1000 years ago almost the entire Thylacine race was resumed dead,truth be told they were always alive but just lurking in the shadows until now. After a massive strike against Station Square they finally reveal their dastardly plan for the world. Total annihilation of every race except Thylacine. Now, heroes and villains will ban together to stop them before they can annihilate each and every race except for Thylacine. Will they make it in time or are their days numbered?


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Chapter One:All's well..

It is noon at the bustling Station Square. Mobians of all kinds are moving frantically to get their food during lunch hour. Police officers are dragging ruffians away to make sure the peace in kept but all in all nothing is amiss.

A young female goat is  at the center of a park with a basket full of flowers in hand. "Get your sweet flowers for two dollars!" she announces cherfully with a warm smile but with no avail, everyone simply walks past her.

Typical. She thought. Everyone is too busy with life to stop and buy my flowers but I truly feel that if more people stop to buy flowers this city, no this world might be filled with just a little more love.

She was orange with a pink turtle neck and skirt, pink heeled boots, long hair, green gloves and yellow eyes. She kept her smile because she didn't mind waiting a bit for someone to buy a bit of love.

Among the Mobians that was a grey-furred arctic wolf in a red trench coat and black clothing. He was currently sitting on a bench near where the goat girl was, lazily looking as people went by. Place looks nice... he thought as he scanned the park. It did indeed look nice to him.

Walking down the park was a blue kirby with yellow feet and red hair. Right next to him was a Toon Link with a Wario cap on, an orange shirt, and a yellow sleeveless shirt on top, with white jeans and brown sneakers on. The two children (Leo is 10, Zak is 8) walked by the goat selling flowers.

Rachel once called out again to everyone around her. "Sweet smellig flowers! Only two dollars per flower!" 

The wolf turned his head to look at who was talking. Hearing the offer of flowers, he smiled. "Sweet smelling, huh? I could probably use one..."

Sitting up, he made his way over to the girl. "Hey. I heard you were selling flowers, that right?" he inquired.

Zak hears someone offer flowers, which he likes giving to female bees, making him go towards it. Leo notices Zak is going somewhere else and chases after him."Dude, where are you going?"

Rachel turned towards the wolf. "Yes, do you want some. We have a large variety and they're all grown locally." she explained with a great smile.

"I'll have two," the wolf said."By the way, you've got a cute smile there," he added.

Rachel giggled a bit. "Thanks. Um. Do you want a particular type or color or do you wnat me to just surprise you?" she asked, her smile never wavering.

"Hmmm..." the wolf said thoughtfully. After a moment, he smirked at her. "Surprise me."

Zak hops on the wolf's back. "Sup Blitz?" Leo later catches up holding 2 ice cream cones. "Zak, you reallly should remember that I can't run as fast as yyyyyyoo..." Leo looks in awe at the orange lady picking flowers.

The wolf blinked and snarled, tossing the blue orb-shaped being to the ground. "Oy, don't do that."

Zak gets up."Whatever you say, Dante." Zak waits as If he was waiting for Blitz to start a conversation. "So...what've you been doing?" 

Rachel giggled a bit. "Lively aren't we?" She shuffled her hand through her basket and handed the wolf a Myosotis scorpioides . She whispered. "Between you and me. This is one of my favorites. She then handed him a Dryas octopetala . "Four dollars please."

Who the hell's Dante? Blitz thought as he fished in his wallet for the money. "Ah, where... here we go," he said as he pulled the money out and handed it to the her. Taking the flowers, he inspected them. "Beautiful. Thanks, luv."

Rachel blushed. "Oh stop and your welcome."

Turning to Zak, the wolf started, "Oh, just been doing stuff, a mission here, a travel there. the usual."

"Oh, I've been modyfiying my ship, and traveling. So, who's your lady friend? I think Leo took a liking to her." Zak said as her stared at Leo who was staring at the lady. Still staring.

"Uhm, I just met her," Blitz said truthfully.

Rachel smiled. "Interested in some flowers?" 

A small feline was sitting on a bench in the park. Sitting by her side was a strange black lanterm with some odd inscriptions on it. She was smiling, and her eyes were closed, as if she didn't really care about what was happening around her. She appeared to be a mountain lion, except leaner.

Before the feline could realise he was there a seal began taling slyly. "So, come here often?" he asked with a sly smile.

"Yeah, I'll take a dozen! And I must say you look very pretty today, which isn't a shocker because that's what you look like everyday. Right Leo?" Zak said. Leo on the other hand woke up from his love filled fantasy."Huh? Oh,...yeah" Leo said.

"Yes, sir.. I do, indeed." The girl replied cheerfully, "Do you?" She asked in return.

Rachel laughed. "Please, I'm nothing special. Is there a specefic type of flower you want?" she asked.

The seal smiled. Finally, no cold shoulder, yay me! "Actually I do. I come here almost everyday I live on Emerald Coast with my brother and sister you know. To get anywhere good I need to pass here." He leaned towards her ear. "Hey," He said. "Want to hear a secret?"

"It doesn't really matter as long as it's from you." Zak says, taking his ice cream and eats it.

"Depends on the secret." She replied, still keeping her eyes closed.

Rachel smiled "Okay then." She then handed Zak twelve Camelias. "That'll be twenty four dollars sweetie." she said.

Zak takes out $30 from his star shaped wallet and hands it over. "Here you go ma'am."

A sweatdrop form on Rachel's forehead. "D-do you have the exact ammount sweetie?" she asked.

Zak takes back $6. "24 de jenaro!"

The seal chuckled. "Okay then." he whispered. "My name's Remnant, I'm a prince and I'm filthy rich."

"There are a lot of things money cannot buy. Like my sight, for example." She replied, opening her eyes and looking at him. Her eyes have a gray,crystal-like haze over the pupils, "So, it holds little value to me."

"What?! Your blind?!" Remnant exclaimed. "Well I'm really hot! Take my word for it." he said.

"That also means little to me,since even if I knew what you looked like, it would not change anything." She replied, then stuck out her tongue and smiled in a little taunting way.

Remnant folded his arms. "Is that so? Well, how's my voice? And how did you get here? If you're blind I mean?" he asked.

"Your voice is fine." She said, shrugging, "And blind people can still get around. I just have to rely on things besides sight."

There were two figures lurking about the robust city. One of which was a sky blue wolfbat creature adorned with yellow gloves, orange pants and a pair of white strapped, silver buckled yellow shoes. His large and acute bat ears twitched frequently at the plethora of sounds surrounding him and the small gray companion resting atop his head. One who was familiar with said creature would swiftly determine it was indeed a Chao, one with a somewhat unique coloration at.

"Anything you wanna do today buddy?" Twilight asked the little guy. Champ tilted his head to the side, bringing one of his dark blue, digit-less hands up to his invisible mouth. The tangerine colored emotion ball floating above his head served as the base of the question mark that formed above his head. "Heh, I'll take that as you have no clue." The Lycalo went on with a chuckle as he ventured forth.

Even with all the festivities there was an unmistakable ominous feeling in the air.

Rachel smiled and took the money "Gracias." she thanked.

"Denaga, Miss. Hermoso." Zak said, winking.

Rachel smiled again.

Blitz felt a strange forboding feeling in the air... odd. What could happen? He shrugged it off and instead turned to Rachel. "Hey, you wanna grab a coffee later? My treat."

Remnant "Well it still seems pretty hard. Want some flowers? They look really pr-" he cut himself off. "Sorry."

"You know, everything is so peaceful. No fighting, no people in danger, no Zapor to go around pounding others. Its just so peaceful. In fact, I bet nothing bad will happen the entire day" Leo said with a confident look. Little did he know that it was about to get really unpeaceful in a couple of seconds.

"Yes, I would like some flowers, thank you." She smiled as she spoke. "I can 'see' then in a special way, and they also smell lovely." The cheetah replied.

Rachel responded to Blitz. "Really? That sounds wonderful!" she exclaimed.

Blitz smiled. "Thought you might like it," he replied.

Remant closed his eyes. "Oh, well that's grand. What type of flower do you want?" he asked.

"Any that smell pretty." The cat replied.

"Do any of you guys hear something?  Like a missile being dropped?" Zak said as he walked with Blitz in between the both of them. 

Rachel's smiles quickly melted. "Actually, now that you mention it..." Rachel took a quick glance at the cat.

"Hey, I can give you a sweet smelling flower and one that fits your...goal." she said with a wink. She handed him four roses. "Have a cherished day." 

Remnant walked to the cat, smiling and thinking about Rachel. "Here." he carefully handed the cat the flowers. "Can you smell them?" he asked.

"Yes. Thank you." She replied, "Did I get your name?" She continued.

Remant smiled. "Yeah, I said my name's Remant." he asnwered.

Leo is being left behind again. "Guys, wait up!"

Rachel raised her eyebrows and smiles.

A yellow furred creature stood in the middle of the park, the fire on her tail flickering with a light color. She noticed the other mobians, and smiled as she carefully looked on.

Three mobians were walking around in Station Square. Specifically, a leopard, a squirrel and a meerkat.

"Wow, sure is busy today," the squirrel mentioned.

"Yeah, a little to busy for me," the leopard replied.

"Hey, busy is sometimes good. I mean, you get to meet new people and stuff," the squirrel said to the leopard.

"Yeah, well, you also get random people bumping into you and not apologising for it," the leopard replied.

"Guys, seriously. We need to get moving if we want to catch the train in time," the meerkat said.

"Dude, we have, like, three hours. We're good," the squirrel said.

Meanwhile in the park, a few metres from where flowers were being sold, a half pipe was being used by a grey hawk on his Extreme Gear. The grey hawk wore his signature turquoise t-shirt, blue trousers and red gear boots combo. He also sported orange goggles on his face and the Arks of the Cosmos (as usual) were on his wrists. The grey hawk went back and forth across the half pipe pulling off stunning 900° spins and and a variaty of grabs like it's no mans business.

Leo catches up with the group. "So where are going?"

The feline on the bench turned her heaad to face Leo. Almost as if she could see him, her eyes followed the leopard.

Leo caught up, then looked at the feline staring at him.

Without of nowhere a large explosion occurs not to far from where our heroes are, kicking up dust and debris in an instant. People near the explosion are knocked ouff they're feet onto the ground. Buildings begin to crumble around the park and gunshots are briefly heard after the large explosion. As it begins to settle crying and screaming is heard.

Everyone near the bench is knocked into the air such as Remnant who after landing brushed himself up with an irritated expression. "The hell?!" he barked. His eyes widened then he looked around frantically. "Oh crap! Ms-cat-lady! Are you alright!?" he shouted.

Rachel simply stared towards the scene of the explosion in horror as painful memories of lands being ravaged and set ablazed meterialized in her head.

"Holy..." Blitz murmured as he stumbled slightly. "What the hell was that?!"

"What...what did this?" Rachel finally managed to ask. "Ow who..."

Leo is hanging from a tree. "You guys ok?"

Zak is on top of an upside down bench. "Ugh, yeah. What hit us?"

Nate (the grey hawk) flew into the air and crashed onto the bench as when the explosion happened he was in the middle of a trick. He let out a groand and didn't move.

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