Crystal Madness


It all started out like this.The Crystal Warrior's.

Soon these Crystal Warriors began rampaging across the universe attacking ruthlessly.They have done this before and failed now they try to rise again.To destroy universe!Who shall win the Heroes who pry against the Crystal or the Villains who attack the world and try to destroy Heroes.Here is your chance to rise and battle the Crystal that you see in your eye.



Artixunio the Hedgehog

Jag the Werehog

Sythe The Hedgehog

Ageha The Hedgehog

Lumina "Flare" Lightbeam (Numbuh)

Pyra "Inferna" Fireheart (Numbuh)

Smash The Echidna (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Pearl The Echidna (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Crystal The Fox (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Violet The Hedgehog (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Splice The Hedgehog (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Gizmo The Cat (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Kitty The Cat Chao (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Duan the Hedgehog (ParaGoomba348)

Duan's insane friends (ParaGoomba348)

Com and Kom, the crazy fangirl twins (ParaGoomba348)

Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania (Numbuh)

Topaz the Hedgehog (E-113:Xi)


Kaytlin Fence the fox(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Summer the Hedgehog (ProtectTheShadows)

Anti Heroes

  • Keith The Dragonolf(aka Metal The Wolf)(Drago55)
  • Chrona "Pause" Temporon (Numbuh)
  • Frost "Snap" Glacia (Numbuh)
  • Drago The Dragon(Drago55)


The Crystal Warrior Army (Played by Dragonballzfan)

RMG-24 (ParaGoomba348)

Electro "Storm" Zaptic (Numbuh)


(Over at Moon Ridge Base)

???:Sir we have found a city.

???2:Hmm what city?

???:I don't know it is my companion who did.

???3:Green Flower City sir.

???2:Then raid!

(At Green Flower city)

G.U.N. Commander:We have spotted Crystal fiends!Alert alert!

(A storm of Crystal Warriors were parading down the street)

(Dragonballzfan:You may start now)

Artixunio:(Runs out of the G.U.N. door in a rush knowing that Crystal Warriors were here)Um.. guys?

Sythe:(Sleeping in the G.U.N. Base)

Ageha:(In a corner shivering frantically)

It started like any other day, and a blue echidna reclined in his lawn chair in his back yard. With the day off from work, he had the whole day to himself...until he heard loud, organized footsteps. It sounded like a marching band, without the music. He lifted the sunglasses he was wearing above his eyes and sat up. "The heck?" He stood up and walked over to the fence, and with a small hop, climbed up just enough to look over it. "What in the world?" He saw what looked to be an army of a whole assortment of people, from mobians to humans and crystal like beings. His eye twitched at the sight as they marched down the street, nearly right past his house. "W-What the crap is this..!?" He said quietly to himself. He let go and landed on the ground. "I don't like the looks of this." He ran inside quickly, and turned on the TV to see if there was any breaking news about this.

A red and blue multicolored hedgehog was taking a walk around the block. I think I'll stop by Smash's house, see what he's up to right about now. He thought casually to himself. I wonder if-Huh? His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of marching. "What's that? A parade?" He looked forward. Off in the distance down the road, Smash's house was at the end of the street. He could see what appeared to be an army more than a parade marching right past it on the opposite street. His eyes widened as his eyebrows rose. "Huh?" He began walking forward a little faster, but then stopped. "I think I'd better stay out of sight." He said to himself. At that moment, the door opened to the house he was just passing by, and a purple hedgehog peeked out. She noticed him, and waved.

"Splice! What's that sound?" She called.

"I don't know, but it looks like some sort of army is marching through town." He replied. She looked bewildered.

"Whaaaat?" She exclaimed in disbelief. "I need to see this for myself!" She ran outside and stood next to him, putting her hand over her eyes as she looked forward. "Egad, you're right! And from the looks of it, it's not G.U.N, either. Who are these people?"

"I'm gonna get a closer look." Splice said. He started to run towards them at a cautious speed, making sure he stayed out of sight, as his friend followed him close behind.

Artixunio:Well if I'm the only G.U.N. member who has the guts to attack fine!(Hears marching)they're coming!(Runs off towards the marching sound)

Crystal Gunner Commander:Attack tactic!(All the Crystal Gunners formed a straight line and began shooting from the sides randomly.The Commander at the back was gazing at what was happening a slight grin began to grow on his face)

(a blade is thrust up against his throat by an invisible being behind him)

On the TV, there was a news report. "Breaking News from Green Flower City. A large army has marched into the city, as if they were prepared for battle. This army has been identified by G.U.N as the Crystal Warriors, a hostile army which threatens to-"

He immediately looked up at the sound of gunshots outside. "Holy crap, These guys are serious!" Just then, a pink echidna with purple hair came running downstairs.

"Smash, What's going on!?" She cried out, sounding frightened.

"Pearl, Stay inside, and stay hidden. We're in big trouble." He told her with a serious look and tone of voice. He then ran outside through the back door, hoping to get past them without them noticing.

Splice froze in shock when he saw what they were doing. "W-What's going on here!?" He whimpered. "Violet..We're under attack!"

She nodded hesitantly. "I-I'm frightened. J-Just how many of them ARE there!?"

Crystal Gunner Commander:(Laughs)You realize we are dead right?(Turns around and sees no one)Darn it !(Thrusts his fist up towards the invisible being)

(the fist stops midair. a female hedgehog fades into being, holding the sword in one hand and the commanders fist in the other)

Crystal Gunner Commander:Heh hehe hehheh.Bombers!(two planes flew up over and started dropping bombs where the two were standing while more came in and did the same in other areas.)

hedgehog: *smirks. each bomb went right through her. twenty more of her appear nearby*

Crystal Gunner Commander:(Gets blown up but is thrown far away and does not seem to be affected)I didn't think that would work so I made a bit of a back up plan.

hedgehog #2: and what would that be?

Splice's eyebrows rose. "Whoa, look! Someone just appeared outta nowhere! And it looks like she-" He squinted, "assuming it's a girl, I can't see from this distance, is fighting them." He looked over at Violet. "Think we can take em?"

She shrugged. "They have guns." She stated flatly.

"Well, we can't just leave her out there by herself. We gotta do something!"

Meanwhile, Smash had successfully snuck past the army and was driving down the road on his motorcycle, taking a different route. He soon came to a house on the outskirts of the city, and knocked on the door. "Gizmo! You in there? It's an emergency!" He yelled from the door. The door soon opened, and he was greeted by a cat chao with a concerned look on its face.

"Smash? Mew Chao chao?" It said.

"Kitty, Where's Gizmo? The city's under attack!" He exclaimed. Gizmo soon came running upstairs from his basement. He was a red cat wearing a casual T-shirt and shorts, and brown goggles strapped to his forehead.

"Smash, What's wrong?" He asked.

"Gizmo, Quick. We're gonna need some of the weapons you made. The City's under attack by these "Crystal Warriors". Look I dunno who the heck they are, but they're invading!"

Gizmo's tail frizzled out from surprise, and he immediately ran back downstairs. Smash followed him down quickly.

(The Crystal Warriors turned when the heard everything and began shooting each house like a mad man)

Artixunio:(Shoots a blaze of flame at the Crystal Warriors)

(another hedgehog girl emerges from the flames and charges at the warriors)

(Soon a whole bunch of G.U.N. Troops ran out of the base and shot every part of the body)

Crystal Warrior:(Breaks into pieces when hit in the chest)

G.U.N. Troop:THE CHEST IS THEIR WEAK POINT! "WHOA!" Splice cried out as he ducked. A bullet had struck the tree they were standing behind, chipping off a huge chunk. He heard glass breaking all around him from windows. He looked over and saw one house in particular getting shot at. "AH! That's Crystals house!" He cried out in horror. He turned to look at the army. "Oh, NOW they've done it! I'm gonna show you a new move I just mastered, Violet! Hya!" He began performing a spindash, and soon burst into flames before he charged at the army at an alarming speed. Violet nodded with a serious look on her face, and then ran after Splice to head into the battle.

(Most of the Crystal Warriors broke into pieces cause they were hit in the chest.Others kept shooting Crystal's house)

hedgehogs 1-20: chest! got it! *each one attacks a crystal warrior's chest*

Crystal Warriors:(The bullets that they were shooting was where their chest was you wouldn't be able to get to their chest)

((It couldn't have been Gizmo's house, his house is on the other side of the city where they haven't reached yet.))

hedgehogs: *try stabbing the warriors through the back, hoping to hit their chests from behind*

Splice overheard that their weak point was the chest, and jumped just high enough to bulldoze through the warrior's chests. He intended to take out as many as he could in one go, meanwhile Violet was pulling out all of her martial arts skills to take them down one by one.

Smash soon came out of Gizmo's house along with him and Kitty, carrying a backpack full of the equipment they'll need. Smash hopped onto his motorcycle and patted the seat behind him. "Get on, quick!" He said. Without another word, Gizmo jumped onto the seat, and Kitty held onto Gizmo's shirt tightly. "Hang on, this is gonna be a wild ride!" He revved up the motorcycle and sped down the road towards the battle field on the streets.

(a third hedgehog girl comes in, grinding on rails of ice. she begins freezing the chests of the warriors, then slamming her twin spears into them)

One last Crystal Warrior:(Shoots at the real hedgehog)

Artixunio:(Runs and picks up the real hedgehog.Gets shot in his leg)

fire hedgehog and ice hedgehog: *see the other go down. notice each other and start fighting*

A large blast was shot towards the Crystal warrior, a blast made of pure Chaos Energy.

The Crystal Warrior didn't notice but after it hit him all that was left was ash.A soul came flying out of it and seemed to be yelping for help.

Artixunio:(Grunts then yelps.)HELP ME!

fire hedgehog: *to the ice hedgehog* i don't have time for you! my friend is injured! *runs over and offers to take the hedgehog*

Artixunio:That would be helpful.(Twitches then falls down)

The blast came from a small black cannon, on the hand of the red cat Gizmo. Smoke left the opening on the front from the blast. "It looks like we're a bit late, Smash." He said.

Violet ran over to Artixunio and knelt down beside him. "Are you alright?" She asked.

Splice stopped spinning and went into a kneeling position, several feet away from where the battle occured. He stood up and turned around. "Hey, They aren't supposed to be fighting eachother! I thought they were on our side!" He exclaimed, looking at the fire and ice hedgehogs fighting.

Artixunio:Ye-(Blacks out because of blood loss.)

"H-Hey! Hang in there!" Violet cried out. Gizmo heard her and ran over to them.

"What happened?" He asked, but saw Artixunio before anyone could answer. "Uh oh."

fire hedgehog: *takes her and backs off a bit*

ice hedgehog: *walks over to Artixunio* this might sting a bit at first. *fires a thin thread of ice into the wound in his leg. the thread hits the bullet, freezing it. the cold makes his leg go numb so he dosen't feel a thing. she eases the bullet out and backs away*

fire hedgehog: *puts her hand over Artixunio's wound* Fire Restore! *the wound glows orange, then closes, healing him*

(they do the same with the other hedgehog girl)

Smash ran towards the group as well. "Everyone alright?" He asked. Splice soon came too.

fire hedgehog: hey Smash.

Artixunio:(Didn't get up he still lost too much blood an would awaken later)

(Back at the Main Base)

???:Sir I'm afraid the Moon Ridge Base has failed.Can you forgive them.

???2:NO!Send replacement people instead okay!

???:But Rageston!

Rageston:NO!Just do your job and do what I tell you!

(Back at Green Flower City)

Topaz: *talking into a communicator* Tell me again why I'm here, sir.

Communicator: Because these people need help. You want your pay, don't you?

Topaz: Ugh, fine. *breaks into a sprint towards the battle*

(the hedgehog girl is silently sunbathing while the fire and ice hedgehogs fought nearby. the attacks seemed to be much harder and more ferocious than an ordinary sparring match)

Smash looked at the fiery hedgehog, confused. "Do I know you?" He asked. "Why are you two over there fighting?"

fire hedgehog: you don't remember? i was at the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament.

Artixunio:(Begins to wake up)Rrrrrgghh

Smash gave a curious look. "The Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament...Oh, You', Ferm-..Fern-..Ferna-Inferna! That's it." He said, remembering. "You're Inferna. Sorry, I didn't recognize you. But why are you two fighting?"

Violet looked at him. "Hey, Are you okay?" She asked as he was coming to.


Duan: Okay, we're the fans of insanity, we need a mission.

Duan's friend no. 4: Why? I like life as it is.

Duan: Is there anything wrong with missions? We've been doing missions, but it's always 'fight zombies' here or 'defeat an alien' there. We need something real.

Duan's friend no. 2: Why?

Duan: Because without a real mission, we're sitting ducks.

Duan's friend no. 3: I always thought we were hedgehogs.

Duan's friend no. 1: I'm an echidna.

Com: And Kom and I are cats.

Duan: Yeah. We need something real to do. We need a mission El Pronto.

Inferna: *to Smash* she's my archenemy.

"Arch Enemy? But you both stopped to take out that army!" Splice exclaimed, waving his arms in the air. "And you worked together to save that other guy, too! Surely you both are good people, so why are you fighting?"

Snap: we may be a good team, but we've been fighting for years. back before my evil was drained.

"That still doesn't answer why." He said. "Can't you guys settle this in a little more..I dunno, friendly manner? If you're both good, why don't you talk this through? See if you can't come to some sort of agreement or something."

hedgehog: *sunbathing* don't even try.

Smash looked over at her with his eyes half open. "You're sunbathing at a time like this?" He asked in a sarcastic tone.

hedgehog: *remains silent*

(a blue hedgehog with cyan streaks walks over)

Tsunami: don't mind her. Flare has a bit of an attitude.

Smash looked at her at the corner of his eye, his expression staying the same. "Yes..I see." He said.

(Inferna and Snap stop fighting)

Inferna: hey Tsunami.

Artixunio:(Stood up)I think this is getting a little dangerous I'm goin' back to G.U.N.(Runs off towards G.U.N. Base)

A Werehog was right outside the area battling some Crystal Warriors.He took one swipe and almost took the head off of the Warrior.The Crystal Warrior struck back with a slash it was a Swordsman.The Werehog swerved to the side and was skinned by the slash.He then punched the Crystal Warrior in the stomach forcing it to fly away from him.All that was left was the arms legs and head.

Part 2

Smash looked over at the werehog. "Oh, come on. There's mo-What the heck is that!?" He exclaimed, taking a step back in shock.

"It looks like a hedgehog," Gizmo started. "taken to monstrous proportions." His eye twitched. "Hard to tell whether he's hostile or not."

The Werehog:(Took one piece of the crystal and bit in to it.)Hm crystal?

Violet walked back over to the group. "What is that?" She asked, on the defensive.

"I dunno, but I think we're gonna wanna steer clear for now." Smash said.

Tsunami: i think i remember him.

(a bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere and almost hits Tsunami)

Metal:Tsunami watch out!*pushes Tsunami out of the way*

Tsunami: thank you Metal.

Storm: there you are.

Metal:No prob.*glares at Storm* What are you here for Storm?

Storm: i'm surprized you know me. i'm here for Tsunami. *a whip made of electricity appears in her hand*

Metal:*picks up his sword and attacks Storm using Fire Slash!* Grr...

Storm: *smirks* my clones are the most dangerous to stumble into. *dissolves into lightning just as Metal touches her. another one appears behind Tsunami* surprize.

Metal:*turns into amy rose chasing after storm*

(Another army packed up with Gunners,Swordsman,Big Gunners,Bombers,and Spearman stampeding again on the other side of the city.)

Tsunami: i got her. *fires a stream of water at Storm*

Storm: *sends a bolt of lightning into the stream, electrifying it*

Metal:*grabs onto Storm and Thunderbolts him*

Part 3


Storm: *smirks* electricity won't work on me. *absorbs the electricity and reflects it back into Metal*

Metal:Same here Electricity won't work on me too. Chaos Spear!*uses it on Storm*

Storm: *appears behind him in a burst of lightning*

Metal:Where did she go?

Tsunami: behind you!

Storm: *wraps her whip around Metal's throat*

Metal:What do you want?

The Werehog:(Turns and sees Storm and Growls harshly.The Werehog Leaped onto Storms back and clawed as fast as he could.)

Storm: argh! *fills the werehog with lightning*

The Werehog:(Uses the energy to transform into Black Crystal Form his body hardened and felt like rock he was growing 3 times his normal size his White spots reversed into a black.)Darn it Jag don't!&nbsp Metal:Let me go Storm!

Topaz: *watching from a distance* Hmm, violent here. Well, I suppose I haveto get involved now. *heads towards the fight*

Snap: *slams into the werehog, knocking him off of Storm*

Jag:(His claws began glowing with a dark aura as he struck back with them)RRRRROOWW

Snap: *deflects the attack with a wall of ice*

Jag:(Breaks threw the ice with his claws.)

(Dragonballzfan:He has the power of a demon its strong enough to break threw ice.)

Storm: Electro Whip! Acend! Lightning Cat-O-Ninetails! *the whip gains 8 new tails. she snaps the whip at Jag*

Jag:(Jumps up but one tail hits him and knocks him off balance in the air)

Crystal Bombers:(Drop bombs on the city explosive and poison)

Artixunio:(Now at G.U.N. Base)don't tell me their back!

G.U.N. Commander:Yes they are now go out and fight!

Artixunio:I need help!Sythe Ageha?

Sythe:(Now shivering in the corner)

Ageha:(Sleeping on the floor)

Artixunio:Not AGAIN!

Artixunio:(Begins to kick Sythe and Ageha)

Metal:(Back at the city) Storm can't you let of of me?

Storm: I thought i already did. *lets go*

Metal:Tsunami Do something!

Tsunami: already on it *water comes up and surrounds Storm*

Storm: *fills the water with lightning*

(a spiked, metal ball on a chain flys towards Storm)

(grabs the chain and fills it with electricity, hoping to electricute whoever attacked her)

(Two plains with Crystal Bombers in them flew over and started dropping bombs on the battle field and everywhere near.)

(the chain retracts, taking the ball with it)

Topaz: Rubber gloves, gotta love 'em! *runs at Storm, now using the ball as a melee weapon*

Inferna: Blazing Inferno! *releases a burst of flame in all directions, creating a barrier around her and the others* let's see their bombs get through that.

(The bombs caught on fire lighting the fuse they kept falling and exploded on impact)

(Back over with the Fans of Insanity)

Duan: Okay, let's get this straight. You want us to go through that portal?

Duan's friend no. 3: Yeah.

Duan's friend no. 4: Will it work?

Duan's friend no. 1: Sure it will! Unless HE (Points at Duan's friend no 2) says it will.

Duan's friend no. 2: It will.

Duan's friend no. 1: Darn.

Com: I don't recall you even having the power to make portals.

Duan: Neither do I.

Duan's friend no. 3: I picked it up after we defeated the Oracle of Time. Remember?


Duan: Where do you plan on teleporting us?

Duan's friend no. 2: Take us to Tsunami! She'll be happy to see me again!

Duan: Remember, she's my lady. Not yours.

Duan's friend no. 2: Says you.

Kom: Let's go through this portal already!

Duan's friend no. 3: Whatever you say miss.

(Makes a portal)

Duan's friend no. 3: We goin' through or not?

Com: Yeah. (steps through the portal)

Duan: (Steps through the portal)

Duan's friend no. 4: (Steps through the portal)

Duan's friend no. 2: (Steps through the portal)

Kom: (Steps through the portal)

Duan's friend no. 1: (Steps through the portal)

Duan's friend no. 3: (Steps through the portal)

(They all appear in front of a gigantic tidal wave, or tsunami)

Duan's friend no. 2: ...This isn't what I meant.

Fans of Insanity: DUCK!!!

Duan's friend no. 2: Where?

(The tidal wave crashed on them and carried them away to places unknown (Go ahead, if you want, have them respawn in front of your character))

(the water from the tidal wave slams into Inferna's barrier and begins to evaporate)

Tsunami: *senses peoples in the water. thinks* they'll be roasted. *out loud* Inferna! shut it off!

Inferna: *the fire barrier dissappears*

Crystal Bombers:(Keep dropping bombs also poison bombs)Your still gonna get roasted or poisoned!

(a rust colored hedgehog with cyan streaks appears. she looks up at the bombs and they begin to slow down until they stop in midair)

Inferna: oh no!

Flare: is that?

Tsunami: Pause.

(The fuses deplete and explode in mid air a toxic gas is released that is poisonous enough to kill somebody.)

(the gas dosen't go anywhere because of Pause's chronokinesis)

Pause: *turns to Snap*

Snap: *takes a few steps back*

Topaz: *stops and stare at the bombs* What the... a chronokinetic? Of all the places-- You, Zappy, we finish this later.

Storm: Zappy?!

Pause: *begins walking toward Snap*

Snap: *steps back*

Topaz: Ok, which one of you is the chronokinetic? I've dealt with your kind before, and wherever there's a chronokinetic there's trouble.

Pause: *glances over at Topaz. then back at Snap* i don't appreciate you leaving us, Snap.

Topaz: Looks like we have a winner. *fires the ball at Pause*

Pause: *the ball stops midair* i have no quarrel with you. it is my old associate Snap that i am here about.

Snap: it wasn't really my dicision to leave. that hybrid sucked the evil right out of me.

Topaz: Didn't think so. *retracts the ball* But I have a job to do, and I'm not leaving until I get it done.

Pause: and what would that job be?

Topaz: To save these people. I've been watching the battle for a bit, and I've managed to pick out who's on what side. However, your presence here means that there's something bigger going on. We can't afford any temporal mishaps now, can we?

Metal:Who are you?

Storm: that's Pause. the real leader of my team. she dosen't show herself often, so we tend to follow orders from the second in command.

Pause: i have no reason for being here other than Snap.

Topaz: Snap, is it? Do you mind if I deal with your friend here for a second?


Pause: *looks up at the gas clouds. time begins moving backwards for the gas. they return to being bombs and return to the planes that dropped them*

Metal:You can control time?

Part 4

(Over on the other side of the city)

Crystal Gunner Commander:Men.....Attack!(All the Gunners formed a line in front of him and shot from the sides.)

Crystal Swordsman Commander:Attack tactic!(The Swordsman formed a ball of people and rawly attacked with their swords.)

Crystal Bomber Commander:Men.....Command tactic!(He flew in front of the planes while they all formed one giant plane.)Poison and Explosive Bombs!

Crystal Spearman Commander:Attack tactic!(Does the same as the swordsman)

G.U.N. Commander:G.U.N. troops 1 through 900!Out!(Sends 900 G.U.N. troops out on to the battle field)

Artixunio:Guys!(Sets a match and threatens to burn Sythe and Ageha.)

Sythe:Okay okay!You got us were coming.

Ageha:I'm with Sythe on this one.

(The group ran out on the battlefield and shot one big giant beam out of each hand!)

Inferna: *looks in the direction of the fighting* what was that?

Metal:Fighting I guess. ):

Inferna: most likely. let's check it out.

Tsunami: *remembers the wave* you guys go ahead. i'll catch up.

Metal:I not going because It's too dangerous out there.

(Dragonballzfan:How the heck would you be able to look to the other side of the city!)

(she can sense the heat from the fighting)

Metal:Okay,Inferna I'll go with you.

(Artixunio Didn't use fire!He used Light!Just normal fighting does not create heat!)

Metal:*runs after Inferna*

(either way there's plenty of body heat from the 900 G.U.N. troops)

(Yeah but how the heck do you know their fighting.That doesn't make sense)

Artixunio:( Runs out and attacks the Crystal Warriors with fists of fire,each aiming for their stomachs)

Sythe:(Shoots lightning at the remaining)

Ageha:(Drinks some coke)

???:Crystal Scum....

Artixunio:(Looked around and noticed ???)Turbo?

Inferna: what's going on?

Turbo:Ya....anyone hurt?

Metal:*stares at ???* Grr...

(The Fans of Insanity were washed up)

Duan: Thanks a lot.

Duan's friend no. 3: Hey, that was my first time. It wasn't as bad as it could've been.

Duan's friend no. 2: He's right, you know.

Duan's friend no. 4: Suck-up.

Duan's friend no. 1: I agree.

Duan's friend no. 4: You're not much better.

Kom: Stop it, all of you.

Com: The Fans of Insanity will find their way out.

Duan: You guys stay here. I'm gonna investigate Turbo:Man....I'm starving....

Tsunami: *runs over to Duan* hey. you guys alright?

Metal:Whats wrong Tsunami?

Artixunio:Turbo,lucky for you I had a chili dog!( Hands Turbo a chili dog)

Turbo:FOOD! *starts chowing down*

Duan: We're kind of all right. It's just that my friend here just learned how to make portals, but he can't do it right. Coincidentally, we got over here, but we were washed up by a tidal wave.

Duan's friend no. 2: (To Duan's friend no. 3) There's Tsunami! I'm gonna pretend I'm really hurt, and then she'll fall head over heels over me!

Duan's friend no. 3: Not to burst your bubble, but she has a boyfriend.

Duan's friend no. 2: That's the point! I'll get her to break up with Duan and she'll go out with me!

Duan's friend no. 4: Are you serious? Just date one of the fangirls.

Com: NO!

Kom: NO!

Duan's friend no. 1: You're out of luck.

Duan's friend no. 2: Quiet!

(Pretends to be hurt)

Duan's friend no. 2: Duan was okay... but I'm really, really hurt. I am gonna DIE if I stay here any longer... oh... I see my life flashing before my eyes... I don't think I can stay awake much longer... my life has been cut short... (cough cough) Goodbye cruel world!

Duan: You expect someone with high powers of observation such as Tsunami to believe that?

Artixunio:Kay' we need a plan against the Crystal Warriors.In the news I heard about one base called C.W.A.B. over in Moon Ridge Zone.Are you up for this?

Tsunami: *to Duan's friend* i sense nothing wrong with you. not a drop of blood has left you recently.

Metal:Yes,I am up for this.

(An orange hedghog jumps off a roof and rolls to break his fall)

Hedgehog: Hi! *uses a device on his wrist to shoot a Crystal Warrior following him* I'm Summer. Mind if I stick with you guys for a while?

Turbo:*starts eating the remains of the Crystal Warriors*

Duan's friend no. 2: But I am internally bleeding! All my bones are broken! I cannot move my body without help!

Duan: Find a girlfriend who's blind, deaf, and mute, and you'll have a soulmate.

Fans of Insanity: HA HA HA!!!

Duan: (To Tsunami) I'm sorry. He's still convinced he can win you over.

Tsunami: that's fine. i take it as a compliment.

Metal:Tsunami,where do we go next?

Summer: Hello? Anyone gonna answer me?

Artixunio craned his neck towards Summer,"Not at all why though?'He blurted out.Artixunio:Turned and picked up a green phone in his back pocket.He opened up and called G.U.N. Commander Tower.Artixunio began to speak,"I would like a raiding party of 240 of G.U.N. troops.What!They're too busy fighting The Crystal Warriors.I swear I will come and burn G.U.N. base down if you don't.Good send them now."Artixunio hung up and turned to everybody,"kay' a raiding party is coming so now we have to wait."Artixunio seemed to regret saying this.,"Anybody have any ideas?"

Inferna: *notices Ageha* hey. i remember you.

Summer: Well... *puts down his statchel* I did manage to liberate some weapons from those crystals... *opens it, and there is at least one of each weapon known to people and a few to dolphins in there* Is this fine?

Turbo:Are these Crystal Warriors made of Pure Diamond?

Metal:I don't know,But I think they are.

Turbo:If you heat Diamond to 1405*F you can vaporize it.

Artixunio:They are made out of crystal that is why they are called the Crystal Warriors.

Artixunio picked up one piece of rock and another crystal.,"Oh father help me fuse these together."A lightning bolt struck the ground revealing a ghost.The ghost began to speak,"Yes son here"The ghost grabbed the rocks and put them into one.Is this fine,I would think so?Artixunio took the fused rock and gave it Summer,"Can that help you at all."Artixunio asked.He thought it would be much harder than a normal crystal or rock.He pulled his sword out and began slashing in a rather cool way.When he was done the rock began glowing with sunshine.As a streak of yellow ran threw a part of it.Artixunio spoke up,"It now has the power of light and fire."

Turbo:Theres shelter at Mega Tek City.

Summer: Am I even speaking out loud here?

Tsunami: look out! *pushes Duan out of the way of an incoming lightning bolt* you thought i forgot about you, didn't you Storm?

Artixunio:I'm listening.

Turbo:If you want you can turn it into a refuge for survivors.

Summer: I am pretty sure I'm speaking out loud. But whatever. *puts the statchel back on and closes it.

(240 G.U.N. Troops arrive)

G.U.N. Troops:Sir shall we embark our mission now?

Artixunio:Yes.Everybody ready!We have to find a way onto the moon!

Summer:..... a spaceship?

Turbo:No....CHAOS CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 5

(At Moon Ridge Zone)

(Everybody teleports on the hills)

Summer: Well, that was no fun.

Turbo:Let's test out my "new power" on the CWA.

(I'm gonna go so you can keep raiding just do not end up destroying all of them)

Kaytlin:Hellooooooooo out there!!!!!!!!!!

(Kay' DBZF online)

(Wait how the heck would Kaytlin be in Moon Ridge Zone!)

Meanwhile, Smash and his gang had gathered up in Gizmo's basement. They were in the middle of a short meeting, Gizmo taking the lead discussion. "From the information I've gathered, these Crystal Warriors appear to be, obviously, made of crystal." He said. "They take on the form of Humans, Mobians, and different forms of monsters. Whether they have crystallic parts, or they're completely crystalized all over."

"Yes, we noticed that." Smash said, his arms folded as he leaned against the wall.

"But I bet you didn't notice this." Gizmo told them. "These guys are undead." At this, everyone's eyes widened.

"Whoa, What the heck?!" Splice exclaimed.

"They're lost spirits, possessing those forms-mainly Crystals as you can see, hence their name "The Crystal Warriors". They've apparently been causing trouble every once in a long while. I think the last time they were around here was before any of us were even born. They are bent on destroying us all, the entire world, for reasons unknown. Now, As a review, Their weak points are their chests. But to be on the safe side, we should vaporise them completely. If you heat up a crystal enough, it'll vaporise and that will be the end of them." He gave Splice a hinting glance.

"Heh. No prob." He grinned.

"Now, We know the military is after them. Some of you might be thinking, "Lets just leave it to them.". I'M thinking, We outta go out there and do some damage our own selves. We've taken out an army before-"

"That's because we had another army on our side, even if it was small." Smash reminded him.

"Yeah, but we would have lost anyway if it wasn't for our brilliant plan. And we managed to do a lot more with the few of us as well. So I think we need to go and get em back for what they did here." Gizmo said. "And if you're worried, we have an even bigger army on our side."

"Who said I was worried?" Smash shrugged. "I was just sayin'."

"Um, excuse me." A young silver fox rose her hand from the back. It happened to be Crystal, the one who lived in the unfortunate house from earlier. "How are we going to beat them if we don't know where they are?" She asked.

"Is that the case?" Gizmo asked. "What you should be asking is, how are we going to get...THERE." He pointed to a computer screen, showing the moon. The entire room fell silent.

"Wait. You mean to tell me they're hiding out on the Moon? The MOON??" Violet exclaimed, looking bewildered.

"Unfortunately yes. We don't have a space ship. And I don't know how to use Chaos Control or any of that." He shrugged.

Splice frowned. "Frost could have taken us...but..." Everyone looked down, sadly.

"...Frost's got his own life to live." Smash said. "It was just time for him to move on. We couldn't rely on him forever."

"Maybe the army can help us?" Crystal suggested. "You said they're on our side, right?"

"Pfft. They aren't gonna help a bunch of nobody's like us." Smash scoffed. "They have more important matters to deal with."

"Besides, they're already there." Gizmo added. "If they were to help us, I think they'd have requested our help rather than the other way around. If they saw us as a potential ally, They'd have asked before they left. Don't you think?"

"Well, that makes some sense, yeah." Splice agreed. "And to see us as that, we'd have to be pretty well known. Which we're not."

"Except for Smash. He's a famous fighter." Violet noted. "And you, Splice. Everyone thinks you solved the mystery of the Black Rose Orphanage."

"That's different from war." Splice said, frowning a bit. "Anyway, How are we gonna get up there?"

"That's the question..." Gizmo folded his arms, frowning. The room fell silent as they began thinking again.

???: maybe i can be of some help.

Everyone jumped at the sound of the unknown voice. They turned around to see who it was. "Who's there!?" Smash demanded.

"And why are you in my basement!?" Gizmo added.

(a rust colored hedgehog with cyan streaks is leaning against the wall. it is impossible to tell how old she is)

Pause: you can call me Pause. i heard about your problem and i think i can lend a hand.

Splice rose his eyebrow at her. "Okay..Sounds good-"

"How'd you get in here?" Gizmo demanded. "I know I barricaded the doors."

Smash stroked his chin. "Judging by how you blocked off all the entrances, It would take brute force to break in here. And even then it'd be hard for a general strong person to get through all of that. And we didn't hear anyone come in. Put it all together, and" He looked straight at Pause. "You teleported into here, didn't you?"

Pause: in a way, yes. i have no control over space so i can not exactly teleport, but time helps with that.

Everyone's eyebrows rose. "Time..?" Smash repeated. "Wait a minute, you mean to tell me you can control time!?" He exclaimed in disbelief.

Pause: indeed. it's not that uncommon.

"I don't know where you've come from, but around these parts it IS uncommon." Smash said, raising an eyebrow at her. "Now two things, getting back on subject. One: What's in it for you? What makes you, a total stranger, want to help us?"

Pause: after taking a quick glance into the future, i found out that the raiding party already sent to the Crystal Warriors' moon base may not be sufficient to eliminate it. and since two of my partners are accompanying that raiding party, i would not like to see them fail.

Smash stroked his chin. "I suppose that's a legitimate excuse." He stopped and looked at her again. "Now for the other question. Just how the heck are we supposed to get to the moon? I mean, even with time control, that doesn't mean you can take us to a certain area, does it? And I don't want to go time traveling at all. If there's one thing I'm afraid of, it's a time paradox."

Pause: simple. we go back to a time when all of you were somewhere else, go to the spot the raiding party leaves from, and go foreward to when they're about to leave. then we'll be right there with them when they do, and you will avoid contact with any of your past or future selves.

Everyone exchanged glances. After a few moments of thinking, Smash spoke again. "Well, it's like our only choice. So, when they're about to leave, we just sneak on board?"

Pause: pretty much.

"Alright then. But this had better work." Smash agreed, frowning seriously.

"Hold on." Gizmo said. "Let me get all my stuff ready." He walked away, and began gathering some equipment and putting them into a large backpack. He soon came back. "Alright, I'm ready."

(About a million Crystal warriors came charging at them)

(Then three streaks crahed down on the ground. It was Krinkinko with gloves and shoes made out of crystals, Fa-La-Stu with a hair band that was made out of crystal and Droget chewing Crystal Favored Gum)

Krinkinko:Ready team!? (He made a bunch of crystal warriors explode into tiny peices)

Fa-La-Stu:Ready! (She made a bunch of Crystal warriors turn into blue flames)

Droget:Now for the finishing touch. (He then turned the rest into a liquid puddle)

Krinkinko:Artixunio, you should of stayed at the base! They fixed us up with crystal clothes and now we have crystal powers when we wear them!

Droget:They also taste like candy!

Krinkinko: (Licks his CXrystal glove) The best part is we get to take them off anytime we want!

Kaytlin:*see them with there crystal clothings*

(Pause, Smash and the others appear nearby)

Pause: we're here.

Kaytlin:Hello I"m Kaytlin Fence the fox.

Smash looked around. "Well, that wasn't so bad." He said. "Now that we're here, lets hurry up and get to their base." He looked at Pause. "Thanks, by the way."

Artixunio:I agree we should get to the base.

Metal:Right now Blue Echidna.

Smash looked at Artixunio in a bit of surprise. "Er..." He looked over at Metal. "Hey, don't talk to me like ya don't know me, Metal." He said with his fists on his hips. "Surely you haven't forgotten about me?"

Metal:Nope Smash and if wasn't because of Krink I would of beaten you in a match.

Smash shook his head while shrugging. "Are you still sore about that? That was a long time ago, let it go!" He sounded somewhat amused. But his face then turned serious. "Besides, we've got more important matters to deal with. Lets get moving." He began to walk forward.

Splice exchanged glances with everyone else and shrugged in unison. Neither of them really knew Metal. But they followed anyway.

Artixunio:(Takes a deep breath.)It was Kinks decision that let him win anyway even if you blasted him that blast would of been a great source of power.

Metal:I did let him win Krink should of not been at the Match at the time, I'll show you my real power!

Smash looked over his shoulder while walking. "Chill, guys. The whole tournament was messed up, anyway. If you really want, we could have a rematch later if it bothers you that much."

Metal:Yes I would like a rematch and I will beat you this time Smash.

Smash let a small smile spread across his face. "We'll see." He said, simply.

Kaytlin:Well hello again.

Smash looked over at Kaytlin. "uhh..Hello? I don't remember meeting you before. What are you doing way up here?"


Kaytlin:I saw you guys earlier.My name is Kaytlin Fence the fox.

Smash scratched his head. "I'm Smash." He said, somewhat awkwardly. "Are you here to fight the Crystal Warriors? It's dangerous to just hang around here."

Kaytlin:It is my duty to destroy evil!

That line sounded a little too...I dunno, generic maybe? Smash thought. "Well then, I guess we're here for the same thing then. We're all on our way to the base. You should come along."


Krinkinko:Helloooo(Annoyed)has anybody forgotten that I'm right here!

Droget:If we need any Emeralds we could just transport to the dimension where Emeralds R, Us is.

Splice looked behind him at Krinkinko and Droget. "We just got here, so we had no way of knowing you were here. If you're coming, then hurry up. We don't have time to waste around here."

Krinkinko:Don't sweat it um...Splice.Thanks to the crystal clothing we have Crystalkinetics now.

Gizmo's eyes widened. "Crystal Clothing..? Crystalkinetics?" He repeated. "I thought I'd read something about Crystalkinetics being related to these guys, but I didn't get a chance to finish looking over the documents...Does it really work?"

Krinkinko:Yep it works and this is the wonderful works of G.U.N..

"Wow...When we get back, I'm definitely looking into this." Gizmo said, looking at the small cat chao on his shoulder in excitement.

"Mmhmm!" He gave Gizmo the thumbs up, equally as excited.

Turbo:*flies down* I come bearing gifts. *Holds out a green ring*

Smash looked at him and rose an eyebrow. "A gift? At a time like this?" He wondered aloud. "What's that, an Elemental Ring or something?"

Turbo:It's called a Chaos Ring. It's a ring infused with Chaos Energy. It's power could give us an edge.

"Ah." Smash nodded with a stroke of his chin.

"Can I use it?" Violet asked. "I'm not sure I can keep up with all of you guys normally."

Turbo:It's not like a normal Mobius Ring. It cant be absorbed and itt's power is near unlimited. There's 5 more out there and i'v only found 2.

Kaytlin:Hello Turbo.

"That sounds pretty strong." Gizmo remarked, raising his eyebrows. "Why haven't I heard of these before?" Violet made a sideways frown. "Okay. So, do you put it on your wrist to use it if you can't absorb it?"

Kaytlin:Like Amy Rose and Shadow has?

Turbo:Also, I have reason to belive that someone is working with the CWA.

Smash's face immediately turned serious. "What?" He almost exclaimed. "You mean one of us?

Turbo:No, worse. Someone with highly advanced Technology and access to energy that can destroy star systems.

Kaytlin:Well I have only worked as an agent at G.U.N.

Smash's eyes shrunk. "N-No way..." He exchanged glances with the rest of his friends, who had similar expressions.

"It's like that time...when they'd gotten the Eclipse Cannon with the Chaos Emeralds and the Power Star..." Gizmo said quietly.

"You don't think it could be..." Violet's voice trailed off.

"No. Its not them. We killed them." Smash said firmly. He turned to look at Turbo. "Who is this person?"

Kaytlin:Who is the person,Turbo?

Turbo:Not sure. But whoever he is he is EXTREMELY Smart.

Smash folded his arms. "In that case, we're going to need a lot more than what we got now." He said. "We can't afford to underestimate these guys, especially with someone like that on their side. We could be in much bigger trouble than we thought."

Kaytlin:No...could she and Eggman be working again...but I got rid of her..

Smash slapped his forehead.

"We're in trouble." Splice sighed. "Well, what're we waiting around here for? We need to take out this base. At the very least, do some damage to these guys before they do any more to us!"

Kaytlin:I'm pretty sure she is back in side of me.

Kaytlin:Do tyou know who she is?

Turbo:Give me the Details.

Kaytlin:Who will I go with?

(Back over with The Fans of Insanity)

Duan: Where are the others?

Duan's friend no. 3: I don't know... I'll teleport us to them via portal.

Duan's friend no. 4: Why didn't you do that earlier?

Kom: It would have been nice to know.

Duan's friend no. 3: Quiet, will you? (Uses a portal and teleports them, but they end up underground of everyone else)

Duan: Is this a good thing?

Com: I think not.

Inferna: hold on. i sense something.

Artixunio:(Apparently silent thinking harshly.He glares forward seeming to be in a different world)Wha..Wha....What were we talking about again?

"Hey, Snap out of it, man!" Smash exclaimed. "We're supposed to be storming the base. We have to help the troops in there. If no one has any reasons to delay us any further, then lets go."

Artixunio:Ok?Oh yeah!Moon Ridge Base!But we got to make a plan.These Crystal Warriors seem more dangerous now that we're at a place where they come back to life in crystal.Got any?


Smash shook his head. "Unfortunately not. Especially since I'm the one who usually comes up with the plans. I don't know these guys well enough to make a good plan. It took enough brain power to get us here in the first place, and we only lucked out."

Metal:*punches smash* Can't you shut up already?

Smash took the hit directly, and backed up a bit. "What the crap is your problem!? Do you want to get beaten again THAT badly!?"

Artixunio:Keith....We met before do we have to start another fight!(Holds Keith back)The Crystal Warriors are the main target not Smash!

Smash brushed himself off. "Seriously, lay off."

Artixunio:Anyway this is probably going to be harsh.We need away of destroying the souls with the crystal.Or we are pretty much doomed.(lets go of Keith)

Gizmo spoke up. "If we heat up a crystal enough, It'll vaporise, right?" He asked. "Would that not take out the souls with the crystallic body?"

Artixunio:Elements don't affect ghosts.Otherwise we need something to keep them trapped.Something ghoists can't just fly through.Or break out.

(A Crystal Warrior sees the group and runs back to sound the alarm)

(A dark like being flows out of all wall seeming to be hostile)

Jag:I've been listening for a while otherwise spying on you.I'd like to ask you something.My Clan needs you to help us these crystal beings have invaded out territory.(Creosses his arms waiting for an answer)

Smash turned to look at Jag. "And just who the heck are you?" He asked.

Jag:Part of a clan.Thats all you need to know.Now just to be polite.How come you didn't answer my question!I'm sure your the type of person who would call me a hypocrite in my face an walk away calling me a monster.If I'm overdoing my chat tell me.(Darkness forms in his chest showing all the anger)

"Yes. Yes you are overdoing it." Smash said, calmly. "Calm down. In a place like this, it's important to stay in guard. I don't go throwing insults at people randomly, so don't be so quick to judge me. Why I didn't answer your question was because I don't make decisions right off the bat." He explained. "Now listen, this would make not one, but two places we need to be. Here, and your territory. We're supposed to be taking out this base right now. If we were to help you, could it wait until after our business here is done?" He asked.

"What I want to know is why you don't want to tell us your name?" Violet asked, suspiciously.

Jag:Cause we are in danger an telling anyone our names is something we are avoiding.As for the second.Do as you say I just wanted to ask you something not right away.

Smash frowned. "I suppose that is a legitimate excuse as well." He said. "Well then, we need to-...find a way to actually defeat these warriors..." He facepalmed as he just remembered what they were trying to do before Jag showed up. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know how to defeat the Crystal Warriors, both body and soul, would you?"

Jag:Try eleminating the core of all their hearts.That is all that lets them live as souls.

"The core of their hearts...?" Smash asked. "..That's right, Their Chest is their weak point...And of course that's where their hearts are located! Dang! I should have remembered that!" He exclaimed. "Is there a special way we need to go about it, or what?"

Jag:Does it seem like physical attempt would work?Otherwise,yes.

Artixunio:We need something from, the afterlife that we can touch,but still can attack the souls.OH RIGHT!!!My Dad from the afterlife can prpobably give us something.You guys up to it?(Grips his blade in alarm)Sorry just keeping ready.

"What do you mean your da-" As soon as he put his guard up, Smash immediately looked around cautiously. "...Okay. What do you mean your dad from the afterlife?"

Artixunio:He's.......Dead.(Grips his blade harder remembering the struggles he went through.)I don't like talking about it unless it involves him in the afterlife.

Jag:Wait a second you mean the legendary hunter of Ario village Mahai?I heard about him in rumors when he died.

"Okay, but how in the heck do we get in contact with someone who's dead?" Splice asked.

Artixunio:Ceremonial dances of light is how.It is the only way to summon an angel to earth.

The group exchanged glances with eachother, before slowly looking back at him. "Uhh...Okay, we'll leave it to you then." Smash said with a sweat drop.

Artixunio:You look scared.This definitely not your sharp mind as usual.It looks like you should be one to do it.

A vein mark then appeared on Smash's face. "I am not scared." He told him, firmly. "I just don't know about this whole dancing thing. It just feels kinda awkward."

Artixunio:Just try,I've done this dance already just do it!

Smash lowered his eyelids to a sarcastic level. "I can't do something I don't know how to do. Where do I even start?"

Artixunio:Why did you think I said try it!There are many ways it just has to acknowledge heaven in a few ways.So use words and physical description and call on them in the end.

"Aren't ceremonial dances more specific than just random movements and whatever holy words you can think up from the back of your mind?" He argued. "If that weren't the case, then wouldn't people be summoning the dead every other day?"

Metal:*uses Flamethrower on Smash*

The flames never reached him. Splice stood in between Metal and Smash, and he did not look happy. "I'd strongly advise against messing with us." He warned. "You're greatly outnumbered, and on enemy territory." He spoke through the flames, completely unphased.

Metal:*thunder punches Splice*

Splice dodged so quickly, it almost looked like he disappeared. Metal's feet then suddenly began to freeze to the ground.


"You need to chill out." Splice told him from behind. "I don't know where you get off, but now's clearly not the time to be fighting eachother." He looked at him for a few moments. "..I should just leave you here."

Smash gave Metal a look of disgust before turning back to Artixunio. "I still don't really understand why you can't do it. I mean, you're the one who knows all about it in the first place."

Far in the back of the group, no one noticed Crystal's chao on the ground, performing a strange dance. It was completely unlike any dances regularly taught to chao.

Metal:*uses Flamethower on Splice*

Splice stood there, ignoring it. His clothes didn't even catch on fire.

Artixunio:(Notices the right type of power to call on his father)Someone,I think someones doing the dance!

"Wha? Who?" Smash looked around at everybody. Nobody seemed to be doing the dance. In fact, they were looking around all confused as well. "I don't see anybody da-"

"Krysi..?" Crystal's eyes widened as she saw her chao performing the dance. The chao was muttering something quietly as she was dancing.

Metal:*uses Hydro Cannon on Splice*

The water blew Splice away a great distance, but he soon found himself back where he was before. He was dripping wet, and giving Metal the evil eye. "I'm getting tired of this..."

(A ghost-like being began to form in front of everybody)

Krysi then ended the dance, and looked around to see what effects had taken place. Her emotiball became an exclamation point when she noticed the ghost forming. Everyone's attention turned to it.

"I think it worked." Violet said, quietly.

(The being turned into a white hedgehog yet still faded making him a ghost)

Mahai:Hello Artixunio what do you want.

Artixunio;A weapon that could destroy a soul but we could still touch.What I'm saying is a dimensional weapon.

The group watched them in both awe and curiosity. They were interested in knowing what kind of weapon could help them.

Mahai:(Holds an orb of heaven and another orb of Mobius.Mahai throws them together making a white flame.Mahai pulled out a sword and fused the flame inside of it making it the dimentional weapon.The weapon glowed red with a jewel in the hilt.Still taking a form of a katana with a long guard for your hand.)You mean like this?

"Somehow, I just knew that it'd be a sword." Smash commented, almost rolling his eyes. He only didn't because he knew the ghost would see him.

Mahai:Do you object in my offer?Also by Ario tradition special weapons must be of a sword.This also can control fire and light.

"No, It's not an objection." Smash said with a shrug. "I just kinda saw it coming. If this can help us beat the Crystal Warriors, we can't really turn it down. But, is there a chance you could make a few more of those? We all kinda need them."

"Except Metal." Splice noted. "He can't be trusted."

"Metal is not one of us." Smash said, firmly.

Mahai:Of course.(Repeats the course of action numerous times for everyone in the party.Except Metal)

They each took their blades, including Krysi. Crystal's sword was a little bit big for her, and she struggled to wield it. Krysi's sword was just the right size for a chao.

Smash looked at his sword with interest. "Hm..This is actually a pretty nice looking blade you made here." He commented. "I'm not exactly a swordsman, though, but I'll manage."

"Um, Mr. ghost sir?" Gizmo asked. "Um, is it possible to..say, "modify" a sword like this? I mean like, I dunno, mending it or enhancing it in other ways, etc. Not that I'm asking you to do it, I-I was just curious."

Mahai:No it is impossible to improve a sword of two dimentions.Anyways it has all of Mobius's nature and technology.Comparing to that one orb I fused.

"Ah, okay...I was just wondering. Since I, well, I don't really know how to use a sword well, I was thinking of modifying it into..something else. Or would that go against tradition?"

Mahai:The Sword is not the real weapon the jewel is making it possible to attack them.The jewels outside can morph into different weapons.

Gizmo blinked. "....A whole new level of possibilities came rushing to my mind." He said. He then smiled. "Thanks a lot."

"Thanks for your help." Smash said. "We really needed it."

Mahai:Your Welcome.This is all in an angels work.(Dissapears leaving the weapon behind lettying it fall)

Artixunio:(Catches the sword)Lets begin!

(I think we should wait because there are other people who were in the party of the raid)

((Yes, we should.))

(Flare, Inferna, and Tsunami appear)

Flare: we're back.

Artixunio:Well what about Summer?

Summer: *waves from a corner* Here.

((I dunno, I don't think there are really any corners on the moon...))

Smash nodded, seeing everyone present. "Alright. That seems to be everyone. Lets roll!"

Summer: YEAH! *examines his sword* Nice crystal. *rolls eyes* I can think of 10 ways to modify this.

(He was standing in a corner of the air. And there's no air on the moon. X3)

Artixunio:How bout' we start with stealth first and not be seen.Would rather take out one or all of them at a time?

"That would be wise." Smash said. "After all, many of us are not used to our weapons just yet. We should be cautious in that case."

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