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Our Heroes discover the World of Dinosaurs under the Surface & they need to figure out a way to Escape with a little help from Buck (From "Ice Age 3") & they need to Resuce one of the Heroes that Taken 3 Eggs before & then been captured by their Mother T-Rex, but there's a even Bigger Dinosaur even bigger than the T-Rex it goes by the name of "Rudy". Our Heroes must go through the Jungle of Misery, the Casum of Death, the Plates of Woe & headed to "Lava Falls" to resuce one of his Heroes. Can our Heroes Resuce one of the Heroes & Defeat the Deadliest Dinosaur "Rudy"?

It's just like Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Short Message (Spongebob100 Only)

  • This Roleplay is all about Dinosaurs
  • Don't go Crazy
  • No Goddmodding
  • Have Fun


Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Played by Spongebob100)

Amy Rose (Played by Spongebob100)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Played by Anyone)

Blaze the Cat (Played by Anyone)

Sonia (Played by Anyone)

Manic (Played by Anyone)

Rutt the Moose (Spongebob100)

Tuke the Moose (Spongebob100)

Hayden the Hedgeidna (Played by Hedgeidna97)

Sam the Chameleon (Played by Hedgeidna97)

Hector the Hedgehog (Played by Hedgeidna97)

Kaytlin Fence the fox

Rosa Fence the fox

Sharnin the hedgehog

Cold the hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Flame the hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Skate the hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

The Red Baron(played by Tailsman67)

LT the Mouse(played by Tailsman67)

Rapid The Hedgehog

Blaze the hedgecat

Teniahk the halfbreed lioness ( Turns 1 on valintines day)


Kat the Smilodon

Pod the Pyroraptor

Monkey (rocky2727)

Maxie Flippercorn (played by Pumpituppartyzone)

Sadie the Dog (played by Pumpituppartyzone)

Jackbot Nega (Spongebob100)

Buck [Ice Age 3] (Spongebob100)

"Add your own Characters"

Part 1

Jack: (Relaxing on his Hammack) Ahhh, it is a Beautiful day

Bada: Yeah, what a day

Bing: Yeah, everything is ok over here

????: Sonic!

Jack: I know that Voice, it's Amy

Amy: Hi Jack, how's your day?

Jack: Everything is completly Relaxing

Amy: Yeah, I wonder where's your Girlfriend, Blaze the Hedgecat?

Jack: I don't know, but Blaze the Hedgecat is my Girlfriend & she is Beautiful

Amy: Now that's sweet of you to say, I wish Blaze the Hedgecat was here

Jack: Me too Amy, me too

Flame:Hey Jack this is LT.

LT:Rocking dude.

Jack: Hi LT, my name is Jack & this is Bada& Bing, my two Bodyguards

Bada & Bing: Hi

Kaytlin:Hey guys!

Rosa:Hi peoples!

Sharnin:Hi strangers!

Jack: I wonder where is the Others

Amy: I don't know

Rapid: Running from a T-Rex* I won't give you my hamburger! *T-Rex tackles him*

Jack: What's that?

Sonic: Nobody move a Muscle

Jack, Bada, Bing, Sonic & Amy: (Dosen't move a Muscle)

Jack: Rapid what have you done now?

Rapid: He wants my hamburger! *kicks the T-Rex in the nose* Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *has both hands on his right side and puts both hands in front of him and a huge blue laser comes out of his hands and T-Rex desentegrates* Too easy!

Jack: What would you want, A Hungry Stomach, IT"S A DINOSAUR !

Rapid: What?


Rapid: So? I'll just kill it.

Jack: What did you Steal?

Rapid: No... *with a stupid drunk person's voice* Yeah.

Jack: What did you steal Rapid, tell me?

Rapid: Nothin'

Jack: Then why are you been Chased by a Dinosaur?

Rapid: Cuz. Nothin'...*3 dino eggs come out of his pocket along with a diary of some girl*

Jack: Is that 3 Dinosaur Eggs & a Diary behind your back?

???:(Takes the eggs from Rapid) You little theif.


Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat, your here

Pod:My name is Pyroraptor Olympus, Pod for short and who is Blaze the hedgecat?

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat is my Girlfriend & I'm sorry about that

Sonic: Well what should we do about those Eggs?

Amy: Yeah, maybe a Certain someone will put the Dino Eggs back where they Belong (She's talking about Rapid)

Rapid: *a baby T-Rex crawls out Rapid's pocket*

Baby T-Rex: *a very tiny voice* Rawr!

Jack: What's that?

Amy: Aw a baby

3 Baby T-Rexs: (To Rapid) Mama!

Jack: Mama?

Rapid: I'm Dada! Not Mama! Jack is Uncle!

Jack: Ok, I need you to do 1 thing & that's Take the Babies back where they Belong

Hayden: (Walks out of nowhere) What is this place?

Hector: Don't worry about it. Its not like we're in a world full of Dinasours or anything like that.

Monkey: (is roding on a big trex while going by) yayyyy

Hayden: What's he doing?

Monkey: eating stuffffffffffff (eats a tree)

Jack: This is no time for Monkeying around

Hector: The funny thing is that his name is Monkey.


Sonia & Manic: What's going on here?

Jack: Cousin Sonia & manic is that you/?

Sonia: Cousin Jack is that you?

Jack: It is me

Manic: Group Hug

Jack, Sonia & Manic Hugged each other

Sonic: Wait, if Sonia & Manic is your Cousin, then that means I'm your Cousin?

Jack: Bingo

Sonic: Way Past Cool

Monkey i thought u where brothers and sister Hmmm

Jack: Guys we need to tell Rapid to put the Babies back to their Family

Monkey: Well we can take a ride on my t rex

Rutt: I can't believe it eh?

Tuke: Yeah I never seen a Dinosaur before

Rutt & Tuke: (Laughing)

Rutt: Oh Geeze, let's beat it

Tuke: This way

Rutt: No No No No No, this way

Tuke: Ok

Rutt & Tuke got their Antlers Stuck

Rutt: Aw Thank you very much

Tuke: Sorry Eh?

Rutt & Tuke: (Talking at Once)

Jack: Hey, Rutt, Tuke

Rutt: Hey Jack

Tuke: How's it going eh?

Jack: Fine Just fine

Blaze the hedgecat: *Punches Pod in the face*

Pod: Sister?

Jack: Hi Blaze the Hedgecat, My Love

Blaze the Hedgecat: Jacky.

Pod: you know this douche sis.

Blaze the hedgect: One, I am not your sister, Two, he is my Boyfriend.

Jack: It is true, we Love Each other for a very long time

Pod: You might want to find Shelter the storms here are brutal.

Jack: Rapid must get those Babies Dinosaurs back to their Families

Pod: We'll deal with that problem in the morning.

Jack: Ok

Blaze the Hedgecat: I don't trust him.

Jack: Why didn't you trust Pod?

Pod: We had some problems.

Blaze the Hedgecat: You tried to mate with me, forcfully!!!

Jack: Me?

Pod: No, me!

Blaze the Hedgecat: I trust you completely Jacky.

Jack: Oh yeah, sorry

Pod: Pathetic.

Jack: Hey, watch it

Darkstorm: Jack, *Coughs up blood*.

Pod: ReLax my lord.

Jack: Yes, Darkstorm?

Vitani: My love, lie down.

Jack: Oh, hello Vitani

Vitani: Hey Jackoon.

Darkstorm:(Coughs more blood)

Jack: Darkstorm is really sick here

Rutt: Oh dear

Tuke: Now he is really Sick eh?

Vitani: Yes (Puts Water Towl on Darkstorm's forehead)

Jack: Well we need to tell Rapid to put the Babies Dinosaurs back where they Belong

Darkstorm: Get him near me I bet he hates getting sick with the bloody death.

Jack: (Goes near Darkstorm) (Fixes Darkstorm) There Better

Darkstorm:*Coughs* No blood

Jack: How's that?

Darkstorm: Bring in Rapid *Puts on Brass Knuckles*

Jack: (To Rapid) Rapid, return the Baby Dinosaurs back to their Families

Cold:Now or else.

Amy: Please take them back

Darkstorm: If you don't I'll do the Numa Numa.

Jack: Uh Guys (Points to see a T-Rex carries Rapid the Hedgehog with his Mouth)

Amy: Rapid !

Bada: We gotta go after them

Bing: Yeah we gotta go catch him over here

Rutt: Let's follow him

Tuke: Yeah lets go eh?

Darkstorm:*Tries to presue*

Jack: Lets go follow that Dinosaur

Rapid: AH!!!! HEEEEEELP! *starts flailing*

Jack: He went inside that Cave, come on Everyone, lets go inside that Cave

Amy: Ok

Sonic: Lets go

Shadow: Fine

Blaze: Be careful, my Beautiful Daughter

Rapid: Chaos Spin! *spins but shirt rips and Rapid hit the ground*

T-Rex: (Roars at Rapid & Takes Rapid away)

Blaze: I'll be going with you just in case

Jack: Ok, after we save Rapid, he is so gonna go to the Doctor

Rapid: *takes gun out of pocket* Ha ha! *shoots at the T-Rex, but the gun is out of ammo* Aw...

T-Rex: (Taking Rapid into the Cave & Walk away with Rapid in his Mouth)

Darkstorm:(Summons His Death Guitar and Blazes Drums) Let's do this *Plays "Go Forth and Die"*

Jack: Plug your Ears Guys

  • Everyone Plugs their Ears

Rapid: What is that horrible noise?!

  • Skeletons emerge from the ground and attack the Tyranosaurs*

T-Rex: (Roars) (Chomps on the Skeletons)


T-Rex: (Carries Rapid & Takes him through a Cave)

Jack: Hurry

Rapid: ...*falls asleep*

Darkstorm and BlazeTHC:*Plays "Murmaider"*

Blaze the hedgecat:COVER YOUR EYES (Starts a sandstorm)!!

Rapid: *still asleep*

Blaze the Hedgecat: We need help Uncle Storm!!!

Darkstorm: Shadow, Blaze, Jack take the three Guitar's!!

Jack: Ok (Carries the Guitar) Ok

Darkstorm: Start Playing!!!!

Jack: (Starts Playing)

Blaze the Hedgecat; Mother, Father you must do the same!!!

Shadow & Blaze: Ok (Starts Playing)

T-Rex: (Roars)

Rapid: *wakes up*

  • Sound Waves Surrounded the T-Rex

T-Rex: (Breaks the Sound Waves) (Roars) (Takes Rapid & his 3 Babies through the Cave)

Darkstorm: *Turns into the Hungarian Horntail*

Jack: It has no Effect because that Dinosaur is not in our Time Period, he is in the Prehestoric Times

???:YO,need help?

Jack: Who's there?

Rapid: I bet it's Sonic.

Sonic: What, I'm right here

Jack: Wait a minute if Sonic is here, then who's that

Rapid: *eyes open wide* I have to use the bathroom!

Jack: Well we gotta save Rapid

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm: *Charges at the Tyranosaurus*

T-Rex: (Swats Darkstorm with his Tail)

Rapid: Can you guys hurry up?! I have to use the bathroom!

T-Rex: (Carries Rapid & his 3 Baby Dinosaurs through a Cave)

Darkstorm:(Turns into a Spinosaurus and Bites down on the Tyranosaurus's Tail)

T-Rex: (Roars) (Smashes Darkstorm with his Tail)

Jack: This is bad

T-Rex: (Carries Rapid & his 3 Baby Dinosaurs through a Cave)

Jack: We gotta go after them

Amy, Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Yeah

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: Ok

Jack & the others went inside the Cave

Spinosaurus Darkstorm:(Starts to cough up blood again)

Pod:(To T-Rex)Hey pea's for Brains!!

T-Rex: (Swats Pod Away with his Tail)

Darkstorm:(Powers down and coughs up blood)

Shadow & Blaze: (Carries Darkstorm into the Cave)

Part 2: The World of the Dinosaurs


Jack: Who's there?

Darkstorm:(Coughs up more blood)

Jack: Stay down, hold still Chaos Healer (Heals Darkstorm) There better?

Darkstorm:(Reveals his Five claw mark scar the exended from his right eye to his shoulder)

Rapid: *sighs*

T-Rex: (Takes Rapid & his 3 Babies away)

Jack: Guys we need to take a Breather

???:If you say another T-Rex will come.

Jack: Just tell me who are you already

Rapid: If you let go of me, I'll give you a steak!

T-Rex: (Didn't Listen)



Jack: Flame, Cold is that you two?

Darkstorm: Cold?


T-Rex: (Growls at Rapid)

Pod: (Throws ant rock at the T-rex) Yo mama was a salimander.

T-Rex: (Dodges a Rock & Walks away with Rapid & 3 Baby Dinosaurs)

Jack: Guys we gotta go after them

Cold:Hey guys I found chicken,or I think it's chicken.

Flame:Guys where is LT.

LT:Right here.

Jack: Guys I can see Light

Amy: This must be an Exit, let's go

???:What ever!

Jack & the others went outside the Cave to see a Whole World of Dinosaurs

Jack: Wow

Amy: Are those Dinosaurs

Sonic: Yeah

Sonia: We didn't know

Rutt & Tuke: (Sees a Dinosaur with a Shell on his Back & a Round Tail Tip with Spikes right behind them) AHHHHHH!

Bada & Bing: (Growls)

Dinosaur: (Roars)

Bada: Never mind

Bing: Too scary over here

Jack: Run

And everyone did until tthey stopped on the Cliff

Amy: (Grabs some Leaves on a Stick) Here Boy

Sonia: Come & get it

The Brontersaurus sees some Leaves on a Stick & eats it & it looks like a Slide

Rutt: What are you crazy?

Tuke: We're not getting on that thing, eh

Sonia: It's either this Dinosaur (Points at the Brontersaurus) or that one (Points at the Spiky Dinosaur)

Jack: Ok you may had your point

Amy: Ladies First

Sonia: Here we go

Amy & Sonia (Slides down the Brontersaurus) YABBA DABBA DOO !

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Slides down the Brontersaurus) AHHHHHHH

???:Wow you made it!

  • Everyone Slide on the Brontersaurus safely

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: Ahhhhhhhh (Lands on the Ground)


Jack: Ouch, Sonia, Amy don't you Yabba Dabba Doo that again

Sonia: Oh Sorry

Amy: Sorry


Dinosaurs surrounded Jack & the others

Jack: I feel so...Puny

Sonic: Whao, lets do it, to it

They are about to fight until...

????: (Blows the Horn) (Swings the Vines until it Broke & lands near a Tree far away) Ow

Amy: Who's that?

Bada: We have no idea

Bing: He's Mysterious over here

And Coming out of the Bushes is Buck from "Ice Age 3"

Buck: HA (Throws Smoke Berries at the Dinosaurs) Take Cover (Throws the Smoke Berry near him & our Heroes like a Smoke Gernade & when the Red Smoke Clears they had Dissapeared)

(Later at the Lake)

Buck: (Emerges from the Lake holding his Knife with his mouth)

Everyone Emerges from the Bushes

Buck: (Twist his body to dry himself off & untwist his body back & starts sniffing at Jack & the others)

???:Wow that's cool!

Buck: BUCK !

Jack: Ah!

Buck: The names Buck, short for "Buckmister", Long for (Grabs Sonic's ear) "BUH" (Echoing) (Let go of Sonic's Ear) (Checks Rutt & Tuke's Antlers) Very Dull, Very Dull Indeed

Jack: We're here to resuce Rapid

Buck: Well...he's gone, welcome to my world, now go home

Amy: Not without Rapid

Buck: (Hangs on a Vine Upside-down)Sure you help him...In the Afterlife (Lands on the Ground & Sees & Tasted the Footprint) Mommy Dinosaur, carrying 3 Babies & some Green Hedgie Thing

Sonic: Yeah, we're friends with the Green Hedgie Thing

Buck: They are headed to "Lava Falls", this is where they carry the Newborns, to get there you have to go through the "Jungle of Misery", then you go through the "Casum of Death",& onto the "Plates of Woe"

Rutt & Tuke: Whao

Maxie and Sadie: *appear randomly*

Maxie: Wh-what the?

Sadie: Oh come on! It's feeding time! What's happening?

Buck: Huh? (Sniffing at Maxie & Sadie)

Jack: Hi Maxie & Sadie, this is Buck

Buck: Greetings Welcome to my World

Jack: Maxie, Sadie we're in the World of the Dinosaurs

Buck: Yeah you betta watch out...when you run into the beast, I call him...."Rudy" !

Bada: Wait you mean there's something bigger than Mommy Dinosaur?

Buck: Ai

Bing: Eye?

Buck: Ai, Ai, he's the one that gave me this (Shows everyone that he's wearing an Eye Patch)

Rutt: He gave you that patch?

Tuke: Wow, it's cool, I want one two

Rutt & Tuke: (Got their Antlers Stuck again) Ow

Rutt: Oh thank you very much

Tuke: Sorry eh

Rutt & Tuke: (Talking at once)

Buck: (Looks at them Curiously)

Jack: Welcome to my World

Rapid: Wanna play cards, T-Rex?

T-Rex: (Still Carrying Rapid & his 3 Babies)

Jack: That's Rapid, lets go

Jack & the Others went after them

Buck: Remember, he who enters there...

Jack: We know, we know, Doom & Dispare, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Buck went after Jack & the others

Sadie: My head's spinning! Everything is going on so fast!

Maxie: Well, where is this Rudy guy anyway?

Buck: He is the Deadliest Dinosaur I've ever faced

Part 3: The Jungle of Misery

Maxie: He's that bad? I'm a good fighter I guess, but I've never fought a dinosaur!

Buck: Rudy is the Largest & the most Deadliest Dinosaur I've ever faced

Maxie: Are you trying to make me puke or something?

Rapid: Can you please let me go dino? Heh heh! I rhymed.

T-Rex: (Still going to the Lava Falls)

Buck: It's true I've faced the Great White Beast !

Rapid: Why me? Let go please?

T-Rex: (Growls)

Jack: Wow !

Amy: Is that the Jungle you've talked about?

Buck: Yes, The Jungle Of Misery!

Blaze: What should we do?

Sonia: Wow, I found a Flower (Found a Flower)

Jack: A cute little Flower

Sadie: Why does that matter?

Buck: Stay away from that flower !

Jack: How can I be afraid of a Preatty Flower (Touches the Flower)

  • When he touches the Flower, it turns into a Venus Fly Trap & Traps Jack & Sonia
  • The Juice of the Fly Trap increses

Jack: Hey a Little help here

Buck: (Goes inside the Venus Fly Trap) Well this Fly Trap has 2 Tubes 1 Red, 1 Blue (Cuts the Red one & it makes the Juice of the Fly Trap goes Faster)

Jack: The Blue One

Sonia: Hurry

Buck: (Cuts the Blue one & the Fly Trap Exploded with it's Juice splatered all over)

Bada & Bing: Wow

Sonia: (Disgusted by the Fly Trap Juice) Ewwwww

Jack: Tell me about it

Sadie: Does anybody have a chair? I can't keep up withall this. *swervs around*

Jack: Yeah, very funny Sadie, Heh Heh Heh

Sonic: Well looks like he's needs a Clean Up

Rapid: So dino, what's your name?

T-Rex: (Growls)

Rosa:Hey T-rex I'm your desendent!

Sadie: *rolls over and falls asleep*

Pod:(See's Rosa) Dinosaurs are related to birds (Shows his feathers)

Rosa:Then there related to my sister Pheya!She is a duck!

Pyroraptor Olympus

Pod's true form.

Sharnin:Sure wish Tails was here!

Pod: (Feels himself transformng back to his raptor from)Oh no.

Rosa:*Jumps on his back*Birdie!

Pod:(Maorse Codes) It is still me, just in my smaller form.

Maxie: Haha, you look funny! :3

Darkstorm:(Coughs up blood badly)

Pod:(Maorse Codes) I miss my sisters (Tears form)

Maxie: Darkstorm, what'cha coughin' for?

Darkstorm:(Sign languages) I have the bloody death, every time I cough blood comes out.

Maxie: (-_-;) I try not to see things. I try not to know things. But then stuff like this happens and I become slightly less innocent.

Pod:(Raors in Misery)

Sadie: *reluctantly wakes up* What's wrong with the Pod guy?

Vitani: He had lost his sisters to death, the first was drowned, and the other was eaten by a Pliesiasaur.

Sadie: :'S That's so sad! I'm an only orphan too!

Pod: It should've been me, ARRRGHH

Sadie: It's okay, Poddy! it's not like it's your fault! I bet your sisters are up in heaven, rooting for you to make something out of yourself.


Sadie: No charge. As long as you stop crying. *lies back down and falls asleep again*

Pod:(Makes a Plant blanket and lies it on Sadie and curls and sleeps)

Maxie: Who would have thought that Sadie would have been a good modivational speaker? And in just a few sentences!


MiniPyros:(Come out of hiding and walk towards Maxie Warily)

Maxie: Um... is this as odd to you guys as it is to me?

Manic: What's goin' on?

Mini Pyroraptors:(Roars at Manic Angrily)

Maxie: What are these things anyway?

Manic: I don't know!

Pod: They are me but in a miniature version and their feathers are green.

Maxie: What do they want with us?

Female Mini Pyro:(Attacks Manic)

Pod: They were curious of you, but Manic startled them and now they are pissed off.

Maxie: Poor Manic. Oh well.

Male Mini Raptor: (Moves at a high speed on bongo's)

Runt male Mini raptor: (Stays secluded near the rocks)

Jack: I'll save you (Saves Manic) Stay back you Dinosaur

Bada & Bing: (Attacks Female mini Pyro)

Jack: Are you ok?

Manic: Yeah I'm ok dude

Kaytlin:Where are the broncos?

Maxie: What are those?

Buck: Come on everyone were going to our next checkpoint is the Casum of Death

Jack: Let's go

Mini Raptors: *All run to Pod for saftey*

Kaytlin:So we are fighting a T-rex?


Sadie: *wakes up* Tell me I didn't just hear 'T-Rex'!

Pod:(Attemps to wake up Sadie)

Blaze the hedgecat: Hi stepmother.

Sadie: Pod, I'm awake. Wait, Pod's a girl?

Jack: Hi Blaze the Hedgecat


Sharnin:So you know her?

Jack: Me?


Kaytlin:Yes I know her!

Jack: Oh yeah, sorry

Buck: Come on people there's no time to waste Rule #1: Always listen to Buck!

Sadie: *whipes eyes* R-right. Where are we goin' again?

Buck: Next we go across the Casum of Death

Sadie: *scoffs* And you expect me to go to a place that has the words 'casum' and 'death' in them?

Pod: Miss Sadie I am a male.

Buck: Remember Rule #1:...?

Jack: Always listen to Buck

Sadie: Have you ever almost choked to death on a chicken bone?

Pod: Whats a chicken?

Buck: Well? No. But I lost my mind 3 months ago & married to a Pineapple...An Ugly Pineapple!

Sadie: That's your personal problem. I'm sorry, but I can't go.

Maxie: What if I said it's real name is the... Tunnel of Buiscuts?

Sadie: Yay! Let's go!

Kaytlin:Let's get er done!

Maxie: As long as you promise me to never say that again.

Jack: Next stop, the Casum of Death

Pod: Need a ride Sadie (Heart pounds)?

Part 4: The Casum of Death

Sadie: Okay! *hops onto Pod*

Jack: Let's go

Kaytlin:Blaze,where is your father?

Shadow: You mean me?


Buck: Here we are The Casum of Death

Sadie: I thought this was the Tunnel of Buiscits! *covers head and wimpers*

Pod: Your safe with me Sadie

Darkstorm:(Transforms into a Spinosaurus)


Buck: We tried Big Smelly Crack, but that just make everyone giggle

Jack: There's no Bridge

Kaytlin:Then we FLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Maxie: *chkl* Big Smelly Crack. *chkl*

Kaytlin:Rosa can't laugh she can only say YAY!!!!!!

Buck (Cuts the Vine to reveal a Giant Skeleton Ribs) Ma'dam

Spinosaurus Darkstorm:(Jumps over th Casum) *Raors Loudly)

Maxie: What the Drumheller was that?

Kaytlin:*Grabs Rosa&Sharnin and flies over it*

Pod:Hang on Sadie (Runs and Jumps over The Casum)

Maxie: *jumps over it*

Sadie: I-is it over?

Pod: Yes Miss Sadie.

Sadie: That wasn't as bad as I thought!

Pod: Can I tell you something.

Kaytlin:That was easy!

Spinosaurus Darkstorm: Anyone Nee a ride my neck his huge litteraly.

Blaze rides on the Skeleton Ribs with Amy & the Other Ladies

Buck: The guys are next

The Guys hop oon the Skeleton Ribs, but they got stuck

Buck: Don't panic, just keep holding it in

Kaytlin:*Flies over there*

Rutt: I can't take it anymore

Tuke: You breathed it eh?

Rutt: (High Voice) Hey we're not dead

Tuke: (High Voice) You sound funny eh?

Rutt: Me? you should hear you

Rutt & Tuke: (Laughing)


Bada: (High Voice) That's not Poison

Bing: (High Voice) What the?

Bada & Bing: (Laughing)

Buck: Stop laughing all of you

Manic: (High Voice) Stop Laughing all of you (Laughing)

Jack: (High Voice) What's Rule #1? (Laughing)

Anjelous:(Turns Vampire) Shut up both of you!!!!

Sonic & Shadow: (High VOice) Stop that, Huh? (Laughing)

Amy: They're just Laughing

Sonia: What's so bad about that?


Anjelous:(Punches Shadow in the face)

Shadow: (Laughing) Good one

Buck: (Points to the Skeletons) They died laughing

Sonia & Amy: (Gasps)

Amy: Sonikku stop laughing

Jack: We can't help it, that was totally super

Boys: (Laughing)

Jack: (Tickles Buck) Coochy Coochy Coo Coo

Buck: Stop that, don't you see (High Voice) We all gonna die

Boys: (Laughing)

Amy: Oh brother (Pulls the Vine to make the Skeleton Ribs Slide to safety)

The Boys stoped laughing & they're voices went back to normal

Darkstorm:*Coughs up blood*

Amy & Sonia: (Glares at the Boys)

Jack: I'm not sure how much you can hear


Shadow: I'm ok

Amy: (Hugs Sonic) I'm so glad your ok

Sonic: Amy, don't hug me please your Crushing me

Sonia: Are you ok Cousin?

Jack: I'm fine

Rosa:Sonic are you ok?

Anjelous: I don't care for Shadow, he is a fag.

Kaytlin:YOU ARE A FAG!!!!!!!!!!!

Buck: Whao that was close, next stop The Plates of Woe

Rutt & Tuke: Whao

Anjelous:(Claws Kaytlins Face) Lou-Dte Kalei

Jack: Let's take a Break, I wonder how Rapid is doing with a T-Rex

Anjelous: Screw all of you, see you all in the firey pits of well you already know.

Jack: Ok

Maxie: Death? Woe? What is this? Clamburg?

Jack: We need to Rest First because it's almost Nighttime

Pod: Sadie, I ,umm, love you.

Maxie: *spits out random hot cofee on Pod* What the?!

Buck: (As Skull #1) He'll never survive, it's dangerous by day (Skull #2) But it's even worse in Night

Maxie: Now I know how Sadie feels! Everything is happening fast!

Pod:(Runs to find a river)

Maxie: Pod, where are you going?

Runt mini Raptor: (Sticks close to maxie)

Buck: (As Skull #2) Buck is Wacko (Normal) I am Not

Maxue: *looks at Runt mini Raptor* Um... why?

Buck: (Skull #1) Buck is a Loonertic (Skull #3) And his feet smell (Normal) Shut up (Skull #3) You shut up (Normal) Why you (Strangling his own foot)

Runt Mini Raptor:(limbs)

Jack: Buck is Strangling his own foot, we need to camp here for the Night

Buck: (Skull #3) What, camp here for the Night (Normal) Good Idea who's Hungry (Skull #3) I am (Normal) You don't need any Caleroies

Sadie: Finally! What's to eat?

Jack: I don't know were in the Middle of the Dinosaur World, but lets eat

Part 5: NightTime

Pod: (Soaks in the river water thinking of Sadie)What was I thinking!!!

Jack: Well I guess it's time to have some Dinner

Pod:(Dives under Snages a trout)

Bada & Bing: (Eating Bananas)

Sadie: Got any meat or grains?

Pod: (Returns With a bag full of trout)

Rutt & Tuke: (Eating Apples)

Maxie: Ooh! Fish!

Buck: ...And there I was Stuck , from the Attack of the Great White Beast

Pod: I am heading back to the river.

Pod: *Dives under the water to find a dead Iguanadon*


Buck: I was running until Rudy Scratched my Eye

Rudy: (Scratched Buck's Eye)

Buck: Ow (Wears an Eyepatch) (Goes on top of the Tree)

Rudy: (Chomps on Buck)

Buck: Before he suck me down into his Stomach, I grabbed the Pink thing in the inside of the Mouth

Jack: You mean Uvula?

Buck: Anyways I swung back & forth & back & forth & back & forth & back & forth & back...& forth & back & forth & then Shot right out of Rudy's Mouth, he may have my Eye but I got this

End of Flashback

Jack: Rudy's Tooth

Sadie: Ooh! I just remembered! I have turkey in my purse! *takes out turkey and eats it*

Pod: This is Rudy's territory, i fished from his river

Rudy: That's right, An Eye for a Tooth, a nose for a Chin, a butt for a...well it's an old saying

Sadie: (O_O;) Suddenly, I'm not all that hungry.

Rutt & Tuke: Oh Yeah (Got their Antlers Stuck again) (Talking at once)

Maxie: (-_-;) Are you two done now?

Rutt: Who?

Tuke: Us?

Maxie: No; Hansel and Gretel.

Jack: Who's that?

Maxie: (-_-;) Does anybody here know what sarcasm is?

Jack: No

Maxie: Wow. That's sad.

Jack: Never heard of Sarcasm before

Maxie: You don't get out much, do you?

Jack: No

White Tip:*Takes the fish*

Jack: So how's your day, Blaze the Hedgecat?

Rosa:The skulls right Buck,you are a wacko!

Buck: You right, I've gone super wacko about a Ugly Pineapple

Maxie: Uh... how can a pineapple be ugly?

Blue Brow: If you want to live than leave this place!

Sadie: W-why? What's wrong?

Pod: We are in Rudy's territory.

Maxie: Didn't he already come and go?

White Tip: He marks his Territory and than comes back in the morning to drink from the river.

Jack: Then we must get going & fast & save Rapid

Darkstorm:*Turns Spinosaurus* Everybody on and hang on!!!

Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Blaze, Sonia & Manic: (Gets on Darkstorm)

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Gets on Darkstorm)

Buck: (Gets on Darkstorm)

Jack: (Gets on Darkstorm & Helps Blaze the Hedgecat on Darkstorm) Hang on Blaze my dear

Spinosaurus Darkstorm:(Runs)

Part 6: The Plates of Woe

(In the Morning)

Buck: Guys stop, (Picks up a Green Quill & Smells it) Green Quill

Jack: That's Rapid

???:You really want to know who I am?!

Jack: Uh Yes, who are you already?

???:Are you sure now?!


Jack: Yes, who are you?

Spinosaurus Darkstorm:*Collapses from lack of sleep*

Blaze the hedgecat: Flare!

Maxie: What? Does that mean a POW is here?

Sadie: No, silly! Those are error items! They didn't exist when dinosaurs did!

???:You guys don't seem really temped to see who I am!?

Buck: Guys we have ourselves a Crime Scene, Green Quills, Half eaten Carcus & Ohhh Broccoli


Buck: So what happen here?

Jack: I don't know but lets find out

Amy: (Spots a FootPrint) Hey I found something

Jack: It's leads to there (Points at the Plates of Woe)

Rutt & Tuke: Whao

Buck: That's right, the Plates of Woe

Sadie: What's with all the woe here?

Blaze THC: *Twirls Combi-Stick*

Jack: Well let's get going, Blaze the Hedgecat, my dear

Maxie: Doesn't it get annoying that you always have to call her by her full name?

Pod: (To Maxie) You single?

Maxie: Nope.

Pod: Dang, Well looks like I'll be single forever.

Jack: Well there's 2 Blaze's here

Maxie: You don't need a person to be happy, ya know.

Blaze THC: (Snickers) Get a look at this.

Darkstorm:( Transforms into his Hedgehog form while asleep)

Jack: Whao, I didn't see that coming

Buck: Well lets get moving, people

Jack: (Spots Blue Raptors coming right at them) GREAT BLUE RAPTORS

Darkstorm the Hedgehog:Atomic Blast!!!

Blue Raptors: (Dodges the Attack)

Jack: I got this, Chaos Spider (4 Spiders grows out of his Back & Spits a Spider Web at the Blue Raptors) What do you think of my New Power?

Darkstorm the hedgehog: I like it.

Jack: It's called "Chaos Spider"

Darkstorm: Now if only I had enough power to get out of my hedgehog form it is way to fragile.

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) What do you think?

Blaze the hedgecat:(Purrs)

Jack: (Turns back to Normal) There are more Blue Raptors coming so everyone get ready

Darkstorm:*Yawns* I can't transform to my dinosaur form.

Jack: Ok lets go beat those Blue Raptors

???:Bad idea!

Blaze the Hedgecat:Jacky, I have to tell you something.

Jack: What is it, my dear?

Blaze the Hedgecat: I am pregnant!


Jack: What does that mean, my dear?


Jack: Just tell me who are you Already!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(To Jack) Your gonna be a father (To the stranger) Firestorm

Jack: I'm gonna be a Daddy (To the Stranger) Is that you Skate?

Maxie: You're gonna be a father?! Gross! Now I got a picture! *baby barfs*

Jack: (Stammering) Wait a minute, the Baby, wha wha what now?

Kaytlin:I was pregnant once myself!

Jack: Does that mean you get a Baby?

Kaytlin:I had a baby!Remeber Lucas from the boat trip?He is my son!

???:(Nervously)Ahhhh....No this isn't that guy your talking about.

The Red Baron:I miss me Tails.

Sharnin:*Growls*I love Tails!

Rosa:Oh no!!!!!!!!You tick her off!

Jack: Red Baron

Buck: (Sniffing at The Red Baron)

Jack: Red Baron meet Buck, Buck, Red Baron

Buck: Welcome to my world

The Red Baron:Thank you.

Sharnin:*still growling*

Kaytlin:Sharnin,be quite.

Jack: We're here to save Rapid

Kaytlin:Then I'll sniff him out!

Rosa:You didn't use your nose in years!

The Red Baron:(Pull out a picture of her kissing Tails)Here look at this.

Jack: Wait a Minute, you like Tails?

Sharnin:Rosa,the puppets!

Rosa:*Pulls puppets of Tails and Sharnin out*

The Red Baron:I remember when we first met,I had bombed two of his houses.:D

???:SHUT UP!

Jack: Who's there? Wait a Minute Tails, is that you?


Jack: Is that you Tails?


Jack: So who are you already?

Rosa:Skate,Cold,or Flame!>:)

Jack: Please tell me who are you? Are you either Rosa, Skate, Cold or Flame?

Rosa:He's not Rosa, I am!

Jack: Are you Either Skate, Cold or Flame?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out tazer) You got 60 sec. to talk about who you are!

Jack: Tell us now

Cold:I'm right hear.

Flame:Me to.


Jack: So that means your Skate

???:(Nervously)NO...I'm....Coolieo,yeah Coolieo

Jack: Coolieo?


Jack: Skate!

???:Darn it!

???:This Skate guy sounds pretty sexy.:D

Jack: Skate come out of there

???/Skate:Fine(Jumps down),Hey Blaze.


Jack: So your the Mysterious Figure, Skate

Skate:What ever.

Blaze THC:(Fur becomes voilet)

Jack: What's wrong, Blaze THC?

Kaytlin:She must have something against Skate!

Darkstorm the hedgehog:(Taps Kaytlin's shoulder) She is pregnant, when a halfling is pregnant it messes with her powers.

Jack: Whao

Blaze THC: (Tries to conjure flames, but Star Dust came out instead)

Jack: I am not a Pregnant, so I have no trouble at all, but I can help you Blaze my dear (Hugs Blaze the Hedgecat)

Blaze The Hedgecat: I am pregnant with your child Jack, and my fire power have changed into star dust powers.

Jack: Wow

Darkstorm the Hedgehog:(Falls asleep)

Jack: Come on guys lets go Save Rapid

Darkstorm the Hedgehog:(Snores)

Amy: I'll help him (Carries Darkstorm) Let's go

Darkstorm the hedgehog:(Turns to stone as he slept)

Amy: It's getting heavy

Sonic: Let me help you (Helps Amy Carries Darkstorm)

Amy: Thanks Sonic

Godzilla the hedgehog:(Steps on a twig)

Jack: Who are you?

Rosa:*in a Japeneese voice*It's GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maxie: What?! Where?!

Godzilla:(Runs faster than Sonic and grabs Blaze the Hedgecat) Catch me if you can.

Jack: He is getting out of hand (Grabs Godzilla by the Neck) Leave them Alone NOW !

Blaze the Hedgecat: It is ok, Godzilla and I go way back.

Godzilla: Hell yeah we did.

Jack: Oh Yeah, (Let go) Sorry

Godzilla: I see you have a child.

Maxie: Isn't she cute?

Godzilla:Yeah sure whatever.

Maxie: 'Yeah, sure, whatever'? Are you crazy?

Godzilla: Why should I be happy for others, I've been shot at, imprisoned before anyone even got to know me.

Stardust:(Wakes Up due to Godzilla's yelling)

Sadie: *gasps and tries to get Stardust to sleep again*

Stardust: *Starts crying*

Godzilla: Shut her up now (Tranforms to his true self)

Sadie: *softly sobbing* Please stop crying!!

Maxie: Uh... anybody got a binky?


Maxie: Put a muzzle in it, geek reactor!


Stardust:(Still crying)

Maxie: For crying out loud! *takes out binky and puts it in Stardust's mouth* You're terrible, you know that?

Stardust:(Calms down and goes back to sleep)

Godzilla: You never lived my life, you don't understand, no one does!!!!

Maxie: Alright, so if nobody understands, don't you think it makes sense not to burden everybody with your problems? Including an innocent newborn?!

Godzilla: Innocent, HA, No one is innocent not even a child!


Maxie: *fold arms* Okay, elaborate.

Godzilla:(Flips Maxie off and walks away)

Maxie: *rolls eyes* What a skeez. Now, how can we get out of this place?

Darkstorm:(Awakens and attacks Godzilla) Apologize!

Godzilla: I apologize to no (BAD GUITAR NOTE)

Maxie: All I did was ask you to elaborate. You just have a short temper.


Maxie: And this is why Stardust isn't innocent. I am going on. Come on, Sadie.

Sadie: *shakes head and sits down*

Maxie: Well, okay. *walks ahead*

Pod:(Punches Godzilla and follows Maxie) You ok Maxie?

Maxie: *sniffle* I'm fine. *sits down* I wish Maddie was here.

Pod: Where is this Maddie?

Maxie: She's in school. I have to take her there often. Then after that, she's gonna have to go to her therapist. I just want to get out of here.


Maxie: She graduated from Chao Kindergarden, so she's in Chao Grade School.

Pod: I don't even know what school is.

Maxie: Basicly, it's where you learn stuff. You know, hot to read, write, draw, speak correctly, stuff like that. They make it really fun for her.

Pod: My kind learn only how to hunt, and survive?

Maxie: Well, I'm against hunting, I go to grocery stores, and my boyfriend is filthy rich.

Pod: I wish I could be in the modern world.

Maxie: Are you stuck here or something?

Pod: I hate this place (Begins Crying) I lost my mother to sickness, lost my sister to drowning and a pleisosuar and I have no mate to start a family.

Maxie: Well, that just stinks. Oh, I mean... yeah, I don't know what to say to that.

Pod:You gotta let me come with you, to the modern world.

Maxie: As soon as I find a way out.

Stardust:(Wakes up and wonders where Maxie is)

Maxie: *walks to Stardust* Hiya!

Pod:Who might this Baby belong to (Tickles Stardust)

Stardust:(Baby Laughs)

Maxie: She's Blaze's. *gives Stardust a belly rub*

Stardust:(Baby laughs)

Maxie: They're so innocent at that age. But then they break your things, spit in your faces, and give you a bad name.

Pod: My kind ar abonded when we reach a year old.

Maxie: Thank goodness we're doing better now.

Pod:I wish I had a mate.

Maxie: The more you say that, the less of a chance there'll be that you get one. You gotta stop worrying!

Pod: Alright.

Stardust:(Baby giggles)

Maxie: Hey, Pod, how old are you, anyway? You know, like, if you were human?'

Pod:65 million years, and still looking 18

Maxie: So... I'm just gonna go with 18.

Jack: That's cool, now lets go save Rapid

Stardust:(See's her father and starts laughing)

Jack: Aww, your cute Stardust, my little Daughter

Blaze the hedgecat:(Giggles)

Jack: Come on Guys, next stop Lava Falls

Part 7: Lava Falls

Darkstorm:(Wakes up) AHHAHA, Sweet

Buck: Here we are, Lava Falls

Darkstorm:(Pulls out a Lava Surf board and jumps in)

Jack: Blaze, keep Stardust safe

Amy: (To Blaze THC) Please keep your Baby Safe

Stardust:(Creates a sheild of star dust)

Bada: Whao, I didn't know she can do that

Bing: I don't either over here

Darkstorm:(Does a 360)


Jack: (Spots a Bridge) Is that a Bridge?


Buck: Yes that's the Bridge

Stardust:(teleports to her father)

Jack: (Holds Stardust) Hello Stardust, my beautiful Daughter of Joy

Stardust:(Her quils dry and reveal its true color Black with orange tips)*Baby laughs*

Jack: Aw, look Blaze, she is Black with Orange Tips

Blaze: She does have your eyes!

Maxie and Sadie: Did somebody say bridge?


Sharnin:Not Lava?!

Darkstorm:(Grinds Near Rosa and Sharnin)

Skate:Buck I know this place like the back of my hand,I spent 2 weeks hear,follow me BlazeTHC.

Cold:That is where you been all these weeks.

Blaze THC:(Kicks Skate in the forehead) I am already a mother, and I am already a wife.

Darkstorm:(To Skate)OHOHOHOH,You got owned by a girl.

Jack: We gotta find Rapid & save him

Cold: That's why I hate him.

Flame:To find Rapid!

Skate:(Gets mad)Back off Cold.

Cold: I was worried about this happening.

Darkstorm: Hey don't hold the grudge Cold, I thought you were a villian at the time.

Cold:Sorry DS, but I always keep grudges.


Stardust:(Giggles at Rosa)

Rosa;Thats not funny I'm only 6!

The Red Baron:I can't wait to see my Tails again.


Darkstorm:(To Rosa) Stardust is a mear new born.

Cold:(Whippers)Guys don't make Skate angry.

Darkstorm:He just needs a little extreme excitment.

Cold:(Whippers)What makes you say that?

Darkstorm:(Shoves a lava Surf board in Colds and Skates hands) Train of thought

Cold:That lava looks to hot.o_o._.

Skate:(Surfs on the lava)

Darkstorm:Forgive me Cold (Pushes Cold on his board to the lava and jumps in himself)

Maxie: How do I get across?

Sadie: You? How do I get across?!


The Red Baron:Your doing good COLD!:D


Sadie: *looks around* Where is he?

Darkstorm:(Right behind Cold)

Cold:I WILL KILL YOU,YOU S^% OF A b#@%*!

Darkstorm:(Attacks while on his board)

Sadie: What's with all the potty mouths in this place? Golly!

Skate:(Lands and Gets off his bored)

Darkstorm:(Tosses two lava surf boards to Sadie and Maxie)

Cold:(Freezes the lava)There!

Darkstorm:We have a few minute until the lava melts the ice, so get this over with shall we Cold?

Cold:What ever,I'm gone!

Sadie: Maxie, can you carry me?

Maxie: What?! If I carry you, we'll get fried! My balance is already pretty bad!

Sadie: *whining* But I'm tired and hungry and my left leg hurts!

Jack: What should we do now?

Sadie: I wish I could fly!

Darkstorm:(Turns dragon) Get on!

Maxie: *jumps onto Darkstorm*

Sadie: *jumps onto Maxie*

Maxie: Sadie! Get off of me!

Sadie: *falls asleep*

Jack: Ready

Bada,Bing,Rutt & Tuke: Ready

Pod: (Jumps to Darkstorms Tail)

Maxie: How many things can you turn into, Darkstorm?

Amy & Sonic: Ready

Darkstorm:I can turn into a lot of things.

Shadow & Blaze: Ready

Darkstorm:Is everyone on?

Sonia & Manic: Ready

Buck: Are we ready for Action?

Rutt & Tuke: Yes sir

Buck: Are we ready for Adventure?

Rutt & Tuke: Yes sir

Buck: Are we ready for Danger?

Rutt: Wait what?

Tuke: Could you repeat that eh?

Buck: Then lets go

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm:(Takes off at high speeds)

Skate:(Pastes Dstorm)

Jack: (Spots Rapid) There he is

Stardust:(Holds on to her father cause of her fear of heights)

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm:(Gose into a nose dive and goes down at high speeds)

Jack: (Holds on to Stardust) Hold on guys

Rutt & Tuke: Ahhhhhhhhh

Buck: YeeeeeHaw

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm:(Does a spin and flames surround him)

Jack: Yeah Whaa Hoo Hoo Hoo

Stardust:(Sheilds everyone with star dust)

Bada: Wow

Bing: Nice

Jack: How did she do that?

Blaze the hedgecat: A babies powers are sometimes activated by emotion.

Jack: Wow

Stardust:(Sucks on her fathers finger)

Jack: Hey that tickles

Sadie: I don't know whether that's cute or gross.

Jack: We need to Save Rapid & Fast

???:(Grabs Sadie with his tail)

Sadie: *screams very loudly*

Jack: Who's there?

Hungarian horntail Darkstorm: Chimera!

Chimera:Squirm all you like it drains your energy and I shall feed off of it (Licks Sadies face with his forked tongue)

Jack: Stay back Chimera (Kicks Chimera)

Chimera:(Grabs Jack with his other tail and reveals five more)

Jack: Guys do something

Bada & Bing: (Punches Chimera)

Rutt & Tuke: (Uses his Antlers to bash Chimera away)

Chimera:(Grabs all four of them with four of his tails) Pathetic)

Jack: Don't even think about it Chaos Spider (4 Spider Legs grows out of his Back & Spits a Super Strong Spider Web at Chimera)

Sadie: *blows chunks all over Chimera*

Chimera: Energy Drain (Begins Draining their energy) HAHAHA

Jack: (Jumps out of the Way

Bada & Bing: BANANA SLAMMER (Knocks out Chimera)

Sadie: I'm dizzy* wobbles around*

Rutt & Tuke: Me too

Bada & Bing: We're glad that's over

Jack: He almost started drained my energy

Chimera:(Gets back up) it isn't over yet (Grabs Sadie and makes a run for it)

Jack: He's getting away with Sadie

Buck: (Wraps Around Chimera with a Rope made out of Vine) (Grabs Sadie) Madam

Chimera:*Hisses* Her energy will be mine(Tries to teleport)

Sadie: Why is it always me? Why not Maxie?

Maxie: Shut it!

????: (Knocks out Chimera) You are now Knocked out

Jack: Jackbot Nega

Jackbot Nega: I've heard you distress call & come help you find Rapid

Jack: Thanks

Chimera:I knew I should've taken the t-rex, I'll do that now (Teleport to the tyranosaurus)

T-Rex: (Roars at Chimera)

Chimera:(Throws a spear at the T-rexes leg)

T-Rex: (Dodges & Chomps Chimera)

Chimera:(Summons Gigan) Get rid of this.


T-Rex: (Chomps on Gigan & Eats Gigan) (ROARS)

Chimera: (Summons Mecha Godzilla)

Godzilla:(Gets Angry and tries to go and fight Mecha-G)

T-Rex: (Helps Godzilla defeat Mecha Godzilla)

Godzilla:(Bites T-rex neck) This is between me and M-G.


Mecha-G:(Punches Godzilla's Spine paralyzing him)

Godzilla:(Turns to his hedgehog form and falls unconscience)

T-Rex: (Bites Mecha Godzilla)

Mecha-G:(Punches T-rex in the eye and grabs it's neck)

T-Rex: (Roars) (Swats Mecha Gozilla away with his Tail)

Mecha-G:(Swats T-rex with it's metalic tail)

T-Rex: (Bites Mecha Gozilla's Tail)

Mecha-G:(Drills come out of it's tail and drills holes in the T-rex's teeth)

T-Rex: (Roars in Pain) (Pushes Mecha Godzilla off a Cliff)


T-Rex: (Roars in Pain)

Darkstorm:(Turns Spinosaurus)*Roars*

Jack: Come on Rapid (Carries Rapid) let's go

Spinosaurus Darkstorm:(Tries to scare off the T-rex)*Roars*

T-Rex: (Roars in Pain)

Jack: Wait a minute, he's in Pain, his Teeth has been Drilled by Mecha Godzilla (To T-Rex) let me help you, big guy, Chaos Healer (Heals the T-Rex's Teeth) There

Darkstorm:(Powers down) We best be out of here.

Jack: Well see you later big Guy

T-Rex: (Smiles)

Part 8: Rudy is here!

(Later at the Cave) Darkstorm: How far are we from the way outta here?

Buck: (Spots the Cave back to Station Square) Looks like we're here and...We're not alone are we

(Red Eyes Appears)

Everyone turn to see...

Buck: Hello Rudy

Rudy is a Giant White Dinosaur with a Jaw like a Crocidile even Bigger than T-Rex, he is 25 feet Tall

Rudy: (Roars)

Amy: It's Rudy

Jack: Let's go defeat this Dinosaur

Darkstorm: A Gigonotosaurus, (Turns Spinosaurus)

Jack: (Pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer)

Amy: (Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer)

Spinosaurus Darkstorm:(Attacks Rudy first)

Rudy: (Attacks Darkstorm with his Tail)

Godzilla: (Regains mobility and transforms and aids Darkstorm)

Rudy: (Swats Godzilla with his Tail)

Darkstorm:(Changes itno a Giganotosaurus) *Raors*

Rudy: (Swats Darkstorm away)

Amy: (Punches Rudy with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Rudy: (Roars)

Sonic: (Kicks Rudy)

Rudy: (Swats Sonic away with his tail)

Sonic: Ow, what a big hit

Buck: Hey Rudy, looking for something (Shows him his Tooth)

Rudy: Grrrrrrrrrr (Charges at Buck & Steps on him)

Buck: (Pops out of Rudy's Foot) Pop goes the Weasel

Jack: (Smashes Rudy's Foot with his Piko Piko Hammer)

Rudy: (Roars in Pain)

Blaze: (Fires Fireballs)

Rudy: (Dodges)

Shadow: Chaos Spear (Fires a Chaos Spear at Rudy)

Rudy: (Takes hit, but didn't get a Scratch)

Shadow: Not even a Scratch

Jack: Because Future Powers have no Effect on Rudy

Buck: We need to beat that Dinosaur, I always have a Plan, so let's go (Fires pieces of Rope & Tied Rudy Up) Maybe next time (To Everyone) Hurry, it won't last much longer

Rudy: (Breaks free from the Ropes) (Roars)

Rapid: *kicks Rudy in the eye* Take that you overgrown aligator! Your mother was a salamander!

Rudy: (Growls at Rapid to Scare him)

Rosa:*Turns into a comodo dragon & attacks Rudy*This is for not being my kind!

Gigotasaurus Darkstorm:Hey Gigo!

LT:Yo that's cool!

Rudy: (Chomps on Rosa & Darkstorm & Crushes them)

Rapid: *uses an energy blast on Rudy* That's for my friends! And there's a lot more where that came from!

Rosa:*Claws Rudy in the eye*

Rudy: (Chomps Rosa)


Palkia:*Flies down*

Rudy: (Swats Rosa, Kaytlin, Sharnin & Palkia away)

Cold:ICE BLAST(Hits Rudy)!

Skate:CHAOS BLAST(Hits Rudy)!

Flame:FIRE HAWK(Hits Rudy)!

Rudy: (Takes hit & Swats Cold, Flame & Skate away with his Tail)

Palkia:*Grabs his tail and lifts him up*PlAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Rudy: (Slams him to the Ground Super hard)

Sadie: *barks loudly into a megaphone*

Rudy: (Roars even louder then Sadie with a Megaphone)

Cold:(Jumps on top Rudy and holds him tight using ice claw)Got you!


Rudy: (Chomps on Megaphone & Eats it) (Headbumps Cold & Throws him away)

Jack: Rudy is too Powerful

Godzilla:(Gets angry and attacks Rudy with no mercy)


Rudy: (Attacks Godzilla with No mercy)

Jack: We can't use the Chaos Emeralds because it's powerless in the Dinosaur World

Rosa:What about Kaytlin's Necklace?

Jack: It doesn't work either

Sonic: So what should we do now?

Rosa:Lava*Jumps around*Lava Lava Lava!

Jack: Any Powerful Powers doesn't work in the Dinosaur World

Rosa:*Jumps on a stalatite & Breaks it*We uses Stalatites to defeat him!

(Spongebob100: We're at the Cave the same one in Chapter 2, not at Lava Falls)

Jack: We are at the Cave there's no Lava there

Rosa:*Breaks a stalatite on kaytlin*Kaytlin is Rudy.


Jack: Huh? We had only one option, close your eyes so you won't see it coming

Rosa:Now we have 2!

T-Rex: (Bursts in & Pushes Rudy to a Cliff)

Jack: What the heck?

Rosa:Thank you!

T-Rex: (Pushes Rudy off the Cliff)

Rudy: (Falls down)

Buck: He's gone, now what should I do

Jack: Well I guess we'll be going now

Buck: (Hears Rudy's Roars) He's Alive

Amy: Ok, it's time for us to Leave

Rosa:*Jumps on Amy*Run!

Buck: Bye Guys (Swings the Vine back to the Jungle) YEEEEEHAW

And Everyone did, they went inside the Cave & out of it, as they head back to Station Square

Jack: Is everyone ok?

Sonic: We're good

Amy: Where's Buck?

Jack: I guess he headed back to do what he do best: Attacking Rudy

Rosa:Bye Buck!

Sharnin:Where's Godzilla?

Kaytlin:And Shadow?

Shadow: I'm over here, you know

Blaze: Me too

Kaytrlin:*Hugs Shadow*

Rapid: Well...what now?

Jack: (Looks at the Cave been covered by Boulders)


Sadie: Eek! *starts digging*

Godzilla the hedgehog:(Appears and is wounded and bleeding)*Falls unconscience*

Jack: Now the Cave that reveals a world of Dinosaurs is now Destroyed

Sharnin:Godzilla!*Uses Heal Bell on him*

Yautjan Medics:(Push Sharnin out of the way)*Speaks Yautjan* No pulse, Clear (Sends 20 volts into Godzilla)

Jack: Well goodbye Guys, we betta be going now

Maxie: Where exactly? It's not like there's a magic door out of this place.

Jack: Come on guys let's go

Yautjan Gaurd:(To Maxie) *Salutes her* Shall we escort you to Maddie ma'am?


After a Resuce Mission to save Rapid, they all relax again for a Nice Vacation

Godzilla:(Picks at his stiches over his right eye)


Jack: (Relaxes on his Hammock)

Maxie: Hey, where's Pod? I gotta ask him something.

Jack: I don't know, but I wonder what Amy Rose is up to?

Rosa:Do you think Buck survived?

Pod:(Secluded on a rock) Right here Maxie!

Rapid: You guys are awesome. Thanks for saving me from those dinosaurs.

Jack: Buck didn't want to come with us, so he stayed here to face rudy alone & Yes he did survived

Amy: Your Welcome

Maxie: Okay Pod! You know how you said you wanted a modern life? Well, I can put you in my guest cabin at my mansion! What do you think?

Jack: Do you think a Haunted House is Scary?

Pod: (To Maxie) Sure.

">Darkstorm: (Makes an Aircraft Carrier out of sand)


Bada & Bing: (Eats Bananas)

Darkstorm:(Makes Rosa a Boat out of sand)

Rosa:A Boat!

Rutt & Tuke: (Relaxing)

Godzilla:(Kisses Sharnin)

Amy: Sonic, would you like to go on a Date with me?

Sonic: (Nervous Chuckling & Then Runs away)

Amy: Hey come back (Chases Sonic)

Stardust:(Grabs on to Sonic's leg)

Rosa:*To Amy*That's because Sonic loves me!

Stardust:(Teleports to Rosa's head)

Amy: (Grabs Sonic) Sonic is Mine

Jack: Guys, just get along

Stardust:*On the verge on crying*

Amy: Sorry, Stardust it's just that I'm in love with Sonic

Stardust:*Teary eyed*???

Amy: I'm sorry about that (Tickles Stardust)

Stardust:*Giggles and tries to take cover to Sonic*

Sonic: Oh well

Amy: I'm sorry guys (Hold Sonic's Hand) Come on let's go

Sonic: (Nervous Laughing)

Jack: Oh dear

Stardust:(Plays with Sonic's Quils)

Sonic: That tickles

Stardust:(Sneeze and purple star dust appears over Sonic's Head)

Sonic: Wow, purple Stardust

Jack: First, Blue, then Red, now Purple, she's like a Rainbow

Cold:Lets go guys.

LT:Yeah dude.

Flame:I hear you!

Skate:Bye Kat,bye BlazeTHC.

Jack: Bye Skate


Sonia: Goodbye Skate

Jack: Oh well, I wonder what happen to Buck?

Amy: Well we had the Strange feeling we don't wanna know

Blaze THC:Audios Skate

Kat: Oh you ain't leaving without me


Jack: Come on Blaze, my dear let's go back inside, together

Blaze the hedgecat:(Picks up Stardust and follows Jack)

Amy: I guess they are Happy Together, which reminds me, I wonder how Buck is doing right now

(Later in the Dinosaur World)

Buck: YeeeeHaw (Rides on Rudy)

Rudy: (Roars & then Walked away with Buck riding on him)

T-Rex: (Watches Buck ride on Rudy & then he looked up to the Sky) Rapid

The End

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