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There is a rumour, that when the even such as the "Planetary Alignment" occurs, an Eclipse will follow shortly before. This solar eclipse will last longer than any other eclipse recorded so far, it will last for 4 days. And dark forces plan to use this event to their advantage, such as Arthas. Arthas will use this event to forward his plan of controlling Mobius. The citizens of Mobius must prevent this from happening, or all hope is lost.... ---Aveena "Nightwing" Moonblade.


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Aveena "Nightwing" Moonblade ~Aveena.

Kalecgos the Hedgehog ~Aveena.

Mark Kurai ~TailsFan99.


Lol-ASL the Bee- Sonicfan919 (More leaning towards Antagonists)


Arthas the Demon ~Aveena.

Lucius Kurai ~TailsFan99.

Roleplay: Before the Eclipse

Chapter 1

In a distant forest, Aveena Moonblade is relaxing after having a council meeting with the Eclipse Knights. "Peaceful, I hope this will last.." She said to herself. She closes her eyes and leans against a tree, relieved no trouble is about.

It seemed quiet enough... although it was what Saizo wanted, he couldn't help but feel empty; he needed something or someone to fight. He jumped up and down a couple of times to try and shake the feeling off, but it still lingered. Although, as soon as he spotted Aveena, the trouble seemed to go away. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I'm surprised you're not bored, what with everything being so quiet."

Before they get to notice, a brown fox runs past them, it was Mark Kurai, as a black fox was chasing Mark, Lucius Kurai he was. "Give it up, Son! There's no way you can escape!' Shouted Lucius. "Damn it...He just doesn't give up..." Mark said to himself.

"Hm?"Aveena opened her eyes to look at Saizo. "I've had to wait a long time for this peace, God knows what Arthas is planning right now" she sighed. Aveena then turned her attention to the foxes and fired 3 magic stars at the black one.

"What the?!" Lucius questioned as he trips. "Now's my chance.." Mark said as he turns around and kicks Lucius to the sky. "Damn it all to Hell!" Lucius shouts as he disappears. Mark lands down as he walks to the two. "Thanks..." He said quietly.

"hmmm..." Saizo sighed before sitting on the grass beside Aveena. he looked forwards to the clearing; it looked beautiful, but Saizo wasn't one to settle down and relax; he needed something to do. Something to fight. Something to kill. "I can't stand this peace... keeping people safe is one thing, but the lack of action makes me uncomfortable."

Aveena nodded at Mark, then looked to Saizo. "My master is like that...he's always searching for things to fight.." Aveena told him. "Right now, he's searching for Arthas, I'm afraid of him getting hurt, I try not to get people involved with this, doesn't work, I don't want anyone to lose their lives protecting me..."

"Saved by friends once again..." Mark said quietly.

Aveena sighed, "You're not going to get anything done if you have that attitude, I'm saved by friends, yet I just hold it aside for a while, you should to.." she directed her speech to Mark before looking up at the sky.

A tall lean bee walked up to him smiling. Do you like the trolls? He asked calmly

Not knowing what to say, Mark sat down next to Aveena. "Thanks...again.." He said like he was worried,

Hey I asked a question why won't ya' answer. The bee said irritated Now then do you like the Trolls? Calmly

Summers turned to the lanky bee behind him, almost in disgust; his voice was like a cheese grater to his eardrums. "Aveena, who is this idiot?" Summers said rather irritatingly. "Do you want me to shut him up for you?"

"Trolls?" Mark said questionly.

Yap Trolls Sir. The bee replied.

"Never heard of them....And my name's Mark..." He said, turning away.

Wow...just wow? You never heard of the trolls? I pity you! the bee said astonished.He placed shades on his eyes. Too bad you'll never meet them! He then rapidly stung mark.

Mark grabbed the bee's wings "Try to do that again and I'll rip your wings and stinger off!"

The Bee looked forgiving I'm sorry I'll just..he then stung mark's hand making it puff up and made him sneeze. As he broke free three Troll's surrounded him. The names Lol don't forget it! he shouted.

Mark growls "Ok A: I didn't want to see some damn orcs anyway, and B: Scram before I let Kram out.."

"You two are making too much noise..." Saizo uttered rather darkly. He grasped as a few kunai from his pocket, holding them between his fingers. "Carry on and you'll end up meeting an early grave..."

Atleast I'll have a grave you'll be laying right here right now DEAD! The bee spit back. He then cut some of Saizo's arm with his knife.

"Just shut up, squirt!" Mark shouted at the bee as he takes out his E-Katana.

Squirt I'm tall as heck! Lol bragged as he jumped on Mark's head and stung it.

Saizo quickly shot his arm forwards, choking the bee tightly; the arm he was cutting was his demon half; a wall of steel-like hide. Saizo tightened his grip, not intent of letting go anytime soon. "Crushing your throat will bring me great joy, doing it to someone as annoying as you..." His grip was immense; probably not even a car jack could pry his fingers open.

Lol sadistickly grinned as he kicked Saizo in the crotch. He said in a little kid voice Help this man is beating me!.

Then some police men attempted to take Saizo away.

"You're a bloody nuisance..." Mark said in a cold way as he raises his right arm, showing the ruby Soul Bracelet, it shoots a red orb into the sky and it makes an aura to Mark, changing Mark's fur to jet black and eyes to ruby red.

Awwwww crap. 0_0 Lol gawked.

The aura shatters like glass, as the black fox opens his eyes. "Get ready for a world of pain..." As he said that, he dashes and kicks Lol in the stomach.

Lowl held his stomach in pain. He then got some honey out and lathered it on Mark some bears came and charged toward mark.

"Bears?" The black fox scoffed. "Is that all you got?" He says, sends dark blast at all of them.

Aveena decides to not get involved and teleports off to the center of the forest. As Mark fought the bears Lol flew in the sky shouting. I'll be back with my buds later and we'll put the maximum jump on ya'!

The fox scoffs again, "Don't get cocky, like a bee can kill me!" He shouts. "That damn bee made Aveena ran off.......Might as well have some time alone..." He thoughts, as he flys off.

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