In this RP, Mobius is invaded by Heartless (NO Sora from KH won't be coming to save the day. SCREW SORA!!)


Place your character here if you want to stop the Heartless at all costs!


Place your character here if you don't fight anyone but the Sub-Villains!


Place your characters here if they fight the heroes AND the Heartless!


Place your character here if you would HELP the Heartless! Give a reason too, please.

BloodSonic1 - I AM a Heartless! MWUHAHAHAHA!!! BloodSonicOne 06:47, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

  • The Trolls (Played by everyone. Most of the Trolls have been infected by the Heartless before, so they are following their past and re-becoming the Heartless)


What happens goes here!

(Mobius, 8:15 PM, Central City)

Mobian: *walking along, whistling*

  • Thunder clap*

Mobian: Woah! That was loud... Better get home...

  • Rain*

Mobian: Ah, dammit... *sees something in the dark* Whats that?

Blood: *standing there*

Mobian: Uh.. Excuse me...

Blood: Hehehehehe.... The darkness has come....

Mobian: Uh, OK, what the heck?

Blood: You won't stand a chance, fool.

Mobian: What did you just call me?!

Blood: *purple spines suddenly extend out from between his regular spines as the darken. His eyes take on a slight red tint and gain a glowing yellow pupil. His sleeves turn black, his shirt is tinted red and the palms of his gloves turn black.*

Mobian: What the heck!!

  • A large group of Shadow Heartless spawn up out of the ground*

Mobian: !!!!!!!! *runs*

Heartless Blood: Darkness conquers even the strongest light.

Part 1

(The next morning) Will: Well, looks like Rageik's up to his old tricks.

Maddy: How so?

Will: Take a look at this. A large mob of Heartless were seen invading Mobius...and they seem to have focused on the Alliance lands this time.

Maddy: mean they could have...

Will: They could have drawn out control of the Heartless within Blood, and considering his Phazon mutation, I would be afraid of just what it could do.

Maddy: What are we going to do?

Will: Baton down the hatches, and get word out to the others in the city. We need everyone to be ready to fight these monsters.

(Suddenly, a Giant Shadow Heartless appears in front of them)

Will: Nuts! Maddy, get the kids out of here! I'll deal with this guy! (Will's eyes start to take on a yellow hue as he taps into the barest side of the Heartless's power, blasting the beast with it's own energy)

(The Heartless is hit, and destroyed, but another one spawns out of the ground. Will growls, his knuckleblades sprouting from his hands rapidly as his stance shifted from his normal stance to that of his father, his original fighting stance)

Will: Maddy, get the kids and RUN! (Will's eyes become Sharingans, and he accurately predicts the next attack from the Heartless)

(The Heartless leaps up incredibly high, but is blasted and destroyed in midair by someone from the side)

Blood: Heh! How was that a problem?

Will: Blood? Are you feeling ok? You look, you know, sorta darker than usual. (Will's eyes power down, but don't flick about looking for Maddy and the kids)

Blood: (has regular look, but has Heartless fur colours) Why does everyone keep asking me that? I'm fine. And the darker thing... No idea. Guess its the Heartless?

Will: Then...why aren't I affected? I've absorbed one as well. Or Sonic, Shadow and Silver. They all were POSSESSED by Heartless. How are they not affected, but you are? What happened in the Alliance that drove you here?

Blood: Your an echidna from the future... and fully organic. Those three were also from the future, and I am more... susceptable to things affecting me physical.... But theres another reason.

Will: And that is?

(tendrils of darkness come out from the ground and grab Will be the arms and legs, holding him in place, as Blood instantly turns Heartless)

Heartless Blood: Ya see, I'm the one that brought them here. *smirk*

(Will struggles for a few seconds, keeping his eyes from Blood's view)

Will: Only on problem with that idea, Blood.

Heartless Blood: Oh, let me guess. Sharingan Eyes? Thats OK.

(Heartless spawn up and surround Maddy and their kids)

Heartless Blood: Just making sure they don't interfere.

Will: Oh, you wish for Sharingans. (Will's head flies up, revealing two golden eyes as his fur starts darkening) You see, I too absorbed a Heartless. Unfortunately for you, I was taught how to control it by a powerful hedgehog. It might not be as strong as if you used both Phazon and Heartless forms together, but it's capable of being unchained. Now, let us fight, but first... (Will motions to his family, his body still transforming. Instantly, one Heartless disappears into empty space, sucked into a single point by Will's rapidly forming Heartless Sharingans) MADDY! DANIEL! ELLIE! GREG! RUN FOR IT! (His family nod, and Greg flicks down his sunglasses, holding a pistol in each hand and firing as they ran)

Heartless Blood: (unfazed by their escape) Heh. Too bad for you, a Heartless is nothing without darkness... And only I Have the TRUE Darkness on my side! Its just a pity you won't be around long enough to see the full power of Darkness!

Heartless Will: Oh, I'll be around. Just not where you'd expect. Imagine Heartless turning against you. Imagine a buried army of mechanized soldiers rising up and fighting. Imagine a future of warriors. That's what I shall bring against you, old friend. Nothing less than my all. (Will ripples in energy, before vanishing like the Heartless he had teleported had)

Heartless Blood: Hehehehe.... *swipes hand, summoning him back like a regular heartless* You can't get away that easily, Will.

Heartless Will: Oh, can't I? (The Heartless Blood had summoned turns out to be the one Will had teleported! Meanwhile, Will was floating in Hammerspace, having deformed from his Heartless form and building energy to teleport again)

Heartless Blood: Hmph. I expected more than a coward... Oh well.... I suppose I didn't know Will that well.... However.... Maybe his family will prove more sporting.... *dashes after them at lightspeed*

(Will teleports out of Hammerspace to a gap ahead of his family, but unfortunately the jump took too much out of him so while he could see what was happening, he was powerless to stop it. Meanwhile, Greg, the youngest, suddenly stopped running and drew his pistols)

Greg: Go guys. Get to the city, to the others houses, and wait for me and Dad there.

Maddy: What are you on about, Greg?

Greg: He's coming. Blood. Dad's nearby, but he's tired and drained. I'm the one with the most Heartless kills, and the one who defeated an entire force of them on my own. I might only be 15, but I did that when I was 8. I can do this. (Greg puts on his sunglasses, flicks up his pistols, reloads them and waits. Maddy watches horrified as her son prepared for battle. Daniel and Ellie grab their mum and drag her away)

Heartless Blood: *skids to a halt 3 meters in front of Greg* I don't think we've ever met... But I can see the resemblance between you and your father....

Greg: What, dreads and quills combined? I'm red, like my granddad, with black streaks like my dad, and I'm built like my dad. So what? You're a heartless. I used to kill your kind before I reached double digits.

Heartless Blood: Heh... Kid talking tough... Im over 250 times your age, little boy. Try telling me something about power I don't know.

Greg: Simple: Power, like me, is impossible to stop, be you master of light or dark! My father taught me that all beings that use power have a weakness, and I taught myself to see that weakness - they only ever want more! (Greg's pistol's rise up, and fire a single round each, made of pure light)

Heartless Blood: (catches them with one hand and looks them over) Yeah, you just made an oxymoron. (flicks them away)

Greg: Really? Let's see... (Greg's hands ripple in electricity, but he doesn't move)

Heartless Blood: Yeah, you did. Something unstoppable with a weakness. No sense right there. If it has a weakness, its stoppable. But enough semantics. Why not try to man up, unlike your old man?

Greg: My father ran because he doesn't want to hurt the body you inhabit, Heartless. I, on the other hand, have no qualms about going all out! (A fist made of pure lighting strikes Heartless Blood across the face, coming from behind)

Heartless Blood: (head is turned by attack) Well, that makes him a bad friend, then... (turns back to Greg) Don't tell me... You have a more powerful attack to use.... Just like your father... Always testing the waters before diving in headfirst.... Why is your family so wussy?

Greg: There is nothing wussy in restraint. He taught me that after I attacked him all out. He plays tactically. I play tactically. You want head-on, try my granddads on both sides. Neither of them think, they act. (Greg disappears, striking Heartless Blood from behind with a Chaos Lightning Blade)

Heartless Blood: (head turned by attack) Tactics don't work against an opponent with far more power. (looks back at him) You need to strike hard... As hard as you possibly can! Give one attack all you have and make sure its the last they ever see! Make the last you use enough to DESTROY your opponent! The line between win and lose is smaller than you think!

Greg: I suppose you would know, considering that Spriters Alliance is dead. The Heartless...YOUR Heartless, they destroyed the place. (Greg teleported again, trapping Heartless Blood within Tsukuyomi)

Heartless Blood: Actually, that happened before I turned... It was probably also the reason... Who knows? And besides, that doesn't exactly fit.... I was talking about destroying your opponent withv everything you have, and you bring up the Aliiance? What kind of twisted, messed up thinking brought you to THAT subject?

Greg: Allies ARE all you have. If there's even the chance that they could survive in your place, then that's a chance you must take. You played with fire, trying to control a monster that cannot be controlled in the form of a Heartless, and that brought an end to all you loved. Family, friends, everything. Here, you talk about power. The BloodSonic my father knew was a living tactical computer, making insane moves that nobody else could pull off with such power and finesse, but for every move you had a counterplan, a tactic that would counteract whatever they pulled or if you made a mistake. Tactically, only Ronan or maybe even Tails could beat you. Now, you fight like my grandfather: up close and personal, not thinking and spouting words about power. That's why I had my mother and siblings leave. Just so they wouldn't see one of us become a monster.

Heartless Blood: Control is an illusion. There is only ideas and those that are influenced by them. And power IS a tactic! Something like THIS! *appears with his foot in Greg's stomach*

(Greg goes flying, appearing to pass through a tree. A split-second later, Heartless Blood had a pistol held directly into the small of his back)

Greg: My father can hear every word you say, and he saw that. I'd say that his own Heartless and Dark forms are fighting to get free, if he's anything like Sonic. Oh well. Now, listen real slowly, Blood. You might have destroyed your own family and friends in that Heartless attack, but do you really want to say that the Trolls are your only allies? If I have to, both of us will find out how well a Heartless form takes compressed light directly through the heart and spine.

Heartless Blood: TROLLS?? My ALLIES?? HAHAHAHAHA!!! My only ally is DARKNESS!!! And your little flashlight gun won't work on me, boy!!

Greg: Heartless, you killed your host's family. You killed his closest friends. Now you go after one of his almost forgotten allies, restraining his intelligence and becoming a beast. Do you want to hold him to this world as he processes who and what it is he destroyed? Do you want to drive him to the Heartless amongst the Trolls, the only other surviving Heartless hosts asides for my father? A flashlight isn't a weapon, it's a tool. This gun, (Greg tightens his grip) is a weapon designed by Ronan to force a Heartless to slowly but surely lose it's grip on reality and eventually die, occasionally killing the host if there is one as well. Don't make me do it to Blood, but I'd happily blast you again and again until you can never threaten my family again.

Heartless Blood: I can see you know nothing of me. I am not a host to Heartless... I AM a Heartless! Even when it doesn't show, it is part of who I am! And you, like all, are a "monster" as well! You just hide it away, until the time comes and you let it out! All people are the same, boy!

Greg: You're right. I know nothing of you as a being. I know of you through legends, rumors, TRUTHS. Everyone may be monstrous, but I shall make it clear to you, as you should realize now... (Greg draws himself closer to Blood, and whispers one little sentence) You only have yourself to blame in the end, for all the devastation. At least my father could blame a demon or a Heartless, but you can only blame yourself for killing your own family

Heartless Blood: I never had a family. I was not born of flesh like you. I have lived too long, seen too much. I know the nature of the world, and it will betray you one day. Mark my words.

Greg: Think about it. Jaime, Azure, even Draco and Jeff. They were your family. Your wife. Your kids. And you killed them. You HAVE lived too long, and so eternal rest should be the only answer to end the pain you WILL feel in the end.

Heartless Blood: You think this kind of thing hasn't happened before? 4000 years and I didn't marry at least once? I had to watch them all die of age while I went onward. The only thing keeping me going was the thought that it couldn't get worse. Too bad for me it did. I watched more people I enjoyed being around... More people I loved... Die right in front of me... 4000 years of life and what have i got to show for it? NOTHING. You cannot say this time is different, because it isn't. I have had better friends than anyone alive today, all of which died. This lifestyle we all lead... Fighting... One day, someone will be gone... And I will live on... Eventually I will forget their names... Their faces... Soon this entire period of time will be nothing but a blur to me... I have become the embodiment of time itself. Continuing on through the ages while everyone around me withers and dies! No matter what anyone says or does, I will always forget. So why should it matter? Why should I give a damn what happens to anyone? Why shouldn't I just turn around and destroy you right now? Give me a reason why I should not become like Defaran.

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