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This is a background Story of Darkstorm the Halfbreed (This Story will only occur on Mobius)
Darkstorm the Halfbreed


Cast (If anyone feels like joining)

  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • Rage (played by Kasei)
  • Kirara the cat (Before she died)
  • Bakuustorm the Two tailed cat halfbreed (Younger years)
  • Mephiles Darkstorm
  • Dromeo the Halbreed (Older Evil brother)
  • Snowstorm the Conquorer (Evil Father)
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Shade the Hedgehog
  • Godzilla the Hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Xenomorph Darkstorm
  • Kaytlin Fence the fox
  • Zoro the wolf
  • Lucas the hedgefox(Young years)
  • Zora the wolf(Young years)
  • Mobius police
  • Medics
  • Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Rutt the Moose (Spongebob100)
  • Tuke the Moose (Spongebob100)
  • Jackbot Nega (Spongebob100)
  • Cold the Hedgehog(Tailsman67)
  • Flame the Hedgehog(Tailsman67)
  • Shadow Clone(Tailsman67)
  • Skate the Hedgehog(Tailsman67)
  • Sai the Fox(Tailsman67)
  • LT the Mouse(Tailsman67)
  • Lisa the Iguana(Tailsman67)
  • Cerise the Ocelot (VulpixPWNZ)
  • Maggie Flippercorn (Pumpituppartyzone, younger years)
  • Cassy the Ocelot (Pumpituppartyzone, younger years)
  • Dudley the Wombat (Pumpituppartyzone, younger years)
  • Iris Meritz (Pumpituppartyzone, younger years)
  • Ichabod the Rhino (Spongebob100)
  • Jim the Dog (Sroundernuts)
  • Christal The badnik (Sroundernuts)
  • Coconuts
  • Damian the Echidna (Damian232041)
  • Cora the Bat (Damian232041)
  • Dillon the Echidna (Damian232041)
  • Jodie the Fox (Damian232041)
  • Trey the Chameleon(Damian232041)
  • Spike the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Wolf (shadowthewolf)
  • Mystery The Hedgehog (BunnieRabbot123)
  • Megan The Hedgehog
  • Varan the Wildcat (BSE)
  • Edward The Artificial Robloxian Hedgehog(kinglimerules339back)
  • Rapid the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Kyros the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Roy the Hedgechidna (RVRSE)
  • Ioh the Porchupine
  • Revy the Hedgehog(Lovelysakura)

When Darkstorm came to Mobius:

Part One: The escape from the hospital

Darkstorm:(Wakes up from his coma) Where am I?

Nurse:I see your awake.

Darkstorm:(Tries to find his pistol) Where is my armor and my weapons.

Nurse: Had to remove them.

(In the other room)

Kaytlin:Zoro,It's going to be ok!

Zoro:Is my baby here yet?

Kaytlin:Not yet,Zoro!

Shadow:(On a medical bed) Kaytlin?


Shadow:(Groans as gets in the wheel chair) You look good Kayt., hey Zoro.

Kaytlin:Zoro's having a baby!

Shadow:Congrates to you Zoro (Grabs his still bleeding leg)

Kaytlin:*Uses Heal Bell on Shadow's leg*

Shadow: Thanks Honey, some guy came out of no where and shot me.

Kaytlin:I'll make them pay.

Darkstorm:(Roars loudly of his restraint hatred)

Nurse: Sir I highly recommend you stop.

Darkstorm: Your holding a Yautjan clan leader hostage Medic.


Darkstorm:(Manages to break free and grabs Kaytlin) Medic your gonna tell me where my stuff is or I swear to the elders she won't see another day.

Nurse: Down the hall to the right.

Kaytlin:What was that about?

Shadow: That's the guy, that's the guy who shot me!

Darkstorm:(Puts on his yuatjan armor and cloaks himself)

Kaytlin:You shot my husband!

Darkstorm: (Pulls out his pistol) He startled me so I pulled the trigger. He is just lucky he isn't dead.

Kaytlin:Zoro just had a child,I have to go now.8To herself*Someday you'll pay.

Darkstorm:(Shoots Kaytlins Tail) Never turn your back on your foe.

Kaytlin:*Her tail heals*

Darkstorm:(Rips off his human skin and reveals that he is half human)*Roars loudly*

Kaytlin:*Runs into the one hospital room*

Darkstorm:(Follows Kaytlin while his wings are appearing)

Kaytlin:Why do you want me?

Darkstorm:(Sniffs her fur) *Gasps* Mew!

Kaytlin:What's a Mew?

Darkstorm: Legendary Pokémon, (Feels forehead) ouch what is this?

Kaytlin:*Treansforms into a Mew*I'm a Mew!

Darkstorm: I heard rumors that a Mew had a child that can trasform into a Mew but the child was orphaned.

Kaytlin:Yup,That's me!

Police:(Aims pistols at Darkstorm) Freeze!

Kaytlin:Don't shoot!

Officer:(Shoots Darkstorm, but bullet ricochets off his skin)

Darkstorm:Energy Blast (Throws a sphere of Dark energy at the police)

Shadow:When this bullet is out of my leg your dead meat!

(Outside the Hospital)

???:(Rams into Jack) Watch where your going you ding dong!

Jack: Well watch where YOU going, whoever you are?

???:(Grabs Jacks throat with a clawed hand) My name is Snowstorm the conqueror!

Jack: Ok pal you win, now put me down, please?

Snowstorm:(Growls) Never!

Bada & Bing: (Punches Snowstorm) Leave him alone

Dromeo: Leave my father alone.

Rutt & Tuke: Father?!

Bada & Bing: Sorry, but this is your Father?

Jack: And who are you?

Dromeo:I am Dromeo the Hybrid, son of Snowstorm and older brother of Darkstorm, and you all are dead!

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: UH OH (Runs into the Hospital) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!

(Inside the Hospital)

Darkstorm:(Hears screaming) What the?

Jack: Ahhhhh, you gotta Hide me from Dromeo

Bada,Bing,Rutt & Tuke: Help us

Dromeo:Well hello little bro.

Darkstorm:(Growls)*To Jack* Who are you?

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke

Dromeo: Be good little bro and kill them.


Jack: Phew

Dromeo: Then I'll kill them myself.

Darkstorm: Over my dead corpse.

Jackbot Nega: Darkstorm vs Dromeo

Snowstorm: Darkstorm!!!!


Jack: Huh?

Snowstorm: Why can't sense your evil anymore son?

Darkstorm: I changed my paths.

Snowstorm: How dare you!

Jack: He changed from Bad to Good

Kaytlin:Who are you?

Jack: His name is Darkstorm

Kaytlin:I ment you.

Jack: Oh Yeah, My name is Jack & this is Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke & Jackbot Nega

Kaytlin:Hi my name is Kaytlin Fence the fox & this is my friend plus my son Lucas the hedgefox and Zoro the wolf.

Jack: Hi



Bada & Bing: Hello

Rutt & Tuke: Hi there eh?

Jackbot Nega: Greetings

Lucas:*Jumps on Tuke*Eh?

Kaytlin:My sons only 5.

Darkstorm: (Attacks his father) I'll never join when I figured out you killed mother!


Rutt: Wow, he likes you Tuke

Tuke: I guess he does, eh?

Snowstorm:Your mother was human my son, and every human is weak!


Jack: Huh?

Kaytlin:Whats wrong Lucas?


An ominous shadow sits on the sidelines watching the battle between Darkstorm and his father. "It's pathetic, really. If this is all the power he has, then Snowstorm will crush him."


Dromeo:(Grabs Lucas by the tail then runs for it)HAHAHA.

Jack: Let go of him

Kaytlin:*JUmps on Dromeo*

Dromeo:(Pulls out a knife and puts it to Lucas's neck)AHAHAH

Lucas:*Turns into an Onyx*

Jack: Whao, now that's deadly

Dromeo: (Pulls out a Plasma Repeater and opens fire on Onyx/Lucas)

Lucas:*Turns into a Pidgey and Flies away*

Jack: Whao

Bada & Bing: Wow

Kaytlin:*Turns into a Pidgeiot & Flies after Lucas*

Shadow:(Grabs Darkstorms Halo Magnum and shoots Dromeo)

Kaytliun & Lucas:*Flie back down*

Rutt & TUke: Whao

Jack: Shadow

Lucas:Daddy shot someone!

Kaytlin:Shadow,you shot someone.

Dromeo:(Shoots Shadow in the left lung) I ain't dead yet (Prepares to kill Shadow)

Jack: Stop!

Kaytlin:*Grabs Sadow & Lucas then runs*

Dromeo:(Shoots Kaytlins right leg) Stupid broud!

Jackbot Nega: (Shoots Dromeo with his Right Minigun Hand)

Kaytlin:*Calls HO-Oh & flies off with her husband and son*

Jack: Who are you calling?

Dromeo:(Dodges) You aim like a cross eyed dragon!

Jackbot Nega: (Fires Dromeo with his JackCannons with no Misses)

Snowstorm:(Pulls out a bull whip and begins whiping Darkstorm till his Five Claw mark scar is visible) Are learning yet welp!!!

Jack: Watch out Darkstorm

Darkstorm:(Takes hit and bleeds badly)

Mobius Swat team:(Opens fire on Darkstorm and Snowstorm)

Jack: Whao

Kaytlin:Don't hurt Darkstorm!

(Wow that's a lot of replies)

Before the attacks can reach either of them a wall of dark energy appears, defending both Darkstorm and Snowtorm. The shadow from earlier appeared out of the dark wall, revealing itself as Rage, a bear. "Hey, they're having their own fight. They don't need interruptions from you."

Snowstorm: Out of my way mortal fool!


Darkstorm:You stole my birth right father and that was to be the guardian of the Apocalypse emeralds!

Rage looks at the two of them. "You two had better settle that fight sometime soon. It's unsightly."

Jack: Oh dear

Snowstorm:He's right this going to end now, in 5 mins. everything on this stupid world will be dead or dying!

Jack: Wait, what are we talking about?

Darkstorm:He will destroy this planet with all seven Apocalypse emeralds!

Jack: We gotta stop them before he Succeeds!

Rage turns around to face Snowstorm. "So that's what this is about, eh? I don't think I like the thought of that!" Rage uses his power and shoots two dark blasts at Snowstorm.

Darkstorm:(Coughs up Blood)

Jack: He's in Pain, We'll take care of you

Snowstorm:(Teleports to The Weapon)

Jack: What is he doing?

Cold:(Hides in a tree)

Rage growls when his target disappears. "Where did he go!?"

Bada & Bing: We don't know

Darkstorm:(Coughs up more blood)

Rutt & Tuke: We need to help Darkstorm

Cold:(Pull out a bow and arrow and still hides)

Rage finally notices Darkstorm's injury and wraps a blanket of darkness around him, lifting him gently. "Can anyone here attend to him?"

Jack: I will, Chaos Healer (Heals Darkstorm)

Cold:(Fires the arrow and still hides)

Jack: What's that?

Rage blocks the arrow with another shield of darkness, then fires a dark bolt at where the projectile came from. "Come on out!"

Cold:(Shoots more arrows)

Not even one of them gets through Rage's shield, but seeing as the bowman did not dodge, the Dark bolt has no trouble finding it's target in his shoulder.

Darkstorm:(Pulls out a rapid firing crossbow and fires)

Jack: Yikes, Cold is that you?

Darkstorm: Who is this Cold?, (Still firing cross bow and Speaking Ancient halfbreed)

Kaytlin:Who is Cold,Jack?

Godzilla:(Attacks Cold in his hedgehog form)

Kaytlin:*Jumps infront of Cold*

Jack: Well It's a long Story, but now we gotta do something

Godzilla:(See's Lucas and thinks Lucas is his father) Shadow?

Kaytlin:You know my husband?

Godzilla: Man your gorgous and Shadow is my Master.

Jack: Your Shadow's Pupil


Jack: Wow

Godzilla: Seriously Ms. Kaytlin your very pretty.

Shadow:(Rolling in his wheel chair) Godzilla?

Jack: Hi Shadow

Darkstorm:(Pulls out his Guitar and practices)

Jack: What is he doing?

Jackbot Nega: Can't Identinfy Movement

Darkstorm:(Plays Birthday dethday by Dethklok and summons Skeletons)

Jack: Whao

Skeletons:(Fall apart and surround Darkstorm to become his bone armor)

Bada & Bing: Wow

Darkstorm:(Plays Guitar more hard core to protect Mobius)

Rutt & Tuke: Preaty

Darkstorm:(Summons Dragons from Hell and Heaven)

Jack: Whao, what are they?

Darkstorm: Heaven and Hell Dragons!
File:Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store (Animal Crossing: Wild World) - Super Smash Bros Brawl Music

???:(Pulls out her Guitar and plays along with Darkstorm)


Shadow: Dang Darkstorm is good.

Darkstorm:(Plays more hard core)

Kaytlin:*Pulls out a country guitar*

Shade:(Laughs at Kaytlin)

Darkstorm:(Gets more hard core)

Kayrtlin:*Starts to play a song*

Darkstorm:(Summons the power of the Chaos Emeralds without noticing)

???:(Sticks close to Darkstorm)


Godzilla: (Picks up Lucas) Your my masters son?


Shadow:I see you met Godzilla my son.

Dromeo:(Attacks Darkstorm) You've betrayed the Storm family line!!!!

Kaytlin:I betrayed my family,by tell Darkstorm what I am.

Darkstorm: She is the friggin daughter of Mew.

Dromeo: Mew is a lesser being and father will make sure of that!


Arceus:*floats down*

Dromeo:(Sarcastically) I am scared now, stupid girl summons a weaker being.

Arceus:*Uses Judgment*

Dromeo: Whats that supposed to do to me (Laugh creully)?

Darkstorm: Dromeo (Turns into a Wyvern and attacks his brother)

???: Guess what, mon? Dis little tart sure can suckle, and she sure can wrap her tongue around a lollipop wit de filln'!

Part 2: Getting to Know Everyone

Jack: What should we do now?

Darkstorm: Get to know your enemy and your allies.

Jack: Ok

Zoro:Yes,I had a child!


Rutt & Tuke: Oh my

Bada & Bing: Whao


Zoro:Yes,his name is Zora & He is a baby boy.

Darkstorm:(Plays a lalaby on his guitar)

Zora:*Falls asleep*


Lucas:*Hug Zora & falls asleep*

Darkstorm:Works everytime (Shows the song) Knocks a child asleep in a minute.
Wyver Desert

Jack: Whao, how did you do that?

Zora:*Wakes up*

Darkstorm:I guess it wasn't strong enough.

Zora;*Turns intro Darkstorm*

Darkstorm: You have failed to capture my eye color (Plays a song to knock Zora out)

Lucas:*Wakes up*

Darkstorm:(Turns into a Wyvern)

Kaytlin:Shall we get on with the fight?

Wyven Darkstorm:(Deep Voice) THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK!!!

Kaytlin:*Turns into a Dragonite*

Zoro:*Turns into a Charizard*

Dromeo: Pathetic face the rath of the Black DRAGON (Turns into the Black Dragon) *Roars Loudly*!!!!!

Wyvern Darkstorm:(Attacks Dark Dragon Dromeo) *Roars*


Godzilla:*Tuns to his true form*

Lucas:*Turns into a Dratini*

Zora:*Turns into a Charmander*

Godzilla:(Grabs Lucas and Zora and takes them to safety)

Dark Dragon Dromeo: Your friends are weak Brother!!!

Wyvern Darkstorm:(Coughs) They aren't

Godzilla: I can't allow you two to be harmed!

Maggie: *falls from the sky, screaming*

Godzilla:(Jumps and grabs Maggie) Are you alright?

Maggie: Yeah, I'm fine. Hi, I'm Maggie. So what's going on here?

Godzilla: Wait your not scared of me?

Maggie: Don't take this the wrong way, but I see a ton of scary things. Some twice as scary as you.

Godzilla: Where were you headed young lady?

Maggie: Well, I was going to Spagonia, but our plane got hijacked, so I had to parachute out. But I forgot my parachute. :P

Godzilla: Direct me there.

Maggie: Where? Spagonia or the plane?

Godzilla: Your Parents/Guradian!

Maggie: Oh. Um... they're vacationing in Mars.

Zoro:Are they crazy?!?!?!?!?!

Maggie: No, they just love the borscht cassarole bagels they have in some of the countries there.

Godzilla: Do you have any guardians on Mobius?

Maggie: Well... no, not really.

Godzilla:(Stops running) WHAT!!!!

Maggie: What? Why are you yelling?

Swat Team:(Guns aimed at Godzilla) Put the children down monster!!

Maggie: What is it now?

Godzilla:(Runs form the cops) Make me coppers!!

Maggie: Why are you running from the police, Mister?

Godzilla: They think I kill kids!

Maggie: B-but you don't right? I don't wanna dye at only 7!

Kaytlin:Not you,Lucas & Zora!

Godzilla: I kill in self-defense.

Echo Unit:(Opens Fire)

Maggie: Okay, so I'm safe. I'm happy again!

Echo 1: All missiles aimed at Godzilla to kill!

Maggie: Eek! They won't hit us... will they?

Godzilla: They'll leave no witnesses.

Dark Dragon Dromeo:Kill them Echo Unit!!!

Maggie: That's funny. They're witnesses, too. Does that mean we're all gonna die??


Echo Unit:(Opens fire on Dromeo) All silo's fire!!!!

Maggie: Aaah! *closes eyes, concentrates, and creates giant force field around them*

Godzilla:(Blows fire at Dromeo) Dromeo is evil Mag's.

Swat Team:(Opens fire on Dromeo)

Maggie: *still concentrating* So do I t-take it d-down?

Darkstorm:(Powers down and coughs up blood) No Child, kill him!!!

Maggie: Don't tell me to kill people! That's mean!

Darkstorm: either do it or he'll kill us all!!!!

Maggie: I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! I have a C in comprehension class!

Darkstorm:(Summons 3 guitars and a Drum set) If anyone of you people can play Grab an instrument (Summons his guitar)

Maggie: I can play the drums!

Kirara:I got base guitar

Shadow: I got 1st guitar

Maggie: Wait - How did a drumset and 3 guitars get here? And how come?

Darkstorm: I summoned them!!!

Maggie: Stop yelling at me!!

Darkstorm: I can't hear you over th Amps that I summoned and all the gun fire!!!

Maggie: Doody-head! *jumps on Godzilla's head*

Godzilla: Whatcha need?

Maggie: Make him stop yelling at me! Why is he such a meany-head?

Darkstorm:It is frigging loud by the added gun fire and amps.

Maggie: Well, I don't know what to do! What do I do?!

Darkstorm:(Begins to play What I Want by Daughtry)

Maggie: Ooh! They're playing a song!

Darkstorm: And we are missing our drum player!

Maggie: I can play the drums! *jumps to drumset*

Darkstorm:Ok lets do this (Starts playing What I Want by Daughtry)

Maggie: *stars playing with few mistakes*

Dromeo:(Powers down) AAARRRGHGHGHG

Maggie: Does this power him down?

Dromeo: Music is discusting!!!!

Maggie: How about we play The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything? :D

Darkstorm:The more we play the more he becomes weaker!

Maggie: Same song then, Mister?

Darkstorm:(Begins Playing The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything rock version)

Maggie: Yay!! Relient K! *starts playing and singing*


Maggie: *puts on earmuffs* Now we can play... what should we play?

Darkstorm: Down With The Sickness!

Maggie: I don't know that song. Ooh! We can play Cloud Nine by Evanescence!

Darkstorm: Haunted By Evanescence.

Maggie: Or Lacrymosa by Evanescence! *smiles* I like Evanescence. Amy Lee is real pretty!

Darkstorm: Whisper by Evanescence!!!

Maggie: All That I'm Living For by Evanescence!

Darkstorm: You win and your singing this one!

Maggie: Yippee! *starts singing*

Dromeo: Alright, Alright, I surrender!!!

Maggie: Did we win? *bounces in the chair*

Darkstorm: *Grabs his brothers throat* Where's father?

Maggie: What's wrong? Was he holding your daddy host-gage? (hostage)

Darkstorm: No my father is the father of all evil by definition and he plans to destroy Mobius with the Weapon!

Maggie: Oh, sort of like Wizeman?

Dromeo:Why don't run home to play barbie with your dead parents!

Maggie: My mommy and daddy aren't dead! They're on Mars! And besides, I brought Barbie with me! *takes out Barbie doll* Isn't she pretty?

Dromeo: They will be, I prefer my barbie (Pulls out gun) Dead (Fires)

Darkstorm:(Takes bullet and it rickoche's off his skin) Armor-like skin!!

Maggie: Doody-head! *pushes button on Barbie's back which gives her armor* Ha! *starts singing Cooking is so Fun by Chiyo Chan*


Darkstorm:(To Maggie) Sing if he doesn't cooperate, (To Dromeo) Where is father Dromeo

Maggie: Yeah! Tell him or I'll sing Running in the 90's!

Dromeo: Bite me!

Maggie: Okay then! *starts singing*

Dromeo:(Speaks in ancient Halfbreed)

Maggie: *sings louder* RUNNING IN THE 90's! IT'S A NEW WAY OF LIFE TO BE....

Jack: Oh My

Dromeo: He is on Space Coloney Arc II

Jack: Who?

Darkstorm: My father is on Space Coloney Arc II with the Apocalypse Emeralds

Maggie: Oh yeah! That place that just opened!

Jack: Are you sure we can go there?

Darkstorm: Aye, if this planet has quantum based engines?

Jack: Looks like we're going up to Space

Darkstorm: Godzilla you stay here, Maggie I can't risk you getting hurt.

Maggie: No fair! Vanilla's sister went to the moon! Why can I go to Space Colony Ark?

Darkstorm: Alright you can come but stick close to me ok?

Maggie: Yay! You're super nice, you know!

Ichabod: I'm gonna help too

Jack: Ok Ichabod

Darkstorm:(Picks up Maggie and puts her on his shoulders) Just don't get hurt hate to see your parents trying to kill me if you got hurt.

Maggie: Don't worry!

Jack: Come on Guys, we're going into Space

Maggie: Yay! What does space food taste like?

Darkstorm: For OOMANS (sTICKS FINGER IN OPEN MOUTH) But for yautja you could just die.

Jack: Huh?

Maggie: Who cares what it means! Let's go!

Jack: Ok

(A Ship decloacks and revealed to be a Yautjan Dreadnought, Darkstorms ship The Black Scorpion)

Cold:What is that?

Maggie: It looks like a big, big boat.

Jack: A very Large Boat

Darkstorm:(Fires Flare to get his Brother Yautja's Attention)

Jack: Whao

Maggie: Pretty flare!

Kaytlin:*Breathes out fire*

(A Yautja sky dives from the right side of the ship)

Darkstorm:(Turns on wrist computer to Yautja language mode)

Maggie: Ooh! A wrist computer! Fancy!

Yautja:(See's Maggie and picks her up)???

Maggie: Yay! Spin me around! Spin me around!

Darkstorm:(In Yautja) She is an ally Tenjrix, Space Coloney Arc II is gonna destroy this planet if the fleet isn't summoned!

Maggie: Why are you speaking gibberish, Mr. Darkstorm?

Tenjrix:(In Yautja) Are you sure brother the Black one looks fisty?

Maggie: Now he's doing it! :D

Tenjrix:(Turns his wrist computer to English mode) It isn't "gibberish" youngling, it is my peoples language>

Maggie: Really? Cool! What country are you from?

Cold:(Thinking)These fools have know Idea.

Tenjrix: I am from the planet Yautja Prime!

Darkstorm:(On communicator) Black Scorpion, Beam us up!

(The Crew of the Black Scorpion beams Cold, Darkstorm, Tenjrix, Maggie, Jack, Shadow, Lucas, Kaytlin, Zoro, and Zora up the ship)

Maggie: *not noticed yet* They speak one language on the entire planet?

Tenjrix: Yes.

(An Elite walks by, but stopps when he see's Maggie)

Maggie: Why is everybody staring at me? It's not like I killed a priest!

Elite:AWWW, Your so cute (Tickles Maggie)

Maggie: *giggles* Stop it! Stop it! *laughs*

Darkstorm: Jinix, why aren't you at your post.

Jinix: Don't hurt me boss!

Cold:Jack can I talk to you.

Darkstorm: Weren't you the one who was shooting at me?

Jinix:(Aims Plasma rifle) You shot at Darkstorm?

Jack: Ok Cold? What is it that you want to tell me?

Jinix: Your going to talk to a traitor?

Maggie: Traitor? What did he do?

Jack: Me?

Elite Ultra's:(Pinn Jinix to the ground)

Darkstorm: Jinix meant Cold as a traitor.

Jack: Oh Yeah, sorry

Ultra #1:(Kicks Jinix)

Maggie: What's going on? Why is he a traitor?

Ultra #3: (Picks up Maggie) Are Friend or Covenant?

Jack: Why is Cold a Traitor?

Darkstorm: Jinix thinks that anyone that shoots me is a traitor.

Jack: Oh Right

Ultra #2:(Holds out hand to shake with Jack)

Jack: (Shakes Ultra #2's Hand)

Ultra #2: Is it true on what this planet says?

Jack: Who are you?

Ultra #2: I can't reveal my true name

Jack: Oh right, sorry?

Ultra #2: So is it true that you took down a covanent cruiser single handedly?

Jack: You mean Eggman's Warship, yes, all I did is to Turn off the Power whiloe we're in the Sky & Sonic & I Escaped

Maggie: O_O I'm a friend.

Ultra #3: Good!

Ultra #2: Who is Sonic and Eggman?

Zoro:Gah!I don't have time for this!

Zealot: (Grabs Zoro) Your very pretty.

Zoro:Sorry I love Knuckles.

Zealot: Who?

Zoro:Knux the echidna!

Zealot: Never heard of him.

Zoro:Gah!You don't know Knuckles the echidna!

Zealot: None of the Elites or Yautja know about the people on this planet.

Zoro:Then don't talk to me!

Zealot:(Pulls out Energy Sword) You dare show dishonor to an Sanghelia!?

Kaytlin:Zoro,don't think about the future ok?


Maggie: The future? Cool! What's it like? Do they still have vynil records?

Zealot: (To Kaytlin) you smell like your important, Are you a Princess or a queen?
Kaytlin:A Queen I have been a Queen for 500 years!

Maggie: Eew! You're old!

Zealot: Yet you look so young.

Maggie: Are you one of those people who can't die?

Kaytlin:Kind of.

Darkstorm: I'll put your Immortality to the test, meet me in the training room.

Maggie: You're not gonna hurt each other, are you?

Zealot: They're not little one, you like games?

Maggie: *nods in exitement* What games are there here?


Ultra #4: So cute (Picks up Zora and tickles him)!

Zora:*Turns into him*So cute!

Ultra #4: Shapeshifter, nice.

Zoro:Not Shapeshifter illusionist.

Ultra#4: I never knew I had a good looking face.

Maggie: Where's the games? *jumps around looking, then almost opens a door*

Zealot: Like Lazer Tag?

Maggie: I haven't played Lazer Tag before! *picks up very strong laser* Do I use this?

Zealot: Set the laser to stun.

Maggie: Like this? *sets laser to a deadly setting and shoots the wall* Whoops! *sets to stun* Got it!

Zealot:(Smiles and puts on Lazer tag armor)

Maggie: There's armor for this? Well, I hope it comes in my size!

Zealot: It does.

Maggie: Yay! Where is it?

Cold:If your going to shoot me,do it fast cause you will miss.

Maggie: Why is everybody calling you a traitor, Mister?

Jack: I don't understand

Ultra#2:(Kicks Jinix while he is down)

Jack: Ohhhh

Cold:(Yawns)Yo Jinix just end this.

Jack: Oh right

???:Hit the road!


Jack: Who are you two?

Bada & Bing: Yeah who are you two?

Rutt & Tuke: Tell us now, Tell us now

Ichabod: Who are you?

Cold:(Jumps in the sky)My backup!


???2:Lets go.

Jack: Backup, how did you get a Backup, Cold?

Cold:It's Skate and Flame.

???/Flame:Lets go!

???2/Skate:Yeah dude.

Jack: Oh Yeah sorry

Jinix: Cold's gay!!!!!

Ultra #2: One more word from you about him and your dead!

Cold:Thanks U#2,and shut the hell up you son of a b*$&H!

Maggie: *gasps and points*

Skate:You single?

MAggie: I'm 7!

Jack: Ok

Jinix:(Pulls out Energy Sword) GRRR

Jack: Whao


Cold:Bring it!

Jack: Huh?

Jinix: For the Prophets!!!!!

Jack: What?

Ultra #'s 1-4: He is with the Covanent!!!

Jack: What's a Covanent?

Cold:ICE BLAST(freezes Jinix's foot)!

Prophet of Truth:(On the Inter Com) You are vermin, all of you!!!

Jack: Me a Vermin?

Prophet of Truth: Silence vermin!!!

Jack: Hey

MAggie: Yeah! Silence, vermin! *puts cute, angry look on her face*

Jack: Would you quit calling us Vermin, Maggie

Jinix: I will kill them all master.

Jack: Oh no you don't

Bada & Bing: Looks your gonna pay

Rutt & Tuke: Bigtime

Ichabod: Your dead Jinix

Flame:Master Chief!


Flame:Nothing just saying random things.

Jack: Oh Ok

Arbiter:(Grabs Jinix throat) And so you must be silenced (Stabs Jinix with his energy sword)

Flame:Master Chief,darn what is with this RANDOMNESS!?

Jack: Ohhhhh that's nasty

Master Chief: Someone mention me?

Jack: What the?

Darkstorm: Whats next Noble Six?

Maggie: Shouldn't we be looking for somebody's old man here?

Prophet of truth: All Covanant Corvett's fire on that ship!!

Maggie: What's going on?

Zoro:I don't know & I don't care!

Kaytlin:Zoro,stop getting angry.

Darkstorm: All crew members of the Black Scorpion BATTLE STAIONS, Kaytlin you and me have a battle session.

Kaytlin:*Turns into an Arceus*Ok.

Darkstorm:(Pulls out razor Whip) I am gonna test your immortality, Ladies First.

Kaytlin:Spacial Rend*Hurls it at Darkstorm*

Darkstorm:Blood Sheild (Protects himself)

Kaytlin:Roar of time*Roars at Darkstorm*

Darkstorm: Computer, change scenery to the Dream Relm!


Kaytlin:Zoro,Illusion up my forest home!

Darkstorm: Security Program 43.09, Keep the youngling from hacking the system(Raises Razor Whip)

Kaytlin:Zoro is an Illusionist!*Uses Judgement*

Maggie: Why would I hack anything? Hacking is illegal and mean!

Zoro:*Turns the room into a Forest*

Security System: Intruder in Illusion room 4!!!

Zoro:Hey,leave alone is this how you treat Zoroahk?

Kaytlin:Don't blurt that out,Zoro!

Security System:(Shocks Zoro)

Darkstorm:Blood Blast!!!

Kaytlin:You dare Shock a Legendary Pokémon?Now you will pay!*Turns into Giratina*

Darkstorm:(Raises razor whip)

Kaytlin:*Picks up Darkstorm and moves him over the sea*One more time you hurt my kind and your dead!

Darkstorm:*Turns Dragon and Attacks* Fire Blast!!!

Kaytlin:*Drops Darkstorm*

Wyvern Darkstorm:(Starts flying and Attacks) Fire Blast!!!

Kaytlin:Let me see you in Charmander form!

Wyvern Darkstorm: A what?

Jim: Hey what The hell Is going on Here?...I just Said a BAAD word And im Only 10!.....Ah who Cares (turns Into Super Jim)

Kaytlin:A Charmander*To Darkstorm*

Darkstorm: *Hiss*

Kaytlin:You make battling boring.

Maggie: Why are you guys fighting?

(Ship shakes)

Computer: Ship has taken plasma missile to outer hull!

Super Jim: BRING IT ON MATE!!!

Darkstorm: Admiral Darkstorm to the bridge, Fire all Quantum Missiles!!!

Lucas & Zora:Mate?(To let you Know there only Babies)

Maggie: Why won't anybody listen to me! *tears up*

Lucas:I'll wisten to wou!

Zealot:(Tags both Maggie and Lucas) I ain't it!!

Maggie: Hey! I thought we were supposed to be playing Laser Tag!

Zealot: Game Started.

Maggie: W-w-wait! I don't have my armor on!

Zealot:(Pulls out Red and Blue armor) You want red team or blue team?

Maggie: Blue! Blue!



Zealot:(Hands Maggie Blue Team Armor and hands Lucas and Zoro red team armor)

Zora & Lucas:Wed

Maggie: Wait - 2 against 1?

Jack: 2 on 1

Jim: Blue for Me

(13 Yautja show up in Blue armor and 13 Elites show up in Red armor)

Jack: Whao

Zora & Lucas:Way!!!!!!

Zealot: Blue Team needs one more guy.

Jack: So who's it gonna be

Zealot: Whoever wants to jion them I guess.

Jack: Ok

Yautja:(Puts Blue Armor on Jack) It is now even.

Zoro:But Zora & Lucas are babys!

Zealot: It is their choice.

Shadow: They won't be harmed right.

Zealot: Lazers are set to stun.

Shadow: If my son gets hurt your first.

Jack: Oh ok

Zealot: Lets begin shall we?

Jack: Ok

Zealot:(Tags Jack) Run For it blue Teams it!!!!

Jack: Me? Am I in the Red Team or the Blue Team?

Yautja: Your with us the Blue Team (Opens Fire)

Jack: Ok (Pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer) Let's go

Yautja:(follows Jack)

Jack: (Smashes the Red Elites with his Piko Piko Hammer)

Maggie: Isn't having anything but the laser gun stunner illegal in this game?

Jack: I don't remember the Rules anyway

Maggie: Well, why don't you ask, silly-head?

Jack: Oh Yeah, excuse me I need a Laser Gun please?

Maggie: You didn't get one when you came in? Well, they're at the entrance, Mister.

Jack: Thank you (Grabs a Safety Laser Gun) Ready

Zealot:After this is Last Man Standing.

Jack: Ok

Maggie: What's that?

Jack: I don't know



Zealot:(Opens Fire)



Yautja:(Stunns Zora) Red Teams it!!!!

Lucas:*Stuns Maggie*Wlue weam wit!

Yautja:(Opens fire in all directions)

Lucas;*Turns into a Keliecon*

Yautja Rookie:(Stunns Lucas) Red Teams IT!!!

Jack: Look out Blue Team


Jack: Where'd he go?

Rookie: Find and take him Hostage!!!!!

Jack: Got it (Looking for Lucas)

Shadow: Kaytlin our son's in danger.

Jack: Whao

Shadow: (Puts on Neutral Green Armor)Kaytlin I'll see you there.

Jack: Ok, where are you?

Kaytlin:*Puts on her Bounty Hunter suit*



Shadow:(Kisses Kaytlin) Lets go find our son.



Zora:What Wucas?

Lucas:Where's Waddy!

Zora:I won't wnow!



Rookie:(Stuns Shadow and take him Hostage)


Yautja Commander:(Stunns Zora and takes him hostage)

Zoro:My son!

Darkstorm:(Stunns the Commander and Grabs Zora)

Zoro:Thank you!

Darkstorm: Follow me We're getting Shadow back.


Rookie: Where is the boy.

Shadow: Ain't talking:

Rookie: (Punches Shadow)

Kaytlin:Leave my husband alone!

Rookie: You'v got a woman to save I am so scared!

Darkstorm:(Stuns the Rookie)

Jack: I got it

Jim: No! *Punches Rookie*

Jack: Ok

Darkstorm:(Does Mid-air back flip and stuns Jim)



Flame:Hey my name is Flame.

Darkstorm: Darkstorm the *Pant* Halfbreed!

Jim: I'm Jim jim the Doggaby! Half dog half Wallaby.

Bada & Bing: Hello

Rutt & Tuke: Hi

Ichabod: How're you doing?

Skate:Who you?

Jack: It's me Skate, Jack the Hedgehog, along with my Friends, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke & Ichabod


Skate:Oh, hey dude.

Bada & Bing: Hi

Rutt & Tuke: Hello

Ichabod: Greetings

Kirara: I've never seen such technology and weaponry.

Jack: Who are you?

Kirara: Kirara the two tailed cat and it is pronounced KEY-LA-LA!

Skate:You single?:D

Kirara: Broke up with my 3rd BF, the guy was sheating on me, so yeah I am single, why you asking me out?

Skate: You took the words out my mouth.

???:(Gurttle Growls)


Darkstorm: Dachande?

Dachande:Brother, good to see alive and in one piece.

Jack: Ok I get it

Bada & Bing: (Eating Bananas)

Kirara:(Hides Behind Skate)

Rutt & Tuke: Huh?

Ichabod: We gotta get going

Darkstorm:(Puts on his hunting armor) Alright,5 teams will separate to head the generators, I will take care of my father.

Jack: Come on, we betta check this out

Yautja:(Puts their armor on)

Bada & Bing: Let's go

Darkstorm:(Loads rifle)

Rutt & Tuke: Oh dear

Ichabod: (Pulls out his Rhino Hammer) Let's go

Yautja:(Extend their wrist blades and jab empty and roar for blood)

Jack: Let's go Darkstorm

Darkstorm:(To the Yautja Troops) Lets move out!!!

Jack Alright, follow Darkstorm

To Space Coloney Arc II

Darkstorm:(Passes out Pulse rifles) Remember shoot to kill!

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke & Ichabod: (Grabs their Pulse Rifles) Got it

Shadow:(Grabs a Pulse Rifle)

Jack: We got it now

(The Yautja head to the hanger bay to the Boarding Cruisers)

Jack: Let's be very quiet

(Meanwhile, the Aviengians see the Yautja.)

Cora: Hey bro!

Damian: What?

Cora: Look! There are some people heading to the hanger bay.

Jodie: Pay no attention to her.

Damian: (Ignoring Jodie) Yeah. I see 'em.

Cora: Let's go say hi!

Damian: Alright. Team! Follow Me!

Jodie: We are following an idiot. (sigh)

(They walk up to them, Jodie still mad for some reason)

Damian: Why, hello there! Who might y'all be?

Dachande:(Tilts head)

Jack: Ok?

Jodie: See? I told you this was a stupid idea. We should've just kept on walking, but no, you guys just had to come up and say "hi". Some times I question your leadership skills Damian.

Damian: Whatever. Anyway... Huh?

(Damian looks at everyone staring in confusion)

Damian: What did i say? Do I smell or something?

Jack: Uh No

Dachande: You do not look fit to lead.

Jack: Me?

Darkstorm:Not you, he is talking about Damian.

Jack: Oh Yeah, Sorry

Jodie: I need to leave this team before I turn into an idiot.

Damian: Then what are you still doing here?

Jodie: Because... I have nowhere else to go.

Jack: Maybe you can live either one of us

Coconuts:So what do i Do?


Dachande:(To Lucas) Stay with me youngling

Jack: (TO Jodie) Maybe you can live with one of us?

Dachande:(Put Jodies hair in Yautjan Dreadlocks)

Jack: Dachande, what are you doing?

Dachande: She is a warrior in our standereds

Jodie: Uh... Thank you.

Damian: Oh come on! This is straight up baloney!

Jodie: (Zaps Damian with lightning)

Damian: (Knocked out)

Jack: Oh dear, are you alright?

Jodie: Oh, he'll be fine. I just stunned him for a minute.

Jack: Ok

Damian: (wakes up) What the... HEY!! WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT!!!!

Jodie: Because, you were being an idiot.

Damian: That still gives you no right to zap me.

Trey: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Jack: Guys, stop, can't you guys just get along?

Dillon: Oh please. Trying to get them to stop fighting is like trying to get a dog and cat to stop fighting.

Jodie: You know what. Why don't you just go. I'm not part of your "team" anymore. So stop following me.

Damian: Following you? I've got a girlfriend! Why would I be following you?

Cora: Let's just go, Damian. Please?

Damian: You know what? Fine! Have fun with you're new team. I bet, though, you'll be back. Trust me, you'll be back.

Jodie: Thank goodness he's gone.

Jack: Come on, let's follow Darkstorm

Jodie: OK.

Jack: Now where did Darkstorm run off to?

Dachande: We have orders to take out the generators, Darkstorm has gone to fight his father.

Coconuts: So we have to Wait?

Dachande: We are going the generator room to take out the weapons main power source, Now lets move!

Yautja Young bloods:(Sets burners to kill)

Jodie: Hey, Dachande!

Dachande: Yes?

Jodie: Do you really think I'm a warrior?

Dachande: Yes, you have an Elites Spirit.

Jodie: What is that?

Dachande: An elite is the highest of yautjan ranks.

Jodie: (speechless)

Dachande: And Miss Jodie (Bows in respect) you've hit that rank, but I think you need to learn my kinds fighting style.

Jodie: OK

Dachande: This is the corrodor (Busts down the door) Ladies first.

Jodie: Thank you.

Jack: Bada, Bing, Jackbot Nega, Rutt, Tuke & Ichabod stay with me

Bada, Bing, Jackbot Nega, Rutt, Tuke & Ichabod: Ok

Dachnade:(Hands Jodie a spear) You may need it.

Jack: Where is Darkstorm?

Jodie: Thanks Dachande. And Jack, I think Darkstorm went to fight his father.


Jodie: Huh? Oh. Uh... who's baby is this?

Dachande:(Sets his burner to kill)

Weyland Yutani Combat Androids:Intruders on deck fourteen!!

Jack: We gotta find Darkstorm & fast

Dachande: Negative!

Jack: Huh, Why?

Dachande: Our orders were to take out the weapons power source in the Generator room!!!

Jack: Ok, I got it

Dachande: Lets move, Jack cover me!

Jack: Ok (Covers Dachande & Pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer)

Dachande:(Attacks the Synthetics)

Jack: Let's go (Attacks the Synthetics with his Piko Piko Hammer)

Dachande:(Busts down another door)

Shadow:(Loads Rife)

Coconuts: *Pulls out coconut* Lets do This.

Ice: I'll help you guys With my Ice Powers oh! And my names Ice the Cat.

Jodie: And I'm helping too, anything for... uh... nevermind.

Dachande: Ladies First.

Ice: I'm a lady *Finds the key and Opens Door*

Jodie: He was talking to me!

Dachande:All females go first.

Jodie: Ok... Sorry Dachande.

Jack: Ok

Jodie: Uh... Dachande?

Dachande: Yes?

Jodie: Uh... I uh... I LOVE YOU!!

Dachande:(Removes his mask) Who could love this?
Classic Predator


Dachande:I am yautjan.

Jodie: I don't care what you look like. You're so nice and have a great personality. To me, it doesn't matter what you look like. It's you I care about.


Jodie: And you have a great smile. (kisses)

Dachande:Get DOWN (Opens fire on a bad blood yautja)!!!

Bad Blood:(Gets hit in the leg)ARRGH (Tries to get away)

Dachande: Where do you think your going?

Ice: Leave it to Me! (Freezes bad Blood)

Dachande:(Crushes the Bad Bloods head)

Jack: The Bad Blood is trying to get away, but we got him

Dachande:(The Bad Bloods Blood drips from his hand)*Pants*

Jack: Well what should we do now, Dachande?

(Ship Crashes Right Behind Dachanade)

???:(Climbs Out)

???:Sorry 'Bout That.Name's Spike the Hedgehog.Just call me Spike.

Spike:Lemme Guess;You Guys are heading to the Space Colony ARK II.

Spike:I'm Going There As well.I Have My Own Reasons,But,I'll Tell Ya.

Spike:Some guy named Snowstorm Kidnapped My Girlfriend,Creek.

Spike:(Notices Dachande)

Spike:Looks Like You Guys Have a Yautja with you.It's an honor.

Spike:I know Yautjas.One saved my life.I have been an ally of the Yautja ever since.

Spike:Due To this,Xenomorphs are my enemys.

Jack: Oooooooooooooookay?

Dachande:We are on Space Coloney Arc II.

Spike:I Understand,Hunter what's your name?

Dachande: Yeyende aka Dachande.

Jack: Now we need to find the Generator

Spike:Left Corridor,Last Door On Right.I Helped Make This Place.

Jack: Thank you, come on, let's go find the Generator (Goes to the Generator)

Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod & Jackbot Nega: (Follows Jack)

Dachande:(Pulls out demolition charges)

Jack: Let's blow this Popycle Stand

Dachande:(Sets the Charges on remote Detnation and Heads to the Bridge of Space Coloney Arc II)

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod & Jackbot Nega: (Follows Dachande)

Dachande:(Stops short when the Blast door closes)

Jack: What's going on?

Dachande:He is sealing us off (Tries To Bust down the door)

Jack: Were trapped as in...(Yells) THERE IS NO WAY OUT !!!

Shadow:Quite Jack.

Jack: Sorry

Zoro:What has happened?

Shadow:Where is Kaytlin?

Jack: I don't know, I thought someone is watching him

Dachande: That was Lucas.

Jack: And where is Lucas?

Shadow:Lucas!! Lucas, son!!!!

Bada: What should we do now?

Bing: I don't know, we're trapped over here?

Dachande:(Passes out a deck of cards and poker chips)


Dachande:(Pulls out coke cans)

Jack: Well what are we gonna do without Darkstorm?

Dachande:(Tosses Jack a coke)

Jack: (Catches it) I guess we have to wait (Drinks a Coke)

Maggie: *wakes up and yawns* So what'd I miss?

Jack: We're trapped Maggie, as in...THERE IS NO WAY OUT!

Dachande:(Grabs Jack and Slaps him like in Famliy Guy)

Maggie: That's not good!

(The Blast Door was open by a female Hooded Figure)

Maggie: *gasps*

Hooded Girl: What are you waiting for?

Maggie: A-a-a-....

Hooded Girl:Well?

Maggie: *shakes her head* Who are you, how did you get here, and what are you talking about?

Hooded Girl:(Walks off, but her cat tail is shown)

Maggie: *grabs Hooded Girl's tail and starts pulling on it* Listen, Lady! I asked you something, so it would be quite something if you could answer back!

Hooded Girl:(Uses her tail to flipp Maggie on her back) Never mess with a hedgecat's tail.

Jack: Ow Danchade, what did you do that for?

Dachande: you need to chill.

Jack: Ok, but who is that Girl? (Points to the Hooded Girl)

Hooded Girl: You guys owe me.

Jack: Sorry about that

Hooded Girl: (Walks down the left corridor acting like she didn't her Jack)

Jack: Who is that girl?

Hooded Girl:(Her tail showed her Quil collors Black and Red)

Maggie: Wait a seccy... Hedgecat... That tail... my daddy told me about you! *gasp* you're Blaze the Hedgecat!

Blaze THC: Did your Father see my come through a time portal?

Maggie: I think so. His name is Morty.

Blaze THC:(Shakes her head) Don't know him.

Maggie: Oh. Well, why are you here?

Blaze THC: I can't remember.

Maggie: I forgot what I was doing too. Hey, where is Mr. Darkstorm?

Jim: I don't Know..

Blaze THC: I know Darkstorm is.

Maggie: Really? Where is he? Is he okay?

Jack: (To Blaze THC) Who are you?

Blaze THC: My Uncle Darkstorm is on the Bridge.

Maggie: He's your uncle? I didn't know that! Wait... the bridge of what? Is there another Space thingy nearby? Is it NASA?

Dachande: This is Space Coloney Arc II and this place is a weapon.

Maggie: I thought this was the first one that opened, like, twenty years ago. When did they get a second one?

Dachande: After the War against Mobius and Weyland Yutani.

Maggie: Golly. Whole planets at war with other planets. I hope it gets better in the future. Don't you?

Dachande:Weyland Yutani is a company who just steals.

Maggie: What kind of stuff do they steal?

Dachande: Scared artifact from Mobian and Yautja History.

Jack: I have no idea, what you just said

Dachande:(Holds back laughing) The company stole from my kind and your kinds history!

Jack: Okay?

Blaze THC:(Pulls out Sniper Rifle)

Dachande:(Holds arm out to Jodie)

Jack: Ok take it easy, please?

Blaze THC:Stay on my 6 o'clock Position.

Jack: Ok, got it (Stays in her 6 o'clock position)

Blaze THC:(Stops at deck 14) Go on with out me.

Jack: Ok, Goodbye & Good Luck

Blaze THC: Ok.

Jack: We gotta keep moving

Maggie: When are we going to play laser tag?

(Darkstorms Scream of pain is heard)

(This part is over)

Darkstorm VS. Snowstorm

After Fighting his father Darkstorm is losing badly!

Snowstorm: Your just like your mother son, your weak!!!

Darkstorm: (Bleeding badly)

Maggie: *watching from inside* Like his mother? Does that mean what I think it means?

Jack: (Watching from inside) I have no idea what's he talking about

Snowstorm: Your a pathetic mortal son, like your mortal friends, I despise mortality!

Maggie: It's not our faults we're mortal! We were born this way. It's kinda like being racist against mortals! Wait, that's not the right word....

Jack: You messed it up, do ya?

Darkstorm: Get out of here Maggie!

Snowstorm:(Kicks Darkstorm in the gut)

Jack: Darkstorm, remember you can't give up, win for all of us

Maggie: But what about you, Mr. Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:*Coughing up blood*

Jack: He's been hurt badly, do you think we should help him?

Maggie: Um... maybe we can... Oooh! Are there any healing potions here?

Jack: I don't know, let me check

Maggie: Please hurry!

Jim: Oh dear.

jack: (Founds 3 Healing Potions) There's only 3 left

Snowstorm:(Bites his son in the back of the neck)

Jack: Maggie (Gives Maggie 1 Healing Potion) We've betta use it wisely

Darkstorm:Maggie run!!

Snowstorm:(Goes to attack Maggie)

Jack: Look Out!

Maggie: *screams and the potion falls out of her hand to Darkstorm, and a shield forms around her*

Darkstorm: (Instantly heals and Summons the Apocalypse Emeralds) Arrrgh *Roars*!!

Maggie: *gasp* Yay!




Jim: All right!

Jack: You can do it, Darkstorm

Snowstorm:(Laughing) We part of the same game my son

Darkstorm:(Growls) I am going you make the one thing you hate - mortals

(Apocalypse Emeralds glows and strip Snowstorm of his powers and Immortality)

Maggie: Whoa! He's really powerful! I didn't know anybody could do that!

Snowstorm:Nooo, Mortality filth!

Maggie: Stop being such a whiney-baby!

Jack: Looks like you are now a Mortal

Darkstorm: And he shall stay that way

(Apocalypes Emeralds give Darkstorm his fathers immortality)

Maggie: He looks different when he can't die. It's like he's... um....

Jim: Heh snowstorm your gonna die!

Darkstorm:(Sets a Demolition Charge to destroy Space Coloney Arc II)

Maggie: Should we leave or something?

Jim: Duh!!

Jack: Ok, good idea, RUN FOR IT! (Runs away)

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Runs with jack)

Jim,Coconuts,Crystal and Ice: (Runs away)

Maggie: Uh... hello? Helpless 7 year old girl standing here!

Jim: (Grabs Maggie's hand)

Maggie: Let's go!

Black Scorpion Crew:(Beams Darkstorm and his friends on the bridge as Space Coloney Arc II blows up)
Yautja Dreadnought

The Black Scorpion

Darkstorm:(Hugs Maggie) I'd hate to see your parent's tey kill me if you got hurt.

Jack: Phew, that was a Close on

Bada: Tell me about it

Bing: So dangerous over here

Rutt: What Happen to the Red Hooded Girl

Tuke: You mean Blaze Hedgecat

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Over Com-link) I ain't that easy to kill, Listen orange Hedgehog, I'd like to hang out with you sometime.

Maggie: *jumps around* Ain't ain't a word, so you ain't gonna say it!

Jack: Thank you, Blaze thank you, but how did you get out of Space Coloney II?

Blaze THC: Hijacked Snowstorm's Dropship and I have him Prisoner, so how bout it, wanna go hang out sometime?

Darkstorm:We'll see you on the ground.

BlazeTHC: Affermitive Admiral.


Yautjan Piolets:Current Speed 199.9 mph and preparing to land.

Jack: Ok, let's land

Yautjan Piolets: Speed 200.1 mph, Landing repturds are prepared.

Darkstorm: We might want to grab on to something (Grabs Maggie)

Maggie: What's goin' on?

Darkstorm: Yautjan Piolets are pretty extreme when it comes to landing and right now we are gaining speed due the planet gravitional pull.

Maggie: Like a rolercoaster?

Darkstorm: Sort of, imagine this Rolercoster is gaining speed of about 200.1 mph if it hits the ground,(Makes exploding motions with his hands)

Maggie: 0.0 (frozen with shock)

Jack: Wheeeeeeeeee!

Darkstorm:Brace for impact!!!

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod & Jackbot Nega: (Holding on)

Cold:(Stands with no fear)



Jack: We need to land safely

Maggie: *focuses and makes shield around Yautjan Dreadnought*

Jack: Nice one

Yautjan Piolets:Speed Regulating hatches opening!

Jack: Speed Regulating?

Darkstorm: They help slow us down.

Jack: Ohhh, Hold on

(Loud Roaring)

Ichabod: What was that?

Godzilla:(Grabs the Dreadnought)

Jack: Oh dear

Godzilla: (Stops the Dreadnought)

Jack: Phew, that was close

Godzilla:(Turns to his hedgehog form)

Jack: Ok, we're about to Land

Darkstorm: We've just landed, and remember Jack is it, you've got a date.

Jack: Got it

(At the restaurant)

Blaze THC:(Puts away her Chaos Emerald half when she see's Jack)

Jack: Hi Blaze

Blaze THC: Oh hi Jack.

Jack: (Sits down) I'm here

Blaze THC:(Sits Down) I see that.

Waiter: Can I get ya anything?

Jack: Hmmm, I'll take the Vegeterian Soup please?

Waiter: And the Lady.

Blaze THC: Chicken Noodle soup and Tritip.

Waiter: And your drinks?

Jack: I'll have a nice drink of water please?

Blaze THC:Lemonade no ice.

Waiter: Alright your food will be ready soon

Jack: So uh, How's your day going, Blaze?

Blaze: Purrrrrfect, Oh (Giggles) there I go again my mom taught me that one.

(With Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Sleeping in the Woods) Well I just hope nobody finds me I need to rest.

Little Kid: Mommy what is that?

The Mother: I don't Know (She yanks on Darkstorms tail)

Lucas:*Jumps on the Mother*

Darkstorm:Lucas stand down (Climbs down the tree) It is like I can't sleep today, I think I'll go see Maggie (Teleports to Maggie's Home)

(Maggie and her friends, Cassy, Duley, and Iris are playing would you rather)

Cassy: Would you rather eat a live worm or... do math homework for an hour?

Maggie: I'd take the worm!

(everybody laughs)

(Darkstorm appears behind Cassey his human skin layer removed and his true halfbreed revealed)

Darkstorm:Hey Magg's.

Maggie: Darkstorm! Hi! *hugs Darkstorm*

Iris: THAT's Darkstorm? He's creey-looking!

Cassy: That's mean to say. Besides; I think he looks pretty groovy!

Duley: Cool-looking!

Darkstorm:(Hugs Maggie) Yes I am Darkstorm.

Maggie: How've ya been?

Darkstorm: Good (Rubs his neck that his father had bitten many days ago)*Summons a grimmour/Back of Dark and Light magic)

Duley: Whoa! What's that?

Darkstorm: A grimmour *Opens the book*

Maggie: What's in it?

Darkstorm: Magic and Dark Magic.

Iris: Aren't those the same thing? I mean, they're both magic right?

Darkstorm: Levitis (Iris begins to float in mid-air)

Iris: Eek! How are you doing this?!

Cassy: Weren't you paying attention? Magic!

Darkstorm: Exactly, Gravitis (Iris drops to the ground)

Maggie: I get it! Levitis as in Levitate and Gravitis as in Gravity!

Duley: Can you turn stuff into... uh... other stuff?

Darkstorm:(Puts the Book down and Turns into a dragon)

Iris: Aah! Dragon! *hides behind Duley*

Cassy: Calm down. It's not gonna kill you.

Iris: As far as you know!

Darkstorm in Dragon form:(Nuzzles Maggie)

Maggie: *giggles* See? [giggling] Totally Harmless!

Darkstorm:(Puts Maggie on his Back) Anyone else want to ride?

Duley and Cassy: I do!

Iris: I'm not gonna fall off, am I?

Duley: You humans are such babies. Come on, Iris!

Iris: I'm not a baby! Fine. I'll come.

Darkstorm:(Lowers his wing so that Maggie's friends can get on)

(they hop on Darkstorm's back)

Iris: So, w-where are we gonna go?

Mystery: *finally wakes up* where am i?

Darkstom:(Prepares to take off)

Mystery; So your Darkstrom *smirks*

Darkstorm: Who wants to know?

Mystery: Im mystery the second ultime life form *Floats next to him*

Darkstorm:And I am Queen Elizabeth.

Maggie: How the heck did you get in my house?

Darkstorm: Alright Maggie and Friends hang on (Takes off at high speeds)

Mystery: *Floats as fast as Shadow*

Darkstorm: Dang.

Mystery: *Throws a Dark Orb at him*

Iris: LLook out! And how'd that guy get into Maggie's house?

Mystery: *Throws an another Dark Orb at him*

Darkstorm:(Breathes fire)

Mystery: *Dodges* Weakling!!!

Cassy: Must you guys fight witha bunch of children around?

Darkstorm: As much as I want to, she is right, I have no quarel (Flies at 999.1 mph)

Mystery: *Floats as fast as Darkstrom* *Kicks Darkstrom*

Darkstorm:(Rage builds)

Mystery: *eyes turn red then Mystery disappers*

Darkstorm:(calms down and Continues flying)

Megan:Mystery!!!! where are you???


Megan:Have you seen Mystery?????

Darkstorm: minus the fact he tried to kill me, but yeah I seen him

Cassy: Why are you looking for that jerk?

Darkstorm:(Blood drips from his neck wound)

Maggie: Are you okay?

Cassy: *passes out and falls off of Darkstorm*

Darkstorm:(Collapses from his wound and Coughs)

Maggie: Golly.

???:Oh no you ain't dying today!!!

Dudley: What's with all the random people popping up? It's kinda scary!

Darkstorm:(Too weak to get up) Anubis.

Dudley: See? Anubis is a scary name!

Iris: Yeah! Maybe we should leave....

Anubis: I am an elder and I won't kill ya, just to heal Darkstorm and remove his infection.

Maggie: Cool! Can I watch?

Anubis:(Grabs Maggie's Arm and they both shrink into microscopic size and go inside of Darkstorms wound)

Iris: Everybody uses magic! Cool!

(Inside Darkstorm)

Anubis: Ya okay Maggie?

Maggie: So are we gonna fight some parascites or something?

Anubis: Yep (Unsheathes Sword)

Maggie: *takes out a potato gun& Ready!

Anubis:(Holds back laughing)

Maggie: What? :S

Anubis: Nothing it is just that your weapon is funny.

(Outside Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Tries to send a distress signal)

(With Kirara and Skate)

Kirara:(Laughing at Skate because he is stuck in a tree) Need any help?

Mystery: There is the prey *Looks at DarkStorm*

Dachade: I think not!!!

Darkstorm:(Attempts to get up and prepars to open a portal to his realm)

Mystery: No way! *kicks Darkstorm*

Dachande:(Grabs Mysterys leg and snaps it)

Mystery: *heals quickly* Tske this!

Darkstorm: Why must we be enemies Mystry what did I do to you?

Iris: Maybe he's OCD for fighting people. You know, obsessive compulsive disorder.

(the portal to Darkstorms home realm opens and Howls and Roars are heard)


Mystery: * Jumps into the portal*

Dudley: What the crudmunch?! Why would he do that?!

Darkstorm: My people of my home realm won't allow him to take control. Wheres Maggie? (Raors in sorrow)

Dudley: Calm your tits, man!

Iris: Yeah. She went into a yucky rash or something. I think it was yours.

Jivahx the Halfbreed:(Walks through to Mobius) Lord Darkstorm!!!

Dudley: Lord? Are you British?

Jivahx: Silence!!

Darkstorm: Stand down Jivahx, they are my friends!!!

Cold:Come on Dstorm we can take him!



Iris: There's no need to fight this guy. No matter how creepy he looks, he didn't do anything.

Darkstorm: He had lost his sister to my brother Dromeo and his sister was my wife!

Iris: That's so sad! She's still alive right?

Jinvahx: Nooo (Crying) She's dead, Vahku tay unto me Sistra!!!!

Megan: Mystery!!!

Jirahk and Nirahk:(Drag Mystery out of the Apocalypse Realm)

Mystery: *kick them and run back*

Dudley: Seriously, what's wrong with that dude?

Mystery:* goes super * all bow down!

Dudley: How about we don't and say we did?

Jirahk: Katu mahk treinahk!!

Nirahk:(To Dudley) You a girl?

Dudley: No! Why, I otta.... *rolls u sleves and gets ready to punch Nirahk*

Iris: Dudley, don't punch people. it's not nice.

Dudley: Grr....

Nirahk:(Roars in rage)

Dudley: *blows a raspberry in Nirahk's face*

Nirahk:(Extends Claws)

Dudley: Bring it on!

Iris: Dudley, don't!

Nirahk:(Circles Iris) You control him?

Jirahk: Nakey vak noc conku?

Iris: *hides behind Dudley* No, he's my bestest friend and I don't want him to be bad. Please don't eat me! We're only 6!

Nirahk: Eat you (Laughs) We eat meat, but not Mobians.

Iris: But I'm a human. and besides, we have meat in us, so....

Dudley: *elbows Iris* Can it, will ya?

Iris: Right. So, what are you going to do to us?

Nirahk:I am half human.

Iris: Cool! What's the other half?

Nirahk and Jirahk:(Turns to his cat half)

Iris: I love cats! Can I pet you?

Dudley: Iris, let me pet him!

Jirahk:(Kneels down to dudleys eye level)

Nirahk:(Picks up Iris) Sure you can pet us, but my brother doesn't speak English

Dudley: But he can understand it? *pets Jirahk*

Iris: *pets Nirahk*


Iris: *giggles*

Jirahk: Navahk tun menahk kun krackune?

Cassy: *wakes up* What happened, and why do I hear people speaking Gibberish?

Nirahk: It is ancient Halfbreed!

Cassy: Oh. Sorry, man.

Mystery: Void Star!!!!

Dudley: Would you get outa here?!

Mystery: No!!!!! *Attacks Dudley*

Dudley: OUCH!!!

Cassy: What kind of a freak attacks a 6 year old like that?

Megan: Mystery please stop!!!!

Mystery: Never *Punches Megan*

Cassy: What's your deal, man? Knock it off!

Mystery: My master would be mad if i didn't complete my mission *Attacks Cassy*

Cassy: *jumps our of the way* What mission is that? Acting like you have poop-for-brains?

Mysetry: No to destroy all halfbreeds


Mystery: *Kicks Jirahk*

Cassy: Good luck! Darkstorm is immortal! And besides, what did they do to you?

Mystery: *Kicks Cassy*

Darkstorm: I can still bleed!!!

Cassy: *jumps out of the way* Quiet, you!

Iris: I wonder if Maggie and that one dude are okay inside of Darkstorm.

Mystery: *punches Iris*

Darkstorm:(Roars in anger)

Mystery: *Punches Darkstorm*

Iris: *starts crying and nose starts bleeding*

Darkstorm:(Inner demon awakens)

Mystery: *attacks Darkstorm*

Darkstorm:(Turns Dangerous)

Mystery: *backs off* Sorry sorry!

Cassy: You make me sick!

Mystery: *starts crying* I said i was sorry!

Cassy: Don't apologize to me! My nose isn't bleeding like Iris, and my tummy isn't hurting like Dudley! Apologize to all the people you hurt, and then maybe you can be in my presence again! *faintly chuckles under her breath*

Mystery: *cries* *runs off*

Cassy: Tee-hee!

Megan: dare you!!!!

Cassy: Yeah!

Dudley: Ohh, my belly!

Iris: *continues crying*

Megan: *heals them both*

Iris: *stops crying* Hey, my nose stopped pleeding! And it doesn't hurt anymore! Thanks!

Dudley: Yeah, and my belly is all better! That's a lot, lady!

Cassy: What's your name?

Megan: Megan The Hedgehog

Dudley: I'm Dudley the Wombat.

Cassy: I'm Cassy the Ocelot!

Iris: I'm Iris Meritz. It's nice to meet you!

Megan: Mystery is my brother so...

Cassy: I'm so sorry. :3

Iris: Cassy, don't be rude!

Megan: Im sorry about my brother....

Dudley: Me too.

Iris: *steps on Dudley's foot* It's okay. It's not like he's going to go on a rampage and desstroy Mobius.

Megan:Well my brother has OCD...

Darkstorm:(Eyes turn from Steel black to Blood Red)

Jirahk: Nivahk, Darkstormahk nuvan demono.

Megan: *Pats Dudley on the head*

Darkstorm:(Calms down)

Megan: Mystery is probably with Eggman!

Nirahk: Who is this Eggman?

Megan: Hes an evil man who tries to take over the world

(Eggman wasn't born yet in this roleplay)

  • Edward walks in*

Edward:Hey,people.What's going on?

Jirahk: Taku artonu yonku?


Iris: In case you can't tell, he only speaks Ancient Halfbreed.

Edward:What is he saying?

Iris: You'll have to ask Darkstorm. I don't know what he's saying either.

Darkstorm: He said Who are you?

Edward:I am Edward The Artificial Robloxian Hedgehog.I was made to hold a demon.

Darkstorm:What kind of demon?

Edward:An unstoppable,invincible,insane, and evil demon.

Darkstorm: Is said demon want to destroy all life or enslave it?

Edward:Destroy it.No one standed a chance against him.That's why I was created.But that was 4000 years ago.I am immortal just like the demon.

Cassy: That sounds sort of like a robot I read about named... Emerl I think.

Edward:The demon has a really strange name.What was it again....Oh yeah,Dezerat

Darkstorm:(Roars in discust) That name is a plague!!!!

Megan: *Yawns* Im going to find mystery

Edward:I'm gonna buy some spicy shrimp chips.See ya guys.*walks away*

Megan: Oh great

Darkstorm:Megan has a point, Jirahk, Nirahk, Tirvahk and Cirviax find Mystery and pronto!!!

Jirahk, Nirahk, Tirvahk and Cirviax:(Salutes Darkstorm and runs at a top speed of 999.3 mph)

??? : I think you would need someone with a great sense of smell to find your friend

(This is the first time Darks torm Met Shadow the Wolf)

Jirahk:(Rams into the stranger)*Hisses*

Edward vs Nega Darkstorm

At the store......

Edward:Well I have my money.Let's go in.

  • later at home*

Edward:Let's see what's on Channel 5.


  • boom*

Edward:What was that?

  • walks out*

Edward:Who are you?

???? ?????????:None of your business.



  • Edward creates an energy ball*


  • ??? is hurt*

Edward:Who the Awesome are you?

???:I am Nega Darkstorm,A counterpart.*teleports away*

Edward:I have to warn Darkstorm

Cassy: Man, how many countelabemehoosits does Darkstorm have?

Edward:About just that Nega guy.How did you get my address?

Darkstorm: What the hell!!!


Cassy: Iris, Dudley, and me followed Darkstorm here.





Kirara:(Teleports next to Darkstorm)*Purrs*

Megan: Mystery??

Mystery: * holds up green chaos emerld*


Mystery: Chaos Control!!!

Kirara:(Purrs to Darkstorm)

Megan: NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkstorm:Apocalyptis CHAOS CONTROLL (Follows Mystery)

Mystery: Why did you follow me!

Darkstorm: Because someone wants you back.

Mystery: Im going back to my sister!!

Darkstorm:(Grabs Mystery and Teleports to Megan)

Edward:I'l find Nega

Darkstorm:(Kicks Anubis and Maggie out of his body, But kicks Maggie out of his body kindly)

Edward:You guys gonna help me find Nega Darkstorm?It's gonna take a long time cause he I just felt it.He made Nega Copies of us.

Darkstorm:(Meditates to sense Nega's energy)

Edward:*activates Power Eye to sense 900 kilometers away*

Darkstorm:(Turns into a Hedgehog) WHAT THE.....?

Anubis:(Bursts out laughing)

Maggie: French Toast! We're back, everybody!

Edward:*absorbs Anubis for a short time*

Maggie: AAh! What happened?

Darkstorm:(What is Maggie screaming at)

(Edward absorbed Anubis....)

Rapid: What'd I miss?

Darkstorm:How did I get this form?

Cassy: Maybe you can shapeshift now!

Edward:Let's just go to Nega's base.*pulls out a Power Orb*Or Control!*everyone is teleported*

Darkstorm:I have always been a shapeshifter.

Rapid: *yawns* What's everyone doing?

Darkstorm:(Summons as sphere of dark energy)

Iris: Wow! You're like a scary-looking superhero! Everybody has powers except for me.

Rapid: I can transer powers into you.

Iris: You can do that?

Cassy: He just said he could!

Iris: Oh, yeah. What powers can you transfer?

Rapid: Super-Strength, Invisibility, Energy Blast Techniques, and Flight.

Edward:*transforms into his Hyper Form*Let's just fight the Negas

Darkstorm: *Turns into Mega Hyper*

Hyper Edward:*flies to Nega's location*

Iris: I'd like Flight and Invisibility! That'd be so cool!

Darkstorm:Maggie (Hands Maggie a spear)

Maggie: *takes the spear* Ooh! It looks sharp! I wonder how sharp it is! *starts to put her finger on the spear's blade*

Darkstorm: It is sharp enough to make you get stitches if your not careful

Maggie: Whoops! *takes hand away from blade* Okay! So what do I do with it?

Hyper Edward:*teleports in with a dead Nega Edward*Use it to fight Nega and his Nega copies of us.

Darkstorm:(Grabs Maggie and Runs in)

Edward:*runs in as well and reverts to his base form*Darkstorm,your evil older brother's punishment,I will start it.

Darkstorm: His punishment is Banishment.

Edward:He will be banished in a way similar of what happened to Dezerat.

???: (In Darkstorm's, Maggie's and Edwards head) Hest vorcsa nevesta shivic navyc moronic tavic!!!

Darkstorm:(Roars in anger at the voice)

Maggie: What was that?

Darkstorm:(Follows the sound)

???:(Trasnlated) Find me Darkstorm and Maggie, find your soul blades!!!

Maggie: What could that mean?

Darkstorm:(Spots a cave where the voice is coming from)

Maggie: Let's go in there!

Darkstorm: What about your friends, Magg's?

Maggie: They can fend for themselves. They're with Megan, right?

Darkstorm:Aye (Picks up Maggie and runns into the cave)

Maggie: This looks weird.

Mystery: Hmmmm whats going on? *sees Megan taking care of the others* Hmmmph *runs off*

(A loud screech is in Mystries head)

Edward:*the voice released Dezerat*OH SON OF A IT HURRTTTSS!!!!!!!!!

(A sword appears next to Edward)

Edward:That's not even useful right now!!!!!!!!!IM LOSING MY IMMORTALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY WOULD IT JUST RANDOMLY POP UP!!!????

(The Sword whispers for Edward to weld it)

Edward:*lying on the floor in pain due to Dezerat being released but still picks it up*

(are you kidding me Dark?My char is in pain,and a random sword pop up.What is the purpose of it anyway?)

(Ike: What? This can't be a comedy as well as an action? XP)

(With Darkstorm and Maggie)

Darkstorm: the voices are getting louder.

Maggie: This is really creeping me out, but at least we should be getting closer.

Darkstorm:(Puts Maggie on his Back) Any better?

Maggie: Yep! So which way to we go? Left or right?

Darkstorm:(Elvian ears are noticed) left!

Maggie: Onward to victory, Captain Darkstorm! *points left*

Darkstorm: Don't over do it.

Maggie: Sorry. Let's go left, then!

Darkstorm:(Heads left, His Elvan ears fully exposed)

Maggie: You know, Darkstorm, your ears look funny.

Darkstorm:Pfft HA HA HA, Yeah I know there Elvan.

Maggie: Yeah, they're all pointy! Were you born with those?

Darkstorm: Yeah.

Maggie: They're cool looking!

Darkstorm: Thanks (The Voices become to unbearable for him) Man this is giving me a headache

Maggie: That must mean we're really close! Let's run to the source of the headache! *jumps off of Darkstorm's back and takes off in a random direction*

Darkstorm: (Follows Maggie and Sounds get louder)

Maggie: It's over there! We're SUPER close! C'mon, Darkstorm! *runs to the sounds*

Darkstorm:(Teleports to keep up)

(The voices get stronger and louder)

Maggie: *finds the source of the voice* Aha! ...What is it?

(Two rock behold two swords: One Katana the other a double blade)

The Katana: You've your soul blade Found Master Darkstorm

The Double:(In Female Voice) Mistiris Maggie.

Maggie: Wow! One of them talks all backward-like and the other knows my name! Spooky! *does the spirit fingers*

The Double Blade:(Gets out of the stone and goes to Maggie)

The Katana:(Gets out of the Granite and goes to Darkstorm)

Maggie: Hi, there! *waves to The Double Blade*

The Double Blade: Grab me my Mistris!!

Maggie: Well, okay! *grabs The Double Blade*

The Double Blade: Now name me and all my power is yours.

Darkstorm:(Grabs the Katana) Soul Edge Katana!!!

Maggie: Cool! My name's Magnolia, so I'll name you... Wistar! You like that name?

Wistar: Yes mistriss.

Maggie: Good! So... what happens no, Wistar?

Wistar: We get out of here.

(Cave starts collapsing)

Maggie: *gasps* Darkstorm, you remember how we came in, right?

Darkstorm:(Grabs Maggie and Runs at 99.9 mph)

Maggie: Wow! You move really fast, Darkstorm!

Darkstorm: Tha.... (A rock falls on his leg and crushes all the bones in the leg) *Roars in pain*

Maggie: Eek! *makes a force field around all of them and starts flying*

Darkstorm:(Leg is bleeding bad)

Maggie: Aah! You're bleeding! *flies even faster right out of the cave and lands everybody* Stop Bleeding! Please! AAAH!

Darkstorm:(Stops as quickly as it started and reheals)

Maggie: Wow! It worked! You're okay! *hugs Darkstorm*

Darkstorm:(Blushes) Help me up, Please.

Maggie: *pulls Darkstorm up* There ya are! Wasn't that a nice first adventure, Wistar?

Wistar: Yes it was and I think Darkstorm is blushing

Maggie: *looks at Darkstorm* Aww, how senchimentaru!

Darkstorm:(Weak Laughing)

Maggie: Hey, Darkstorm, do you have a weird you forgot something, or am I going crazy?

Darkstorm: I'd be lying if I said your crazy

Maggie: So you mean you -- *bonks herself on the forehead* I forgot to ask if you're okay! You;'re okay, right?

Darkstorm: Well my leg bones are all dust, I can't really heal them with out Natural Hot Spring Water.

Maggie: (heroicly) Then off to a hot spring!

Darkstorm: If you get hurt the responsibility is mine, your parents where are they, and don't over dp it?

Maggie: Golly, Darkstorm! All ways such a sour-puss! I told you my parents are up in Mars. And don't worry! I'm not gonna get hurt! I have Wistar! *clutches Wistar in her hands*

Darkstorm:(Sniffs air and the scent consisits of blood, muscle and rotting organs) SKIN ME ALIVE AND FEED ME TO THE NEAREST DRAGON!!!

Maggie: Well, if you say so. *takes Wistar and almost begins to skin Darkstorm*

Darkstorm: It is a metaphor this place smells of death.

(The Ransid scent of the rotting body parts whacks Maggie in the Nose)

Maggie: Whoa! What the... eewww! Something smells icky! Like... I can't describe it; it's so icky! *pretends to choak*

Darkstorm:(Hands Maggie a Gas Mask)

Mystery: *Hanging upside down* Need some help?

Darkstorm:(Tosses Mystery a Gas Mask)

Mystery: *Smacks it away* I don't need a gas mask! im a hedgehog robot!

(Shill screaming is heard)

Mystery: That sounded like....

Darkstorm:Get out of there!!

Mystery: *Skates towards where the scream came from*

Maggie: What's going on?

Mystery: It caant be!!!!

Maggie: What?! What is it? What's going on?

Mysetry: Its Megan!!!1 *Points to her suspended from the top of cave*

Maggie: Megan?! What are you doing up there?!

Megan: Help please....

???: Step away or she dies!!

Darkstorm: Release her (Eyes glow blood red)

Maggie: Where are all these people coming from?! *gets dizzy*

Rusty: One step closer and she gets it!

Maggie: (really fast) What step? I didn't take a step! Darkstorm, did you take a step? No, I don't think Darkstorm took a step. Did you take a step? No, you didn't take a step. Then who took a step? What step? Step, step, steppity-step-step!

Megan: Help please.... *Loosing air*

Maggie: What are we supposed to do? D: D: D:

Rusty: Tell me the lctain of Katie Roses home and i let her go

Rapid then appeared. "Let her go and I'll take her place. kill me, not her!" He said.

Rusty: No way!! Tell me the Loctain of Katie Rose now!!

Rapid stared at Rusty. "I don't know the location..." He said sadly.

Rusty: Fine Then *Starts choking Megan*

Rapid's fur started to fade to black then back to green over and over again. "Leave. Her. ALONE! Let her go!"

Mystery: Don't Rapid!

Maggie: Leave them alone! *wacks Rusty with Wistar in a dangerously adorable way*

Rapid went back to green and started laughing.

Rusty: Ha im not that weak! *Keeps on choking Megan*

Megan: Goodbye......Rapid..........

Maggie: STOP IT! *knocks Rusty away from Megan with Wistar* STOP BEING SO MEAN!

Rapid turned dark black. "I SAID LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" Rapid yelled. Rapid then kicked Rusty. He had two enegy blasts ready to be shot out.

Megan: Rapid please don't!!! *Blocks his way*

Maggie: What's with the holdup?

Rapid stopped, but stayed dark black. "Leave her alone, or I'll kill you!" Rapid said in a fighting stance.

Megan: No more vilence!!!

Rapid calmed down at went back to his original green color. He sighed. "I don't want anyone to die..." He said.

Maggie: Enough about that. Are Cassy, Dud, and Iris okay?

Megan: Yes their fine. I hid them in some bushes before i left.

Rapid smiled.

Maggie: *calms down* Okay. Okay. You're okay, right?

Megan: *Thinking* Why do i have this strange feeling when im around Rapid?

Rapid read her mind with his Mind Read ability. "What kind of strange feeling?"

Megan: Kinda like.......

Rapid was confused. "Kinda like what?" He asked with a gentle voice.

Megan: I like you.......or love you *kisses him on the cheek*

Maggie: EWW! *pretends to puke*

Rapid blushed, but had guilt in his eyes. "Sorry, but..."

Megan: But what?

Rapid turned away from Megan. "I have...a girlfriend already...sorry."

Maggie: Ooh! Scandelous!

Megan: Its o-ok *Tears in her eyes* Might as well *Jumps off cliff*

Maggie: No, wait! *chases after Megan* Which bush are they in?

Megan: Please..... *Jumps again*

Rapid then jumped off the cliff and grabbed her as they fell. "You don't have to kill yourself! I have a friend that needs a girlfriend! His name is Kyros." Rapid said.

Megan: Kyros?

Darkstorm:(Distorted screaming, and transforms to Algol)<

Mystery: I need to destroy him!!! *Flies towards Rusty*

Rapid nodded. "Yup. Kyros." He said. He then took Megan up to everyone else.

Rusty: So i see you have came....

Mystery: Yes!! And i want revenge!!

Maggie: Will somebody stop him?!

Darkstorm/Algol:Pathetic (Both hands turn to Soul Edge and the Spirit Sword)<

Kyros then came. "What did I miss?"

Megan: Hello Kyros

Mstery: DIE!!!!!!


"Hello." Kyros said to Megan. He then shot an energy prison cell at Mystery. "Don't result to violence, it's pointless." He said with a gentle, yet serious voice.

Darkstorm/Algol:Soul Strike (A Black swirling dragon soul energy) PARISH!!!!

Kyros looked at Darkstorm/Algol. "A little much don't ya think?" He said.

Soul Dragon:(Roars)

Darkstorm:(Angol form falls apart) Oh crud

Kyros raised his left eyebrow. "You okay, Dark?"


Kirara:(Purrs to Darkstorm)

Kyros nodded. "Okay then." He took out a stick of gum and put it in his mouth. He chewed on it flawlessly.

Maggie: Aren't we supposed to be going to a hot spring to help Darkstorm with something anyway?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out an Apocalypse Emerald)

Maggie: Ooh! What's that?

Darkstorm:(The Emerald glows like a Chaos Emerald but far more powerful) Apocalyptic Chaos CONTROLL!!!

Kyros was confused. "What are you screaming about?"

Darkstorm:(Teleports Kyros, Maggie and Himself)

Kyros looked around. "Can you teleport everyone else? Rapid and Megan were left behind."

Darkstorm:(Tries to teleport them)

Kyros had an annoyed expression on his face. "Are you able to?"


Kyros nodded. "Okay."

Darkstorm:(Collapses unconscious)

Maggie: Golly! He passed out yet again!

(Screeching is heard again)

Maggie: *covers her ears* What's that noise? It hurts!

Darkstorm: (Is mostly awake) Get me to the spring and hurry they smell my injury!!

Maggie: Okay! Rapid, help me pick him up and carry him to the spring!

(Screeching gets closer)

Darkstorm:(Roars a warning)

Mystery: Here we go!!!

Darkstorm:(Energy level is dropping)

Mystery: I shouldn't do this but i have to......

Megan: Don't Mystery!!!!!

Mystery unleashes his ulitme power!

Megan: No!!! *The clock on her chest goes faster*

((Got th idea from Chrono Crusade))

Darkstorm:(Teleports to the Hot spring and falls in)

Xenomorph Rouges:(Attacks Megan)

Mystery: Leave her alone!!!! *Punches them all at once*

Megan: Look!! Its Revy!!

Revy: Hi!

Demon Mystery: *Attacking the Rogues*

Savannah: *Stares* Ok...

Megan: This only happends when im in danger.....

Xenomorph Suicide:(Explodes and its acid blood hit Mystery)

Demon Mystery: No!!!!! *Starts dying slowly*

Revy: Mystery! *Runs to him*

Megan: *Takes out her pistols* Ready for this? *Starts shooting the Rogues*

Xenomorph Dogs:(Get in Revy's way)

Revy: Hey!

Megan: *Shoots The evil dogs

Revy: Thanks Megan *Goes back to Mystery*

Xenomorph Warriors:(Prepares to kill Darkstorm in Mid- Healing)

Darkstorm:(Dives down deep into the spring)

Melody: What are you doing!?

Rapid ank Kyros both attacked the Xeno Warriors. Kyros used his telekinesis. Rapid used his Pyrokinesis. Kyros then finished off most of the Xeno Warriors himself.

Rooch: Hmm.....

Kyros sat down to guard Darkstorm. "I'm bored...Anybody want to fight me?"

Rooch: You are pretty strong...*Lands on feet in front of Kyros*

Kyros nodded then smiled. "I'm stronger than that. I've destroyed a secret base with one attack." Kyros said.

Xenomorph Spitters:(Spitts acid)


Revy: I don't know how Mystery. *Cries*

Megan: There is poison in hes system how do we get it out?


Nuckles: Well Well Well........isn't my old rival Mystery?

Revy: *Looks at Nuckles* Can't you see he's hurt?

Nuckles: Rev..........

Rooch: *Looks at Nuckles* Well Nuckles

Revy: *Stands up* You know that I hate being called Rev!

Nuckles: Oops.....

Revy: Oops isn't going to fix it. *Goes back to Mystery*

My: Hey.......Mystery!!

Darkstorm:(Jabs Mystery with healing Crystals)

My: Thank you!! *Kisses Darkstorm on the cheek*

Revy: *Hugs Mystery* You're ok.

Darkstorm:CHAOS SHEILD!!!!!

My: Whats wrong Darkstorm?

Spitter Xeno.:(Hisses)

Melody: think you can get away from me that easily sis?


Darkstorm: What the!!!

Pichu:(Goes near Darkstorm)

Kaytlin:*Picks Up Pichu*

Pichu: Pi Pichu

Kaytlin:*Speaks to Pichu in Pichu Language*Pichu.

Darkstorm: What are you two saying?

Kaytlin:i'm not really sure my Pokémon language is not good as it use to be.

Pichu: Pichu pi pi

Darkstorm: Oye

Pichu:(Electroucutes Darkstorm)

Darkstorm: Seriously

Flame:Oh wow.

Darkstorm: Who are you (Eyes glow dark Red)?

  • Dezerat stands behind a wall from Darkstorm*

Maggie: WHAT'S WITH ALL THE PEOPLE SHOWING UP? *has a bewildered look on her face*

Darkstorm:(Turns into his wyvern form)

Dezerat:*forms a spear from the shadows and absorbs a dead body*

Darkstorm:(Rage Builds up)

Maggie: You okay, Darkstorm?


Meeting Xenosix

Our Heros find themselves in a fork in the road

Maggie: Uh oh! Well, maybe Wistar knows which way to go.

Darkstorm: I am going left

Maggie: But what if that's the wrong way?

Darkstorm:Ever seen those kind of movies where two team separate and one makes it out unscathed and the other team makes it out scathed?

Maggie: That depends what scathed means.

Darkstorm: Injured, well I am going left

Maggie: W-well, wait for us! *tries to run but falls on her back, her backpack squeals* What in the world?

Dudley: [muffled] Hey! Let me out of here!

Maggie: *opens backpack* Dudley?! How'd you get in there?

Dudley: Long story. Let's go left! *runs after Darkstorm*

Maggie: *shrugs and follows them*

(A strong scent of rotting corpses and dried slime hits Maggie, Dudley and Darkstorm)



Maggie: What's that smell?!


Maggie: Did anybody hear that?

(A Halfxeno named Necromancer lands in front of them and licks his Fangs)

Edward:*appears from nowhere,injured*WATCH OUT!*tries to slash Necromancer*

Dudley: Whoa! Maggie, you didn't tell me these guys were so groovy!

(Two more Halfxenos appear)


Darkstorm: STOP!!!

Edward:*stops*What Dark btw Dudley that's just creepy.

Darkstorm: Just surrender it is no use fighting them (Sets Soul Edge Katana on the Ground)

Edward:I met one in the past and I defeated it.

Dudley: And I'm a 7 year old guy. Creepy is what I do.

Necromancer: We aren't any ordinary Xeno's

Edward:I look 27 and sound like one but I'm 3098 years old

???:(Shrill Screeching)


Darkstorm: Just surrender Edward!!

Edward:How old are you??!!

Darkstorm:I look 15 but I am actually 28

Edward:Are you immortal like your dad?

Darkstorm: I turned my father into a mortal, I am immortal now

Edward:Nice touch btw I'm 3098

Halfxeno Female: Keep moving!!!

Edward:*sees a Zompire*OMG it's him!

Halfxeno Male:(Jabs Edward) KEEP MOVING!!


Darkstorm:(Blocks Edwards Attack) Just do as they ask

Edward:Let's go then.

Maggie: Where?

Edward:I do not know

(In the Queens Chamber)

???:(In pain while she is turning into a queen)

(Edward's creater aka me:Dark what is with the people from Aliens vs Predator?)

(The Halfxenos are mine predalien Is another)

Darkstorm:(Becoming sick)

Edward:We are prisoners and Dark you ok?

Edward:Ugh..Stomach ache..

Dudley: My belly hurts.

Maggie: What's going on with everybody?

">???: He is not used to the scent (Screeches in pain)My name is Xenosix

Maggie: Hi. I'm Magnolia MacBee... but I go by Maggie.

Edward:Hey xenosix,can I call you Xeno?

Edward:Ah..stomach hurts more.

Xenosix: No ho ho ho, you can call me six

Kaytlin:*Holding Pichu*

Shadow:(Coughing and Covering Lucas's nose) It stinks here

Xenosix:You'll get used to it (Screeches while she sheds and turns into a Queen)

Return of Dezerat

Edward:Hey guys,what now?

Xenosix: We rest.

Edward:Ok.Is Dark alright?

Darkstorm: (Wearing Xenomorph Silk clothes)

Edward:*looks at dark*>:O WHAT.

Xenosix:Xenomorph Silk is worht a lot

(By the way Dark I will insert Dezerat in soon)



Edward:By the way Dark Heavens Pierce is an Energy Blast aka in Japanese:Getsuga Tenshou

Darkstorm:Just go to sleep man

Edward:*lays down and sleeps*

(In the Morning)

Edward:When do we leave this place

Xenosix: Now

Edward:Good.Come on Dark,Maggie,and Dudley.


Edward:Maggie and Dudley have not said anything since last night..

Edward:What now?

Maggie: I don't know. Where are we s'posed to go?

Edward:Mah House >:D :3

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Grenade Launcher)

Edward:Whats wrong Dark?


(Edward:Okay,I was gonna introduce a new char along with Dezerat,yes 2 new ones.The other one will appear in the fight VS Dezerat.You wil all fight him.)

(Edward:Hello guys,looks like I have time for RPing.This is getting inactive.)

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