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Add Your Characters!


  • Gemini Maxxim (E-113:Xi)

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Part 1

Temporal:*Walking around* sigh, there is nothing to do.

Dalton: *in a nearby tree, drawing* No, there is...

Temporal:*see's dalton* oh hey dalton

Dalton: (drawing) Heya, Temp.

Manik: *Appears in a blinding flash of green light.* Well, here's a fine howdy-doo. Why is it every time I get a Chaos Ring, I end up somewhere and somewhen and somehow out of whack? And this time, I don't even see Gear anywhere to help me out. *Notices Temporal and Dalton* Oh, hello. Can you tell me what year it is?

Dalton: Year shmear, just live life and find out yourself. (goes back to his drawing)

Manik: Thank you, that was the single least helpful thing anyone's ever said when I show up temporally displaced. Well, behind "AAAHH!! It's an alien! Run!"

Dalton: XD Its 2010.

Manik: Thanks. So that means I'm... *begins mumbling and counting on his fingers* Great Giegue's ghost! I'll need a chaos emerald and one of those "Ultimate Lifeform" guys to get back. Or I'll have to get another million rings and a Chaos Ring, but that'd take forever.

Dalton: ?

Manik: *Remains silent for a bit, then seems to remember that there are others around him* Oh, hello. What's up?

Dalton: The sky.

Tendril: *appears from the shadows* indeed it is.

Manik: *Looks to camera* Wow, a lot of people are showing up entirely at random. What are the odds?

Dalton: They vary by day. :P

Gemini: I've always loved playing the odds. In this case, they are particularly high. $10 says that yet another person shows up out of the blue. By the way, the name's Gemini.

Tendril: sooo............

Dalton: I don't gamble.

Manik: *Pulls out ten bucks* I do. But first I'd like to know the window of opportunity.

Gemini: Heh, I was just kidding. I'm not gonna take your money. I'd like to, but I'm feeling nice today. And your name is..?

Tendril: *leaning against the tree* Shade Nightwing. but i like to be called Tendril.

Manik: Manik Needlemouse. Fastest kid in Olara.

Dalton: Dalton, the Nobody of my highschool. :P

Manik: *Smirking* You go to school?

(Suddenly A Small Round Bomb falls out of the sky)


(Bomb Blows Up)

(Nero:It was a main thing about this RP with them turning into normal animals)

Dalton: (Gets sent flying by the blast) Ahhg!!

Tendril: *slams against the tree*

Manik: ZOMG! *Curls up for impact, then flies in the air*

(Temporal is shown to look just like a Fox, and not a anthropomorphic Fox)


Dalton: (now clinging to a tree-branch, fur brushed out) (Manik's curled body bends in shape, and his clothes fall off as he shrinks to the size of a non-mobian hedgehog.)

Manik: SQUEEK!

Tendril: (seems to have become some strange cross breed of hedgehog and shadow being)

Manik: *Unrolls and rubs his head* Did anyone get the liscence plate on that truck?

RavenCool: * comes out of the shadows* Do you guys have anything to do with what has happened to me?!

Jamie:*lies in the road*I got it.*lifts up license plate*

RavenCool: Jamie! Are you hurt?!

Jamie:*stands up and limps to the side of the road*Just twisted my ankle that's all.

RavenCool: Ok then. Who was that and why I'm I in a diffent really?

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