All of Memph's heroes have dissapeared and the villians that Memph created are taking full advantage of this! The only person who knows how this came to be is Memph himself but he is nowhere to be found. So calling all heroes and anti-heroes! Help take down the villians that Memph Created and find out just where Memph is! Have fun with friends as you make a story that takes you across the land in search for the user. But be warned all of the villians are watching you and they are aching for a fight.


This roleplay is: In standby


  • No harrassment
  • keep the language to a minimum.
  • No godmodding
  • no Trolls
  • no vandals
  • No extreme romance(kissing and flirting are okay)
  • Keep questions on the talk page.
  • Invitation only (ask to join on talkpage)
  • Have fun!
  • If Memph takes more than 15 minutes to respond please pause it, it will help clear confusion ^_^
  • To avoid edit conflicts please wait 5 minutes before making an edit. This will allow other users to make edits in peace.

Invited users:

  • Hikaru
  • Metal
  • Gale
  • Draon
  • Shadow
  • Ryu
  • Light
  • Gold
  • Twist
  • Guy
  • Nerd
  • Yuki
  • Jay



  • Darkaru- WHAT!? (Memph)
  • Mason (Twist)
  • Speedy the Fox (Twist)
  • Mona (Twist)
  • Forte-Fox- I'm only doing this to be the strongest... (Twist)
  • Hotaru(Hikaru)
  • Dennis (User:Gale)
  • Gale the Hedgehog (User:Gale)
  • Mage (D-star)
  • Griogar the Magihog (D-star)




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