This RolePlay is based off of the Fire Within Triology Books 

this roleplay will take place in a small town called Scrubbey. in this Roleplay, you will get a Small Clay Dragon, with the ability to animate itself, after you meet Liz.  


when you add your Character to a Hero or a Neutral, follow this Pattern: David / Gadzooks (Character name and Dragon, you can name you dragons now, but they'll be made by Liz, read below for the Dragons)


if your Character is Good, and wishes to fight the Ix  


if your Character is on both sides

  • Spike the Wolf / ???
  • Voltrex the Vulture / Gy'rven
  • Rampart the Rhino / Gy'en


These beings seek only destruction and death of others. Often, they desire one of the crew and their dragons dead. most of the time, they are being manipulated by the Ix  

  • Jacob/Diablos
  • Spook the Hedgehog/Gaethian
  • Sunaya

Fain Ix

the Fain are thought Beings, the Ix are a Darker Breed of Fain who wish to destroy all of Dragon kind and create Darklings made of Dark Fire, Gargoyle like Dragons made of Obsidian, the Ix can Control ones body and mind

  • Ix:risor / Darkling

Dragon Types

NOTE: each Dragon is 7 inches tall, each Dragon can only speak in Dragon Tongue, which will sound like a Hurr.

All Dragons that appeared from the Book "The Fire Within" will not have a link.

WARNING: do NOT make a dragon cry or sad, or else they will shed their Fire Tear, which will cause it to stay in Clay form, forever.


these Dragons are good for daily chores

  • Gruffen- Liz's guard Dragon
  • Gauge- Liz's Timer Dragon
  • Gawain- Liz's Personal Dragon
  • Gunivere- Lucy's Dragon, has the ability to scan, then upload media into a computer
  • Blade- Will's First Dragon,a Dragon who has a Sharp Tail, like a sword. He actually possesses a bond with Will, allowing him to tap into Will's powers and strength in fire. Whenever he does so, his fire turns from orange to blood red.
  • Diablos - A dark dragon, blood red in appearance. He, like his master, wants Will and Blade dead.


these Dragons carry a Notepad, and a Pencil, good for Inspiration when writing

  • Gadzooks- Davids 1st Dragon, Gadzooks helped David in writing both of his Books


these Dragons can use their giant ears to listen in on conversations

  • Gwillan- one of Liz's Dragons, a Helper who also can be used as a Recording Device for Voices
  • Grace- Sophie's Dragon, Grace doesn't appear much
  • Garren-Christmas's dragon he is a excellent at listening to others and memorizing what they say however he does not talk to anyone, but he sometimes communicates with others by thought however this usually doesn't happen.


Dragons who use Nature to create magical Potions

  • Gretel- Gwilanna's old Dragon, who betrayed the Sybil (a witch), she is counted now as Zanna's Dragon. she uses Flower petals to Create Potions  
  • Coolina- Shima's First Dragon, a Dragon who can Breathe Ice instead of Fire, she can also create Spells with Flower petals


one of the Rarest Species, they can heal (of Fix) almost anything

  • GollyGosh- Davids 3rd Dragon. a True Wishing Dragon, one of the Rarest, its toolbox can fix almost anything
  • Wand - Stave's dragon, made of wire and clay, making her more flexible. Due to the wire, she actually can take much more damage than most. Her healing breath can cure poisons, while her healing pink fire can heal practically anything. She has a peculiar way of speaking due to her wire tongue.


a Rare Species, they can create Wishes with their giant Paws

  • G'reth- Davids 2nd Dragon. created by Lucy, this Dragon has caused an amazing adventure in the Artic North
  • Ranivae- Ryu's first Dragon. this Wishing Dragon has Paws slightly larger than G'reth's. She has a small jewel in her chest and can conjure wish tags.


these Dragons each have Special Abilites that makes them Unique

  • Gryone- Davids 4th Dragon, once Dr. Bergstrom's Dragon, this Dragon can transform into a Narwhals tusk and turn Invisible
  • Akrulorne-Shahooter's Dragon, Strangely a Dragon with Fur and a Feathered Tail, He's able to stealth and Pounce (Momentarily Stun) Enemies, making them easy pickings for his allies.
  • Gravel-Statyx's dragon, he is capable of making things happen to people (similiar to the effects of "bad luck"), which is signaled by his eyes glowing Purple or a unique cry ("Hyaahh!"). He is also unusually strong, and capable of breathing blue fire, which seems to be able to both burn and heal, depending on the target.
  • Gaethian-Spook's dragon they are currently working for the Ix. Burns caused by Gaethian's fire are uncurable. She is willing to destroy other dragons without regret. Also she has the ability to know the emotions of other dragons.
  • Bluewind-Bluewind has the ability to use various Pokemon moves and Manipulate Aura energy
  • Weavriss-Sharina's Dragon, she has the powers of a Webvile Spider, and some appearances of it. She often enjoys pranking Akrulorne, She can trap foes with her Silk Webbing and subdue them with her Toxins, she's best noted from mixed Dragon Chatter. (Considering she has four mandibles)


Part 1

(The town of Scrubbey, Wayward Cresent 42, a woman is busy in a clay studio on th 2nd level of her house, there are racks, filled with Clay Dragons, and a window)

Liz: finally Complete

(outside, a Wolf is leaning against a tree)

(An echidna is lying on the roof, thinking. His eyes reflect his surrondings with their deep brown-and-green irises)

Liz: (steps outside) Will, he's done

Will: Thanks! I'm gonna call him Blade. (Will does a blackflip off the roof)

[A Silver Owl was sitting on the bench, a couple of Swiftwind's and Voryu's Scaleflare Brood are fluttering around the area.] (GTG, playing LOTRO)

(remember KP, that these dragons are made of Clay and are 7 inches tall)

Gadzooks: (blows a Smoke ring, all of the Dragons blow Smoke rings) Hurrrrr

(I know that the Clay Ones are, but the Scaleflare Brood are different.)
(just wanted to make sure)

Will: Come on, Blade. I'm going to introduce you to Maddy.

(Blade doesn't move)

Spike: before you can see one of these Dragons with your eyes, you must first see them, with your heart, that is the way, of Gawain's fire tear . 

Ryu: Fire Tear?

Spike: it is part of an Ancient story, you must Dream it...

....Thousands of Years ago, there was a Girl named Gunivere. she sang in Dragontounge to the mighty Dragon Gawain, when Gawains time was coming to an end, he Shed his Fire tear, a Tear, with a Spark of his Auma in it, normally the Tear should hit the earth, and return to the soil, then the Dragon may rest, but Gunivere Caught it and Gawain was turned to Stone, like how she was instructed by a Sybil named Gwilanna, to keep Gawain alive. the Tear was in exchange for a girl, whose body was of the earth, and whose parents were Gunivere and Gawain. yet, Gunivere tricked the Sybil, Gunivere died peacefully next to Gawains body. Gawain lies on an Island known as the Tooth of Ragnar. years later her Descendant Elizabeth Pennykettle stands here, the Sybil is still alive....

Spike: that is the story 

Ryu: Wow...

Spike:  Gawains Fire Tear was returned, its in the Ice

[Shahooter's Irises were bouncing all over the edges of his eyes, he's probably confused.]

Spike: (leaves the neighborhood, he's going to Scrubbey Gardens) 

Shahooter: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh..." [Irises are still bouncing.]

( a car pulls up into the driveway, a 20 year old girl steps out, she is Gothic looking)

Shahooter: "And you are?"

Spike: (before he completely leaves) Owl, she is Zanna, she LIVES here, she works at a shop called the Healing Touch

(Can I join for the heck of it? I have a dragon in mind.)
(go ahead, just remember that the dragon is 7 inches tall)
(Great! Believe me, this one is powerful. I'll put him up, his owner, and his power.)

Shahooter: "I see.."

Shahooter's thoughts: 'It's like he's reading my mind...'

Statyx: *Chaos Controls in front of everyone* Hyello!

(hey Kagi, I'm going to change the eye color thing to purple, since their eyes turn Purple sometimes, the same with Liz)

[Shahooter didn't even seemed fazed..]

Liz: and Shahooter, I'll get to work on your dragon later

(I'd prefer to keep it blue, so he'll be unique.)

Statyx: Well, that didn't earn me much. Anyway, Liz! Is Gravel all fixed up?

Liz: yeah (Hands him Gravel)

Lucy: Just remember to keep him from doing anything strenuous.

(No, that's not what Statyx meant. Statyx already had Gravel, he just needed to have Gravel fixed up (i.e. some minor repairs))

Statyx: Eheheheh, I'll make sure of that.

(someone comes walking up the driveway, he is a 20 year old boy)

Shahooter's thoughts: 'And I guess this person lives here too...'

(Meanwhile on Mainstreet)

Spike: (walking down toward the Library while secret Agent Man Plays, the song's on Spikes Page)

Statyx: *puts a black-and-white dragon on the ground* Okay Gravel, go play. Just to play safe *points to a spot on one of Gravel's wings, which is colored differently* if you want that thing to heal properly. Okay?

Gravel: *nods*

(these Dragons can also say Hurrr, instead of a Nod)

Voltrex: impressive, an Injury, why not get Gretel or GollyGosh to heal him?

Statyx: Eh, no need. It'll heal on its own.

Voltrex: with them, it'll heal in an instant

Statyx: Really, there's no need to worry about it. He's a fast healer, and it's hard for him to be hurt as-is. He was made with onyx after all.

Voltrex: yes, he was madeof Onyx, but his Animated form Isn't, his scales are real, when he turns to Clay Form, he'll be made of Onyx again.

Statyx: Well, he won't be turning into his clay form any time soon and-incoming!

Voltrex: the Clay form is like a disguise for public travel, no one really knows of these dragons.

[Voltrex is suddenly hit in the back of the head with a soccer ball, hard, knocking him to the ground]

Statyx: *looks down at Voltrex* I said "incoming".

Voltrex: (shoots a spark of lightning at the ball, turning it to dust) Typical...  

(Hey Chem-dude, would you mind if Akrulorne is made out of Ruby?)

(its fine, if he's like made out of ruby, just as long as you remember, it may be a different jewel, but if he were to fall in Clay Mode, or Ruby Mode for him, then he would break)
(I can remember...)

[Statyx looks over in the direction the soccer ball came from and sees Gravel waving at him]

Voltrex: Insolent Dragon

Rampart: Uh-oh, DUCK AND COVER!!!

Statyx: Voltrex, unless you want an anvil to fall from the sky onto you, I suggest you let it go.

Voltrex: I am Going to Banish you to the Book shelf, thats right, no more looking out the window

Statyx: A.) He's my dragon. You don't see me talking to your dragon like that! B.) I strongly suggest that you do not agitate Gravel.

Voltrex: Gretel! (Gretel come out with a potion) Thank You (tosses it at Gravel, nothing happens) Gretel, what was that?

Gretel: Hurrrr

Voltrex: anti Itch Cream?, Screw You Gretel

Gretel: (looking proud) Hurr

Gravel: *cocks head, looking innocently* Hurr?

Voltrex: (facepalms)

(Back at Wayward Crescent 42...)

[Shahooter fell asleep against the trunk of a nearby tree.]

(meanwhile on mainstreet)

Spike: (enters the Healing Touch building, he does a night shift there, along with Gwillan)

Gwillan: Hurrrr

Spike: (lights a candle)

[meanwhile, with Will]

Will: Oh, come ON, Blade. You really are stubborn. Ok, let's try again. (Will sets down a bowl of food) Eat this or whatever, it's good for you. I mean, you are clay, but you are also living, you know?

[Blade doesn't move, but blows steam from his nostrils]


Voltrex: (comes out of a bush) it doesn't work that way, they don't eat

Part 2

(Back at Wayward Crescent 42...)

Shahooter: "Zzzzzzz..."

???: (whispers so Shahooter cannot hear him). Shahooter, what are you dreaming about?

Shahoooter: "Zzzzzzz...." (Gtg..)

Spike: .............. Why did she have me take a shift when everyones asleep?

[the figure takes off his hood to reveal Stave]

Stave: Wand and I are awake, and I can still hear Will yelling at Blade.

(meanwhile with Will, Blade looks a little sad)

Will: Blade? What is it? (Will bends down, stroking his dragon on the head) You feel ok. I'm going to take you to find help, because you don't look ok. (Will picks Blade up, although Blade whines a little, he doesn't fight)

(Blade sheds a tear, with a spark of fire in it, Blade goes into Clay form)

Voltrex: (Dramatic Slowmotion) (catches the Tear) you fool, not even 24 hours and you were centimeters away from loing your dragon

Will: What happened? He wouldn't listen to me at all, and then he got sick, when I was trying to help.

Voltrex: (still on the ground) rule number one about these Dragons, don't ever make them cry, when they do, they Shed their fire tear, without it, they cannot access Animated form, your very lucky I caught it

Will: I wasn't, I mean, I wasn't trying to make him cry, I just wanted him to listen to me. (Will collapses into a heap on the ground, crying) I came this close to losing him, because we weren't listening to each other. He didn't even want to meet my wife! What could I do? (a tear rolls down Will's face, and he looks away)

(Then Ryu (still dragonless?) comes in.)

Ryu: What's wrong, Will?

(well, if you read the book this is based off, Called "The Fire Within", you'd learn David was that close to losing Gadzooks

Voltrex: Rampart, now, since I can't get up without dropping the tear, take it, and place it on Blade

(Ryu will get a dragon in a few minutes)

(Shima: Um....Yeah, I think I"ll randomly come in now)

(Shima appears out of the blue)

Shima: O! Uh, hi!

Rampart: (puts the tear on Blade, and he returns into animated form) There we Go

Shima: Whoa! That's cool!

Voltrex: its animated form, if you want one of these Dragons, ask the woman who Lives here

Shima: My own? Sure! (Gotta go. See ya tomorrow.)

(At Wayward Crescent Fourty-Two.)

Shahooter: "Zzzzz..."

(meanwhile at the Healing Touch)

Spike: ...........

Gwillan: Hurrrr

[Statyx is seen playing with Gravel, kicking a ball back and forth]

(Gravel stops, somethings wrong with him)

Statyx: *picks up the ball, walks up to Gravel* Hey Gravel, what's up?

(In the future Chembur, leave my characters alone! capishe?)

( I have a good intention for this, its time for the First Ix attack)

Voltrex: Statyx, thats not Gravel, Its an Ix controlling Gravel

Statyx: ....*walks over to Gravel and grabs him, so he can't move as he struggles*

Gravel (Ix): *roars*

Statyx: *grabs Gravel's head* Get outta my dragon. *sends electricity throughout Gravel's brain, forcing the Ix out*

(Allow me to explain what just happened. You see, since the brain (as well as the muscles) are controlled through electrical impulses, Statyx can use his electrokinesis to stop, impede, and adjust brainwaves. That make sense?)

(that would of worked, if the Ix was in his Brain, the Fain are Thought Beings, that exist in a different Plain of Dimensions. they "Commingle" with a host, but if a Fain did leave him, he would be badly injured, since a man who was not harmed while beong controlled by the Fain had to be hospitalized)

Shima: So, these dragons are made of clay?

Voltrex: Yeah, they are made with the bodies of Dragons, or Clay

Ryu: I'm so excited to get a dragon!


Voltrex: hey Liz, a few friends would like your Pennykettle Dragons

Liz: sure


Liz: here he is

Lucy: no you just need to name it

Shahooter: "Zzzzz...." [He's been sleeping for five days straight!!?]


Voltrex: (uses a fog horn in Shahooters Ear)

[Shahooter gets up out of instinct, as he gets up his hand went in a lightning fast motion and the Fog Horn is destroyed from his feathers.]

Voltrex: Congruadulations Owl, you've been sleeping for almost a week now

(Ryu walks by, holding her new dragon, Ranivae.)

Ryu: Go see Hoots, Ranivae!

(Ranivae jumps from Ryu's paws and flies over to Shahooter.)

Shahooter: "This your's, Ryu?"

Rampart: ah, Living Darkling, Die (pulls out a Bazooka, and Blasts Ranivae, giving her a bcoat of soot)

Ranivae: *coughs up soot* Hurr?


[A blade of lightning slashes the bazooka]

Statyx: It ain't nice to blast someone else's dragon.

Rampart: that things a Darkling, that jewel, its Obisidan

(Ranivae is cowering on the ground, whimpering. Ryu carefully picks her up.)

Ryu: Lisa would never make a Darkling!!

(Kagi: Chembur, you don't decide stuff like that. Ryu's dragon, Ryu's choice.)

Rampart: thats not what I Meant, look, its jewel is Black, an Ix has invaded it.

Ryu: Wha...? (Ranivae attempts to bite her face) HEY!!

Shahooter: "Mana Mind Force!" [Shahooter attempts to force the Ix out.]

Voltrex: that won't work. Gy'rven, Solid Formation Potion, Now! (a Bronze Dragon Appears and Hands Voltrex a Small Black Vial)

Shahooter: "If I only hadn't left my Staff at home..."

(Ranivae thrashes and hisses.)

Gy'rven: (holds down Ranivae)

Voltrex: (pours the contents of the Black Vial, Ranivae is trapped in her Solid Form)

Ryu: Ranivae...(to Voltrex) What'll happen to her?

Ranivae: (the jewel turns to white again)

[Shahooter falls back asleep...]

Ryu: Can she still animate herself?

Gy'rven: Hurr ( touches Ranivaes jewel with one of his palms, Ranivae animates herself)

Ranivae: (Gets up) Hurr?

(Ryu-g2g now.)

Shahooter: "Zzzzz.."

Shima: Hmm....How about I name you Coolina? Do you like that name?

Coolina: Hurr!

Shima: Great! So Coolina it is!

Shahooter: "Zzzzz.."

Voltrex: and the Special thing about Coolina, is that she can breathe Ice

(Stave walks up with Wand)

Stave: Oh, hey Shima, cool dragon!

Wand: Kiii!

Stave: Oh yeah, this is Wand. Say hello, Wand!

Wand: Kikioo! (Wand does a backflip)

Stave: Great, Wand! Now, Fire Breath! (Wand breaths out pink fire, which heals a handful of cuts on Shahooter's feathers while he slept)

Shima: Thanks! Wand's pretty coo, too! *Thinking* Thank goodness she can't breathe fire...

Coolina: Hurr! (Flaps wings, then breathes some ice.)

Shima: Whoa!

Ranivae: Hurr! (conjures a big wish tag. The tag starts to spin and glow)

Ryu: I think this is Ranivae's "Random Wish" ability that Voltrex tod me aboyt!

(The tag spins faster and faster until it explodes in a dazzling array of sparkles.)

(Everyone goes, "Oooooh!", with the Exception of Spike, Voltrex, and Rampart)

Ranivae: Hurr!

(Then it starts to rain...snails!!)

Voltrex: Oh good, Escargo, I'll get the Grill started

(Stave and Wand both hide under Stave's large Cleric's cloak, while Will is seen protecting himself with a ball of energy with Blade between his legs, sleeping)

Ranivae: Hurr! Hurr!

(Some snails fall on Shahooter's head.)

[The snails soon disintegrate. Shahooter twitches from the landing.]

David: ( comes from a room upstairs) What Happened

Gadzooks: Hurrrr

Ryu: Snails happened.

Ranivae: Hurr! ^^

Gadzooks: (whacks Ranivae on the head with his pencil, he starts to give a lecture) Hurr, Hurr, Hurrr.

Ranivae: Hurr! >_<

Gadzooks: Hurrrrr!

Ranivae: Hurr hurr! Hurr! (waving paws angrily)

Gy'rven: Hur-rrr (trying to break up the arguement)

Wand: Hurr..kai-oh? (Wand appeared to be creating a small fog cloud)

Blade: Hurr... (Blade walks in, then calmly falls asleep)

Will: Blade!

Ranivae: Hurr! (turns up her nose at Gadzooks, then walks towards Blade, and lays down next to him)

Will: Heh. Looks like he found a friend. (Will then turns to Stave.) Uh, mate, what's Wand doing? (Wand was chewing on an old boot)

Stave: Wand, what are you doing?

Wand: Kiki-oh!

[Suddenly, a ball falls from the sky, causing the dragons to scatter as it bounces where they just were]

Will: Ok, who's ball?

Voltrex: .................

(Kagi: Voltrex knows ^_^)

(Blade flaps over, punctures the ball and goes back to sleep. Ranivae lays back down next to Blade.)

Gretel: (menacing) Hurr (pours something onto Ranivae, it causes her to sneeze explosive TNT) (blows a smoke ring, remember, Smoke rings are quite commonly done by these Dragons)

Ranivae: Hurr?! *sneezes*


Blade: Hipe! (Blade leaps up, landing on Will's head).

Will: Well, that was weird. (Wand blows healing fire onto Ranivae)

Ranivae: (To Wand) Hurr. (interpreted as a "thank you")

Part 3

Gravel: Hurrr! *flying overhead, spots his punctured ball and lands next to it, examining it*

Statyx: *runs over, spots ball* Oh come on! Another one!?

Will: Sorry, Statyx, but it nearly hit Blade while he was sleeping, so he punctured it. (Blade poked his tongue out, before jumping down and sitting next to Ranivae)

Ranivae: Hurr...^^

Gravel: *growling, turns around and sees Blade. Stomps over to him* Huurr hur huuuurr!? (What'd you do that for!?)

Ranivae: Hurr! (looks ready to protect Blade if need be)

Gy'rven: Hurrr (Will you ever stop fighting?)

(Shima and Coolina watch the fight.)

Coolina: Hurr? (Should I do something?)

Shima: Uh...I'm not sure...

Gy'rven: (to Coolina) Hurr (freeze them, it should cool down the temper)

(Coolina nods, then opens her mouth and freezes everyone.)

Coolina: Hurr? (Is that better?)

(Kagi: No, don't freeze 'em! I was gonna do somethin funny!)

(Everyone eventually thaws out.)

Shima: You all feel better now?

Gretel: Hurr (Pulls out a timebomb)

Gy'rven: Hurr Hurr (Uh Oh)

(KABOOM!!, Time Paradox, oh wait, its a movie Clip)

Gy'rven: (watching a video of what just happened)

Coolina: Hurr...(Okay...)

(Shima and Coolina go and sit down somewhere and watches everybody.)

Gravel: *stops over to Blade* Hurr hur Hurrr! (You and I have some stuff to settle!)

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(Not again...)

Gy'rven: (facepalms)

Ranivae: (to Gravel) Hur hurr!! >:[ (her tail is lashing)

Gravel: *turns to Ranivae, snorting* Hur Hur-! (Listen you-) ......*staring at Ranivae*

(Kagi: Chembur, he's just now falling in love with her! Don't skip way ahead!)
(Gy'rven is made of Copper, he hasn't shown his abilities yet, even though he just used one)

Gy'rven: Hurrrr (Oh Brother)

(Kagi: Just don't point it out so soon, okay?)

Coolina: Hurr hurr? (What's going on?) Hurr hurr? (Weren't they going to fight?)

[Shahooter was asleep again..]

Gy'rven: Hurrr (Thats it, I'm breaking this arguement up) Hraaaaa! (Shadow Sphere!) (Fires a ball of black energy)

Shahooter: "Zzzz.."

(Me wonders when Akrulorne will be done.)

[Shahooter wakes up.]

Shahooter: "Great...what happened?"

Gy'rven: Hurrr (is that settled?)

Blade: Hurrr, hip-hurr (Oh, fine. I was looking forward to a fight.) (Blade lies down and doses off again)

Will: I never knew he would have Shahooter's ability to sleep through almost anything! Sorry, Shahooter.

(Kagi: Oh come on! Isn't Ranivae gonna say anything?)

[Shahooter playfully punches Will on the shoulder.]

Shahooter: "It's called MagiCourse Rest.."

???: "Hurrrr..Hurhurhur..." (Well well well...looks like I caught up with you...)

[Shahooter's eyes enlargen when he sees the figure.]

Shahooter: "I slept through when he was made, didn' I?"

Ranivae: (To gravel) Hurr? ("You were saying?")

Shahooter: "Well I gotta give you a about Akrulorne?"

???: "Huuuuurrrr." ("That's Magispeak for Independant correct?")

[Shahooter nods, his dragon does a backflip.]

???: "Hur!" ("I like it!")

Gravel: *snaps out of his trance, starts blushing* H-Hur, hurr hurrrr huuuur. (Oh, I-never mind what I was gonna say. What's your name?)

Ranivae: ....huuurr... ("Ranivae.")

[Akrulorn jumps onto the fence...without wings..wait..where ARE his wings?]

(Wand gazes at Gravel, feeling almost over the moon when looking at such an amazing dragon)

[If you're doing the Shippuden metaphor, then let me add Hinata into the mix - FF]

(Ranivae glances at Blade. The jewel on her chest, as well as her wish tags, glow pink, indicating love...)

[Akrulorne then lies down, his Claws glowing Green, indicating Calmness..]

(Ranivae blows a small cloud of sparkly, misty, pink hearts at Blade. She then rubs against Blade like a cat, and makes a noise exactly like Mismagius' in-game cry on PKMN Diamond/Pearl.)

Shahooter: "Let's leave these two be Akrulorne..."

Akrulorn: "Hur...huuuuurrr..." (Sigh* Fine...)

Ryu: Aww...that's so cute!

Shahooter: "Love is a beautiful thing isn't it Ryu?"

Ryu: Yeah...

Shahooter: "Ah well, better leave these two alone..."

Ryu; Yup.

Shahooter: "Have you met Akrulorne yet?"

[A Wingless Dragon made out of Ruby jumps onto Shahooter's Shoulder.]

[Gravel does the anime turn to stone, background shatters thing. His stone turns a deep blue, indicating severe sadness]

[Akrulorne jumps off of Shahooter's shoulder.]

Shahooter: "Akrulorne, where ya going?"

Akrulorne: "Huuuuur?" ( doin' alright?)

Gravel: *eyes hidden by shadows, walks away*

[Akrulorne walks after Gravel.]

Akrulorne: "Hurrrrr..." (Dude...anything wrong?)

Gravel: *continues walking*

Statyx: *watching Gravel, sighs* The trials and tribulations of love.

[Akrulorne flies back and falls asleep, his Claws are seemingly Hot Pink for a reason....]

(Wand watched Gravel, before blowing a small ball of pink fire out of her nose)

Wand: Kiii-oh (her version of a sigh)

Gy'rven: (cackles evilly)

[Akrulorne's eyes perk open.]

Akrulorne: "HUR! Huuuuur!" (HEY! I'm trying to sleep here!)

Gravel: *sniffling, stops* Huuurrr...... (she likes him.....) *looks up to the sky, clenching his fist. His jewel glowing fiery red with determination* Huuuurrr Hurrr Huuurr!! (But I will not give up!! I will win her heart, and prove who's the better dragon!)

Gy'rven: (facepalms) Hurr (Oh Brother.)

Part 4

(Shima is sleeping under a tree with Coolina sleeping in her lap)

Random person: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!, A GIANT RAT!!!

(Coolina wakes up and snorts angrily. Instead of smoke, cool air comes out of her nostrils)

Coolina: Hurr hurr! (I'm trying to sleep here!)

(you should know, that in the book, no one can see these Dragons, unless they look into their hearts, if one is in Animated form, and is seen, they will appear invisible)

Gretel: Hurrr (ah be quiet!)(singes Coolina and Shima)

Shima: Ow!

Coolina: Hurr huuurr! (Don't you hurt her!) (She freezes Gretel)

Gretel: (breaks out from one of her potions)

Gy'rven: (comes out) Hurrrr Hurrr (Ladies, this is not the best place to fight, this is)

(the two dragons are in a mini cardboard city, making them look like Giants)

Gy'rven: Hurrr, Hurrrr (Cool Kong VS Gretzilla)

(Then Ranivae comes.)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Lawl!")

(Coolina looks at the city)

Coolina: Hurr hurr. (Haha, very funny)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr! ("Go, Cool Kong!")

(Ryu-Ranivae still isn't too happy with Gretel XD)

Coolina: Hurr huurr! (If you absolutely insist!)

(Coolina breathes ice on Gretel. Ranivae does a backflip.)

Gretel: (dodges, uses a potion on Coolina, causing her to fall asleep)

Sharna:Hi Everyone!

Ryu: Hey, Sharna! Are you gonna get a dragon, too?

(Hey Sharna, I need you to think of a small clay Dragon for Sharna (Fan Character))

Gy'rven: Hurr (uh, Hi)

Sharna:Yo Ryu! I have no idea what your talking about

Ryu: Basically, everyone gets their own clay dragon. (points to Ranivae) That one's mine. Her name is Ranivae.

Gy'rven: Hurrr (Something like me)

[Gravel peeks out from behind a tree, spotting Ranivae and blushing. He gets back behind the tree, and he's seen holding a small bouquet of flowers]

Gretel: (tries to blast Coolina, but misses, and hits Ranivae, making her go flying)

Ranivae: (Makes a weird squeaking noise as she flies)

(Coolina wakes up)

Gravel: *sees Ranivae being launched through the air* Huurr!!! (Ahh!!!) *runs after her, attempting to catch Ranivae. He leaps, but misses, with Ranivae landing on his back*

(SFX: "WHUD!")

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Ow!")

Coolina: (growls at Gretel)

Akrulorne: "Huurr..?" (What did I miss..?)

Coolina: Hurr huurr?! (Why did you hit Ranivae?!)

Gravel: *leg twitching a bit* Hur, hur huurr? (Are, you alright?)

Ranivae: Hurr. hurr? ("I'm fine. You?")

Akrulorne: "Hurrrr.. (Dear God..)

Gretel: Hurr (I was aiming for you)

Gravel: *blushing faintly* Hur hurr, hurrrr (Yeah, if you are.)

Gretel: (blasts Gravel and Ranivae) Hurr (break up the Love fest will ya?)

(Kagi: Chembur don't do that!)
Ranivae: *Luxio cry* Ha-raaaaah!!
File:Pokemon Diamond: Luxio's Cry
(you haven't read the Books yet have you)
(Ryu-No. But now I want to! ;_;)
(Kagi: What books? And Ryu, what's that cry for again?)
(Ryu-Anger. It sounds like an angry noise, amirite?)

[Akrulorne catches Gravel..with well his body..]

Akrulorne: "Hurr!" (OOF!)

(kagi, read the first sentence of this page)

Gravel: *gets up, turns to Akrulorne* Hur. (Thanks.) *turns to Gretel, growls, and charges Gretel* Hur hur hur! (Don't you touch her!) *lands a powerful punch at Gretel's jaw, knocking her away*

(uh Gretel is a she)

(Kagi: Sorry.)
(Ryu-I g2g.)

Akrulorne: [Dazed] "H-h-hurr..." (Ye..n..probl..)

(Cya Ryu.)

(Blade chooses this moment to storm up, his eyes hazel. Instantly, he saw Gravel and Gretel fighting, and his eyes turned purple, then back to hazel. He waddled over to where Ranivae was lying, with Wand zooming round the corner to slam into Gretel head-first)

Gravel: *dusts off his hands, snorts* Hur! Hurr hur- (Hmph! Now, are you-) *turns around to see Blade sitting next to Ranivae. His jewel turns deep blue* Hurrrrrr.... (alright....) *head hangs low*

(Kagi: You gotta admit Flashfire, that's a low blow from Blade.)
(Just wait, there's more coming)

(Blade looked Ranivae over, making sure she was ok. Suddenly, his eyes flashed red, then pure white. Instantly, he turned red and raced in, striking Gretel with his whip-sword tail, throwing her away from Gravel. He then charged in head-first, furious. Wand nimbly ran over, then blew her healing fire onto Gravel)

(Kagi: Okay, can you expplain this? And what's going through Blade's mind?)
(Simple. Blade checked Ranivae, to see if she's ok. Then, when he realized who hurt her, he lost it, entering a state known as his 'fury' state. He didn't want to show Gravel up, he couldn't help that, but he wanted revenge for Ranivae, and sort of wanted to protect his rival, similar to Sauske earlier on)
(Kagi: Ah, okay.)

Gravel: *waves away the healing fire, indicating that he is fine. He races after Blade and leaps over him and down towards Gretel. Gravel then lands and grabs Gretel's tail, slamming her into a tree so hard it cracks*

Blade: Hurr..rr..rr (Blade collapses from the strain of his fury state, powering down. He nods weakly to Gravel, then falls asleep)

Akrulorne: "Hur?" (Huh, What?) [Akrulorn's Claws turn back to Crimson. He looks around like if he just came back into the real world from daydreaming...or that's because he was dazed..]

Ranivae: Hurr....("Strange day...")

Akrulorne: "Hurr?" (Wha?)

Ranivae: Hurr. Hurrhurr. ("I mean, why is Gravel so mad at Gretel?")

Akrulorne: "Hur hurr.." (I don't know..)

Akrulorne's Thoughts: 'I hope she cannot read my mind..'

Gretel: hurr (this time, I'll let you off with a warning, but next time, I'll turn you into Slugs) (Gretel is actually, possibly the Strongest of the Dragons)

(Is all your characters 'Possibly the strongest creature.'? V_V')

(I never made Gretel, she was once a Sybil's Dragon (a Sybil is like a witch), but became Zanna's Dragon, that Sybil is the worst of them all)


Gravel: *gets in Gretel's face* Huuurrrr Hur hurrrr! (And if you touch Ranivae again, I'll put you 10,000 feet below the Earth, in China!)

Shahooter: "He'd just harden Gravel..." [Shahooter seems to have full understanding of Draconic Knowledge and Language.....]

(Blade groans, his secret mark glowing orange then turning back to black)

Akrulorne: "Huuurrr?" (Hey, something wrong?)

Blade: Hurr..rr..rr..rr..rrr (Nothing...just...tired..from..focus..)

Akrulorne: "Hurr.." (Okay..?)

(Blade shifts uncomfortably, letting Akrulorne see the small orange swirl under his wings)

Blade: Hurr..huurr.. (Focus...mark...)

Akrulorne's thoughts: "The Hell!!?"

(Wand races over to Gravel, giving him the equivilant of a hug.)

Wand: Ki-kik-ki-oh! (Are you ok?)

Akrulorne: "Hurr.." (Suddenly I doubt he is...)

Blade: Hur..hurr..hurrur... (I'

(Blade manages to get up, only to lie down more comfortably and sleep)

Akrulorne: ...

(Meanwhile, elsewhere)

???: At ease, Shaden. We will find them, soon.

Shaden: Hurr-hi! (his version of a cheer)


Gravel: Hurr hur hur (Yes, I'm fine.) *looks over at Blade* Hurr hurr huur? (Uhh, you feelin okay?)

Gy'rven: Hurr (Gravel, may I talk to you in Private?)


Gravel: Huuurrr, hurr (Uhhhhh, okay?)

(BRB or Gtg.)

(someplace secret)

Gy'rven: Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (okay, I see how you have a crush on Ranivae, I have an Idea to get her to like you, first I'll knock out Blade, second, Gretel will give me a potion to transform into Blade, then I'll treat her poorly, then you cheer her up, and she'll like you)

Gravel: *looking at the ground in deep thought* ..........Hur! (No!)


(Back with Blade, Ranivae and the others...)

[Akrulorne seemed to be fast asleep...considering his thought that action is lacking.]

(Blade woke up, seeing Gravel and Gy'rven talking. He was still sore, but he decided that he had to walk it off)

[Meanwhile, a while behind Shade and Shaden)

???: Shios, Diablos (Slow, Diablos)

Diablos: Hrrr-ga. (A gutteral growl, a challenge to his master)

???: Will eni Blade nos sot fade. Shion. Shion, tu renge. (Will and Blade are not far. Soon. Soon, our revenge)

(I really need a name for the location they're at >_<')

(The shadowed Ruins of Shiki, a town Jacob destroyed)
(I meant where Blade, Gravel, Ranivae, and Akrulorne are...)
(Ah. Idk. Chembur, Kagi or Ryu might know, coz I don't!)
(Kagi: "this roleplay will take place in a small town called Scrubbey". Says at the top of this page.)

(Back in Scrubbey...)

Akrulorne: "Hurrrrr.." (Zzzzzz..)

(Ranivae is walknig with Blade.)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr. ("Are you sure you're alright, Blade?")

(Coolina starts making snowflakes)

(EVERYONE, STOP!!!!!, I forgot to make note of something important, any wish made to a wishing Dragon must be beneficial, if its not, it will turn against you)

(Akrulorne's a Stealth Dragon heh...)

[Akrulorne wakes up as the first snowflake touches his Nose.]

Akrulorne: "Hurr?" (Huh, Wha?)

Coolina: (Weird noise: she's laughing with delight at making snowflakes)

(Did I forget to mention, Pennykettle Dragons love Snow)

Akrulorne: "Hurrr..?" (Okay..?)

(Soon, the ground is covered in a thin layer of snow)

Coolina: (laughs again)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'At least my Fur Coat will keep me warm...'

[Akrulorne falls back asleep.]

( a giant pile of Snow falls from the tree onto Akrulorne)

[Akrulorne seemingly sleeps through it.]

(Kagi: Yo, is Gretel gonna respond to Gravel or what?)
(I'd say she's busy helping Zanna in the Healing touch)
(Kagi: What? That doesn't make any sense! So what, Gravel answered, and then Gretel is with Zanna?)
(well, she was once with a Sybil who could transform into a Raven)

Akrulorne: "Hurrr..." (Zzzzz...)

(Kagi: Wait what? Now you're not making any sense.)

(Who me or Chem?)

(Kagi: Chembur.)

(Ah, I see.)

Blade: Hurrrr hur huurrr, Hurr hurr. (I'll be fine, Ranivae. Are you ok?)

Ranivae: Hurr. ("Yes.")

[Gravel is seen walking along, and sees Blade and Ranivae examining each other for injuries.]

Gravel: *sighs, looks at his own injuries* Huuurrrrr.... (Well, at least Ranivae's safe....)

(A small ball of pink healing fire hits Gravel, healing some of his cuts)

Wand: Kio kaio? (You ok?)

Gravel: *looks at Wand* Hurr... (Yeah...) *looks at his feet* Hur Hurr. (I'm fine.)

Wand: Ki ki ki kaio! (That's great!)

Gravel: *looks at Ranivae* Hurr Huuur... (Yeah, great.) *starts walking away*

Wand: Kia ki kaio? (Was it something I said?)

Gravel: *sits down, leaning against a tree* Hurrrr... (What chance do I have with Ranivae...)

Part 5

(Coolina walks over and sits down by Gravel.)

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(Don't worry, you'll get a chance.)

(Ranivae and Blade are now playing what appears to be tag...)

Coolina: Huur hurr! (I wanna play!) (She turns to Gravel) Hurr! (C'mon!)

(She joins in with Ranivae and Blade.)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Hey, Coolina!")

Gravel: *sighs, watches the others play. His jewel is a shade of deep blue*

Coolina: Hurr! (Hello, guys!) (She looks back at Gravel) Hurr hurr! (C'mon over, Gravel!)

Gravel: *looks over at the others, sighs, gets up and walks toward them*

Coolina: Huur! (Yay!)

[A Pile of snow starts to rumble.]

Ranivae: Hurr? ("What's that noise?")

[Akrulorne pokes his head out and gasps for breath.]

Akrulorne: "Huuuurrrr..." (I probably shouldn't have slept when it was snowing right?)

Gravel: *not really paying attention* Hurr (Right.)

Ranivae: (To Akrulorne) Hurr hurr? ("Are you okay?")

(some thing like a Wild Boar, with two heads appears, it has Dragon wings, and dragon heads, it is humanoid shaped, and transparent)

Akrulorne: "Huur?" (What the Hell is that?)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("I smell trouble!")

(Tha is what an Ix looks like.)

Gravel: *takes a wary stance, his jewel glowing a shade of red, suggesting aggressiveness* Hurrrrr... (Whatever this thing is, I don't like it...)

(Ranivae (being the more gutsy type) crouches down, her front paws stretched out. She growls at the creature.)

(the Ix enters the body of the closest person on the block, he starts to try to destroy the Dragons, remember, its still a human)

Akrulorne: "Hur..." (Eeew.)

[Akrulorne gags.]

Ranivae: Hurr!! Hurr hurr!! ("Run!! It's an Ix!!")

Gravel: *his eyes suddenly glow blue, and a branch suddenly breaks off a tree and falls on the person's head, knocking them out*


Ranivae: Hurr... ("Gravel...did you do that...?")

Gravel: *blushing slightly* Hurr Hur Hhhuur (Um... Yeah, I did. It's my... special power.)

Ix: (gets up) (even if you killed the man, the Ix controls the body)

[Where's Akrulorne?]

Ranivae: Hurr hurr!! ("It's still alive!!") (to the others) Hurr hurr hurrrr!! ("We gotta get out of here!!")

(Kagi: He didn't kill the person, just knocked 'em out.)

(The Ix comes after the dragons!)

Gravel: *turns to Ranivae* Hurr Hurr!! (Run away!!) *gets between the Ix and the other dragons* Hurr Hur!! (I'll hold 'em off!!)

Ranivae: (Seems very surprised and flattered. She turns and runs anyways)

Ix: (stabs Gravel with a dagger made of Obsidian, Gravels eyes turn dull and he falls to the ground)

(Ranivae screeches to a halt. She turns around and sees Gravel.)

Ranivae: HURR!! ("GRAVEL!!") (charges at the Ix) Hurr...hurr hurr!! ("You...I'll kill you!!")

Gravel: *pushes himself up, his jewel glowing a fiery red, and brighter then ever* Hur... Hurr Huuur Huurrr!!! (I... won't... let you... hurt her!!!) Hyahn! *suddenly, a nearby tree topples, falling onto the Ix and crushing it*

[Gravel stumbles a bit, breathing heavily and holding his paw over his wound]

Ranivae: Hurr!! ("Gravel!!") (runs over to him) Hurr hurr! ("Don't worry, I'll help you!") *conjures a Healing Wish Tag*

Gravel: Hurr Hur Huuur (N-no. You need to get out of here. That thing might not be finished yet.)

Ranivae: Hurr...("Okay...") (she leaves, as the wish tag bursts into a million sparkles. Gravel's wound is healed (somewhat)

Gravel: *watches Ranivae leave* Hurrrr (At least she'll be safe) *looks over at the fallen tree* Hyahn! *A chasm suddenly rips open and the tree falls in, with the Ix falling under the tree*



Christmas: When is my dragon going to be done?

Liz: Christmas hes finally done sorry he took so long I had to make a lot of dragons I'm selling them in town tomorrow.(hands Christmas a green clay dragon)

Christmas: Thanks can I come and help you.

Liz: Sure what are you going to name it.

Christmas: (Thinking) I think his name should be Garren.

Garren: (Nods his approval but says nothing)

Christmas: Not very talkative huh thats okay come on Garren lets play a game. (Throws snowball at Shahooter)

Garren: (Says nothing but seems to be laughing)

Christmas: Hahahahahaha sorry Shahooter okay Garren go introduce yourself to the other dragons.

Garren: (Walks over to other dragons (excluding Gravel and Ranivae) and flashes the peace sign)

Christmas: Okay Garren good job, but everyone why are we just waiting for the Ix to possess and attack us I vote we go on the ofensive and find a way to attack them.

Christmas: (Throws a snowball at Spike) Except for you you are mean to everyone's dragon.

Christmas: Hey Statyx you know I was thinking if an Ix possess one of us while we attack them I can use my snowballs which will melt into water then you can use your electric powers to attack the person an injured host is useless to an Ix.

Christmas: Okay Team Christmas time to attack those Ix Wishing dragons you are on frontal assault while Akrulone and Gravel flank them from the left this will distract them an leave an opening for Shahooter to make an even bigger distraction and most likely not come out alive then the rest of you guys will defend me while I find who is in charge of the Ix and take them down with my awesomness.

Christmas's Thoughts: (Why am I turning into a military general)

Statyx: What the hell are yoy talking about?

(Shahooter's not even there. XD)

(Back with the other Dragons.)

[Akrulorne suddenly comes out of nowhere, he immobilizes the Ix and rips it's throat out violently.]

Akrulorne: "Huuuurrr..." (Now, How the Hell do I get back up!!?)

Christmas: Attention everyone dragons like snow so I predict there is a 100000000000% chance of it happening.(Uses powers to make it snow, dragons seem happy)

Christmas: Garren behave and play with the others while I go to everyones house and ask if they want to buy a dragon.

(Attention everyone one more thing there is a grumpy next door neighbor  named Henry who is a librarian I will tell you more important details about the book later)

Christmas: (Next door rings doorbell twenty times.) Hello good man and, or women would you be interested in buying a clay dragon made by a local artisan.

Henry: NO!!! I have to deal with her weird dragon myths I ain't buying one.

Christmas: (Still at neighbor's house rings door bell twenty times again) Hello good man and, or women would you be interested in buying a clay dragon made by a local artisan.

Henry: (Yelling now) I already said NO!!!!! leave me alone

Christmas: (Continues to do this until Henry says yes then does it to everyone in town by nightfall)

Blade: Hurrr! (SNOW!) (Blade blows a smoke ring, which lingers around himself)


Gravel: *looks down the chasm (NOT noticing Arkulorne (hope I spelled it right)* *breathing even more heavily, holding his paw over his wound* Hur... Hurrr Hur (That.... should do it for now.) *turns around to walk away, but stumble and falls, winces* Hur Hhurr Hur (Looks like I'm too hurt to move.) Hurr Hur Huuur (And it seems like my wound is getting worse.) *looks up to the sky* Hur Huuurrr Hurrr (Looks like I might actually die. Well, at least Ranivae is safe.) *lays his head on the ground* Hurr Hur Hurrrr (I'm sure she'll be happy... with Blade)

(Kagi: Please leave this alone so Ryu can respond to it.)
(Will do. I'm gonna start on Gender Switch.)
(Kagi: Minor pun. "Will do". I know it's small, but I just had to point it out.)
(Oh, gee, thanks for that. Really. - FF)
(Kagi: XD I know it's a stupid pun, but I couldn't help it!)
(Ryu-Ba dum tsh!)

(Meanwhile, Ranivae is looking for Gravel! She finally find him, dying.)

Ranivae: HURR!! ("GRAVEL!!") (she runs over to him and nudges him) Hurr hurr!! ("Please, you have to get up!!") (she sits down) Hurr...("Gravel...") Hurr hurr. Hurr hurr huuuur....("This is all my fault. I was so selfish, ignoring Gravel...") *Froslass cry*

(Statyx hears the weird, sad cry.)

Statyx: Huh? What was that?

Gravel: Hurrr Hur Hurr! (No, don't get sad! If you cry, you'll lose your fire tear!)

Ranivae: Hurr...("But...") (she gently pushes her head against Gravel's side (which is something that cats do) Hurr hurr...("Please, you have to get up...")

(Shima and Coolina hear the cry too)

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr! (It's a Ranivae! She's crying!)

Shima: And I suspect that's a bad thing.....

Gravel: Hur hurr Hur... (If that'll make you happy...) *struggles greatly to try and push himself up, and manages to force himself up, stumbling a bit* Hur Hurrr Hhhur (See? I'm okay! Just please, don't cry!)

(Ranivae nuzzles Gravel.)

Gravel: *blushes deeply, his jewel glowing pink*

(Kagi: .......Hello?)

Part 6

Gravel: Hurr Hur hhurrr? (So uhh, are you, okay?)

Ranivae: Hurr. ("Yes.")

Gravel: *still blushing, jewel still glowing pink* Hur hurrrr hurrr (Well, uhhh, that's great!)

(With Akrulorne.)

[Akrulorne seems to be devising a plan to get out of the crater.]

(Back on the surface...)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr? ("Say, where's Akrulorne?")

Gravel: Hurr hur hhuurr hurrr hur hurr (I don't know where he is. Anyway, we should get back. Blade is probably worried about you.)

Ranivae: Hurr. ("Okay.") (gets up) Hurr. ("C'mon, Gravel.")

Gravel: Hurr (Okay.) Hur hurrr hurr huur (Oh! I almost forgot something!) *pulls out the bouquet, which is now rather crushed. Gravel's jewel becomes blue* Hurr huur hurrr. (Ohhh, and I picked this bouquet for you myself.)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Oh!") (takes the flowers and smells them) Hurr hurr! Hurr!("They're beautiful! Thank you, Gravel!")

(In the Crater.)

[Akrulorne scratches his nail into the Rock wall, putting down a tally, presumably for how many hours he's been down hour..]

Gravel: Hurr... hurr huur? (You... really like them?)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Of course!")

Gravel: *smiles, jewel glows a bright shade of blue* Hur-hurr! (Yah-hoo!) *jumps, but suddenly winces and clenches his wound*

Ranivae: Hurr hurr. ("We gotta do something about that wound...")

Gravel: *starts breathing heavily again* Hurr hhur hurrr hurr (Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm just glad that you're okay.)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr. ("No, you're not fine.") (she looks around) Hurr! Hurr hurr! ("I know! I'll go find Statyx!")

Gravel: Hurr (Okay.)

(Blade sees Gravel and Ranivae, then his eyes turn black, with red eyes. He turns and flies away, alone)


Garren: (Trying to find a way to help Akrulorne)

Garren's Thoughts: (This is useless I need to find someone who can help and is much bigger.

Christmas: (Heavily panting and sweating) Only a few hundred houses left to go. who knew people in this town hated 7 in. tall green clay dragons so much.

(No one knows Akrulorne is in the crater yet. XD)

(Meanwhile, Ranivae is looking for Statyx. She lets out a cry that sounds like Gible (she's just using it so that Statyx will hear her.)

Statyx: *looks around suddenly* What ze heck was that?

(Ranivae lets out a Staraptor cry (which is very loud and piercing.)

(In the Crater.)

[Akrulorn digs his sharp, Lead-Graphite Claws into the rock he begins to climb up.]

Statyx: *jumps up and gets into a battle stance* Alright, what's going on? It seems like their are several... things out there!

(Kagi: Remember, Ranivae is using several different cries, and Statyx isn't very knowledeable about pokemon.)

(Statyx is too busy looking up to look down, and he feels something jump on his shoe.)

(Dragons can't be made out of obsidian evil darklings are made out of obsidian)

(Okay Graphite and Lead then.)

Statyx: Whoa! *looks down to see a very scared and upset Ranivae on his shoe*

Ranivae: Hurr!! Hurr hurr!! ("It's Gravel!! He's hurt!!")

(Garren doesn't know Akrulorne is in the crater he just noticed Akrulorne was missing)

Garren's Thoughts: (I think that might have been a dragon making that noise maybe they know where Akrulorne is and maybe if Christmas is done yet)

Statyx: What!? What happened!?!?

(GTG dang it...)

Ranivae: (Jumps off of Statyx's shoe) Hurr! ("Follow me!") (she runs off)

(Gy'rven, Gretel, and Gollygosh come out)

Statyx: Okay okay! *follows Ranivae*

(Later the crater...)

[Akrulorne is about three quarters done in scaling the crater, he's been in it for four hours.]

Christmas: Hey everyone I'm back I sold dragons to everyone in town. Who knew those guys would hit me with so much stuff.(Has two black eyes and left arm is in a cast.) Well I'm exhausted time to hit the hay, hey Garren you coming.

(Blade sits, his eyes deep blue for his depression. He turns, and starts walking away, unknowingly walking to trouble)

(Coolina sees Blade walking away.)

Coolina: Hurr? (Wonder what's wrong?)

(Kagi: Hello?)

(Statyx and Ranivae finally get to Gravel.)

Ranivae: Hurr! Hurr! ("There! He's hurt!")

Statyx: Gravel!! Ranivae, what-how did this happen!?

Ranivae: Hurr hurr! ("It was a Ix!")

Statyx: What!? Why the hell would he try and fight an Ix!?

Ranivae: Hurr...hurr hurr... ("He...he was trying to protect me...")

Statyx: *eyes widen, then chuckles quietly a bit* Gravel, you crazy little dragon. *walks over and picks up the now unconcious Gravel*

Ranivae: Hurr hurr...? ("Will he be okay...?")

Statyx: Yeah, he will. Man, love makes people do crazy things.

Ranivae: Hurr...("Yeah...")

(In the Crater.)

[Akrulorne finally gets out, he gasps for breath.]

(Estimated time: Eight Hours. XD)

Akrulorne: "Hurr...rrrrr..." (Huff....oooooh boy...)

Garren's Thoughts: Hmmmm it has been a while since the last fain attack they must be planning something sinister.

Christmas: Hey Garren I heard that if thats true than by the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes if you wanted to hear someone quote a character in one of Shakespeares plays then there now come on I'm exhausted. (Falls to the ground asleep)

(In a building, Ranivae is sleeping next to Gravel on a small bed.)

(Kagi: Hm, I was wondering if Ranivae was gonna respond to what Statyx said.)

Gravel: *eyes flitter open, yawns* Hurr hur huur? (What happened?)

Ranivae: Hurr? ("Don't you remember?")

Gravel: Hurr hur (Well, I remember fighting the Ix and getting badly hurt.) *blushes* Hurr huuur (Then I remember you getting really worried about me. I-I didn't dream that, did I?)

Ranivae: Hurr. ("Nope.")

Gyrven: Hurr (about time you woke, it took the three of us to wake you)(Gretel and Gollygosh stand beside him)

Gravel: Hurr hur. (Well, thanks for helping me.) *turns to Ranivae, blushing again* Hurr hur huur (And thanks for worrying about me.) *nuzzles Ranivae a little*

(Ranivae nuzzles him back.)

(Ryu-Gee, I wonder what Blade has to say about this...)
(Blade ran away earlier)
(Blade ran away?, Thats not Good(Ix:risor))

Gravel: *suddenly opens eyes, stops, and looks away*

Ranivae: Hurr? ("What's wrong?")

Gravel: Hurr hur hurrr? (Well, what about Blade?)

Ranivae: Hurr...hurr hurr. ("Well...I have no idea where he went.")

Gravel: Hur hurr huur (That's not what I mean.)

Ranivae: ...hurr... ("...oh...")

(Ryu-Behold! The Pillar of Flesh!)
(Kagi: I saw.)

Gravel: Hurr... hurr huur huurr? (It's just that... don't you like him too?)

Ranivae: Hurr! Hurr...hurr hurr... ("I do! It's just that...I saw you hurt and I...")

Gy'rven: Hurrrr (Oooooh, Cheat-er)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr!! ("Shut up, Gy'rven!!")

(Gretel and Gollygosh are laughing at Ranivae)

Gravel: *looks at the three angrily* Hurr huur hurr!! (Leave her alone!!) *blasts fire at them, causing them to jump*

(Meanwhile, with Blade)

(Blade had worked his way a long distance alone, bypassing Shaden and Shade, both of whom saw him but ignored him. Nobody knew that a threat with his dragon lay in wait for Blade)

(Back with Akrulorne.)

[Akrulorne is sleeping against the tree, a small Chromatic Field over's assumed that Akrulorne's Field will only let in people he trusts..]

Gy'rven: Hurrrrrr (Ha!) (drops an atomic bomb on the House)

(Kagi: Chembur: Not. Funny!! I mean really!?!? Come on!!! Can't those three take a hint and leave, before Gravel uses his powers to make a meteor fall on them? Sheesh!)
(read again, what is missing)

Akrulrone's thoughts: 'The Hell!!?'

(the bomb was dropped, but it never went off)

Part 7

(Kagi: Ranivae gonna respond to Gravel coming to her defense?)

Gravel: *jewel glowing red* Hurr hur huur hur! (I don't care who Ranivae loves! I still lo-) *glances at Ranivae, then turns his head away, blushing and his jewel glowing pink*

Ranivae: Hurr... ("Gravel...")

Gretel: (to Gollygosh)  Hurrr (here we go again)

Garren's Thoughts: Christmas should wake up soon the Ix could attack at any moment.

Gravel: *still blushing, trying to avoid meeting Ranivae's gaze* H-hurr? (Y-yes?)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr? ("You love me, don't you?")

Gy'rven: Hurrr (congradulations Ranivae, it took you a week to figure that out)

(Ranivae turns to Gy'rven with a snort.)

Gy'rven: (blows a smoke ring)

(Ranivae angrily waves the smoke ring away with her paw.)

Gravel: *glances around nervously, then buries his head in the bed* Hur... (Yes...)

(a crow enters the attic, where the dragons currently are)

Ranivae: Hurr!♥ ("Oh, Gravel!"♥)

Gravel: *looks up at Ranivae* H-hurr (Y-yes?)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("I love you too!")

Gravel: *looks right into Ranivae's eyes, bushing furiously, his jewel glowing a bright pink* Hh-hurr huur? (Y-you do?)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Of course!")

Gravel: *gets teary eyed, nuzzles Ranivae happily* Hurr huur hur (This is a dream come true! I promise, I'll never let anything happen to you.)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr! ("And I won't let anything happen to you!")

Gravel: Hurr huur hur hurr (So it's agreed; we'll protect each other no matter what! And no matter what happens, I'll alway be here for you Ranivae)

Ranivae:' Hur! ("Okay!")

Gy'rven: hurr (oh look, its Caractacus the crow) (pukes from all the romance)


Spook: Gaethian, I want you to search the town for any animated dragons. the Ix will want them destroyed.

(Gaethian leaves and will later arrive at a house at 42 Wayward Crescent0

(Continue Here)

[Gravel and Ranivae are seen joyously playing together, with Statyx and Ryu watching]

???: "What did we miss?"

[Shahooter was standing with a panting Akrulorne on his shoulder.]

Shahooter: "He climbed up a crater Gravel made on the Ix..."

(Later on..Akrulorne was cleaning himself..)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'Damn soot...'

Statyx: Oh? Well, me and Ryu are just watchin the two lovebirds.

Caractacus: (drops a bucket of Glue on Gravel and Ranivae)

Gy'vren: (Hurrr) (Nice Caractacus)

Gretel: Hurrr? (I don't get it)

Gollygosh: Hurrr (they'll be stuck to the ground)

Gravel: *looks up at the two, his eyes glowing blue*

[Suddenly, the branch above the four breaks, falling on top of them]

Gy'rven: (he, Gretel, Gollygosh all land on the branch, which landed on Gravel and Ranivae) Nice one Genius

(Kagi: No, the branch above Gretel, Gollygosh, Gy'vren, and Caractacus. It was the one above them, and it fell on them.)
(well, the weight of that would cause their Branch to break as well, and at the top of this Tower of Squished dragons is Bonnington, the Cat)

Shahooter: "I wonder if Akrulorne is in love with someone..."

[Shahooter smiles at Akrulorne, who is giving him a look..]

Statyx: Well, I could try and figure it out for you.

(Will and Stave enter)

Will: Hey, has anyone seen Blade? I thought he'd be with you guys!

Statyx: Sorry, he ain't here. Of course *looks over at Gravel and Ranivae, who are struggling to get out of the glue, but laughing* I suspect I know why.

Stave: Well, he's gone missing, and Will sensed something wrong with him, so we're in trouble.

Statyx: Alright, but let's not tell those two. *watching Gravel and Ranivae* We don't wanna cause any problems for the two lovebirds.

Stave: Hey, he already broke Wand's heart, so she's hiding in my hood.

Statyx: Ohh.... well, this is awkward. In all fairness, I honestly don't think he knew.

Coolina: *To herself* Hurr...?(Will I ever fall in love....?)

Stave: Well, then that IS a problem.

Will: Isn't Blade the priority to be found here?

Shima: When was the last time you saw him?

Will: Before the fight between Gravel and Gretel, then in the snow. Haven't seen him since.

Shima: Hmm....(She turns to Coolina) Fly around and see if you can find Blade.

Coolina: Hurr! (Okay!)

(Coolina spreads her wings and flies off)

???: Need some help, Will?

Will: Shade!

Shade: Yep, with my dragon Shaden.

Shaden: Hurr! (Hi!)

Shade: Shaden, join that girl!

Shaden: Hurr hur (Yes sir!)

(Coolina waits for Shaden)

(Shaden easily joins her)

Shaden: Hurr hur hurrr? (Ready to fly?)

Statyx: So your Shade, eh? The others have said alot about you.

Shade: Thanks. I try to follow after my father. You're Statyx, right? I read your file, thanks to being a Team Dark member. Impressive, I must admit.

Shima: Wait, you're a member of Team Dark?

Shade: Yeah, mostly due to parental position.

Shima: (tilts head) Then you must know my brother! Cool!

Statyx: Wait, what?

Shade: Um, yeah. I 'know' him. How long has it been since you've seen him last?

Will: Uh, Shade, alternate reality, plausibly....or not...

(In the air)

Coolina: Hurr! (You bet!)

(On the ground)

Shima: Never mind.

(In the air)

Shaden: Hurr hur! (Let's go!)

Coolina: Hurr! (Right!)

(She flies off rather fast)

(Shaden keeps pace behind her, not pushing himself to get ahead)

(Coolian does some small spirals for the heck of it)

(Shaden does a barrel roll, still keeping up.)

Coolina:(laughs) Hurr hurr! (Okay, let's get back to our mission)

Shaden: Hurr! (Right!)

(They fly off looking for Blade)

(Meanwhile, with Blade)

(Blade continues down the path he'd been following when a echinda and his dragon attack him)

Jacob: Well, if it isn't Will's pet. Shios thais, Diablos. (Wait no more, Diablos)

Diablos: Hurrrr!!! (DIE!!!)

(Diablos attacks Blade, who fights back)

(In the air...)

(Coolina hears the noise of fighting)

Coolina: Hey! Do you hear that?

Shaden: Yeah, that's not far from where Shade and me saw a dragon on his own!

Coolina: That must've been Blade! Quick! Lead the way to where you saw him!

(Shaden turns and leads Coolina to the site where he and Shade were training. Meanwhile, Blade and Diablos were locked in a duel to the death)

Jacob: Trios, Diablos! (Kill, Diablos!)

(Coolina hears the noises much better)

Coolina: I hear it much clearer now! We must be close, Shaden!

Shaden: When we see the fighting, I'll hold off the aggressors. We might need help though.

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr? Hurr! (You're suggesting that I leave you to fight alone? Ha.)

Shaden: Hurr, hurr hur hurr hurrurur hur. (Look, I'm offering to fight them, and stop you from getting hurt. But if you want to fight, OK then.)

Coolina: hurr. (Good choice.) Hurr hurr hurr hurr!. (I never back away from a fight when my friend is in danger!)

Shaden: Hurr hur hurr (The same as me)

(They fly over the area where Blade is fighting Diablos.)

Coolina: Hurr hurr! (There he is!)

(Shaden instantly attacks, divebombing Diablos)

(Coolina divebombs Diablos also, clamping her jaws around his neck.)

(Shaden instantly turns and blasts Jacob with a blast of Chaos flames)

(Coolina attempts to freeze Diablos, but releases him to do so)

(Blade runs off, glad for the chance to escape. Shaden notices, but cannot do anything about it as he latches onto Jacob's arm with his teeth)

Coolina: (thinking) Hurr. (Thank goodness he's okay.)

(When Coolina released Diablos, he then head-butts her in he chest. She goes staggering back, then tackles him)

Shaden: HURR HURR!!! (Coolina! Run!) (Shaden knocks Diablos off of Coolina)

Coolina: Hurr hurr! (Not without you!) Hurr hurr hurr! (A friend doesn't run out on a friend!)

Shaden: Hurr Hur! (Then JUMP!)

(Shaden whips his tail under Coolina, then turns it to a solid rod, flicking her into the air. He then jumps, using his solid tail as a catapult)


(Shaden quickly turns his tail back to normal, catches Coolina, and starts flying off. He notes Blade's path, and watched angrily as Jacob and Diablos started following them)

Coolina: Hurr. (Thanks.)

(She looks back at Jacob and Diablos.)

Coolina: Hurr! (Shaden!)

(Shaden smiles, then points at a massive bird)

Shaden: Hurr. (Watch)

(The bird changes shape very quickly, revealing Shade, who attacks Jacob and Diablos)

(I g2g - FF)

Coolina:Hurr! (Whoa!)

(something dives toward Diablos, it hits him, and causes him to revert into Clay form, he hits the ground and shatters. by the way, things like this NEVER happened in the Book)

[Akrulorne suddenly comes out of nowhere and pounces, clawing Diablos remains..]

(Shade leaps into the air, catching Shaden and Coolina, then transformed to his Semi-Avian form, flying them back)

(I'm gonna Fast Forward back to the house for now, you can still edit this above)

Gy'rven: (to Gretel and Gollygosh) Hurrr (this is my best plan yet!, first, I'll tar and feather them, then, Fun with Photoshop!)

Part 8

Gravel: *tears some dried glue off of him* Hurr hur huur! (I finally got that stuff offa me!) *turns to Ranivae, holding out a paw* Huur hur huur? (Need a paw?)

Ranivae: Hurr. ("Yes, please.")

Gravel: *takes Ranivae's paws in his own and starts pulling*

(Gravel finally manages to free Ranivae.)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr. ("Thank you.")

Gravel: Hurr hur (No problem.) *looks down, notices that he's still holding Ranivae's paws, and blushes. Starts pulling away his paws.*

(Ryu-g2g now.)
(Kagi: Dang. Oh well, seeya!)
(Gy'rven, Gretel, GollyGosh, and Caractacus dump Tar on the two)
(Kagi: Chembur, don't do that. Let the two share a small tnder moment. That is, unless they want bad stuff to happen to them.)
(I have that happen in 2 minutes, Gryone will help in Gy'rven's plot)

[Akrulorne appears in front of Gy'rven, Gretel, GollyGosh, and Caractacus, scaring them.]

Akrulorne: "Hurr!" (Booo!)

Gy'rven: Hurrr (Oh were so scared, NOT)

[It looks if Akrulorne's eyes have been gauged out...]

(I'd be scared..)

Gy'rven: Hurr (thats not scary, this is (transforms into a monstrous beast)

[Akrulorne doesn't even flinch.]

(Meanwhile, with Shade)

Shaden: Hurur hur huurr! (Blade's still out there!)

Coolina: Hurr! (Yeah!)

(She notices Shaden is still carrying her.)

Coolina: Hurr....Hurr hurr. (Uh...You can put me down now)

Shaden: Hurrrr (Oh, sorry)

(Shaden lets Coolina go, blushing)

Coolina: Hurr. (That's okay.)

(She scans the area for Blade. She spots him)

Coolina: Hurr! (I found him!)

(Blade sees them and changes colour, gaining black runic marks along his sides as his eyes turned black and his pupils red)

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(Something's wrong with him....)

Shade: Will must've been playing with curse marks again... Crap. We can't bring him back like that.

Coolina: Hurr huur? (Then what do we do?)

Shade: Leave. Remember the area, but as long as he remains cursed, we cannot bring him with us.

Coolina: Hurr....(Okay....) Hurr...(Poor Blade...)

(Shade grabs Shaden and Coolina, flying them all back to town)

(With the others...)

Shima: I'm worried about Coolina and Shaden. Shouldn't they be back by now?

(Shade lands, putting Coolina and Shaden on the ground)

Shima: Coolina! Shaden! You guys are okay!

Coolina: Hurr! (Of course!)

Shade: We hit trouble with a capital J. Jacob.

Shima: Really? He doesn't know we're here, right?

Shade: He must. He was coming in this direction.

Shima: Great.

Coolina: Hurr hurr! (And he has a dragon, too!)

Shade: Had. It was turned to clay and shattered. Still, if he got one, he could always get another, or get his girlfriend to get one...

Shima: Just what we need: a villain with a dragon at his beck and call.

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr hurr! (Aw, don't be that way, Shima! We can take 'em!)

Will: His legions were in the area a day or so ago. Didn't see him or Enna though...Oh no.

Shima: What's wrong, Will?

Will: His legions in the area, him coming alone with a dragon, no sign of Enna or the assassination teams yet: this is a full scale assault. Enna and her team would come from the most wooded side, lighting the forest on fire. Jacob would go Super, charging people with his battleaxe. The rest of his army would overwhelm all the defenses, until the town is rubble. Even Ronan couldn't completely analyze him, and Blade's still out there! We have trouble.

Shima: Crap.

Coolina: hurr hurr...(Um, about Blade....)

Will: Uh, Shade? Shima? Stave? I can't speak dragon. Could you please translate?

(Coolina looks at Shade and Shaden for help)

Shade: Will, Blade changed. He had black runes all along his sides, and his pupils were red. I hate to say it, but I think he has a curse.

Will: NO! I can't believe it!

Shade: You must.

(Coolina looks at the ground sadly.)

Coolina: (to Shima) Hurr...(It's true...)

Will: Stave made the mark himself! It's not a curse, it's the focus mark!

Stave: Will, they work as both. I'm sorry.

(Coolina is trying not to cry 'cause of Blade's misfortune.)

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr? (Is there any way to help him?)

Stave: I could make a new seal, but Shaden couldn't take it due to his powers, while Coolina and Wand wouldn't be able to take the strain of the pure focus mark, without the chance of a curse falling on them as well.

Statyx: Then who would be able to withstand it?

Shima: Does it have to be a dragon?

[Akrulorne tries to comfort Coolina.]

Akrulorne: "Hurrr..." (We'll try to save him..)

Coolina: Hurr..(I hope so...) Hurr hurr...(I hate seeing my friends in trouble...)

[Gravel and Ranivae walk up]

Gravel: Hurr hur huur? (Hey everybody, what's up?)

Statyx: *gives everyone a "don't breath a word about this" look. Looks down at Gravel* Don't worry buddy, it isn't anything you two need to worry about.

Will: Yeah, nothing at all. (Whispers to Shade) I'm going out to watch for Enna.

Stave: (in a whisper to Shima) Dragons are better, because the curse is more dangerous to one of us.

Shima: Oh....

(She looks at Coolina worriedly)

Shima: (thinking) I know she would do anything for her friends, but I hope she won't want to do this....)

(Shima: Hey guys! Do you mind if Coolina's made out of glass? I was in the mall today and saw some glass animals, and it kind of gave me the idea.)
(Well,I don't mind, but you have to go through Chembur - FF)
(Shima: Oh, darn it!)

Akrulorne: "Huuurrr...Huuuurrrrrr" (I'll make my sayings a promise Coolina...I will try and find a way..)

Coolina: Hurr? Hurr hurrr! (Really? Oh thank you, Akrulorne!)

Gravel: *hiding behind a tree, listening* (What are they talking about? Is someone in trouble?)

(Will turns and heads away, figuring what direction Enna and her team would be coming from)

Shima: You'd think they'd come from the thickest part of the forest. There's more cover there.

[Akrulorne devises a plan in the sand with...well himself...]

(Will turns, nods, then leaps clear above the trees, flying)

Shaden: Huur! Hurr hur hurr hurur (That's not going to work, Akrulorne)

Akrulorne: "Huur!" (AACK!)

[Akrulorne almost pounced on Shaden.]

Coolina: Hurr! Hurr hurr hurr! (Cool it, guys! Let's hear what Shaden has to say!) Hurr. (Go ahead)

Shaden: Hurr, hur hurrr hur hur hurr, hur hurr hurr hururrr (Well, to bring back Blade and protect the town, we will need reinforcements)

Akrulorne: "Hurrrrr..." (But whom?)

Shaden: Huurrrrr (Whomever)

Akrulorne: >_<'

Gravel: *walks up behind them* Hurr! (I'll go!)

Shaden: Hur? (Huh?)

Gravel: Hurr hur hurr huur (I know that Blade has left, and I think I know why.)

Akrulorne: 0_0

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'He cannot be serious..'

Shaden: Hurrr, hur hurrrr hurur! (Gravel, he has a curse!) Hur hurr hur hurrr hurrr! (Just face that fact first!)

Coolina: Hurr! Hurr hurr hurr hurr! (C'mon! We're wasting time!)

Wand: Hurr. Hurr. Hurr. (No. No. No.)

Shaden: Hurr, hur hur hurrr hur hurrrur hur! (Dude, you have no chance without a mark!)

Coolina: (thinking) Hurr hurr....(This is totally hopeless...)

Wand: Hurrr (Agreed)

[Akrulorne bashes his paw on the ground.]

Akrulorne's thoughts: "Damn it!"

Gravel: *lets out a surprisingly loud roar that surprises everybody* Hurr! Hurr huur hurrr!! (Quiet! You guys can give up if you want to, but I'm not giving up on my friend!!)

Coolina: (sadly) Hurr hurr hurr...(But I didn't say I was giving up...)

Shaden: Hurr (Same)

Gravel: *snorts* Hurr huur hur! (Well, nice to see you all have some backbone!)

(Kagi: Pause please. I have to go to bed now.)
(Good morning everybody. Thanks for waiting.)

Shaden: Hurrr, hur hur hurrr. (Gravel, you are insane.)

Coolina: Hurr. (That he is.)

Gravel: Hurr huur hhur huurr hurr! (If being sane means giving up on my friend, then I'd rather stay insane for the rest of my life!)

(Suddenly, Ranivae runs over ot them.)

Ranivae: Hurr hurr? ("What's going on?")

Wand: Kikioh (nothing)

Gravel: Hurr hur huur hur (No Wand, Ranivae deserves to know.)

[Akrulorne was missing.]

Coolina: Hurr....Hurr hurr?(Hey...Wasn't Akurlorne here a minute ago?)

(Wherever Akrulorne is..)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'I won't break that promise I made to Coolina...'

???: You should. (Blade emerges from a tree, still covered in dark runes)

Akrulorne: "Hurrr....hurrr."("I will never break the promise you see me...")

[Akrulorne fades out.]

Akrulorne: "Hurrr." ("Now you don't.")

(Blade appears to flicker, then it is obviously a decoy. It still talks, as it fades)

Decoy Blade: Go home. You have no chance. Gravel has no chance. Nobody does.

Akrulorne: "Hurrrr..." ("I just want to know what's wrong Blade...")

Decoy Blade: Nothing and everything. The future holds many things. Be warned, only one who bears the same power or something similar can beat me. Not you.

Akrulorne: ....

[Akrulorne smacks his paw on the ground with rage.]

Akrulorne: "Hurrr...HURR!" (That was a waste...a F***ING WASTE!)

[Akrulorne's Claws turn to Red.]

(Back with the others)

Shaden: Hur, huurrr. (I guess, Gravel.) (Shaden turns to Ranivae) Hurr hur hurrr (Blade's gone missing)

Ranivae: Hur...hurr? ("But...why?")

[Akrulorne walks past them without a Hello...his claws are glowing red, indicating Rage.]

Shaden: Hurr, hur hurrr hur (Well, we don't know)

Wand: ki kioh kiki kil kio (And he had a curse)

Shaden: Hurr! (Woah!)

Ranivae: Hurr? ("A curse?")

Gravel: Huur huur hur huurr (That's not correct. I know why...)

(Coolina looks where Akulorne went. She follows him.)

Coolina: Hurr! (Akulorne!)

(Meanwhile back at Liz's House)

Mech: Liz could i have a dragon please? and could you make him out of Snowflake Obsidian?

(Back to the others)

[Akrulorne turns to Coolina, his claws then turn blue, indicating Sorrow]

Akrulorne: "Hurr.." ("I failed...")

[Akrulorne then sprints off, making him faster than the others.]

Coolina: Hurr....(Akrulorne...)

Gravel: Hurr huurrr huur hhurr (Ranivae, he left because...)

Ranivae: Hurr...? ("Because...?")

Gravel: Hurr... huur hurr hhur. (He left... because of us.)

Ranivae: Hurr?! Hurr hurr?! ("What?! Me and you?!")

Gravel: Hurr. Huuur hurrr hur (Yeah. He liked you too, but I guess he must have seen you, and me...)

Ranivae: Hurr...hurr... ("Oh no...oh no...")

Gravel: Hurr hur huur hur (I'm sorry Ranivae. I... I don't know what I can say...)

Ranivae: Hurr...hurr hurr. Hurr. Hurr hurr hurr. ("'s okay. It's my fault. I'm going to find Blade and set things right.") (she leaves)

Shaden: Huuurrr hurr hurr. Hurrr hur hurrr hur hurrur, hur huur hurrr hurr hurr (Nothing to say. Blade has a curse, and we can't stop him)

(With Akrulorne..)

Akrulorne's thoughts: "I am faster than most of them..I hope they just don't fallow me.."

Akrulorne: "Hurrr-rrk..." (His form of tearing.)

[Akrulorne sheds a Fire Tear..if it weren't for his Mana-Ruby form he'd be unanimated.]

Shaden: Hurr. hurr hur hurrur huurk, huuh hrr (Wrong. I can pace you. I was designed to shapeshift, and for speed)

Akrulorne: "Hurr-rrk-rrk...Urrrk!" (I-I s-said *sob* go away!)

[Akrulorne's eyes are bloodshot from his sobbing. He later sprints, he becomes faster than Shaden momentarily. Shaden shakes his head and returns to the others, watching as Shade took off on a scouting run.]

(Coolina is in the air looking for Akrulorne. Unlike most dragons, she can fly faster than she can run)

Coolina: Hurr...?(Where is he...?)

[A Blue mist is seen in the distance, like the one Akrulorne usually gives off while Stealthing.]

Coolina: Hurr...Hurr! (Is that...It is!)

(She dives towards the mist)


Spike: (appears behind Mech) if he was made of Obisidian, he'd be of Dark Position

Shahooter: "The Darklings are made out of Obsidian..."

(With Akrulorne and Coolina.)

Akrulorne: "Hurk!" (Ooof!)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'Oh great she came after me...well my Mist is now fading, I'm still stealthed..'

Gy'en: (dives from the sky into the scene)

Coolina: Hurr! (Akrulorne!) Hurr hurr?! (Why did you run off?!)

[Akrulorne makes no response..he stays stealthed, unseen..He's not one to blow his cover so easily..]


Ranivae: Hurr! Hurr hurr? ("Blade! Where are you?")

(Kagi: Ryu, isn't Ranivae gonna respond to Gravel?)

Gravel: Hurr hur! (Ranivae!)

[Gravel catches up to Ranivae]

Ranivae: Hurr? ("Gravel?")

Gravel: *breathing heavily* Hurr huur hur hur (I'm... gonna... help you. But I need... to know... one thing...)

(Kagi: Oh come on! Chembur for the love of- will you at least let them finish!?)

(a Giant Beast like Gargoyle snatches Ranivae)

Ranivae: HUUUUR!! ("GRAAAVEL!!")

Gravel: HURRRRR!!! (RANIVAE!!!)

(Gravel's jewel turns blood red. He charges a nearby tree and runs up the trunk, then leaps, lunging toward the beast. He lands on its back)

Gravel: *in a furocious tone* HURR HUR HUURR!!! (DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!!!) *blasts fire directly at the back of the creature's head*

(With Akrulorne and Coolina)

Akrulorne: ....

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'I gotta keep silent..then she won't find me...'

(When stealthed, Akrulorne's thoughts are blocked..)

[Akrulorne's mind argues with himself, one side saying he should tell Coolina the truth, and the other saying not to answer at all...the tell the truth side eventually wins. He takes in a deep breath. He fazes out of Stealth Mode.]

Akrulorne: "Because I failed to keep my promise to you..and I..uh..."

[Akrulorne's Claws turn Hot Pink.]

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'Crap!'

Coolina: Hurr hurr? (Don't worry about keeping your promise, okay?)

(She notices his claws are pink)

Coolina:Hurr....Hurr hurr? (Uh..Why are your claws pink?)

(Please refer to Akrulorne's Page for his feelings later. ^_^)

Akrulorne: "Hurr, huuuurrr hurr...hurr..hurr" (Well I guess I have to admit it, you see my claws refract my feelings and this one...well I hope you won't freak out it's just..that I..uh..)

(Coolina tilts her head, her jewel turning a yellow-green for curiosity)

Coolina: Hurr? (Yes?) Hurr hurr. (And don't worry about me freaking out.) Hurr hurr. (I promise I won't.)

Akrulorne "H-Hurrr...huuurrr.." (I-I' love with you...)

[Akrulorne blushes under his fur.]

(Coolina blushes, and her jewel turns pink)

Coolina: Hu-Hurr? (R-Really?)

Akrulorne: (Silent) "Hur..huurr" (Yes..really..)

(Coolina suddenly nuzzles Akrulorme)

Coolina: Hurr. (I love you too.)

Akrulorne: "Huuurrr..?" (You do..?)

(Coolina nods)

Coolina: Hurr. (Yes.)

[Akrulorne nuzzles Coolina back..]

Akrulorne: "H-hurr-rrk-rrk." (I-I'm s-so h-h-h-happy..)

[Akrulorne tears (Cries) with joy, his claws turn a Blue-Purple. He sheds another Fire Tear, but he's in his Ruby-Make Form and he's safe from deanimation.]

(Coolina's jewel turns plain yellow for happiness.)

Coolina: Hurr. (I'm glad.)

(She nuzzles him again)

[Akrulorne blushes, his wings come out of his fur, he's not 'wingless' after all, he seems to just hide it..they are Gray with feathers.]

Coolina: Hurr! (That's neat!)

(She stretches her own wings out, but she can't do it all the way because they are larger than a normal dragons')

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(I wish my wings weren't so big...)

(meanwhile, the beast falls to the ground, when it crashes, it dissapears)

Part 9

(Chembur, face it. None of us have read the books, and frankly, none of us could bother to. We are just enjoying ourselves. So don't you go all psycho on my ass, coz I won't take it. If you have a go at ANYONE until next monday when I go on school camp, I will ban you. FF)
(mech: did ANYONE see my request for a dragon at all?!)

Shahooter: "Akrulorne, where are ya bud?"

[Akrulorne's ears perk up.]

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'Oh boy..I wonder how Shahooter'd think of me and Coolina...'

Shima: (voice): Coolina! Where are you?

Coolina: Hurr! (It's Shima!)


(Gravel runs over to Ranivae)

Gravel: Hurr huur hur!? (Ranivae, are you okay!?)

Ranivae: Hurr...hurr hurr. ("Yeah...thanks for saving me.")

Gravel: Huur hurr huurr hur (Thank goodness. Now, that question I wanted to ask you...)

Ranivae: Hurr. Hurr? ("Okay. What is it?")

Gravel: Hurr hur huur hurur hurr? (I doubt I'll get an impartial answer now, but... do you regret choosing me?)

Ranivae: Hurr...hurr hurr, hurr...hurr hurr hurr...(", I love you...but I feel so bad for Blade...")

Gravel: Hurr hur huur hurr hhur huur hhuurr hhurr (Ranivae, please be honest. When I said that I'd love you no matter who you chose, I meant it. I'll do everything I can to find Blade, regardless of your answer, but I don't want you to feel like you have to say or do anything. If you truly love Blade, then tell me.)

(Ranivae's head lowers.)

Ranivae: .....hurr hurr... (".....I love both of you...")

Gravel: Hurr? (Really?)

(She nods.)

Gravel: ..............

Ranivae: ...........hurr... ("..........I'm so sorry...")

(Gravel suddenly hugs Ranivae)

Gravel: Hurr hur huur huuur hhhur hurr huurr (Thank you for being honest Ranivae. I promise, no matter who you choose, I'll protect you no matter what.) *looks directly into Ranivae's eyes* Hurr hur hurrr (That's a promise I intend to keep.)

Ranivae: Hurr! Hurr hurr! ("Oh, Gravel! I'll protect you, too!") ♥♥♥

Gravel: Hurr hur huur! (Now, let's go find Blade.)

Ranivae: Hurr! ("Okay!")

(As Ranivae runs ahead, Gravel watches, his jewel glowing pink, but also a hint of deep blue...)

(With Shahooter and Shima.)

[Shahooter switches his visor to Ultra-Violet.]

Shahooter: "I see heat, come on."

Shima: Okay!

[Shahooter open a bush from two sides, he sees Akrulorne and Coolina with each other.]

Shahooter: "Found 'em..."

Akrulorne: "Hu...huuurrrr..." (Uh...Hi theere..)

Shahooter: ...

Coolina: Hu-hurr...Hurr (H-Hey...Shima...)

Shima: What are you two doind behind this bush?

Shahooter: "From the way they are acting, they have something behind their sleeves."

Akrulorne: "Hur..huurr..." (No...we don't..)

Statyx: *pops up* Simple, they're in love.

Akrulorne: "Hur! Huurr!" (AH! Stalker!)

Shahooter: "Always the Romantic, Statyx.."

Statyx: *looking around* Actually, I was searching for Gravel when I spotted the two lovebirds. I'm guessing you haven't seen Gravel, so I'm just gonna leave now. *Chaos Controls away*

(With Mech)

  • Mech sits under a tree playing his keyboard*

(Back to Shima, Shahooter, Akrulorne and Coolina.)

[Akrulorne starts to sweat.]

(Coolina shuffles her wings uncomfortably)

  • Mech Runs over to everyone*

Mech: HEEEYYY GUYS AND DRAGONS do you wanna hear me play my keyboard?

Shahooter: "Sorry Mech we are asking our dragons a question.."

Akrulorne: ...

(a dragon flies onto Mech's arm)

Mech: Oh! This must be the dragon Liz made me! *Mech Strokes it's Silver Scales it then puffs out a little blue fire*... I'll call youuuu BLUEWIND!

[Shahooter gets out a Blue-filled Potion.]

Akrulorne: Hur...huuurr.. ( No...not that.. )

(Coolina's jewel turns yellow-green again)

Coolina: Hurr? (What's that?)

  • Bluewind Fly's around happily looking for other dragons*

(Shaden sees Bluewind and rolls his eyes. Shade returns, shaking his head about the enemy)

Shade: More than we expected. Many more.

Shahooter: "It's called a Cracker...this thing makes you guys tell the truth..."

(Coolina gulps and backs up a little)

[Shahooter uncorks the potion and splashes it on Akrulorne and Coolina.]

(Coolina shakes herself (like a dog would) to get the potion off)

Coolina: Hurr! (Hey!)

[Akrulorne covers his mouth with his wings.]

Akrulorne: "(Muffled Dragon Speak)"

(Coolina puts her paws over her mouth.)

Coolina: (muffled sounds) !

Shahooter: "Luckily for us, I know what muffled draconian sounds mean..."

Shima: You do? That's awesome!

Coolina: (more muffled sounds, which translated means "Crap!")

Shahooter: "Well guess what I heard..they are in love with each other..."

Shima: Awwww!

(Coolina blushes, and her jewel turns pink)

Statyx: *suddenly appears behind Shima & Shahooter* Told ya.

[Akrulorne starts to blush heavily, his claws turn Hot Pink.]

Shahooter: ....

Shima:Yes, you did.

Shahooter: "Assuming by the 'Awwww!' You agree with their Romantic Relationship?"

Shima: Of course! (looks at Shahooter) Why? Do you?

Shahooter: "Can't you see the look on my face?"

[Shahooter was beaming.]

Statyx: So what, I didn't surprise anyone in the least?

Shima: (to Statyx) Sorry, but no. (to Shahooter) Yay!

[Akrulorne nuzzles Coolina, seeing that their Relationship was fully revealed by Shahooter..]

(Coolina nuzzles Akrulorne back, her jewel turning a mixture between yellow and pink)

Coolina: Hurr....Hurr hurr! (I'm...I'm so happy now!)

(Shaden smiled, seeing Cooline happy. He viewed her as a little sister rather than a crush, so he didn't mind at all.)

[Shahooter raises his hand for a high-five from Shima.]

(Shima high-fives Shahooter)

(Shade frowns)

Shade: we have an army marching down on us, and you guys don't care???

Shahooter: "An army..?"

[Shahooter's hand raises down.]

Shade: Yes, an entire army. Jacob's soldiers, with the trolls as well. Again.

Shahooter: "Imperial Guard Form up."

[Owls with armor colored like the Corps of the Windstalkers, holding Strange Weapons jump out of the bushes.]

Shima: Trolls?! Man, those guys never give up, do they?

Shahooter: "Especially the pervert Toxic.."

Shima: (shudders) Ugh....

Shahooter: "Makes me feel like I want him to bite the dust!"

[An Imperial Kasrkin comes out with a studio, he inserts a CD. Shahooter gets out a Kasrkin Assault Rifle.]

Another one bites the dust

Shahooter: [To Akrulorne and Coolina] "Go get somewhere safe you two..."

Coolina: Huuuuuuurr? (But whyyyyyy?) Hurr hurr! (I want to fight some Trolls!)

Shima: Uh-uh.

Shahooter: "They can swat you like a fly considering your size Coolina."

Akrulorne: "Huurrr..Huuurrrr..." (Damn it..He has a point...)

(Coolina droops her head, and her jewel turns blue)

Coolina: Hurr...(But...)

(Suddenly, an explosion of blue flame occurs in the distance, and several screams are heard)

Shahooter: "Go..."

(Coolina and Akrulorne fly away)

Shima: (coats hands in Chaos Energy) I'm ready...

[Shahooter prepares his Greatstaff, it crackles with some unknown electricity.]

(Shade cracks his knuckles, as his spines began shrinking)

Shade: Ok. Will's holding up the pyrokinetics, and Jacob himself will be attacking from ahead, so get ready.

Shima: (nods) 'Kay.

(Shade shakes his head, and his spines return to normal)

Shade: Ok, Shaden, as we practiced.

Shaden: Hurr! (Right!) (Shaden turned to stone, then transformed into a staff, which leapt into Shade's hands)

Shima: Impressive.

(In the sky...)

(Coolina looks down at the oncoming army of Trolls. There is A LOT!)

Coolina: Hurr...(Oh no...)

(Wand flies up and joins her. There was more than just trolls in that army, but members of Jacob's Legions as well)

Coolina: Hurr. Hurr hurr hurr! (This is bad. Curse our small bodies!)

Wand: Ki, kio kikioh kio kikio kioki. (Yeah, even Blade isn't that strong as to bring down some of them alone)

Coolina: Hurr. Hurr hurr hurr hurr. (Yeah. Hopefully he won't try to fight them by himself.) Hurr! (It's suicide!)

Wand: Ki kio ki. (You never know)

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr hurr. (He should be smart enough not to.)

Wand: Ki kio kikikioh kih koh kiohh (I think his anger is making him think worse than normal)

Coolina: Hurr. Hurr hurr....? (Me too. Wonder where he is....?)

(Meanwhile, Blade, still in his cursed form, was in the very thick of the soldiers. None of them had noticed him, but he had destroyed some of their weapons with fire)

(Back with the others)

(It ended in Stalemate.)

(The hints of weapons were seen by Shade)

Shade: The enemy are upon us! (Shade leapt down, using Shaden to launch himself onto a roof for a better attack point)

(Shima gets in a fighting stance)

[Shahooter leaps off from a tree, hitting a Troll in the neck with his Power-Claymore. Giving him first blood.]

(Shima Spin Dashes into a line of Trolls)

Shahooter: "Stop for no one!"

Shima: HYAAAH!

(She throws Chaos Missiles into a group of Trolls, and they yell as they are either killed or wounded)

[Shahooter forms a rather HUGE meteor in his hands..]

Random Troll: 0_0

(Shade throws himself into the fray, using Shaden to send them flying. Shade joins in with his staff)

(Shima runs in a circle around some more Trolls, and creates a large whirlwind, lifting them up in the air.)

[Shahooter fires, killing a large amount of trolls.]

Shahooter: "Someone call for a 'il Earthshaker?"

Shade: Nice!

(Stave ran headfirst into a Dark Acolyte at full speed, sending him flying. Shade grabbed a battleaxe off an Acolyte's corpse with one hand and used it to bring down another)

[The Meteor Explodes, killing more trolls.]

Shima: Sweet!

(She Mega Kicks a Troll in the face, then knees him in the back)

[The ground then starts to shake from the explosion.]

Shima: Wah!

(Shima kicks a Troll in the stomach, then Mega Kicks him in the head)

(Shade and Stave both jump and float using their powers, using their staffs to throw people around)

(Shima looks at her hands, then facepalms)

Shima: Duh!

(She uses her psychokinesis to lift up some Trolls, then starts to squeeze them, crushing their bones)

[Shahooter grips Shima and throws her at a line of trolls, she starts to glow with MagiCourse Energy.]

Shahooter: "Spin Dash, now!"

Shima: Alright!

(She starts a Spin Dash)

[Shima makes explosions with each Spin Dash Impact from the MagiCourse Energy.]

Shahooter: "Toasted Trolls.."

[After minutes of fighting, the trolls are either faded, or dead.]

Shima: That...was awesome!

[Shahooter's hair was even more windblown than ever.]

Shima: (snickering) Um, Shahooter...I think you should fix your hair...

(A series of fiery bursts in blue and black appear from the south, where Will had headed)

Shahooter: "What the Hell?"

Stave: It's Will! He must have found Enna!

(meanwhile on Farlowe Island, an Actual Island in the book, two Spike's, one with White fur, the other has Brown fur are back to back, around them are hundreds of Mobians, who are trying to attack the two spikes)

Spike (W): Is this your Idea of Saving the planet from the Ix Invasion

Spike: as long as I protect this planet, I will give my life in fighting

(With the others...)

Shima: He might need our help!

Stave: Maybe. He's the most powerful fire wielder here, and you can't stand fire. Better we stay out of their duel.

Shima: Right....

(A single echidna runs out as the fire blasts intensify, she launches herself at the four friends with a blue fire burst)

???: I am Sunaya, Enna's sister. I will bring you all down!

Shima: (shrieks at the fire)

(Shima jumps to the side to avoid Sunaya)

Sunaya: What, afraid of a little fire? (Sunaya lights both her hands on fire) Well, too bad! (Sunaya throws a single punch, the flames on her hands stretching out like rubber straight at Shima)

Shima: (yells)

(Shima jumps over the fire and heads straight at Sunaya. Sunaya creates a flaming cloud over Shima and makes it rain fire. Shade leaps in above her, turning his spines to scales at that moment)


(A Chaos Missile goes russhing towards Sunaya. Sunaya's eyes spin to reveal fully matured Sharingan Eyes, then incinerates the Chaos Missile with a single fireball. She then started forming a new attack in her hands)

Sunaya: FLAMING MISSILE! (Sunaya throws a fully-formed Chaos Missile glowing with fire straight back. Stave intercepts the attack by diving into it, then disappearing into the ground.)


(Shima Spin Dashes into Sunaya, creating a giant crater. Sunaya shakes, then gets up, eating three small tablets. Instantly, all her body was covered in flames)

Sunaya: They work! The Flame Pills actually work! Now, take this! (Sunaya did her spindash on Shima, still coated in flames. )

Shima: (yells)

(Sunaya hits her, sending her flying into a nearby tree)

Shima: Ugh....

(something hits Sunaya, in the Back, without her noticing)

Shahooter: "SURPRISE!"

(what hit her in the back was some black dagger made of magic)

Magicia: that will show you Sunaya

Shahooter: "That's not my cue..But Magicia, I may ask, why kill our enemies?"

Magicia: I'm am the strongest Magician in the Universe, I will not have one screw up my Position

Shahooter: .... "If you think your the Strongest Magician...than face me..."

Magicia: why would I face one who doesn't know a Raku Naci spell

(Shahooter has never heard of this KP)

Shahooter: "Why would I face one who doesn't know of a MagiCourse Spell?"

Magicia: (cackles) I know what it is, I've seen many, Performed them myself as well

(Sunaya is grabbed by a green echinda, who Chaos Controls them both away. A few seconds later, Will's unconscious body appears. Stave examines the body)

Stave: Overcharge. The idiot used Overcharge. I'm going to need Maddy, she's got the most experience with healing this state.

Shima: (sighs) Why would he do that if he knew that would happen to him?

  • Bluewind is in the air fighting recolour Troll Dragons*

Bluewind: HUUUURUR HUUUR RUH RYAHHHHHUH (eat this steel WIIIIIIING!) *Bluewind's steelwing slices through the recolour dragons finally he has to fight his own recolour Redgale!*

Stave: He uses it because he had no choice. Fighting Enna alone with nothing but your bare hands is near impossible. You have to block, redirect and attack all at the same time. Even if he powered up, he still uses too much fire-based attacks for comfort, and she would have beaten him.

Magicia: Tolunca Sala Novimbre (the Injury's on will start to dissapear)

(Stave reabsorbs the magic)

Stave: Magic and energy don't affect this unconscious state. His wounds might go, but the unconsciousness won't. Only Maddy can cure this state, not through magic or power, but through love, a little bit of water and a whole lot of skill.

Magicia: (makes a puking noise) ack, Love, its an awful thing is it not? (a ball of Dark Energy goes flying from her palm, it bounces off everything, taking the Recolor Dragons down like dominos)

Stave: Well, you might think it is. (Stave absorbs the dark energy into his staff)

???: Retreat! All Trolls, Legionnaires and Dragons, retreat, regroup and get ready for the oncoming waves! (The surviving enemys retreat)

Magicia: (the the Army) See!, I am the Strongest Magician in the Universe!

Stave: Not coz of you, more because we defeated them (Stave gestures at Shima, Shade, Shahooter and Will) We beat them, you came at the end when Sunaya attacked. We won this round, but not the war.

Magicia: First, I'm part of the DragoonSquad, second, I will let no one surpass my Magic of Darkness

Stave: But I am a Master Cleric, a Clerai, if you will. Magicians are stage performers, fakers. You are a mage, or a Troubadour, or a Sage, or something along those lines.

Magicia: yes, but I am a sorcerer of Inamginable Darkness

Stave: See? A sorcerer. Not a magician. I do stage magic to earn money, but mostly I am a cleric. You are a sorcerer.

Magicia: you perform on a stage for others? how pathetic is this, one who is true with magic uses it properly

Stave: I do. I am one of the most respected Clerics on Mobius, and in some of the other dimensions. But, I often am short on money, so I have to put on stage performances. That's once every year, generally.

Magicia: I do not have time for this (a Draxun the size of Rhode Island appears, Magicia is teleported into it, and it flies off)

Shahooter: [to himself] "Your Pathetic Magicia...we are the ones that did the work not you.."

Magicia's Voice: I heard that, and I came only to defeat Sunaya

Shahooter's telepathy to Magicia: 'A Magus can hear anything as well...'

(With Mech and the Dragons.)

  • Mech is entertaining the dragons by playing Endless possibilities in his keyboard*

Akrulorne: "Huuurr..?" (That song is..?)

(Coolina starts humming the song)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'Too bad I can't sing..'

Coolina: Hurr! (I love this song!) (hums some more)

Akrulorne: "Hurrr..Huuururrr..." (You have..a beautiful voice...)

Coolina: (blushes) Hu-Hurr! (Th-Thank you!)

???: "Hurrr.." (Smooth going..)

Akrulorne: !!?

(Coolina looks around for the voice)

[It appeared to be a new Dragon..but strangely, she has four jaws..split like a cross.]

Coolina: Hurr hurr? (Who are you?)

???: "Huuurrr.." (The name's Weavriss..)

Coolina: (nods head in greeting) Hurr hurr. (Nice to meet you, Weavriss.)

Akrulorne: "Hurrrr..?" (Your Sharina's Dragon..?"

Weavriss: "Hurr...hur.." (Of course I am...twin..)

Akrulorne: !!?

(Coolina looks from Akrulorne to Weavriss)

Coolina: Hurr...Hurr hurr?! (You're....You're his twin?!)

Weavriss: "Huuuurrrr..Huuurrr" (Duh, Sharina is Shahooter's Twin..So that makes him and I Twins...)

Coolina: Hurr. (Ah.)

Weavriss: "Huuuurr.." (He's the Hunter I'm the Trapper..


Akrulorne: .... "Huuuurrr..." (.....Yeah...Riiiiight...)

[Akrulorne rolls his eyes.]

(Shade places down his staff, which turns back into Shaden)

Shaden: Hurrr, hurr hur hurrrrr? (Hello, how is everyone?)

Bluewind: Huur hur hur hur (Fine thanks Shaden wanna spar a bit?)

Shaden: Hurr! (Bring it!) (Shaden's stance changes slightly to suit his fighting style)

  • Bluewind fire what appear to be Aura Spheres out of his mouth*

Bluewind; Huuuurrrrrrrrrrr ryahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (AURA WIIIIIIIIING!) *Bluewind uses steelwing to blast through the aura spheres cloaking him in aura energy he then slams into shaden hard knocking him over* Hurr rur! (How'd ya like THAT!)

Shaden: Hurrr, hurr hurr (Hmmm, not bad) (Shaden had actually turned his body stone hard when the attack hit, protecting himself from most of the damage. He then unleashed a kick into Bluewind, turning his legs extremely hard) Hurr, hurur hurrr hurr hur hurrrrr hurr hur hurrr (Well, we're all going to need the training to bring Blade back)

  • Bluewind guards himself buy using steel wing*

Bluewind: HURUR HURRR (I'M JUST GETTING STARTED) *Bluewind creates fist's out of what seem to be Aura energy he then pummels shaden with them * hur rururururururururururur (hyahahahahahahahahahahahhh)

(Shaden gets knocked around violently, but doesn't appear hurt)

Shaden: Hurrr, hurr hur hur hurrr (Well, you've been well trained)

  • Bluewind grin's his jewl turning yellow for happiness and white for friendship*

Bluewind: ^_^ thanks! i think we should stop now i don't wanna rough you up too bad :P

(Shaden smiles at Bluewind, Coolina and Akrulorne)

Shaden: Hurrrr hurrr hurrr hur hurrrr, hurr hurr hurr hur hurr. (Together with Gravel and Ranivae, we can bring Blade back)

  • Bluewind nods and smiles*

Akrulorne: "Huurrr." ("We can try.")

Bluewind: Hur hur hurru ( we'll do JUST fine)

Akrulorne: "Hurrr, huuuurrrr.." ("Bluewind, I want to spare with you.."

Bluewind: I accept your challenge :P IBluewind get's into a defensive position and has a grin on his face* Don't hold back! (Bluewind is VERY happy go lucky he lieks pretty much EVERYONE he know's)

Akrulorne: "Hur hur hur hurr....hurr huuurr huur..." (Now you see you don't...)

[Akrulorne's Coat blends in with the background, Bluewind cannot see him.]

  • Bluewind grins*

Bluewind: Oh really now. *Bluewind jumps in the air  and seemingly leaves himself wide open*

[The Tree creaks, Akrulorne Stealthes in, launches off of the tree branch, and hits Bluewind with a lot of force, later pinning him to the ground.]

  • Bluewind whips round and slams Akrulorne as he jumps off of the tree with his tail*

Bluewind: Hur... (ouch....)

[Akrulorne had his teeth in his Tail, he throws him at the Tree.]

  • Bluewind spreads his wings then charges at Akrulorne with steel wing*

[Akrulorne reveals his wings (Although he looks wingless he is not...) and dodges Bluewind's attack.]

  • Bluewind smiles and taunt's Akrulorne*

[Akrulorne then sprints, making his speed double, he pounces at Bluewind.]

(we're in mid air..)

(His speed doubles when he's sprinting, and he's using his wings to keep in the air.)


  • Bluewind simply moves to the side watching akrulorne slam into a tree*

Bluewind:Hur..hurhur (This aint going nowhere we're just gonna both end up fainting)

[Akrulorne launches off with a Wicked Speed, attempting to pounce at him again.]

  • Bluewind grabs Akrulorne in his talons he then does a shuttle loop Dive bom slamming his rival into the ground*


[Akrulorne still keeps on...he seems somewhat persistant...]

(They are Six Inches Tall, I doubt they'll hurt real people except for other Dragons..)

(he dosen't wanna hurt akrulorne too much)
*Bluewind sighs*

Bluewind:hurhurhurhruhruuuur (fine i give in but it's only because your my friend and i don't wanna badly hurt you)

[Akrulorne then stops attacking.]

Bluwind:Hurhur hur (you thought i was an ix because of my jewel didn't you..) (Bluewind's jewel is black with Wisps of white going up it)

Akrulorne: "Hur." (Bingo.)

Bluewind: Hurrr hur rur (it's alright it's an easy mistake to make)

(Stave and Wand approach)

Stave: Cool it, you two. Stop fighting, please. We don't need it at the moment.

  • Bluewind's jewel goes Violet for Embaressment*

[Akrulorne's Claws turn Red, for Anger..he then walks off and lays at the end of the tree branch to cool off..]

(a Beam of Purple Energy breaks from the ground, the outline of a Gargoyle like Dragon can be seen)

(Coolina notices Akrulorne in angry, then goes over and lays next to him and nuzzles him)

Gargoyle: Rarhaha!

Akrulorne: "Hurr.." ("Look out..")

[Akrulorne stealths...after a minute he pounces the Gargoyle]

Gargoyle: Rarherrrrrr (that will not work, I am Gy're, a Dragon, made of pure Obsidian, but not, a Darkling)

Akrulorne: "Huuuurrr...?" ("How do I know if your telling the truth...?")

Gadzooks: Hurrrr (He speaks the truth)

Akrulorne: [Somewhat begrugingly..]' "*Sigh* Hur..." (*Sigh* Fine...")

[Akrulorne's claws turn Crimson, a mix of dread and rage..]

(sorry, got the wrong name, it was Gy're)

  • Bluewind uses Silver Wind to whip Akrulorne and coolina upinto the air creating a romantic scene* (Note it's not an attacking Silver Wind he's using it like a contest move to create a romantic setting for coolina and Akrulorne)

Stave: Looks like someone knows his techniques well.

Gy're: Rawrkereerrrrrr (now is not the time, My Master is fighting to prevent a horde of Ix possessed Mobians on Farlowe Island from openning the Fire Star)

Stave: Damn. Right while Shade was getting Maddy to heal Will. Great. I'll come, so everyone grab onto me, and I'll Wind Fade us all there.

Gy're: Rawk Har (no need)

(a Purple beam flashes onto them, they dissapear)

(Stave instantly drops into a combat position with his staff)

Spike: (around him are knocked out Mobians on the ground)

(Stave jumps into action with his staff)

Spike: there is no need for Combat, child

(Stave slings his staff over his back, then looks around)

Stave: Woah! That's a lot of people!

Part 10

(With Bluewind and the others)

Akrulorne: "Huuuuurrr?" (Is it just me or am I having a Feeling shift?)

  • Bluewind is using steel wing to cut a tree into firewood for some reason*

(Tome: REVIVE!)

(SHaden ists in a nearby tree watching)

Shaden: Hurrr. Hurrr hur hurrrr hur hurr hurur. Hurrr hur hrur hurr hur. (Pointless. Blade has no fear for fire. This training is worthless)

  • Mech walks in and sees Bluewind*


  • Bluewind looks at Mech sarcasticly*

Bluewind: (sarcasticly) Huuur hurr HUUUR hur rur (Normally) hurr rur rur  ((Sarcasticly) What does it LOOK like i'm doing.... (Normally) i'm making firewood)

Shade: Well, that's certainly looks right. I'm going to look for food. I have an idea...

  • Bluewind tries to use ember to light the fire but fails and coughs up smoke*

[Akrulorne and Coolina are still in the romantic setting Bluewind put them up in using Silver Wind.]

Akrulorne: "Huuuurr..." (It is a little Romantic up here..)

[Akrulorne starts to blush, his Claws turning Hot Pink.]

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(Yeah, it is...)

(She blushes too, and her jewel turns pink)

[Akrulorne nuzzles Coolina on the cheek.]

(Coolina blushes more, and nuzzles Akrulorne back)

[Then Akrulorne starts to blush.]

(Shima passes underneath them, then backtracks and looks up)

Shima: (smiling) Well, would you look at that! (she tiptoes by)

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(I love you...)

Akrulorne: "Hur....Huuurrr!" (I....Love you too!)

[Akrulorne nuzzles Coolina, on the a lip-to-lip kiss if you ask me...]

(Shima: AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW! Sorry, but that's sooo cute!)

(Coolina blushes, then nuzzles Akrulorne back on the nose)

(Don' worry, I've dealt with this before ;-).)

Akrulorne: "Huuurrr..." (I'll love you 'til Death...)

(Coolina's eyes fill with tears)

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr! (I'll always be there for you!) Hurr! (No matter what!)

Akrulorne: "Hurr Huuuuurrr, Huuurrr!" (And I'll be there to protect you, If any harm or danger will come to you!)

(On the Ground.)

Shahooter: "Wow..that's gone fast...right Elder Sister?"

Shima: Ooooh yeah.

Shade: Heh. I would have thought Shaden woulda been jealous, but he's pleased as punch!

Shima: That's good to hear! Now we won't have two more dragons fighting over another dragon.

Shade: Right now, let's not talk about that. Bit hard on the dragons with Blade off.

Shima: (nods) Right.

Shahooter: "And I think Akrulorne is about to make ANOTHER promise." >_<'

Shima: But I don't think he'll break this one.

Gy're: will you stop with such foolishness, Farlowe Island awaits, in merely three days, the Fire Star will reach it Zenith


Spike: each was possesed by the Ix, each is a threat, yet I have kept them in a state, frozen, so that the Ix cannot control them (starts walking towards the chapel) 

(Back in the air.)

Akrulorne: "Huuurrr!" (And I'll make it a Promise!)

[Akrulorne nuzzles Coolina again.]

Coolina: Hurr hurr! (And I'll make mine a promise, too!)

(Later that Evening.)

Akrulorne: "Huuurr..." (I think it's getting late...)

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(I think so too...) (she nuzzles Akrulorne one kast time) Hurr...(I better go...) Hurr! (Goodbye!)

(She flies down to Shima and the two of them go home)

[Akrulorne blushes and waves with his paw, he lands on Shahooter's shoulder.]

Shahooter: "So how was your little Date?"

Akrulorne: "I don't think it was a Date..I think it was a option of promises..."

[Shahooter warps himself and Akrulorne in the TCUC.]

(The next day.)

[Shahooter wakes up and stretches.]

Shahooter: "Hrmph, Aaaaah...Ready to start the day again Akrulorne?"

[Akrulorne, seemingly energetic as he wakes up, runs up Shahooter's Shoulder.]

Akrulorne: "Hur Hur!" (You Bet!)

(Meanwhile with Shima and Coolina...)

Shima: Zzzzzzz...(suddenly, Coolina jumps onto her face and starts nudging her)

Coolina: Hurr hurr! Hurr! (Wake up, Shima! Wake up!)

Shima: Ugh....What...? Coolina...(looks at clock) It's 7 o'clock in the morning...Go back to sleep...(she turns over onto her stomach and falls back to sleep. Coolina snorts angrily, cold air coming out of her nose)

Coolina: Hurr! Hurr hurr hurr! (Fine! I'll just go with out you, then!) (Coolina leaves the house)

(Shahooter and Akrulorne wake up at that time since Akrulorne is Energetic when he wakes up, and Shahooter's an Early Bird.)

(Back to Akrulorne and Shahooter)

Shahooter: "Okay, Route two-oh-one, quite the peaceful place don't you think?"

Akrulorne: "Hur." (Yep.)

Shahooter: "Nothing is going to pop out..."

(Coolina burstsout from nowhere)

Coolina: HURR! (BOO!)

[Shahooter doesn't seem to be fazed, however Akrulorne jumps...]

Akrulorne: "HRA!" (AAH!)

Coolina: (laughing) Hurr, hurr hurr! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

Akrulorne: "Huuurrr..." (It's alright you ARE the one I love...)

Shahooter: "I'll leave you two be..."

[Shahooter scoots away a hundred paces.]

Coolina: (blushes)

Akrulorne: "Hu...urrrr..." (I...ummm...)

[Akrulorne shifts uncomfortably.]

Coolina: Hurr? (What's wrong?)

Akrulorne: "H-Huuurrr, Huuuurrrr.." (J-Just partly shy, Shahooter left me out in the open for time with you..)

(Meanwhile, Shima finally gets herself out of bed and goes to find Coolina)

Gy're: You Complete Idiots!!! I've been standing here for an entire day!, now theres only two Days left before the fire star reaches its zenith!!!

[Shahooter seems to have left..probably to his large access of mana...]

(guys you have no Idea how important the Fire Star is, its a portal into the Dimension where Fain live, if the Ix get the portal open, then they will transform this planet into a barren wasteland!, it would destroy all Life and using it as a breeding ground for Darklings!)

(I know what it is friend..You've told me in the Fow Toth Town Thirty Years Later Roleplay...)

(Well the others warped to Spike..)

(yeah, through Gy're, if Gy're teleported them, then Akru, Cooli, and Shima have also)

Shahooter: "Hmmm...Ah.."

[Shahooter cuts down a tree with his feathers and devides it by two, he readies his Tailfeathers so they can get in wind....then gliding over the water to Farlowe Island.]

(Back with Coolina and Akrulorne)

Akrulorne: "Hur Hur, Huuuurrr..." (Oh boy, Shahooter went off somewhere..)

Coolina: Hurr hurr....? (Is that a bad sign...?)

Akrulorne: "Huuurr." (Depends on what he's up to.)

Gy're: (observing the hundreds of knocked out Mobians) My Master was here

(Back with Spike and the others.)


Shahooter: "Ah, ****!"

[Shahooter lands right in front of Spike, his face is plowed with dirt...]

Spike: (walks around Shahooter, andenters the Chapel)

[Shahooter plucks out his beak, sneezing from his allergy to dust.]

(Back with Coolina and Akrulorne.)

Akrulorne: "Huuurr..." (I worry for Master...)

(Coolina nuzzles him comfortingly)

Coolina: Hurr, hurr hurr...(Don't worry, I'm sure he's fine...)

[Akrulorne's Claws turn Hot Pink, he reveals his hidden wings and hugs Coolina with them.]

Akrulorne: "Hur. Huurr, Huuurr..." (Your right. I'm so glad I've fallen for you, I'm so glad we're friends...)

(Coolina blushes and her jewel turns pink)

Coolina: Hurr...(Me, too...)

Akrulorne: "Huuuurr." (I mean it too.)

Coolina: (smiles) Hurr. (I know.)

[Akrulorne blushes, he nuzzles Coolina. Coolina blushes some more.]

(I view Akrulina as a Cute Couple, don't you Alyssa?)

(Shima: Yes! They're adorable together!)
(I draw well with Dragons, if only I could find a dang USB Cord from my Phone to PC so I can upload the pictures I draw, Sonic ones, not that well [Yet I've only done well on ONE Shahooter Frosthunter-Cosplay Picture] Mario, Science Fiction, and Fantasy ones, Yep. That gives me an idea, I should draw an Akrulina Picture for free time at School.)
(Shima: That'd be cool! I can draw dragons, but not that well. I was thinking of drawing a picture of Coolina sometime)

[Weavriss drops down from a tree, using her Silk Webbing to drop from it.]

Akrulorne: "HRK!" (AAH!)

[Weavriss then starts to laugh, it sounds like a clatter of wood.]

Akrulorne: "Huurr!" (Oh come on!)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'It's called privacy Weavriss.'

Weavriss' thoughts: 'Shut up Older Brother.'

Coolina: (looks at Wevriss and growls)

Coolina: Hurr! Hurr hurr?! (Hey! What was that for?!)

Weavriss: "*Mixed Dragon Chatter*" (What, A girl can't have her fun scaring her Older Brother half to death?)

Coolina: (snorts angrily) Hurr hurr! (It's not very nice!)

Weavriss: "Krk Krik Kur Lur?" (Who said you're my boss?)

Coolina: (growls)

Akrulorne: "Huuuurrr!" (Quit treating her so poorly!)

[Akrulorne pounces Weavriss, leaving her entirely helpless and pinned. Coolina looks at them in shock.]

[Akrulorne's claws are blood red, symbolizing Deep Rage.]

Coolina: Hu-Hurr...!(A-Akrulorne...!)

[Akrulorne winces, his claws going to Gray, he falls down...Weavriss seems to have stung him with her tail.]

Coolina: Hurr! (Akrulorne!) (glares and growls at Weavriss, baring her teeth) Hurr hurr! (I'll get you for that!)

(Coolina punces on Weavriss and tries to freeze her)

[Weavriss is now a Frozen Dragider Statue..Akrulorne's not moving. Coolina rushes over to Akrulorne and nudges him with her muzzle)

Coolina: (trying not to cry) Hurr...Hurr! (Akrulorne...Please, wake up!) (she nudges him some more)

Akrulorne: ....

[Akrulorne shivers. Coolina lays down beside him and nuzzles him)

Coolina: Hurr...Hurr hurr hur...(Please...Please be alll right...)

Akrulorne: "Hmh.."

[Akrulorne slowly opens his eyes, it seems to have been a paralysis toxic.]

Coolina: Hu-Hurr! (Y-You're okay!) (nuzzles him happily)

[Akrulorne blushes. His claws turning Hot Pink again.]

Akrulorne: "Huuuuuurrr.." (After I was stabbed in the back, everything went black...)

Coolina: (looks over at the frozen Weavriss and growls, then looks back at Akrulorne) Hurr, hurr hurr, hurr hurr. (Well, you okay, and that's all that matters now.)

'Akrulorne: "Hrawww, Huurr.." (Awww, your sweet..) ^_^

Coolina: Huuurrr, Hurr! (Awwww, thanks!)

Akrulorne: "Huuur, huurrur..." (I mean it, you are sweet as a scent of a rose...)

Akrulorne's thoughts: 'That reminds me, where did I put it, Oh, there it is...'

[Akrulorne slides a Rose to Coolina with his paw.]

(Coolina blushes, and her jewel turns as pink as pink can get)

Coolina: Hu-Hurr...H-Hur...(A-Akrulorne...I-I...)

(So Cute. XD)
(Shima: AWWWW!)

(Coolina picks up the rose and places it behind one of her horns. She nuzzles Akrulorne)

Coolina: Hurr...Hurr! (It's...It's beautiful!)

Akrulorne: "Hur...huuuurr...huuuuuuurrrr..." (But...not as beautiful as you...If you were not there for me I would've been paralyzed forever...

Coolina: Hurr hurr hurr, hurr hurr. (I promised I'd always be there for you, and that's a promise I intend to keep.)

Akrulorne: "Huuuur..." (I intend to keep mine too...)

[Akrulorne closes his eyes and give Coolina a nose-to-nose Nuzzle.]

(Coolina's eyes tear up (in a good way) and she nuzzles him back nose-to-nose)

Akrulorne: "Huur?" (Coolina?)

Coolina: H-Hurr. (I-I'm fine.)

(Check out my Music Video Blog and see a music video that reminds me of Akrulina!)
(Wow, it reminds me to.)

Akrulorne: "Hur....huuuurrr..." (I....just want to ask you a question...)

Coolina: Hurr? (What is it?)

Akrulorne: "H-- Huuurr.....huuuuuurrr, huurr..Hur? (I-- Ummmm.....wish to become your partner, do you...accept?)

Coolina: Hu-Hurr...(I-I...)Hurr! (I do!) (nuzzles him happily)

[Akrulorne blushes heavily, his Claws turn pink, he nuzzles Coolina back, his eyes start to tear out of happiness.]

(Coolina starts to cry (in a good way)  out of happiness)

Akrulorne: "Huuuur." (You complete me.)

Coolina: Hur hurr. Hurr hurr. (And you complete me. I'll love you forever.)

Akrulorne: "Huurr...huuurr!" (So will I...I'll make it a promise!)

Coolina: Hurr hurr! (And I will make mine, too!)

[Akrulorne nuzzles Coolina again, this time with his whole head to the side of her's.]

(Coolina smiles, and her jewel turns a bright yellow-pink)


Akrulorne: !!?

Coolina: What was that?!

[Weavriss seems to have broken out of the Ice..Akrulorne starts to growl.]

Coolina: (low growl)

[Weavriss hisses at them, she then burrows underground and escapes.]

Coolina: Hurr hurr...(Thank goodness she's gone..)

Akrulorne: "Huuuurrr." (I didn't want another stab in the back.)

(Hey I gotta go, cya maybe tomorrow or the day after.)
(Shima: Okay, see ya!)
(Okays I am back.
(Shima, you did see the message below this right?)
(Shima: What Chembur said? Yes, I did)
(I saw his message, I'm just waiting for him to reply with Shahooter. :p)

(Chembur: Hey guys, I'm letting you slide on the romance but could we please try to save it after we save the world from being destroyed by giant gargoyle like creatures from another dimension?)

(Yeah we should probably get back to Spike.)

Shahooter: "Hey Spike, wait up!"

[Shahooter runs after him, only to run into an Ix.]



(I forgot to mention, Farlowe Island is home to Monks, yet they have all been possessed by the Ix)

Ix: there is nothing here, return to where you came

Shahooter: "Pfh. I know what you Fains are up to..."

(the Fain falls to the ground knocked out)

[Shahooter raises his Ear Tuft.]

Shahooter's thoughts: 'What in the..?'

(Spike seemed to of hit the Ix with a Galactic Cresent)

Shahooter: "Thank you Spike for saving my ass, I would've done it myself if you didn't show up." ^_^'

[Shahooter runs after Spike.]

(Meanwhile, a trio of Ix had located Blade on his own.)

Speedy"why are we here"

Armod"if you look after Spyro and take him hunting you will have a guardian for life"

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