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Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Meeting the spirit of Flame:

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It has been 10 years ever since Flame was counted as dead. Sol and Kai had told Light that Flame's temple has been acting weird.... Light decides to check it out. Jackie and Pierce fear for Light because it has been said, "Ever since Flame passed away, his temple been possessed by an evil spirit." Light doesn't believe this and heads to the temple. Will something bad happen to Light or will it be an adventure he'll never forget? Tune in to find out! {C}

Characters (Main Characters: Hero)

All canon heroes (Sonicsmansion97) [Even Gamma since people forget about him] Amber the Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97)

Apallo The Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion's universe) (Apallo)

All the people who live in the Dream World(Sonicmansion97)

Light The Anicent Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97)

Genon The Chao (Sonicsmansion97)

galvtron the mecha-hog. (kingofvegeta.)

Bluray The Fox (Blu)

Freeze the unknown (Frozen Scorpio) (changes to evil at some points in the RP, due to Bi-Polar)

Mark the Hedgehog (Markakramgirgis) (May not seem like a hero to some but he does whats right and saves people in need)

Death the Unknown (apallo)

Rik The Speck (mr.gameandfight)

Characters (Main Characters: Neutral)

Ken The Echidna (Sonicsmansion97)

Flint the Ancient Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97)

JT the Androhog

Characters (Main Characters: Evil)

Fleetway Flame (Flame but possessed)

Yami the machine of Darkness (Frozen Scorpio)

Metal Apallo (Apallo)

Hazama (Boombomb)

Kefkirothomus (Frozen Scorpio) ((due to being way overpowered, this character will not appear until the near end of this RP))

Characters (Minor Characters)

Minor Characters are your characters that you made up! Note: If you want your characters as a main character, plz put main next to your characters. Put if they are good, neutral, or bad in ( ). Thanks

Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk) (mostly main; good)

Angel Caroso (Gurahk) (mostly main; good)

Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk) (mostly main; good)

Ivy Prower (Gurahk) (mostly main; good)

Shine the Hedgehog (Gurahk) (main; good)

Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk) (main; good)

Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk; good)

Jimmy Canvas (Gurahk; good)

Brittney the Bat (Gurahk; good)

Siegfried the Wolchidna (Wolf9400) (main)

Falco the Eagle (09jhero) (main)

Hero the Echidna (09jhero) (main)

Tammy Watercolor (Gurahk; good)

Sigma Hale (MaverickHunterSigma) (Main, Good)

Telos Nyctores (MaverickHunterSigma) (Main, Evil)

Sparks The Hedgehog (LegionTheHedgehog) (Main, Neutral)

Drake the Hedgebat (Gurahk) (Main, Neutral)

Maya the Echidna (Gurahk) (main, Neutral)

Episode 1: Here Where We Stand

Light: So I'll need my Blade of Light and Genon, you'll watch the place?

Genon: Chao Chao! (Don't worry... I've got this! You can count on me!)

Light: Good boy! *smiles and continues to pack*

Genon: Chao... chao chao chao... (Please be careful... I want to be able to see you again)

Light: I promise I'll be ok... don't worry, Genon... I'll be back soon.

(Light goes outside and his friends come to say farewell)

Jackie: Good Luck, mate!

Pierce: Have a happy hunt!

Light: Thank... I shall return

Sol: Remember... that temple is haunted

Kai: So good luck... I guess

Ken and Flint: FAREWELL!!

Jimmy: (training nearby) HUH!!! HYAAA!!! KUH!!! YAAAA!!! (poses epically)

Light: *hears the noise and walks to it* Helllo there! The name's Light and you are?

Jimmy: Huh? Oh, I'm Jimmy; Jimmy Canvas. I'm a junior pro wrestler.

Light: *looks upset then changes back to looking happy* That's good! *smiles* Everyone needs training sometimes. I have to get going to my brother's temple... everyone says it's possessed.

Jimmy: Why would they say that?

Light: Because my brother died but I'm going to check it out to see if they're lying... you can come if you like, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Okay!

(Falco flies down from a treetop)

Falco: (to Light) Haven't seen you 'round here before. Who are you?

galvtron:(floating in air with my built in jet's enabling me to float)

Light: Huh? I am Light... one of the many people here in the Dream World... who are you, my good friend?

Falco: Name's Falco and hate to break it to you, but this ain't no dream world. This is just plain old Mobius.

galvtron:(float's slowly to ground then de-activating jet's once I reach the ground.)

Falco: What's the Dream World?

Light: But then I wouldn't be able to go to my brother's temple... his temple is in my world... The Dream World... *sighs* I must have gone the wrong way... I'll be going then *opens a portal to the Dream World* It is a place where your dreams come to life in my world and my people must live with it.

(galvtron walks close to the portal)

Brittney: Dreams come true?! (flies down)

Jimmy: oh! Hey, Brittney!

galvtron:Interesting concept...

Falco: Temple? If you're looking for something, you should take me with you. And my housemate. He's a ninja! He can help.

Light: You all can come if you wish *walks into the protal*

galvtron:(activate's booster on my feet to dash into the portal)

JT: (watching from a cliff) Hmm... a Temple, eh?

(Hero arrives)

Hero: Hey Falco, your girlfriend asked me to make sure you didn't kill yourself again.

Falco: Yeah yeah yeah, now test that portal for me.

(Falco pushes Hero into it)

Falco: I think it's safe.

(Falco follows him)

Joseph & Tammy: (arrive)

Brittney: Hey guys! Wanna go to the dream world?

Joseph: Sure let's go!

Joseph, Brittney, Jimmy, and Tammy: (run through the portal)

Star Wolf: (flying around and then through the portal)

Shine & Fetalia:......(speed through the portal)

Fetalia: We must change the future!

(In the Dream World)

Light: Hmm... I guess I don't know where I'm going... I best ask Genon where to go... *walks to his house*

galvtron: (Looks around.) Better analyse the enviroment via the scanner. (use's scanner to analyse the enviroment.)

Hero: Where are we? Godammit Falco!

Falco: You've been watching too much South Park.

Hero: And you've been watching too much Sherlock!

(The pair follow Light)

Jimmy: Hey! Wait for us!

(Galvtron followed falco and hero due to galvtron not knowing what to do)

Falco: (to Galvtron) Do you talk?

galvtron:(to falco) I have high-tech weaponary and my hand can change into an assorment off thing's including a swiss army knife. What do you think?

Light: Hey Genon! You have my map, don't ya? *laughs*

Genon: *laughs* Chao! Chao chao! (Dude... you left home without it.... why do you think I have it!)

Light: Sorry.. my bad... *takes the map* Thank you!

Genon: CHAO!! (Bye!)

Falco: (to Galvtron) Sorry, you were being kinda quiet.... So can I call you Galv?

Jimmy: So where's this temple?

galvtron:(to falco) Sure,whatever float's your boat.

Light: It's in Death's Cavern... don't blame me for the name.... Blame Shadow for dreaming it.

???????'s voice: (heard in shadows) Shadow?! You mean that cold-hearted murderer?!

Light: Not really... he's a little insane with his dreams

???????'s voice: FOOL!!! He killed my father and now my future is in peril!!

Light: I swear in Sol's good name, that boy has changed! If you don't believe me then wait till he falls asleep... he'll be brought here!

???????'s vocie: I don't have that kind of time! My timeline is falling apart!

JT: Hmmm.... I wonder where this leads... (Follows behind them through the portal)

Light: I'm gonna go to the temple now.... *walks away* I hope the caverns won't be as bad today

Falco: Hey, shoudn't we be searching for the source of that voice?

Light: You can... I have something to search for... that is if you wish to search for that voice... be my guest...

(four Wolfens fly through the skies of teh Dream World)

Tammy: I can come with Jimmy and help ya!

Jimmy: (blushing) S-Sure!

galvtron:I'll just keep following,It's what float's my boat.

Falco: (sees the Wolvens) How did they get here? And why don't you guys care about a mysterious voice?

galvtron:All it was,was someone who hated shadow nothing new.So not mysterious!

Falco: Dude, this universe is weird. How can you hear a mysterious voice and not want to find the source.

Hero: They aren't weird, you're the weird one.

galvatron:heh. Curiousty will get you killed.

Joseph: So whadda we do now?

Episode 2: Travel Through The Dark

Light: So... this is the caverns... *sighs* I better find the temple before sundown

Jimmy: Why? What happens at sundown?

galvtron:I guess something bad that could potentially kill all of us...?

Light: My form changes and it's not safe to be around me cuz then I take more risks and I put everyone's life on the line... I don't want that to happen to anyone.

galvatron:Yup. I was right.

Light: Look... the temple is right over that hill... the problem is.... only Flame knew how

Tammy: How what?


Light: You see.... Flame is my brother but he was a little evil so since Shadow made this... it makes sence that he and Flame could find the temple without activating the traps

galvatron:I know that we are gonna get attacked,It alway's happen's in these situation's.

Falco: Traps? No way, every time I do something like this I end up coming out the worst {C}.

Jimmy: We'll be fine, don't worry about it!

galvatron:I have this feeling I'm gonna die a horrible horrible death while here.

Falco: No way!

Hero: C'mon Falco.

galvatron:Anyone else have that feeling?

Light: *jumps wall 2 wall* Just follow what I'm doing or fly! *continues*

Tammy: (nervous)

galvatron:jeez,calm down. *jet's activate on feet and fly's following light.*

(Falco takes one step and suddenly vanishes)

Tammy: AAAH!!

jimmy: Tammy, just calm down and do what I do....(jumping from wall to wall)

(Hero uses the wind to wall jump)

Hero: What about Falco?

Light: *makes it to the end without setting anything off* See! Where did Falco go?

galvatron:*Land's where light is* He vanished.

Light: *slaps his head* Ugh... I'm an idiot.... I can't believe that happened... *sighs*

galvatron:I still think all of us are gonna die.

Jimmy: What?

Tammy: 9slowly jumps from wall to wall)

(Hero gets to the end)

Hero: Guys, where is Falco gone?

Tammy: Almost there.....

galvatron:he disappeared now pass it on.

Light: *runs to the temple* Let's go!

galvatron:Okay okay! Stop Shouting. *Boost's to the temple with jet's on my feet*

Tammy: (makes it)

Jimmy: We can't stop, let's go!

Light: Sorry... it's just I need to get there before sundown... *opens the door and walks in*

galvatron:*stop's boosting and walk's into the temple*

Tammy: (rushing with Jimmy after them)

(In the temple)

Light: Well... this is it, everyone... my brother's temple

(everyone sees a very dark and big room)

galvatron:woah. Dark big room's have me written all over them. Well give me a minute alone with the room and spray paint.

Light: It's dark in here because Kai thought that it would be good not to have any torches in here

galvatron:Can you give me some spray-paint and some time alone with the room?

Light: *hands Galvatron a spray paint* Knock yourself out... *walks down a hallway*

(galvatron spary painted galvatron all over the room then ran out and followed light again.)

???: Find me, brother...

File:Light (Episode 1).png
: Anyone hear that? *looks puzzled*

galvatron:yeah I heard it. (reading a book that his hand transformed into.)

?????'s voice: Don't follow it!

Jimmy: Huh? Who said that?

Light: *runs down the hall* What was that sound that said to "find me"?

???????'s voice: He said don't follow it, idiot!

Light: *finds a gem on the floor* What the? This is... the gem of Dark... what's it doing out here? *picks it up*

(he feels being picked up from the floor and dropping the gem)

?????: (jumps down and using some sort of psychic power to hold him up) Don't touch that!

galvatron:(run's after light)

Light: Hey! Let me go! That's my brother's gem!

galvatron:Uh....I do not know what quite to say.

?????: That's the key to armageddon! (uses Psychic powers to push him back into a wall)

Just like his bad luck, a certain person lost in the temple decides to pick up the gem. He was a white wolf with dreadlocks, ripped-up gloves, and most notably, a large amount of bandaging around his head. He didn't notice any of the others in the room as he picks up the gem to examine it.

???: Stay away from my gem! *2 spirit hands come and pick the white wolf up* I will beat you up until you bleed out blood!!! Stay away! *the 2 hands slam the wolf into the wall 4 times*

galvatron:what's he gonna bleed,orange juice?

The wolf was too shocked to even say anything, and every time he was slammed into the wall, the wind was knocked out of his body, preventing even so much as a whimper..

???: Back off! *throws the wolf onto the floor* Hmph! *disappears*

Light: Are you ok, sir? I'm so sorry... I guess everyone was right about this place being haunted

?????: The gem!

galvatron:It call all me explained!

galvatron:Now this can be explained rationally.

Tammy: What's going on here?!

Light: *picks up the gem* Is this what you want, you creep!!
File:Light (Episode 1.1).png

The wolf finally managed to get a breath, and muttered a quiet "Ow..." His fur, although snowywhite just a moment ago, now seemed to be in a shade of gray instead.

galvatron:can you hand that over so I can scan it?

(a dark blast of dark energy is fired at the gang)

Jimmy: Look out!

The wolf just happened to stand up in front of that blast and get hit by it too. Just my luck, he thought.

(galvatron manged to get hit by the blast)

Jimmy: (pushes Tammy out of the way and he takes the hit) AAAAH!!!

Tammy: Jimmy!

{C}???: Stay away!!!!! *picks up Light*

Light: Hey knock it off!! *trys to free himself*
Light (Episode 1.0)

Light: Hey knock it off!
???: Since you won't leave me alone, I'll take you with me!

{C}???: Since you won't leave me alone... I'll take you with me!!

Light: Ugh! *throws the gem at Galvatron* Take it and run!!

galvatron:*catched it and activate's boost's and try's to boost away*

?????: No! The gem must be destroyed for the sake of the future! (rushes after him with incredible speed)

Tammy: That's fast!

The wolf who accidentally cause this incident was knocked out by the blast, and sprawled out. He seemed an even darker shade of gray than before.

galvatron:*released rocket's from chest to shoot ????? to slow it down and then galvatron speeded even more faster.*

???: *covers Light mouth and disappears with him*

galvatron:*boost's out of the temple*

???: Huh? *bursts out with angry* MY GEM!! YOU SHALL PAY WITH YOUR LIVES!! *closes the doors and windows in every room* NO ONE SHALL LEAVE NOW!! MUHAHAHAHA!

galvatron:*Scan's the gem with eye scanner's*

?????: Crud! Huh? (gets shit by missile)

???: *slaps the Wolf awake* WAKE UP, YOU PEST!! AND BE SURE TO BEG FOR MERCY... IF YOU WANT TO GET OUT!! *laughs at the wolf*

galvatron:*tosses it in air and catche's it again* hm.

Jimmy: This isn't good....

The wolf's eyes shoot open, coated in fright. His color seems to be changing back to the snowy white it was before, and he just about freaks out.

???: *picks up the wolf* SINCE YOU REFUSE TO OBEY AND BEG FOR MERCY... I'LL TAKE YOU LIKE I DID WITH LIGHT!! *disappears with the wolf*

With one last yelp of fright, the wolf disappears.

(Galvatron released his last five rocket's to blow up the door to the temple.)

Tammy: (scared out of her mind)

?????: (still out cold)

(Galvatron's head peaked around the frame off the door) Galvatron:Did it work?

Jimmy: (growls)

???: Who's next?! *laughs evily*

???????: (a shadow breaks through the doors and windows and forms a very attractive female hedgehog) Perhaps me.....

???: You... you look too weak, girl... go find a boy to lean on... while I deal with these guys!!

galvatron:*walked in* Hey lookin' for this,eh? *tossing gem up and down*

(Didn't ??? seal off the temple altogether? ~~Wolf9400~~)

(I blew up a door with missle's so allowing me to go in ~~kingofvegeta)

???????: I'll show YOU weak!! (throws two dark energy spheres at ???)

???: You can't harm me!! I'm a spirit!! *picks up ????????* Why don't you come and join Light?! *laughs evily*

????????: NEVER!!!! (catches him in a Chaos Blast)

???: *disappears*

Ken: What's going on?

Flint: We heard a lot of noise... is everything, ok?

?????: Ugh....what? What happened?

???????: (alive and there, but hurt and out cold)

?????: Fetalia!! (runs over to her)

Flint: I knew this place was haunted..

Ken: But by what?

Flint: Some say it's Flame's spirit while other's say... it's the Ultimate Shadow himself

????: (hidden ((no one can see or notice him)), listening)

Flint: Looks like we have no choice but to get you all out of here...

Ken: Yep... everyone... MOVE OUT!!

?????: (grabs Fetalia and speeds out)

Flint: Where's Light? He said he would be in here...

Jimmy: He was taken by that thing!

Ken: What thing? The spirit here?

Flint: It trys to revive itself but it needs the right person to do that... and it needs that gem you have

?????: That's why I came here to destroy that thing! And make sure that guy doesn't cost the pain and suffering of my world!

Metal Apallo: Intruders

Flint: Look... if we don't find Light... Sol and Kai will claim him dead as well...

Ken: And he's our friend!

(seven geen rays are shot around them and they disintegrate to show seven cybernetic seedrians)

CyberSprout #1: Targets aquired. Preparing to terminate!

Flint: Oh... great... more guests!

????: (becomes visible) ...

CyberSprouts: (turn their metal hands into machine guns) Preparing to fire at all targets.....

Ken: Now what?

CyberSprout #6: Loading ammunition now.....

Ken: DARKNESS SPHERE!! *throws a ton of spheres at them*

Flint: FLAME BEAM!! *shoots a beam at some of them*

CyberSprouts: (destroyed)

?????: How did the Uber-Seedrians get here anyway?

Flint: I don't know about that but if we can't find Light... then Ken will tell Sol and Kai... the news...

???: *the 2 hands grab the gem and disappear*

?????: NO!!!!

Episode 3: The Spirit's Within

Star Wolf: (still soaring over the Dream World)

Light: Ugh! My head! *looks around* Where am I?

???: Welcome to my spirit world, Light!

Light: Who are you?

Ivy: Huh? (looks at her labtop) I got something on radar. Looks like a strange portal of sorts.....

???: I am your dead brother, Light....

Light: *gasps* Flame... bu-but how?!

Flame: You see... for me to be alive again... I waited for you here... when you picked up my gem... it was a prefect chance to grab you and bring you here... so I can roam the earth once again!

Angel: I'm going for the portal! (accelerates towards the portal)

Clyde: Angel, wait!

The unfortunate and unlucky wolf was trapped in the spirit world with Light as well, and he was just about as frightened as humanly possible.

Flame: Till you calm down... I'll take good care of your friend there *laughs evily*

Light: Flame! NO! If you're going to do anything, do it to me! Leave these people alone!

Flame: Alright then... but answer me this, Light! Do you really think they like you?

Angel: (passes through the poral and into the spirit world) What....where is this place?

Light: Hey! Get this one *points at the wolf* out of here! He doesn't need to be hurt anymore... leave this place to me!

Flame: You really think these people like you, Light? They only followed you so the could get my gem of Darkness... and you know very well what it does

Light: Why do you think I cam here for?! I came to see you... not this?!

Flame: *grabs his gem and enters Light's body*

Light: Ugh! *his eyes are rolled back and doesn't talk*

Angel: What in the world is that?!

Flame/Light: Once I'm done absorbing Light's power, I'll be fully restored and alive!! *laughs evily*

Ange: Not if I can help it! (shoots him repeadly with her ship's laser)

Flame/Light: If you hurt me then you'll hurt Light *laughs evily* So go ahead... beat up Light!

Angel: (lands) Yknow....he is kinda cute. And I don't even know him.....

The wolf was utterly shocked, and frozen in place. He didn't have any idea what could possibly be done to save Light.

Joseph & Brittney: WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! 9lands onto them)

{C}Flame: *lives Light's body* Much better... *steals Light's Blade* Now to get back what's mine *opens a portal and leaves*

Light: *wakes up* What happened? *his sides hurt* Ugh! Flame wasn't kidding around when it came to taking my life energy...

The wolf walks over to Light and puts his arm around him in a reassuring gesture.

Joseph: What? Whaddya mean?

Light: Life energy is what keeps the Dream World's people alive.. if to much is drained... they die. Flame probably went back to my..... MY HOUSE!! GENON!! I hope he's ok... we need to get to my house and fast! Please! I beg you!

"Alright," the wolf said in his quiet, but distinctive German accent. He hurried Light along toward the portal. "Let's hope it does not close..."

Brittney: We gotta hurry!!

Metal Apallo:-Targets Aquired- -takes the form of a blob then splits and then transforms into Neos and Zoe-

Neos: Brit!


Brittney: Neos?

Joseph: Zoey?

Light: Look.... we need to get there before Flame.... I don't know what's going to happen *trys to get up* I must go... *walks off*

Ken: We'll help

Flint: Let me help.... *flames go around Light* FLARE WHIRLWIND!!

Light: *disappears*

Flint: I'll place you guys with Light.... *flames go around everyone*

Brittney: Whoa!!

Flint: Don't worry.. this will take you to Light's place... it won't hurt you unless your my enemy and anyone who's from Mobius is a friend of mine.

Angel: Hmmm....

Flint: FLAME WHIRLWIND!! *warps everyone to Light's house* Be safe...

galvtron:Oh *bleep*

Joseph: (looks around) Wow..... {C} {C} {C} {C} {C}(At Light's house)

Light: WHAT THE?! *picks up Genon* What happened?

Genon: Remeber.... my morphing stone? I could only use it when I could talk english again.... Flame stole it

Light: But why?

?????: (burst through the door) Where is that monster?!

Light: Who are you talking about? And Genon, how will you do without your morphing stone?

Genon: Flame said, "I'll find the nightmare of the Saving Light and be invisable!", then he left me for dead...

?????: If I don't stop that guy, our worlds will be merged together in an armageddon of deadly proportions!

galvtron:*hand turn's into a cake* *eat's the cake* Okay...

?????: So I gotta destroy the spirit and the gem that will resurrect him!

Light: This stone should help you for now... *hands Genon a stone*

Genon: Thanks Light.... *turns from a chao into a hedgehog*
Genon (regular)

Genon (as a hedgehog)

Light: You good?

Genon: Yes but he also took back his sword and stole your blade!

Light: What?

?????: No.....I'm failing my can I help my future now?!

Light: Look... I need all the help I can get...

Genon: Allow me, Light! I can help!

?????: My future is finished....I'm so useless!

Joseph: Don't beat yourself up like that!

JT: Wow... he's overreacting...

Jimmy: What's going on?

Light: I'm going to find Flame and beat some sence into him!

Genon: And I'm coming along with Light *smiles*

Fetalia: As will I.....

?????:'s too late.....

Fetalia: It's never too late Shine! We have to have faith!

Light: But it's dangerous... The Svaing Light is Sonic and his nightmare was.....

Ivy: (bursts through) Angel! You're okay!

Brittney: ivy?!

Ivy: Huh? Brittney?! Joey?! Jimmy?!

???: You looking for me, brother?

Light: Flame! What the?! What happened to you?! You look like the nightmare that Sonic had

???: You mean.... Fleetway Sonic?! *laughs evily*

Ivy: Uncle Sonic?

Angel: I don't think so.....

Fleetway Flame: Well *grabs Light* How do you like me now?

Light: Let me go! Stop this, Flame!!

Shine: I've failed....soon, the worlds will merge and apocalypse will begin....

Fleetway Flame: Don't worry.... everything will be ok... until I kill Light *takes out his gem and places it on his chest* NOW TREMBLE BEFORE ME!! MUHAHAHAHA!

Fetalia: Oh no you--

Shine: It's over, Fetalia! We lost! We came too late!

Fleetway Flame: What's wrong, Light? Scared by my power?

Light: I'm not scared of you and I'm not now! You guys leave... the Dream World won't exict anymore if he keeps it up... I need everyone safe now!

Fetalia: Do what you want, Shine. I'm not losing faith!

Hero: No way I'm leaving, Falco's still here and I want to help.

Ivy: Me too!

Angel: I can handle this!

[Meanwhile, Falco wakes up in a place that is completely black]

Falco: Hello? Where am I?

Kyle: Aww, crap! Not you again!

Falco: Kyle? Oh I get it, this is supposed to be a nightmare or something, right?

Kyle: I dunno and I don't care!

Episode 4: Fight For Your Life

Jimmy: We're not giving up!


Hero: We'll help you til the end!

Fleetway Flame: (@ everyone) Maybe you should join me and we'll make everyone in the dream world cry for mercy!

Light: Don't do it!


Tammy: (hiding behind Jimmy)

Angel: Sorry, hun. But I think I'll pass.....


Ivy: (hearing strange voices).....Kyle?

(Back with Falco, he hears Flame)

Falco: Wait, I'll join you if I can get out of here!

Kyle: Don't, you idiot! It's a trap!

Falco: Well if you want to stay here forever feel free. (to the voice) I'll join you!

Clyde: (growls) We'll never join you!

Falco:(shouting) Let me join you!

Fleetway Flame: Alright.... *warps Falco next to him* Anyone else?

Light: Don't do it, guys! He's lying!!

Fleetway Flame: Shut up! *slams Light onto the floor and picks him back up*

Light: Do-don't...... Fl-flame.... pl-please.... St-stop it!

Shine:.....(stands up) We'll never bow to you!! I am Shine the Hedgehog, son of Amy Rose, hero of the future....and I will destroy you!

Fleetway Flame: *warps Light somewhere* I'll deal with him later.... till then.... Girl, you have style but why stay with Light... he's an idiot

???: He's no idiot!

(Flint and Ken come)

Ken: Yeah!

Angel: He's actually hotter than you, that's why.

Ivy: Oh brother....

Falco: So do I get special powers for joining you?

JT: *tut* Special powers?

Ivy:.....I hear them! Clyde and Kyle are in trouble!

Falco: (to Flame) Dude, do I get powers?

The wolf had been silent the whole time, and had watched Flame recruit Falco and warp Light away. He finally got the guts to speak up, and his voice was perhaps the most distinctive one there. "I don't care what you do to me," he said bravely, "because I will not bow to the wrong. If you had your morals right, you would not do it for any reward," he added, staring straight at Falco.

Fleetway Flame: Yes but in due time... first deal with these interuptions... I'll go deal with Light *disappears*

Ken: Hey kid! Don't listen to Flame... he's possessed!

Flint: I read it in my book about nightmares that possess people.

Pierce: We need to help Light, not Flame!

Jackie: Yeah!

"They all need help," the quiet white wolf with the bandages across his head muttered.

Ken: But why help Flame? He's possessed and he wants to destroy the Dream World

Falco: Sorry guys, but I side with the winning side, and I've been right everytime. (thinks) Ok maybe I was wrong once, or twice. But never mind.

(Falco throws a smoke bomb from his backpack, which stuns the heroes)

Falco: You better hope no creature finds you while your stunned. Allons-y!

(Falco flies off)

The smoke bomb stuns the white wolf the worst, and he tries to get out of it as quick as possible, only to trip and fall.

(Hero manipulates the wind to try and keep as much smoke as possible away from him, but it's pointless)

Hero: He has never used one of these on me before. And Allons-y? What the heck does that mean?

Ken: *shakes it off* I don't know but he can't harm us that well... only our own kind.... except for...

Pierce: Yeah... I know... me... Blame that Eggman guy and his robot machine

Jackie: Forget that, dog! We need to get Flame!

Flint: Right!

It is apparent that the clumsy wolf is being affected by the smoke bomb much worse than anyone else, as he is coughing heavily.

Pierce: You ok, kid?

Jackie: You don't look so well

{C}Hero: Falco's smoke bombs can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, we should get him out of here.

Pierce: Ok! *picks up the wolf* Let's go, kid... *walks out of the fog, miles away*

Jackie: He should be ok here....

Pierce: *puts the wolf down gentlely*

(Falco stands atop a mountain)

Falco: (shouting) Master! Are you finished your business?

Fleetway Flame: I'm trying to absorb him but he keeps pushing back

Light: You can't absorb me, Flame!

Falco: Can I help master?

Fleetway Flame: Try to hold him down.... he's trying to test me if I can last with him... *gives Falco element powers and dark powers*

Falco: Sweet! I've seen Hero do this and I've always wanted to try it!

(Falco uses the wind to force Light to the ground and trap him there)

Light: Ugh! What?! Why are you helping him?!

Fleetway Flame: Excellent! Now Light will no longer exict!! *laughs evily*

Falco: What? I didn't know we were killing him!

(Falco looks between Flame and Light)

Falco: Who should I choose.....

Fleetway Flame: *grabs Light's neck* I guess this is farewell, brother... you shouldn't have gotten in my way but... that was your choice, not mine. I'll let you live.... ONLY IF YOU JOIN ME!! MUHAHAHA!

Falco: Guys, stop! Who can I trust?

Light: *while choking* Get out of here, kid! Wh-while you still ca-can....

Fleetway Flame: Ignore him, Falco... Just stay there and wait... it soon will be over...

Falco: (looking at Light) I-I'm sorry.

(Falco continues to hold him down)

Fleetway Flame: You can let go, kid... he's mine *chokes Light harder* I'll continue till I get an anwser!!

Light: NE-NEVER!! This is exactly how Sol and Kai fought... it wasn't to show who was better.... IT WAS TO STOP KAI FROM HAVING POWER! Like what you've done!

Fleetway Flame: I know.... and it's beautiful!

Falco: Goodbye Light, I'm sorry I ever followed you through the portal.

(Falco flies to a nearby mountain, desperate to avoid having to watcg the murder.)

JT: (sigh) Falco, Falco, Falco...

Light: *closes his eyes* Seems as though this is my last stand... well *grins* at least I found my brother but who would have guessed this would happen... *sighs*

JT: Nah... (Attempts to free Light)

Fleetway Flame: *growls* Let go you idiot! *absorbs Light*

Light: *screams in pain*

JT: No one tells me to let go of anything!! (Tries harder)

Fleetway Flame: Just give up! You annoying pest! *slaps JT off* Hmph... that will show you *continues to absorb*

Light: *begins to disappear*

(Falco listens to Light's screams, causing his conscience to completely vanish.

Bluray: What was that!?!?

JT: It was Light. He just got absorbed by that... Thing!

Bluray: Oh! Hello JT!

JT (gets up off the ground) Watch out for that thing, Bluray.

Bluray: Me absorbed! Ha,ha ha! Dream On I'am no Android 17!

Fetalia & Shine: (teleport there)

Shine: I told you Fetalia! Look! It's all over now.....

Fetalia: (in disbelief) No.....

Bluray: Hi Fetalia!

Ivy: (facepalms)

Bluray: What?

JT: Bluray, I'm an Android!! You do realise that, right?

Fetalia: We lost......we let the future down.....


Bluray: And JT?

JT: It isn't over till the fat lady sings!! And Flame is the fat lady and his screams of pain will be him singing!

Shine: it's too late. Light's been absorbed, he's dead. And now Flame's unstoppable....there's nothing we can do....

Bluray: Not yet! I don't know who that guy is but we can win!

JT: Yeah!

Jimmy: (runs up with tammy) Where's Light?

Fetalia: Dead.....

Tammy: (looks solumnly at Jimmy, who returns her gaze).....we're screwed!

Bluray: Not if we work together!

"It's all my fault," the wolf from earlier says solemnly, having arrived behind Jimmy and Tammy.

JT: ...No...

Bluray so were just gonna give up!

JT: No, we aren't! Even if they won't help, we can kick that Flame's ass!

"I can't help," sighed the wolf. "I would only do us harm."

Kyle: Hmph! I can take this!

Ivy: Kyle! You're okay!

JT: We ready?

Fetalia:.........I've never given up before and I'm not starting now!

Bluray: Lets go!

The white wolf sighed. He didn't see any way he could help them fight Flame without hindering them. Even if he did have combat skills, his "condition" would get in the way for sure. He stayed behind everyone else.

Bluray: Alright, but first we gotta be advantage we'll need tons of water.

Kyle:.....(is this guy retarded or something?)

Bluray: His name is Flame, correct? If we have water we cans top his Fire power. It's simple logic.

Fleetway Flame: My name may say Flame but I don't have fire powers, my children... only my sword but combined with my "dead" brother's blade... It becomes Either's Doom... a sword that will kill another living.... including andriods, angels, and spirits.

Espona: KNOCK IT OFF, FLAME!! You said this wouldn't happen again but it has.... STOP NOW BEFORE YOU BECOME CONSUMED WITH POWER!

Shine: It's too late for that......don't you get it?! It's over!!

Espona: Nothing's over unless the Lords say so... And I know Chaotos.... Luminos... and Ulitmate Shadow haven't said about the world's end... There's still time...

Ken: Yeah! You tell them, Espona!

Kita: I believe too, kiddies *smiles*

Jimmy: I want my new friend back!!

Espona: Who was your friend, sweetie... I can help!

Mantus: Me 2!

Atus: As well as I...

Jimmy: His name was Light.....and that monster killed him!

The wolf spoke up. "I owe him this much." He lined up with the rest of the others who were ready to fight.

Espona: Light?!

Atus and Mantus: What?!

Ken: Light isn't dead.... only his life energy is... he still roams this place.

Espona: Don't blame yourself or any of you... It's not your fault... It's Fleetway Sonic's.

Flint: You see, Sonic had a nightmare and it came here... we fought him but Fleetway left... He entered Flame's temple and possessed Flame's spirit.


Espona: What's wrong... you ok?

Shine: i let the future down.....

"We can still change this," the wolf said, putting a hand on Shine's shoulder.

Shine: What good would it do? Cosmo was counting on us....and we let her down....

"Then let us redeem ourselves," the wolf said, taking his hand off of Shine's shoulder and stepping into a fighting pose. Crap, I don't know how to fight, he thought

Episode 5: The Stations Are Counting

(Meanwhile, where Sonic and the gang are)

Sonic: Nothing like fresh air...

Knuckles: Dude! Angel Island falling again and the sky in Msytic Ruins is acting funny!

Sonic: Let's go find Tails... *dashes off*

Knuckles: Wait for you, you blue blimp! *follows*

(Sonic and Knuckles goes to Tail's place)

Sonic: Yo Tails! Have you seen the sky here yet?

Tails: Yeah.... by my caculations... either Eggman has a new plan or something terrible will happen.

(Just then a portal opens)

Knuckles: What's that?

Sonic: I don't know.... but I'm gonna warn everyone we know *dashes off*

Tails: Wait! *tails and ears go down* Sonic!

Fleetway Flame: Ah yes.... A new era begins...

Tails: Who are you?!

Fleetway Flame: Me.... I am a new Lord.... I am the most powerful!

Knuckles: Hmph! I'll be the judge of that! *punches Flame*

Fleetway Flame: *catches Knuckles' hand and breaks it* Nice try!

Knuckles: Ugh.... I can't get him now....

Star Wolf: (fall into the gang from a portal in the sky)

Tails: Hey... you ok?

Ivy: Ugh...yeah....sorry 'bout that, dad....

Sonic: *coms back* Ok! I told everyone.... *growls* Whose the creep?!

Fleetway Flame: *grabs Sonic's neck* You'll see... and thank you for that nightmare of yours

Sonic: Just wait till I get free.... you'll be sorry

Shine & Fetalia: (punch and kick Flame as they dash from the portal)

Fleetway Flame: Ugh! *growls* Back off, pests.... you are no match!

Tails: Step away for the hedgehog!

Star Wolf: 9get up and point their weapons to Flame)

(A hooded figure watches the fight and flicks his fingers, causing the guns to turn into ice)

Clyde: Huh?!

Angel: How did--?

(The figure snaps his fingers again and the earth rises and hardens around their feet, leaving them unable to walk)

{C}Kyle: (tries to flail out) NO!!!!

(The figure then sends some fireballs towards Star Wolf)

Star Wolf: (hit by them)

Shine: NOO!!!!!

(The figure tosses a beam of darkness at Shine)

Shine: AAAAAAH!!!!!

(The figure then turns Shine into ice and aims his next blast at Fetalia)

Fetalia: (evades) Who are you?!

Figure: To you, I am Nemesis.

(He throws a dark blast at Fetalia and flies away)

Fetalia: (absorbs it).....Falco! YOU B******!!!!!!!

(Nemesis remains silent and throws a massive fireball at Fetalia.

Fetalia: (gets hit by it and falls down, seemingly dead)

Shine: (flails out and pants)

(Nemesis throws a strong gust of wind at Shine, tossing him backwards)

Shine: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nemesis: Weakling! {C}(Uhhh.....I think you're going a bit overboard here, dude....)

(Srry dude, I'm just using the powers Flame gave Falco)

(I know, but it kinda feels like you're godmodding a little bit)

(Dude, feel free to hit back, and I'll use my powers a bit less too)

Fleetway Flame: *laughs* That's funny.... I thought everyone was helping Light.... I guess I was wrong...


Fleetway Flame: *gets hit by it* What the?!

???: I am Shadow..... Shadow the Hedgehog! And you... faker... hurry up and get out of there

Shine: (gets up) We are helping Light.....but you stole his soul!

Nemesis: And I'm Nemesis, Slayer of All!

(Nemesis throws an ice blast at Shadow)

Shine: To think, Falco....I thought you were a good I see....all you care about is yourself! You sold your friends out just so you could survive armageddon!

JT: Falco, not again...

Nemesis: Falco is dead. He died with Light's soul.

JT: Yeah, and you're saying you've never done this before, You lost your memory and "Nemesis" was made, You exposed yourself and got hypnotized, you exposed yourself again and I ended up babysitting you! Open up!!

Nemesis: For that, you die!

(Nemesis throws a ball of dark energy at JT)

JT: Gr... It seems I'm having even more Deja vu over here!!

Shadow: *gets hit* Ugh!

Sonic: Shadow! *growls* Stop it.... STOP IT NOW!! *black fire goes around Sonic*

Nemesis: I don't have time for this! Master?

JT: Well I do! Shi no fera!! (Charges for Nemesis)

Kyle: (comes to) Urgh...okay, now I'm--(gasps) Ivy!!

Fleetway Flame: Stop them! I must deal with this one!

Sonic: I SAID!!! *the fire gets higher and wider*

(A bright light goes on)

Tails: Not again.... He's changed into Dark Super Sonic

Knuckles: Sonic....

Dark Super Sonic: Hehe... now we can play, you freak!

Kyle: (shaking Ivy) Ivy! Ivy, wake up! C'mon, wake up! We still gotta find your mom!

Ivy: (doesn't respond)

Kyle: Ivy! Ivy, please, don't die!!

Amy: Sonic! We came.... *sees Ivy* Are you ok, dear?

Ivy: (still won't respond)

Kyle: No....Ivy....please, don't die! I need you alive! please!! (starts to uncharacteristally cry)

(Nemesis stops JT from firing by throwing a fireball at him)

Nemesis: Master, how can I help?

Kyle: (looks over to Nemesis, rage settling in as he still continues to cry)

Amy: Come on... just wake up... I don't anyone to die and not on my watch *looks at Fleetway Flame* Is this your fault?

Fleetway Flame: That depends.... maybe!

Amy: *attacks Flame*

Fleetway Flame: *knocks her off hard*

Amy: *lands hard* Ugh.....

Shine: (rushes to her side) No one hurts my mom like that and gets away with it!!

Nemesis: Stay back!

(Falco throws another fireball at Shine)

Shine: (uses his Psychokinesis to ctach it and launch it back at them)

JT: Grr.... I can't take this!!! JT henkan!! (Transforms into Punishment)

(Nemesis throws a mini-tornado at Shine and freezes JT with an ice blast)

Shine: Oh no.....I've failed.....

(a dark shadow forms and blocks the tornado and destroys it)

Nemesis: What?!

Fetalia: (appears in front of Shine) We won't give up! We're not cowards like you are!....Falco. {C} {C} {C} {C}

{C}Dark Super Sonic: Amy? *changes it back*

Amy: So-sonic?

Sonic: I'm sorry.... I'll deal with this... Knuckles?! Tails!

Tails and Knuckles: Yes?

Sonic: Take Amy home for me and out of sight.

Tails and Knuckles: Ok!

Kyle:.....I'll take Ivy too....(looks to Tails) So you're her dad, huh?

Tails: Huh? Dad.... I guess.... I've had my memory wiped because of my experiments went wrong but.... if Ivy is my daugther then ok! *smiles*

JT/Punishment: I will have your head on my mantel, Nemesis!!

Nemesis: We'll see.

Shine: (looks back at Amy) I have to look after my mom.....

(Nemesis throws a massive blast of darkness at JT)

Sonic: Don't worry.... Tails and Knux got it under control.... *kicks Flame*

Fleetway Flame: *catches his foot* Now this is where you'll die!

Angel: (kicks him from behind)

(Nemesis traps JT in a mini-tornado)

Fleetway Flame: You are all weak!

Uber-Seedrians: (appear besides Nemesis and Flame)

Fetalia: Crud!

Shine: I'm no use here anyway....(runs after Tails, Knuckles, and Kyle)

JT/Punishment: (Wiping Blood from his mouth) Want to prove that?

Fleetway Flame: *throws Sonic into fire* Haha! You idiot!

Fetalia: NO!!!

Sonic: *walks out of the fire but is bleeding* Ugh... Is that all you can do?

JT/Punishment: Hey, Flame! Batsu no HOKAI! (Huge Blast)


Fleetway Flame: Haha! You idiot!

Fleetway Flame: *gets hit and bleeds but not much* Nice try, kid!

Joseph, Brittney, Jimmy, and Tammy: (arrive)

Nemesis: My master will destroy you all!

AquaLily #2: Victims targeted. preparing to terminate!

Nemesis: Uh, who's side is that thing on?

Fetalia: The Uber-Seedrians are the bad girls. They side with whoever they deem to be the strongest.

Nemesis: So they're with my master then? Excellent!

CyberSprout #4: Intellegence of servant to programmed master: minus 50%.

Nemesis: Did they just call me stupid?

CyberSprout #4: Affirmative.

Uber-Seedrians: (change their hands into machine guns)

Nemesis: So are you trying to kill them or us?

Uber-Seedrians: All targets immobilized! Preparing to fire!

Fleetway Flame: Oh come on, Saving Light.... you can do better than this

Sonic: *rainbow colors go around Sonic*

Tails: This is new.... Sonic?

Amber: It's his crystal I gave him and Shadow when they were kids.

Nemesis: NO!

Uber-Seedrians: Firing now!

Sonic: *his body color changes from blue to a rainbow that sprils his body* Sweet!

Uber-Seedrians: (shooting at everyone but Flame and Nemesis)

Sonic: *spins around and the bullets miss* Again... SWEET!! Come and get me, ya creep!

Episode 6: Test For The Best

Brittney: Go get 'im, Sonic!

Sonic: Thanks... *jumps into the air and flys like a comet*

Amber: That crystal allows Sonic to fly and he's a little bit more powerful than Fleetway Flame.

JT: You'd better be sure...

Hero: But what about Flame and Nemesis?

Amber: We must deal with Nemesis.... Sonic's got Flame *changes into Light* So let's go!

Jimmy: Light?!

Hero: Impossible!

Light: You really think he killed me.... Genon came back for my spirit and give me some of his life energy

Hero: But why were you, um, disguised as a girl?

JT: (bursts out laughing) That is halarious!! (carries on laughing)

Hero: (pointing at JT) Um, just curious, but if you can disguise yourself as a girl, can you turn him into a girl for a little while, it might make him a bit more quiet.

JT: Wha!?

Hero: Well? Can you?

Light: When I came here, I landed in Amber's castle. She helped me get back on my feet and I knew Flame was here so I disguised myself as her.


Hero: (finding JT's reaction funny) But can you like, turn him into Amber or something?

JT: NOO! (looking in directions for a way to run)

(Hero summons a mini-tornado to keep JT captive)

Hero: Can you?

Light: I can... I can make him look like any girl... not just Amber

Hero: (laughing) Do it!

JT: Nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono!!

(Nemesis watches JT's horror and a small smirk appears on his face, but soon vanishes)

JT: What are you gonna call me? JaneT?

Hero: (laughing) JaneT? Definitely! Do it!

Light: *changes JT into Espona*

Espona the hedgehog


(Nemesis fails to hold in his laughter and he bursts into tears of them)

Hero: (looking at Nemesis and talking to Light) Dude, keep JT as a girl, I think it's making Nemesis snap back into Falco.

JT: No! Turn me back! I don't care if Nemesis stays Nemesis. Turn me back! (cries)

(Nemesis suddenly snaps back into Falco)

Falco: (laughing) Hey JaneT.

Thunder: *comes out of the portal* Espona? Esponie? *sees JT* Where were you? You said you'd be at your house so we can make some cake. I hate when you lie.

Falco: Yeah Espona. Go back to your house!

JT: No! Falco stay out of this! (cries even harder)

Thunder: *slaps Falco* Don't speak to my best friend like that!

Light: *changes JT back* Sorry about that... but like Hero said... We have Falco back


Falco: Can you turn him back into a girl for just one more minute?

JT: No, Don't!!

Ivy: (groans)

Kyle: Huh? Ivy?

Fleetway Flame: *grabs Light* You have 5 good seconds to tell me.... HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ALIVE?!

Light: Ok... I'll tell you.... Hailey, Genon, Thomas.... come out here!

Hailey, Genon, and Thomas: *making funny faces as chaos*

Genon (chao)

Genon (as a chao)

JT: Quick, Light! Make him female too! Then he'll be distracted!!

Sonic: *in 1 second, Sonic kicks Flame in the back then the stomach and finally the face*

Fleetway Flame: You are really annoying!


Fleetway Flame: *stares at Fetalia* What do you want?

Fetalia: What are you staring at?!

Fleetway Flame: *throws dark balls at Fetalia* Enjoy, my dear!

Sonic: Huh? *goes in the way* Ugh.... *absorbs the dark balls* Again... Is that the best you can do?

Fetalia: Y'know I coulda done that myself....

Sonic: I know but... I can't have anything bad happen

Fleetway Flame: *grabs Sonic* You mean like this!

Ivy: (groans) Oww, my head....what happened to me?

Kyle: Ivy! (hugs her tight)

Ivy: WHOA!!

Tails: Cool! Ivy's alive.... hi there!

Knuckles: Hey there!

Ivy: Uhh...hey, dad!

Kyle:....(finally lets go) I thought I lost you....

Angel: You shoulda seen him! He was actually crying over you! (laughs)

Kyle: (blushing a bit) SHUT UP YOU WH***!!!!

Tails: Guys... not time for laughing... that thing has Sonic and Light!

Knuckles: Yeah! So... let's go!

Kyle: How do we stop this guy?!

Fetalia: Uhh...I don't know.....

Shine: Our plan was to destroy the demon and the gem before it consumed Light and started to merge the two worlds. But....that's as far as we got....

Knuckles: *eye twitches*

Tails: Is he supossed to get bigger?

Thunder: He's being consumed with so much power that Flame can't control Fleetway Sonic's spirit from taking over completely!

Clyde: So how do we beat him? And more importantly save him?

Tails: Who do we go for help about this?

Knuckles: Not Tikal... she doesn't know anything about the dream world....

Thunder: Maybe our Kings might... but we need to make a portal.

Fetalia: No problem...(takes out a purple Chaos Emerald) CHAOS CONTROL!!!!

(Everyone but Sonic and Light get warped)

Tails: Wow.... I've seen this place but in my dreams...

Knuckles: And that's what this place is... where our dreams go

Thunder: I have to see Espona.... Sol and Kai should be at the castle... good luck

Ivy: (nods) (I wonder if I'll see my mom here....)

Amy: Huh... where are we?

Cream: I don't know, Amy...

Shadow: Let's go find your "kings"

The wolf from earlier had only just caught up through the portal. He was pretty slow. "So is this a dream world?" he asked, confused.

Shine: (nods)

(Shadow gathers Tails, and Knuckles)

Shadow: Ok... me and these 2 are group 1.... *pairs Amy and Cream together* You 2 go as group 2.... And I think we're good.... as for the rest of you... you can follow us... or deal with this world

Kyle: We gotta find the kings and find out how to stop that guy!

The wolf couldn't help but think of his one true dream: to be rid of the condition he was plagued with. Only he and a few others knew about it. He wanted to have his old life back, but with the condition he was suck with, he'd never get it back. When he heard Shadow, he said, "What do you mean, deal with this world?" He was hoping he didn't mean what he thought he ment.

Shadow: As in, you can go and play with your dreams while we fix this mess!! *growls* Idiot!

Fetalia: (gets in his face) Hey, back off! The kid's probaly got some condition or something!

He sighed. It was definitely what he thought it was. His dreams were real here.

Shadow: Hmph! Caring for someone will get you killed out here.... Come on, groups!

Fetalia: (growls) I hate you so much!

The wold stood stock-still. He knew what he dreamt about, but what the other him dreamt about was probably a lot more violent, and he didn't want to see that.

Fetalia: (looks at him) ya coming, kid?

"Y-y-yeah," he stuttered. He was afraid of what he would find, so he quickly followed Fetalia.

Fetalia: You've got a bad condition, don't you?

"Y-yeah," he stuttered again. If there was anything he was truly afraid of, it was his condition. And he had to deal with it every day.

Episode 7: Last To Call Now

Shine: Okay, now where are these guys?!

Snare: Who ya looking for?

Clyde: We're looking for these kings of Dream World.

Mark: I think I can help you guys out.

Snare: Are you from the dream world.. cuz their castle is right next to my house... I can take you there!

Ivy: We're not! Our world's in trouble and we think the kings can help!

Snare: Come with me to my house... you should be able to get to the castle then *walks away*

Mark: Seems like a good idea *follows Snare*

Mark the Hedgehog

Everyone: (nods and follows him)

(everyone sees a huge castle and a small house)

Snare: Ok... there's the castle... hope I helped ya, folks! *smiles*
Kai The Hedgehog

Mark:Sure did.Thanks again!

Shine: (rushes into the castle)

(In the castle)

Shadow: What did Thunder say?

Tails: There it is... the Throne Room

Knuckles: Let's go see the kings then!

Ivy: (runs in)

Mark:*Runs in*Wow, this place is huge. {C}Maybe I could stay in here away from my nightmare, thought the wolf. {C}Brittney: Hello?! Anybody here?!

Mark:Hey I can hear someone calling.Hello, are you lost!?

Shadow: *walks in the room* Hello?
Sol The Hedgehog

Sol: Yes?

Kai: What?

Ivy: We're looking for the kings!

Kai: We are the Kings! I am the King of the Dark Nation in the Dream World!

Sol: And I am the King of the Light Nation in the Dream World.

Tammy: Your majesties, we have an emergency and need your help and guidance!

Mark:*Runs and stops when he sees the kings*Oh hi, can you help us find the kings of this castle?

JT: I'm a bit prepared for some irony...

Sol: What happened, young ones?

Kai: Let me guess... the nightmare of Fleetway is in one of our people and is trying to destory both our world and yours?

Falco: Yeah. And he used his hypnotising powers on me!

Sol: So I see.... this is just like the fight that me and Kai had during our younger ages.... I know how to stop this

Falco: How?

JT: It'll happen again anyway...

Sol: Easy... only a blast to the gem that Flame has will cut the power, allowing Light's power to get rid of Fleetway Sonic's spirit.

Shine: Fetalia and I tried to destroy the gem before it was too late, but....

Fetalia: Is it still possible to destroy the gem now?

JT: Well, 'If it bleeds, we can kill it'. So If we were able to smash it beforehand...

Sol: If it's in his skin... use his blade against him or what it is called... Either's Din...

Shadow: Then that's all I needed to hear... you guys can play with your dreams... I'm gonna go save the world *runs off*

Tails: Wait.... he can't go alone!

Falco: Um, I know that this might not be important, but if, metaphorically speaking, a Fleetway gave m- someone powers, how long would they last without having to be replenished?

JT: What if those are what made you evil? And the *cough* UNSPEAKABLE *cough* Made you good again?

Falco: The unspeakable? Oh you mean when you got turned into a chick! (to the kings) So, do I get to keep them?

Clyde: This won't be easy!

Hero: Tell me about it!

Kai: He could only give them element powers and it changes your personality to act like someone you know or love.

Falco: (shocked) So uh, who was I acting like when I was evil?

Kyle: And how do we get that blade away from him?

Falco: GUYS, who was I acting like?

Fetalia: Your evil alter-ego, Nemesis.

Falco: I have an evil alter-ego? Sweet!

Sol: Sneak attack him... form a plan to distract Flame then sneak attack him.

Falco: So I'm like the Hulk. If I'm angry or evil I turn into Nemesis and have superpowers? Cool!

Angel: I can do a great distraction....

Kyle: Yeah, 'course ya can!

Angel: (groans)

Hero: H-hey, leave Angel alone!

Falco: So I am...... SUPERFALCO!

JT: Mhm... Maybe in your sleep. Superfalco? Seriously!? I mean, the JT Henkan into Punishment seems legit enough.

Kyle: I can't believe I'm stuck with a retard bird that's more or less a chicken, and a loser fighter that likes a skank!

Angel: Dude, you need to lighten up!

Kyle: And you need to use condoms for once!

Ivy: Both of you, please, stop it!

Knuckles: Shadow doesn't want us to help him...

Tails: He can be so stubborn.

Knuckles: How do we get out of here?

Falco: Uh, first of all, I don't like Angel, second, I am really cool, third I amn't stupid and last, I fight like a legend!

Kyle: Then why do you always act like a d***** to save your own hide?! And by the way, the second part of that I was talking about Hero!

The wolf purposely stayed away from Falco, Kyle, and Angel. The only people he really liked in this group were Hero and Fetalia; everyone else seemed too aggressive.

JT: Yeah sure thing, but where is Fleet?

Falco: Dunno, but maybe I can beat him, for I am..... SUPER-FALCO!

Hero: (sighing) Idiot. (looking at the wolf) Who are you dude. You haven't said one word.

The wolf sighed. He didn't want to talk, but this guy seemed like the best person there. "I--" he hesitated. "I'm--" He really did have a social problem; he couldn't even introduce himself without getting awkward.

Kyle: Well...?

Knuckles: Guys....

Tails: *looks annoyed* They're not listening... let's go and get Shadow before he does something stupid.

Knuckles: Right! *runs off*

Tails: *follows Knuckles*

Ivy: huh? hey wait for me dad! (follows)

Shine, Fetalia, and Angel: (follow them)

Hero: Hey, wait up. (looks at the wolf) You comin' uh, what's your name?

The wolf looked up awkwardly and said with a bit of a stutter, "It's S-Siegfried." He looked like he wanted to come along.

Clyde: Well, Siegfried, let's go stop Fleetway!

"I can't fight," Siegfried said, and looked a bit ashamed of himself.

Kyle: Well, that's just great!

Clyde: Even so, we still need your help!

Falco: Yeah, even I, SUPER-FALCO, sometimes need help.

Kyle: (facepalms)

"Alright," Siegfried muttered. "I'll try."

Falco: Well then come then, followers of SUPER-FALCO!

Kyle: (groans) Good lord, please somebody kill me now!

Falco: Very well then, your lord SUPER-FALCO will kill you.

Hero: Godamnit Falco, shut up!

Siegfried sighs. The super-Falco stuff got old to him the first time.

Falco: Ok, if that name sucks then how about........ Iron-Falco.

Kyle: (takes a royal shield from off the wall and bashes it onto his own face several times)

If he didn't have the bandaged wound on his head, Siegfried would have done the same thing as Kyle.

Falco: No? Ok how about.....

(Falco runs into a room and comes out a minute later wearing black armour)

Falco: You have heard of Batman but what about..... BIRDMAN!

Clyde: Falco....just....SHUT...UP!!!!

Falco: Birdman never stops talking!

Brittney: (sighs)

Hero: Can we just go fight Flame?

Jimmy: That's a good idea....

Siegfried gritted his teeth. It was taking all he had in him to not slap that stupid smile off Falco's face, and he was a pacifist.

"Yeah, birdbrain, think you can swallow your pride for a second? Helps clear your head." A voice (Sigma) asked.

Clyde: Huh? Who are you?

Siegfried instinctively backed away.


Hero: You watch too much South Park!

"The name's Sigma. Sorry I'm late, had to deal with the Telos Rebellion and grab a bite to eat. Damned Irregulars..." Sigma replied.

Clyde: We need all the help we can get!

Thunder: *walks in* Hey guys! Your friends left back to your world.... do you need help getting out of here... I can open a portal to your world.... Just tell me where you came from so I can warp you there.

Siegfried sighed. At least now he could go home.

Thunder: Umm.... Guys? Wait.... are you guys from Station Square? I know a guy who imagined me whose from Station Square! I could warp you there!

Joseph: yes we are!

Thunder: Okay then! *smiles* Good luck, you guys! *warps everyone to Station Square*

Episode 8: The Dark Against The Light

Fetalia: Okay, now whadda we do?

Siegfried breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn't seen his nightmares in the Dream World. At least that was one good thing that had happened today.

Ivy: The kings said to kill Flame with his sword, but we have to get the sword away from him first!

"How are we going to do that?" Siegfried asked hesitantly.

Angel: I'll keep him busy, while you guys get the sword and slash it through the gem and finish him!

"I am useless," Siegfried sighed. "I can't even fight."

(Everyone sees Fleetway Flame but a much bigger than when they left)

Kyle: Well, this is gonna be harder than we thought.....

Shine: It's too late now....

Fetalia: STOP SAYING THAT, SHINE!! It's not too late!!

Knuckles: Okay.... this is going to be insane... How is the X-Tornado going to help us, Tails?

Tails: I'll try to distract him... You got my back?

Knuckles: Yep! One question.... what happened to Sonic?

Tails: *ears go down* I don't know... I'm worried though...

Ivy: Oh don't think....

Siegfried made up his mind. He separated himself from the rest of the group, and started throwing objects like vases and rock at Flame, trying to attract his attnetion away from his friends.

Clyde: He's gonna need help!

Fleetway Flame: Hmph! I'll deal with you people later...

Sonic: *holding up Flame's foot* Maybe if you weren't a chicken, you could actually fight me!!

Knuckles: Holy! Sonic! *goes to help Sonic*

"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?!" Siegfried yelled, continuing to throw things at him. He didn't exactly mean that; all he was trying to do was attract Flame's attention.

Fleetway Flame: Now you talk, wolf... Tell me... where you afriad of me this entire time? Or was it that you're the weak one and I am the only strong one here *stomps his foot*

Sonic: *doesn't make a sound*

Fleetway Flame: There goes one of my problems *faces Siegfried* So....*grins evily* you were saying?

"Is it really worth it to slaughter all these innocent people?!" he shouted. "Defenseless people?! You are nothing but a coward! At least have the good in you to fight someone who can fight back!" This was probably the bravest thing Siegfried had ever done and he knew it.

Sigma was just... strategizing.

"So put on a fair fight!" Siegfried yelled. "At least do that!"

Light: Hey! If you keep that up he'll just grow larger! We need to get the Either's Din from him!

Fleetway Flame: Keep it up, idiot! *picks up Sonic* Or your friends get it!

"Why don't you just kill me instead!" Siegfried shouted. "I deserve it more than any of these people!"

Fleetway Flame: Even better idea... why don't kill you all instead... this whole world needs a fresh start!

(The X-Tornado flies by)

Tails: All systems are ready to launch!! Fire the rockets *presses a button*

(Rockets shoot out and hit Flame)

Fleetway Flame: *growls* Back off, fly!

Star Wolf: (firing at him from all directions in their Wolfens)

JT: This world needs a fresh new start? That's coming out of you!

"Maybe you're the one who needs a fresh start," Siegfried said, confidently.

JT: I can't wait till that 'Flame' jerk is dead.

Shine: (carefully climbing Flame's back, looking for the blade)

Fleetway Flame: *growls* You pests are really annoying! *gets an idea and grins* Yeah... continue to annoy me and the blue one gets it!

Tails: No! You leave him alone!

Fleetway Flame: Not unless you stop.

Tails: *lands the X-Tornado* FINE!! HAPPY NOW!!

JT: He's luring us... We can't be fooled.

Tails: I know but... I don't want Sonic hurt...

JT: Nobody does... (Gets an idea) That's It! Hey, Flame!

Fleetway Flame: What do you want, you walking piece of metal!

JT: (moons)

Shine: (carefully uses his Psychokinesis to take the Either's Den away from Flame)

JT: Anytime, now.

Fleetway Flame: *ears twitch* Hmm... *looks at JT* what are you trying to do here?

JT: Definitley not mooning you so that Shine can take away the Either's Den! Wouldn't that be halarious!?

Shine: HAH!!! (slashes through Flame with the sword)

JT: (pulls his pants back up) Woah, that was easy!

Fleetway Flame: *coughs up blood* What the?!

(The gem slashes in 2 and disappears)

Fleetway Sonic's spirit: You idiots! I was this close to killing Sonic!!

Flame: *goes back to normals and drops Sonic*

Tails: Sonic!! *flies and catches Sonic* Gotcha!

Sigma was... rather surprised he didn't have to slice anybody up this time around...

JT: Yeah! Way to hit him, Shine!

Fetalia: It's over! (prepares to finish Fleetway)

Sigma shrugged, and deployed his S-Blade anyway.


Fleetway Sonic's spirit: *dies*

Light: *runs to Flame* Are you ok?

Flame: *gets up quickly and acts ok* Who me? Of course I am.... idiot.

Shine: (sighs) It's finally over....

Ivy: (looks at her locket; inside is a picture of Tails and a familiar plant-like alien).........

"Guess I missed out on all the hard work." Sigma said, disappointed. "Well, I'm going home, then..."

(Why are u ingoring me mansion Firey Soul, Burning Passion. Heart of Steel and when can i come in)

Flame: How long was I dead?

Light: For about 10 years or more...

Flame: You know... we do have to back to Sol and Kai to see if we need to get rid of the Either's Din...

Light: You don't know how to fix it?

Flame: Not quite.... but we will need the blue one, black one, and the orange one.
File:Flame The Hedgehog.png

Tails: Me?

Sonic and Shadow: Us?

Flame: Yes you idiots... we need you!

Falco: You don't need anyone!

(Falco flies up towards Flame)

(Apallo: seriously.......why are u ingoring me and when can i come in at)

(Gurahk: Anytime dude....)

(but i dont know what's going on and what kind of entrence should i make)

Ivy: Can I help any?

Flame: Sure... just... don't be slow... We don't have much time before this sword causes a black hole in the Dream World.

Amber: Is everyone ok? I got worried...

Knuckles: We're ok... but Amber... your the queen... you should be at the castle.

Amber: But!

Knuckles: *picks up Amber* Come on...

Kyle: You're gonna need help, Ivy.

Falco: Wait, is this good Flame or bad Flame?

-Metal Tapping is Heard-

Tammy: Huh?

"...Hmm?" It seems Sigma wasn't quite out of this yet...

-More Tapping is heard but it sounds like footsteps-

Flame: What do you mean by that? I'm Flame... oh *looks down* You mean about Fleetway.... *gets angry* I was fine until that jerk took over my body!! I'm regular now!

Light: Just calm down.

Flame: Sorry...

Jimmy: What's that noise?

-the tapping get closer to amber's group-

Falco: Uh, should we be investigating that, or running from it?

Brittney: (hiding behind Neos)

Sigma readied his S-Blade again...

JT: Maybe we should stay still, and keep our guard up..!

Falco: Unless it's a giant monster that'll eat us all!

JT: Why don't you turn into SuperFalco and "SAVE OUR ASSES!"

Siegfried laughed.

Neos: Brittney Stand Back. - readys his Powers-

-a glow of orang is seen around the corrner adn th Tapping sounds like Running-

Neos: There's Only One Guy I Know that can do that.

Neos: Hey Honey! (@ brittney) -kisses her-

Brittney: (kisses back) Hello Neos, my favorite boyfriend!

Joseph: HEY!! I thought I was your favorite boyfriend!

Brittney: Not anymore! (giggles)

Joseph: Awwww.....

Apallo: -running back wards blasting Enemies with Fire Shots- Why does Ambver have to fight these Easy Villians

Light: *opens up a portal* Do what you please... I'm not here to stop you

Knuckles: *while holding Amber* Wait... I want to come along *jumps in the portal*

Tails: Here I go! *follows Knuckles*

Sonic and Shadow: *looks at each and follows Tails* WAIT FOR US!!

Flame: *walks in the portal*

Light: You can come.... or you can go...

Siegfried jumped in after them after a moment of hesitation.

(Falco and Hero also jump through)

"I suppose I don't have anything better to do." Sigma sighed, walking towards the portal.

Shine, Fetalia, and Star Wolf: (jump through the portal)

JT: Ugh... You guys can be so demented! (jumps through)

Episode 9: Home Sweet Home

Ivy: Okay, now what?

JT: Nothing I guess. Maybe we're done.

Apallo: *running out carring Amber* Miss me Honey

"Times like this, I wish Telos hadn't started his little rebellion in the first place." Sigma sighed.

Apallo: ^.^

Neos: Finally Brittney.

Brittney: Man...what a day this has been....

JT: Where are the others?

Fetalia: over here!

Tails: Oh... you and me are a group, Ivy *smiles* So... let's go find some wheat and grain!

Knuckles: I'm with JT *mumbles* Whoever that is... but anywho, we need to find some honey

Shadow: Sonic! Come here so I can get your blood!!


JT: Kn-Knuckles? *mumbles* Who in the hell is Knuckles... Aren't those supposed to be on my hand?

Ivy: (looks at the picture in her locket).......

"Right, well, you all do whatever it is you need to do, and I'll just... figure out what the hell I'm going to do with myself." Sigma said, walking off.

Kyle: Hmph!

Light: Kyle and Jimmy's are with me.... we need to find Genon for our assignment.

Flame: Brittney, Neos, and Fetilia... you're with me! We need to go back to the temple to find the oldest stone in the Dream World.

Knuckles: Come on, dude! *smiles* Let's go! *runs off*

"What should I do?" Siegfried asked worriedly.

Tammy: And me and Joey?

Falco: You guys can come with me, The Falco!

Angel: Ugh.....

Clyde: (sighs)

Hero: (faceplams) Falco, you're an idiot.

Falco: Why doesn't anyone appreciate my awesomeness?

Siegfried sighed. "Any other options?"

Espona and Thunder: The rest of you are with us! *smiles*

Snare: I see... so we got the berries you needed.... right Kita?

Kita: Yep... all accounted for!

Heart: I got my emeralds!

Joseph: okay!

Sigma sighed. "Okay, screw it, I'm sticking around." He said, walking back.

Espona: So... we'll see if we can get the water by the castle...

Thunder: It's very pure but... you have to be careful around the lake... it will get very sticky if it gets on you

Angel:.....nah, too easy.

Thunder: Ok then... be my guest! *smiles*

Shine: (runs over to the lake)

(Falco pushes Angel into it)

Angel: WAAH!! (falls in)

Clyde: Angel!

Falco: Well, she did say she wanted to go in....

Clyde: She did not!!

Thunder: Angel's gonna be stuck for a bit *grabs a bottle and catchs some water* There we go!

Angel: (coughing)

"Falco..." Sigma glared.

Falco: Oh, sorry. Will there be any side effects or will she look any different?

Thunder: Angel will ok... just stuck... our water is caramel.... that's why

Shine: I see.....

Clyde: (glaring at Falco)

Falco: Oh ok. (thinks) Uh, just metaphorically speaking, are there any (looking at JT) gender changing rivers or anything like that?

Thunder: Actually... the only ones who can do that would be Light and Flame

Falco: Hmm.

(Falco runs back to them)

Falco: Guys, can you teach me to change people's genders?

Rusty:*Walks up*are you in need of any assistance?

Bluray: Hi.

Light: *laughs* You want JT to look like a girl again?

Flame: *breaks out into laughter* Oh my god! Let me do it! I love this odd power of ours...

Light: Nice. *smiles*

Snare: *walks up to Bluray* What up, mate?

Ivy: (still looking at her locket)

Tails: Ok! I got some wheat and grain! *walks over to Ivy* You ok?

Ivy: Huh? Oh....(opens the locket and shows him the picture; it's of Tails a very familiar plant-like girl)

Tails: Hmm... I feel like I know her... Oh well! *smiles* Come on! We need to give these to Noble... he can make the slicer to seperate the Either's Din.

Ivy:......why doesn't he know me?....why doesn't he remember mom? Something must be wrong!

Tails: *walks off* Come on, Ivy! Let's go!

Knuckles: I got my some honey!

Tails: That has bees in it, Knuckle-brain!

Ivy: Huh? Oh, righT! Coming, dad! (running after them)


Noble: So let's see... that's honey, wheat, grain, emeralds, berries... hmm... we still need Genon, Sonic's blood and the oldest stone.

Kyle: Remind me what a Genon is again?

Noble: Genon is Light's friend who was once a chao.. go with Light to his house

Ivy: Got it! (Dad.....why don't you remember?)

Tails: I'll be going back to Mystic Ruins!

Knuckles: Me 2!

Noble: Thank you for your help, you 2.

Tails: No sweat!

Knuckles: No problem!

Ivy: We can take it from here, dad! Don't worry! And thank you, Uncle Knuckles! You were....a bit of help too!

Kyle: Oh, please! His fists are about as thick as his head!

Tails: Bye Ivy! *jumps into a portal to Mystic Ruins*

Knuckles: See ya, kid *follows Tails*



Shadow: *still chasing Sonic* For the love of Tikal... STOP RUNNING!!

Sonic: *still running* NO!! I HATE NEEDLES!!

Ivy: (giggles) Oh, Uncle Sonic! You are so funny!

Sonic: Get Shadow away!!

Shadow: *growls* I hate you so much, Sonic!! Come over here!

Noble: *sighs* We need some of Sonic's blood but he keeps running away

Kyle: Let me handle this....

Sonic: *continues to run* No Needles!

Shadow: *trips and drops the needle* I hate you so much right now...

Sonic: *stops* That's what you get for trying to get my blood with that needle!

Kyle: (holds Sonic at gunpoint) You don't move and I don't shoot!

Sonic: Uhh... what's wrong with you? *closes his eyes* Is this about the needles? I DON'T DO NEEDLES!! I HATE THEM!!

Ivy: Hmmm....(evilly siles at Sonic)

Sonic: *looks scared* Please don't... those things hurt so bad. Tails won't do it and I know Knuckles would never do it! Just please... don't!

Ivy: (grabs Sonic and bites his neck hard like a vampire)

Sonic: Oww! *tears a bit* That hurt!! *trys to bite at his neck* It really hurts!!

Ivy: (still biting)

Kyle: (getting any blood that drips out)


Ivy: (stops and get depressed) Why bother, Uncle Sonic? He doesn't even remember that I'm his only daughter.....

Sonic: *chuckles* Daugther? *bursts into laughter* Yeah! You're right! Shadow's his mom and I'm his butler! *laughs even harder*

Kyle: (punches him) You think this is some kind of joke?!?!?!

Sonic: Hey! You're not the only one with a problem here...

Amber: Please stop fighting, Sonic

Sonic: Sorry mom... but this girl said that she belongs to Tails!!

Amber: Maybe she does or maybe she doesn't... but that doesn't give you the right to laugh at her.

Sonic: *ears go down and faces Ivy* I'm sorry...

Ivy:....why doesn't anyone remember? Do I even belong in this world?

Amber: Don't say that... everyone had a memory wipe about some girl so no one would be sad.

Sonic: Yeah... but you can tell us why your so upset?

JT: Ugh... I'm back with the honey....

Ivy: Dad doesn't remember me....or my mom....and he always told me how much he loved me....and how he misses her.....

Mark:*Running over*That castles the biggest castle I ever went in,even if I never went in a castle before.

Rusty:Took you long enough to come back don't you think?

Jimmy: And you are....?

Light: Genon gave me what I needed...

Flame: And I got that stupid stone that we needed

Kyle: So now what?

Noble: I'll create the slicer for now... why don't the rest of you check out your dreams... and don't worry about your nightmares... they can only be found in Kai's nation. We all are in Sol's nation so enjoy your dreams! *smiles*

Kyle:.....all my dreams are nightmares.....

Espona: It's ok... maybe you can go with your friends and play with their dreams

Ivy: (blushing)

Sonic: Sweet!! *thinking to self* I wonder if Shadow and I get along better... *runs off*

Shadow: Hmm... *thinking to self* That would mean... MARIA!! *runs off*

Kyle: (walks around the Dream World)

Ivy: (continues to stare at the picture in her locket) to cry)

Kyle: (stops and looks back)....hmph.

Espona: You ok, sweetie... Is that you parents?

Ivy: Y-Yeah....but my dad doesn't remember me....and my mom....everyone says she's dead. But I still have hope....that's why I joined Star Wolf....

Espona: Awww... you poor thing... Is your dad, Tails, by the way?

Ivy: That's rioght. And my mom was named Cosmo.

Apallo: Amber! Honey? I was being chased arround my Metal!

Falco: So what are we doing now?

Apallo: Well Metal Apallo is Much More Dangerous.

JT: (looks at Espona) Ugh!? OK. I'M JT, SHE'S JaneT! OK?

Apallo:-does anyone listen to me-

Jimmy: What is it?

Apallo: AMBER!-shakes her awake-

Espona: Tails... he has dreams about that girl you said... Cosmo was it? I've seen her here before... by the forest

Amber: Ahh! I'm awake. What's wrong?

Ivy: But this is the dream world. I'll only see a dream version of my mom. I won't really be reunited with her.....

Espona: That may be true but... *places hand on Ivy's shoulder* Anything can happen here... you might be able to take her back with you! You'll never know unless you try, sweetie.

Ivy:......yeah. You're right. I gotta find my mom....maybe then my dad'll remember!

Espona: Good Luck! *smiles*

Thunder: *sees Ivy* I can show you where she is, ma'am!

Ivy: Huh? You know where my mom is?!

Thunder: I just saw a girl named Cosmo just awhile ago, she is a part of Tails' many dreams... I can take you to her if you want...

Ivy: Please, take me to her!


Thunder: Ok! Follow me! *runs off to the forests*

Ivy: (follows Thunder)

Kyle: (follows her)

Clyde & Angel: (follow them)

Apallo:A-amber p-p-p-please dont leave meT.T im sorry ive been like i was.......Please. Im sorry....

Amber: It's ok, Apallo...


Hazama: Whats going on here, may I ask..?

Cosmo: *hears Ivy and turns around* Yes Ivy? Are you ok?

Ivy: Huh? (looks at her, confused; she has not yet met her mother before, as she died before Ivy was born) How do you know my name?

Kyle: Hey! She has flowers in her head, just like Ivy does!

Cosmo: Tails told me your name, Ivy... He had his memory erased of you and me but when he comes here... It's like he remembers everything including me! *smiles*

Ivy: (looks at her then her locket, teary-eyed and hugs her) MOM!!!! I knew I'd find you!

Cosmo: *giggles* I'm glad your happy.... Where's Tails? If you're here, he should be too.

Ivy: He left back to the Mystic Ruins

Cosmo: Ohh... he could take me back to Mystic Ruins...

Sol: And if Ivy and Tails wish for...

Kai: Cosmo to come back to live... you would be able to take her back to your world.

Ivy: doesn't remember us.....

Cosmo: Everyone doesn't remember me or you because of Amber's plan so no one would be upset... Tails told me in his dreams about that. We just need the help of one person, Ivy.

Ivy: What? Tell me, mom!

Cosmo: *sighs* You're not gonna like this... Shadow... he remembers everything and he can fix this for you and me.

Ivy: After what he tried to do to you?!

Cosmo: I know but he's our only hope... unless you want Tails to keep forgetting the both of us... and I know you don't like that.


Kyle: Ivy...

Ivy: Huh?

Kyle: I'll find him for ya....(runs off)

Ivy:......(blushing a bit) Kyle....

Shadow: *walking back to Sol and Kai* Ehh... seeing Maria made me feel a little bit better... but still *thinking to himself* I wish she was alive again...

Kyle: There he is! (runs to him)

Fetalia: (fires a dark sphere at Shadow)

Shadow: What the?! *warps behind Fetalia and Kyle* What's going on here?!

Fetalia: You killed my father! I will kill you for this!

Kyle: Wait a minute!

Shadow: *growls* Get out of my way or I'll...!

Amber: *takes out a whip* You'll what?

Shadow: *swallows hard* No-nothing.... Ju-just move!! *pushes Fetailia and Kyle out of his way*

Kyle: Hey, wait! I just wanna talk!

Shadow: *looks at Kyle* What? What is it that you... *sees the look in Kyle's eye* It's about Cosmo isn't it?

Kyle: (nods) My friend needs your help....I want to make her happy.

Shadow: Why should I? I play no role in this game of yours... besides... I like the fact that everyone forgot that plant... life is so much better without her.

Kyle: (holds him at gunpoint) Not for Ivy! You are gonna help her and I won't take 'no' for an answer!

Shadow: *growls*

Amber: Shadow... you knew how much Cosmo ment to Tails... why did you make him forget?

Shadow: So I didn't have to see him cry about his daughter or Cosmo... I just.... Look... I'll try but... it may not do anything for you at all.

Kyle: I just want Ivy to be happy!

Shadow: *sighs* I'll try, kid... you better hope this works... *walks over to Ivy and Cosmo*

Cosmo: Hello Shadow...


Shadow: The young one doesn't talk much, does she?

Cosmo: She... has a thing against you...

Shadow: Figures...

Clyde: Well, can you help her?

Shadow: She has to ask me... I can't do it unless she really wants it...

Cosmo: *places hand on Ivy's shoulder* It's your choice, sweetie...

Ivy:.......(sighs).....I just want my dad to remember....and I wanna spend a bit more time with my mom. Please me!

Shadow: *looks at Ivy's face and sees Maria* Alright... be only this once, kid *snaps his fingers* Now when you go home... Tails should be in his workshop... *sighs and looks upset* Good luck, kid.

Kyle: Thanks....we owe ya....

Shadow: *ears go down* Yeah, whatever....

Cosmo: *grabs Ivy's hand* You excited!! *doesn't look at Shadow but Ivy*

Ivy: yeah! Let's go home, mom!

Shadow: *walks off sadly, still upset*

Thunder: You guys have anything to say to anyone before I send you guys home?

Ivy: Thank you, Thunder....(shouting) and you too, Shadow!

Shadow: *ears twitch and continues to walk*

Thunder: *warps everyone from Mobious back home*

Episode 10: Rest In Peace

Ivy: Dad!

Tails: Ivy! *gasps* Co-cosmo? Is that really you?

Cosmo: Yes... *hugs Tails* I missed you so much...

Tails: How is she alive, Ivy?

Ivy: I told you she was still alive! I found her in the dream world!

Kyle: Wasn't easy getting her here; we had to convince Shadow to bring her to ya.

Tails: *growls* Shadow?! Where is that good for nothing hedgehog!! I should hurt him for making me forget Cosmo and Ivy! *goes to hug Ivy* I'm sorry I wasn't there for you...

Cosmo: Don't hurt Shadow... it's bad enough he looks upset

Tails: Well he should after what he did to you, Cosmo!

Ivy: It's okay, dad! We're together now!

Tails: I know... *thinking to himself* I'll get Shadow in his sleep... see how he likes it

Cosmo: So now what... *gasps* I wonder if anyone else remembers us, Ivy?

Ivy: (gasps) Oh yeah! That's right!

Tails: You guys go on ahead... I have to take care of something...

Cosmo: Ok then! *walks out the door* Come on, Ivy!

Ivy: (goes after her)

Clyde: Mrs. Prower, you can pick which Wolfen to ride in and we'll fly ya to the others.
Wolfen Trophy

The Wolfen's

Cosmo: Any of them is fine by me, Clyde. You pick.

Clyde: Ivy, since she is your mom, you get to be her driver for the day!

Ivy: Roger!

Cosmo: I can just walk if this is a problem

Ivy: No, it's no problem, mom! C'mon, hop in!

Cosmo: *jumps in* I'm good.... Let's go!

Star Wolf: (hop in their Wolfens and launch off into the sky)

Ivy: So who should we meet first?

Cosmo: Anyone... actually... who's someone you want to go see, Ivy? We could go meet everyone whose at the meeting in Station Square.

Ivy: about aunt Amy?

Cosmo: She's in Station Square with everyone else... Sure!

Ivy: Alright! Let's move!

Star Wolf: (Wolfens accelorate towards Station Square)

Sonic: Hehe... So Amy? How's Cream? She still is sick, right? Or is she better?

Amy: A little better

(the Wolfens land in Station Square as Ivy helps her mom out)

Cosmo: Thank you! Now where's Amy?

Amy: *sees Cosmo* Cosmo? You're alive! *sees Ivy* Ivy! Are you ok?

Ivy: I'm fine, aunt Amy.

Amy: *hugs Ivy* Good! It's so nice to see you 2.... Sonic!! Look!!

Sonic: *walking away* I have to talk to someone right now...


Angel: Awww, c'mon boy! No need to be like that! (winks)

Sonic: *sighs* It's serious... I have to talk to someone.... brother to brother on this one....

Amy: Aww... Is it...?

Sonic: *interupts* Yeah...

Kyle: Hmmm......

Sonic: *dashes off*

Amy: You guys want to know? Every since Shadow came back, he's been so upset and he won't talk

Kyle: Hmph. After all the things I've heard about him, I can't honestly say I feel sorry for him....

Amy: I know but we can't get him to speak at all... I wonder why...

Cosmo: Poor Shadow... May I try, Amy?

Amy: If you want Cosmo...

Cosmo: Alright then! I shall go speak to Shadow then.

Ivy: I'll fly ya tehre.

Angel: I'll go too. That hedgehog was pretty hot....

Kyle: You would think that....

Amy: Actually... Shadow's room is not to far from here *points at the Cascio* He's in there with Rouge in the basement.

Kyle: Hmmm....I wonder what they could be doing.....

Clyde: I....don't think I wanna know....

Sonic: *runs back* He still won't talk... He won't be able to eat if he keeps this up

Angel: Hmmm....maybe I can help...

Kyle: Oh we go....

Sonic: How? We've tried everything!! It's like no one can talk to him!

Amy: How about Cosmo?

Sonic: He won't speak.... we'll try but... I pray to Tikal that this will work..

Clyde: I hope we can help....

Angel: Don't worry, Clyde. I know how to get the boys talkin' (winks)

Kyle: Oh, please! You're just gonna get him to bang ya!

Angel: Yeah? Well, at least he's actually sexy and has a good taste in girls....unlike you!

Kyle: Why I oughta--!!

Clyde: Hey hey hey!! Save it, you two! This isn't helping!!

Kyle: (growls)

(Back in the Dream World)

Falco: Ok, so how do I get back?

Shine: (shrugs)

Thunder: O3O I thought I sent all of you back home

JT: Not all of us...

Falco: (shocked) How could you forget me? Super-Falco!

JT: I did, but unfortunately you placed it in my head again...

Falco: I think I'm supposed to be insulted.

JT: So, you have to be insulted to be turned into "Super-Falco"?

Falco: (confused) Wait, do you want me to become Super-Falco? (enthusiastically) Cuz I will!

JT: Only for the 'insult' part.

Hero: Falco....

Falco: Ok!

(Falco can be seen concentrating on changing, but fails)

JT: Maybe you need a blue, red and yellow suit with an 'S' on it to do this.

(Angry with JT, Falco tries again, but fails)

Falco: God damn it! How does this work?

JT: Maybe you need a sidekick named Robin.

Falco: Grr!

(Falco gets even angrier and, without trying, a massive fireball comes out of him and hits JT before he turns back to normal)

(JT is launched back)

JT: Argh!!! I Think... You P-Pulled it off! (struggles to get up)

Thunder: Dear god.... do you want me to send you all home or no?

JT: Y-Yes!! That would be... (cough) nice

Thunder: *warps the remaining to Station Square*

Falco: About time. I need to work out how these powers work.

Sonic: Ok... I hope Cosmo can get Shadow to talk... Hope she doesn't get attacked by him

Falco: (not really listening to Sonic) Maybe if I focus really hard about PJ's face, I might get angr enough....

Sonic: Yo!! *shouting to Falco* You coming or what?!

Falco: Ok, thinking of PJ's face.

(A small shadow of darkness surrounds Falco, but soon vanishes)

Falco: DAMN IT!

Sonic: Come on!! Let's go! *runs into the Cascio*

Hazama: (follows from behind, hiding)

(In the Casnio)

Rouge: You ok, Shadow?

Shadow: *doesn't respond*

Rouge: Please... talk to me...

Sonic: *runs in* Shadow... you ok?

Shadow: *doesn't respond*

JT: Let's go then!

Cosmo: *walks in* Shadow... are you ok? I heard you won't talk... why aren't you talking?

Shadow: *doesn't respond but gets up and walks up to Cosmo*

Cosmo: *gets scared* Sh-shadow?

Sonic: Shadow! Leave her alone!!

Angel: Aww, is something wrong, sweetie?

Shadow: *trys to speak but doesn't respond*

Rouge: He wants to talk... but it's like he's waiting for the right person to talk to...


Kyle: Hmph.....

Shadow: *walks up to Ivy*

Rouge: I think he wants to talk to you, Ivy... alone

Kyle:....I don't trust him...

JT: Why don't we leave this till we get back?

Rouge: We are back... this is Station Square kid... why don't you go back to the place you came from! Ivy... you must talk to Shadow....

JT: You mean go back to that shoddy ship Eggman calls a fleet? Nobody talks to me like that!

Ivy:.....okay. (to her team) I can handle this....

Clyde & Angel: (nod and leave)


Rouge: Everyone out of my club!! *pushes and shoves people out*

Sonic: Ow!! Hey hey hey!! Watch it!!

Cosmo: Ok... I'm going... Good luck, Ivy!!

Ivy: O-Ok!

Kyle: (pushed out) F***in' wh***!!!

JT: Yeah, she's a total b---h!

Ivy: (looks at Shadow)

Shadow: *looks at Ivy and sighs* Look.... about what happened.... you have every right to be angry, mad, or whatever. And I know that Tails wants to kill me... no one has to care... at least you have people who love you, kid... me *chuckles* Sonic's right about me being a lone wolf... I want you to take care of your mother... Tails... and everyone who cares about you... Got it, kid?

Ivy:....I...I understand. But...but what about you?

Shadow: Look.... *sighs* I've been like this for awhile... I don't think anyone's gonna care if I leave for a week or 2. Besides... the only reason I wiped everyone's memories of Cosmo was because I didn't want to see everyone cry and you know you can die from crying... and *mumbles* I don't want to see everyone die....

Ivy:.....y'know..I actually thought you were a heartless, uncaring son of a b****! But....maybe you're not as bad as I thought. I'm sorry for thinking that about you, Shadow.

Shadow: *sighs* There's no need to be sorry... I act heartless because... think about... If Sonic or the others were to see me act all nice... they are going to laugh at me and pretend that I am an idiot like Silver acts... Please promise me you won't tell anyone about this... and I'm sorry but I have to act "jerk" so no one suspects a thing... Understand Ivy?

Ivy: I promise. Y'know....there's this guy I know that's a lot like you. He acts like a total jerk and often gets careless to everyone....but deep down, I know he's a nice guy. And....I really like him.

Shadow: Really? I hope you 2 get along.... now look... we have to leave Rouge's Club before she comes back... and when we leave... we go back to the way we were but just remember... I do care for you and the others.... *begins to walk away* Let's go...

Ivy: (nods and follows)

Episode 11: The End


Ivy: Well, that takes care of that!

Shadow: *growls* She was annoying!! *winks at Ivy and mouths "I'm sorry"*

Sonic: Nice to know.... you ok, Ivy? He wasn't a jerk, was he?

Ivy:.......maybe a little bit.

Kyle: (eyes Shadow angrily)

Angel: He's so sexy...RAWR!!

Star Wolf: (facepalm) Oh brother!

Shadow: Well... I'll get going.... see ya.... idiots...

Sonic: *slaps his head* I hate it when he acts like that...

Tails: Come on, Ivy! Let's go home!

JT: Wow. Getting turned into a gril was wierd.

Light's voice: *whispers* I'll do it to you again!!

JT: Ah! Don't hurt me!! Pleeeeaaaaasee!

(Flame and Light's spirits appear)

Light: *laughs* I only did it to scare you, JT

Flame: We aren't going to do that to you... it's a waste of time and waste of power

JT: (panting) Thank you.

Sonic: Well... where is everyone gonna go now?

JT: (still catching breath) Well, I'd really like to stay here in Station Square, It's where I usually go anyway.

Sonic: Cool... you can stay in my mom's castle with me and Shads!

Shadow: Don't call me that!!

(JT's ears twitch)

Sonic: Come on, JT! *runs off* Let's go before Shadow blows a fuse! *laughs*

Shadow: *growls and breathes hard*

JT: (smiles) Right behind ya! (follows Sonic)

Shadow: *shouts* COME BACK HERE, YOU BLUE SPINY HAIRED FREAK!! *chases after JT and Sonic*

JT: (laughs) Look Sonic! Shads is behind us!

Sonic: *laughs*


Ivy: (laughs)

JT: (narrows eyes) Really? Ok then! Ha! (Runs faster)

Hazama: Hmph... Seems like everyones having a little fun (Watching from far away while shadow animaly chases JT and Sonic while everyone else laughs)

Clyde: Well, team. It's time for us to go now!

Ivy: We....we have to leave now?

Clyde: Yeah.

Ivy: But....but I didn't get to spend time....with my mother.....


Angel: And I was just getting to know these hot hunks! Oh well....

Ivy:....(looks at her mother)

Knuckles and Tails: What's so funny, Ivy?

Shadow: *growls and forgets abour JT and goes after Sonic*

Sonic: Oh crud!

Ivy: Huh? Oh, nothing.....(looks back at Cosmo)

(JT laughs uncontrollably)

JT: I'll meet ya at the ER, ok Sonic?

Sonic: Thanks for caring!!

Shadow: *grabs Sonic's hand* I am going to break you in half and eat it!!

Tails: *ingores Sonic and Shadow* Let's go home!!

Ivy: (loooks at her team, then her parents, then back and forth).......

Tails: Hmm... you don't want to go home with us?

Cosmo: Let her make her own choice, Tails... Who do you want to go with, sweetie? It's your choice... not ours..

Neos:-eyes closed sitting on the ground with one hand on his cheek-

Brittney: Somethin' wrong, sweetie?

Sonic: Sh-shadow! Co-come on! You know I was kidding!!

Shadow: I'm still gonna kill you!!

Ivy: My team needs me, but....I wanna spend more time with you mom....I don't know.....

Clyde:.......(talks through radio) Leon! ROB! Tell General Peppy to clear our calendar for the next 6 months! We're takin' a looooong vacation!

Ivy: Huh? You mean it, Clyde?

Clyde: (nods) Anything to make my team happy!

Ivy: (hugs her team) Thank you all! I'm so glad you're my friends!

Star Wolf: (smile in a group hug)

Tails: Good! Let's go! Oh, and forget about Sonic and Shadow... they will eventually hurt themselves...

Angel: Seems like a waste of perfectly good sexyness.....

Kyle: Tch! Yeah, you'd think that!

Angel: Oh yeah? Well, why don't you tell me what a sexy girl is like?

Kyle: (blushing, looking at Ivy) Uhhhh.......

Apallo: Tails Lil Buddy. Rember how much you missed Cosmo and how much pain you felt when u pulled the trigger that day if you chose her then you will be able to heal from that day. But the choice is yours.

Neos: -makes bubbles around Sonic and Shadow- There. and Brittiny -gives her a smallbox-.

Brittney: Huh? (opens it up)

Shadow: *takes out a knife* Well Sonic... any last words before I rip your head off!!

Sonic: Uhh....

Shine: (whispers) Sheesh! Drake's dad has issues!

Fetalia: (giggles)

Tails: Come on, Ivy! Let's go to my workshop! *begins to fly*

JT: Umm... Shadow's taking this a bit too seriously!

Sonic: Guys? Tails?

Shadow: *gets closer to Sonic with his knife*

Star Wolf: (fly over after Tails)

Cosmo: Tails! Wait for me...

Tails: Sorry *grabs Cosmo's hand and flies off* Let's fly!

Sonic: Guys!!!

Star Wolf: (accelorate towards Tails' workshop)

((09jhero: Hey guys, I've been off this rp for a few days, can soneone summarise whats happening?))

(Gurahk: Shadow's trying to humorusly kill Sonic and JT, Star Wolf are taking a vacation, and they are leading Tails and Cosmo back to his workshop)

(Sonicsmansion97: Ok... so it's about the end but Sonic and Shadow are having a "meltdown" and everyone's trying to enjoy being home again)

((09jhero: Oh ok, I just wanted to get a couple of edits in before it was over. Also, does this have to end, I wanted to develop Falco's power more and I was enjoying it))

(Sonicsmansion97: There is still more but I'm trying to add suspence)

Shine: (yawns)

Tails: *lands* Cool! You ok, Cosmo?

Cosmo: Yes... I'm fine... Where's Ivy?

Star Wolf: (land their Wolfens nearby and get out)

Ivy: Over here, mom!

Cosmo: Thank god... I thought we had left you back there....

Ivy: My ship's pretty fast, mom. I can keep up with ya!

Cosmo: I'll be in the workshop if you need me... *walks into the workshop*

Tails: Ivy... keep in eye out for your mother for me... *uses a detector* My machine is acting up right now...

Ivy: (nods and follows her) that's her mom, huh?

Tails: Yep... *looks back at his detector* Wow... this thing is acting up badly...

Kyle: offense, but your s*** is nowhere near as beautiful as Ivy is....

(Falco flies down)

Falco: Good news everybody, Super-Falco has returned!'s that good news again?

Tails: Look... I don't care right now.... this chart is way off.... Tell Ivy I may not return... *flies off to Lost Ruins*

Kyle:.....Ivy would be devastated if her dad died.....(ran to his Wolfen and went after him)

Falco: Whats up with Tails?

Clyde: I dunno.....

Ivy: I knew I would find you one day, mom....

Falco: So, where is Cosmo?

Episode 12: The Mystery of The Ruins

Tails: *lands* Now where is this signal coming from....

Kyle: What's he doing?

Tails: *the machine blinks faster* Woah! Better go after it... *runs off*

Kyle: (lands and chases him)

Tails: *the machine begins to make a loud sound* What the?!

Kyle: (still chasing)

Tails: *hears talking* What? *looks up* Ahhh!!!

Kyle: What the--?!

Light: *purple lightning bolts and mist go around Light* You... *growls*
Light (losing it)

Flame saying to Light: You don't seem to understand why I killed them... do you little brother...

Flame: You don't seem to understand why I killed them... do you, little brother?

Tails: They're.... back?!

Kyle: What's goin' on?

Tails: It's those guys from the Dream World... but how did they get here...

Light: I'll give you but 1 more chance to tell me why you killed Sol and Kai?!

Flame: *laughs* Me.... tell you!

Kyle: (gasps)

Flame: I'm here for one thing and one thing only.... *picks up Tails*

Tails: Ahh!! Help!!

Flame: And you're going to help me, fox!! *disappears*

Light: *growls then screams* FLAME!!!!

Kyle: Great! Ivy's gonna have my head now!


JT: ...

Kyle: I have to rescue Tails! If anything happened to him, Ivy would be devastated....

Light: *flies off*

(At Angel Island)

Knuckles: What the?! The Master Emerald is reacting... I mus tell Sonic about this... *runs off*

Angel: Huh?

Knuckles: *as he runs* Sorry... but I have no time to chat... the Master Emerald is acting funny...

Angel: Oh, please do tell....I've got time to spare....(winks)

Knuckles: *stops to grab Angel's hand* We don't have much time... *runs off with Angel*

Angel: Wh-WHOAAA!!!!!

Knuckles: Sorry... *stops* SONIC!!

Sonic: What?

Angel: (takes a minute to catch her breath)

JT: Y'know if Falco were here he'd be all 'Sherlock' about these conspiracies.

(Falco flies down wearing a detective hat)

Falco: Hey guys. Look what they're selling in the store in town. A hat!

Angel: (groans)

JT: I bet there's half price on some awesome magnifying glasses and tartan longcoats, too (sarcastic)

Knuckles: Sonic... the Master Emerald is acting up.... we need to find out... but how?

Sonic: Let's go ask my mom... after all... she is the queen of Mobius... *dashes off*

Knuckles: Wait for me!!

Angel: (sighs)

Knuckles: You coming or what, Angel?

Angel: Well....I guess everyday's a vacation when you're with hotties.....alright, let's go!

Knuckles: *picks up Angel and carries her* Alright then! *walks off*

Angel: (snuggles him) Mmmm.......

(At Amber's Castle)

Amber: What's wrong?

Sonic: It's the Master Emerald... it's acting funny

Knuckles: *walks in* He's right...

Clyde: (walking around) What's up?

Sonic: The Master Emerald is acting up... it shouldn't be doing that...

Amber: That is strange... *takes out a book* Maybe it's because of the Gems of Gu...

Sonic and Knuckles: Gems of Gu?

Clyde: Hmmm......

JT: Gems of Gu? Goo? Slime gems?

Amber: They are old gems that my father used when he and his brother fought during the "Black War"... I'm guessing that maybe Flame is after the gems...

Sonic: Then we have to beat Flame there before he gets his hands on the gems.

Clyde: So much for a vacation....

Sonic: *sighs* Why don't you guys enjoy a va-k for awhile... Me and Knux will deal with the problem...OK?

Angel: Just come back in one piece, okay sweeties? (winks)

Knuckles and Sonic: We'll try!! *runs off*

Amber: *whispers* Just be careful.... Sonic...


Ivy: (fixing the team's Wolfens and working on tech and machinery)

Cosmo: Have you seen Tails, Ivy?

Ivy: No...I haven't....

Cosmo: *whispers* I hope he's ok...

Ivy: I'm sure he will be. Dad's a tough guy!

Kyle: (flies his Wolfen right into the garage, depressed)

Cosmo: What's wrong?

Kyle:.......(tells them everything he saw and heard at the ruins)

Ivy: (gasps)

Cosmo: Oh no... is anyone doing anything about this?

Angel: (hops from the ceiling) Two cuties in Sonic and Knuckles are on it.

Clyde: We'll leave the rest to them....

Kyle: If only I got tehre sooner to do something about it....

Clyde: Kyle, don't beat yourself up! We couldn't have beaten Flame anyway! For now, let's just relax and let Sonic and Knuckles handle this. We deserve this va-k....

Ivy: I guess....

Shadow: *shoots his gun into the air* They'll all die out there...

Ivy: Huh? Shadow!

Shadow: Forget about Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles returning... They're doomed if they get near Flame with the Gems of Gu...

Ivy:........(walks to her room, saddened)

Shadow: *walks to Ivy* Look... I know you're upset but... you can't give up on them...

Clyde: He's right....we gotta have faith in them....

Shadow: *ears twich* I'll be right back

Angel: Just don't take too long.....

Ivy: (just lays in her room, listening to Utada Hikaru's music)

(Everyone hears a beam from outside)

Clyde: (runs outside)

Shadow: *on the floor, bleeding* Flame got me... the second I came out... he shot at me...

Clyde:.....we're screwed!

Shadow: *breathing hard* ... *thinking to himself* Ivy.... Sonic.... Amber.... I'm sorry...

Ivy: (brings him in to heal him)

Clyde: Like I much for a nice vacation.....

Shadow: *breathing slowly* You don't have to do this, Ivy...

Ivy: But I want to...for saving my mom....

Angel: So whadda we do now?

Shadow: *holds Ivy's hand* Go find Tails... I-I'll be fine...

Silver: How about this.... if Flame's looking for the Gems of Gu... we need to find it... The problem is... Shadow's the only one who can sence Chaos emerald, The Seven Rings,.... and the Gems... *gets an idea* That's why Flame shot at Shadow... so it would be harder for us to found the gems first!

Ivy: That's why I made this emerald detector!

Silver: But what about Shadow.... he'll die without any help...

Ivy: I'm attending to him right now....but someone has to look for the gems before Flame does!

Silver: I'll do it!

Ivy: (gives him the emerald detector) This'll help you out! But be careful!

Silver: Ok... *runs off* Wish me luck!

Amber: Oh Tikal... please hear my pleas and protect my sons, Silver and Sonic as they try to stop Flame and his evil ways.

Shine: I'll help him out!

Amber: You will? Then I wish the best for everyone

Shine: (nods and speeds off after--although he didn't know this yet--his father)

Ivy: (starts healing Shadow)

Shadow: You don't have to do this, Ivy...

Ivy: I won't let anyone die, regardless of who they may be....

Shadow: Thanks...

Ivy: (smiles)


Episode 13: Light The Way!

(At Windy Valley)

Silver: It's says its close by...

Shine: Then we better hurry and find it before Flame does!

Sonic: *growls* Knuckles...

Knuckles: *dead*

Flame: You mortals are pathectic...

Shine: (dashes off) Damn! We're too late!

Silver: Nope! Not yet! Look! *points at the gems in the ground* He hasn't gotten them yet!
Gems Of Gu

The Gems of Gu (btw: There are 7 of them)

Shine: (uses his Psychokinesis to get the gems and takes them) Got 'em!

Silver: Let's go!

Shine: (runs off with teh gems)

Flame: *flies in front of Shine* I'll take those!

Silver: *goes in the way* Run Shine!

Shine: (keeps on running)

Flame: *growls* BLACK DISCS!! *throws 2 discs near Silver's sides*

Silver: What?!

Flame: Ha!! *the discs shoot electricity on Silver*

Silver: *screams in pain*

Shine: (stops and comes to a reliazation)!!

Silver: *groans and falls to the floor*

Flame: Nice isn't it... that's what you get for protecting the one holding the gems!

Shine: What do you want these gems for?

Flame: For power... so I can be a Demon Lord! Why do you think I killed Sol and Kai, young one?

Shine: (growls) I actually thought you weren't such a bad guy....guess I was wrong....

?????: You're a pitiful sight!

Shine: Huh? Drake!

Drake: (teleports in between them, smiling arrogantly)

Flame: I was.... but like our mother told us before Ultimate Shadow killed her... Me and Light would fight to the death in a new world... And this is it!

Drake: I don't care about this stupid rivalry....give me the gems, NOW!!

Shine: (puts them away) Over my dead body, Drake!

Drake: Hmph! Be careful what you ask for!

Shine: (Aw crap! Me and my big mouth!)

JT: ...Hmph...

Silver: *gets up and grabs Shine's hand* We don't have time for this! Chaos Control!! *warps away*

Drake: Damn! You won't get away from me that easily, Shine! (uses Chaos Control to warp away)

Silver: Give me the gems, Shine... I know what to do

Shine: (gives him the gems) So what do we do now, pops?

JT: Great. Just great! (Lies down and begins to relax)

Silver: I need you to be safe *runs off* I have to give these to Shadow before Flame gets here!

Drake: (warps to them and charges at Shine) You thought you could hide from me?! What a joke!!

Shine: UGH!!! (hits the ground hard)

Sonic: *runs with Knuckles on his back* Don't worry... we'll be there soon... *stops and sees Drake* Hey! Leave Shine alone!

Drake: (notices him) So you're Sonic the Hedgehog? My dad's told me about could a lameo like you be able to beat my dad before he went too soft?!

(Fine I'll Stop Trying to addstun into the episodes)

Apallo:-arms crossed mad-

Sonic: Well whoever your father is, he taught you wrong... You better leave Shine alone or you'll have to mess with the light!

Drake: (facepalms) Really? That's the best one-liner you could think of?

Mai: -pops up- HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Sonic: Besides.... *smiles* Shads and I are brothers which means... you have to behave

Drake: If you're supposed to be my uncle, then maybe I should publically lie about my family right now!

Apallo: -Walks off with the Quantam Emerald mad-

Mai: hey Apol What's wrong?

Sonic: How about I go tell your mom and dad... aka Shadow and Rouge!!! *grabs Shine's and Knuckles' hand and dashes off* See ya!!

Mai: bye!!!

Drake: You won't get away! (flies after them)

Sonic: *dashes faster* You can't catch the speed of sound, my friend.... YO SHADOW!!

Shadow: *ears twich* What?!

Sonic: *stops near Shadow* Found your son!

Mai: hello!

Shadow: *eyes twich* WHAT?!

Drake: (stops in front of him).......


Drake: Showing the world my true power....something you did before your balls dropped!

Shadow: *gets up and the cut near his heart shows* Look... did I say you could go trying to hit people on our side, you idiot! *yelling* I would expect more from a son of mine!!

Apallo: -calms down- -looks at quantam emerald- Youre Right I Should Quit My Duties......Mabye Someone else will spread the world about your Appearence in our world. -tears up- IM SORRY-Smashes it into Seven Pieces- -does the chant of the Quantam Emerald that makes the Shards float off and fly off- There.....It's Done.

Drake: Whaddya mean our side?! I choose only one side: Mine!! (points to the cut) Look at that! That's how weak you've gotten! You've started kissing up to weak idiots like Sonic and gave up on proving who the best was! That's why I hate you!! And I always will hate you, dad! Because at least mom knew her place; you don't! (storms off, crying a small bit)

Shadow: He doesn't care, does he?

Sonic: Nope!

Shadow: If he doesn't care then... I'll be right back, Sonic *takes the Gems of Gu and runs off to the Forgotten Forests*


Sonic: I better tell Ivy what Shadow's gonna do...

Ivy: (walks out) Tell me what?

Sonic: *sighs* It's not gonna be easy for you but.... Shadow's giving up... he's trading himself and the gems.... to get you back Tails since he thinks no one cares about him... He may seem like a jerk... but he has a heart...

Ivy:....(runs after Shadow)

Kyle: Ivy, wait! (runs after her)

Apallo: ALL OF YOU DONT KNOW THE ONE DAMN THING ABOUT CARE -yells at all of the main heroes--runs off crying- (Im tired of people Not Noticing me or The Quantam Emerald, Even My Wife is doing it too)

Flame: So hedgehog, do we have a deal?

Shadow: No one cares... why bother... yes we have a deal...

Flame: *drops Tails*

Tails: Ahh!! *lands* Shadow... don't!

Ivy: Shadow!!!

Shadow: *sees Ivy and closes his eyes*

Flame: *grabs Shadow* Time to go, hog! *disappears*

Ivy: No....

Kyle: No thanks to taht a******, we're now all gonna die!!

Tails: Guys... *shows the real Gems of Gu* I have the reals one.... Shadow gave himself up with the fake ones... He did this to protect us...

Ivy: He...he what?

Tails: *sighs* He cared about our safety more than his own... I'm sorry

Ivy:......(starts to cry)

Tails: What's wrong Ivy? I, for one, is happy that Shadow out of my life... he was a jerk to everyone

Ivy: No....he wasn't as bad as you say....he was nice....nice to me....

Tails: What if he was making you look like a fool... you can't always believe him.

Ivy: I can know he's being truthful! I know he has a heart!

Tails: Ivy... just let Shadow go...

Ivy:....(runs off, crying)

Kyle: (stares angrily at Tails as he walks off)

Tails: *flies off*

Light: Give me the gems before my brother relises Shadow's foolish plan...

Tails: *hands them over*

Ivy: (crying in her room)

Tails: *walks in with Cosmo* Ivy?

Cosmo: Are you ok?

Ivy: Shadow was so kind....why did he have to go?

Tails: I told you... he did it to protect us... besides... no one ever really cared for him...

Ivy: That's a lie, dad!

Tails: Don't tell me you care for him after what he did...

Ivy: He was very kind to me....he wasn't so bad....I realize he did what he felt was right.....

Tails: *groans* Forget about him... Flame probably already killed him...

Light: Not true... my brother has lost all the power he stole... the problem is... he still has Shadow somewhere in this area...

Kyle:.....let's kick his ***!

Light: He's by the old temple... near the Lost Ruins...

Episode 14: For His Life Is Gone

Ivy & Kyle: (running tio the temple) (A beam is seen from the back of the temple)

Kyle: (rushes there)

Flame: This is what you get for tricking me! *shoots dark beams at Shadow*

Shadow: *groans and is bleeding* My life means nothing... but everyone else deserves to live!!

Flame: Shut up! *throws bolders at Shadow*

Shadow: *screams in pain*

Kyle: Hey, pal! Back off!!

Flame: *sees Kyle in the corner of his eye* What do you want, child? *continues to throws bloders at Shadow* Can't you see I'm busy?

Kyle: (aims a machine gun at him) Who you calling child?!

Ivy: Shadow!!

Shadow: *breathes hard* Leave them alone, Flame... they deserve to live... after all *thinking to himself* Maria would have wanted that...

Flame: As you wish, Shadow... *uses fire on Shadow*

Shadow: *screams loud in pain*

Ivy: Stop it Flame!!

Flame: *stops* Why should I? If I recall correctly... he harmed Cosmo... his own son hates him... and Kyle... you never liked Shadow. So why should I stop?

Ivy: Because...I was wrong about Shadow.....I'm sorry....

Flame: Yet you're one of the many who hated him... unless those others care for him... I'll let Shadow live...

Ivy: Not anymore....

Kyle:.....I care. (stands besides her)

Angel: 'Course I care! (jumps down)

Clyde: (with Angel) And me!

Silver: So do I!

Cosmo: Me 2....

Knuckles: Me 3!

Amber: I always care for my sons...

Tails: *sighs* I care too!

'S'onic: Not me... I pass

Flame: Looks like you're missing one *points at Sonic*

Shine: I care....

Drake: (teleports with his mother)......I care.

Shine: Wow. that's a first for you, Drake!

Drake: Aw, shut up!!

Rouge: So do I....

Flame: *laughs* You're still missing one... *points at Sonic*

Ivy: Uncle Sonic!

Sonic: What? I don't care... me and him... we may be brothers but we are not family...

Flame: Tick tock, hedgehog...

Ivy: Please, uncle Sonic! Shadow will die soon!

Sonic: Why does he matter anyway... if anything, if you want my "vote"... you'll have to force it out of me...

Kyle: That can be arranged...(clenches his fists)

Sonic: *gets up* Well... I should be going F

lame: The clocks counting down, my children

Shine: (grabs Sonic with psyhokinesis before he can get away) Heh!

Sonic: Hey! Put me down!!

Ivy: (punches him a couple times) Say you care!!

Sonic: *taking deep breathes* Fine... "I care"... happy?

Ivy: (punches him) Say it like you mean it!

Sonic: I care! I care! Just stop punching me!!

Shadow: *breathing slowly* Get out of here while you can... I'll deal with him myself... besides everyone's been right about me... I've been a lone wolf for as long as I can remember... Maria told me to give everyone including humans a 2nd chance to live... I'm just a weapon... I guess that means I have no heart.... doesn't it?

Sonic: Yeah it does, ya heartless freak!

Ivy: (kicks him) Shadow, you're not! You're a friend!

Sonic: Ow.... knock it off already....

Shadow: *takes time breathing*

Flame: How caring... *flies down and steps on Shadow's back*

Shadow: *screams in pain*

Ivy: That's it! (tackles Flame)

(Nearby, Falco continues trying to go Nemesis)

Hero: Dude, you hear some sort of fight nearby?

Falco: Quiet.... Trying to go Nemesis!

Hero: (sighing) I'll go check it out myself.

(Hero heads towards the fight)

Flame: *grabs Ivy* You really think you can hurt me...

Ivy: (choking)

Shadow: Chao Spear!! *throws the spears at Flame*

(Hero arrives)

Hero: Hey, leave Ivy alone!

(Hero throws a gust of wind at Flame, throwing him backwards)

Flame: *drops Ivy* Then I'll deal with Shadow... *takes out his sword*

Shadow: *breathing slowly* Bring it!

Ivy: (panting) Shadow....don't...

Shadow: Chaos Blast!! *sends it to Flame*

Flame: *uses his sword and slashes through it* Is that all you have? *runs to Shadow and slashes at his arm*

Kyle: (stops him) I don't think so, pal!

Flame: *growls* Hmm... really... is that so... If I recalled Shadow hated all of you... he did say he did lie a lot...

Kyle: I'm only doing this so Ivy could be happy....that's all I want....

Ivy: Kyle....

Flame: But he was lying to you all... including you, dear Ivy...

Shadow: Don't listen to him!! I wasn't!!

Ivy: You're the one that's lying, Flame! You tricked us all to get what you wanted!

Flame: Really.... I'm doing what's best for this world and mine... *staps Shadow near the heart*

Shadow: *coughs up blood, on his knees, and eyes tremble*

Flame: *grins* Even Shadow's bowing to me

Ivy: (angril;y starts shooting Flame)

Flame: *growls* I've had enough of you, pests! *throws blades at Ivy*

Ivy: AAAAAHH!!!!

Kyle: IVY!!!!

Shadow: *snaps his fingers and the swords go back towards Flame*

Flame: *all the swords hit Flame and one hits his heart*

Shadow: If I'm dying then I'm bringing you with me!!

Hazama: Interesting...

Shadow: *taking time to breathe*

Flame: *trying to crawl away*

Shadow: *grabs Flame's legs* Not this time!!

Clyde: (points his blaster to Flame) May I?

Hazama: Idiots, they cant think that they can really kill him...

Shadow: Go ahead...

Flame: No!!

Clyde: (shoots him)

(JT Wakes up)

JT: Wha... Did I miss anything?

Sonic: Well... let's go everyone... *glares at Shadow*

Shadow: *blood pouring out* Nice job for caring, huh?

Ivy: (attends to Shadow)

Hazama: Just let him die...

Sonic: Thank you...

Shadow: Ivy.... don't... I can tell everyone's making up about caring for me

Drake: How long'd you spend coming up with that load of crap, pops?

Shadow: You said it yourself, Drake.... that's why you hate me... cuz I went soft... it was either going soft or have everyone else pay for something they haven't done...

????: It's not true! (an orange light shows an orange echidna in ancient clothing appears; she looks just like Tikal and most of the gang thought she was Tikal)

Sonic: Tikal?

Knuckles: It can't be.... she left with Chaos 10 yeas ago

????: No, I'm not Tikal. I'm her daughter, Maya.

Knuckles: Told ya!

Sonic: Why are you here anyway?

Maya: (turns to Drake) Mr. Shadow....he may be mean and such a jerk....but I know that deep down somewhere....Drake is a nice person and feels that he needs fulfillment....please, don;'t be mad at him.

Shadow: I'm not mad... that's why I left... everyone says the same time to me... Nobody likes you or I hate... but whatever it is... I can't that it... besides... my life shouldn't matter and I don't matter... Drake would have been happier if he was with Sonic or someone else... not me...

Drake: Please! If I ever considered myself that blue moron's kid, I would kill myself on the spot!

Sonic: Man... you 2 are so alike...

Knuckles: *laughs* Like father like son...

Shadow: *growls then closes his eyes* If that is what you wish... *warps away*

Amy: Not cool, guys...

Cream: That wasn't very nice... He looked upset

Drake: Hmph! (uses Chaos Control to warp to his location)


Shine: (to Amy) Remind me again, what you saw in him? (points to Sonic)

Amy: He's just kidding... Sonic... tell them how you really feel...

Sonic: ...

Shine: C'mon, let's hear it!

Sonic: *sighs* Fine... but no one laugh... You see... I do love Shads as a brother. I really do care for him but there are times when we fight. Yet he may be a jerk.... I still love him for who he is...

Ivy: (kicks him right in the groin) THEN WHY'D YOU ACT LIKE A JERK TO HIM, UNCLE SONIC?!?!??!

Sonic: *falls to the floor and speaks in a high voice* Cuz of what he did to me before this happened...

Ivy: (looks the opposite way, irritated)

Sonic: *gets up, in pain* It's ok... he still bleeding through... should we go help him?

Ivy: Oh, now you think of it, huh?!

Sonic: Uhh.... *starts to walk away*

Ivy: Hmph! C'mon, guys! Let's find 'em! (runs to her Wolfen)

Star Wolf: (reluctantly training behind her)

Maya:......(follows them)

Episode 15: Now The Pain Begins

(At the Abandoned Eggcarrier)

Shadow: *starts to cry* Why am I called the Ultimate Life Form... I mean look at me... I am a failure of a father... a failure of a brother and family... I can't protect anybody... and why don't people care.... Just who am I?

Drake: (warps in front of him) Found ya, dad.....

Shadow: What... *looks down still crying* What is it that you want?

Drake: I wanna talk....

Shadow: About what?

Drake: You need to learn to stop whining and actually start acting!

Shadow: *crying* This is exactly what I saying awhile ago... you don't care! You only said it to make you seem like you care.... No one cares and that's final... Why don't you act and tell you mother she'll never see me again...

Drajke:....just because I hate you doesn't mean I don't care....but you don't care about me in return....

Shadow: I do.... why do you think I was trying to sacrifice myself.... to save everyone cuz I cared for them...'s a shame you don't show how powerful you truly are....

Shadow: Just go... *takes out a detinator* leave me be...

Maya: Drake!

Drake: (looks up and sees Star Wolf) Looks like we've got company!

Shadow: *closes his eyes* Just leave, Drake... *puts his finger over the detinator's button*

Drake: You aren't gonna--!!

Maya: (runs over to them) Drake! Mr. Shadow!!

Shadow: This detinator will blow up the Eggcarrier.... now just go and leave me to peace...

Ivy: No!! You're coming with us!

Shadow: Why should I? What about Sonic? That idiot of a brother still hates me... what difference will it make if I go with you?


Angel: He just hates you for what you did....

Shadow: What did I do? I haven't done anything to him!

Clyde: That's not what he said....

Shadow: What did he say?

Ivy: I don't know what you did to him and I don't care either, because I'm not speaking to uncle Sonic ever again!

Shadow: Is it because we fought about losing the emeralds again? That's the only thing we fought over today....

Maya: He was before all this happened....

Shadow: Oh boy... and he says I'm the one who loses the emeralds... he either "has a snack" with them or misplaces them...

Drake: He's an idiot....

Shadow: I'll go back... for now....

Ivy: (smiles) Thanks, Shadow! Now let's get outta here!

JT: You guys! I'm still waiting!

(JT Is standing on a balcony of the Eggcarrier)

Shadow: *walks out* You guys go on ahead....


Shadow: Trust me... I'll be back at Mystic Ruins soon...

Drake: Fine. Let's go...(picks up Maya and flies off)

Maya: (blushing, but cuddling up to him)

Drake: (smiles) Hmph.

Star Wolf: (get in their Wolfens and accelorate after them)

(JT Leaps off)

Shadow: *thinking to himself* I had to lie to them.... I won't go back...

Maya:......wait. I just thought of something!

Drake: What?

Maya: How will Mr. Shadow get back?

Drake:...(gasps) Why that--

Shadow: *runs out and jumps into the sea as he hits the detinator*

Kyle: What was that?!

Shadow: *swiming slowly* Let's see how they like that.... *dives underwater*

Ivy: Shadow!! (flies after the wreckage)

Shadow: *swims towards the coastline and thinking to himself* If they go to the wreckage... I might be able to get things settled with Sonic...

Ivy: (scans the wreckage, hoping to find traces of him alive)


Shadow: *gets out of the water, runs off, and hopes not to be seen*

(Hero continues watching the group and spots Shadow, so he jumps down in front of him, fists raised)

Hero: Where dya think you're goin'?

Shadow: Uhh.... no-no where...

Hero: Uh huh. (shouting) Guys, Shadow's makin' a break for it.

Shadow: *dashes off* Loud mouth...

Sparks: *Watches from afar* Why do they argue, Zero?

Zero: I- I don't really know, but it definitely concerns the one with the black and red fur. It appears he is trying to escape.

Shadow: *hides behind a tree* I think I lost Hero and the others over there... now to see Sonic... *walks away*

JT: Hmph.

Shadow: *chuckles* At least I can get away without others seeing me... they all believe I was blown up or something...

Sparks: Cmon, lets go. I need to see... somebody... anybody... who can help me. *Runs towards the Egg Carrier*

Zero: *Nods and follows him*

Neos:Im tired of one notices us anymore...and now Apallo is gone and he smashed the Quantam Emerald. Not to add in that HIS OWN WIFE OR FAMILY DOESENT CARE ABOUT IT

Brittney: (hugs Neos)

Ivy: His trace is there, but it's faint.

Neos: Britteny, im worried about him...... what if he goes Beserk again?

Brittney: He'll be fine, Neos....

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Shadow: I'd better get going before they relize I'm not there...

Fetalia: (appears in front of him) Going somewhere?

Shadow: Uhh.... just stay quiet and don't tell anyone I'm here.... *runs off*

Fetalia: (growls)

Episode 16: Where The Lies Are Heading

Shadow: *sighs* I think I lost Fetalia.... I need to pick up the pace before everyone else finds me...

Shine: (speeds past him)

Shadow: What the?! Where are you going?

Shine: (stops) Huh? Oh hey, Shad!

Shadow: *growls* Don't call me that.... only Sonic can.... Where do you think you're going anyway... What about the blown up Eggcarrier?

Shine: Just checkin' to see if Mom's okay.....

Shadow: Go back with your friends.... I have some business to take care of...

Shine: Whatever ya say, Shad! (runs off to find Amy)

Shadow: *growls* I'll just have to beat him there.... CHAOS CONTROL!! *warps to Amy's location*

Amy: *screams* Don't scare me like that, Shadow... You're not supossed to scare your sister...

Shadow: Excuse me for trying to warn you about your son coming....

Amy: *cheers* Shine's coming! Yeah!

Silver: *walks in* What's with all the noise?

Amy: Hey Silvs.... nothing... that's all...

Silver: Me and Tails are trying to fix Gamma so please.... keep it down...

Shine: (dashes in) Hey! How'd you get here so fast?!

Shadow: None of your business.... Amy?

Amy: *hugs Shine* Hi Shine!

Silver: I'm sorry but... this is getting awkward for me... I'll be heading up stairs then...

Shine: (hugs back) Hey, mom! How's it goin?

Amy: I'm good... Silver! Come here and say hi!

Silver: *walks about to Shine* Hello there!

Shine: Hey, dad. Just came to check in on you guys.

Neos: -worried about his friend looking into the sky-

Brittney: (cuddles with him, sighing)

Silver: Da-dad?! *eyes twiches and looks at Amy* But you said?!

Amy: I'm sorry... it's been awhile since I've seen Shine.... and I forgot to warn you....

Silver: *faints*

Shine: Dad?

Amy: *chuckles* I forgot to warn him but he'll be ok.... *looks around worried* Where's Shadow?

Silver: *gets up* Ugh... my head.... What's wrong, Amy?

Amy: *gets really worried* Where is Shadow? He was here a second ago....

Shine: (shrugs)

Silver: *looks at Shine* You... don't care about him, do you?

Amy: *starts to cry* I'm worried, Silver.... please... we have to find him before something bad happens

Light: *walks in* I saw him... he went off to Emerald Coast.... where Sonic is....

Silver and Amy: *look at each other then back at Light* NO AGAIN!!

Shine: Don't say anymore! I'm on it! (dashes off)

Jimmy: (walks in) Light, are you sure you're okay?

Light: I'm fine.... Flame is dead here but in the Dream World, he's alive... He should be back to normal and not crazy but that's beside the point.... If Shadow makes any contact with Sonic, then they'll fight... and it won't be a normal fight...

Jimmy: That's not good....

Light: I suggest that someone goes with Shine quickly before it's too late...

Fetalia: (enters and turns from her shadow form to solid form) You called?

Light: We need someone to go with Shine to make sure Shadow does not come into contact with Sonic...

Fetalia: On it! (Rushes out)

(At Emerald Coast)

Sonic: Man... am I glad I got a little va-ca time.... *eats a part of his chilidog*

Shadow: *stops in front of Sonic* Sonic!

Sonic: *notices Shadow* Hey Shads.... what are you doing here? *eats another part*

Shadow: *sees the chilidog* Why are you eating.... what if...

Sonic: I didn't do it this time...

Shine: (rushing through Emerald Coast)

Shadow: *chokes Sonic* Then where are the Chaos Emeralds?

Sonic: *chocking* I-i don't kn-know!!

Shine: Huh? Hey, Shad! Stop it!

Shadow: *still chocking Sonic* What do you want?

Sonic: *still chocking*

(JT, being JT, went to the Eerald Coast to relax)

JT: God, what is that noise!?

Shadow: If you don't tell me Sonic... I'll rip your head off!!

Sonic: *still chocking, face turning purple* I-i-i don't kn-kn-know!!

Shine: Stop it, Shad! Don't--(hit by a Chaos Spear out of nowhere) UGH!!!

Drake: (teleports down to him) Hmph! Don't get in the way!

Shine: (growls)

Shadow: *drops Sonic* When I find Tails... you'll see.... *walks off*

Sonic: *gets up and growls* You're not going anywhere.... *tackles Shadow*

Shadow: *growls* Get off of me!!

Star Wolf: (flying overhead)

Clyde: There he is!

JT: Hey Star Wolf, I may need a little help here!

Sonic: I didn't do anything to the Chaos Emeralds....

Shadow: Then why are you afraid of me getting Tails?!

Sonic: *eyes go open wide* Uhh..... *gets embased and runs off* No reason!!

JT: Why do you want Tails?

Shadow: To check to make sure if Sonic's lying or if he has the emeralds... That's why...

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Silver and Amy: Shadow! You're ok!

Drake: (chuckles) Chaos....LANCE!!! (fires at Silver and Amy)

Shine: Mom! Dad! Look out! (goes in front of them and takes the hit) AAAAAGH!!!!

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Shadow: Drake!! Knock it off!!

Silver: Shut up, Shadow.... now's not the time for this...

Drake: Hmph. Today, Shine....I will beat you to a bloody pulp!!

Shine: (painfully stands up) Just....bring it!!

Silver: *uses his physic powers to hold Drake still*

Shadow: Chaos Spear!! *throws it at Drake*

Drake: UGH!!!

Shadow: Calm down or I'll kill you, Drake!!


Shadow: *growls* I have to go deal with Sonic....

Shine: Stop, Shad! You'll get us all killed!

Shadow: I just need to check what he did with the Chaos emeralds... He saw how he ran off guilty...

Fetalia: (appears in front of him) Hello, Shadow the Hedgehog....

Shine: Hey, Fetty! You're late for the party!


(Above the group, Falco continues trying to change, and accidentally sends several large fireballs towards the heroes and Fetalia, Shine and Sonic are hit)

Falco: Oops!

Drake: (points to Shine and Fetalia) HA HA!!

Falco: Oh crap.

(Falco jumps down in front of them)

Falco: (lying) Stay back. I am Nemesis, I could destroy you all with one finger!

Shine & Fetalia: (not fazed....or amused)

Falco: I mean it, stay away from my friends or I'll throw a massive fireball at you!

JT: Give it up, Falco!

Shadow: *ears twich* I know where Sonic is.... Shine... Fetalia... take care.... Drake... behave for once in your life... *runs off*

Drake: Whatever.....

Fetalia: He won't get away...(pursues him in her shadow form)

Falco: Oh,, so I'll just deal with Drake then?!

Drake: Please! I've killed fish outta water that can put up a better fight than you!

JT: Falco, why don't you pretend to be a superhero while the rest of us kick Drake's sorry butt?

Light: Enough...

Silver: Is....

Amy: Enough!

Shine: O__O

Silver: We shouldn't be fighting...

Amy: Silver's right... we are not the enemy... if anything... it's Shadow...

Silver: He's lost it... thinking Sonic's got the emeralds...

Clyde: Then we gotta find him before it's too late!

Episode 17: The Light V.S The Dark

(At Tails' Workshop)

Tails: Hi-a Sonic!

Sonic: No time to talk, Tails... you have to hide me.... Shadow's coming and I... I have the emeralds...

Tails: Where are they?

Sonic: Don't ask...

Shine: (running as fast as possible to catch up with Sonic)

Tails: Get in the underground passage way... *opens a little hole for Sonic to get in*

Sonic: Thanks! *rolls in and it closes*

Shadow: *runs in* Where's Sonic, fox boy?!

Star Wolf: (arrive at the workshop)

Ivy: Dad!!

Tails: Ivy!! You ok?

Shadow: I'll ask again.... Where is Sonic?!

Tails: I haven't seen him!

Ivy: Shadow! Uncle Sonic doesn't have the Chaos Emeralds!

Shadow: How do you know, Ivy? Where you here with Sonic?

Ivy: No, but--

Shadow: Then don't say he doesn't have the emeralds.... *glares at Tails* I know you saw Sonic come in here, fox.... You better tell me where he is or I'll...

Sonic: *jumps out of the hole* Knock it off, Shadow... if I come with you to Club Rouge... will you leave my friends alone?

Shadow: *takes out his cuffs and cuffs Sonic* Sure whatever..... let's go.... *grabs Tails' ray and lie detector*

Upset tails

Tails: Sonic...

Tails: *ears go down* Sonic...

Clyde: What do you think he'll do?

Tails: He's gonna force Sonic to show him where the emeralds are...

Maya: (appears in a bright light) That's horrible!

Tails: I want to help but... Shadow's a bit to much for me to handle.... plus.... he's kinda of.... scary....

Ivy: (giggles) Oh, c'mon dad! He can't be that scary!

Tails: I can't save Sonic if Shadow's there... sorry...

Rouge and Knuckles: We can't either....

Silver: And neither can I.... *smiles* Oh well! That's 2 more problems out of the way!

Clyde: Yeah? Well, we can!

Shine: And so can I!

Fetalia: And me!

Rouge: Then why can't you sweet hearts save Sonic? He's at Eggman's Forgotten Volcano Lair....

Tails: I thought we destoryed that lair....

Rouge: Nope! It's still working fine.... *looks at the sky* Sonic's probably being tortured as we speak....

Clyde We're on it!

(Star Wolf go to their Wolfens and take off)

Shine & Fetalia: (rushoff in their direction)

Maya: Come, Drake! We must stop your father!!


Maya: Drake?

Drake: (laughing) Well...looks like dad finally found his set again....I'm starting to think I owe him an apology....

Maya: Then let's hurry!

Drake: (nods, smirking; he picks up Maya and flies off)

(Where Sonic and Shadow are)

Sonic: *wakes up* Where am I?

Shadow: We're at Eggman's Volcano Lair....

Sonic: But we destoryed this place!

Shadow: I rebuilt it... now I'm going to ask again.... and if you say no, Sonic... we get to play with Eggman's toys here...

Sonic: *looks scared and swallows hard* I WON'T TELL YOU!!

Star Wolf: (accelorating as fast as possible)

Clyde: Hang in there, Sonic! We're almost there!

Shadow: *uses Eggman's electric lazer on Sonic*

Sonic: *being shocking by the lazer and screams in pain* Ahh!!!!

Shadow: *chuckles* You want it to stop, hog.... Tell me the location of the emeralds!!

Sonic: *still being shocked* Ne-ne-never!!

Drake: (arrives there)

Maya: Mr. Shadow!!

Shadow: What? *stops the lazer*

Sonic: *breathing hard*

Maya: please, don't do this! You'll kill him!

Shadow: Then he should tell me where the emeralds are!!

Sonic: *closes his eyes and trying to catch his breath*

Drake: (approaches Shadow).....where have your balls been this whole time, dad? (extends his arms)

Shadow: *glares at Drake* I don't have time for this game.... you had your chance and you blew it.... I have more important problems to deal with.... *takes out his knife and puts it to Sonic's neck* Where are the emeralds?!

Sonic: Sh-shadow! What are you do-doing?!

Drake: I strive to get you to realize your potential of what to do with your power, and strive to be as powerful, perhaps more than you, and you still turn your back on me?! Y'know what? I think you're afraid of me, aren't you?!

Shadow: If I were afraid of you then you wouldn't be here.... You would have had another father....

Sonic: Nice to see you 2 get along.... *points at Drake* you must really hate your dad and *points at Shadow* You must really hate your son....

Drake: I have done everything based on you, anything that you have and would've done....and you never appreciated it at all....maybe you're just afraid...cuz you know that your own son is a better and stronger lifeform than you could ever dream of!

Shadow: *growls* You are about to make me kill you on the stop... You want to know whose stronger than me.... Unao, Ulimate Shadow, Chaotos, Luminos.... *chuckles* I would tell you the last one but he's already standing before you...

Drake: Hmph! Well, at least you grew your balls back.....(turns to Sonic) for you....if you don't tell me or my pop where those emeralds are, I will kill you in the the slowest and most painful way imaginable!

Maya: (gasps)

Shadow: He's my problem.... go deal with your own Drake.... *turns back on Eggman's electric lazer*

Sonic: *screams in pain again* Kn-knock it off!!

Drake: (laughing) Oh, this is like watching fireworks! All that's missing is Shine suffering this fate!! (laughing)

Shine: Funny you should say that...(runs in)

Drake: (smirks) Perfect timing....

Silver: *walks in* Shadow leave Sonic and Shine alone!

Shadow: *growls* I can't do anything without you people here... LEAVE OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!

Silver: Ok! Come on, Shine... let's leave Sonic alone...

Drake: You won't escape me!! (uses a Chaos Lightning at Shine)

Shine: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow: *grabs Drake's neck* What did I just say about doing your problems else where?! I have a hedgehog to deal with?!

Drake: I blind...? (choking)

Maya: Mr. Shadow, please!! Leave him alone, I beg of you!

Shadow: *throws Drake onto the floor* Am I afriad of you now?!?! *laughs evily*

Sonic: Knock it off, Shadow! *still being shocked*

Star Wolf: (lands there)

Ivy: Shadow! What's gotten into you?!

Shadow: *his ears go up* If no one would have come to save Sonic, I would have had the emeralds by now and none of this would have happened!!

(a dark sphere is fired at him from out of nowhere)

Shadow: *dodges it* Who threw that?! Show yourself unless you're afraid!

Fetalia: (reveals herself) I will have my vengeance! You will pay for what you did to my father!

Shine: (coughs some blood) Perfect...timing....

Fetalia: You're welcome again, Shine....

Silver: You didn't come to help, did you, Fetalia... I know whats trobling you Shadow but can't do anything about it... She'll be gone soon....

Shadow: *starts to tear while yelling* Sh-shut up!! *wipes his tears and glares at Sonic* I won't stop looking until find what I'm looking for... *grabs Sonic* AND I WON'T STOP UNTIL THE WORLD DIES!! CHAOS CONTROL!! *warps away*

Silver: He's gone... *sighs* Oh Shadow... want mess are you getting yourself into now...

Light: *walks in* You need help?

Silver: Do I ever....

Fetalia: (growls) Where did he go?!

Silver: Shadow's looking for the gems, emeralds, and rings.... If he gets them all.... *closes his eyes* I don't know what he's gonna do....

Light: Last time I saw.... All those items where with Sonic... The problem is... Shadow already has Sonic and no one knows where Sonic placed them...

Ivy: Shine, do you still have that emerald detector?

Shine: (slowly takes it out) Here....

Episode 18: The Lords Have Rung

(Meanwhile at Heaven)

Chaotos: Don't those mortals realize Shadow's trying to find a cure for his mother, Amber?

Luminos: Dude.... Mortals are idiots... No one is smarter than us.... I mean, you, me, and Ulitmate Shadow created the world.... Do you really think they know anything?

Chaotos: What about Trickster? He created his own world?

Luminos: True but we are the better...

Maya: (teleports in front of them) Please, I ask for someone of a higher power to come and help...

Chaotos and Luminos: What do you need, Maya?

Chaotos: This is the "Shadow problem" that's going on.... Isn't it?

Maya: yes, and I fear--wait, how do you know my name?

Chaotos: We're Lords... we created the world you know as Mobius....

Luminos: We even know the future before it happens.... Now do you need help or no?

Maya: Yes....please, Shadow has become obsessed with obtaining the emeralds, while his son--Drake--wants them to show off all his potential power...but I fear of what will happen if Shadow obtains them first....please, I beg of you! Tell me how I can stop Shadow! I don't want my friend Drake to get hurt! I beg you, lords! Help me!

Chaotos: Shadow's only wish is to heal Amber... his mother and Sonic's because she's dying.... and Amber means the world to those 2....

Luminos: And if Sonic doesn't tell Shadow where the location of the gems, emeralds, and rings are.... Shadow will kill everyone in his path... including his pals.... Rouge and Omega.... his own son.... and his brother.... Sonic....

Maya: How can I stop him?

Luminos: Ask where the emeralds, gems, and rings are before Shadow finds them..... ok, Maya?

Maya: Understood....

Chaotos: Good luck... *warps Maya back* You'll need it....

(Back at Mystic Ruins)

Tails: Sonic... I hope he's ok...

Ivy: If only Drake didn't steal the detector....

Tails: We have to find the emeralds before Shadow... the problem is... Sonic's the one who last had them....

Shine: We gotta get 'em before Shadow or Drake do! If Drake gets 'em, he'll abuse the power of the emeralds!

Tails: Well let's go ask Sonic! *flies out the door*

Clyde: Star Wolf team, let's go! (Star Wolf rushes to the Wolfens and take off)


Maya: (gliding through the air) I need to find the Master can help me find the emeralds! But where is the altar?!

Tikal's spirit and Gamma: *praying*

Gamma: Tikal... why does this gem not glow anymore?

Tikal's spirit: Because the 2 hearts are not joined...

Gamma: Ours?

Tikal's spirit: No... our hearts are fine...

Maya:......huh? Mother? Is that you?

Tikal's spirit: Oh Maya... you're here... I'm fine... but how are you dear?

Maya: friend could be in grave danger....I need to find the emeralds before it is too late....the Master Emerald can help, I know. But where is it?

Tikal's spirit: It's right here but it won't work unless the 2 hearts are combined... Sonic and Shadow didn't fight, did they? Because if they did, their combined hearts won't activate the Master Emerald's full power...

Maya: That is the problem....Mr. Shadow is torturing Mr. Sonic to find the emeralds....(approaches the altar) The is still just as when I last left it....shame that cannot be said for the altar....

Tikal's spirit: The Master Emerald cannot help you with this, my dear... if Sonic knows where he put it, why can't you go to him?

Maya: My light powers can help, remember mother?

Tikal's spirit: Then I pray this shall work...

Maya: (notices Gamma) Mother....of what statue is this?

Tikal's spirit: Oh no... Gamma is alive and working well... Tails and Silver fixed him up so he's working now...

Gamma: I am E-102-Y Gamma...

Maya: AAAAH!!! It--it talked!!

(Gurahk: As you can tell, Maya is still naive and curious; being frozen for thousands of years means you don't know shitabout the modern world; so she thinks Gamma is just a talking statue)

Tikal's spirit: Maya... calm down... Gamma is something new to this world... he is what you call a robot... a machine...

Maya: Robot? Machine?

Tikal's spirit: It's something you shall know soon.... for now, go find Sonic before it's took late, Maya...

Maya: (nods and turns to the Emerald) The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power...power taht is enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the Chaos....I beg of thee, great Emerald! Tell me the emeralds' location! Where are they?! Where is Mr. Sonic?! (summons the powers of the Master Emerald)

(The Master Emerald shows them that Sonic is at the remain of the Space Colony Ark)

Maya: that? Where is that?

Tikal's spirit: That is the ark... it's in space... hence the name, Space Colony Ark.... Shadow used to live there until... an accident happened...'

Maya: Space?

Tikal's spirit: It's gonna be impossible to get up there now...

Kyle: Did someone say space?!

(Star Wolf and Drake land on Angel Island)

Maya: Drake! You're okay! (hugs him)

Drake: Hmph. Did you really think dad could kill me? That's just sad....

Knuckles: *wakes up and falls down the stairs* Oww!! *gets up* What's if all the talking? I'm trying to guard the Master Emerald....

Maya: Huh? An echidna like me? Impossible....

Knuckles: Ok.... now my head hurts... *takes out his speaker* Hey Tails!

Tails: *uses his speaker* No time for funny business, Knux... I have the X-Tornado all set up to get Sonic... you coming?

Knuckles: Sure thing! *puts away his speaker* I have to go you guys... Take care...

Drake: Hang on, we're goin' too!

Maya: Please, Mr....

Knuckles: Name's Knuckles the Echidna.... And why do you guys want to come?

Angel: I love to help hotties....

Kyle: Yeah, you would....

Ivy: We want to help like all friends....

Knuckles: Ok then...

Kyle: Then let's go!

(The X-Tornado lands)

Tails: Come on, Knux!

Knuckles: Right! *jumsp in*

Maya and Drake: (jump on)

Star Wolf: (takes off)

Joseph, Jimmy, Brittney, and Tammy: (flying there with Shine and Fetalia)

Tails: All systems are ready to launch *the X-Tornado takes off*

(At The Ark)

Shadow: I've had enough of these games... I'm going back to Mobius to find my machine and you better have an anwser for me, hedgehog... *warps away*

Sonic: Oh boy...

Maya: (runs in) Mr. Sonic!

Sonic: Huh? What are you doing here? If Shadow finds you here... he'll kill you...

Clyde: We're here to help, Sonic!

Drake: So where's the damn emeralds?

Sonic: *growls at Drake* I'm not telling the likes of you... besides... You and Shadow will never get the emeralds...

Shine: Sonic, ya gotta tell us! We gotta get the emeralds before Shad does!

Sonic: Not with his son being here.... He'll just tell his dad... I'm not saying one word....

Tails: Sonic.... I know... if you don't want to tell them... Why not come back to Station Square with us? You could tell Amber in peace....

Sonic: Sweet! *breaks out of the chains* Let's go! *jumps on the X-Tornado*

Maya: (smiles)

Shadow: *warps in* Sonic! You aren't leaving without telling me!

Sonic: Go! Go! Go!

Tails: *flies off* Hold your breathe, Sonic...

Fetalia: I'll handle this. Just go!

Shadow: *growls and glares at Fetalia*

Fetalia: I'll make you pay for what you did....

Shine: Fetalia, you can't take him on by yourself!

Fetalia: I have to! Just go and get the emeralds!

Shine:....I can''re my friend and...I can't...let you die...

Fetalia: Hmph. You're so noble....yet so stubborn....but y'know something? I always liked that about you...

Shine: Fetalia.....

Fetalai: Go! I'll handle this. We'll meet again soon; I promise....

Shine: Okay....good luck...(runs out)

Fetalia: (smiles at him, then turns back to Shadow)

Shadow: What did I do... If you let Sonic get away then I'll never be able to heal Amber!

Fetalia: (hands are electrocuting) I will make you pay for what you did!

Shadow: I don't have time for you... CHAOS DEATH BLAST!! *launches a deadly blast at Fetalia*

Fetalia: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mephiles' spirit: Fetalia... stop... he should mean nothing to you... Yet you continue to chase him.... Why?

Fetalia: Huh?...father?

Mephiles' spirit: Yes.... now tell me Fetalia.... why do you continue to persue Shadow? What did he do that you crave to hurt him?

Fetalia: Isn't it obvious?! He killed you!

Mephiles' spirit: I know but he is not your problem... He is mine... you should be more worried about your friends instead of your enemies... Tell me how you would feel if your best friend had been killed and you weren't there to save him or her?

Fetalia: would break my heart.....

Mephiles' spirit: Then go to your friends... before they get hurt due to this mess.... If the blue hedgehog does not spill the location of the emeralds... all your friends will be hurt because of Shadow...

Fetalia:......(teleports to find her friends)


Drake: Now where are those damn emeralds?!

Sonic: *jumps off the X-Tornado*

Tails: Go find Amber so you can tell her the location of the emeralds in peace....

Drake: I'm not in the mood for games! Tell me NOW!!

Sonic: *growls at Drake* I'm not telling you anything... Yo Tails! Knuckles!

Tails: *goes in front of Sonic* Don't worry Sonic!

Knuckles: *goes next to Tails* We've got your back!

Sonic: Thanks! *dashes off*

Maya: Wait, Mr. Sonic! (goes after him)

Sonic: *keeps running but slow* Huh? What do you want?

Maya: Please, you must tell us where the emeralds are!

Sonic: No... I need peace and quiet.... why do you think I'm going to my mom's castle... Whenever I talk to her... it's like all my troubles are washed away...

Maya: But your mother is the very reason why Mr. Shadow is acting this way!

Sonic: *stops* What? What's wrong with her? Is she sick?

Maya: (nods) Please, tell me and I shall help your mother, I promise!

Sonic: *closes his eyes and blushes* You won't like it.... It's disturbing for girls like you...

Maya: I don't care! Please, tell me!

Sonic: They... well... it was a mistake at first... then I had to.... uhh.....

Maya: Yes?!

Sonic: *gets nervous* I'm... I don't remember....

Maya:........(takes a deep breath) HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER?!

Sonic: *his ears go down* This is why I need to talk to my mother... It's to much just to tell someone as sweet as you...

Maya: Then it seems that I'm on my own....(glides off to Angel Island)

Medusa: (looks down onto Sonic)

Sonic: *runs off* I was this close to scaring that girl.... *sighs* I need to see Amber quick before... *sometime is through in front of Sonic* Ahh! *stops*

Shadow: Hmph! I told you can't escape....

Sonic: *growls* What did you do to Tails and Knuckles?!

Shadow: They are unconscience..... for now.... but I won't kill them... if you tell the truth...

Sonic: The emeralds, rings, and gems are long gone, Shadow...

Shadow: Where are they?!

Sonic: Let's just say... they are.... disinagrated...

Medusa: (chuckles)

Shadow: What the?!

Sonic: Who are you?

Medusa: (flies down to them) Sonic and Shadow....I've waited my entire lives to meet you may call me...Medusa....

Sonic: Uhhh.... look.... Medusa.... we are kind of in the middle of a talk....

Shadow: Get out of here, lady... I have to kill Sonic for... *eyes twich* If they are "disinagrated" then why can I still feel their power?!

Medusa: (chuckles) Oh, how adorable....

Sonic: *looks at Medusa weird* Why would you say that?

Medusa: (struts to them) You two are even sexier in person...

Sonic: *eyes go big* On the count of three... one...

Shadow: Two.....

Shadow and Sonic: Three! *dashes off*

Medusa: (smirks) I love when they turns me on so well....

Tails and Knuckles: *run in*

Tails: Where do you think they went, Knuckles?

Knuckles: Probably to Amber's castle... let's go...

Tails: *sees Medusa* She's coming with us, Knux....

Knuckles: Ok! *puts up Medusa and carries her*

Tails: *runs ahead*

Medusa: (chuckles and strokes his chest) What nice abs you have.....

Knuckles: Uhh... thanks.... I work out a lot....

Tails: We need to find them... ma'am.... did you see them at all?

Medusa: (chuckles) Follow me boys...(flies up) and I can show you them....then maybe we can have some fun....

Kyle: (I don't like that b****.....she seems suspicious....)

Tails: *flies into the air* Ok! Since you know the way... we'll follow you...

Knuckles: *jumps into the air and glides* Let's go!

Medusa: 9sexily flies in the direction of Sonic and Shadow)

Star Wolf: (follow her)

Episode 19: Chaos Meets Pain

Maya: (gliding to the Master Emerald) I must find the emeralds and fast....the Master Emerald is needed again....

Shadow: *growls* Damn it! Look's like Rouge made off with it... Who cares about this island....

Tikal's spirit: But I won't be able to live on here...

Shadow: *yelling at Tikal* Who cares about you?! You're dead! LIVE WITH IT!!

Tikal's spirit: *crying*

Maya: (lands near the altar) Mother! Mr. Shadow!

Shadow: *ears go up* What do you want?

Tikal's spirit: Maya.... please.... get out of here... Rouge took the Master Emerald and now the island shall fall....

Maya: What?! What would Mrs. Rouge want with it?!

Shadow: Rouge took it to research it... and to make Knuckles angry again....

Maya: I must find her before she does something....(glides away)

(At Club Rouge)

Rouge: Well now... just wait till Knuckles comes... who would have guessed that when Tikal died, she was able to place her spirit in the Master Emerald... I just love learning new infomation...

Maya: (runs in) Mrs. Rouge!

Rouge: What? Who are you, girl?

Maya: My name is Maya. I'm a friend of Drake's.

Rouge: Oh yeah.... Drake... Anywho.... why did you come here? Is there something you need?

Maya: Yes. I need the Master Emerald!

Rouge: Aww.... I won't be rude to you... You can take it... *looks upset* I just wanted to get some infomation from it... and I wanted Knuckles to get angry....

Maya:'s your own greed that inspired you to take it. Drake told me so himself that you are a jewel-obsessed theif!

Rouge: I am... but not now... I truely wanted infomation and Knuckles to get angry... I know I am jewely theif but there are times I want to do things....

Maya:......I must find the emeralds....

Rouge: *picks up the Master Emerald* The emeralds... wasn't that left on the kichen table at Amber's castle? I remember seeing them there because Amber was cooking....

Maya: thank you....(runs off)

JT: Everyone is having a new adventure... without me? No! (Jumps into the air)

Tammy: Huh?

Sonic: *runs in front of Rouge's Club* Almost there.... *goes faster*

Shadow: *runs into Rouge's Club* I came for my machine gun...

Rouge: *hands it to him* Here...

Medusa: (comes out from the back down) Hello....

Shadow: *ears go up* Great... that chick is back... now if you excuse me.... I have a hedgehog to find... *dashes off after Sonic*

Rouge: Oh boy... *sighs* Hello there... can I help you, miss?

Medusa: 9struts over to he)

Rouge: Do you need to know where Shadow's running off?

Medusa: (strokes her face) Of course....I love the good-looking ones....

Rouge: So I see... if you want to beat Shadow there... go through the back of my club and the castle will be to your right...

Medusa: Hehehe.....I'll deal with him the will be enough fun for the time being....

Rouge: What do you mean by that?

Medusa: You'll see.....(grabs her and holds her close)

Rouge: Uhhh....

(Gurahl: Oh, yeash I shoulda mentioned....she's a bisexual succubus....)

Medusa: (makes out with her)

Rouge: *pushes Medusa back* What is wrong with you?

Medusa: (giggles) Don't tell me you didn't like it...I know you're lying....

Rouge: Well yeah but... if you plan to try this on Sonic or Shadow, you're wasting your time...

Medusa: No...I have plenty of time on my hands....(strokes her self)

Rouge: I mean... they don't like girls... And the ones... if they did marry... they liked they don't really care for... example... me and Shadow may be married but he hates me...

Medusa: Maybe you don't please him enough....

Rouge: Whatever....

Tails: *grabs Rouge's hand* Come on!

Knuckles: *grabs Medusa's hand* Yeah! Let's go!

Medusa: (chuckles) Okay then....come boys....

Rouge: Wait... *whispers to Tails*

Tails: Oh... Okay then! I like that idea! *carries Rouge to the back of the club*

Knuckles: Hey! Where are you going?

Tails: *opens the door then leaves*

Knuckles: *groans* Now what?

Medusa: (strokes his chest) We're all alone now....

Knuckles: Uhh... you.... don't care for Sonic, do ya? You only care for "having your way" with people.... don't ya?

Medusa: (grabs him) As a matter of fact....Sonic will have to wait...because you're way more sexy than he is....

Knuckles: Oh lord... *sighs* You remind me too much of Rouge... I hate her....

Medusa:'ll love me...

Knuckles: *eyes go big* Oh..... crud....

Death: -looks at them in a hiding space- Oh wow Knucklehead way to go WhooooOT!

Knuckles: *chuckles* Why don't you come and meet her....

Death:Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no thanks im uhhh... *hides scope* busy someone

Medusa: Relax...there's plenty of me to go around....

Knuckles: *running out the door* I'm glad you got to meet each other!

Medusa: (chuckles)

(Meanwhile at the castle)

Maya: (arrives at the castle)

Amber: So you...

Sonic: Yes! *covers her mouth* Not in front of the kids here....

Amber: *grabs Sonic's arm and take them off* You have my word.... but the problem is, Sonic... we can't get the emeralds, rings, and gems now... They're already in yo- *she get interupted by Sonic*

Sonic: MY ROOM! *chuckles nervously*

Maya: (runs to the kitchen)

Nazo: Where did the emeralds go?

Seelkadoom: *slaps Nazo's head* You idiot! You said you left them here!

Nazo: I did!

Maya: Nazo?!

Apallo:-sneaking behind Amber and tries to avoid her

Nazo: Oh great... what do you want, Maya?

Maya: I was about to ask you the same thing!

Apallo:- taps her shoulder- -wispers- Amber........

Neos: Well i didnt havet to find u after all....... anyway what's going on now?

Amber: Ummm.... Sonic... he.... uhh....

Nazo: I'm looking for the emeralds...

Apallo:-pulls her arm and hides behind thier bed room door in a hoodie- AMBER -he wispers-

Amber: What! I'm already trying to figure out about Sonic's problem... *walks back outside*

Apallo:-pulls out a emerald- Shhhhhhhh! Come in side...I'll tell u more

Brittney: Neos!

Maya: I am looking for them as well....but you will not get them!

Nazo: You not gonna find them anyway... Amber was the last one to see them and she's with Sonic...

Amber: Sonic... why did yo- *shes get interupted by Sonic*

Sonic: Place them in my room... *chuckles nervously* I completely forgot... *dashes off to his room*

((Sonicsmansion97: Apallo is banned for life from this rp because of his continous interuptions))

Maya: (runs out to find Amber)

????: (hidden) (uses extendable arm to grab Maya)

Maya: (screams)

????: (hidden) (laughs)

Maya: Who are you?! Let me go!!

Sonic: Hey! Let her go!

Maya: Mr. Sonic! Help me!!

Sonic: *kicks ???'s arm and grabs Maya* You ok?

Maya: Y-Yes....Mr. Sonic...Nazo is here...he's looking for the emeralds...

Sonic: He's my brother.... well.... actually... every hedgehog you see in here is either my brother or which would be Amy, my sister....

Maya: you don't remember where the emeralds are?

Sonic: I do... but it's really freaky... and my mom always tells me not to scare kids... or young ones...

Maya: I can handle it, Mr. Sonic. Just tell me where they are!

Sonic: Ok.... so Amber was making breakfast and everything was going so fast......

Maya: Yes....?

Sonic: And the only ones who ate breakfast was me, Silver, and Shadow... *closes his eyes and flintches* and I think the emeralds fell into the batter?

Maya:.......YOU ATE THE EMERALDS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Sonic: I think! I think! *looks nervous and pushes his fingers together* Maybe... I don't know...

Drake: (teleports)

????: (grabs Sonic by the head, and starts squeezing his head) (laughs)

Maya: Mr. Sonic!!

Sonic: Ahh!! Let me go!! *kicks ??? in the face and makes ??? stop* Don't touch me... and Maya... I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth before...

Maya: It's okay.....

Sonic: How do you expect to get them anyway? It's not li- *gets kicked onto the floor*

Shadow: You were saying, hog?

Maya: Mr. Shadow!

Shadow: I'm here for the emeralds... Now tell me where they are?!

Sonic: *whispers to Maya* Please don't tell him... make up a lie...

Maya: (whispering) But....I cannot lie....I am awful at it......

Sonic: *tries to get up and mouths 'then I'll do it'* Look Shadow... the emeralds aren't here...

Shadow: *grabs Sonic's neck* I don't have time for these foolish games of yours... Where are the emeralds?!

Sonic: *chocking*

Maya: Uhhh...Mr. Shadow? You, Mr. Sonic, and Mr. Silver, uhh.....

Shadow: We what? Spit it out!

Sonic: *still chocking* Do-don't...


Drake: O__O

Shadow: *chuckles* I would have felt the pressence inside of me by now and you'd be dead... and I had already checked Silver... but thanks to you... looks like someone is going to have surgery...

Sonic: *eyes go open* Shadow! Have you lost your mind?!

Drake: (rushes to the bathroom, holding his stomach and mouth)

Shadow: Looks like the end is near...

Tikal's spirit: *floats around Sonic*

Maya: Mother!

Tikal's spirit: Please Maya... you must stop Shadow before he dooms us all.... Please... I beg you...

Shadow: Let's go, hedgehog.... *carries Sonic*

Maya: But....what if I do something that accidentally kills Drake too?!

Tikal's spirit: He means too much to you... I have no choice but to ask Silver, Tails, and Knuckles....

Maya: I am sorry, mother...but I can't let Drake die....

(she hears vomitting coming from the bathroom)

Tikal's spirit: Then stay here... *sends messages to Silver, Tails, and Knuckles*

Knuckles: Let's go!

Tails: Ok! Time to fly!

Silver: Let's do this!

Shine: Got it!

Silver: We have to get Shadow before he gets the emeralds out...

Knuckles: This isn't like Super Mario Bros... they always know what to do...

Tails: Well we can try... Gamma!

Gamma: Yes Tails?

Tails: Scan for the dna of mammals 192 and 437...

Shine: Do the whatnow?

Gamma: Scanning for dna 192 and 437... Found Sonic and Shadow.... Location... Emerald Hill.

Shine: I'm on it! (dashes over to Emerald Hill)

Silver: Chaos Control! *warps Tail, Knuckles, and himself to Emerald Hill*

Tails: Let's split up and find Shadow...

Silver and Knuckles: Right!

Fetalia: (appears in front of them) Need a hand, boys? (winks)

Silver: Actually yeah!

Tails: We need all the help we can get...

Knuckles: If Shadow even lays one hand on those emeralds... We'll be doomed...

Fetalia: I've got it! (turns into her Shadow form and rushes to find Shadow)

Episode 20: The Shadows Are Leaving


Shadow: Sonic... I hope you're ready to have sugery... You should have known better then to eat the emeralds...

Sonic: I don't have 4 eyes to see everything around me...

Drake: (sighs) Okay....I'm okay now....

Shadow: *ears go up then growls* What are you doing here, Drake...

Drake: I want those emeralds! Hand them over now!

Shadow: Well you can't have them... Sonic ate them so back off! I'm trying to do sugery on him....

Sonic: But you're not a doctor...

Shadow: True... but there's no other way to get them out... now is there?

Drake: (starts punching Sonic's neck, back, and stomach, trying to get him to spit the emeralds out)

Sonic: *coughs out blood* Will you knock it off! I'm looking at twins here.... you and Shads are quite related... even though you are Shadow's son...

Shadow: *kicks Sonic in the face* Shut up... *growls* And stop beating the hell out of Sonic... that's my job...

Drake: Like father, like son...

JT: I'm sure I have done something like this before...

Sonic: By the way Shadow... what time is it?

Shadow: Close to mid-day.... why?

Sonic: *grins* Doesn't a huge wave come at about... soon?

Shadow: *growls* I hate it when you're right... I'll come and get you soon... *walks away* gotta be kidding me.

Sonic: *unlocks the chains* Now to get out of here... *looks around*

Shine: (dashes in front of him) Yo, Sonic!

Sonic: Hey there! We need to get out here before Shadow returns... Guessing Tails and the others came... *grabs Shine hand* Ok... let's to them! *dashes off*

Shine: Gotcha!

Tails: You guys ok?

Silver: He didn't get the emeralds did he?

Sonic: Nope! And neither did his stupid son! *laughs*

Maya: (runs over to them)

Sonic: Hey Maya! *smiles* You ok?

Maya:..........(If they kill Mr. Shadow....they could even kill Drake too.....I cannot let that happen....)

Sonic: I should go home... by the way, Tails... if any of the bros call... tell them to call my mom's place...

Tails: Let's all go home... hopefully Shadow and that son of his has given up...

Silver and Knuckles: Ok!


Sonic: Maya... you don't like to good... What's wrong?

Maya: Just don't kill Mr. Shadow...I'm afraid that Drake will die too....

Sonic: *looks at her confused and scratches his ear* Why would I kill my own brother? That would be stupid plus that son of his really needs to learn some manners... But I would never let anyone die... heck, I wouldn't even kill them...


Sonic: No one's gonna kill no one, ok? It's gonna be ok... you'll see

Tails: And what about the emeralds?

Sonic: Those 2 can keep trying but they'll never get them out of me...

Maya: But how can Mr. Shadow heal your mother's curse?

Sonic: That's all made it... because... I already did that when I saw there... She needed help healing that curse and all I needed to do was ask Chaotos and Luminos... Shadow made that up so he could get close to me...

Maya: (gasps).....they lied to me!! They said she still had it!

Sonic: Who? Chaotos and Luminos? Shadow hypontised them before you got there... so you could believe Shadow's lie as well


Sonic: Let's go before Shadow figures out I got out...

Maya: (starst to cry) Why Drake? Why did your father....have to be him?

Sonic: Maya... it's ok...

Maya: (still crying)

Sonic: *puts his hand on Maya's shoulder* I need you to be strong... It's ok...


Sonic: You better now?

Maya: I....guess....

Shadow: *looks angry* How the hell did you escape?!

Maya: Mr. Shadow!

Shadow: What do you want?

Maya: Your mother is cured! Don't get the emeralds!

Shadow: *pushes Maya out of the way* I don't have time for your little games... You sound like Tikal... she made no sence and was a terrible person... I'm glad she's dead.... MONSTER!!! TAKE THAT BACK!!! (tackles him)

Shadow: Get off! *throws Maya onto the floor*

Sonic: Shadow! Stop this! *runs up to Shadow*

Shadow: *walks forward with his knife pointed at Sonic*

Maya: (growls)

Shadow: *runs towards Sonic*

Sonic: *stops moving*

Maya: (ties to hit Shadow with a Chaos Punch)

JT: !!

Shadow: *grabs Maya's hand* Where's Drake? Guess he never really cared for you... *throws Maya into a wall*

Maya: Uhhhh.......

Shadow: Besides... I'll get the emeralds now..

Drake: (flies down) Those emeralds are mine!

Shadow: Why don't you deal with your friend... *points at Maya* I have some emeralds to deal with...

Sonic: *pulls the knife out from his arm* What was on this?

Shadow: Toxic... it should knock you out for now...

Maya: (gets up) Ugh....

Shadow: Besides Drake... you and I don't know how to get the emeralds out... So tough luck!

Drake: Of course I do...but I'm not telling you!

Shadow: Go ahead and try... I dare you!

Drake: Gladly...(approaches Sonic)

Sonic: Huh... what do you want?

Drake: (uses Chaos Control to somehow cough the emralds out)

Sonic: *coughs out the emeralds* Uhh... now I feel dizzy... *looks at the emeralds and laughs* Oh boy... those things were in there long... *picks one up* These are emeralds shards... You'd have to get the rest out... *gets up* And I won't let you... *dashes off*

Drake: (growls and flies after him)

Sonic: Suckers... *runs past Mario and Luigi* Hey Mario! Hey Luigi!

Mario: What the?! Mamma mia! Luigi! I think he needs help...

Luigi: Too busy! Must get my TACO!!

Drake: GET BACK HERE!!!!

Sonic: *hides in the trees* Man... and here I thought they would try it the easy way...

Mario: *jumps into the tree next to Sonic* Hey Sonic.... whatcha running from?

Sonic: I accidently ate the emeralds and now I'm being chased...

Mario: Sounds a lot like Bowser...

Drake: (smirks)

Sonic: Thanks for the tip... I don't see how it helps but thanks anyway...

Mario: No-a problem.... you may want to get out of here before Mr. Nosey comes here...

Drake: Who you calling Nosey?!

Mario: *looks annoyed* Told ya... he's just as annoying as Bowser... Go!

Sonic: Right! *jumps down from the tree and runs*

Drake: Outta the way, plumber boy!

Mario: Awkward... *jumps out of the tree and goes home*

Sonic: *still running but backwards and makes funny faces at Drake*

Drake: (angrily chasing him)

Sonic: *faces forward and goes faster* Can't catch me! *laughs at Drake*

Drake: (running as fast as his father)

Sonic: Yikes! Better keep going... *continues to run*

Drake: Heheehehe............

Sonic: What are you laughing about?

Drake: Those emeralds will soon be mine!

Sonic: Yeah right... Using Chaos Control... you'd be at this for days... unless you got a better idea, you'll never get them...

Drake: Hmm.....(smirks and laughs)

Sonic: *stops* Ok... I've had enough of your laughing!

Drake: (rolls up his cleevs and shoves his arm down his throat)

Sonic: *grabs Drake's other arm and bites hard*

Drake: (ignores the pain as he tries to dig deep and find the emeralds)

Shadow: *warps in* This has gone on long enough... *walks to Drake and pull on him* Get your arm the hell out of there... There's no way to get to the stomach like that... your arm is huge compared to the size of a stomach...

Drake: That's why the emeralds will be easy to get!

Shadow: The emerald are small, stupid... It's gonna take forever... Use your brain for once!!

Drake: (growls)

Shadow: Get your arm out of there or I'll make you!

Drake: (hesitantly does so)

Shadow: Hmph! That's what I thought... *chuckles* And you told me to "man up".... *laughs*

Drake: (growls and hit him with a Chaos Punch)

Shadow: *growls* Chaos Spear! *throws spears at Drake*

Drake: UGH!!! (growls and starts beating him up)

Shadow: *growls and starts punching Drake*

Sonic: *thinking to himself* And while they are fighting... I'll get away... *walks away slowly, not trying to make a sound*

Maya: (watching from a distance).....

Sonic: *when he gets outside, he starts to run* See ya later.... suckers....


Sonic: *chuckles* And since they're fighting... I'm home free!

Maya: (gasps)

Sonic: *sees Maya* Wonder what she's worried about...

Maya: Mr. Sonic, you have to stop them!

Sonic: Fine... *runs back in* Yo! Knock it off!

Shadow: Why should I stop, hog?

Drake: (panting)

Sonic: Cuz I said so!

Shadow: *growls* I'm gonna my kit and then I'm coming for Sonic! *runs off*

Sonic: *whispers 'I know I'm gonna regret this'* You ok, Drake?

Drake: Y-You....

Sonic: I should get you out here...

Drake: I...don't need your--GAAH!!! (feels immense pain in his chest)

Sonic: *picks up Drake and carries him* Oh yes you do... *dashes off but not too fast*

Drake: (coughing)

Sonic: *brings him to Tails* Yo Tails...

Tails: Oh my god.... looks like Shadow got him good... Put on the bed there... I'll get my medicine...

Sonic: *lays Drake on the bed slowly* There you go...

Ivy: (starts attending to him)

Sonic: I hope he's ok, Tails...

Tails: He should be soon... for now... you need to get out of here...

Shadow: *warps in* Too late...

Kyle: (points his gun at Shadow) Piss off!

Shadow: I'm not here for any of you... *walks up to Sonic then leaves*

Sonic: *stops moving*

Kyle: Jerk.....

Sonic: *falls to the ground, covering his chest*

Ivy: Uncle Sonic!

Sonic: *coughs up blood* I'm fine... *looks at Drake in bed* I know he'll be ok...

Ivy: Wait....don't tell me Shadow--

Sonic: Yep... How's Drake though? I'm more worried about him...

Ivy: he'll be fine....he just needs some rest...

Shine: But....we're all screwed now!

Sonic: *his eyes start to close*

Shadow: *walks back in* Let's see everyone try to get the emeralds from something as worthless as Sonic...

Tails: Leave Sonic alone!

Maya: I don't understand how a monster like you can be Drake's father!

Shadow: *picks up Sonic's body* I'll be taking my prize and go.... *walks away*

Tails: *crys*

Cosmo: *walks up to Tails and hugs him*

Amy: It's not fair! *gets angry and takes out her Pikpik hammer* I'm gonna hurt Shadow for this...

Shine: I'm with ya, mom!

Amy: Ivy... Be a sweetheart and keep an eye out for Drake, will ya?

Silver: I'm coming too!

Fetalia: I'll take him down!

Amy: *runs out the door*

Silver: *follows Amy*

Shine & Fetalia: (rush out)

Amy: Hey Shadow! *uses her hammer to cause a tornado to go to Shadow*

Shadow: Hmph! *dodges it* Is that all you can do?

Fetalia: Chaos.....LANCE!!! (fires at Shadow)

Shadow: *activates his boots and flies* Hmph! You want Sonic.... *drops Sonic's body* Here!

Shine: Sonic!

Silver: *uses his physic powers and catches Sonic*

Fetalia: (growls)

Shadow: Keep him... he's worthless *snaps his fingers and warps*

Silver: Let's go... maybe Drake's ok by now and then we can help Sonic...

Fetalia: i doubt it....

Silver: Thanks for being positive... *runs back to the workshop*

Amy: Wait for me! *follows Silver*

Shien: (runs after them) I'll race ya, mom, dad! (dashes past them)

Amy: Hey! *laughs*

Silver: I can't race... I'm holding Sonic... *walks into the workshop*

Shine: (laughs) Tough luck, dad! (rusghes in) YEAAA!!! WHO DA MAN?!?! WHIO THE MAN?!?!?

Silver: I'm holding Sonic.... do you really think I can play and hold at the same time... So yes... you may have won... but you won by default...

Amy: *walks in* Hey Ivy? How's Drake so far?

Ivy: He just needs some rest....Maya's with him...

Silver: I have to deal with Sonic now cuz he's bleeding thanks to Shadow

Ivy: (attends to Sonic)

Silver: Go luck at Sonic....

Drake: (takes a look at Sonic) dad did this?

Silver: Yes... he helped you and Shadow did this...

Drake:..........Hmph. I should be thankful.....

Sonic: *opens his eyes* Hey...

Drake: Thank you.....

Sonic: *tries to get up* It's ok... I wasn't gonna let Shadow hurt the future... that and you have a bright future ahead of you...

Drake:.....(smiles and extends his hand)

Sonic: *grabs Drake's hand and shakes it*

Shadow: *warps in* This has gone on long enough! *looks at Sonic* You should be dead by now and you still have my emeralds.... *looks at Drake* And you.... you are weak... making friends with this idiot! How stupid are you?!

Sonic: Leave him alone, Shadow!

Shadow: *grabs Sonic's arm and twists it* Enough from that mouth of yours...

Drake: He's not my friend....he just saved my life, I'm just grateful. He only gained my respect, not friendship.

Shadow: I don't care... *twists Sonic's other arm* Why don't you just leave this idiot alone with me... *grins* I'll take of him...

Sonic: *scream in pain* And right after... you stabbed me... you came back to finish the job... huh, Shadow?

Shadow: Well... looks like someone is finally catching up...

Maya: Mr. Shadow, stop!

Shadow: Never... *grins at Sonic* Looks like one person is standing by your side, Sonic...

Sonic: *starts to breathe slowly* Maybe so... but at least somebody cares...

Ivy: are nothing but a lying ***hole!!

Shadow: During the begining... I was helping you... but now, *steps on Sonic's back* this idiot has to go...

Sonic: *screams in pain* Shadow... stop this maddess.... you only act like this when your cuffs are missing from your gloves... *sees that Shadow's gold rings are gone* Not again.... just control yourself, Shadow!!

Kyle: Alright, pal! (shoots him with his machine gun)

Episode 21: The Last Bell Sings

Shadow: *gets hit* You are a pain to me.... *grabs Kyle and throws him at Drake* Back off...

Sonic: Shadow! Leave them alone! Pick on someone your own size!!

Shadow: *grins* With pleasure... *steps on Sonic's legs and grabs Sonic's arms*

Maya: (fires a light ball at Shadow)

Shadow: *gets hit* I am getting annoying by this *grabs Maya's neck* I will kill you along with Sonic if you keep this up!

Drake: Drop her, dad!

Shadow: *drops Maya* Fine... I don't time for these games anyway...

Sonic: *tries to get back up*

Shadow: *kicks Sonic back onto the floor* Don't even try it, hedgehog...

Ivy: (shoots him)

Shadow: *gets hit and starts to bleed* You'll pay for that! *grins then chuckles* How about this... I'll strike a deal with all of you... I'll let Drake choose... if he wants Sonic dead... I get to kill Sonic... but if Drake wants Sonic alive... I won't bug you people anymore... Deal?

Ivy: (growls)

Tikal's spirit: *watching from a far and praying* Oh please... please Drake... make the right choice.... please..

Drake: (points a Shadow Rifle at Shadow) Piss off, pops! (shoots him)

Shadow: *gets hit and growls* So you don't care... do you? *grabs Sonic's neck* You better make a choice... or he gets it!

Drake: him again)

Maya: (smiles)

Shadow: *gets hit again and growls* Fine... *drops Sonic* I would have expected you to let me kill him... *warps away*

Drake: (stands over Sonic) Now we're even....(extends his arm)

Sonic: *grabs his arm* Thanks... but why did you help me?

Drake: Cuz you saved me....


Sonic: *smiles* Thanks.... *pulls up on Drakes arm and gets up* You guys should head on home...

Tails: *walks in* Everything ok?

Tails: Why doesn't ever one go home? *looks at Light* You should too...

Light: I shall.... It was nice to help you guys fix your problem as you have helped mine... I hope that we shall meet again... but in your dreams...

Jimmy: (hugs him) I'll miss ya was nice knowin' ya....

Light: *hugs Jimmy back* It's been a pleasure knowing you as well...

Tails: We'll see ya soon...

Silver: Yeah... thanks a bunch....

Amy: *hugs Light and cries* I'll miss you...

Light: Don't cry my dear.... I'll see you in your dreams...

Jimmy: (smiles)


Light: *opens a portal back to the Dream World* I shall see you later...

Everyone: (waves good-bye)

The End

Light: So everyone has seen my world... their world is unique but I wanted to see happiness yet I saw great saddness... I pray for those whose hearts whre evil and dark.... As for Flame, I shall see if he has reverted back to normal. Sonic and Shadow are just like me and Flame... sooner or later... those 2 will understand what it means to love one another but for now... I wish them good luck. To everyone, follow your dreams and make them a reality cuz sooner or later, it shall end... Goodbye my new friends... I shall see you in your dreams...

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