Critical Castle is set after Seashore Glade and SATC. Same Rules still apply, anyone can join in.

The Story

  • [Shahooter sits down on the Throne of Critical Wind. Relaxed and now is without Critical Form. And still the age of 13. He looks around the 13th Room of the 13th Floor, and each Throne is for almost each of his friends, Fire-stripes with the Throne of Critical Fire, Starclaw with the Throne of Critical Water, Gold with the Throne of Critical Lightning... Everyone with the Throne of their Critical Magic they control.....] |[13th Floor]| Shahooter's Thoughts: 'Why does this castle need to be associated with 13? My Age is 13, I'm in the 13th room of the 13th Floor...Otherwise known as the Magus Room...' [Shahooter puts on his Black Hood, concealing his Face, he later goes into Normal Form, turning the Hood to Blue, and his Black Belt near his Coat to a Blue Scarf. Possibally going to wander around Critical Castle]
  • Stave: Because 13 is supposedly a magic number. (Stave was the same as normal, as was all his friends. Having turned down that role, stave had returned home and had been promoted to a Mage from a simple spellcaster. He still looked the same, but he was more powerful than ever.) I shall accompany you for now, my friend.
  • Shahooter: "You read my thoughts Stave?" [Sindra, sitting on the Throne of Critical Light, jumps down] Sindra: "All of us can.....We are Masters of Magic" [Sindra touches Shahooter with her beak] Shahooter: "I wonder if there are Magi other than us..." Sindra: "While your the Prince of Wind-" Shahooter: "I am a Magus of Wind, people just began calling me Prince of the Wind... " [Shahooter gets out his Staff of the Wind.] [Sindra and Shahooter begins to walk towards the Elevator.] [Shahooter begins to meditate when he gets in the elevator] Shahooter's thoughts: 'I do not know why this thing has to be so damn slow to charge up the teleportation process...' Sindra: "Maybe we should speed it up a little...." [Sindra does a Light Charge at the Elevator, warming the Power and it goes 10 times faster]
  • Stave: Wait for me! (Stave uses his personal teleportation technique to jump over to the lift.)
  • [The Elevator is already closed, however Shahooter uses Wind Fade onto Stave and brings him into the Elevator, he holds up a sign literally saying 'Hang on for Dear Life....' Considering that the Elevator is moving at a Speed of 110 MPH] Shahooter [voice jiggling]: "Stop this Damn thing!!!"
  • Stave: You DID want it faster (Stave uses his experience at magic manipulation to slow it down, before teleporting again over into the bedroom level.) What I'm doing, I don't know. (Stave teleports again, ending up on the roof.) Much better.
  • Shahooter: "Ugh....Much Better..." [Shahooter Wind Fades down to the 1st Floor] Shahooter: "Why the Hell didn't I do that instead?"
  • Ascended Cobrik Shade: You didn't think of it. (Shade powers down from his Ascended Cobrik form, turning from a snake/hedgehog hybrid to his normal hedgehog form.)
  • Shahooter: "Hello Shade.." [Multiple Heartless start to appear] Shahooter:"Seems we got trouble..."
  • Shade: Indeed. (Shade starts turning into Avian Shade, an Owl/Hedgehog hybrid) I got some new forms since last time!
  • [Shahooter taps his staff to the ground, decimating about 40 Heartless] Shahooter: "At least we stopped their plan in the Future....permanently.."
  • Shade: I wouldn't be sure about that, but these are getting more common, every day. Only two people know when the full invaision will happen, so the best you can do is protect your land from them. (Shade fades out, then reappears above a group of Heartless.) Wind Burst! (The Heartless are crushed by a tonne of pressure in the air underneath Shade.)
  • [Shahooter hits each Heartless with Combos, They are all taken down.] Shahooter: "If this witch named 'Malifecient' are controlling these Heartless in a Different World, And find this Destiny Hero called 'Sora' We can probally take down these Heartless...They are only interested in making us Heartless. And making our Bodies Nobodies..So I guess it's Dimension Travel then..these Heartless are annoying..Without The Demon King's Army we can end the Invasion that is about to happen in the Future, but it'll end up being Dust."
  • Shade: I spoke to Will about this. He says there are two kinds of Heartless: the ones in another dimension and the ones on a far-off world from the First Heartless war millenia ago. The inter dimensional ones are more powerful, but the ones in this dimension are the ones coming, I believe.
  • [Shahooter nods] Shahooter: "So you want to get rid of these Heartless forever?"
  • Not yet. The war is what defines us. I was glimpse of the future, and I saw all of us, no matter who you are or what world you are from, fighting together. It was amazing, but frighting. I recall, the strongest fighters lose someone close to them. Only time will tell what happens to us.
  • Shahooter: "I've lost my Parents..." Sindra: "No you have not...Your parents are still alive, I can bet."
  • Shade: Think about all the people you couldn't stand to lose. Then imagine what would happen. You've met Manic, I've seen what happens to him after the start of the war. It's frightning.
  • [Shahooter opens his eyes, thinking that he was imagining it, the Elevator didn't do fast, instead it's opened, he's done meditating] Shahooter's thoughts: '....Was that real...Those creatures...That fight...Shade looking alike to me with his Avian Form It's either just me or it happened...' [Shahooter shrugs] Shahooter: "Sindra?" Sindra: "Yes?" Shahooter: "Was I dreaming while I was meditating?" [Sindra shrugs]
  • Mysterious voice: Never credit a dream as meditation, and never credit meditation as a dream. The future is not set, until it begins. One will die, another will rise, and one will become mad. Do not discredit what you saw, for one day it may happen. Do not expect money, because I don't carry any. Do not expect to see me because...[being making the voice gets hit on the head by Stave] Stave: Well, that shut him up!
  • [Shahooter wakes up again] Shahooter's thoughts: 'Is my Mind playing Tricks?' [Shahooter's in the Med Lab, he looks at the wound he got from defending Zant from Chaos] Shahooter's thoughts: 'Were those Dreams....or "Memories" I was dreaming I was Prince of the Wind, who could hold Devastating Wind powers with ease....... Leader of the Critical Castle...Was that Reality... or Fantasy?' [Sindra walks into the room] Sindra: "You said you wouldn't get hurt..." [Shahooter slices him self to see if it was a Dream, it hurts...hard] Shahooter: "Not a Dream...What happened!?" Sindra: "You were knocked out by Chaos' Blast at you, someone reported to us that you were hurt..." [Sindra touches him with her Beak.] [Shahooter sighs] Shahooter: "It was just...a dream.." [Shahooter repeatedly breathes deep breaths in and out, Sindra gets him an Ice pack for the Arm he gets hit in from Chaos'.] [Shahooter smiles at Sindra] Shahooter's thoughts: 'At least it was a's a large and carefree world out there....full of Crime, Villains, and others. Without Evil...there is no balance in the World...I think that who I was, was in an alternate dimension...' [Shahooter looks at his whole body, it's ruffled and torn, only his Blade-like Wings, and Head was undamaged. It's going to take long to recover..] *continued in Recovery*
  • -a knock at the door is heard- Voice Similar To Gold the Hedgehog:Anyone home? Hellooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOC Part

Now let's wait for a Dog Gone Second here... It almost turned into Kingdom Hearts....Let's redo back to the point with the Elevator thing... --KPZSR1 04:09, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

That's an actual arc in my fanfics though, and you started it in this one, but OK. Flashfire212, Master of Flames 04:12, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

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Neat! Manta-bee 04:14, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

Sure, in this case, that'd work. In my fanfic, I'll probably make it a rank of the Heartless (when I get around to it) Flashfire212, Master of Flames 04:16, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

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