You can learn about most of it here and here. This just continues on from that, sort of, but with a (somewhat) developed storyline. Well, here we go....

Sonic and friends are finishing off Eggman's latest and definitely the most deadly creation ever made, the Egg Annihilator. Rather than being a robot, it's a machine that can reverse the matter in all of Mobius's atmosphere, which would turn Mobius into a wasteland. As the machine explodes, it activates itself. There is a bright light, and suddenly, Mobius is in ruins. It is drained of its color and is extremely barren. Sonic and friends are found passed out who knows how far away by Weruioh and Nick. Sonic explains the situation and Weruioh and Nick join them to fight Eggman. However, they are in for much, much more than they expected.

Cheesy, I know, but I tried.


Original Characters

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Canon Characters

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