like 2 minutes.

(Wait, what? Ion jumped off already, but Lunari's still up there in her spirit form. -Luna)

"Wait a second..." Hectic thought. He just realized that there were still some people on the ship, and he just jumped off and left them there. He then jumped back on the ship, onto the front.

Lunari heard him land. "Hey! Over here!" She shouted, trying to get his attention.

The raccoon also heard the landing and assisted Lunari in getting Hectic's attention.

Hectic thought the noise was just his imagination. But then, he paid attention and saw Lunari and the raccoon.

"Oh, there y'all are! I was getting worried!" Hectic sighed, relieved that they were okay.

(Is it too late for me to join in? ~ Reens)

(Might not be, since one of us jumped in during the midst of the action. ~ Noahc2015)

(Go right ahead, Reens. ~Luna)

"Hectic! Oh, thank goodness." Lunari said, relieved.

Hectic then took notice of the raccoon standing beside Lunari. "Who's the raccoon?"

"The name's Cassidy," the raccoon said with a wave. "I was doing a performance in Westopolis before I was sucked through a portal of some sort onto this ship."

"That explains it." Hectic said. "So is there anyone else on the ship?" 

Jet: *comes out of a B.I.R.D jet* Where's the party? I brought Noah with me!

Noah: Actually, I'm fine!

Reens ran around the ship, searching for survivors. "Well, no one else's here, so I think we're all good. Oh cripes. Did I count myself?" She stood near the entrance of the ship and took a deep breath. Well, here goes." Then, she jumped.

Noah: Is she crazy? She'll die that way!

Jet: Everyone! Let's save her!

Cassidy looked out of the window and his eyes widened as he saw the girl jump from the ship. Without thinking the raccoon smashed the window with his fist and then jumped out of the window after her. He dived through the sky and managed to catch up to her. He grabbed her arm and suddenly the two began floating in mid air.

Lunari, instinctively, floated down to the two of them. After a second of hesitation, she joined with Cassidy, hoping to give him an energy boost.

Cassidy looked at Lunari and gave her thumbs up. He slowly started to descend to the ground while holding on to Reens' arm.

Hectic, following behind them, fell on his face as he hit the ground hard. "I'm okay!" Hectic said as he lifted himself up.

Io ran over to his side, making sure he wasn't hurt.

"Don't worry, Io. I'm alright." Hectic reassured her.

Cassidy eventually lands and place Reens on her feet

"Are you ok miss?" he asked.

Reens looked around a little and shrugged. "Okay, I have no idea who the heck you are, but thanks for the save, though I didn't really need it." She pulled out a small orb, which, when thrown up into the air, straightened out into a sleek gold and blue hoverboard.

"Oh," Cassidy said surprised. "Well, I'm glad i could assist anyway. I'm Cassidy by the way."

"Hmph. Nice to meet you. Name's Reens. Can't chat for long, though. Who knows what else could be going on?" She tapped her foot impatiently. "With the multiverse in a soup, we better do all we can."

Lunari finished using her spirit form. She got up, a bit wobbly, and dusted herself off. She smiled, waving to Reens.

(A grappling hook hit the windows of the ship and cut through them. A man with the words "M.A.S.S" printed on his jacket swooped in)

Cassidy looked back up at the far away ship. "Why is that guy trying to get into the ship? Isn't it rigged to explode?"

Malcolm: No matter! (Grabs the ships engine) I'll just go off with this! (A portal appears in front of him and he jumped in)

Screams come from the ship as the power goes off. Sure there are some survivors but Malcolm just needs the ship's engine for some reason.

"What on Mobius?!? I just got offa that ship!" Reens grunted as she hoisted herself onto her hoverboard and flew off. "Cassidy! Get da othas and do somethin'!"

Ion looks to his left, feeling energy from that direction.

Ion: Hmm ... he created a diversion so he can have more time to spare... honestly this guy is quite a tactician... maybe a much better one than me...

Reens jumped off the hoverboard, standing on the edge of the ship. "Yo, anyone who doesn't wanna die get on the hoverboard now!" She moved over to let them pass. "I gotta guy below, he'll take care of ya. I'm going to da back."

Jet: Wait. I hear something!

Suddenly, the ship began to dip downwards. Having to engine to keep it going, physics have no choice but to bring own the ship. Mobians that were still on the ship screamed as the ship began to plumment towards the ground.

Jet: That was awkward.

"Well I'm not gonna be sitting here while those Mobians are going down!" Hectic said.

He jumped up towards the ship, having the objective to save the remaining people on the ship.

"I could potentially stop the ship with my powers, but i'm gonna get knocked out cold from the back lash," Cassidy suggested.

"I'm working on it!" Reens yelled, sending her hoverboard on autopilot to bring some of the Mobians down. "If we were over a lake or something this'd be a bit easier!"

Noah: *get pushed upwards* Geez, what's wrong with you guys? People these days...

"Need some help, fellas?" Hectic said to the panicking people. He then summoned a dozen of dark tentacles from the ground, each stretching themselves towards the ship. They then began to grab the citizens and softly drag them to the ground.

Jet: Anyone is a tech person?

Noah: Me!

Lunari was pushing her luck, but she knew she could help Cassidy stop the ship, hopefully without getting knocked out. It was a gamble, but she had to try. She used her spirit form once more joining with Cassidy again. He couldn't see her anymore, but her could feel her strength; she was helping him from within, if that made any sense.

Jet: Whoa, what is she doing?

"Powering me up," Cassidy responded as he felt her presence. "Does anyone know where the bomb on the ship is located?"

Noah: It's been hacked.

"What do you mean, it's been hacked?" Cassidy asked.

Jet: The bomb is on the plane!

Noah: I can't unhack it.

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