This rp is about Pain the Demon-cat and his adventures to figure out who his real father is, why he has his powers, and such and such.


  • Don't God-mode
  • Don't harass anyone!
  • Keep swearing to a limit
  • In terms of romance NOTHING extreme. Hugging and kissing and flirting is allowed though.
  • No trolls!
  • Ask questions on the talk page.
  • No gigantic changes to the rp especially when I'm not here! That happened on my first roleplay and I was so angry! But I didn't say anything.




Pain the Demon-cat (KHGenesis651) (Main character)
Nova the Wolf (KHGenesis651) (for once she is a supporting character as she's "going out" with Pain :D)

Xion the Hedgehog (ProtectTheShadows) (has a relationshp with Summer)

Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog (2315)

Vaine the hedgehog (2315)

SPOF Fighters (2315)

Macabre the Hedgehog (Super Guy)



Pain: *standing in the shadows behind Nova's school, waiting for her to get out*

Nova: *walks out, looking bored as usual*

Pain: *walks up to her to say hi*

  • A cloaked figure watches from a nice distance*

Pain: *twitches a but, feeling someone's prescence*

Nova: Something wrong?

  • The cloaked figure smirks and walks away, creating fire with a snap*

Pain: *looks even more uncomfortable because of the fire,which he also controls* *Moves closer to Nova, with uneasy look on face*

Nova: Helloo? What's wrong?

(the cloaked figure hesitates, then turns around and heads toward them)

Nova:*sees the person* Oh...

Pain: Who are you?

(The cloaked figure puts down his hood to reveal an orange hedgehog with half green half red eyes)

Summer: My name is Summer. I've been searching for your fire.

(Summer holds up a red crystal and tosses it to Pain)

Summer: Never misplace that.

(Summer disappears)

Pain: My fire...? Wait, what is this!? Come back!

(two figures reappear, one pulling another by the ear)

Summer: Owowowowow!!!!

(Other cloaked figure pulls down hood, revealing a black female hedgehog with blue eyes)

Xion: Explain to him! Oh, i'm Xion by the way.

Summer: Alright.... owww...... *rubs ear*

Pain: Nice to meet you...? I'm assuming you too are after my... fire...?

Nova: This world is full of weirdos, isn't it?

Xion: No, neither of us are after your 'fire'. We are both here to give you that back. You dropped it on the way here.

Summer: But I followed you because the crystal had a strong fire power.

Pain: So this will make my fire more powerful?

Xion: Well, you dropped it, so....we kinda hoped you had an explanation...

Pain: -_- I've never seen this thing in my life.

Xion: Well, mabye it does...

Summer: Does creating a fire tornado count as powering up? Then yes, it does.

Nova: Heh, and I was about to say that it was some useless gem... cool, it's not completely useless.

Pain: No need to be mean... *then turns back to Summer and Xion* Thanks.

Xion: You're welcome! *opens a portal* Ciao! *drags Summer through*

Pain: Hm...

Nova: What sweetly odd people...

(portal stays open and a sign that says, "Step through to realize your dearest dreams! :DDDDDDD" appears)

Nova: OMG! A SIGN! *skips in through the portal*

Pain: Nova...? Wait!

(Nova isn't really dumb, she just likes acting like it)

(Xion is latched onto Summer's arm and is dragging him towards a theme park called "Land of Dreams")

Summer: we have-

Xion: YESSSSSS!!!!!!!

Summer: Alright, jeez...

Nova: *follows them*

Pain: Nova, wait! we don't know if this is safe or not... *follows Nova*

(Summer's ears twitch and he looks behind and sees Pain and Nova)

Summer: Why....?

Pain: oh, well, Nova jumped in and I had to follow.

Nova: You didn't have to.

Pain: Yes I did. You could get hurt by yourself...

Nova: -_-

Summer: You're lucky. You don't have a crazy girlfriend....

(Xion smacks Summer in the back of the head)

Pain: *blushes a little* Heh, I don't even have a girlfriend...

Summer: Wait.... *sweatdrop* Hehehe, sorry.....

Pain: It's okay... *glances at Nova*

Summer: Annnnyways, why'd you follow us to a girly theme park...?

Xion: It's not girly! It's where dreams come true!

Summer: Yeah, right....

Nova:*excitedly* Because there was a pretty sign!

Xion: Pretty signs for the win! *raises hand to hi-five Nova*

Summer: I feel sorry for myself.

Nova: *looks at hand* Totally not cool. Just kidding! *high fives*

Pain: ^_^'

Xion: So many ride to coose from....

Summer: How about this one? *points to exit sign*

Pain: *looks to Exit sign* Hey doesn't that look like fun, Nova?!

Nova: This place invokes my curiosity and I feel implored to explore a bit...

Macabre: *watching from above*

Summer: It feels like someone's watching my every move.... yes, let's get out of here, Xion.

Xion: *looks around* There's nothing, Summer. Stop being such a worrywart.

Summer: I'm not a worrywart, I'm just a tad bit less reckless...

Nova: anyways... *runs off into the park*

(Xion does the same)

Summer: Xion wait-! Aw, sonofa biscuit!

Pain: *runs after Nova*

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