This roleplay is my 2nd one, don't kill me. >.<


  • You have to ask to be a chess piece, on talk page.
  • You might not get it straight away, as I'll be deciding who suits which piece.
  • No Godmod
  • Strong language has to be censored
  • Obey the chess rules >:D

Chess Rules

  • Once a piece is taken, you can not be that one.
  • The commander moves you.

Basic Rules

  • Pawns can move two spaces on their first move, they only move one after that, and they only attack diagonally.
  • Bishops move diagonally, can move how far they want, but can only attack how they move.
  • Rooks (Castle) can move forward, backwards and sideways how far they want, but can only attack like that.
  • Knights move 2 spaces one way, one another. They can 'jump' other pieces with this, they too attack how they move.
  • The Queen moves any spaces she wants, any direction.
  • The King moves one space any direction.
  • It is Check if the King is in conflict.
  • When a pawn reaches the other side of the board, you can trade that for another piece.
  • The game ends when a King is in Checkmate


A strange dimention has been spotted in the sky. Chosen heroes are summoned there to play a 'simple' game of chess. But it is not that simple. It is deadly. If the player cosplaying a piece and that piece is destroyed, the player loses their life. The game ends when either side has won and they win the Emerald of Eternity, which grants them 3 wishes.


White Team

White Commander -

King -

Queen - Yuuki the Saekinshi

2 Knights -

2 Bishops -

8(?) Pawns -

Black Team

Black Commander -

King -

Queen -

2 Knights -

2 Bishops -

8(?) Pawns -



Chapter 1

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