We all know of the modern heroes we see now,but for 200 years,a new hero has been forming.&nbsp





In a lab near the edge of South Island,a scientist is researching data for an experiment on high-speed. Later,a young hedgehog,in blue sneakers and brown quills, tunneled his way into the lab. The scientist saw the young hedgehog as a perfect test subject for his experiment. Giving the hedgehog low friction,high speed shoes. During this process,a glitch had formed in the scientists computer and it was gathering data from the experiment. when an explosion occured in the lab (from too much awesomeness), the lab soon became forever abandoned.

200 years pass,and a young hedgehog finds his way to the same lab used for the experiment on the hedgehog. The young hedeghog is known as Silver.

Chapter 1: Awakening

Kintobor's Lab

Silver: Man,this place looks pretty messed up,doncha think?

Metal sonic: Yeah....huh?

Metal sonic notices a computer making beeping sounds

Metal sonic: SILVER! Come check this out!

Silver: A computer huh? And it's still working. MS turn it on, i'll see what i can do.

Metal sonic: Sure.

The computer activates and the two see a red and green hedgehog onscreen


Metal sonic: What in.....

???: Who.....

Silver glares at metal sonic

Metal: Wasn't me.

???: Who has awakened me from my slumber?

Metal:*points toward silver* This guy.

Silver: Uh.....


Silver: look, im sorry that i awakened you,PLEASE DON'T EAT ME WITH A SPOON!!!!

Metal sonic and ??? stare at Silver

Metal: Don't mind my idiot friend here.

Silver: HEY!

Metal: So how did you get stuck in this computer?

???:......I am a glitch in this computer......

Metal: Kinda like Ashura,Right?

???: who is this.....Ashura?

Silver: He's a computer glitch based on Sonic the Hedgehog


Metal: Really? Let's see whatcha got.

???: Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character of the series. He is a supersonic, blue, teenage hedgehog who can move faster than the speed of sound (768 mph, which is faster than Mach 1), with lightning reflexes to match (hence the name Sonic). He is a laid-back and cool character. He is meant to symbolize peace. He is 20 years old, stands at 100 centim.......

Silver & Metal: ALRIGHT,WE GET IT!!!!!!!!

Metal: Wait.....what did he mean by"main character of the series"?

Silver:No clue. Anyway, do you have a name little guy?


Metal: No name huh?

Silver; We'll give you a name. How 'bout Zeke?


Metal: Well that was easy.

Silver: Wanna be a part of our team,Zeke?

Metal:Whoa, what do you mean OUR team? I work alone.

Zeke: Either way guys, the answer is yes.

Silver: Wow,he's talking less like a robot now.

Metal: Whatcha tryna say?

Zeke: Guys,guys we're all friends here.

Metal:Z's right.

Silver: I have an idea, let's show Zeke here green hills of the past.

Metal: But how's he gonna.....


Zeke appears in front of Silver & Metal sonic

Metal: Never mind.

Silver: Alright Metal, you know what to do.

Metal: Right!

With a wave of his hand, Metal sonic creates a portal through time

Metal:Let's go.

Silver & Zeke: Alright!

Interlude:chapter 1

Deep within a dark area of mobius.....

?????:Where is that pathatic slacker?

???:who you callin' pathetic?

?????:It's about time you showed up,Phi,do you know how long i've been waiting?

Phi:but im here now,aren't I,Orbot?

Orbot:It doesn't matter! Now,did you bring them like the doctor said?

Phi:DUH! Who do you think I am,Cubot?

Phi then drops two mobians to Orbot's feet.

Orbot:Hmmm....a rabbit and a chameleon....

Phi:The perfect specimen for brainwashing,right?

Orbot:Correct,let's get to work.

Chapter 2:Green hills Zone

A portal opens and out steps the the friends:Silver,Zeke, and metal sonic

Silver:Well,here we are.


Silver:Zeke,Enough with the computer stuff.

Metal sonic:Yeah,we brought you here to enjoy yourself.

Zeke:Yeah,I guess I could.....uhhhh...

Silver:What is it?

Zeke: is that a floating doll?

A floating doll that shares the appearance of a familiar fox hovers toward the three

This could only mean one thing......

Metal:OH SNAP!!!!!!

Silver and Metal:TAILS DOLL!!!!!!!!!RUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!

Zeke:This looks like some good data to capture.

Metal:YOU IDIOT,RUN!!!!!

The three hide behind a small hill as the tails doll passes by as well as a robot version of knuckles

Metal:Hey, is that me?

A smaller metal sonic passes as well as an egg-robo close behind



Silver:W-what is it,Zeke?

Zeke:I feel a powerful energy approaching....CHAOS ENERGY DETECTED


Metal:I feel it too.....

Just then, a golden light bolts by almost carrying Zeke away with it


Metal:It's energy ratings are off the charts!

Zeke:it was so fast....

The golden light zips by and seems to have seen Zeke giving him a thumbs up goin after it.....

Metal:You'll never catch up to it

Zeke:Don't worry.....

He takes a ready position

Zeke:....cuz i copied its data....

And with that he bolts off as fast as the golden light



Zeke catches up with the gold light to see that it is a hedgehog


The hedgehog stays silent

Zeke:I'm zeke,What's your name?

Silence...... are you flying like that?

The hedgehog remains silent and accelerates even faster into the zone

Silver and Metal:ZEKE!

Silver:Finally...*huff*...we caught up*huff* ya...*huff huff*

Metal:We would've been here earlier,if silver werent so slow

Silver:It's not that i'm's just that I.....

Metal:Suck at running and passed out after each two steps

Zeke:Ok....I am officially bored let's go to another time period

Metal and Silver:Alrighty!

Metal creates a time portal and the three enter......

But from behind a boulder,Tails doll follows through....

And travels through time like the three......Who knows what will happen with tails doll on the loose?

Interlude:chapter 2

Holy Summit

On the top of the summit,three familiar faces are seen....playing cards?

Emerl:Got any three's?





Ray:shut up,i'm thinkin'

Emerl:the cards are no more than 2-inches away from your face,nimrod

Ray:i'm a squirrel!

Mighty:that explains a lot

Ray:look you jerks i'm just trying to.....BUNNY!!!!!!!

Mighty:Look rodent there is obviously not a.....

Emerl:hey it's Cream

Mighty:and Espio

Emerl:where do you think they're goin'?

Ray:let's check it out!

Mighty:right behind ya

The two run off and Emerl quickly checks something he finds important before following

Emerl:huh,he really didn't have any three's

Chapter 3:Meeting Sonic

Around central city

Metal:ahh,the nostalgia

Silver & Zeke:what's this place?

Metal:central city


Metal:careful,the firce known as G.U.N is looking for someone we know




A blue streak speeds by on what seems to be a snowboard


Metal:Yep,back then G.U.N thought that Sonic did a certain crime,but it turned out to be someone else

Silver:Wow,how unlucky

Metal: Yeah well,what're ya gonna do?

Zeke: Let's go say hi!

Silver: Uh....Metal, is that gonna affect the future?

Metal: Probably,let's not interfere

Zeke: Awwww...

Silver: Is there any way we can talk to him WITHOUT messing up the timeline?

Metal: We could go back to modern times

Zeke: Is this not modern times?

Metal: Nope

Silver: Well,let's not wait any longer

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