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A group of heroes go searching for a mythical treasure and they succeed in finding it, but 'somebody' insults the ancient powerful guardian of it, and he places a curse on everyone on Mobius and beyond, however the curse is different for each person. For example, someone may have amnesia, while someone else may only be able to speak in song. With the heroes weak, villains attack and the cursed heroes will have to lift the curse.... Fast!


  • 09jhero
  • Sonicstar3000
  • Gurahk
  • Wolf9400
  • Ryu
  • RioFan01
  • Maryxgil
  • Pinkolol16
  • Hudhouse
  • NoraKouba
  • LegionTheHedgehog
  • Scroundernuts
  • Imagine-Nation
  • Apallo TH
  • DashthePegaGirl
  • TDIfan83
  • Nukeatomic
  • Maria1234567890
  • Spongebob100
  • Notcreepypasta
  • DoomDegree
  • Black Silver
  • AnnabelleRich

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Falco the Eagle - 09jhero (Can only speak in song)

JT the Androhog - Sonicstar3000 (Same as Falco)

Hero the Echidna - 09jhero (Everyone hates him)

Sammy the Eagle - 09jhero (Sees imaginary monsters everywhere)

Shine the Hedgehog - Gurahk (unable to control his psychokinesis)

Fetalia the Dark - Gurahk (now has Maya's light powers)

Drake the Hedgebat - Gurahk (wings have vanished, making him unable to fly)

Maya the Echidna - Gurahk (now has Fetalia's dark powers)

Clyde O'Donnell - Gurahk (everyone thinks he's a deadly werewolf)

Angel Caroso - Gurahk (intolerable to everyone; more provocative and no longer wears jacket)

Kyle Oikonny - Gurahk (slowly turning into a weremonkey)

Ivy Prower - Gurahk (seeing illusions of her mother)

Jesse the Echidna - Wolf9400

May the Fox Hybrid - Wolf9400

Siegfried the Wolchidna - Wolf9400

Jester the Hedgehog - Sonicstar3000 (Says pretty much anything, ruining secrets, crushes etc.)

J Jr. the Androhog - Sonicstar3000 (Has EXTREMELY bad luck)

Dismal the Hedgehog - Ryu (his life becomes a living nightmare; literally)

Target the Eagle - RioFan01

Kona the Kestrel - RioFan01

Joanne "Jo" Hedgecat - Maryxgil (her fur is falling out)

Lianne Hedgecat - Maryxgil (turning into a plant)

Crystal the Raccoon and Chocolate - Pinkolol16

Gus Chaos - hudhouse

Nora the Seedrian - NoraKouba (Becomes a little kid)

Sparks The Hedgehog - LegionTheHedgehog (Sparks becomes permanently tiny)

Bluray The Fox - Bluray The Fox (09jhero: Already done, TWICE! Pick something else)

Yu the Porcupine - Scrounder (Is Beast Yu day and night and whenever he runs, he trips)

Chloe the Hedgehog - Imagine-Nation (anti-social emo-chick with super strength and gun knowledge. is only here to get the treasure because someone asked her to; she won't say who)

Shemesh the Fox - Scrounder (Gets one more head)

Rainbow the PegaCat - DasthePegaGirl (Can't fly strait, crashes a lot)

Felix the Lynx - DashthePegaGirl (Bad luck incresed)

Apallo Jr The Hedgehog AKA Junior- APallo The Hedgehog (Sword talks all funny)

Apallo The Hedgehog- Apallo the Hedgehog (Element Forms Change Automaticaly)

Astarte the Hawk - DashthePegaGirl (Unable to fly at all)

Holly the Fox - TDIfan83 (her ears and tail are falling off)

Storm the Ultimate Robot (The ultimate invention of alien scientists. He is very mysterious and is several centuries old,being a robot. Which means he is immortal. But yes,he is the ultimate invention. He has slayed millions of his enemy planets soldiers. Read his page on here for his backstory.)

Shimmer the Hedgehog - (Can't control his teleportation)

Jack the Hedgehog - Spongebob100 (Becomes extremely clumsy)

Patricia the Skunk - Spongebob100 (Unable to control her farts)

Sanuq The Hedgehog - Notcreepypasta (Slowly drifting into absolute insanity)

Emmet The Hedgehog - Notcreepypasta (Actually unable to stop running)

Transford the Hedgehog-( born with immortality,  very strong and is occasionally well mannered. Hates all soldiers and desires nothing more then too destroy all military forces in the universe, and anyone/anything in his path)

Annabelle Rich the Wolf - (Experiences extreme pain/karma with every insult, threat, or curse she makes)


The cave was dark. Jesse, however, was sure they were going the right way. He was the one leading the way, with May, Siegfried, Hero, and Falco behind him.

Falco: You sure there's a 'mysterious treasure' down here? It sounds like something from a crappy movie!

Hero: Yeah, no offence Jesse, but Falco's right!

Jesse laughed, his voice echoing through the cave. "I wouldn'ta dragged all you guys out here if there wasn't."

Hero: Ok....

(The group reach a mysterious cave with a chest in the middle)


"Can't say I didn't call that," Jesse laughed. May approached the chest excitedly and opened it up.

JT: No! (JT Dives over and falls one everyone, it creates a domino effect) You can't just carelessly open a treasure chest!

(A strange old man dressed in armour with a long white beard appears out of nowhere)

???: STOP!

Falco: Hey lool, it's Santa gone medieval!

Sammy: (giggles)

May and Jesse laughed. Siegfried didn't.

JT: What..? Seriously, Falco, what if it is Santa or something?


Falco: Really? I thought you were Santa Claus!

Sammy: (bends over laughing)


(There is a large flash of lightning seen worldwide)

The thunderclap is heard through the cave. "Ominous," laughed Jesse. May kept laughing too. Siegfried was inching his way toward the exit. He didn't want a part of this in the first place anyway.

JT: Ngh!

Guardian: GRAHHH! THAT'S IT!

Falco: What?

(Everyone on Mobius, past present and future, are all hit with a blast of lightning)

Jester: What's that?

While Jesse was only slightly shocked by the blast of lightning, both May and Siegfried were knocked to the ground by theirs.

Falco: (singing) What just happened, I don't understand?

(Falco covers his mouth)

JT: (singing) Yeah, that's right! Keep it shu--

(Covers mouth)

Jester: Ha! You two sound like one of those movies!

Sammy: My head hurts!

Siegfried gets up to his feet with a small stumble, with no visible change. However May had a much more visible change: it was just barely visible in the cave light that she was turning blood red.

Hero: What happened?

Sammy: Shut up Mr Hero!

((Hero's curse is that everyone hates him))

(Jester kicks Hero in the crotch)

May was writhing on the floor as the red color snaked around her body visibly. Jesse noticed and tried to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. He seemed to have lost the ability to make vocal noise.

Jester: Why is everyone so wierd and never-talk-because-they-don't-want-to-ie?

(a time portal appears behind the group)

Jesse notices this, points to it, and again mouths something inaudible.

J Jr.: (In portal) Are you sure it's real?

Shine: Positive!

Hero: What are you talking about?

J Jr.: ...Why do I have the urge to use the Batsu on you?

Shine: It's this curse that's been put on everyone. But it differes depending on the person.

Hero: What?

((It should actually affect them too cuz it says everyone in the past present of future were hit by it))

((J Jr. has bad luck, REALLY bad luck))

JT: (singing) Who the heck are you?

J Jr.: I-I'm your kid!

(Gurahk: it does, but Shine knows about it for some reason)

Shine: (suddenly loses control of his psychokinesis and lost of stuff gets lifted up and tossed around) UGH!! Not again!!

Sammy: (looking in random directions) Aghhh! They're EVERYWHERE!

Hero: What's going on here?

Shine: My curse is being unable to control my psychokinesis!

(It hits J Jr.)

J Jr.: Uuugh!!

Jester: Ow... That must've hurt!

Fetalia: Jay!

Falco: (singing) Jay, Jay, who is Jay?

Fetalia: Well, at least I've been safe thus far....(flown into some trees by Shine's psychikinesis)

Hero: So, no curse?

Falco: (singing) Shut your mouth wind-boy!

Star Wolf: (cruising through space)

Clyde: We gotta stop this curse thing, guys! General's couinting on us!

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

((Uh, even Star Wolf would have the curse))

Hero: Why does everyone hate me?

(Joanne and Lianne run in, they had been following behind as backup for the mission)

Joanne: Guys! I think something went wron- Oh. You know.

Lianne: *has a flower growing out of the top of her head* I hate this! It's like I'm turning into a plant!

J Jr.: You must be Falco, Shine was right! You look like the steriotype of a really persistant ass! Hero: What's going on here? And whats up with the flower Lianne?

Lianne: It won't come off! What's it to you?

Joanne: Hero's just stupid. *a clump of orange fur falls on the ground* Aah!

Hero: Joanne?


Joanne: My hair's falling out!

Lianne: Is Sammy ok?

Hero: I don't know....


((Hero's curse is that everyone hates him. You ought to know))

((Ryu-Is Sammy's curse the same as Dismal's?)

((Oh sorry, I didn't see that you'd typed that. I thought up Sammy's at the very start. We can both use it if you want))

((Ryu-Err, well, I guess...Dismal would see the other characters as monsters, though.))

((Maryxgil- I knew about Hero's curse, that's why Joanne said he was stupid.))


Falco: (singing) We should get out of here.... NOW!

Joanne: Good idea. Even if the presentation was kinda weird.

Falco: (singing) I can't stop singing.... And my ears are ringing!

Joanne: Huh. Well let's go! *runs, dropping orange hairs all the way*

(Everyone follows)

((Can someone start chapter 1, titled Part 1 - A World in Chaos))

Part 1 - A World in Chaos

Hero: So whats going on here?

Joanne: Shut up, Hero. So what's going on here?

Lianne: I don't know. *another flower pops out of her head*

Hero: But-

Falco: (singing) Shut it wind-boy, or I'll shut it for you!

J Jr.: Yeah, I can kick your-- Whhaaaaooh!!

(J Jr. Falls, but sticks his leg up and kicks Hero)

J Jr.: Funny enough I still managed to pull it off!

[Meanwhile, a certain scrawny hedgehog has just fled from an elderly man, screaming in terror.]


Old Man: Did I forget to put on pants again?

Lianne: Did anyone else here screaming?

Hero: I did!

Jester: Must've seen Eggman in the shower.

(Hero and Falco shiver at the thought)

Hero: We gotta try and reverse this!

Star Wolf: (flying overhead)

Hero: Oh great, don't tell me they've been cursed too!

[The person who was screaming runs past; its a scrawny gray hedgehog.]

Hero: Hey, you!

Dismal: [Skids to a halt and looks at Hero]

Hero: You alright mate?

[Dismal sees Hero as a frightful-looking monster, skinless and pulsating with veins!]


Hero: What?

JT: (singing) Did you hear thaaat?

Jester: Yeah, it sounded like Dismal was running past Hero and he though Hero was a monster and then screamed because he thought it was a monster!

J Jr.: ...Wow...

Star Wolf: (land nearby)

Jester: Hi, Star Wolf!!

Clyde: Hey, Jester! 9sees Hero) Hey Hero....

Hero: Hmmm. Have you guys been..... Cursed?

Clyde: No.

Hero: No differences at all?


(Star Wolf get the curse)

Clyde: OWW!!!

Hero: Hmm. I guess this planet is what causes it....

Clyde: hey..I feel funny....

Ivy: me too....feels like I'm--AAAACK!!!!

Kyle: *growls in pain)

Angel: What the--?!

Clyde: (growls and howls)

(a bright light appears where Star WOlf were)

Jester: Hm?

Hero: Are you guys ok?

(the light fades and Star Wolf feel....different)

Hero: Guys?

Angel Without Jacket

Angel without her coat on

Angel: Yeah....but I feel hot.....maybe I should take this off...(takes off her jacket) Better?

Clyde: (nosebleeds)

Jester: Clyde has a nosebleed because he finds Angel Attractive.

Ivy: (suddenly sees her mother, Cosmo, but no one sees this) Mother? Is it really you?

Meanwhile, in another place, close to where the hero group was....

Crystal: What was that bolt from the sky for? I have no idea what it was!

Chocolate: Don't ask me. What I can't get is how it weakened me so much I can't even do anything! Not even fly!

Crystal: (sighs) Oh well. Let's see if we can find someone else with a problem.

Chocolate: We've been travelling for ages and we haven't seen anybody! How do you expect? Maybe we can't see people!

Crystal: (notices hero group) Nonsense. Over there.

Chocolate: Wonder what's up.

Hero: Guys, are you alright?

Falco: (singing) Cram it greenie, you big stupid meanie!

Falco: (thinking) Did I just say meanie?

Clyde: (seen as a heartless werewolf by everyone) I'm fine, Hero......

suddenly the ground around hero explodes and a pure white predalien is there, staring at the group doing nothing

Hero: What the-

Ivy: (runs to the illusion, but falls flaton her face)

Kyle: (nosebleeds)

White predalien: My name is gus chaos... why have you upseted the gaurden and cursed all?! I'm now stuck in this form! *is 8 feet tall and 1 foot away from being triple the size of a normal mobion*

Crystal (stares at Hero, meanly) No, idiot! (thoughts) Why the huh did I say that towards an ally?!

Chocolate (thoughts) Why do I get the feeling that I hate that Hero dude when I don't? And also, what happened to my flight?

Hero: This is getting more confusing by the minute!

Ivy: Mom! Mom, where are you?!

Clyde: (sighs) She's lost it...

Gus: *growls and speaks in song* unforchiently for you wont live long.. i have to speak in song.. and it gets my rage flared.. so keep these cursed lowered...

((We already have two that can only speak in song. NO MORE! >:())

Gus: *mouth dissapears and looks angry*

(All of a sudden a flash went by and smashed into the earth nearby the heroes)

???: OW!

Joanne: Man there's a lot of people showing up. *scratching herself*

Lianne: Jo!

Hero: What's happening to you Jo?

Joanne: I already told you, genius.

Sparks: (Walking through what he thinks is a forest, but it is just grass. He walks into a giant boot and gets startled) What... How did I get so small?

Hero: (annoyed) Well, I forget so TELL ME!

Joanne: I'm not doing anything you say!

Kyle: (fur starting to slowly grow) What the hell?!

(A seedrian child walks out of the crash area, which reveals an extreme gear air ride sligtly inside a small crater)

???- *cough* *cough* Oi, what a landing!

Hero: Who's that?

Falco: (singing) Jo will you tell me, what is happenning.... To you?

Clyde: (gets closer to Joanne)

Sparks: (Bouncing up and down from everyone elses movement) Jeez, this feels like an earthquake, I need to get somebodys attention, but how?

Nora- I am Nora Kouba ya bloke!

Falco: (singing) Shut up kid, at least for a bit!

Ivy: (sees Cosmo caressing the girl; approaches her) She looks almost like you, mom....

Joanne: *to Falco* My hair is falling out. *sees Clyde* A werewolf!?

Clyde: (looking around) Where?! (sees Hero) What are you looking at?!

Hero: W-w-werewolf!

Joanne: *stands infront of Lianne protectively* Stay away!

Angel: Oh god! A beast! (hides behind Hero) Keep him away, sexy jerk!! KEEP HIM AWAY!!!

Kyle: (shakes his head)

Joanne: I know! Let's give it Hero! Maybe that'll satisfy it!

Sparks: (Climbs onto Joanne's shoe, wondering what to do next)

Joanne: *looks down* There's something on my shoe... Hey wait, a hedgehog?

Hero: (backing away from Clyde and Angel) Hmmm, which is worse, the werewolf or the ugly female satan?

Angel: (crawling back to him seductively) are an a*****....but you're so hot....

Sparks: (Sighs with relief) Finally someone found me. Thank you.

Joanne: *picks him up* Oh hi, I guess you were cursed too?

Sparks: Sort of. I can do this anyway but I didn't choose to turn small, and I don't seem to be able to change back.

Hero: (to Angel) Yeah but with that curse, you're so NOT!

(Hero backs away)


Hero: (thinking) Oh god that was mean. But I can't control it!

Drake: (falls out of the sky and falls flat on his face) Oww....

Joanne: Ouch.

Sparks: (To Drake) You Okay?

Drake: just...(gets up) Perfect!

Nora- (Kicks Falco in the shin) Don't call me kid!

May laughed. Her curse wasn't that bad, she thought. Jesse laughed inaudibly. His was worse. Siegfried, he oddly wasn't being affected. At least until that point. He gasped and stumbled back, falling onto his rump.

Chocolate: Hey, everyone! Wassup?

Crystal: (whisper) Haven't you noticed? They're all acting weird

Chocolate: (whisper) I'm just trying to act casual.

Lianne: Hello! *a vine comes out of her leg*

Ivy: Mother?

Lianne: Huh?

Siegfried was whimpering on the ground. Jesse tried to walk up to him, but Siegfried said, obviously scared, "St-stay away from me..."

Joanne: What's happening to him?

Lianne: He looks impoverished.

Joanne: Lianne I told you that's not what that word means!

"What's wrong with him?" May asked. Jesse just shrugged.

Falco: (singing) Ow you little creep, are you some kind of freak?

Hero: Siegfried?

(Ryu-Oh come on, now there's a third person who's afraid of everything and/or living in a nightmare? >:[

(09jhero: I don't think that's the curse, but I might be wrong.)

(Actually it was. Was there already people doing that? Because if so I fail. ~~Wolf9400~~)

(Ryu-Dismal was having that curse...)

(09jhero: As was Sammy)

(Well it kinda makes sense for Siegfried too, considering he was already a paranoid scaredy cat. What else could I do with that? ~~Wolf9400~~)

(09jhero: Just think. Their are sooo many different things. Or you could have him slowly change into something like Maryxgil is doing)

Part 2 - A Cursed World

JT: (singing) So, it's not just us that were cursed, Maybe Falco's done his worst...

Sparks: Your right about that, but what did he do?

Siegfried got up and ran off. May followed him, but Jesse stayed put.

Joanne: I don't know. But it wouldn't surprise me if this was somehow his fault.

Clyde: B*****!! It's all Hero's!

Nora- (Headbutts Falco in the chest) Don't call me freak either!

Falco: (singing) Shut it you pr*cks, and go suck my d* ck. I said I was sorry, so go get hit by a lorry!


JT: How about we kick it, instead of your latter! (kicks Falco's crotch) I hope that blow made both of them shatter!

Falco: (singing) Ow f*ck off you piece of sh*t, you're about as usefull as a brick!

J Jr.: Err...

JT: (singing) I wish you would die in a fire, you ruined the guardian's empire!!

Nora- Wow... And I thought I was the agressive type...

Falco: (singing) Oh cram it you robot, you're like three months old!

JT: (sighing) At least when I die my body rusts, unlike you it don't mould!

Sparks: What the hell is happening here...

Hero: These two have the strangest relationship ever.....

Jester: Talk about it, beut seriously don't talk about it, because talking to you is a sh-t waste of time.

Hero: Shut up, you stupid little kid!

Falco: (singing to JT) You scumbag, you maggot, you big lousy f*ggot!

Guy love - Performed by JT and Falco

Jester, So, what's the relation?

Falco: Although I like to call you PJ there
JT: Although I like to call you Failco
Falco: This isn't a world for friends like us
JT: No, sadly nooo!
Both: Nuthin gay about it in our eyes....
Falco: I won't forget you're PJ there
JT: I'll always call you Failco!
Both: (repeat chorus)
JT: Al though when we first met
JT: I thought you were pretty tough....
JT: But as we fought I realised...
JT: You aren't that rough!
Falco: And when I controlled the whole world,
Falco: I tried to kill you, yeah...
Falco: But who can say for certain...
Falco: That I really would.... Meh?
Both: (Repeat chorus twice)

(end of song)

Jester: So, are you gay?

J Jr.: No... I think it's a bromance

Jester: Yeah, Gay.

(SONG MADE BY Sonicstar3000 and 09jhero )

Star Wolf: (dumbfounded)

Sparks: No offense guys, but i'm going to put that memory as far back in my head as possible.


(Falco goes on like this for about five minutes)

Hero: (speechless)

Nora- I'm just... going to pry my gear out of the ground now...

Jesse was completely shocked. These two are such idiots, he thought. He would've said it, but he couldn't.

Joanne: *covers Lianne's ears until Falco stops ranting*

Hero: Ok........

JT: (thinking) Why the f*ck would I sing with that loser? What is wrong with you, JT? Even if you were into Guy Love would it be with that psychopatching son of a b*tch? How is it true? This isn't Fame, or The Wizard of Oz or something, you can't just break into goddamn song and dance!!

(JT Does the same)

Falco: (singing) Wow that guy has issues, do you need some tissues?

Falco: (thinking) Cuz this is funny!

Hero: Uh bird brains, weren't you saying the same thing like a minute ago?

Jester: He's afraid to admit it.

Falco: (singing) Shut it you midget, big lousy fridget!

(Jester Narrows his eyes and smiles)

Jester: Looks like I'm right then...

Chloe: Two things. One; What are you right about? Two; Would you two shut the hell up? You're giving me an ear-rape.

Falco: (thinking) God I hate that kid....

J Jr.: Idiots...

Joanne: Uh guys? Shouldn't we maybe be doing something about the curses?

Lianne: I think I'm getting roots!

(Suddenly, a roar was heard)

Joanne: What now?

(Then, a beast looking like a werewolf with dragon horns and feet, and quills on his head and back appeared, it was Yu cursed)

Chloe: ........ What the hell?

Lianne: Another cursed person?

Chloe: Could someone explain this?

(Nora manages to lift her air ride out of the small crater and changed it into its guitar form. Despite her current child-like state, her strength has not changed)

Nora- Eh? What is that thing?

Beast Yu: (Growls at them) (Charges, but trips because of the curse he has)

Chloe: This "curse" that the hybrid-girl mentioned turned the spikey-guy here into a clumsy monster-thing.

Beast Yu: (Preparing to attack)

Nora- (Takes her VERY hard guitar and swings it at the beast's face) You don't scare me ya bloke!

Chloe: Heh.... You've got guts kid.

Nora- I'm not a kid! This stupid "curse thing" made me a child! I'm really 16!

Chloe: You've a got curse too? Like Beastie-boy here? *motions towards Beast Yu*

Joanne: We all do.

Beast Yu: (Snarls and roars)

Joanne: We're not scared of you!

Lianne: Uh... Jo?

Chloe: ....... *knocks out Beast Yu with one punch*

Lianne: ...Nevermind.

Beast Yu: (Sleeping for a while, then wakes up and whimpers)

Lianne: It sounds... sad.

Beast Yu: (Remembers his past) ........

Lianne: What's he doing?

Beast Yu: (Nuzzles)

Joanne: I think he likes you, Lianne.

Beast Yu: (Hears footsteps)

Suddenly, a Fox with two heads walks past, but the fox was cursed.

Joanne & Lianne: *both stare at the fox*

Fox head 1: (Notices Beast Yu) Is that..Yu?

Fox head 2: Ya think?!?!

Joanne: What's with you? Er, you guys?

Chloe: Okay, someone explain these curses to me. Now.

Fox head 1: Name's Shemesh the I think i got cursed.

Sparks: You think?

Chloe: *facepalms* Thank you for pointing out the obvious....

Sparks: I don't know how it happened, but we all got these curses, and all of them are different. (Notices JT and Falco) Well most of them are different. Like me, being tiny, or that Shemesh guy there, having two heads.

Shemesh: Another bad thing is, that i can't control my second head!!

Chloe: I think the "other head" would say the same thing about you.

Shemesh's other head: (Growls) How did you know??

Joanne: That's really weird...

Lianne: *sprouts another vine*

Shemeshe's other head: ..What the hell?!?!

Shemesh: You really need to shut up...

Lianne: *looks embarrassed and trys to hide the vines*

Chloe: *raises an eyebrow, walks over to Lianne, and looks her over* Your curse is you turning into a plant?

Lianne: *nods*

Chloe: ....................... Just so I know what to expect, who else has what curse?

Lianne: Everyone has it.

Joanne: Everyone except you it looks like. What's up with that?

Shemesh: (Shrugs)

Chloe: ......... Don't jinx it for me. Anyway, what I meant was who else has what kind of curse?

Joanne: Well we have some singing people, people with missing, different, or uncontrollable powers, some people that I started hating for some reason... *glares at Hero* and some people hallucinating or something.

Chloe: Uh-huh...... I'll keep all that in mind...... *glares at Hero* (Why do I suddenly feel like punching that guy?)

Rainbow: *Flying over head awkwardly, then crashing near by*

Rainbow: Ow! Stupid curse-thingy affecting my flying... *gets up* o.o Oh... is this a bad time?

{I look like this ~DashthePegaGirl}
Images (103)

Rainbow the PegaCat

Apallo: -rushes by in Wind form when he wanted to run in normaly-

Rainbow: *hair blows in front of face* *spitting out hair* Blech.

(Anyone want to join

Apallo: -runs into a wall- SON OF A =a rock falls on his head-

Junior -walks in- -.= -groan-

His Sword: ebrvbevfeiobehnernierbijewboibefiogfrurgwj

Rainbow: Ok, I'm assuming this is a REALLY bad time. So, I'm gonna go now... *tries to fly, but crashes again* Darnit!

Apallo: -helps Rainbow up blushing- Hi Rainbow

Rainbow: Hi, Apallo. *blush smile* Sorry, Im not always a clutz. I dont know what happened to me...

Apallo: -rubs his head- No Biggie- turns white for light form-

Junior: SHUT UP

Sword: (speaks Russian)

Rainbow: Um, Apallo... Have you seen Felix or Astarte by any chance?

Holly: *sitting in a high branch of a tree*

  • You all hear mysterious footsteps.*

???:Hello there. I heard some fighting. What is going on here? By the way,my name is Storm.

Storm:And what was that terrible noise?

???: *teleports in the cave* Were am I? I didn't want to come here.

Jack: (walking by, but then crashes into a tree) Ow! (trips on both feet) Oh dear, I feel like I got two left feet.

Patricia: (goes up to Jack, releasing her farts uncontrollably) (blushes) Sorry, but I feel like a stinker & that's not right. (farts) Pardon me, what's going on here?

Trying to settle down... keyword being "trying"

Emmet runs into the scene, carrying a curled-up Sanuq.

Emmet: Runs in place. I have no idea, and I wish this wasn't happening. Like, at all. This is stupid in general.

Sanuq: UjurkalunaghurdafvbJKTGE.

Emmet: I'm sure I'm able to deduce all of your conditions, so don't bother telling me. Also... Does a quick backflip because his legs are moving that fast. This curse of mine IS starting to annoy me. I'm bound to need all the energy I can get. Which absolu... ok, I'll stop talking. Just- Kicks himself in the face because of the curse'. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH

???:well it seems that everyone on the planet is having a bad day.

(Annabelle walks around grumbling to herself)

Annabelle: I am going to seriously hurt the idiot that- AHH! (She falls to her knees) OW...!

Emmet: Hold on a sec. I have an idea. As a fourth-wall break, he grabs the borders of reality and tilts them into a 2D perspective. Much better. Well, me and Sanuq are gonna look for the Chaos Emeralds. They're bound to help. See ya! Runs off.

Sanuq: Chases Emmet hands-first. RUNAWAY CUPCAKE!!!1!!

Annabelle: Where the heck did everyone GO!? (She growls)

???: Sanuq and Emmet went that way (points in the direction of Sanuq and Emmet)

Annabelle: Thanks, or WHATEVER. (she follows them)

???:(thinking) well, she was energetic despite her curse. Thank god the 'insulter' for whatever reason wasn't cursed but then again, my life is a curse so why would I be cursed AGAIN. Your getting off track already Transford)

Transford: (still thinking) focus on the task at hand, by this point, every higher up and military force known in Heaven and Earth are hunting me down. The military will be easy too deal with but the bigger ones will be a problem. (Notices red glowing paper with a wanted poster for the insulter made by the higher ups, Transford's face is not on it) interesting, well, maybe I'm not the insulter or they just framed him but this changes nothing, while the military is cursed, I can take them out and draw more attention from the big guys. (Hears somebody behind him)

Sanuq manages to catch Emmet and drags him to behind Transford.

Emmet: {To Transford} So, we meet again. [Previous meeting to be in "Roleplay:SFW the Movie".]

Transford: and who are you?

Emmet: What, now you have amnesia? Mabe you should show me where that cliché switch is: I know it's there somewhere, and it's gotta be flipped.

Transford: No I've just never seen you before, and that's saying something,  you'd think that 30000 years is enough time too see everyone in existence. 

{[ I think that that "SFW the Movie" thing occured before all this... -- DoubleCherryTween.Exe ]}

Emmet: I dunno... it sems very unlikely that such a being would not know me, but I would know you. Wouldn't you say so... (creates a miniature fireball in his hand) ...Transford The Hedgehog?

Transford: it seems you know my name, but not what your dealing with (blade extends from his arm and he draws in energy)

Emmet: OH GOD! Immediately extinguishes mini-fire and backs off. Dude, I'm not asking for a fight! Just trying to remind you!


Transford: do you have anything intelligent to say to me or what!

Emmet: Yes... prasopagnosia. It's a cognitive disorder that hinders the inflicted's ability to recgonize faces. It's the first word you ever heard me speak. And I'm guessing your curse is that you have laspes of it, since you clearly knew our names just a minute ago.

Transford: the names I know, but their proper owners no, and besides, my life is a curse so another curse makes no difference. I'll be off and for petes sake don't follow.

Emmet: Ok... but if you want to keep in touch, let me know when you find a Chaos Emerald! ... He notices that he has accidentally kicked Sanuq in the face multiple times. Eeesh... Sanuq, you OK there!


nuq: ZWBIN

Emmet sighs and facepalms.

Transford: (thinking) holy h*ll that was annoying. How did he know my name, we just met then and there. Forget them. I got 3 chaos emeralds and thst should be more than enough too confront the military and the reapers but I should find at least 2 more if I want too fight the angels. 

Emmet: Wait, I realized the problem. This is another one of those alternate universe things, isn't it? Ugh...

Transford: (yelling from afar) your not in another dimension your just going crazy.

Emmet: (replying) No, my older bro here's goin crazy.

Transford: (replying) Whatever. (Telports away)

Emmet: Welp. Time to find some emeralds.

(Annabelle looked around the corner and blinked)

Annabelle: Tell your thoughts out loud they doesn't hurt EVER to get it off your chest they said...'they' is a bunch of lying pieces of s-AGH! (She cringed as she yanked at her ears in pain)

Jack: (hears something) Is someone there? (trips himself & falls to the ground) Whoa! Ouch!

Steameyes appears.

Steameyes: ... (Makes a confused face and tries to talk but he just lets out a gasp of air. Or a hiss)

The heroes stare in confusion.

Steameyes: What? (Starts to glow) ... Erm.. This is my curse. I'll turn into my true form. ... I'll shed my mortal skin.

Emmet:... You have human skin?

Steameyes: Yep. Even though im a robot, Eggman just took some human skin and painted it yellow. Touch it.

Emmet walks towards Steameyes slowly.

Robots with human skin. What?

Steameyes: I was once a beautiful creature. A dodo. But when they were extinct... (Hesitates) I... I came to Eggman to hide. He turned me into a mech. Then I escaped and digged myself in this giant hole. These holes appear everywhere.

Emmet: So.. (Leans out to touch Steameyes' skin). When did you become like this?

Steameyes: Eggman. He rebuilt me. Only because the dirt got into my circuts. He gave my this skin. And the hair. I just...

Everyone hears Emmet screaming. It shows that the hole that Steameyes was in was so big, Emmet was able to fall down.

Steameyes: I think he screamed because of whats underneath. Oh well, toodles!

Steameyes slides down the hole and it fills up with dirt.

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